Mongols-Angels Violence Intensifying – Edited

September 22, 2014

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This story was published on September 22 and was edited on September 23. The original story remains intact and is plain text. Additions to the story appear in italics. In general, informed readers have been offended by the story because they believe it overstates any animosity that may exist between the Mongols Motorcycle Club and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. One trusted correspondent wrote “I chose to disagree with Rebel and this article because of how far off base it is.”

If you live on the West Coast it might be a good time to leave your support tee-shirts in the dresser. A series of violent and very public clashes between members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Mongols Motorcycle Club has become impossible to ignore.

The latest incident was a running gun battle between members of the two clubs that left one man dead and two others wounded.  The gunfight broke out on the 15 Freeway in Riverside County south of Corona near where the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded. All three victims were taken to Riverside Community Hospital where one of the wounded men was treated and released.

Persons this page considers to be informed have taken exception to the phrase “running gun battle.” There were shots fired and published accounts, as well as numerous correspondents, described the freeway shooting as taking place between members of the two clubs. According to one commenter, “There was no ‘shoot out’ in Corona, someone fired into a pack of motorcycles and a friend of one of the clubs lost his life.” The Aging Rebel believes the commenter is right and the initial description of the event published here is wrong.

The shooting occurred about 6:30 p.m. Saturday night and caused the southbound lanes of the 15, the highway that links Los Angeles and Las Vegas, to remain closed until Sunday morning.


The Riverside County shooting came eight days after a very violent brawl and gunfight between members of the two clubs at Bar USA in Reno, Nevada about 11:45 p.m. on September 12. Witnesses described the bar as significantly damaged.

Numerous informed sources have written to say the fight was not between the Mongols and the Angels, that the brawl was not “very violent” and that the damage to the bar was minimal.

Bar USA is about nine blocks from the Truckee River and downtown Reno. It is the main registration point for two poker runs sponsored by the Nevada Nomads charter of the Hells Angels during the annual Fall Street Vibrations motorcycle rally. The runs are the Best Breast in the West Run which includes stops at gentlemen’s clubs and the Cat House Run with scheduled stops at brothels.

The Street Vibrations Rally begins this Wednesday and continues through the weekend.


The Reno incident was preceded by two shootings on the 60 Freeway in East Los Angeles on August 29. One victim was shot six times in the back near Indiana Street in Boyle Heights at about 11:40 p.m. Twenty minutes later a second victim was shot in the arm on the 60 just east of the 710 Freeway in Boyle Heights.

Since the publication of this story yesterday, multiple sources have told this page that the violence involved a sport bike club and had nothing to do with either The HAMC or the Mongols MC. This page regrets the implication that this incident did.

On March 22, according to published reports, a knife fight between members of the two clubs by the side of the 15 Freeway in Temecula in Riverside County California resulted in injuries to two men. According to a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department spokesman. One victim “drove himself to a local hospital, where he was treated for superficial stab wounds and released.” A second victim collapsed and crashed on a freeway off ramp. He was transported to a hospital by ambulance.

The Sheriff’s Department spokesman described the knife fight as “a road rage incident.”

One commenter wrote: “These were isolated incidents, that in no way a responsible reporter would try and make a connection between.” The commenter is right and this page was wrong.

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131 Responses to “Mongols-Angels Violence Intensifying – Edited”

  1. Juliette Says:

    Here’s my friend, he’s not a biker. His dad was 81 but he’s long dead.

    The cops want justice, we want him back.

  2. Juliette Says:

    Don’t wear my support tshirt on the West Coast? Really? I’ll wear whatever I want. Do I wish this would stop yes? I personally lost a dear friend to these Mongols. I never want to be a purveyor of hate. I love Red and White, and when the Mongols give my friend’s body back, then I can forgive but never forget.

  3. RtC Says:

    Must have been where “John” who posted on 9-24-14 @ 12:37 pm, got his
    “I was there & saw it” info! What a douche!
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  4. Road Whore Says:

    @ RtC: Yes, it is amazing what passes for journalism these days, which is why I remain a staunch defender of Rebel: I haven’t seen him blow one yet.

    Ride Free

  5. RtC Says:

    @RoadWhore, I think the INQUISITER sits on the self right next to
    the ENQUIRER. lol That artcle would be on the same page as:
    These reporters are like fucking TROLLS on here, ain’t they?!
    AMAZING! All I can do is shake my fuckin’ head.
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  6. Sieg Says:

    7of9, agreed. This will be used more and more, until the sheeple wake up. Just hope it’s not too late.
    FTF / FTP

  7. Loser Says:


    I agree with you one hundred and ten percent.

  8. 7of9 Says:

    @Sieg – It surprises me that MORE people aren’t up in arms about Operation Choke Point. It really is a HUGE abuse of government power, not to mention a waste of revenue. They’re attacking things that are completely legal as part of it, like cigar and tobacco retailers.

    This is a HUGE overreach and abuse of power and if people do not stand up to it, could be used to attack anything the government decides is “high risk” whether it is actually illegal or not. Who’s next? Pretty much anyone who doesn’t toe the line and fall in lockstep…and that is not freedom at all.

  9. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Thank you for saying that. Yes, this is one of those “things” that once people see, then it’s like “boom.”

    In my little hole that I talk about, it literally causes feuds between neighborhoods. Media in this town isn’t as bad as it used to be. But at street level here, it’s a no-no to even *say* there is a feud. People are aware that neighborhoods have all sorts of people who do what they do, but they are also aware that just saying “there’s a feud with X,” causes rumors to spread that are not accurate. It’s these structural things that I notice, and I admit it’s a type of autism. I am good with people, though, so it’s just a strange thing where I notice patterns or something.

    Anyways, sorry for going off like that. I had just gotten up to go to church, and at alter call, there’s a bunch of urns for the dead up on the church stage or whatever it’s called. This stuff just gets to me. I admit it’s also PTSD. I am kind of a mess in some ways, I think. That’s why I always say we are just human, I guess.

    Thank you again. Much respect.


  10. Road Whore Says:

    @ SIZ: my point.

    Ride Free

  11. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Here is example:

    *DO NOT* think of a “a pink elephant wearing a cop uniform, fucking a small yellow canary.”

    You can’t “not” think of that, can you? Once you see the words, it stays in your head.

    See how that works? Just certain words plant ideas in heads.

    In this world we live in, my personal experience is that most people are decent people and just want to get on with their lives. It is now my opinion that much conflict we see is generated by the system itself. I see it with eyes. Eyes are real. Media is not real.

    The media has the effect of keeping the system in place. Please, people need to think about what they see with own eyes, and not what media tells them to think.

    This matches BOTH with my faith, and with doing media most of my adult life:

    Romans 12:2 (NIV)

    2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

    Not my place on a million things. Maybe a billion things. But on media, I humbly submit I might know a thing or two.

    Again, much deep respect and condolences to all. I go to church for a reason. One of the reasons is I now harbor a deep sadness about what I see in this little tiny hole I live in. I was nearly suicidal a few months ago. This stuff gets to me because I have a heart. We all have hearts. That is why we are human. Our humanity is what we share. And that is our power.


  12. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Yet the last line *refutes* the headline. There are like a million things that it is not my place to comment on.

    “How media is fucked up,” is not one of them.

    “How LE fucks with people,” is not one of them.

    “How disputes arise from media,” is not one of them.

    These things hurt people decent.

    I am not naive, yet at some time. . .

    Because I used to do 2A stuff, I have intel on how the local police agency in this town does stuff at street level. Basically, they use the local rumor network, AND media, and they manipulate people. I can explain longer if anyone cares. It’s about “floating rumors” and then seeing how they permute over time. And it’s about literally placing lies in media, and then comparing to rumors. Please, people need to see that media FUCKS WITH HEADS. That’s why my faith says to ignore media. It will literally “tell you what you are.”

    This matches with what I know from doing media for 20 years.

    Again, I am not naive, but in my personal opinion as someone who is nobody and who is not in a club, and who can’t even pay my rent, and who is likely just going to go in SSI because I have kind of fucked up my little fucked up life in this little fucked up hole in this little town, people please need to believe me. There is no good that can come from media like this.

    Much deep respect. Not my intent to start arguments. THAT is the entire idea of these stories.


  13. Road Whore Says:

    I think Rebel can be forgiven any “inaccuracies” in his original story, because here’s one with today’s date with “sources” saying: Did too; did not.

    Ride Free

  14. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Ya, I saw the news story. “Broken bottles littered the street” was the lead in.

    It was *one* lonely little beer bottle.

    Here’s a pic from the story:*350/Bar+USA2.jpg

    My *back yard* used to look worse than that when I was drinking and had parties here.

    Never got headlines either. Hopefully people are starting to “see” how media does this crap. My personal opinion, and this is just me – is that people internalize media. In my faith, (one of the Charismatic faiths) it is suggested to ignore main media.

    I have no problem doing that, after working for 20 years in the industry. Once in a while, I scan headlines. I also follow financial blogs such as That’s about it. I am somewhat *loosely* connected to the local city “political scene” at our City Hall. If I need to know something, I just ask someone there. Main media is completely without any sort of redeeming value.

    Much respect.


  15. Paladin Says:


    It would seem that your and Anonymous’ prior posts, combined with Rebel’s edited version of this story has pretty much laid the original topic of this thread to rest. I’m as guilty as anyone for getting off topic, I just didn’t think there was anything left of the original topic to discuss. The rest of us are just sort of hangin’ out, shootin’ the breeze, care to join us?

    Long May You Ride,


  16. 10-Pin Says:

    So… Just to get this thread back where it started, I had a “couple” drinks at the bar referenced in the article tonight. They seemed to be pouring pretty much as they always did. Just thought some might like to know.

  17. StrategyIsZen Says:

    I am flat broke right now. I mean literally living on charity. This is because of drinking, being stupid, blowing money, getting in trouble, etc. My fault. I blame me. Period.

    So I have become very aware of how money is made and not made. I also get to spend a lot of time seeing how various government agencies do things (like the DUI classes I have to take, and the ankle bracelet I have to wear.)

    What I think is happening is that it’s literally a type of economic competition between the government and the people. This is why I think that the system always goes after CH’s, for example, and does other types of seizures. If you want to weaken any group, attack their money, throw them in jail, and then charge them some more money. Even just going after money has effects, setting aside the growing prison state stuff.

    I think it falls into a pattern called “Centaur State.” People can Google it to see more about it. Basically, when an economy is doing well, the government kind of gets out of the way. When an economy sucks, the government grows by attacking the economy of the people themselves.

    It’s also “centaur” because at the top, it seems “liberal” and at the bottom, is “paternalistic.” This whole thing is held in place by media propaganda, the police state, and a mass of truly ignorant people who believe everything they see on TV, yet can’t even open their fucking eyes.

    Sorry to go off. My faith says to love. But what is love if not speaking truth?

    Much respect to all. Just my two cents. I need to get out more. Hopefully, in a few months I will.


  18. Paladin Says:


    The posts in the comment section of the linked article you posted are what I believe to be a fair representation of how the general public views the biker / MC lifestyle. Until this perception is changed, the subculture will continue to lose ground. The citizenry has yet to realize that the Government’s oppression and continued attempt at eradicating the biker / MC subculture is nothing more than a dress rehearsal of what’s to come.

    The general public has yet to wake up to the fact that the Government Beast is insatiable, and in its eyes, the only good government is the government it says is good.

    Long May You Ride,


  19. Sieg Says:

    Operation Choke Point isn’t only being aimed at firearm dealers. It is also being used against sex-workers, others in the various “adult” fields, and last but not least, those whom the fedgoonies have decided just aren’t nice.

    Shortly after I got out, I stopped to get gas, and wattayakno, none of my credit cards worked at the pump. I call the bank that issued them, and after a few MONTHS of fucking around, I finally get someone to come out and say that they were voided because of a “finding” by their corporate masters. After over a YEAR of fucking around, I get someone in their corporate office to send me an e-mail with attachments showing their cause. A press-release from the atf, issued the day I was arrested, saying I was a very bad person indeed.

    I’ve talked with people over the last year, and heard that I’m not alone, quite a few people on various alphagoonie lists have had cards, mortgages, etc., wiped-out simply because this particular bank-Chase-is being leaned on with this Choke Point bullshit.

    Fuck ’em.


  20. Tooj Says:

    I dunno shit

  21. Loser Says:

    If anyone else posted this I apologize. The comments section is why I am posting it. People are really fucking stupid. A few ignorant fucks and a few generations learning everything from television makes for great intellectual viewpoints.

    Rebel, please omit this posting entirely if it has no relevance.

  22. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Agree it’s the bankers.

    Google “agorism.” And “voluntaryism.” And “bastiet.”

    Just two cents. Just theories. Just words. Much respect.

    Re: audit – not random. That is a way they squelch speech.


  23. Tooj Says:

    I started writing this shit here and yours truly went through an IRS audit. Correlation? Maybe. Causative? Maybe. End result? The same. Expense.

  24. Tooj Says:

    Any further questions on why Lincoln was REALLY assassinated? Jesus, people. Some games have a longer term to reach completion.

  25. StrategyIsZen Says:


    I just realized we likely know people in common. Trippy. Very cool. But trippy. Did you go anywhere special in 2011? Think about that question and that will say things to you. Maybe somewhere special in the mid-Summer? Kind of a random guess. . . Better to not answer either way, in my opinion.


    Yes. I cry a lot now. Literally. I am not sure it’s PTSD from seeing from really messed up crap back where I live in this little urban hole, or just kind of thinking about the future too much. I do know that more people are starting to attend my church here in this anonymous town. It’s a large kind of mixed Charismatic congregation. I hate to get into all the “end times” stuff because my religion has been saying that crap for the last 100 years, and they have always been wrong. That being said, things are just feeling tense for myriad reasons.

    I do think that we basically think ourselves into our futures, and I honestly believe that. There is a kind of unity movement happening now. Some people may know about it. It’s off topic here. Maybe not. Not my place to even speculate.

    Personally, it is my opinion that there is never harm in unity. That is literally said at street level in this little urban hole. People have found that unity is an ancient way to guard from evil. Unity from brotherly and sisterly love. Never unity from shared hatred. Literally said on the streets in this little place. Been said since before I was born.

    @Road Whore

    Yes, total Zen stuff. I see where you are going, and yes!

    It’s like stuff got real again. I need a nap. Over-thinking, like someone said in another thread a while back “miles to go before I sleep.”

    Much respect to all. Just my two cents. Not in a club.


  26. chromedome Says:


    That should be its slogan!!!!


  27. Tooj Says:

    Operation Choke Point, forced morality through banking…

  28. Paladin Says:


    Yeah, we’re aware of operation choke point. So far, it hasn’t been used against us or any of our distributors. The problem for us is the new CA requirement for the firearm manufactures to micro stamp the parts of a firearm that come in contact with a shell casing. As a result, S&W, Ruger, and other manufactures are no longer shipping firearms to CA. The manufactures are also allowing their currently rostered, DOJ approved models to expire and drop off the DOJ roster of approved firearms to be sold in CA. The result will be that in the near future there will be no new firearms available for sale in CA. I’m currently in the process of obtaining a pawn broker’s license, which is required when selling used guns.

    Road Whore,

    I guess I’m part idealist, part realist. The idealist in me hopes for the best and that a change in this Country can be affected via the ballot box, but the realist in me sees the possibility for dark and stormy days yet to come.

    Long may you both ride,


  29. Tooj Says:

    I was just saying that you have to know the lack of logic employed and why it works on who it works upon. I think you will also see the wisdom behind those protocols that some wish to treat as disposable, as being absolutely necessary.

    With the sheer lack of logic online, would it surprise anyone that a group would use that medium in exactly that fashion? With exactly that intent? To muck with clarity?

    I think so. Means I. Gotta keep MY head clear.

  30. JMacK Says:

    Glenn S.,

    As many others have stated, I believe you would be a welcome addition to any team’s roster. Best of luck on your journey. I am going through a similar journey and learning more about myself than I thought possible.



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