Mongols Nation Case Still In Limbo

September 18, 2014

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The Mongols Nation Case has been continued yet again.

A jury trial to determine whether the Mongols Motorcycle Club is guilty of racketeering and conspiracy to racketeer was most recently scheduled to begin in about two weeks on September 30. The trial had previously been scheduled to begin on September 24, 2013 and March 25, 2014. Now the trial is scheduled to begin March 24, 2015.

Federal District Judge Otis D. Wright will preside. The Mongols lawyer, Joseph A. Yanny, had tried to have Wright removed from the case because Wright is practically the prosecution’s head coach, but this summer a three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals told the Mongols to raise the issue again on direct appeal if they lose at trial.

Seizing The Patch

A federal grand jury accused the Mongols of being racketeers in February 2013. The case is actually a do-over of the patch forfeiture part of the 2008 case US v. Cavazos et al. What the Department of Justice wants is the power to outlaw motorcycle clubs, and other collective membership associations, by seizing those associations’ names and insignia. The theory is that motorcycle club patches, rather than the men who wear them, scare people. Consequently, the theory continues, if the government can simply outlaw the wearing of patches, witnesses will no longer be intimidated, assaults will no longer occur and the scourge of illegal drugs will vanish.

Or, as Judge Wright put it, “…you are saying that it is no different than them having perhaps having been Lutheran and they are of doing all these criminal things and it is just coincidental that some of them were Lutheran; right? It is not the same thing, is it? They are operating under the banner of the Mongols. It is that name, that reputation, that intimidation factor which enables them to do what they do, isn’t it?”

The Australian State of Queensland recently criminalized wearing motorcycle club patches in bars and other public places and forbid more than two people wearing patches from standing next to each other but in the United States there are constitutional protections against totalitarianism.

Prosecution As Punishment

Even though the Mongols, just like the Iron Order, don’t need anybody’s permission to wear a sign on their back, it only takes one stupid and arrogant judge to abrogate the Constitution. Wright doesn’t seem to be a wise, learned or thoughtful man, so there is a good chance that a jury will rule against the Mongols whenever this case is finally tried. And the government will absolutely lose on appeal. Nobody is going to permanently take the Mongols patch away until the Constitution is amended to allow that.

But the point here has never been a disagreement about the law. The point is to punish the Mongols by making the club defend itself over and over. And the club is going to have to continue to do that at least through next spring.


46 Responses to “Mongols Nation Case Still In Limbo”

  1. Galgo Says:

    Thanks for keeping up such a good website.
    This decision affects all MC´s, MM’s and Riding groups.
    “Don’t thread on me” Defend the constitution, not the corporation of the United States founded by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers in Jekyll Island in 1913

  2. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Rebel
    Third, this is what John Ciccone told me about why they ATF goes after motorcycle clubs: “Because we can’t get into MS-13. We can get into the Mongols or the Vagos but we can’t get into MS-13.” Direct fucking quote.

    This is the first I’ve read this but I am not surprised. The cops are self glorifying cowards that have the sheeple convinced they are heroes.

  3. Clutch Says:

    It’s been said before but this ruling will effect EVERY patch. And I know this mindset is taking hold because state CoC’s with other landlords are financially supporting “Save The Patch.”

    @lol you haven’t a clue. You’re just another keyboard commando probably holed up in his mamas basement jerking off to soa episodes. You should learn to keep your mouth shut when men are talking.

    Keep up the good work, Rebel.

  4. antisocial Says:

    Looks like the COC and SAVE THE PATCH are working real good. Make sure you collect that money from those new guys. Richard Lester hasn’t put enough in his pockets yet.

  5. Stevo Says:

    The poisoned dwarf needs this thorn taken out of his side before he is retired. Well, bad luck little man. We’re gonna be here long after you and the gook ride off into the sunset.

  6. nowhereman Says:

    Im sorry to hear that, my condolences. I was hoping the other team had suffered the casualties

  7. Paladin Says:

    It appears that the the changing of the public’s opinion toward MCs is going to be a bit more challenging than originally anticipated.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  8. Lady Says:


    Information that I have is that the Supporter that was riding with the two Mongols passed away. One member is still in critical and not sure as to the other.

    All the talk about street gangs really pisses me off and I normally would not say anything in reference to a club or a Patch Holder, but when anyone gets in a vehicle and goes after someone on a bike that makes me very angry! If you have a problem with someone, why cant you ride up beside them and take care of the issue and not lower yourself to the “Street Gang” persona that every Patch Holder that I have ever spoke to detests? Dont holler that your in a Motorcycle Club an not ride one when things get tough!

    Again, I do not mean to step on anyone’s toes, this is just a very touchy subject for me.

    May the Mongols Members that were injured get well soon and heartfelt condolences for the loss of someone that should not have been involved at all.

    Much Respect,

  9. nowhereman Says:

    Rebel, any news about the shooting on 15 yesterday

  10. Shovelhead Says:

    Americans are finally waking up to the brutal, criminal organization of Police in this Country. Pigs no longer protect & serve (not that they ever really did) Now they bully, kill, rape, steel, vandalize and generally just cause mayhem where ever they are.
    Bunch of scared little Boys & Girls afraid of their own shadow. Who pick a job that lets them carry a gun so feel tough.
    At least back in the 60’s & 70’s if you had a problem with a Pig, you could settle it like men. Now you pigs are too chicken shit and go after our Women and shoot our dogs with Swat as backup. Bikers are not the problem….inner city street gangs, Yuppies and the police are. How often. Really, does the average American have a problem with a 1%er club? Only time I’ve ever seen it is in a bar and some redkneck has had to much Loud Mouth Soup and gets a bloody nose!
    How often does the average American have a problem with Pigs? Or road rage Yuppies? or inner city street gangs killing innocent kids with a drive by?
    Lol, you’re a Cancer on Society, all the propaganda about Bike Clubs are starting to crumble and Americans are now seeing the truth. We’re not the enemy…You are!!

  11. Freeman Says:

    Justice wants is the power to outlaw motorcycle clubs, and other collective membership associations, by seizing those associations’ names and insignia. The theory is that motorcycle club patches, rather than the men who wear them, scare people.

    Tell ya what, not much scares me, but a government letter addressed to my name or a crown victoria near my drive way, or cherry’s lighten up in my mirrors scares me a hell of a lot more than any patch holder walking up to me.

    Almost forgot @ lol, take a tricycle adjust the seat as high as it can go, remove the seat (leave the shaft) sit on it and ride ten miles.

  12. RtC Says:

    Rebel, all 5 are right on points, but lol can’t comprehend any of them.

    I think the douche-bag must get paid by the letter, not the word, since
    over half of what IT types are not actual words. Either very mentally
    deficient, or really mentally deficient.
    It used to make me wonder how fucks like IT could sleep at night, but
    I realized that trolls like IT don’t have regular mental activity & they
    actually dream about being up to their necks in pig-shit.
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  13. Drifter Says:

    @ Lunar Orbiting Lunatic; I can reason with Tramps, fuzz, forget it. Once their pheromone’s are excreted into attack mode you are fucked regardless of how illogical their stance is. Comply or die.

    I’ll take the thirty Tramps.

    Obviously some of the good folk down Dago way were not too cozy with the Board of Education having a MRAP for their cop unit. The blind trust of state operators is long gone with many people. Many of whom may have had held the position :if the cops say so they must be right”, no longer. Whether you want to face that fact or not I just don’t care..

    couple of paragraphs;

    SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Unified School District has decided to return a military-grade armored vehicle donated by the Department of Defense that was intended to be used by city schools police for emergencies such as campus shootings.

    Superintendent Cindy Marten announced the decision in a statement Thursday night.

    “Some members of our community are not comfortable with the district having this vehicle,” Marten said. “If any part of our community is not comfortable with it, we cannot be comfortable with it.”

  14. 10Gauge Says:


    As a matter of fact recently a big four club held their national run in small town America. It was actually a return trip and a much smaller affair than their international run they had there five years earlier and this very real issue was actually discussed…locals were concerned about the police presence and the harassment they received the last time the badge wearing assholes were in town! Respect for the police has plummeted in recent years and groups like the IO and IB are a big contributing factor.


  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear lol,

    Dude, nobody in South Central wants to see the LAPD and they particularly don’t want to see the el lay sherrifs.

    Second, do you have any idea who you are talking to on here? Any idea at all?

    Third, this is what John Ciccone told me about why they ATF goes after motorcycle clubs: “Because we can’t get into MS-13. We can get into the Mongols or the Vagos but we can’t get into MS-13.” Direct fucking quote.

    Fourth, I think you just make shit up off the top of your head.

    Fifth, thank you very much for clicking the ads. This site isn’t free. I know the morons in the IO think this is like a go daddy site or some shit. It isn’t. It is two servers, a shit load of bandwidth, a small fortune in document fees, a lot of gas, a shit load for security, a big time database, three email accounts and much, much more including a lot of time — like 60 hours a week. So thanks for clicking the ads.

    Now play nice.


  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear jj solari,

    Some days the King has no clothes. Even if a stupid and crazy judge says he is wearing beautiful clothes, the King still has no clothes. Eventually, when an appeals court rules that the King actually has no clothes, most reasonable people who are not malicious prosecutors, stupid judges or dickwad ATF agents will understand that the King has no clothes.

    How am I doin’?

    Holler back,


  17. jrnr Says:

    lol, please do everybody a favor and take phuquehed’s advice…quickly!!


  18. jj solari Says:

    dear Rebel: re: “Even though the Mongols, just like the Iron Order, don’t need anybody’s permission to wear a sign on their back, it only takes one stupid and arrogant judge to abrogate the Constitution”…………..this is a real question – if one stupid and arrogant judge can abrogate the constitution…..what the fuck good is the constitution? and, frankly, i will listen to anyone who can walk me through this; i actually am capable of learning.

  19. N P Says:

    @ LicksOffLatex: Good old Roxbury !

  20. jj solari Says:

    dear lol; even for an idiot you are an embarrassment to stupidity.

  21. 10Gauge Says:


    You are way off base. Only cops equate motorcycle clubs with street gangs. The general public has started to see Harley Davidson motorcycls as status symbols and think the majority of riders are RUBs. In fact they can tell no difference between motorcycle brands or patches…be they HOG, IO, or legitimate. Additionally, IT IS A FACT THAT Americans have always embraced outlaws that they see as the underdog. That is why the ATF initiated the gangland series and is trying so desperately to equate outlaw MCs with those lowlife backpack bombers. And by the way it is not working.

    Even you know that douchebag

  22. popeye Says:

    The Hells Angels and Sandy Alexander were awarded by the then mayor Guliani(sic) “Safest street in the city” when they put their clubhouse on 3rd street. The area turned around and became a good area to live and the cops did nothing to help. I guess if you ask 100 people from that neighborhood who they want in their neighborhood they wouldnt say cops.

  23. popeye Says:

    The Hells Angels and Sandy Alexander were awarded by the then mayor Guliani(sic) “Safest street in the city” when they put their clubhouse on 3rd street. The area turned around and became a good area to live and the cops did nothing to help. I guess if you ask 100 people from that neighborhood who they want in their neighborhood they wouldnt say cops.

  24. 7of9 Says:

    lol – It’s pretty clear you’ve never spent any time around these people. I haven’t spent a ton, but I know enough to be able to tell you that they would consider it incredibly rude and beneath them to mess with someone weaker than them unless that person intentionally tried to pick a fight. In fact, they’re more apt to be the ones intervening when they do see someone bullying someone weaker than themselves.

    You also clearly haven’t lived in a really rough neighborhood, one where the presence of police cars is NOT considered a comforting sight, but rather a threat, where you never know whose door is going to be kicked down by mistake and their family terrorized just because some idiot held up a liquor store and ran through some backyards.

  25. Bruka Says:

    @ lol – i can tell you really hate patch holders. Now my experience with the general public is that they couldn’t really give a shit either way but they do get a buzz when we ride past in a pack. Occasionally we get the eye in bars from patch snatch or we get dirty looks from guys who have drunk too much and have convinced themselves that fighting us is a great way to prove their manhood. But thats routine shit, the crap you come out with shows real passionate hate and the only time i have experienced hatred like that is from people who believe we have wronged them in some way or another so you’re either a cop or a patch holder tagged your mrs (maybe it’s both). What i don’t understand is why with all that in mind you would keep coming on here and reading the articles and the comments just to argue – it’s fucking ridiculous. Fuck off and bother the other teenagers on facebook or play world of warcraft or something. You are boring as shit.
    Good luck to the Mongols on fighting this bullshit case. Together we stand, divided we fall.

  26. DARLA Says:

    BMW there is a drive to help the club pay the bills but unfortunately not all are on board or just to lazy to wanna fight !!

  27. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Take the poll and shove it up your ass.

  28. Sandmann Says:

    From what I read here it seems that the US are heading into the direction the German government is moving at the moment. 15 of 16 German Federal States have prohibited the HAMC and their supporters to wear their insignia,this includes signs on club houses etc. There are also talks about forcing MC-members to cover/remove their tattoos and the prosecutors are even looking into codes such as 81 etc. What started with the HAMC has now spread to the other 1% clubs in Germany except the Outlaws MC (for now). It started with one club and is spreading quickly…

    Needless to say, this also affects the chapters and charters that have never attracted attention. And it is also needless to say that these actions are politically motivated. The HAMC and Bandidos MC have already announced they would go as high as to the European Court of Justice to appeal this decision. Only time will tell how and where this ends…

  29. Doo Rag Says:

    great article as usual i read all you write.never post but this ass wipe
    @ lol got me pissed hey jag off ask the people of Chicago who they would rather see! 30 cops don’t mean shit to them i lived there 35 yrs the area’s that were clean,safe, & decent were protected by outlaws,angels,
    & the outfit.& others the cops don’t do shit they’re scared to death just waiting for a pension so don’t try to sell that shit here I have a right to wear a doo rag & clubs have a right to wear a patch whats next no tats?
    I don’t ride with ANY club but have been helped with my bike by club guys when i broke down on the road but cops just drove on by so I got news for you i would rather see 30 bikers than 30 cops any day of the week. if you see 30 bikers in your hood i bet they are there to help out your neighbor in a time of need fix up a house,drop off cash for a sick kid ect.. now lets see what snappy come back you got.
    save the patch & respect all that deserve it
    Doo Rag

  30. FTIO Says:

    Save the patch! First it will be Mongols, then it will be YOU.(yes lol even your holy Iron Order cult)

  31. Base Says:


    I was going to post a couple links but why make things easy for a troll.

    Just take the last 10 years and research how many people. Innocent people, have been murdered by cops compared not just MC’s but by biker population in it’s entirety.

    Then take it another step. Compare how many people have been killed by cops compared to national crime stat’s. Crime stat’s will only be connected to crimes committed.

    Then go a little farther. Compare violent crimes committed by cops to violent crimes committed by citizens.

    Per capita the findings are alarming.

  32. BMW Says:

    I think there may be a lot of insight in the idea that the DOJ is trying to bankrupt the club through continuous legal expenses. Win or lose, the costs just keep adding up. This is a First Amendment case. Where are the ACLU lawyers? Where are the constitutional law professors? Where are the law school student clinics? This is taking place in California, right? These are the resources to fight for the rights of ALL Americans!

    Somebody from the club, and from other clubs, needs to be talking to those people about providing real support. This is an attack on ALL clubs, and the rights of ALL Americans, not just the Mongols!! I think almost everyone reading this site understands what is going on. We need to make sure that others, outside or circles, understand it as well.

    L,H&R all 1% riders everywhere!!!
    Prosecute the murderers of Zach Tipton!!!!!

  33. Nihilist Says:

    Rebel, you wrote that the gov’t. will absolutely lose on appeal. I hope you’re right; even more so, I hope it doesn’t come to the appeal and the Mongols win outright. Damn, somebody’s got an eternal hard-on for this shit! Just can’t admit it was a mistake from the get go, or what?

    Nice comparison, Base. Lol, you’re a clueless spastic wanker.

  34. lol Says:

    Base the sad part is you actually believe that, but you are wrong. Take that poll and phrase it correctly. “Which would bother you more, 100 police officers, or 100 men on bikes wearing colors” in any law abiding area of this country it would be 99% of the people wanting to see the police, and in neighborhoods in places like south central, Roxbury, New London it would still be over 70% in favor of the police. I think some of you actually believe that law abiding citizens actually look at you in this “rebellious” “good guys just doing their thing” light. Sorry, I hate to be the bearer of reality but most productive members of society see you as a scourge, see you in the same light at MS-13, tithe Latin Kings, the Bloods, Crips, etc…. You’re not “the hero outsiders” you’re thugs who try to intimidate those you believe to be weaker than u.. Now all you mensa members can call me you’re homo erotic names, question my employment or association’s, make your threats from moms basement, etc.. (Don’t forget to click the ads for Rebel)

  35. panamaa Says:

    This is the typical Nazi Storm Trouper attitude bullshit that is so prevalent in the LE/DA community today… If they don’t like you, for any reason, they just throw shit up against the wall hoping it will stick..

    It’s a fucking shame we have to live in a society that accepts this type of behavior as the norm from very people WE PAY to do the job of protecting our Constitutional rights.. . ….

    As RVN69 said; Respect to the Mongol Nation and best of luck against this tyranny.


  36. Base Says:

    If you took a poll of the general populace and asked the question.

    What would be more intimidating?

    1: 30 MC members on bikes riding into your neighbor hood?


    2: 30 cops in marked units driving into your neighbor hood?

    Would anyone be surprised by the results? I wouldn’t.

  37. Shyster Says:

    Eat mass quantities of red meat Judge Wright. And if you don’t smoke, pick up the habit at 3 packs a day of non-filtered Pall Malls. Then in mid March of next year get up early one cold morning and start doing wind sprints. Fucken puto.


  38. Not Surprised Says:

    All I can say is this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard of.

  39. chromedome Says:

    @Loves Offering Lapdances

    Your a lil salty bitch aintcha ……… love the attention of a troll……I know people like you they keep the cell and toilet real clean……….

  40. 2 Gunz Says:

    I mean do people really understand the end result to this BS. I mean come on…..this is, and eventually will be a Supreme Court decision if it gets that far. We will not stop, and we will exhaust ever means in our lives to fight against this Tyranny against AMERICANS.

  41. crash Says:

    What a joke…actually its not funny at all what the Third branch of Govt does. An effing police state, thats what they want to keep us safe…disgusting. Liberty is fading and my neighbors think the system has their best intentions in mind. While they are believing the CNN/FOXNEWS/GMA soundbites, our freedoms are eroding. Seriously, taking away a patch? Australia is proud of this? I feel like Im warching a bad movie. We need a seriously well thought out campaign to restore our liberties, and teach men you cant mitigate every danger in life with a LAW.

  42. RVN69 Says:

    The Fed’s could give 2 shits about winning the case, they just want to try to bankrupt the club. Continued extra legal persecution is for that reason, they don’t care if they win and then lose on appeal, just more money the club has to spend. The constitution, law and criminality have nothinng to do with it. This is pure persecution for persecutions sake.

    FTF, FTP, ACAB, Fuck all Rats

    Respect to the Mongol Nation and best of luck against this tyranny.


  43. BigSouthpaw Says:

    Wish all my Brothers luck with this case..BigSouthpaw S.J.V area.MFFM.

  44. Grumpy Says:

    Rebel,thanks for the real stories & updates for all clubs,coast to coast.
    lol…you fuckin moron !
    NOW,everybody do a bong hit for Grumpy,thank you.

  45. Phuquehed Says:

    @lol – All your life you’ve obsessed over wondering what it was to be accused of having any intelligence, and you’re still at it.

    Kill yourself and put us out of our misery.

  46. lol Says:

    Lol. Even in a Mongol story you mention IOMC. Lol. Obsess much??

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