Outcasts And Wheels Of Soul

September 5, 2014

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Police in Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta and federal police are investigating multiple, linked, violent confrontations between members of the Outcast and the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Clubs.

Both clubs are traditional, black, three piece patch motorcycle clubs. According to public statements by police, the ill will between the clubs has resulted in three deaths in the last two weeks.

The Incidents

The dispute started to make headlines last Saturday, August 30, when two men were killed and two others wounded at a party in Birmingham attended by members of the Wheels of Soul and a sport bike club named Showstoppers. The dead Wheels of Soul patch holder is Stevens Hicks. The dead Showstopper is Wilbert Hawkins. Both men were in their late 40s.

According to multiple accounts, members of the Outcast Motorcycle Club surrounded the party and began shooting. An unnamed source told Carol Robinson of the Birmingham News, “They surrounded the place, like they were looking for somebody. They were inside and outside and then it was just shooting. We took off. I just ran. There was a lot of shooting.”

According to police, at least 40 shots were fired.

A second unnamed source told the News, “This stemmed from something that started in Atlanta two weeks ago.  Two other motorcycle clubs just happened to bump heads here, and they started shooting everywhere. That’s why so many innocent people were shot.”

Police have publically linked the shooting last Saturday in Birmingham to the murder of a rapper named Bobby Ray Stewart in a Columbus, Georgia nightclub called The Supper Club on August 23.  Police have also connected that shooting to the beating of a soldier from nearby Fort Benning in the same nightclub the same night.

This morning, Birmingham police announced that an Outcast Patch holder named James Armstrong was arrested yesterday in suburban Atlanta by the FBI and local police. Armstrong will be charged with murder in Birmingham and is being held in Georgia without bond.

The Clubs

Members of the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club wear a one percenter diamond on their vests. The club’s mother chapter is in Philadelphia. According to the FBI, the club has 400 members in 25 states.

Eighteen members of the club were charged with racketeering and various predicate crimes in 2011 after an FBI investigation in St. Louis. The FBI investigation began in 2009. Four more members of the club were charged with racketeering in 2012 after an ATF investigation in Chicago. According to the St. Louis indictment, six members of the Wheels of Soul conspired to kill members of the Outcast MC in January 2011.

Fifteen of the accused men pled guilty to racketeering as part of plea and sentencing agreements. The remaining seven defendants stood trial in October and November 2012 and were found guilty after a jury deliberated for eight days.

The Outcast Motorcycle Club attracted national attention earlier this month when members of the St. Louis chapter rode to nearby Ferguson, Missouri to encourage rioting residents to behave peacefully.


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  1. Babyroadrunner Says:

    Real people do real things Wheels Roadrunner

  2. Mayhem Says:

    Wheels all Day.

  3. Virginia Says:

    Cast world we ride any state alone #WhatsUnderMyDuster? Your life

  4. BJ812 Says:

    Support your local HELLS LOVERS USA.

  5. Hog 812 Says:

    Support your local HELLS LOVERS USA

  6. FF Says:


  7. Sin Young Says:

    Stupidity grow the fuck up and learn what it really is to be a Man, Fighting and killing each other for what. All yall some bitch ass niggas You don’t even know anything about one another,you just see someone supporting a club that’s not yours and shoot then Can you be any stupider!!!!

  8. Ock Says:

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  12. real G Says:

    Why do wheels let these little wanna b uncle Tom clubs be affiliates? Where I stay there are two local clubs wearing a patch but everybody knows they don’t support and are intimidated by anything black. Kick out the Tom’s

  13. biker lives matter Says:

    we all people before and after these cuts come off. I may not like O.C. but I respect his family enough to not bastard his kids and widow his wife. we all got family to go home to. The love of riding is hidden behind the hate of colors. and what makes it bad is were all black! God forgives but no outlaw club does. when u put on ur cut u put on the responsibility and consequences to all your brothers actions even if you didn’t know them. murder and fighting im kind of over. got to grow up someday. id rather a bro call me soft than call a bro collect. too many bros in jail for bull shit while there kids are raised by another man, smh peace.

  14. Untouchable Says:

    I support 153 and ran into a wheels of soul today, and do you want to know what happen we drank a beer together smoke a few cigarettes and enjoy each others company.. Fuck this hating and rival Shit WE ALL LOVE TO RIDE..come out of the past and Unite as 1 with many different backgrounds

  15. rebel Says:

    Red wht and blue

  16. jahmuur Says:

    The objective is to live free and be at peace don’t fall victim to the ego this shit is bigger than u

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  18. watcher Says:

    outcast mc – outlaws mc affiliate

    wheels of soul mc – hells angels mc affiliate

    they will never get along lol.

  19. Ft Hood Shooter (ABE) Says:

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  20. Sieg Says:

    Tom, you don’t see any “chucks” in here talking shit about their respective “other team”, ateast not with the regularity of these fools.

    As they say, “a nigger of whatever color”.

    FTF / FTP
    14W / 44×2 / WPWW

  21. Sandmann Says:

    … probably the same as the chucks.
    Doesn’t make it any better though.

    Respect to the deserving,

  22. Sieg Says:


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  23. biker Says:

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  29. jahmuur Says:

    You are the main two clubs that are the best and well respected. Maybe one day you all will see the bigger picture and unite and get this food clothing and shelter. Peace

  30. Wolfenlover Says:

    Go elsewhere to argue, BOYS, meaning Outcast Nation & GFWD!

  31. GFWD Says:

    Fuck outcast ,wheels bitch!!!

  32. Outcast Nation Says:

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