The Athens Tennessee Shooting

July 27, 2014

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This story wsa published on July 26 and corrected on July 27. The story was corrected to establish that the Heathens Motorcycle Club mentioned in this story is not connected to or associated with the Heathens Motorcycle Club with a chapter in Rome, Georgia or any other club.

It is going to be a long, hot summer.

There was a shooting between members of two motorcycle clubs at the Kangaroo Express gas station and minimart on Decatur Pike near Interstate 75 in Athens, Tennessee early Saturday morning, shortly after midnight. Athens is small town of 13,500 people sixty miles northeast of Chattanooga.

Multiple sources have told The Aging Rebel that the attackers at the Kangaroo were members of the Heathens Motorcycle Club. The Heathens have established a chapter in Tennessee and wear a “Nomad” botoom rocker and a diamond. The Heathens are not members of the Tennessee Confederation of Clubs and are in now way connected to the Heathens Motorcycle Club of Rome, Georgia.

Sources and most published reports say that the men who were attacked at the gas station were members of the American Outlaws Association. Some news accounts have identified the victims as “members of the Widowmakers/Outlaw Biker Club.” The Widowmakers Motorcycle Club has a chapter in Athens and its members maintain cordial relations with the AOA. Both the Outlaws and the Widowmakers are members of the Tennessee Confederation of Clubs.

The Shooting

By all accounts, the dispute began Friday evening when a group of Heathens eating in an Applebee’s on Decatur Pike, less than half a mile from the shooting scene, were approached by members of the AOA and a fight ensued. According to published reports guns were drawn and combatants assaulted each other with chairs. Police responded but no charges were filed. According to one report, Heathens Jarod Grant, Robert Wood and Patrick Petty told police they “would handle the situation their own way and did not wish to have any police assistance in prosecution of the incident.”

According to local police, surveillance video shows the Outlaws had stopped to refuel at the Kangaroo Express when a Chevrolet Tahoe pulled in behind them and its occupants began shooting. At least one of the Outlaws returned fire.

Two men were wounded. They were Petty and an Outlaw named Steven Kirkland. Both men were treated at the Starr Regional Medical Center and then transferred to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

Petty and four other Heathens, Grant, Wood, Thomas Ingle, Jr. and Jerry Henry were arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder. Grant, Wood, Ingle and Henry are being held at the McMinn County Justice Center. No bail has yet been set.

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  1. No name Says:

    Either of you don’t have a clue the ol’s will never bitch out if u don’t know what happened keep your 2 sense to your ignorant self

  2. Boulter Says:

    You got to love these posts by keyboard warriors ,the internet has been a great forum for the type of social inadequate that would shit themselves in the real world.

  3. Charlie Says:

    Re Road Whore: all I hear from you is criticism and destruction cloaked in psychobabble. Do you have anything constructive to add to this world we live in?

  4. Trigger Says:

    Well this year 2015 at easyriders the Rebels Mc rolled in deep called the president of Outlaws chapter out. The outlaws president and affiliate bitched out I watched the outlaws snitch to the cops and they escorted the Rebels out Wow you would think outlaws wouldn’t do that. Most respect to the Rebels Mc.

  5. Ronbo Says:

    Road Whore,
    To the heart. Work smarter not harder. And enjoy what you have. It’s harder to keep what ya get than it is to earn it. Sometimes.

    Head on a swivel


  6. Road Whore Says:

    At some point we have to understand that the so-called Marxist concepts of the proletariat (the working class who does not have ownership of the means of production) and the bourgeoisie (those and their minions who do have ownership of the means of production) are still as accurate in describing our daily lives as Marx thought they were.

    (I say “so-called Marxist concepts” because Marx himself borrowed the terminology from the Romans: As defined in the Constitution of the Roman Republic, the proletarii constituted a social class of Roman citizens owning little or no property.)

    In college my professor stated that the concepts of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie were meaningless in our modern capitalist society and had basically been abolished by the fact that a member of the proletariat could actually rise up through the monetary and societal ranks to become a member of the bourgeoisie, owning his own home, becoming a CEO of a large organization, or even owning his own business. My argument, with which I silenced my history and social studies professor in college, is this: Unless a man is born into the ranks of real money and power and social elitism that the true bourgeoisie enjoy he is, regardless of whatever veneer of success with which he covers himself, still a member of the proletariat.

    When my professor disagreed I explained to him that a man who owned his own home could have that home seized by debtors. A man who rose to the position of CEO could be fired on a whim by the man who owned the company. A man who owned his own business could easily be drummed out of business, or acquired in a hostile takeover, by a man with true money and power.

    A man in any of the scenarios above is not a true member of the bourgeoisie…he is still at the mercy of those who hold the real money and power and social status…he is, in effect, still a mere wage earner, not much more secure in his life than the factory worker down the street. (This statement of mine is proven to be true by the scenarios that played out worldwide during the economic crisis.)

    So, when we begin to realize that no matter how we bow and scrape and scratch and fight that we will never be that into which we were not born, we will begin to accept that which we are, which will lead to a revelation in the ways in which we view ourselves and others.

    One of those revelations will of necessity be the understanding that if we don’t want those in the castle to continue to control and devour all of the resources which are produced at our bleeding hands then at some point we must storm the castle and take matters into our own hands.

    Voting is a good place to start.

    Eliminating unnecessary tribal warfare is another.

    Realizing who the real enemy is, is essential.

    Ride Free

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