Dobyns Wins $173,000

September 16, 2014

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Jay Dobyns lawsuit against his former employer, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is finally resolved.

The bad news is that Jay Dobyns is now officially a hero. A Federal District Judge named Francis M. Allegra seems to think so. The good news is that Dobyns isn’t much richer than he was before he sued the ATF almost six years ago. So now he is left with merely the income from his book, the movie deal, the endlessly recurring television appearances, the lucrative speaking engagements, the ceaseless adoration by Fox News, the hacienda in Tucson, the vacation home in Baja, the Christmases in Bruges and the $200,000 a year salary.

In an opinion originally filed under seal on August 25 and refiled today, Federal District Judge Francis M. Allegra found that Agent Jay was mistreated by the ATF and that he did not owe the Bureau anything.

Dobyns had originally sought $1.6 million for his and his family’s pain and suffering, $1.85 million for lost wages, and $200,000 for attorney’s fees. By the time the case went to trial last summer, Dobyns was demanding $7.2 million for pain, suffering and emotional distress and an additional $10 million for “economic damages.” Meanwhile, the ATF sued Dobyns for all income from his book No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey To The Inner Circle Of The Hells Angels. The trial was held in camera in the summer of 2013 in two sessions in Tucson and Washington, DC.

The ruling made public today offers the first public glimpse of the case in years. The government hadn’t objected to a public trial. The trial was made secret at Dobyns insistence.

Black Biscuit

Judge Allegra comprehended Dobyns harrowing undercover journey as follows:

“Agent Dobyns became an ATF agent in 1987. From early 2001 to July 2003, he participated in an investigation known as Operation Black Biscuit, which targeted members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (Hells Angels). For nearly two years, Agent Dobyns posed undercover as a member of the Tijuana-based Solo Angeles, as part of a task force that included other ATF agents. As part of this operation, Agent Dobyns and others staged the fake murder of a member of the rival Mongols Motorcycle Club. The staged murder impressed the Hells Angels leadership, causing the club to vote Agent Dobyns as a full ‘patched’ member.

“During this time, Agent Dobyns was stationed in one of ATF’s Tucson Field Offices and lived with his family in the Tucson area. In 2003, Operation Black Biscuit and parallel raids ended with the indictment of 36 people (16 as a direct result of the undercover operation), including 16 Hells Angels. The individuals were indicted on racketeering and murder charges. However, a number of setbacks involving the prosecution of these individuals eventually led to some of the defendants receiving reduced sentences and others having their charges dismissed.

“The disclosure of Agent Dobyns’ identity in court led to threats of death and violence directed at him and his family.”

The fact of the matter is that the staged murder alarmed the Skull Valley charter of the Angels more than it is impressed them. Dobyns was never voted into the club which is why the original title of his book was Almost An Angel. The investigation was mortifyingly corrupt and largely unsuccessful. And, the threats against Dobyns were mostly imaginary and exaggerated by him and a couple of biographers for dramatic effect.

Pain And Suffering

A large portion of last year’s secret trial seems to have been devoted to measuring just how mentally “distressed” Dobyns is.

“Between December 28, 2005, and January 8, 2011,” Allegra writes, “Agent Dobyns met thirty-eight times with Dr. Linaman, a psychologist licensed in Arizona. At least some of these sessions focused on problems experienced by Agent Dobyns with his family, but the record makes it impossible to determine which sessions focused primarily or exclusively on these family problems, as opposed to problems Agent Dobyns was experiencing with ATF. Between August 2008, the month of the arson at his home, and January 2011, Agent Dobyns reported consistent symptoms of anxiety, depression, and uncertainty relating to his conflict with ATF. At trial, Dr. Linaman further testified that Agent Dobyns’ primary care physician prescribed Lexapro and Trazodone, both drugs used to treat anxiety and depression. While it is unclear, from the record, that Agent Dobyns met the formal criteria for a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, there is little doubt that he experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety.”

Allegra clearly thinks the ATF gave Dobyns a hard time. He wrote: “What happened here is more reminiscent of a Franz Kafka novel, The Trial. There, Kafka depicts a totalitarian state in which the government suppressed freedom via a deluge of circuitous and irrational process. One of the techniques employed was the ‘non-final acquittal.’ Kafka describes these acquittals thusly: ‘That is to say, when (the accused) is acquitted in this fashion the charge is lifted from (his) shoulders for the time being, but it continues to hover above (him) and can, as soon as an order comes from on high, be laid upon  (him) again.” Experiences like these unfortunately bring to mind those that Agent Dobyns experienced in the years following the execution of the Settlement Agreement – a time that should have been one of healing and reconciliation, but that instead gave certain ATF officials and agents the opportunity to harm Agent Dobyns further. In the court’s view, the actions of these ATF employees indisputably breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. That breach caused Agent Dobyns to suffer mental distress, as well as pain and suffering, which, in turn, entitles him to the damages awarded below. Hopefully, this will bring this Kafkaesque story to an end.”

“Based on the foregoing,” Allegra finally concludes his turgid, 54-page decision, “the court finds that defendant did not breach the Settlement Agreement, but did breach the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Based on the breach of the covenant, the court finds that plaintiff is entitled to damages in the amount of $173,000. The court further finds that defendant (the ATF) is not entitled to recover anything with respect to its counter claim.”

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  1. erkman69 Says:

    @ TtC heh heh, you got that right. And the stupid thing is, sometimes the auto correct doesnt even put the same word I tried to peck in.I try to proof read but it takes n me so long to type out a comment I feel like just throwing it in the lake. If we had a lake around. I daydream a lot about it.

  2. RVN69 Says:

    Dear Jay,
    Can I call you Jay? or do you prefer JayBird, or perhaps just dickwad! You have over stayed your 15min of fame, please, please, please just go the FUCK AWAY.

    Fuck you, FTF, FTP, ACAB, FTuo, Fuck all Rats

    Save the Patch
    Support your Local Red & Black Motorcycle Club

  3. RtC Says:

    @ erkman69 “Dear auto-correct, please stop changing my rude words to
    polite words, YOU PIECE OF SHUT!” ;)

    Isot always wanted to learn how to juggle. But he doesn’t have the balls
    for it.

    Damn, don’t know if I can handle all this GOOD NEWS! Shitbird sucking
    hindtit monetarially (sp?) with the amount awarded as oppossed to what
    he wanted, & It’sOdd getting kicked! This ought to be real interesting
    in the upcoming weeks. Looking forward to more good news of a RICO
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  4. One Eye Says:

    “However, a number of setbacks involving the prosecution of these individuals eventually led to some of the defendants receiving reduced sentences and others having their charges dismissed.”

    Only the government would consider an egregious failure as a,”number of setbacks.” I guess you could classify abject corruption as a setback.

    In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a government.
    John Adams

  5. erkman69 Says:

    That last word should read imprison you. I opologize for my spelling mistakes. The auto correct is mental.

  6. erkman69 Says:

    I wish this excuse for a person would just dissapear. But like most pests, he isn’t going away soon.since Dobyns, the atf, and other alphabet gangs, amongst others.failed and illegal attempt s to destroy the traditional respected three piece clubs.Ipod formed the iorc to try to entice our returning war veterans to join that club.and by virtually wiping out the prospecting period, the uniformed returning military veterans, longing for the brotherhood found in times of war.and by calling this joke of a brotherhood a law abiding club ipod got the rapid expansion he wanted. Meanwhile after shitbird Dobyns failed attempt and the almost total destruction of a other traditional respected three piece club failed.the alphabet gangs tried to take out the tried and true clubs by creating the biggest failed attempt of a brotherhood ever dreamed up by a person.the iorc is comming down. I believe because ipod got greedy like most filthy cops and forgot all about the brilliant plan to sell the iorc as a traditional club.that wont get a Rico charge. And since Dobyns and others like him plus shows like gangland did such a great job making the tried and true clubs look like a sure fire lifetime prison sentence. The iorc lies and propaganda sounded pretty good. Then came all the makings of a stupid and greedy mans desisions. And the law abiding club turns in to a money generator for the top dogs. As iPods greed gets worse ipod tries a propaganda campaign to discredit the cocs the traditional clubs and great places tp learn , post, and stay informed like rebels place. But, as we all know the intelligence and managing skills of cops are low.and ipods greed grows. The phony club turns out to be a organization the bills its members of money. They start causing fights. And now even murder.this disaster known as the iorc turns out to be a criminal club doing criminal acts that they andb the alphabet gangs tried to sell the to the public about the traditional clubs. But as usual cops are stupid and greedy and AlwAys fuck shit this failed plan of ipods is falling apart. Ill bet Dobyns. Being the look at me attention whore that he is. Will buy ipods failed Reich because he misses the brotherhood he thought he had when he betrayed those who trusted him.Dobyns will try to save the failed riech but its to late. The iorc is finished. Members are leaving the ones that are staying are turning on each other to save their own ass and they are probley the “known” cops that claim to be brothers. But cops have no clue about brotherhood and honor and this organization was doomed from the beginning. And just like hitlers riech, the charges and indictments are comming. But Dobyns intelligence will have him believe he can salvage this plan to ruin the clubs is crazy. The iorc will soon cease to exist. Should be fun to watch all the l.e. turn on each other and this attempt to wipe out the free and honored clubs fall apart at the seams. I hope the t ruley honorable veterans that would make true and respected brothers can see this and take that stupid phony rag of, burn it, and get away from the biggest criminal gang in the history of street gangs. And if it wasnt for the tried and true clubs traditional thinking people and places like this place of rebels. They might have pulled it off.but the true americans saw threw the governments attempt to control the free thinkers. And another attempt to wipe out the real tried true and respected clubs failed.thats my theory on this.Dobyns and ipod both are enemys of freedom and should be tried convicted and shot for treason. They are control freeks like Hitler and are selling themselves as our protectors from terrorists. When they want absolute power.I hope americans wake up soon . And I hope the respected clubs can rebuild unite and and help us protect the free from the tyranny when ipod,Dobyns and the people that control them try something again.and they will . But we will be ready. Thats my take on this anyhow. Respects to the real.burn iorc burn.fuck u ipod your unsuspecting “members” made you and your top gangbangers rich. I hope you go to prison. But like most cops, and crooked ceosyou will get away with your pyramid scheme. Dobyns should just give up. But like most lying cheating cops , he will get off . Scott free. Americans wake up and see your real enemy’s. The ones that extort , control and impression you

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    @Big Jim, Whittier – Unless it’s in west or middle TN, don’t think I’m gonna be able to make any parties this month.

  8. Glenn S. Says:

    I read Dobyns’s overwritten, over-dramatized, self-aggrandizing excuse for a book. I strongly believe in knowing one’s enemy, knowing how they think, so that I might recognize the next one comes along, but I think they broke the mold when it comes to this asshole. My take on Dobyns was that he wished he could be the man he pretended to be and realizes that he doesn’t have the balls or the morals. Now his mind is even more fucked up. He needs constant reinforcement from others to support his wishful thinking, disguised as belief, that he is a hero that chose the right side in a conflict, when in actuality, he chose the least risky side. He’s completely ego driven. Had he infiltrated a group of baby rapers he would have molested children and liked it, as long as the other baby rapers said “go, Jay, go”, and his handlers said “poor Jay, forced to molest kids for the greater good. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s taken to motivational speaking . That’s the last, best ego boost he can find (I’m picturing a quarter-full room of low level corporate flunkys checking their i-phones as he speaks) and he’s disappointed and angry that the government hasn’t assigned a praetorian guard to accompany him. My guess is that the judge’s girlish characterization of him as a hero is what he wanted more than the money, and this was a fixed deal to make him go away, as evidenced to the relatively small monetary award. The funny part is that there will be no more funniest-home-video-type fumbles re-defined as touchdowns for this asshole. Obscurity and contempt (or maybe self-destruction) are all he has left.

  9. Big Jim, Whittier Says:

    Boo Hoo this fucken pussy makes me PUKE. Hope to have some of you make it to the LONERS party at the Screaming Chicken Saturday the 20TH Fear No One

  10. Base Says:

    Would hope this would but a period on the Jay Bird story and he would just fade away into obscurity.

    It won’t happen, Jay has falling in love with the lime light. He likes attention and is just a much a media whore as the people on the plethora of reality shows out there. Big on BS, 0 substance.

    This will give him a new roost to crow from and spout his paranoid delusional drivel from.

    Yeah we will have to listen to his war stories for years to come.

  11. Paladin Says:

    Paladin Says:
    September 16th, 2014 at 11:52 pm
    Compared to what he was asking for, the $173,000 award Dobyns received is the equivalent of giving a petulant child a dollar so it will stop pestering you and go away.

    If Dobyns’ attorney took his case on a contingency basis, then Dobyns’ only saw about 60% of that $173,000 award. Even if Dobyns had a “pay as you play” agreement with his attorney, the billable hours would be fairly extensive.

    Dobyns is such a loser on so many levels that he is universally despised by just about everyone. When his life comes to an end, as it must for all, women will not weep for him. I doubt they’ll even stop to blow their nose.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  12. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I would love to think that now ol’ Jay has been reaffirmed an “American Hero” (insert gagging and expletives here), he can just ride off into the sunset like the rest of the cowboys, never to be seen or heard from again.

    I would like to think that. Regardless, there will be justice for Jay as well, I reckon. Sooner or later.

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    @BMW – Nah, the only people “tortured” are us out here in the real world having to hear about ever more dumbshit judges and ever more of the whiny little bitch Dobyns getting away with his shit. He needs to step off a curb into the path of a runaway garbage truck and end our misery.

  14. BMW Says:

    Dobyns supposedly worried about the potential revenge of a motorcycle club, but as he now tells the story, the ATF tortured him more than any club could. In fact, the ATF seems to have done exactly what they accuse the biker world of doing. The ATF is exposed as the criminal conspiracy it is. Even the judge seems to agree…

  15. T Hell Says:

    “So now he is left with merely the income from his book, the movie deal, the endlessly recurring television appearances, the lucrative speaking engagements, the ceaseless adoration by Fox News, the hacienda in Tucson, the vacation home in Baja, the Christmases in Bruges and the $200,000 a year salary.”

    Maybe we should take up a collection this rat fuck obviously can’t afford imported French cheese on his own.

  16. Paladin Says:

    A side note to this story:

    When a federal law enforcement officer retires from service, it is the Sheriff of the county in which the retiree resides that makes a determination, based on the recommendation of the retiree’s former employer, as to whether a CCW (concealed carry weapon) permit shall or shall not be issued. I do not see this recommendation coming from any of Dobyns’ past supervisors at the the ATF.

    Federal law states that law enforcement officers that retire or suffer from a psychological disability shall not be granted the concealed carry weapons protections afforded in HR 218.

    Based on Dobyns history of mental instability, no Sheriff in his / her right mind is going to issue Dobyns a CCW permit. Because of Dobyns needing psychiatric care, he doesn’t qualify for a CCW permit under the rules of HR 218. Therefore; Dobyns won’t be allowed to carry a concealed firearm anywhere within the United States of its territories. And yeah, it’s a big deal.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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