Iron Order Against The World

March 14, 2015

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A former Baltimore cop named Eric Christopher Jansen has been arrested on charges of first and second-degree assault, theft and robbery after he punched a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in a bar named Kenny B’s Blue Marlin in Dundalk. Maryland.

The bar is southeast of Baltimore City and within two miles of Fort McHenry. The incident occurred February 7.

Jansen retired from the Baltimore Police Department last September. A Baltimore County detective identified Jansen in surveillance footage of the fight because he had worked with the former city cop last year on the Baltimore County Regional Auto Theft Task Force. Jansen is a patch holder in the Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club.

Chosen Sons

The Chosen Sons has four chapters in Maryland and may be the largest motorcycle club in the state. It is comprised mostly of police officers and firefighters, other public employees, private detectives and bounty hunters. The mother chapter is in East Baltimore. A slightly romanticized version of the club was renamed the Deacons in a 1995 episode of the television show Homicide: Life on the Streets. Most of the Deacons in the show were played by Chosen Sons patch holders. The club was founded by Baltimore policemen in 1969.

The Chosen Sons generally maintain a cordial and proper relationship with other clubs and subscribe to the same code of conduct as virtually all other three piece patch motorcycle clubs.

Iron Order

The Iron Order proclaims that it is a special motorcycle club that does not have to cooperate with other clubs or subscribe to the common code of conduct of three piece patch clubs. The Iron order has branded itself as the “law abiding motorcycle club” in an obvious attempt to brand all other three piece patch clubs as law breaking and to ally itself with various law enforcement agencies. Iron Order members have had numerous confrontations with members of other clubs as a result. In Maryland, the Iron Order has had several confrontations with the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club.

On the evening of February 7, four Iron Order members were drinking in Kenny B’s Blue Marlin with several women. A fight quickly ensued after members of the Iron Horsemen entered the bar. After Jansen and other Chosen Sons entered the bar they joined the fight.

Court documents filed in the case allege that in the course of the fight Jansen pushed a woman out of his way and punched a man standing behind her in the face.

The Iron Order members are cooperating with police. One alleges he was struck in the head with a hammer and that someone tried to steal his club vest. Another Iron Order member has alleged that his cell phone was stolen.


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  1. Lone Rider Says:

    urine odor/urine leakage – they get no r.c., they get no respect, they both suck thin shit through a dirty sock. They can fuck themselves. Piss stains, every one of them.

  2. Eric Yantz Says:

    I’m Ex IOMC and everyone knows these ass hats are cop callers. 2 months ago at a local bike night in Murfreesboro, TN a member, Frost, pushed me after I flipped them off. I headbutted him in the face and the bouncer who broke it up told me, ‘You know they are going to call the cops. Get out of here before they do.’.
    The IOMC is a riding club, not an MC. Fuck them and their cop friends.

  3. sherides Says:

    Um…am I the only one seeing some bizarre shit upon loading this site? As in it sure looks like some io or perhaps US has hacked his way in. Either way whoever it is is an immature pussy of a bitch!

    All this does is affirm that you’re idiots and don’t resemble stand up bikers in any way shape or form.

    Karma’s a bitch.

    Respects to the real.


  4. Jim666 Says:

    Right, you saying the page is not back up yet ?
    I had thought it got straightened out ?

  5. Stevo Says:


    Sadly not so bud, I spoke to Izzy on Tuesday, agreed though, what a spiteful,act, they are only trying to bring a bit of joy to incarcerated brothers, nothing sinister. They do such great work, and voluntarily too.



  6. swampy Says:

    Hey Wooookie, can you explain this 18 second video? I first posted it, several days ago, on Rebel’s “Iron Order Racketeering Enterprise” story. I’m intrigued as to why the io goes out of its way to incite trouble with legit, respected MCs, including “setting up” the murder of a real PH, while enjoying police protection. But seems content, if not down right scared, to stand by while a bunch of negroes stomp one of their “brothers.” This happened in Florida. What?…no SYG this time? Afraid of being labeled “racists?” Aware that they could be arrested on a “hate” crime? Inciting a “race” riot? These questions may be what cops would be concerned about getting hit with. Don’t ya’ think? Once again, enjoy:

  7. Jim666 Says:

    Stevo I think Tramp and Izzy got that striaght after a shit load of hard work and,
    That was a really “FUCKED UP” thing for anyone to do,
    Yea Rebel i’ve tried a few times over the last week to get on her to no avail.

    And @ Wookie yer right if your not sincere then don’t bother because it will not be accepted just close the door behind ya ! A lot of great advice here was wasted on you where if it had been in person youda ended up w/ quite a few lumps.Goodbye!

  8. shovelNY Says:

    wtf wookie?
    i don’t comment often but its time you show some self control. just stop it,if you try really really hard you can do it!

    your last comment really tells me all i need to know regarding your character

    “I would also apologize but not only do I think it wouldn’t accepted, I don’t know if it would be true.”

    take a minute ,clear your mind and think about what a ridiculous statement that is for anybody over the age of four years old to make.


  9. Stevo Says:


    Some worthless cunt did the same to the BHC site that Izzy and Tramp run. The site is totally un retrievable.


  10. panamaa Says:

    @Viking 1%er,

    Sever problems I believe…

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Viking 1%er,



  12. Viking 1%er Says:

    Hey rebel whats with the page being repeatedly being unreachable is the alphabet soup eaters fuckin wit ya????


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