Mexican Version of Jelovcic Death

October 22, 2014

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A Baja California newspaper, Rosarito en la Noticia, has reported that Margie Jelovcic, the common law wife of American fugitive Randy Mark Yager, committed suicide after Yager was arrested a week ago by Mexican police in Rosarito, Mexico.

The couple had lived in Rosarito for the last 17 years as Margie and Steve Rothman. During most of that time, the couple had belonged to a social group of about 750 mostly retired Americans called the Independent Footprinters Association United States/Mexico. A majority of the group’s members are retired policemen. The Footprinters raise money to donate to local organizations including the Rosarito police.

The Footprinters have donated gifts to the children of local police officers, bought local police bullet proof vests and bought the Rosarito police the department’s first Swat vehicle. Margie was named Footprinter of the Year in 2010.

La Maroma

According to the Mexican account, the couple were drinking in a bar called La Maroma when he was arrested by State Preventative Police. The paper reports that Jelovcic chased police “with a pistol in her hand,” then pursued her husband in a tan, 1999 Ford Explorer with the intention of trying to rescue him. Police in turn began to pursue her.

Rosarito en la Noticia reports that Jelovcic had a .25 caliber pistol in her hand as she drove, that she hit a curb outside a MacDonald’s near the Scenic Tijuana-Ensenada Highway, that she flipped the Explorer and then shot herself in the neck. When police arrived they found a second pistol and identification cards from 84 local police officers including Rosarito Deputy Chief Christian Preciado.

There are conflicting accounts of whether Jelovcic died at the scene or in a nearby hospital. The police who pursued Jelovcic were suspended pending an investigation.


Yager was one of seventeen defendants accused of racketeering in a 1997 case formally titled United States of America v. Kevin P. “Spike” O’Neill, et al. He was a former regional boss of the American Outlaws Association and president of the Gary, Indiana chapter of the Outlaws. The most serious charge against him in the indictment was conspiracy to commit murder.

He avoided capture because he and Jelovcic, a former concert violinist, were vacationing in Las Vegas when the indictment was unsealed in June. Jelovcic disappeared in September 1997.

Yager was handed over to U.S. Marshalls about four hours after his arrest.     He is currently being held at the Western Regional Detention Facility in San Diego without bail.



40 Responses to “Mexican Version of Jelovcic Death”

  1. Rebel Ruthi SYLO Says:

    I am married to a retired 1% patch holder. My condolences with healing prayers to family and to Mad Dog aka Randy. I knew him through the mother chapter of his motorcycle club. I hung at Margie ‘ parents bar, as many of us biker ladies rode to on our nights out. I knew Randy when he was much younger and had joined the club. I knew Margie from her parents bar. They didn’t know each other when I used to ride with lady biker friends to the bar. Randy always showed respect for others. Especially to women. He wasn’t crude or disgusting. I have been legally involved with the Outlaws MC for over 30+ years. I know all about 1%ers. Randy didn’t kidnap Margie. She fell in love with the man, not the bad boy image many think of him as. I don’t think Margie took her own life. She was trying to stay as close to Randy as possible. Yes she may have flipped her vehicle staying alive. BTW a “deceased person is dead”. Dead people are dead. They don’t re kill themselves.

    Also, anyone brave enough to wear SOA gear in public, please be aware you are a walking target by real 1% bikers. You can lose your clothing in public as the least painful act. I know of a guy who almost lost his life in Chicago by a 1% biker.

    Randy, my heartfelt condolences to you on Margie’s passing. She knew who and what you are. Yet she loved you to stay forever with you. She will be missed. You were missed by many for so many years. I’m glad you are still alive, but not glad you were caught. You may not remember me from Roosevelt Rd. It’s been many years.

    Rebel Ruthi Ranting & Raving

  2. Patricio Says:

    Steve and Margie were my best friends for over 13 years. They came by my house in Rosarito every night after a long day of working. They loved me, my kids, my family. We are all still in shock about this. I was clueless about Steve’s past but now some things are making sense. Many nights partying with these awesome people. RIP Margie. I love and miss you so much. Steve, Goddamit. You must be in pure hell. You started this and tried to put it all behind you.

  3. Patricio Says:

    Steve and Margie were my best friends for over 13 years. They came by my house in Rosarito every night after a long day of working. They loved me, my kids, my family. We are all still in shock about this. I was clueless about Steve’s past but now some things are making sense. Many nights partying with these awesome people. RIP Margie. I love and miss you so much. Steve, Goddamit. You must be in pure hell. You started this and tried to put it all behind you.

  4. lPb Says:

    That night I went to the Little Caesar’s that is right in front of that bar and noticed two plained clothed cops standing next to a small white sedan with blacked out windows parked outside of the bar. Not thinking anything, I got my pizza at the drive thru, and headed back to my house north of Rosarito. By the time I got to the Convention Center which would have been a total of 5 minutes on the road, I see two vehicles coming behind me at a high rate of speed. I moved over lanes maybe 5 seconds before the first car which was a late model explorer passed me and when I looked at the second car to pass, it was that same white sedan with blacked out windows that I had seen parked outside the bar. I followed them a little while but the chase continued on past my exit so I decided to just go home, even though at the time I was kind of angry that someone had basically almost rear ended me trying to get away from the cops. Understanding the magnitude of the situation now, I can understand the desperation and why she probably would not have cared if she wrecked into me, as I have a single cab truck that is used by many ministerial police officers here in Baja, and probably thought that I was trying to be some type of road block. All in all you never know what you will find in the ex-pat community here in Baja but that’s what baja is all about, making new beginnings.

  5. Liveshere Says:

    For the record.. I live in Rosarito, drink occasionally at that bar, have known Steve and Margie for years. While I wasn’t there on that night, I have personally spoken to 3 people who were and witnessed the whole ordeal. I also heard it go down from my house which is about 1/4 mile away, although at the time I didn’t pay much attention. You hear sirens and what not all the time here. I can say with some certainty, what you read in the above story is exactly how eye witnesses described it to me. The only thing in question is how she lost control.. Eye witnesses here say that an officer shot out her tire as she passed the PEMEX gas station. that caused the cart to veer right hard, hit the curb and roll (I was told 7 times).

    I am deeply saddened that one of my closest friends here is dead, and the other in deep shit back in the states. But a group of us, who know and love them are taking care of business. We have money on his books, another is going daily to their house and feeding the animals.

    Now we just wait to see what happens…

  6. Sieg Says:

    Think, Nana…why the hell should we believe a single word from the Mexican pigs? I mean, you can’t believe a single word from amerikan pigs, but Mexican?????


  7. Nana Says:

    Think people. They were in a bar at 10pm. Guns are illegal in MX, 8 yrs if convicted, yet they had them in the car. Why? She obviously panicked when the Federalies entered and arrested Yager. The location where she flipped her car would indicate she was speeding, it’s a tight turn. Is it possible that she was drunk, had the gun in her hand and it went off when the car flipped causing the shot to the neck? Federalies, the State Police aka Preventive Police are not city police. We don’t know all the facts, so no one can draw any conclusions, which includes assuming foul play by the Federalies or that all ex-pats are criminals.

  8. Sieg Says:

    This whole thing is just straight-up bullshit. No sense debating it. Far as I can see, “we” all start from the standpoint of “never believe a pig”. So, why would ANYONE believe this pack of pigshit? Let’s see…WHO says that they were hooked up with all this retired bacon? Pigs. WHO says that they just happened to see him sitting in a bar? Pigs. WHO says the Lady chased after the paddy-wagon? Pigs.

    SO, watdafuk.

    It’s all PIGS SAID. And all pigs lie. ergo…


  9. Witchy Says:

    I don’t believe a word of the Mexican Police report about Margie. She was not a stupid woman and if she had no charges she wouldn’t have taken off like that. She wouldn’t have chased down the cops as they took Mad away either. This is pure bullshit…LLO/SYLO

  10. RVN69 Says:

    Don’t believe the Mexican cops, don’t believe the American cops, Don’t believe any cops!

    Respects to the Departed.


  11. Base Says:

    One would have to suspect the truth of this tragedy was lost in translation.

  12. Tooj Says:

    BTW, I’m a classically trained violinist myself. I have busted enough knuckles over the years to no longer have the finesse. I can’t comprehend how this woman being a trained and accomplished musician has thing one to do with being in love with someone who has belonged to a motorcycle club, or how they somehow come from “separate worlds”.

    That shit is where the issue begins for me.

  13. Tooj Says:

    I can romanticize these folks having a great relationship. I will not and cannot romanticize death. That shit is just wrong in my book. That’s why this SOA “romanticism”, “I didn’t tell you I got ass-raped cuz I LOVE you” bullshit gives everybody with a decent sense of themselves the fucking heebie-jeebies.

    This “two people from separate worlds” romanticized bullshit is for the birds. For real or fake based upon a handle? What’s in a name? Only definition I’ve seen of “Tooj” is on Urban Dictionary and it makes me laugh every time.

    What bugs me is the fucking content of the comment.

  14. meh Says:

    Infiltrating the Footprinters was a shrewd way to flip the script by spying on the spies.

    The only flaw was there is no non-suspicious motive for White non-Hispanic folks to move to Mexico. If he’d used Mexico as a stepping stone then gone elsewhere he might never have been detected. Expats anywhere are a very curious lot so if you bolt, don’t hang out with anyone from your home country.

    Posted by Paladin:
    “All things being equal, I think I would have headed to a Country that didn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.”

    Bhutan looks decent. Fake conversion to Buddhism then make like a harmless hippie.

  15. oldshove Says:

    Hey RCT
    The whole fucking story fom south of the border sounds like something right out of a scripe from SOA .oldshove

  16. RtC Says:

    @ popeye. You might be right. MAYBE she’s for real, but anyone who logs-in with the handle SOA4EVER is pretty suspect. I think “she” saw this story& tried to assimilate it with something on that POS show. This story is so suspect with Margie’s death. I seriously doubt she off’d herself! She wasn’t suspect for anything other than being declared missing, by the douche-bag PIGS! If I’m wrong, I
    will admit it, but just to show up & state what she did & the name she used set me off wrong. Just another “link clicker” ya know?
    IF she was really with a 1%, she surely would know NOT to use that handle,but then again maybe this is new for her & hasn’t been straightened out?!

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  17. panamaa Says:

    “Ain’t no God in Mexico, ain’t no comfort in the can
    When you’re down in Matamoras getting busted by the man
    If I’d never seen the sunshine, hell I would not cuss the rain
    If I hadn’t been railroaded well I guess I’d been a train”


  18. panamaa Says:


    Use to run from Brownsville down Panama way on road and on sea and your right…“…south of the border, there’s no law and order, so you hold your own mud or you die…”


  19. Sieg Says:

    Lived in Baja Mexico many moons ago. It was a narco-state then, and it still is.

    “…south of the border, there’s no law and order, so you hold your own mud or you die…”



  20. panamaa Says:


    You’re right,different world south of the border……. Open your eyes and close your mouth..


  21. 10GAUGE Says:

    Anybody who has spent time in that part of Mexico knows la policia there is as corrupt as anywhere….you do not want to fuck with them…they drive around in M35s with about 30 of them and carry machine guns. I don’t believe the story for a second….there is much more to it I am sure. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. She is gone and nothing will ever be done. I am glad they got to spend the last 17 years together everyday…sounds like they made a pretty good life together. That part of Mexico is poor, but there are parts which are beautiful ….

    My sincere condolences to ALL who knew and loved her. I can only imagine how hard it would be for him to loose his freedom and his wife in the same day.

    “Copper on the corner and he loaded two rounds
    And I can’t even get inside to talk you down
    Peter, sweet baby, where’d you get that gun?
    You spend half your life trying to turn the other half around

    And I tried to come clean, but I guess it’s no use
    Your face is all over six o’clock news
    They cleared the street and then they closed the schools
    I can’t even get inside

    Did you lose your head when the farm went down?
    Was is when your daddy died after he moved to town
    And I know your momma calls you good for nothing
    She says her baby is a failer and she don’t want you calling

    Peter, sweet baby, there’s something I need to say to you
    Gonna have your baby this coming June
    We could get a little place down by Gilmour park
    You could do a little time and save my broken heart

    And I tried to come clean, but I guess it’s no use
    Copper when ahead and he just shot you through
    Now you’re lying dead on the avenue
    And I can’t feel my broken heart”

  22. popeye Says:

    soa4ever might just be legit . Plenty of women watch the show and fall in love with jax and decide to take a walk on the wild side. Theres never a shortage of women around clubs. Ladies love outlaws and bad boys. They represent a lot of things security , freedom and in a world that now markets hair color and spray tans for men they just may like being with a man.

  23. popeye Says:

    soa4ever might just be legit . Plenty of women watch the show and fall in love with jax and decide to take a walk on the wild side. Theres never a shortage of women around clubs. Ladies love outlaws and bad boys. They represent a lot of things security , freedom and in a world that now markets hair color and spray tans for men they just may like being with a man.

  24. panamaa Says:


    SOA4ever, Gezzzz, what a fucking name.. I think shes lost, what fuck in their right mind would use that name on this site….lol… man…


  25. RtC Says:

    SOA4ever, what th’fuck do you know about this?! NOT SHIT, I bet. Otherwise
    you wouldn’t have that “handle”. Are you trying to make real life into
    a fucking TV fantasy! Unplug that fucking BOOB-TUBE & deal with reality.
    So sad fucks like you try to intrude into real life through the fuckin’
    “ethernet”! THINK you can make a “difference”? Figures.
    RESPECTS for the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  26. SOA4ever Says:

    This is the ultimate love story. Some may never understand what is it like to love someone unconditionally. She gave up everything for the man she loved. She was blessed in this life to meet up with her soul mate. She adored him. May she rest in peace. I understand what its like to be a woman who loves a 1% who everyone thinks “she’s out of his league or they are from different worlds it will never work” unless you have been there you can’t understand what it is like to adore a him…RIP Margie and know one day you will be with him again….

  27. 2old2ride Says:

    So many things wrong with what the cops are saying. I do not even know where to begin. Not to be flippant but I can hear them say ‘we chased her as far and as fast as we could until she shot herself in the neck, Sgt. Garcia’ RIP Margie and condolences to the families.

  28. BMW Says:

    So now she shot herself, either deliberately or accidentally, while under observation of the police? A person would have to be Urine Odor to believe THAT STORY!!!

    Definitely a classy lady!!

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!!! BMW

  29. John Deaux Says:

    She was a hell of a woman for sure and this is such a tragic ending to her life.
    Rest in peace Margie, condolences to the family and friends and especially Mad 1%er for the loss.
    FTF. FTP. FTW.

  30. Glider Says:

    After flipping her vehicle several times she had herself together enough to “supposedly” committ suicide but shot herself in the neck? If I’m looking to take my own life the shot wouldn’t be to my neck. Something doesn’t sound right with this story.
    Rest in Peace Margie

  31. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Loyal to the end. Rest in Peace Margie

  32. panamaa Says:

    @WheresMyBoots ,

    An astounding series of events, no doubt… Fucking Federales…..

    Respects, hope you and yours are good…


  33. WheresMyBoots Says:

    You are driving at high speed one handed, holding a pistol in the other, flip the car, still manage to hold on to the pistol, then still manage to shoot yourself in the neck…

    Condolences to the family and friends. Respects,

  34. ht Says:

    Precisando que harán lo posible por recuperar el cuerpo de Margie para darle una digna sepultura.

    [Image: 5a2hw2.jpg]

    Rosarito, B.C. – Randy Mark Yager, 58 years old, and Margaret Jelovecic, 48 years old, were American fugitives. He was one of the 15 most wanted by the Marshals for multiple murders, firearms and explosives, robbery, counterfeiting money and trafficking in stolen vehicles, in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. He was arrested by the International Liaison section of the State Preventative Police.

    As she was drinking in the Rosarito bar “La Maroma,” located across from Burger King, the spouse of the fugitive who has now been extradited, Margaret Jelovecic, seeing that her husband was being arrested, left the bar and chased the state police with a pistol in her hand. She got into her 1999 sand colored Ford Explorer and started to pursue the police, trying to rescue him. The police saw her in pursuit and went back and told her to stop.

    She ignored the police orders and a pursuit started. She headed to San Antonio del Mar, where she turned around and returned to Rosarito and the state and municipal police in coordination tried to stop her vehicle.

    But she got back on the Scenic Highway headed south, and got off at the McDonald’s exit and then headed north, near a gas station at the Pemex junction. There she hit the sidewalk and lost control, overturning several times, until the car ended up upside. The deceased woman, seeing she was trapped, committed suicide with a gunshot to her neck. When the investigators arrived, they found 84 municipal police identifications, including that of deputy chief Christian Preciado, and former commercial police coordinator Alfredo Amaro Mata, among others. There were two firearms, a .25 caliber and a .22 caliber.

    This afternoon, after investigating the well-known police identifications with the legend “IFA,” the press learned that the extradited man and the dead woman belonged to the Footprinters group.

    It was confirmed that for about the past 20 years, they were known under the names of Margie and Steve Rothman, a married couple, that were never seen separated from each other.

    It was also revealed that people were very surprised this morning to learn of this news. She was Footprinter of the Year in 2010, and on the club wall is her award. According to the Footprinters they were a very helpful and hard working couple.

    The president of the Footprinters, Dr. Harry O., said that both of them had been his friends for the past 20 years and he never imagined something like this, they were excellent people and very helpful.

    He said he would do whatever possible to recover Margie’s body to give her a dignified burial.

  35. CN Says:

    And………….I’m still waiting for the record to show this couple or either individually were any danger to the general public, this post script seems to indicate the opposite.

  36. blacksmith Says:

    I concur with Whitepride.

  37. Paladin Says:

    It would seem that a newer member of the Footprinters somehow recognized Yager and directly notified the Baja Preventative Police, bypassing the Rosarito Police.

    Obviously, hiding in plain sight worked for Yager and Jelovcic for almost twenty years. All things being equal, I think I would have headed to a Country that didn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  38. ann Says:

    Aside from all the past his life he was living was nothing but loving and pure. People are saddend at the realization of his past life and he will be greatly missed. and the loss of his wife is the loss of a good person. Mexican version or not they were a loved asset to their community

  39. Whitepride Says:

    I would not trust the Mexican version of what happened if my life depended on it. I have seen the corruption in that shit hole!

  40. popeye Says:

    Sounds like she was one hell of a good woman. Loyal to the end. Rest in Peace Margie

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