Following The LA Swat Death

October 30, 2014

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Details are emerging about the ATF investigation that instigated the militarized police raids early Tuesday morning in which a Swat officer named Shaun Diamond was killed. At the same time, the credibility of official accounts of Diamond’s death are undermined by inconsistencies between those accounts.

Seven homes in Los Angeles County were raided simultaneously at four in the morning on Tuesday. All seven homes were occupied by members or associates of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The raids were planned by agents in the Glendale, California office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The Bureau has been actively trying to prove for at least the last fifteen years that the entire Mongols MC is a racketeering enterprise. In an ongoing civil case currently titled United States versus Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club, LLC the Department of Justice seeks the forfeiture of the motorcycle club’s insignia and would, in effect, attempt to confiscate the club’s identity.

Diamond (photo above) died during a raid on the home of a Mongol named David Martinez.

The seven search warrants were issued five days before the raids by a retired, part-time judge named Maral Injejikian. The delay indicates the raids were carefully planned. The affidavit requesting the warrants is totally sealed in order to protect the identity of a confidential informant. The actual warrants do not even list the places to be searched or the specific property to be seized. The ATF was searching for a gun or guns. Injejikian authorized the service of the warrants at night.

Mongols, Angels And G-Zers

Citing “multiple” unnamed sources speaking “on condition of anonymity,” NBC reported the raids were an attempt “to head off retaliation by the Mongols against members of their longtime rival Hells Angels…as well as a sport bike club known as the G-Zer (pronounced “geezer”) Tribe, based in the East Los Angeles area. The motive for the payback appears to stem from at least two recent encounters between members of the three gangs on Los Angeles and Riverside County freeways in which Mongols members were shot at or pushed off their bikes. At least one Mongol member was killed, another was paralyzed and several others were wounded in the incidents, according to the sources.”

NBC continues, “Part of the broader investigation is looking at whether the Mongols tried to coerce G-Zer Tribe members into paying dues or associating solely with their gang, the sources said.”

The incidents to which NBC obliquely refers were a fight reported to be between Mongols and Hells Angels on the 15 Freeway last March 22; two shootings on the 60 Freeway in East Los Angeles on August 29 that may or may not have involved members of any of the three clubs named in the NBC report; and a shooting on the 15 Freeway near Corona, California that killed one rider and injured two others.

Multiple sources speaking on condition of anonymity have told The Aging Rebel the incidents are unrelated.

How Was Diamond Shot

Although this is an ATF investigation, the Bureau has remained silent about it. Statements about the Swat raids have been issued by the Pomona, California Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating Diamond’s death as a murder. The concealment of the ATF’s hand in this investigation is an attempt to conceal as much of the investigation as possible. The official secrecy has also led to conflicting and often puzzling statements about exactly how Diamond died and have preempted any public discussion of whether it was necessary to serve these search warrants by using large squads of militarized police to break into private homes in an armed nation in the middle of the night.

The Los Angeles Times has reported, “As Diamond tried to get through an exterior door, an interior door opened and the suspect fired a shotgun at the officer…. Diamond was struck above a tactical vest but – despite wearing a Kevlar helmet – was likely hit in the back of his head…. The suspect’s father was also struck in the arm by the blast.”

Fox News has reported that “Diamond was helping to open the outer door of a home in the 100 block of San Marino Avenue when an interior door of the home was opened and a single shotgun blast rang out. Diamond was struck in the back of the head. Police did not return fire.”

Fox quotes Sheriff’s Lieutenant Eddie Hernandez as saying “The officers at this point didn’t have a clear shot at the suspect. The suspect, we’re being told, laid on the ground and put the firearm to his side. Also the (suspect’s) father was in the way and at that point it became a rescue operation to get the officer some medical attention. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.”

The Los Angeles News Group quotes Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Ray Lugo as saying, “Diamond was on the porch when the suspect shot him.”

Multiple news outlets have stated that Diamond was shot in the face. Multiple other news outlets quote Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Nicole Nishida as saying “Diamond was hit in the upper torso, not the face, contrary to other reports.”

This morning the Los Angeles Times reported, “It was about dawn when officers smashed through the front door with a battering ram. Diamond stood behind them. When the officers entered the home, Martinez fired a single shotgun round and Diamond was struck in the back of his head, Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said.”

Non News

As a matter of fact, the raid took place three hours and ten minutes before sunrise.

Most news coverage has assumed that it was necessary to send Swat teams to smash through the front doors of homes with a battering ram in the middle of the night. The Times, reports the Mongols are a “gang” that “has chapters across the world, but the most violent reside in California, said Independence, Missouri Detective Steve Cook, an expert on motorcycle gangs. Although the gang has been involved in police shootings, it’s known more for drug trafficking and battles with the Hells Angels, Cook said.”

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, who is running for reelection on a platform that calls for a police “war on truancy,” said Wednesday: “Pomona Police Officer Shaun Diamond bravely gave his life in the line of duty, and we are enormously grateful for his courage and sacrifice. On behalf of the California Department of Justice, I extend my condolences to his family, friends and colleagues at the Pomona Police Department. Officer Diamond’s memory will live on every day in the work of all of California’s law enforcement officers.”

The Times, which is most famous this month for its 1996 excoriation of former San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb, further advanced the Diamond story today by reporting that Diamond was a fine, humorous fellow with a mother.


45 Responses to “Following The LA Swat Death”

  1. FF Says:

    I know this aint a laughing matter but that picture of Diamond…

  2. StrategyIsZen Says:

    i’m already on the lists – so i will go ahead and post this and suggest people read starting at page 410. they also know I am a follower of tolstoy.

    just two cents. not in a club.

  3. StrategyIsZen Says:

  4. StrategyIsZen Says:

    time – the feds lack the love part. they know it. mercenaries always fail against actual people for that reason. watch for things to “not” happen in next couple of years. in other words, laws not getting passed, etc. . . kind of watch for somewhat of a pullback of the state. question is whether it can happen fast enough. nobody knows.

  5. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Mag –

    “Where, Lord?” they asked. He replied, “Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather.” Luke 17:37

  6. timedrapery Says:

    The feds are shit. Taking lessons from WW2/Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan on guerilla warfare (acting by/with/through the indigenous population) and applying them here in our homes. This is what happens when you wage a war on… anything that allows you to move the goalposts as you see fit in order to continue waging war.


  7. Mag Says:

    @StrategyIsZen – There’s a storm coming.

  8. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Here is some inside intel about “California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris” – she likes to go to a local gun range near Sacto and has a penchant for Glocks. Her husband has been sniffing around Sacto area gun shops for the last few years asking how to get NFA weapons.

    This is the caliber of our public servants. Utter hypocrites. The above is direct intel from people I used to know.


  9. tommy Says:

    This whole thing is ridiculous…..Swat totally screwed this up…..Sounds like friendly fire to me.

  10. giant Egg Roll Says:

    His own swat team killed him.

  11. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    What happened with the other 6 search warrants that went down the same morning?

    Any news on those? All I can find is information about this one.

  12. One Eye Says:

    I find it very difficult to believe that if Martinez fired the shot that killed the cop that the return fire wouldn’t have caused his home to collapse, whether his father was there or not. The past histories of these raids clearly evince that no one is exempt from cruelty and/or slaughter. Something is rotten in the state of cover up.

  13. sherides Says:

    I just read that the charge is Capitol Murder.
    The death penalty is being entertained.

    This just sickens me.

    I hope that he is able to obtain a good lawyer. There’s another LE cover up in progress.

    Fuck SWAT.


  14. sherides Says:


    I also think this was a last ditch effort by the ATF to “get something” on the Mongols before the Patch trial. Epic fail on their part. Wonder how well that part time warrant signer is sleeping now?

    I took note that the local PD made it clear it wasn’t their warrant to serve. The ATF is oddly silent when compared to other warrant executions on MC members.

    Its another tragedy that didn’t have to be.

    Best wishes to the Martinez Family and Mongols MC.


  15. Ipsick Says:

    That was quick.

    Man Charged With Murder in SWAT Officer Shooting
    LOS ANGELES — Oct 30, 2014, 7:12 PM ET
    Associated Press

    A suspected Mongols motorcycle gang member was charged with murder Thursday in the killing of a Pomona SWAT officer during a crackdown on the group.

    The charge against David Martinez, 36, included special circumstances that could bring the death penalty, but prosecutors had not yet made that decision.

    Martinez remained jailed without bail, and it was not immediately clear whether he had an attorney. His arraignment was postponed to Nov. 13.

    Prosecutors contend that Martinez fired a shotgun and struck Officer Shaun Diamond in the back of the head as he helped serve a search warrant Tuesday in suburban San Gabriel.

    The same shotgun blast also struck Martinez’s father in the arm, authorities said.

    Diamond, a 19-year law enforcement veteran, was taking part in a multi-agency operation targeting the Mongols. He died Wednesday.

    Diamond was the fourth California law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in less than a week.

  16. FF Says:

    I wonder if it was the same junkie CI who’s word was good enough for the good ol’ cops and judge to give the go ahead to the roided up SWAT team in Atlanta who pitched a flash bang grenade into a baby’s crib who told the pigs they would find a gun ostensibly they were looking for in Martinez home?

    No indictments:

    I’m shocked.

  17. Mike 184 Says:

    I have lived in Cali, and hung out some in Corona (Old street racing days were nuts), and I have heard tell and seen some of the crazy schemes that people pull out there. Dressing up in black and doing a home invasion is not that uncommon, even if they say “Police”….

    This was a bad, stupid, asinine debacle of an “operation”. Yeah, if they had him under surveillance why not just go up and knock when its just him there, or nab him when he came out and all would be fine. Sooooo where it the big cashe of weapons, drugs and the stacks of money???? There are none, because those guys are in south central, where the police have either been paid fat money not to go, or are way to damned scared to show up. Yeah, do a raid down there at 4 am, the whole neighborhood is up…….

    Enough said. Poor poor decision making and lack of experience/leadership caused this man to lose his life. Has not one thing to do with a motorcycle club…..

    Isn’t the PD around that area known for being waaayy over the top and dirty as hell anyway??????

  18. Glenn S., Prospect Says:

    This might be coming to our newspapers:


    Despite tragedy, cops claim success in the War on the Rebellious.

    Fashion police have long suspected that a California man, who wore patches on the back of his vest in violation of the Free From Imagined Fear Act of 2015, conspired with his alter ego to wish harm to police and others on the national registry of better-than-us. So using the legal tools of trickery and deceit, officers went undercover as burglars to create the opportunity for him to commit a crime, another legal tool that might have once been considered entrapment. In furtherance of the investigation, a retired magistrate pretended to be an active judge and signed a sealed search warrant.

    Tragedy occurred when the tactical protective gear of the designated undercover victim failed, causing the officer pretending to be a burglar to actually sustain injury and die from one large bullet hole, fired from a 12 gauge shotgun to the back of the head.

    At the press conference, undercover SWAT team commander, Sturmbannfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich III told reporters: “It sure would have been better if our slain brother officer had a wife and kiddies to trot in front of the jury. All he’s got is his moms, and he kept her locked in the cellar because she kept shooting the neighbors’ pets. Now we gots to feed her, at least until the trial. Hey, stike that! I got an idea. We’ll get an undercover widow and a couple undercover babies for the trial.”

  19. Clutch Says:

    @popeye You’re right. The fact that Martinez walked out of there after allegedly shooting a cop in front of a bunch of other cops doesn’t add up. “Friendly fire” is a legit claim here.

    Also wondering if waking up a retired judge means active judges wouldn’t sign the warrant.

    I can’t help but think that all this attention the feds are giving the Mongols is directly related to the “Save The Patch” pending case. Can shit like this be used against the Mongols in the federal case?

  20. Oldskewl Says:

    @ Phuquehead.

    I think the other story Rebel wrote does indeed say the judge is retired but in this story says “Part Time Judge”.

    I would think a judge would have to be practicing in order to sign a legal warrant of any kind.



  21. skinny denny Says:

    Well worded intelligent post. Unlike Barley’s.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Also…how the fuck does a *retired* judge have any fucking powers or ability to sign warrants? Sounds like the cunt judge should also be looked into and this whole fucking farce that the pigs and fedtards cooked up should all be charged and the Mongols taken illegally by these raids let loose to go back to their homes and families.

  23. Jim666 Says:

    When the 1st news video was posted about this wednesday morning I watched it and read all the comments.
    all of the commenters even some that seemed to be cops said it seemed more like “friendly fire” .
    I cant wait to hear how the cops are going to explain how this man was shot in the back of the head by someone that was in front of him on the other side of a doorway,
    It just ain’t possible, and another thing that just ain’t possible is “they “the cops” didn’t turn the house into toothpicks” , if what they are saying is true ?
    Either way it ain’t good.


  24. Anonymous Says:

    Tactical entry, your doing it wrong.

  25. panamaa Says:

    Skinny Denny, I think everyone else decided to ignore the asshole…

    This is what gets me the most about the story..

    “Citing “multiple” unnamed sources speaking “on condition of anonymity,” NBC reported the raids were an attempt “to head off retaliation by the Mongols against members of their longtime rival Hells Angels”

    WTF??? The ATF is now all of a sudden concerned about the Angles well being? Now thats a hell of a spin to all this shit. I wonder what PR person came up with that gem…

    Fuck the ATF and all three letter government assholes..


  26. CN Says:

    1. Mongol Martinez may the Gods be with you as you navigate this gauntlet from which few return. May you draw a good Judge if there be any and a good Attorney should there be any.

    2. Law Enforcement gets very visible near elections not just in L.A. but nationwide so I’m on my toes more than usual as the sheeple are herded towards choosing their next rulers, the ensuing slaughter and continuing slavery.

    3. 15 years ago I packed it all up and moved kin and hearth into a rural area after 42 years of urban survival (a decision I’ve never regretted). No pizza delivery or cable but lots of land between dwellings and plenty of ways to see things before they get too close. Surveillance works both ways and unusual traffic sticks out like a sore thumb. You get to where if you even hear an unfamiliar vehicle you’ll stop and look. City street life has a lot to offer but the rural roads offer certain familiarity which can’t be had in the city. Dogs and security systems can be had and over time, although nothing’s perfect, greater security in your property, possessions & papers are attainable such that at 0400 nothing can creep up on you unnoticed. I realize not everybody is so situated that they can just pack up and bug out but if men can men should. Ruby Ridge proves that nothing like what I’m suggesting is perfect but you stand a much better chance surrounded by trees and two lane dirt roads than you do where the houses are so close to each other you can spit on the one next door. Addresses with RR (Rural Route) instead of 1443 NE West 45th St. sure work better than what I had before. It gets real quiet at night and 3 or 4 good dogs will let you know if something ain’t right. The way things are going ya’ll might want to consider this if practical for ya’ll.

    Again, may the Gods go with you Mongol Martinez.

  27. skinny denny Says:

    Your post sounds like you are law enforcement. Glad your K.C.Royals got beat, Steve Cook. You are the idiot. Does your buddy Hof still comp you hookers at the Bunny Ranch? Surprised no one else commented on your pathetic post.

  28. Anti-police gang Says:

    David Martinez was protecting his home from blacked out armed intruders in the middle of the night. Fuck the police GANG. As much disdain as I have for law enforcement, I find no joy in the death of this cop. It’s a tragedy for BOTH MEN who are no longer with their families. This is simple negligence on the SWAT team leader’s part. 4am breaking into a suspects house unannounced for a SEARCH warrant (not arrest) in which the person is SUSPECTED of having illegal firearms? You’d think they’d consider their approach a little more thoroughly for their own team’s safety. Any person who doesn’t automatically open up wide for the media’s spoon-fed bullshit can see something is not right here. What I don’t understand is where did the buckshot ricochet off of? How would the buckshot BB have enough velocity after bouncing off a surface to penetrate the back of the neck or head or wherever? When SWAT is prepping for dynamic entry, they stack up on one or both sides of the entry point, usually corresponding to which way the door opens, with weapons ready to clear all threats. There were a dozen officers at the door and Martinez was able to “open the door” and fire a shot without getting riddled with bullets? Does anyone remember how the cops out here treated suspects that they thought were Christopher Dorner? They were lighting up old ladies in trucks and reloading and shooting more. How can anyone believe they held their fire for him or his dad? The way see this going down is someone heard a commotion once the outside front door was open and David was alerted. Him and his father hid behind the piece of furniture that he was supposedly found behind laying facedown, and waiting nervously to see if it was breaking into their home. I then picture him sitting behind The couch with his firearm ready to protect his family and his home against anyone who is he to harm them. Once the inside door was pried open I am Magent him firing a shot as soon as the door was open wide enough for him to hit someone. And that split-second he has enough time to realize who was actually at the door and toss the gun away from where it was found like the articles say. No one who actually wants to kill a cop fire is one round surrenders. If you knew there were police officers and he had that intention he would’ve dumped on them until he was done from whatever vantage point that he had. But he didn’t. He fired one shot and hit the floor and surrender peacefully. “Without incident” are the words being used. This article considers a lot of the same things. One of the better articles I’ve read on this incident.

    I hope for a just resolution for Martinez and the rest of the Mongols MC.

  29. Paladin Says:

    The article in the attached link pretty much sums it all up.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to)


  30. Sieg Says:

    Freeman, the truth isn’t a “negligible detail” to the fedgoonies and their whores, it a “fungible detail”. Whatever version works the best for them is what’s the “truth”.


  31. RVN69 Says:

    Seig and Vago 1%er have it all covered, no need to do these dramatic early morning raids, if a shot had come from inside the house, the cops would have shot Mr Martinez the elder to a rag doll and getting shot in the back of the head ,friendly fire is the only way that makes sense.


  32. RLG Says:

    but, “Multiple sources speaking on condition of anonymity have told The Aging Rebel the incidents are unrelated.”

  33. popeye Says:

    If Martinez had shot a cop every cop in the place would have emptied their guns into him. I’ve never heard of cops holding fire to protect someone in a house being raided. This whole thing stinks. You know when ATF isnt on TV giving press conferences about their brave young men they must have fucked up good and are under a gag order. How many need to die before they just leave everyone alone?

  34. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    And yes… the “friendly fire” version makes MUCH more sense.

  35. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    This stinks six ways from Sunday, though I can’t really put my finger on it. A former boss of mine would have said, “this is seriously hinky.”

    I’m bothered by this. A LOT. Why were there signed warrants without specifics? Why pre-dawn raids looking for “guns?” Why no knock-and-notice if guns were actually the target? This wasn’t just a demonstration of over-the-top militarized law enforcement, it was a demonstration of patently nonsensical law enforcement. Not to mention needlessly unsafe.

    I’m always sorry to hear of loss of life. But realistically, it was only a matter of time before one of these asinine raids resulted in a cop’s death at the hand of a legally armed citizen in defense of their home. A previous report indicated the cops didn’t identify themselves until after Mr. Martinez surrendered, presumably after he realized the gang of thugs breaking into his home were actually the BLUE gang of thugs.

    Sorry to rant. This really bothers me.

  36. Base Says:

    I don’t see the cops holding fire because they were unable to get a clear shot, or because Martinez father was in the way. If he, Martinez had just shot one of home invaders the others would have let loose with everything they had.

    It makes more sense that Diamond was shot by one of his own and the rest of them had an “oh shit” moment and hesitated. And by the time the fog cleared Martinez was on the floor and more than liked piled on by the home invaders.

  37. John Deaux Says:

    As the old saying goes ” shit happens “.
    These wanna be bad ass cops play with peoples lives without concern, I think it’s poetic justice the kill one of the own.
    Best of luck to Mongol Martinez on surviving the shit storm headed your way.

  38. Freeman Says:

    Forgot a lil something truth is a negligible detail to those people.

    Respect given to where its earned.

  39. Freeman Says:

    ”california members are the most dangerous” says the california reporter, ”australian members are the most dangerous” says the australian reporter, ”germany members are the most dangerous” says the german reporter, insert name of club here:______________

  40. RtC Says:

    Is it just me or does anybody else think “maybe this Diamond needed to go”
    as per his fellow ocifers feelings for him? Didn’t seem to be a large out-
    pouring of grief for this pig. Kinda like “Oh well. It happens” snigger.

  41. Barley Says:

    Keep in mind, most of these statements described in the above article were just hours after the incident occurred. Most of the time the facts have not been declared and many of what the news reports is here-say and the spokespeople that deliver the news these statements are giving statements before the investigation has concluded. So yes there are going to be different twists here and there but they are not devious or trying to mislead. Remember, it’s the media. You idiots latch onto this garbage and automatically think it’s a coverup or a spin. Typical readers of this sites garbage.

  42. Sieg Says:

    Anyone that actually believes that the fedgoonies or their hired swat-whores would check fire simply because an adult, male, family member was present, just isn’t living in the real world.

    Another incident of poorly-trained pig killing poorly-trained pig, in an armed attack on a private home, that never should have happened.


  43. skinny denny Says:

    It’s a lot safer for all involved not to do these kind of heavy handed raids. If the cops would wait until the individual leaves the residence of the search, this doesn’t happen. To me, cops using this kind of entry is tantamount to a home invasion. I believe it was friendly fire.

  44. 2old2ride Says:

    I have read here and elsewhere words to the effect that Zach Tipton was a fine, humorous fellow with a mother. I will also go out on a limb and conjecture that Martinez has or had a mother.

  45. RtC Says:

    Boy, have the fuckin’ pigs got “spin doctors”! Diamond looks like he could
    play a vampire in an old B&W horror flick! Therefore I’m having trouble
    believing the statement “humorous fellow with a mother”.
    I think the proof of “friendly fire” is pretty evident in the fact that
    MONGOL MARTINEZ is still alive. They wouldn’t have cared his father was in the way!
    Sure hope the sheeple wake up soon!Otherwise they are going to be “stats”
    of warfare.
    Just shakin’ my fuckin’ head.

    RESPECTS for the REAL

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