Cop Club Tough Guy Gets Three Years

December 9, 2014

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Robert “Snap” Litzenberger, a former member of the Enforcers Motorcycle Club, which describes itself as a law enforcement and military motorcycle club, was sentenced to three years in a Florida prison last Friday for an aggravated battery on March 13, 2011. Judge Leah Case also sentenced Litzenberger to serve ten years probation after his release and to pay $16,845 in restitution to his victim after his release with a minimum payment of $100 a month.

The case didn’t go to trial for 44 months because Litzenberger asked for multiple continuances. He filed for a dismissal of the prosecution twice, citing Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. He went on trial on November 6. A five women and one man jury found him guilty after deliberating for an hour the next day. He has been free on bail for the last month.

The Crime

Litzenberger attacked a college student named Robert Kuehl in the parking lot outside the Pirates Cove Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. Kuehl, his friend Tyke Sealock and Kuehl’s 26-year-old sister were trying to find a desk clerk so they could check in when they were accosted by at least six Enforcers in the parking lot.

When Litzenberger grabbed Kuehl’s sister and tried to kiss her, Kuehl told the men to stop. After the sister, a local lifeguard, broke free and rushed into the hotel to seek help, the pack attacked Kuehl and Sealock. As three Enforcers threw Sealock through a window and beat him, Litzenberger pulled Kuehl to the ground from behind and place kicked him in the mouth. “I woke up, both my eyes were closed, in an ambulance,” Kuehl testified yesterday.

The Alibi

Litzenberger’s lawyer, W. Bryan Park II, argued at trial that Kuehl had threatened to “stick” Litzenberger. No knife was found at the scene. Park told the jury that a member of the Enforcers, for some reason, must have picked up Kuehl’s knife and carried it from the crime scene.

He argued that Litzenberger had acted in self-defense. “We have a drunk person who’s threatening to kill people,” Park said.

“Common sense says you don’t poke the bear,” Park told the jury. “You don’t stir the hornet’s nest. You got a guy who’s made some threats. You don’t want to give him another opportunity to come through with his threats.”

The Good Guys

The Enforcers MC now has 37 chapters in the United States and Canada. The mother chapter is in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The club was founded by an ex-cop named Richard “Rosco” Sessa, who says he has been riding motorcycles since he was eight-years-old.

According to the club, “At age 19 Rosco joined the largest club in the world, the police force. After 15 years of hard core ‘street level police work’ Rosco continued to pursue his dream and decided to form his own club, the Enforcers MC. Our colors (red and silver) are taken from the ‘Swordsmen’ from the medieval days. They were the enforcers of the law then. Hence Enforcers MC, the Enforcers Motorcycle Club consists of, but is not limited to members of current and retired Law Enforcement Officers, Armed Forces Personnel, Public Safety personnel, and some good friends who complete the ‘Family’ of our club.”


39 Responses to “Cop Club Tough Guy Gets Three Years”

  1. Parsifal Says:

    Billiams is Gandalf? Nah! I got more like that Bobert fucker. Dude was a cop that kept professing his love for Bikers, then when everyone told him to fuck off he would go on a binge, and profess his hate for everyone, only to come back the next day all apology’s and love for everybody again. Regular psycho-cunt cop sucker. {Much like the Billiams.} FTP!

  2. Dildo Baggins Says:

    I bet Billiam is Gandalf

  3. Sieg Says:

    ooooooh, Billiam, you must be SO tuff.

    (specially when a guy is cuffed and you have five or six of your buds with you)

    Not that hard to find me, son, come on with it if that’s what you think you want. Chicago, there’s your first clue…let me know when you get their.

    Rocco, thanks, but mouths like this? Forget it. CO’s and black-glove pigs, all talk unless they got the official back-up.


  4. rocco151 Says:


    You’re talking tough on this site but I happen to know some of Sieg’s associates and let’s just say that it won’t be you and five of your friends against Sieg and his lifeguard sister in the discussion ! Good luck big mouth !

  5. Billiam Says:

    All you haters, go FUCK yourself. Hey SIEG, I hope I run into you fuck. Your a cunt ass little bitch fuck boytoy for all the fags.

  6. Sieg Says:

    Hey, Triumph, it isn’t one bad apple, the whole club is infested with piggers. Oh, and people who don’t mind associating with them.

    Should have called it ‘Maggoty Cunts on Wheels’.

    FTF/ FTP

  7. Triumph Says:

    First of all, half of you crying babies need to get a life. One bad apple, how many other of their members got arrested? One dick doesn’t represent a club as a whole. Hence is why he was never back with the club at all. The article written was clearly done by someone who had beef.

  8. FF Says:

    Just checked out Rick Sessa’s FB page. He looks like a real fucking dick.

  9. Eli Says:

    And yes Rosco played the system with his probation and could have rico if the others would have been identified.

  10. Eli Says:

    Rosco did only 15 yrs as cop.. not is ego trip and $$$ ran for liars and back stabbers.Cheap is a pos with no idea of brotherhood unless their putting $ in his pocket and pump his and Roscos egos..

  11. Dudah Says:

    Looks like they are at it again, ole’ Rosco locked up for two felonies and pleads to the third charge a misdemeanor. The court record is avaiable under Rick Sessa in the West Palm Beach County Court records. Can’t have it both ways Rick…you’re a law abiding LE Club or you’re not.

  12. Snipe Says:

    I was curious if Snap was still incarcerated. Didnt get my answer from here. However, Robert, your Father is a good Man and for some reason went way out of line for reasons only known to him. I DO HOWEVER KNOW HOW MUCH HE LOVED YOU, AND FOR YOU AND HIM, THATS ALL THAT REALLY COUNTS.

    I hope hes out and with you, as far as the Enforcers,I was one and chose to leave. Ofcourse others will come on and say so MN erhing else. Not my issue, I met alot of good people people, and others that simply cared about themselves.

    To Robert and Robert Junior I wish you the best.

  13. Snipe Says:

    I was curious if Snap was still incarcerated. Didnt get my answer from here. However, Robert, your Father is a good Man and for some reason went way out of line for reasons only known to him. I DO HOWEVER KNOW HOW MUCH HE LOVED YOU, AND FOR YOU AND HIM, THATS ALL THAT REALLY COUNTS.

    i hope

  14. Slider Says:

    Robert, Your father made a wrong decision that night in Daytona. He also couldn’t have made a worse choice in a club to join. No person, especially a Marine with any common sense would ever join these Enforcer or better yet, En-POSERS. They are a disgrace to the real MC community. How they are able to fly a three-piece in Mass, Colorado, Florida and other states is baffling.

  15. Dino Says:

    Ever heard of a punctuation mark?

  16. Paladin Says:


    if your father was a Marine, he’s an absolute disgrace to the Corps.


  17. Phuquehed Says:

    Robbie appears to have not fallen far from the tree. Stupid, illiterate and a whiny bitch when the law comes back on those it’s supposed to.

    Hey Robbie…fuck you and fuck your shit-stain daddy. If you think he’s a badass, he taught you nothing, BOY…there’s *ALWAYS* someone more badass. Your daddy the ex pig and air-wasting shit hopefully won’t do well wherever they send him.

  18. Krissy Pissy Pants Says:


    Are you sure he’s your dad? Maybe your mom is lying to you.

  19. Robert Says:

    this is his son he was not a cop he was a U.S marine not some pig so show some respect and i got him 3 years cause i begged the judge cause i didnt want to go back to foster care he was looking at 15-20 years but the judge let him off easy cause he was a single father and a couple of words for the dumbasses that posted some shit about my dad being ass fucked by a nigger, like i said hes a marine but not only a marine anymore but a skin head so hahhaha good luck to the nigger ass fucking him you retarded ignorant dumbasses i know my father better than any of you mother fuckers and i know that he can fuck someone up or even kill them if he has to and for Paladin who says he aint gonna get a job or is gonna end up working in at a fast food joint your a dumbass too cause he has never worked for anyone after he made his own company’s and i was there by my dads side helping work on construction sights and working on motorcycles so he aint gonna be working at some shitty fast food joint he is gonna end up making more money than your dumbass next time you guys want to talk shit just remember that he or she might have a kid who reads this shit so here’s a big fuck you to the people who talked shit

  20. Outsider Says:

    With all due respect to most of you…I now see Glenn S “Prospect”? Am I to assume that it’s Glenn S that I’ve read so many great comments from? If so…Congrats! I’ve read through many many stories on this site and could not be happier for you if this is you. I know you wanted this.
    All due respect to the regular not trolls on this site.

  21. ap Says:

    3 years? If this wasnt a cop club they would have got a rico and sent several members of for 10 plus….fuck these bullies.

  22. Cop Killer Says:

    Yes Meh, Rosco was still a cop for 10 years after starting the club. He’s still training pigs in West Palm Beach.

  23. Meh Says:

    ““At age 19 Rosco joined the largest club in the world, the police force. After 15 years of hard core ‘street level police work’ Rosco continued to pursue his dream and decided to form his own club, the Enforcers MC. ”

    What department vests retirement at only 15 years? (Unless he’s still a cop…) People don’t give up a lifetime income for no reason when they are that far along. Inquiring minds may find more to the story.

  24. panamaa Says:

    @Phuquehed ,

    Ya left out the States Attorney my friend, the biggest fucktard of them all….

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    Amazing how this pigs boots *weren’t* as able to possibly kill the person he was kicking, as Nas T’s boots were for that punk bitch Urine Odor that pissed himself. Suddenly there’s just barely enough harm done that this pig will serve *maybe* 1 of those three years he got and the PO he gets will let him slide often as he wants and look the other way for him during his parole.

    Rope. Tree. Corrupt; Judges, pigs (no such thing as one that isn’t!), fedtards.

  26. N P Says:

    Love it Glenn, you’re in good form.

  27. popeye Says:

    3 years state time equal 1 year served so he’ll end up in a camp probably work release within a couple months. I know theres a work release center just outside cocoa and theres no fence . Visitors can bring you food to eat on weekends outside under the pavillion. Definitly not hard time but he’ll still be terrified since he’s a cop and known pussy

  28. Glenn S., Prospect Says:

    That’s a nice story to wake up to.

    And while I’d like to think that the pig will go to a real penitentiary, get ass fucked by a you-know-what with a dick as big as a freight train, and spend some time getting to know pain in its most intimate sense, I’m pretty sure Uncle Pig will take care of little piggy and send him to live in a geriatric unit of a minimum security camp where he can train for a career as an orderly in a nursing home. But hope springs eternal and maybe he’ll catch AIDS from emptying an infected bedpan.

  29. Tommy Tooface Says:

    Hmm. … … … I think there are issues on the flipside of officer doofy. Mainly cowboy and Westside Story issues. I think people are waiting for the 100MP3D camera… Then theres going to be double uncle Charlie Microsoft Eugenics double double get backs.

  30. Base Says:

    Myself, not ready to dance. Well OK, maybe a little jig, but not full on river dance. Yes, I know 3 years is something and a little bit of something is better than nothing. At times! This isn’t one of them. For me any way

    Under Florida Abuse laws:

    Battery is where a deadly weapon was used; (in this case a shod foot) where the defendant intentionally caused great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement to the victim.

    An aggravated battery is a second degree felony punishable by up to fifteen years imprisonment in the Florida prison system, and may also carry a mandatory minimum sentence

    Litzenberger, Should have gotten more than 3 years, at least 5 + the 10 probation & restitution should have had to come out of his 401k immediately in a lump sum fuck that 100 dolor a month BS.

    He was handled with velvet gloves and shown preferential treatment. Until he walks into the joint in chains, then I may back off just a bit & kick up my heels in afore mentioned jig.

    Now if old “Snap”
    (is that nick name because he’s quick to escalate to violence?)

    If he was a Patch from any other club besides a cop club for certain he would have never made bail, he would have gotten max 15 years and if the judge was constipated that day or woke up on the wrong side of the bed, he would had to relieve himself of that by tacking on another 5 & pumped it up to 20! Because nothing relieves discomfort in ones self like fucking up someone else’s life!

    Probation would have been the remainder of his life, and restitution would have been no less than 50 G and been taken out of any and all assets he had.

    And if the victim would have say been a cop, oh shit, the defendant had better duck because here comes the book at high velocity aimed straight at his head!


    It could be my cynicism and I know even a small victory such as this has the ability to set a standard or to get the ball rolling. But yet I still feel like this shithead is getting off light.

    I wonder if the others hero’s who attacked Sealock will get much more than dirty looks from the judge.

    Just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

    Y’all stay frosty

  31. popeye Says:

    @T Hell
    The problem is he didnt say law abiding enough. Just another example of cops thinking they are above the law. Someone send this article to Angela Corey so she can see exactly what she left loose on the streets of jacksonville. I’ll be putting together a care package for mr litzenberger of vaseline and cherry kool aid to make his lips pretty .

  32. Paladin Says:

    Litzenberger will now have (3) three years to develop and hone to a razor’s edge the skill set required of those competing for jobs in the fast food service industry.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  33. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Whenever a pig goes to prison. An Angel get’s his wings.

  34. Arctic Fox Says:

    I know things that I’ve written have been unpopular with the regular posters on here because they often run contrary to the line of thought prevalent among this group, but this just goes to show the wheel does turn and everyone get what they deserve in the end- regardless if they’re a cop or not. Have faith.

  35. Sieg Says:

    Whenever I see another pig going inside, I can only hope that good people that may live, or know someone who lives, in whatever State they go down in, try to get a kite in to someone in the same joint, or if not, someone doing a bit there, letting them know who’s coming in. Obviously, you can’t spell it out in a letter, but someone going in for a visit, or getting a phone call, could get the point across.

    After which, hopefully someone else would get the point across.


  36. Dropkick Says:

    I’m guessing sum1’s getting a new bitch 4 X-Mas.

  37. T Hell Says:

    Law abiding, Law abiding, Law abiding………………..

  38. joe Says:

    Nice fucking pig is going to jail. First the man who got attacked should place kick him in the mouth.

  39. Shyster Says:


    May a covered wagon be in your very near future.


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