A Demand To Cease And Desist

August 8, 2014

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Dear Old Friend,

I believe you are Iron Order Motorcycle Club International Vice President Dale “Qball” Bubenhoffer. I believe you made this and other slanderous comments from your residence at 2126 Kingsfield St., Jeffersonville, Indiana. Your current phone number is 502-817-5110 and your active email address is [email protected]..

I believe your slanders are actionable. I believe that you are acting as a representative of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club and I beleive that unless you immediately cease and desist your motorcycle club has the financial resources to make me fucking whole. I am hereby giving you notice to cease and desist.

And just on a personal note, I think your comments about the Mongols Motorcycle Club are out of line. I do not speak for the Mongols and I would never presume to speak for that club or any club. But I think you are ignorant and out of line.

The truth about me is that I am just a fucking guy who tries to tell the truth about a dark corner of America. I am just a fucking guy who covers stories nobody else covers. And I am not at all afraid of punks like you. You don’t fucking know me. You don’t know a fucking thing about me. If you did you would be much more polite.

Tell Izod I am getting sick of this shit. Ask Whitfield what he thinks of my chances in a slander suit.

Do we understand each other yet?



46 Responses to “A Demand To Cease And Desist”

  1. Right-Cross Says:

    I know that statement you made to the VP of the Iron Order LE MC was written well over a year ago but your request to cease & desist was very appropriate. It was eerily prophetic because over a year after that a loving father, who is also a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, had to transfer the their Chapter 13 due to the actions of a member of the Iron Order LE MC. Those actions were premeditated, conspired and provocative.

    Although I believe each individual should be held accountable for his or her own behavior, and not the behavior of others, when someone is in a position of authority, their words can have a significant impact on others who may look up to that individual and be a follower. In other words, the way we speak reflects the way we think and the way we think is a reflection of our belief system or world-view. In a sense, derogatory and inflammatory comments demonstrate a bias against the targeted group or individual. Weak people are often influenced to act in ways that are intended to gain the people in positions of leadership. That places people like Dale Bubenhoff with a serious responsibility to behave in a mature, responsible and appropriate manner; as words influence conduct. The Iron Order Motorcycle Club is known to be strongly connected to the Law Enforcement community. Law enforcement have an even greater responsibility than civilians to speak in an impeccable manner and behave as upstanding citizen’s.
    As human beings we all fall into multiple roles. It is not uncommon that members of 1%ER Motorcycle Clubs are also loving family members (with wives, children, sisters, brothers, mothers, father’s, grandchildren, etc); businessmen, role-model’s in the community and charitable contributors of others in need, etc. Although many of them are a little rough around the edges, have made mistakes in life, and tend to have lived lives marred by ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll’; they have been targeted members of society by various state and especially federal law enforcement agencies. By and large, these men and organizations have been falsely, unfairly and inaccurately portrayed by the law enforcement controlled media. That’s just the way it is, however, law enforcement officers have a civic responsibility to conduct themselves in a more ethical manner than civilians because the sense of security within a society is greatly jeopardized if law enforcement is deemed corrupt or biased. Law enforcement officers should have the right to be members of motorcycle clubs, however, those clubs should not be portrayed as 1%ER clubs in any way. Clubs like the Choir Boys and Iron Order are giving law enforcement a bad name and a bad reputation. In light of the fact that many law enforcement officers have engaged in criminal behavior themselves, it must be very disheartening to the many police officers that uphold the law appropriately and unemotionally. People in mainstream society are realizing that positions and police cannot be as trusted as we once naively thought. Therefore it is my contention that the Iron Order motorcycle club should disban and that the members who have murdered others off-duty should be convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Just because the laws are set up to protect them, the wrongness and detrimental effects of their conduct is so damaging in so many ways,that there has got to be a stop to what has been occurring with Iron Order. Unfortunately, the system’s tendency to collude with and enable their vicious conduct greatly contributes to this problem and exacerbates the serious societal breakdown of trust in police and the system as a whole. It’s unconscionable and needs to be seriously addressed. The only person with a platform that is courageous enough to stand up against them, that I’m aware of is you Aging Rebel. Kudos to you! The movement Black Lives Matter is totally justified, in my opinion. A smaller yet much needed movement needs to take place regarding the parallel phenomenon addressed in this transcript. I choose to refer to it as, “Black & White Lives Matter Too”; Chicano bikers are people too. In closing, I would just like to salute the young men in the late ’80s who had the courage to express themselves with the artistic medium of music in their appropriate and heartfelt song, “Fuck The Police”! Lastly, I feel bad for the ‘good ones’, however, until you take a stand to bring this issue to the forefront and be a catalyst for change, you are somewhat culpable as well. As eloquently stated by who I don’t know but, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”
    A concerned and caring motorcycle enthusiast using the pen name Right Cross

  2. Danny Guthrie Says:

    What is wrong with these iomc pukes? Don’t they realize dealing with any 1% MC is signing a death warrant? I guess they think that being cuntie cunt cop’s they can get away with murder when in fact they are riding the coat tails of the real deal. On the website they claim they make everyone prospect like other club’s and follow protocol like other club’s. I take that as you wanting to be a bunch of bad asses but can’t back it up and hide behind the law’s that you think you can enforce yourself. You’ve bad mouthed the BANDIDOS &the MONGOLS along with other 1% ers when that’s who you truly want to be. You’re putting on your faggot ass cut, that’s right I’m disrespecting all of you fuck’s in iron order and walking around like you’re a 1% er and thinking your going to be feared and respected like the men you’re longing to be. You wouldn’t be here and wearing a cut if you weren’t wanting to be a 1 % er. Everyone knows it’s true. At the end of the day just know that everyone involved with the iomc us nothing but a bunch of fucking cunts. You cry when you’ve pissed of a bad mother fucker and call the cop’s, your president say’s don’t go outside. You’re fucking fake. I can only hope that when you do cross paths with a 1 % er that they whoop your ass and take your cut. You shouldn’t even be able to fly a bottom rocker. The real men of the 1 % world have given their own lives for that bottom rocker and you ass hat’s don’t deserve it.

  3. Catfish OCNY Says:

    “Your motorcycle club has the financial resources to make me fucking whole.” Love it Rebel, god bless and keep on.

  4. whitefxrp Says:

    jj’s first comment here nailed it..

  5. JimmyJoe Says:

    I spotted a few IO and a couple of hang-arounds on Rt.7 in Connecticut on Sunday. New York bottom rockers. One of the big shots up front was riding a Japanese cruiser. I was cruising, and by the time I realized who it was passing me, could only spit in their direction. Later I saw them again in Kent, Connecticut. The yuppies and tourists didn’t seem all to impressed. I gave them another liquid salute as I passed, but they were way to busy sneering at middle aged women in Land Rovers.

  6. The Kraut Says:

    Movie ’bout the urine odour?

    Brilliant! Soft-core homo-erotic showcase of how NOT to be an MC.

    The movie patch should be ‘sponge-bob’ for ‘jughead’ and flower pots for the cylinders…also render it in ‘piss’ yellow.

    Trouble with this idea is the poser pigs would sell their own mothers to play themselves in it.

    Respects to all who warrant respect


  7. panamaa Says:

    jj… Gezzz, that ought to give enough visual to write a story…

  8. panamaa Says:


    Lmao…I was kinda thinking Stacy Keich would make a good cgar but Thomas f Wilson would fit the bill even better……….

  9. Freeman Says:

    Fuck yeah, and lets get Thomas f Wilson to play that fucktard cgar.

    Call em the Urine Odor moped club, keep the monkey head,but replace the v-twin pistons case with the 70’s bmw side pistons to bypass copyright infringement.

    Hey Rebel maybe you could submit the idea to your new Hollywood/tv friends.

    Fuck, id pay to see that too!

  10. panamaa Says:

    Could work…

  11. panamaa Says:

    Oh, Oh…….lol….. least I forget “B-Rad” (Jamie Kennedy) staring as Ipod…………

  12. panamaa Says:

    Oh, and Joe (David Spade) Dirt could play the new zany prospect …. I would pay to see that movie..

  13. panamaa Says:

    Don’t forget Sgt. (Stacy Keich) Stedenko, he would round the cast out……. Another toke, that’s where my money gooooes

  14. Freeman Says:

    @ Swampy

    Cool lets have spinal tap do the soundtrack, cameo by cheech and chong, charlie sheen, who else could we cram in there? Could be like police academy meets animal house with a sprinkle of i know what you did last summer.

  15. jj solari Says:

    i wanna go see that movie right this instant.

  16. jj solari Says:

    dear swampy: i aint wrote a biker story in ages. basically never got inspired. now i am. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuckin brilliant dude. still probly wont do it. but its a great idea.

  17. jj solari Says:

    @ swampy: a cop biker club movie is a fucking GREAT idea, bud. i damn near wrote the whole thing in one instant just hearing the idea. that is fucking a stone smash idea dude. i’m already laughin’.

  18. panamaa Says:

    @ Phuquehed

    Phuquehed, by the way,

    Shabbat Shalom…………..

  19. RtC Says:

    DAMN! They don’t make stuff like Animal House no more! I got that recorded
    so I can re-laugh every so often…ALSO some good titty shots when Bluto
    gets the (conveniently placed) ladder at the Sorority House. Wasn’t it
    Otter who got beat up by “Greggy, Dougy(f’n memory)…. and some of the other
    Hitler Youth” Damn, Now I gotta rewatch it! Oh well…….;)
    We need another Delta House to take out these uopg fucks!!!
    FTF FTP FTG & BIG FTuopg

  20. swampy Says:

    All this urine odor and movie talk just gave me an idea: “Urine Odor: The Movie.” Kind of a Disney’s “Wild Hogs” meets “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” type thing. LOL!

  21. Freeman Says:

    @ Phuquehed

    Shit forgot all about that movie, also played in videos from that sinister band of drag queens ”a twisted sister pin, on your uniform!”
    Metcalf had a knack for playing assholes, he’d be perfect to impersonate boo ben hoffa

  22. chromedome Says:

    Fuck man I laughed so hard I bout pissed myself….fuckin queefball booberhuffer hahahahahahahahahahaha……..im bout to troll his number so hard haahahahaha……oh mannn hahahahahaha…..even my 18 month old son who cant talk is laughin at this clowns name……..

  23. Caveman Says:

    So qballless is in IN. 10 years ago I gave him and iceman my fucking address when they threatened me because I called them out for being pigs, and they still haven’t shown up. It’s only 231 miles qballless, you should have arrived here by now. Yeah you’re not a pig, you’re going to kick my ass. You are a pussy ass fucking pig and I still dare you to head up here to Plymouth, I’m not hard to find. You fucking pussy, let’s see your qballs, bitch.

  24. panamaa Says:

    @Erin Go Braugh; I believe it’s Rebel threating the lawsuit due to queerballs lying, shit starting, rumor spreading ass…


  25. Va.Bob Says:

    Niedermayer was “killed by his own troops in Vietnam”, according to the epilogue.As for”D-Day”, the Sportster rider from Delta House, it was “whereabouts unknown”.

  26. panamaa Says:

    Phuquehed, damn, we’re showing our age.. Right you are, and a very good description of him.. Typical io material

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    @Freeman – ‘Niedermeyer’ is one of the characters from Animal House…one of the wormy, back-stabbing, untrustworthy richy-rich fucks from the ‘other’ frat…if I remember right.

  28. Freeman Says:

    @ Slam and Panamaa

    Well id rather look dumb once, then keep on keeping on, Niedermeyer? Dont get it.

  29. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Q-Ball appears to be a notary public. Name and addy match up.


    A search shows his commission number:


    Here are the laws:


    Here is how to file a complaint. I think it reflects badly on the Indiana Secretary of State that one of their notaries appears to be using the internet to libel people. Commissions can be revoked, I think. I would not trust this Q-man to swear me on anything. His apparent actions bring many things into question about his ethics and honor.


    Just some thoughts. Just my two cents. Much respect,


  30. Erin Go Braugh Says:

    I have to say..really???..Damn!!! The urine order is trying to threaten a law suit and trample your freedom of speech (posts)???…Typical, & I wouldn’t expect less, from Kool aid (grape or Cherry?) drinking sheep, that should be wearing gray uniforms & hide behind the badge. Keep on doing what your doing Rebel. Fight the Good fight.

  31. panamaa Says:


  32. Slam Says:

    >>>”What kind of fucking name is Bubenhoffer?”<<<

    Related to Niedermeyer?



  33. RtC Says:

    I’m not a “mouth piece”, but I bet you could about buy your own island if
    you wanted to, Rebel. Stick it to that POS Poseurs Gang!
    Better “RUN FOREST, RUN” hehehehe
    They done fucked wit’ da wrong MAN!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  34. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Man, I can’t believe these motherfuckers..

    There’s not question in my mind, after reading queerballs bullshit about you, that Mr. Tipton was set-up and murdered in cold blood… He (queerball), by that statement, just showed his shit and the io’s shit ….

    Are you sure lol is not one of these cocksuckers ? He sure talks enough bullshit to be one…. Copy and paste motherfucker..

    Deep respects Rebel… You tell the truth and you take a lot of shit off these assholes that want to hide the truth…….

  35. Shyster Says:

    Stupid stupid fucken pig. Tear him a new one Rebel.


  36. Bill Says:


  37. Badger62 Says:

    As i said on the other thread…like a 7 year old child with a long stick. You continue to poke and hit the beehive, believing you wont get stung. Good luck with that.

    Go get ’em Rebel!

  38. Freeman Says:

    I think that’s a very accurate theory there jj, it would also explain Lubesky’s hard on for cops.

  39. panamaa Says:

    Old Friend… (you cocksucker)

    Fuck you, Iron Order Motorcycle Club International Vice President Dale “Queer-ball” Bubenhoff

    This is typical IdiOt, (no , you can’t spell idiot without an IO) bullshit and as we see, it runs from the top of the chain to the bottom… It’s a fucking wonder you can get anyone to follow you, but then again, I realize the majority of your followers are cocksuckers, so they just follow the shit smell…

    Your and your club are fucking wannabe posers… I’m sure you all feel better now that you’ve murdered someone and your feeling like your “real” outlaw MC, but your still just dick sucking, fucking your sister, pigs….. And please, always remember, karmas a motherfucker …

    what you need to do is grow the fuck up and join a real club, wait a minute, what am I thinking, no real club would have you…… Ok then, just suck it up and live your life like you did before you got this hair up your faggot ass…. Trade in your bike, grab your old Lady, go down to the local car dealer and buy a fucking Hyundai Genesis … That shit fits you cocksuckers just fine…

    Oh, and by the way…… Fuck you and fuck the IO

  40. OC Vago 1%er Says:

    Ooops Lol Lol Lol Lol Lol (spelled the same way)

  41. FUCK IOMC Says:

    hahahahahaha. oh god, i am pissing laughing. this is great. the biggest baddest “club” has to whine and bitch . waaaahh. BAHAHAH you fucking losers.

  42. Phuquehed Says:

    Tear ‘im a new asshole, Rebel!!

    Fuck the urine odor RC, fucktards one and all!

  43. jj solari Says:

    @ Freeman: its the kind of name that if you survive all the torture it attracts from schoolyard playmates, if you survive all that – being called Boob-Huffer and Tube-Stuffer and Rube-Fluffer….ya know, the usual crap but in boob-snuffer’s case a thousand times worse….its the kind of name that if you make it to adulthood you become a fucking piece of shit cop to get even.

  44. Woodstock Says:

    Give ’em hell Don.

  45. Freeman Says:

    What kind of fucking name is Bubenhoffer?

  46. johnjrhill Says:

    Not surprising. Ishit has showed them the way,fake patch,fake club,FAKE everything.

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