Outcasts And Wheels Of Soul

September 5, 2014

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Police in Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta and federal police are investigating multiple, linked, violent confrontations between members of the Outcast and the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Clubs.

Both clubs are traditional, black, three piece patch motorcycle clubs. According to public statements by police, the ill will between the clubs has resulted in three deaths in the last two weeks.

The Incidents

The dispute started to make headlines last Saturday, August 30, when two men were killed and two others wounded at a party in Birmingham attended by members of the Wheels of Soul and a sport bike club named Showstoppers. The dead Wheels of Soul patch holder is Stevens Hicks. The dead Showstopper is Wilbert Hawkins. Both men were in their late 40s.

According to multiple accounts, members of the Outcast Motorcycle Club surrounded the party and began shooting. An unnamed source told Carol Robinson of the Birmingham News, “They surrounded the place, like they were looking for somebody. They were inside and outside and then it was just shooting. We took off. I just ran. There was a lot of shooting.”

According to police, at least 40 shots were fired.

A second unnamed source told the News, “This stemmed from something that started in Atlanta two weeks ago.  Two other motorcycle clubs just happened to bump heads here, and they started shooting everywhere. That’s why so many innocent people were shot.”

Police have publically linked the shooting last Saturday in Birmingham to the murder of a rapper named Bobby Ray Stewart in a Columbus, Georgia nightclub called The Supper Club on August 23.  Police have also connected that shooting to the beating of a soldier from nearby Fort Benning in the same nightclub the same night.

This morning, Birmingham police announced that an Outcast Patch holder named James Armstrong was arrested yesterday in suburban Atlanta by the FBI and local police. Armstrong will be charged with murder in Birmingham and is being held in Georgia without bond.

The Clubs

Members of the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club wear a one percenter diamond on their vests. The club’s mother chapter is in Philadelphia. According to the FBI, the club has 400 members in 25 states.

Eighteen members of the club were charged with racketeering and various predicate crimes in 2011 after an FBI investigation in St. Louis. The FBI investigation began in 2009. Four more members of the club were charged with racketeering in 2012 after an ATF investigation in Chicago. According to the St. Louis indictment, six members of the Wheels of Soul conspired to kill members of the Outcast MC in January 2011.

Fifteen of the accused men pled guilty to racketeering as part of plea and sentencing agreements. The remaining seven defendants stood trial in October and November 2012 and were found guilty after a jury deliberated for eight days.

The Outcast Motorcycle Club attracted national attention earlier this month when members of the St. Louis chapter rode to nearby Ferguson, Missouri to encourage rioting residents to behave peacefully.


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  1. Outcasts Nation Says:

    Enough said

  2. trapp Says:

    You know what’s funny if u wanna state facts. One known fact is u can be at a party and have wheels there in civilian clothes. That’s a regular thing but u say who Flys and who don’t. Bruh real shit people need to learn to do them worry bout yours and stop dropping shit out your cum dumpster. I personally don’t give a dam what wos do, go, or anything else for that matter. Fact is you let anybody fly your shit bike or not biker or not. Fact is any club 1% or 99% should care who they give there rags to, fuck numbers get you some quality. Oh yeah that bullshit cat real said cast only fly when it’s 10-15 or jumps u when it’s a group. You can tell u a bitch on a string, fact wos are out of rags on a regular so u don’t know who they are and wait till u are alone to roll on u. Now that’s hoe shit, but as I said I don’t want shit from no club don’t need to take a dime from no club. But if you really wanna be truthful if you wanna know come see but be respectful and u will be respected but come on that undercover shit. Well hey it is what it is

  3. loco Says:


  4. Lodi Says:

    I’m here I’m a patch holder of WOS and we are a very strong BROTHERHOOD and to the one that say outcast flys there colors in all 50 states is a joke I can name plenty of states they can’t fly there rags in.

  5. Hotsauce Says:

    @real you sound like a real clown. Ringling brothers and all. I’ve been OCSC for 6 years and don’t ever remember being taxed by them one time. Don’t know of any clubs that have been taxed. Real get on your ten speed and ride da fuck up outta here with that bullshit

  6. Biker Says:

    To Real Dated November 5, OUTCAST will,can and do rock colors in all 50 states and over seas get your info in order. I’m sure Real you’ve never come up on an OUTCAST(meaning one) face to face with that BULLSH*%. Talk big on the web is cheap. I’m alway alone try me

  7. Lady Twister Says:

    Some of the Wheels chapters are a fucking joke. They even screw over their own members. A lady I know had a son murdered and Wheels did nothing but fuck her over. Calling her names. Fund raisers and keeping the money. They know nothing about true brotherhood.

  8. Shaggy Says:

    In this day and age its time for those of us who want to ride in peace To stick together because the FED has no love for any of us who want to be free.

    God bless all those on Two wheels.. Keep Us safe Keep Us Free



  9. PANAMA 1%er Says:


  10. Hacksaw Says:


  11. burn 1% Says:

    @Real who the fuck r your sources because u don’t know shit u sound like the goddamn FEDS or either a mut who just sit around and believe all the bullshit u see on the Internet kill yourself L.O.D.O O.F.F.O now run and tell Dat

  12. burn 1% Says:

    @Real u probably in a mut club keep outcast out your mouth pussy respect the diamond and remember god forgives outcast don’t

  13. Road Rage Says:


    ………….or just some shit-stirring-pig doing the race thing? Cheap shot…..fuck off!

    Personally I don’t know any WOS or Outcast but I know they are both respected patches and I will be happy to shake their hand if we meet. I judge any man by the way he behaves not by what some internerd-idiot has to say. I have judged you that same way and you’re fucked. Real – my ass!

    My own opinion is (and I understand that I could lose a lot of respect for saying this) is that there are black MC’s out there with respect and honor and we should great them accordingly.

    The race thing is yesterday’s agenda. Today’s government(s) will fuck us all if we can’t discover what we have in common and stand behind it.

    Stay-Up, ride hard, stay free

    Road Rage

  14. Smiley-OFFO-1% Says:

    SYL153, thank YOU for bringing me back to reality!

    I almost let that little piece of shit (real) get under my skin! Hahahahahaha… He aint worth it…

    Ride your Iron or Drop Your Rags…

  15. Smiley-OFFO-1% Says:

    “Real” you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about and you need to shut the fuck up! NONE of what you say is true and where did you hear this bullshit? Sounds to me like you are one of our enemies cloaking yourself in the protection & anonymity of the web. OUTCAST MC is a club unto its own-self and answers to no one but itself. We were blessed in by the DOMINANT CLUB of the area when we began in 1969 in Detroit, MI which WAS a white club because we wished to pay respect and come in correct. I think that I smell PIG… Or COWARD… Sounds like the shit I been hearing out of Florida, trying to lump us ALL together by what “may” be the sloppy misdeeds of a few… “Real” I suggest that you better get your shit and your facts together…

  16. Not Surprised Says:


    Not bad, not bad…..

  17. SYL153 Says:

    There seems to be a lot of misinformation and know it alls who are keyboard warriors. If you belonged to a real MC you would know that one of the main things that you don’t do is name drop. Even if it is a club that you don’t like you still don’t bash them especially on the internet. Talking about who sanctioned who and club business is a serious violation of protocol. If you are a part of a “Real” MC then you don’t really give a shit about anybody but your brother. The legitimacy of all clubs have been put into question for years but the one thing is that all of the real ones have stood the test of time. Comparisons of clubs is irrelavant due to the fact that more than likely you have had no experience with one, the other, or both. Get out ride your iron (if you even own one) and mind your business. One thing that is universal is the motorcycles. Ride them more than you don’t. In every organization you will have some solid members and some that are not. That diamond means nothing and it means everything at the same time. Whats understood doesn’t need to be explained. The “Real” enemy is out there. He is coming for us all.

    MLH&R to all 1%ers
    Diamonds are Forever

  18. Real Says:

    To compare the Wheels of Soul MC and the Outcast MC is a huge mistake. The two clubs are nothing alike. The Wheels of Soul has been in existence since 1967, they are a true 1% club. They are sanctioned by no one, they are an interracial club, and stand on their own two feet. The Outcast MC, are an all black club that answers directly to the all white Outlaws MC. They were given their diamond by the Outlaws MC. However they are not allowed to fly this diamond in all states so it is a known fact that in some states they sew their diamond on the inside of their cut. They are known as predators, preying on the weaker black clubs, taxing them. They won’t fight one on one, they will only fight when they severely outnumber their enemy. They are weak, they are an exact example of what a 1% is not. They are not going to straighten out anything, or any area, they tear it apart. If they are in any of your areas, the best thing you can do is exterminate the bugs that they are. The Outcast MC are part of the COC, of course they are, they are puppets to the Outlaws MC, as I was told, they handle the “black clubs” so the Outlaws don’t have to do it themselves. If you ever speak to them you will see and hear, all black. But they are not true to it themselves, as I said, they tax the black clubs, take their share, then pay the white outlaws. I have seen them having white wives, white girlfriends, mixed kids. Its all bullshit. And to be an MC, you NEVER see them flying colors unless there is 10-15 of them..Outcast MC is a shit excuse for a Motorcycle Club!

  19. Authentic1934 Says:

    Wheels and Outcast have a very long history, OG i agree with all the pop up clubs, swear there’s bout 30 of them every seasons the sons come on, shut down within weeks…and we don’t look, they usually fall right into our lap. i.e an event/bar

    each one teach one

  20. nonymuss Says:

    I think its messed up they left the president’s bike there, who’s watching it?

  21. 10Gauge Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er, Bcnasty

    Agreed…..I can’t speak for the black biker set…but their pool is even smaller. It seems to me to be reminiscent of the late 60s and early seventies when every tom, dick, and Harry with a motor scooter thought they should start a club. It was a rude awakening when they met up with the real thing or became harassed by the coppers relentlessly….now they are the police or some self righteous cop callers crying about their rights being violated…..the whole world is turning pussy….it is a cruel fucking joke.

    Strength and Respect to both of you…

  22. Bcnasty Says:

    @ 10Gauge, amen, problem is most start ups are not fit hang arounds for existing clubs and have not been offered anything. As an independant now ,I get quite a chuckle at some of these assclowns shows of strength.

  23. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Freeman sent in error meant to post to @ 10 Guage

  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:


    Agree with you 100% “over run with pop up patches and IO attitudes”.

    I meet with these new wannabe crews all the time. We ask them why not join an established outfit? The common answer; “uh, well uh, we looked around but nobody has anything to offer that seems like a good fit”. LOL, what a line of shit. Bottom line is most of these new crews are fucking clowns that couldn’t make it in the real deal and they know it. They got no intestinal fortitude for commitment and they couldn’t hold their mud in a harsh argument. And when they do fuck up and they all do because they don’t have any schooling except for the SOA and Devil’s Ride TV shows or they’re just plain fucktard idiots, they get jammed for it and the first thing they do is run for cover or start dropping names to try to protect their asses.

  25. Meh Says:

    That COINTELPRO-style activity never ceased is a reasonable given and there is zero reason current operators wouldn’t look for natural frictions to exploit.

    That strategy only works if it is not perceived and allowed to run its course by the targets.

    A counter could be to resolve differences quietly out of sight, because visible activity is what makes trophy cases are what make careers.

    It would be a mistake to assume that people like Gary Thomas Rowe only come in one color or that one plant can’t have much influence.

    Pop Quiz: What in the link below looks familiar?


  26. 10GAUGE Says:


    While I have no comment on this story….

    I disagree with your comment…in fact it is just the opposite….they are trying to preserve a culture and lifestyle that is being over run with pop up patches and IO attitudes.

    Just my opinion

  27. BMW Says:

    The WOS have been around for many years, as a multiracial (but predominately black) club. I have run into them on both coasts, and have nothing but respect for them. The Outcasts have a clubhouse a few blocks from my home. I went down and welcomed them into the neighborhood. Quite a few white bikers were there to say hello as well. The Outcasts definitely wear a 1% patch. There have been no complaints about them, as far as I know. No problems, no competition — they do their thing and we do ours. It is all good.

    For years, some white 1%ers have pointed to how the various black clubs manage to get along. “If only we could do as well”. As far as I know, until recently, they have gotten along, with only a few flair-ups.

    As @StrategyisZen said above, it is curious that suddenly, after the Wheels have become targets of the FBI, they start to have problems between the black motorcycle groups. The FBI, through its Co-Intelpro system, specialized in poison-pen letters to start problems between black groups almost forty years ago. Looks to me like they are still stirring the fake shit.

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  28. John Deaux Says:

    There is at least one black club here in the deep south that fits Black FXR’s description to a T. I’m not mentioning the name out of respect, I’m not associated in any way, I have seen them out and about. Most of their rides are custom, though not all Harley, and their women are hot and sexy black gals. For the most part they stay amongst their selves and take care of their own.

  29. BlackFXR Says:

    Choker, yeah that definitely makes sense in Florida.

    Outcast are really trying to position themselves as the dominant Black MC so it makes sense for them to lobby hard with the FL Outlaws. There’s a widely spread rumor that OAO are collaborating with a black club in the southeast. I believe the best candidate for that would be Outcast.

    In GA the CoC member clubs don’t even pretend to care about black clubs.

    There is a “Georgia Council” for Black MCs but they primarily concern themselves with the social aspects of the culture, from what I can tell. That’s not to take anything away from the work they try to do, but most black MCs, IME, exist well outside the purview of a lobbying organization.

    The “Georgia Council” doesn’t even mention the GACoC on their website.

  30. Choker Says:

    Outcasts MC are part of COC.


    Ive met handful in the past and they seemed alright in my book. Only issue I think they had flying down south was the dominant club didnt like them having white women wearing property of patches. The response was hey, black women aint into this lifesyle, so we do what we gotta do.
    Nothing said or done since.

  31. RtC Says:

    @ ALL, my memory is shit, but I remember meeting the ORIGINATOR of the
    COC in Oklahoma. He was in a wheelchair & dying at the time at a rally
    in OKC. I was asked to tell him a joke & I did to make him laugh, as that is the reputation I have. I’ll do some fucking research but all you assholes decrying the CoC, can look it up yourselves! Bunch of fucking know nothing cocksuckers that want to spout bullshit on what YOU think the CoC is about. I say FUCK YOU! I’m independent, always
    been & always will be, but the CoC is righteous! You fucking TROLLS
    spouting the opposite SHIT, well, just FUCK OFF EAT SHIT AND DIE!
    FYI DAVE, they are accepted. DUH!

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  32. RtC Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er, RIGHT ON! Seems to be a LOT of White niggers these daze! CoC is a buffer.
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  33. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Dave
    What the fuck does color have to do with anything? Men are men. There’s good and shitbags in any color.

  34. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Black FXR
    The CoC don’t ‘govern’ shit. That ain’t what the CoC is about.

  35. BlackFXR Says:

    For a quick look into how Outcast positioned itself within the black biker set, start here:

    “The unfortunate thing with the motorcycle set here in Georgia they don’t know and understand that there are rules and regulations to being a motorcycle club. There must be structure in everything that we do. Someone must keep order on the set and yes it will be Outcast MC Atlanta doing just that. Bikers think they can fly colors and ride bikes with no rules or guidelines and this isn’t the case. Just like the real world when rules are broken someone will get punished for breaking the rules.”

    SOURCE: https://blackbikerexperience.wordpress.com/tag/outcast-motorcycle-club/

    Read the whole thing, of course.

    And yeah, Freeman, that might be a valid comparison but with different philosophical starting points.

    IO wants to break all the rules. Outcast appears to want to define and enforce them.

    I don’t want to take sides in this – I know folks from every club mentioned and just call it like I see it. WOS is just as much a player in this fight.

  36. Freeman Says:

    BlackFXR Says:
    September 8th, 2014 at 8:58 am

    Enter the Outcast MC… In recent years they’ve attempted to establish themselves as the self-proclaimed guardians of black biker culture and have assumed adversarial relationships with other aspects of the culture.
    Their aggressive activities and the 1% trappings of WOS has seriously f’ed things up.

    I wont comment further on this post cause i don’t know the clubs.
    But man the way you describe them, cant help but think black equivalent of iron order.

  37. N P Says:

    I’d like to hear the answer to that question, Dave, as a curious mf. Sadly, out of grim neccessity, I agree with your closing comment. BlackFXR: that is a great, honest post.

  38. BlackFXR Says:

    I live in Atlanta and ride all over the nation.

    The ongoing war between the WOS and Outcast is a culture-changer for black riders.

    Up to this point, black riders were excluded from all that silly 1% drama. The outlaw clubs don’t want us so we fostered a rider culture of brotherhood and cross-club support. We know that we’ll never get caught up in big OMC wars and that our patches are under the radar. As a result, we aren’t governed by a “CoC” type organization and we just ride.

    Participating in the black biker community is remarkably safe and, mostly, drama-free. We have our own traditions, events and communication channels.

    That has resulted in the development of rich customization and racing undergrounds. For example, Rare Breed, East Bay Dragons, Kings of the South, etc. and a peaceful coexistence with black LEO – many of whom are patch holders (e.g., Cycle Kings MC has at least 6 ATL cops as members) and participate in the street races.

    Enter the Outcast MC… In recent years they’ve attempted to establish themselves as the self-proclaimed guardians of black biker culture and have assumed adversarial relationships with other aspects of the culture.

    Their aggressive activities and the 1% trappings of WOS has seriously f’ed things up.

    These cats have taken a love of riding and turned it into a hardon for other males in the style of white clubs.

    That brings police pressure. That brings internal squabbles. That divides the family.

    I’m not happy about this isht at all.

  39. StrategyIsZen Says:

    @Road Whore

    Yes – What some people are seeing, and I think a lot of people here see it – is not just isolated attacks from LE against the clubs. Rather, it appears more like a coordinated attack, and I think it is from the Fusion Centers and how they tie in with “gang” task forces. They know this – but they ignore it: they know that bikers are a culture, not a “gang.”

    But they need bogeymen in their illusory fight against “terror.” And other than the false flags that the three letter orgs themselves set up, there actually is basically *no* terrorism in this country. If anything, the action of our *own* government fits the academic definition of terror.

    Basically, it’s defined “as using violence, or threats of violence, to push a particular political agenda.”


    When people realize that the way to resist is to *peacefully* unite – then there is a win. If not, then not.

    Just my two cents. Much respect.


  40. Road Whore Says:

    Agreed…biker on biker crime needs to stop.

    Save The Patch!

    Ride Free

  41. sassy Says:

    All of this is crazy to say the least I really don’t care I gave met outcast member in Atlanta all great group of men I don’t know any from wheels of soul. At end of the day people have lost the life all behind nonsense. Get it together and do better.

  42. Dave Says:

    I’ve seen Outcasts in Texas. Always in groups of 3-5, always riding fast. I don’t know how they exist within the Bandidos’ territory, but they must have some agreement if they’re flying colors.

    I’ve seen them and other 3p clubs in Texas, but never have seen any Iron Order. Funny.

    I would never side nor ally with black. Too much bad blood for me.

  43. Panhead Says:

    Thanks Reb, This bears watching if you are a PH in the south.



  44. nowhereman Says:

    I’ve known good solid stand up dudes from both clubs, with that said wheels are the more legitimate of the two in the sense of the 1%er lifestyle. Not all patch holders in wos are 1%ers, they have to earn their diamond after they get their top. Skin color should have no bearing on how these men are judged, we all have a common enemy in law enforcement and the powers that be. Respect to the deceased. Thanks Rebel for your never ending coverage of our subculture.

  45. chromedome Says:

    Laugh out loud at the last video seems like a swell trailer park to me.

  46. chromedome Says:

    Riding motorcycles is a way of life but how each individual interprets that is up to them. However you view life before you start ridin usually what determines what type of rider you become. If gangbangin is how you lived then thats how you ride ( not speaking on anybody in this particular story) (and not saying any of these clubs are “gangs” either) the sad part is that LE uses these incidents to broaden their scope to treat all riders white or black as if this is how they live………shit happens when your knee deep, but hey when its going down get out of the way.


  47. DBG Says:

    The Wheels of Soul are a mix raced club while the Outcast are all Black. Let’s not play Monday morning SAA and do not forget that there are men who are burying their brother here.

  48. popeye Says:

    From the videos it looks like they need to do some recruiting or old age will be killin off both clubs pretty quick. I remember seeing these guys on the news during the ferguson riots and thinking it was a good thing that a black MC could be the voice of reason.

  49. Freeman Says:

    Looks like a wheels saa fucked up/and/or was looking for trouble, is what i get from that third video.

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