Another Warlocks Arrest

February 13, 2009

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Philadelphia police announced this week that another member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club has been charged with multiple crimes.

Daniel “Dirty Dick” McElheney, 64, was arrested after his home was raided February 4th. A search of McElheney’s home turned up 62 Xanax tablets, 17 oxycodone pills, six rifles and ten handguns. McElheney had lost the prescription for the Xanax and oxycodone. One of the rifles, according to police, did not have a serial number. Police also claim that two of the handguns were stolen.

Police claim McElheney is the Recording Secretary for the Warlocks.

A Little History

The Warlocks are one of the first Philadelphia motorcycle clubs. They have always been a separate and distinct entity from the better known and larger Warlocks Motorcycle Club with a mother chapter in Florida. Philly Warlocks wear a Harpy on their backs. A Harpy is a mythological Greek monster.

The Philly Warlocks reached their berserker zenith in the early 70s under the leadership of the legendary Robert “Mudman” Simon. Mudman Simon had been a member of an Upper Darby fraternal organization called the Warlords. Many of the Warlords went on to become Warlocks.

Old timers may recall that not only did you not know what Mudman might do next. Mudman seemed not to know quite what he was going to do next. Mudman Simon eventually lost a fight under ironic circumstances in Trenton State Prison in New Jersey in 1999 and died.

By the mid 1980s most of the original Warlocks patch holders were either dead or in prison.

Ongoing Law Enforcement Drama

McElheney’s arrest last week is part of an ongoing campaign the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been prosecuting against members of the Warlocks and members of the Breed Motorcycle Club in metropolitan Philadelphia and Bucks County. The law enforcement drama has been going on now for about 15 months.

Last year, Tommy Zaroff, 34, a well respected member and former President of the Bucks County chapter of the Warlocks was arrested for suspicion of possessing ten pounds of methamphetamine. After his arrest, Zaroff was reported to have patched over to the American Outlaws Association, commonly called the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Late last year, more than a dozen members of the Breed and the Warlocks were arrested for conspiring to sell very large quantities of methamphetamine for stupendous amounts of money. The case is largely the work of a Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General named Kishan Nair. And, at the time of the arrests last year Nair claimed to have wiretapped conversations that proved that the Breed and the Warlocks were in cahoots.

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  1. Nobody Says:

    Yes Frank Haufmann is still alive.

  2. george c shuman Says:

    Is Frankie Hofmann still alive?

  3. Little jon Says:


  4. Little jon Says:

    Trying to find out if anyone in west chester know as jas had a black firebird was nice

  5. Little jon Says:

    Anybody know were jas is from west Chester

  6. Gandalf Says:

    Sunshine and Tucker

  7. Andy Says:

    For Jake, knew your pop, My brother was in the Locks with him, I worked with him at Crispin Brothers in the early late 60s early 70s,

    For Burger, knew Blew have one of his tattoos, from when he had his Shop in Darby, shame about the way he went.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    Bobby Nauss. Mahanoy AM2456

  9. Shine Says:

    Yo Philly I’m an old retired ex Pagan. 63 years old. Was a Warlord from State and Lansdowne. Where’s Bobby Nauss serving his time?? Marty Reilly died… I been in Hawaii 12 years now….can never go back….How are you now, if you remember me

  10. 81supporter Says:

    Just curious I will keep it short since I’m have trouble writing too much? Does anyone know what happened to the breed MC? Did they die out? Is the Old Man still Pres or Dead? Also does anyone know what happened to Jimmy D of The Pagans he was in theGangland Ep.

  11. Mayfair Girl Says:

    NE Girl

    Thumper, or Artie G. lives in Landsdale, alive and well as far as I know.

  12. WMC Says:

    Harpy warlocks are now in PA,NC and FLA

  13. heehaw Says:

    Some Warlocks recently patched over to outlaws mc. Amongst them is an informant. He’s been one for years

  14. ne girl Says:

    Mayfair Girl & Joanne: Have you found Thumper(Artie B)? Haven’t seen him since 1973.

  15. burger Says:

    Anyone remember an Warlock from Sharon Hill named Allen “Bad News” Blew ???? I believe his wife was Marcia. Rode a very long gold flaked bike.

  16. Jake Long Says:

    LocalPA I sent you another email would really like to get in touch with you and learn more about my father I am on facebook Jake Long in Marcus Hook

  17. Jake Long Says:

    LocalPA my email address is [email protected] you can email me I sent you and email I really look forward to speakign with you

  18. LocalPa Says:

    I just sent an email to you Local PA I kept checking for responses and didnt receive any for awhile on this page my friend sent me the message just now it would be great to speak with you and learn more abnout my father! THANK YOU

  19. JeffnPa Says:

    LocalPa, you wouldn’t BELIEVE the things that ‘Lana’ lies about. If you Google habitual liars, that lying, skank dyke’s ugly, worn face pops up!!

  20. LocalPa Says:

    @Oldiebutgoodie- you were one? There aren’t many people left on this earth able to actually say that. Many are gone, passed away and maybe one or two “should be dead”. There are still a small handful around still today.

    @Jake Long – would really like to speak with you. I know where your father is buried and visit often. Do you? Would you like to know if you don’t? I can’t seem to locate you on facebook. You can email me at [email protected].

  21. Road Dogs Old Lady Says:

    !967, I meet a warlock by the name of Road Dog in a bar in Norristown called Little’s across from Warlock Village.
    Fell in love! He was a Germantown Chapter guy. The love of my life! Sure would like to know if he is still alive. So many great stand up members gone for no reason. POPO, from Logan gunned down in cold blood. I know so many of the names you have mentioned here. I miss those days.
    Dog carried cards saying, You have just been helped by an outlaw biker, when we do right no one remembers, when we do wrong no one forgets! If citizens were as upstanding as outlaw bikers it would be a better world.

  22. Oldiebutgoodie Says:

    Warlords started in Upper Darby. I know. I was one

  23. TRUEBLUE Says:

    If you have 100 Warlocks there is a good chance 80% would become rats if jail time was put in their face. Make that 90%. Some of them keep info from each other because they are afraid of getting ratted on
    Like little kids

  24. Pat Long Says:

    @KK, big Jim was my husband, he was a great guy. Marty Riley died of aids a few years ago, good riddance, he only received 10 years for killing Jimmy. John Mccormack went to school with my brother and at one time he was a good guy, I don’t know what went wrong. At Jim’s funeral an FBI agent told me that they just wanted to prove how bad they were so they could get in the pagans. shame on them, they deprived my children of their father.

  25. Jake Long Says:

    LocalPA see my other posts trying to find out moer about my father

  26. Jake Long Says:

    You can look me up on facebook jake long marcus hook my son is also listed as jake long but in oxford Mike or KK

  27. Jake Long Says:

    by the way glad Harry and Marty are dead takes a real man to shoot a man with a rifle and a scope fn cowards

  28. Jake Long Says:

    KK I see you knew my father if you could contact me or message on here how to contact you I would appreciate it

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