Eckert Pulls 27 Years

May 1, 2014

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The tragedy of Robert “Willy” Eckert found its anticlimax today when he was sentenced by Florida judge Jessica Recksiedler to live the next 27 years of his life in prison.

Eckert was a former member of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. He was expelled from that club and moved to Florida where he was reunited with a former club brother named Edward Frederick “Chester Eddie” Glowitz. Glowitz is also known as “Nightmare One Percenter” and “John Furin.”


After the Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of the Warlocks was decertified by the mother club in 2011, Glowitz recruited members for a Florida chapter certified by the Chester chapter of the Warlocks. The new chapter wore the traditional insignia worn by Glowitz and Eckert’s old club – a patch that depicted a harpy. The new chapter had between six and ten members and at least three of those members were former members of the better known Warlocks Motorcycle Club that established its first chapter in Orlando.

The new Warlocks chapter was pugnacious and friction developed between the new chapter of the Harpy Warlocks and the big, Florida Warlocks club that wears a Phoenix patch. In a little more than a year that friction led to a shootout in the parking lot of a VFW Post in Winter Springs, Florida.

Three members of the Florida Warlocks, Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela, were shot and killed in the incident. Two other Florida Warlocks, Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell, were wounded.

Legal Aftermath

Eckert and three other members of the Harpy Warlocks chapter, David “Tin Man” Maloney, Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro and Paul Wayne “Dog” Smith were charged with multiple counts of second degree murder and attempted murder. Maloney was acquitted of all three murder counts and one of the attempted murder counts last month. Prosecutors have not yet announced whether he will be retried on the remaining attempted murder count. Amaro’s trial ended in a mistrial earlier this month and he will be retried starting next Monday. Eckert was the first defendant to be convicted.

Eckert appears to have fired three shots during the gunfight. None of them found a target. Like Maloney and Amaro, Eckert insisted he had acted in self-defense.

Although he declined to testify at his trial last week he did speak today. “I’d like to apologize to all the families involved,” Eckert told Judge Recksiedler. “I wish that day had never happened.”

Eckert’s lawyer, Adam Pollack, told the judge his client’s crime was using “poor judgment.” He asked the judge to sentence his client to 20 years in prison which would have been the minimum sentence allowed under Florida law. “It’s unfortunate the decisions made that day by everybody,” Pollack said.

Prosecutor Stewart Stone asked the judge to give Eckert at least 24 years.

Recksiedler thought three more years than that was about right.

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32 Responses to “Eckert Pulls 27 Years”

  1. BagofBones Says:


    It has recently come to my attention that Edward “Freddy” Glowitz has officially been declared a SNITCH. Papers have been retrieved from the Montgomary County Courthouse of Pa that clearly show that Glowitz cooperated with law enforcement back in 97′ to place an individual into the jail system for a collected 11 years. The man is still on parole today from the case. Therefore, according to the by-laws of the Warlocks MC (Chester Pa), there will be absolutely no cooperation with law enforcement allowed by a member or his ol lady. Therefore, Glowitz is facing termination permanently from the WMC and with hopes, from any MC in this country. A piece of shit like Glowitz should be hung at the gallows for all to see.

  2. UpEast Says:

    Wow this shit hasn`t gotten any better has it Rebel. It`s still sad that this internal war bleed down to there and caused such shit. Still can`t understand why they would open up in the birds hometown. Guess this thing is never gonna be worked out. Some other Philly clubs waring up here this weekend you should probably look into.

    Respect to those who survive the ride!

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear BagofBones,

    Please email me. Or have someone email me on your behalf.


  4. BagofBones Says:

    Oh.. And there is no “mother club” in the WMC. WTF.

  5. BagofBones Says:

    Oh.. And there is no “mother club”. WTF.

  6. BagofBones Says:

    It is Chester Freddie, FYI. Eckert was never expelled from the club. He has been a continued member for over 15 years. If you think that Willie went down to meet with his “buddy” Freddie, you are mistaken. Really, it’s not like they are particularly fond of one another, but when push comes to shove, they are brothers in the same club and will stick up for one another, no doubt. Willie needed to get away for a bit and when the option surfaced, he opted.

    Now, if you are what you say your are, “impartial to any sides or clubs”, then you may want to wait to publish that article. I get the impression that some of the articles written about the Chester Warlocks, (as you call them) are stemmed from an emotion driven from your dislike for Freddie. So let’s be cut and dry, Freddie can be a real asshole. He can be a pain in the ass and his phone mannerisms are less then palatable, in most cases. I understand that he is not the easiest person you can think of but I can say this, he is a good brother. He is just “emotional” at times, to state it lightly. Another thing I can say is that Freddie is NOT the elected spokesman. There is no elected spokesman for the Warlocks Mc of PA, nor the affiliated chapters located elsewhere. If you notice, you don’t see many others, if any Warlocks from that faction, posting here or anywhere else online for that matter.

    So, that is what makes this faction of the WMC a bit different from the pyrimad affected clubs that have become so part of the “today outlaw biker”. Now, don’t get me wrong, of course you need some form of hierarchy, no doubt. Hell, the world wouldn’t run without it naturally occurring, but then remember when it all comes down to it, we are all mammals and we are driven on instincts much more then one knows or cares to admit. Heirarchy is commonly based on wisdom and strength, so that is probably the best way to explain it when it comes to the “Chester” Warlocks, in so many words. A bit primitive? I know, but don’t let that make you think that they aren’t intelligent as a whole.

    In conclusion, there is more to this then meets the eye. Everything will come out in the wash… You will see. So basically, as a friendly suggestion so to avoid discrediting yourself as a neutral party in all of this, gather more facts before writing it. Don’t believe everything you hear. People are liars. They always try to make others think that they are in the right, even if it means lying. Some people are dirty, fucked up and low. They inform law enforcement, set their own guys and some would even shoot another guy… All just to climb over heads to get to the top of that pyrimad.

    Finally, make sure you take a look at the bigger picture. You know, the one outside the frame that surrounds the one Freddie painted for you.

  7. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    Ships history documents the Shang was in Philly from the winter of 1965 thru the spring of 1966.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Phil Peterson

    Thank you for trying to shed some light and set me straight.

    You understand that in trying to find a way to make this story comprehensible I have talked to multiple sources in multiple motorcycle clubs including but not limited to the Philly Warlocks, the original and true Chester Warlocks and the Warbird Warlocks.

    I stand by the statements in the story.

    The Warlords was what some people might call a 50s style street gang in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania that eventually became the Warlocks motorcycle Club and I believe you when you say that was 1964. The (Philly) Warlocks MC web site, which has been down for at least three years, stated that the foundation date of the motorcycle club was 1967. I archived most of that site.

    I am quite aware of Ed Glowitz. He and I have a little history and he has more names than fucking Puff Daddy. Numerous sources in Florida have identified Glowitz as both “Nightmare” and “Chester Eddie.” Early on, some sources thought there were two guys named Chester Eddie and Nightmare. I have also heard him described by people in the general vicinity of Philadelphia as “Freddie” Glowitz but even people in Philly have told me he went by Eddie or Ed. The next time you talk to him you might suggest to him that he owes me a very sincere apology and a bottle of something nice. Amazing though it might seem, I have bitten my tongue about that guy and about the Chester Warlocks in general.

    The Warbird Warlocks often say that their club was founded on the Shangri La in the Mediterranean in 1967. I have also been told by several sources who maintain cordial relations with the Chester faction of your club that the Warbird Warlocks stole their name. I don’t know how to prove that. I don’t know how anybody would prove that. I think it would be inflammatory to make that statement and I am going to assume the Warbird Warlocks are telling the truth. Personally, I think it is bullshit, paranoid, imaginary grievances like “the Warbirds stole our name forty-seven years ago” that led to this entirely avoidable shootout.

    I am aware that some members of the Chester Chapter of the Harpy Warlocks formed a corporation and trademarked the Harpy logo and the club name. I am fairly informed about trademarks and motorcycle clubs so I know that actually that trademark doesn’t mean shit. Motorcycle club indicia are “collective membership marks” that belong to the collective membership of the club. I’m not a trademark lawyer, but it looks to me like the Chester chapter would lose the trademark case in federal court. I am slightly surprised that the other Philly Warlocks haven’t tried to enjoin the Chester chapter.

    I know all the gossip. I know that Mrs. Contender was there. I knew that a week after the shootings. I saw some of the police reports and was talking to members of all three clubs 31 months ago. I know much more than I have said.

    In general I do not screw up anybody’s defense regardless of what I think personally.

    I am sitting on a feature about the Philly Warlocks that I will run when the court cases are completed. If you have something to tell me I would be delighted to hear what you have to say. Please turn off your caps lock. I endeavor to be fair to all clubs. I am not going to simply be a mouthpiece for the Chester Warlocks which was basically the falling out between Glowitz and I. So I am disinclined to state as fact shit like the Warbird Warlocks stole their name from the Philly Warlocks.

    I also have absolutely no intention of calling Big John a liar. Okay? Guys say things in court cases. Memories fade. Recollections are imperfect. ATF and FBI agents read this site. I officially assume that Big John, Contender, Glowitz and Maloney were all telling the truth to the best of their ability

    Let me also say this, for reasons I don’t need to elaborate right now. Both the Warbird Warlocks and the Chester faction of the Harpy Warlocks fit what I consider to be the profile of clubs about to face a RICO case. RICO is a real pain in the ass. I think everybody should watch their six o’clock.

    I couldn’t agree with you more when you say this thing was a tragedy.




  10. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    Well said 11c….

    Love & Respect to all at the Big House and others deserving.

  11. 11c_infantry Says:

    Rahlow said:
    For sure this case has proven that not all those that call you brother actually are capable of being one.

    Truer words are rarely spoken, brother. As a wise man at Foothills once told me, “There are patch-holders and brothers. Brothers will do everything they can to help their brothers. Patch-holders will do everything they can to help themselves.”

    This case illustrates that perfectly. You’re out bad with your club? Just go to a club with the same name to start a chapter in your old club’s back yard. Your old “brothers” – people you rode with and fought with, laughed with and cried with – be damned. Your pride is more important than brotherhood because if you do something like this, you know there will be trouble, and people you once called brother will be hurt. Which reminds me of something another wise man at the Big House once told me: “If I can’t help you, I’m sure as hell not going to do anything to hurt you.” If people remembered that they could walk away from a club they had a falling out with and live their lives instead of living for revenge. This case shows that when you’re looking for revenge, you often burn down your own house while attempting to burn down you enemy’s. And when you wear a cut and seek revenge, you not only burn down your own house with your enemy’s, you also burn down the homes of everyone who wears a three piece patch because Joe and Jill Citizen and the alphabet bunch think of everyone who wears a three piece as belonging to one homogeneous group. There has to be a special place in hell reserved for people who claim to be a brother and then shoot their former brothers off their bikes, thereby ruining the lives of everyone involved and making life more difficult for everybody else just because they wear a patch set.

    L&R to those who earned it,

  12. John Deaux Says:

    I agree with most here about the shady way things are coming about on this case, somebody/something was/is calling the shots on all this.
    Although ” Hormone ” lived not very far from me I’d never ran into the man or any of the other Warbirds he called brother, it’s a shame cause from what I’ve learned we could have become good friends.
    RIP to those taken too soon……Justice for the Freebird Crew.

  13. Glenn S. Says:

    Here’s something that jumps out at me about this whole situation: Separate trials. Maybe its different in Florida, but almost everybody I ever knew that stood trial with co-defendants tried and failed to have their trial separated. The prosecutor generally fights such a motion because they know that juries (which are about as sophisticated as field mice) tend to apply everything bad about any defendant to all defendants. Judges tend to rule in favor of joint trials because when the prosecution and defense present the same arguments at two trials and one jury acquits while the other convicts, it is undeniable that the system got it wrong, thus shattering the illusion of justice that judges base their existence on. Generally judges tend to rule for joint trials under the premise of saving the court’s time and the taxpayers’ money. So it’s curious that all the defendants got separate trials in this particular case.

    Big V said: “I had a friend whose last bid in Central was from 1987 up until they transferred him out in 1993.”

    Most of us preferred CCI to the new prison in Lee County. CCI was built in the 1800s and added onto over the decades, with about everything under one roof, connected by a large hallway called “the tunnel”. It was harder for the staff to micromanage us there. They were afraid of us, and that was a good thing. Because of the violent history there, the system tended to assign the younger, more irritating prisoners to other prisons. Yeah, CCI was violent, but there was not as much violence without reason. When they moved us to the new place, it was like the staff got their revenge for being afraid in the form of hundreds of petty rules that they were much better able to enforce. I don’t think that they would have been able to force the grooming standards at CCI. As it was, Rastafarian prisoners at Broad River Correctional Institution stabbed several state employees and took hostages over it. (Until then, state policy specifically allowed the Rastafarians to grow their hair in a manner specific to their religious beliefs. Further, the SCDC Inmate Guide stated that the SCDC had “no interest” in dictating beard and hair styles) Those changes were made after David Beasley won the governor’s election under the “born again Christian/tough on crime” banner. Beasley hired a Texas warden named Michael Moore who was the most sued warden in the state of Texas, to run the Department of Corrections. Word was, that when Moore’s brother died, he tried to get custody of his nephews and their mother left the state of Texas to keep that from happening. During his tenure as governor, Beasley managed to do something to piss everybody off in the state and was defeated in the next election. Even in law ‘n order SC, the general consensus was that Moore was a nutcase that went too far. Prisoners’ friends and families were amongst those motivated to get out and vote against Beasley, but his prison policies mostly remain intact and two-and-three-strikes laws were enacted and remain. Moore resigned before he could be fired by the new governor and Jeb Bush hired him to run Florida’s prisons. I don’t know if he’s still there or not, but if he is he has a taste for the petty and tends to end even the most minor privileges and practices that make a convict’s life a little more bearable.

  14. Done Says:

    Altough it would appear as if this case is winding down there are still the matters of Maloney’s remaining charge, Amaro’s retrial and Smith’s trial so with the unexpected turn of events brought on by the guilty verdict of Eckert who should have remaind mute but chose to make a statement of remorse to the court making things worse for the other three (you don’t apologize for something you claim you didn’t do or are going to appeal down the road and is still pending for your “Brothers”) the momentum may be shifting in the State’s favor. The general population of the area was already tainted by the media coverage of Bike Week’s past even if they never heard of this particular shooting or caimed to have no opinion on it (yeah right). Perhaps the general public was as stunned as those within the sub-culture at the verdicts and botching of the cases thus far and are chomping at the bit to see that Maloney, Amaro & Smith don’t “get away with murder”, it’s possible. From what I’ve read here and through other sources it seems that Smith fired the first shots followed by Amaro, Eckert and Maloney once he got outside to join in the self defense his lawyers somehow convinced a jury he was doing. In the trial they asked Maloney that if he thought that his life was in danger after he heard the shooting why he didn’t remmain in the building and call 911 before charging outside to defend himself and he said something like, “I ran outside to see what was going on”, which the jury somehow bought as a reasonable enough doubt to make it self defense. But if the state now has the “Big Mo” another jury hearing the left over charge might not be as understanding especially if Amaro & Smith are found guilty as well. It would not surprise me if Amaro & Smith have decided to cooperate with the State to reduce or negate their probable sentences in light of the Eckert decision. It’s not like they’d be in fear of a large number of their own seeking revenge as this looks as if Maloney got tacid (if that) approval to open a new chapter of what in reality is an MC of a very regional variety 8 or 9 hundred miles North who in all likelyhood might now regret allowing Maloney the license if in fact they ever did. Snitching out a rather small brand name who’s interests were probably not being served by Maloney opening up a branch anyway except possibly as a place to hang out during Bike Week most likely won’t be the same as if there were also other Chapters along the East Coast, so it just won’t be the same. Although I still contend that Maloney & Company were in bed with the heat and their boldness can be compared to the Cuban ex-patriots storming ashore at the Bay of Pigs (yeah I see the obvious pun too), it’s at least interesting that none of the four has implicated law enforcement as of yet. If they could but don’t that would be an unreal waste of a great defense strategy and may show that my assumption about their silent partners was dead wrong. What it would then show is that they honestly had enormous balls to plant that flag that deep behind enemy lines even without the tragic shootout although I still highly doubt that conclusion. Smith’s move to retain a different attorney on the heels of the Eckert verdict I think speaks volumes and was likely a “plan B” thought out well in advance should the unthinkable happen. If indeed Smith is in bed with the heat and they with him or others as well, for him not to shout it from the roof tops must mean they have a massive other shoe to fall. This case was interesting to speculate on before Eckert but has become even more so now. Good books have been written about less complicated cases. I anticipate some sort of game breaking event to change everything before this business is done. Peace

  15. Meh Says:

    Posted by Done:
    ” The untold part of that massive bust is the logistical planning that must preceed it.”

    Advanced planning at those levels was old news before many current bikers were born. Of course that was in the simple days of teletype, telegrams, POTS lines, manual records searches, and when government was so slack it effectively collected evidence against itself by arrogantly retaining paper records of its own lawbreaking.

    “Over the years, our approach to investigative problems in the intelligence field has given rise to a number of new programs, some of which have been most revolutionary, and it can be presumed that with a continued aggressive approach to these programs, new and productive ideas will be forthcoming. These ideas will not be increased in number or improved upon from the standpoint of accomplishments merely through the institution of a program such as COINTELPRO which is given another name and in fact, only encompasses everything that has been done in the past or will be done in the future.”
    J. Edgar Hoover

    COINTELPRO ops were groundbreaking for now familiar exploitation of paid rats.

    Provocateurs have an interesting recent history in the US:

    What exists today is a multi-threat environment of external surveillance, internal informants/provocateurs both flipped indigenous and governmentally inserted, harassment, intimidation (unjustified stops, no-knock raids), manipulated legal proceedings, asset freeze/forfeiture, and shotgun use of multiple charges designed to disperse legal defense resources. That’s the short list…

    It’s a sophisticated, blended strategy and would not get less complex even if the un-Constitutional techniques were suddenly removed by magic.

    To defeat intel collection requires misdirection, obfuscation, not recording or transmitting classified info or unclassified info which may be used to derive classified info. That this info reflects perfectly legal activities is irrelevant because intimate knowledge of legal activity may be exploited too. That’s why PRIVACY is so cherished in civilized countries!

    To defeat infiltration by insertion demands professional vetting of personnel. Emotions can be manipulated so visceral trust is important but insufficient.

    To defeat flipping of own-side personnel requires detailed peer awareness, also known as “looking out for your friends” primarily to help but also to notice if something ain’t right.

    Asset freeze/forfeiture reduction requires proper legal dispersal and compartmenting of assets such that at least some cannot be reasonably attributed to an “asserted illegal activity”.

    BTW clubs should be alert for financial institutions refusing your business because the DOJ (as part of Operation Choke Point)wishes it so. It’s no reach at all from refusing your business to turning over your transaction records on the down low.

    I think one reason bikers are being targeted is that they are perceived to be good test subjects for these tactics. Bikers have a very small civilian political constituency. Disunity makes it easier to pick off separate targets without arousing the mass (which numerically isn’t very large), lack of a lobby ensures little political leverage, and individual discipline failures facilitate media exploitation which facilitates LEO trophy hunting.

  16. RtC Says:

    I think it just proves the FED is trying to cover-up by convicting 1 guy
    so that it isn’t blatantly visible that it’s their BS PLAN. General pop-
    ulation will buy it. What better way to spread their BS. FED instigation,
    public vilification of bikers. HAD to make 1 guilty. Look at the $$$$$
    roll in. FTF

  17. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    BMW, if nothing else these trials prove the ineptitude of the State and it’s seperate entities, LEO agencies, Prosecutors.
    A question from the beginning of the trials process for me was the order of the accused appearing for trial? Why not try the one with DNA evidence on the weapon first? Seems like a lock for a conviction in that one didn’t it?????

  18. Big V Says:

    I had a friend whose last bid in Central was from 1987 up until they transferred him out in 1993. He got out in 94 or 95, and I know one of those years is when they closed it.

    He worked in demolition and actually hauled away debris from when it was demolished circa 98-99.

    He was part Creek, part Cherokee, and part White. When he was younger, his skin was more bronze and the blacks in Central didn’t fuck with him bad. That was in the 70’s. Starting as he got out of his 20’s, his skin tone changed.

    He said that in the late 60’s there was a riot at Central, and when he first went in for stealing cars in the early 70’s, it was edgy as fuck when it came to race.

    He learned to make buck and people would bring sewing machine and other motors out of the Industries building and he’d make tattoo guns. He ended up becoming a pretty good artist. That’s how he made it through the 70’s.

    When he went back in the 80’s, he said the CO’s were a different culture, and it seemed like the black CO’s had a definite desire to let inmates of their own race fuck with people.

    Buy the 80’s though, his skin tone changed and he was actually lighter. He blamed it on a combination of working in the sun, the ink in the tattoos he gave himself, and the fact he contracted Hep C.

    Whereas in the 70’s, there was tension, he said that in the 80’s and up until 93, it was like the guards(black and white) wanted to see shit just kick off and blood get spilled.

    He said that in the 70’s, things were better organized on the inmate end, and that people talked before shit went completely sideways. By the late 80’s, his experience was that the littlest shit could kick things off, and it would just go all to hell at any minute.

    The CO’s would make sure they were safe and he said it was almost like watching assholes who dog fight- they just wanted to see living things get hurt and fucked up.

    One of the lifers who was there in 70’s, who taught him how to make buck, was a black dude. When my friend went back in Central in the 80’s, the black dude told him to stay away, because if something went wrong, he was a white looking motherfucker and he’d go over the rails(literally off the tier).

    When the grooming requirements were in place, one of the barbers took particular pleasure in cutting his hair- he couldn’t grow facial hair but always wore his hair long. When they’d cut it, he walked out and a black CO grabbed his hair, yanked on it, and said “Buzz cut, cracker.” The CO just liked fucking with him, and when he left again, it wasn’t short enough, and he basically ended up with what the whites called a “Burr” – just enough hair to say you had hair.

    What’s the point of this other than to echo what Glenn said ?

    Well, that friend always said that it seemed pretty fucked up that they were all in their doing time in a living hell, it was a living hell partly on the behalf of SC Legislature and the CO’s, and partly because the inmates made it hell for each other. When there was no more communication amongst the tribes, shit went from bad to the worst thing he ever experienced. The more violence and the more problems, the more it gave the legislature the excuse to hire more CO’s, spend money on giving them riot and assault gear. Keep in mind this was at a time this friend worked on a trash detail where he was outside a lot and in the late 80’s he saw a CO sell 6 M1 carbines to a couple guys who had been in Central just a couple years earlier.

    It always really upset him that there were so many more prisoners than guards or even law makers, but with no communication, no coordination, and a lot of buckwild fools running around starting shit- there could never be any peace.

    He was friends with another friend of mine named Wahoo. Wahoo would listen to “J’s” stories about Central, and Wahoo used to say the same shit had been happening for thirty years at that time with bikers, but bikers were way outnumbered by, well, everyone. When the situation of superior numbers of prisoners could turn out so bad, what about with bikers who so out numbered by all the other fuckwits in the world ?

    Wahoo was part Mohawk Indian. He got shit, and the things he said back in the 90’s and mid 2000’s- he just got it.

    Wahoo and “J” are both gone now, and all I can think of is how both men nailed it- on the police state, surveillance, and the fact that the government does everything it can to control the public’s perceptions and actions.

    This shit in Florida is a goddamn disgrace. I’m taking no sides here. But, it was a disgrace. Period. It hurts all of us.

    There are situations in this life that have been around for 40 years where very bad things happened, where truces were made and promises broken, and its nearly impossible to have trust.

    I think everyone who rides needs to get behind SAVE THE PATCH, and decide to take the risk to trust, and people need to remember the first two rules of our lifestyle are still the most important: respect and honesty. We all need respect for each other and honesty one hell of lot more than any club needs more chapters or members or “territory”.

    Because if this shit keeps on, we’ll all be living in Central Correctional Institution whether we’re behind real bars or just the ones we’re making for ourselves in this world.

    Here’s to us.
    Who’s like us ?
    Damn few !
    And we’re all going to be dead and gone if we can’t hold onto to what we’ve got and respect each other, and not hurt or kill those who just like us.

    That ain’t gonna work as a toast over a bag of buck, but the message is right.


  19. BMW Says:

    Someone on this site had previously predicted that Maloney and his buddy Nightmare (who was not indicted and not accused of shooting at anyone) would walk and the other three would do time. I disagreed because I did not think ANYONE would do time for these murders.

    The third trial has had an unexpected result, with both a conviction AND a sentence! This seems to undermine the behind-the-scenes deals that the defendants have made. I’ll bet that the police, prosecutors and judge are highly embarrassed with the guilty verdict and the sentence. After all, they have done everything but act as character witnesses for the defendants in this case.

    In fact, the police did appear as witnesses for the defense in the first trial. That is probably the main reason that Maloney walked on three of the most serious charges. Of course, this was not the first time that Maloney walked away free after a shooting.

    In the second trial, the experienced prosecutor “made a mistake” that a second-year law student would never make, causing a mistrial. If the second defendant had been found guilty, a “mistake” like that would allow an appeals court to overturn the verdict. I wonder how many other “mistakes” the prosecutors made during these trials…appeals courts like to call them “reversible error”.

    In the upcoming fourth trial, the defendant, who had been provided a public defender, now suddenly finds the means to hire a private attorney. (After this unexpected conviction in the third trial.) Why would a conviction of a co-defendant suddenly make him change his defense? Where did the money come from?

    Could it be that the fourth defendant, who also has a history of inexplicably avoiding prosecution for successive criminal activities, suddenly feels that the secret, behind-the-scenes deal may fall through?

    From the day of the murders, I have sensed an unseen hand behind these assassinations. The murders just did not make sense. From the first trial,I have also felt that there was a behind-the-scenes understanding or deal between the defendants and the LEO, including the prosecutors. The prosecutions just did not make sense.

    The only reason I can see for the unexplained events at the scene of the murders, and for the bizarre subsequent events we have seen in the courtroom, is to cover-up LEO involvement. If anyone can see another likely reason, I’d like to know about it.

    In all other MC trials, we observe dramatic over-charging of defendants by prosecutors, with a multitude of state and federal charges. Prosecutors and LEO actually invent extra crimes by setting up fake drug deals and other fabricated crimes. Years ago, when a Warlock chapter president was murdered, LEO (the ATF) “helpfully” passed on the word that his murderers would attack the funeral, almost guaranteeing that many people would be carrying extra weapons for defense. Of course, instead of his murderers, the funeral was attacked by ATF. There were lots of subsequent weapons charges…

    Like other motorcycle clubs, the Warlocks have been a target of LEO activity many times in the past fifty years. LEO has been unable to destroy the club, despite repeated infiltrations, provocations and arrests. We have seen other cases where LEO framed or set up motorcycle club members after the LEO became frustrated by an inability to convict their targets. The Warlocks still ride the roads of Florida. That must frustrate the hell out of LEO like the ATF and the FBI.

    Where these murders set up as an extra-judicial punishment by frustrated LEO? Did LEO guarantee a “get out of jail free card” to the Harpies for setting up or attacking the Warbirds? The LEO certainly looked the other way when the Harpies violated the law, by illegally carrying weapons. Is that the real reason that we have seen no excess charges, no federal charges, and such an amateur prosecution on state charges?


  20. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    For sure this case has proven that not all those that call you brother actually are capable
    of being one.
    Drugs may cause good people to turn into asshats.
    Once an asshat always an asshat or leopards can’t change their spots….

    We need to pay attention more to whats in a mans heart than to what patch or lack there of is
    on back.

    Respect to the deserving.

  21. Done Says:

    @Jim666: The untold part of that massive bust is the logistical planning that must preceed it. Never mind the planning that goes into a sweep like that or the actual opperational plan & execution for a moment. Focus instead on where, once 600 bodies have been taken into custody, they are warehoused for pretrial then housed post conviction. Add to that the number of bodies taken into custody daily minus the number of bodies released daily and there is an obvious surplus which must be addressed prior to operational missions such as this. I’ve got friends that I visit in County lock ups, State Correctional Institutions as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Over crowding has caused many multi-purpose buildings to be converted into dormatories and the system cannot build new facilities or add additional structures to existing facilities fast enough to keep pace with the ever increasing intake numbers. Still, prior to launching such a sweep coordinated efforts must be made such that there is enough room to warehouse bodies on a short and long term basis which is why a recent early release program was just instituted nation wide. That policy was two fold. Part was to make room for the intake but the other unspoken was to release just enough truly dangerous persons back into society to cause just enough crime to justify the passage of stricter laws and step up the building of more facilities. Once this new & improved warehousing is in place, sweeps such as this one will seem small indeed. America makes up 5% of the world’s population but has 50% of the world’s incarcerated persons and if they can sweep 600 street gang members who aren’t easily identifiable or openly located imagine what they can and will do to MC’s who are. I’m not crying wolf about FEMA concentration camps here, just the system that is in place and operational right now. What was truly interesting about this sweep is that these 600 people were arrested by The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which was instituted as a clearing house for intra-agency communication & coordination and not as a new arm of law enforcement which it has obviously become. When DHS decides it’s missionn is to round up ALL the 1%’er MC’s there will be no more hue & cry from the general public than there was for this sweep because the propaganda arms of so called “news & entertainment” will have already convinced the majority of Americans that ALL 1%’er MC’s allegedly pose the exact same threat to domestic security as street gangs do. I’m not defending street gangs but they most certainly are not domestic terrorists and neither are 1%’er MC’s but those facts will be all but forgotten when the whip comes down. The logistics which preceed a sweep of the 1%’er MC’s must already be in the planning if not pre-operational stage. Picking off the 1%’er MC’s piecemeal as has been done in the past is not generating law enforcement’s goal of their total demise. The lateral pass to DHS, it would appear, is not much more than filling out the paperwork & creating warehouse space. Queensland has already demonstrated it can be done and even if all the Clubs stopped fighting each other here it may already be too late in the game to change the rules to much effect.

  22. Glenn S. Says:

    When the racial shit hit the fan, after the Rodney King not-guilty verdict in the 90s, I was in CCI (the former SC penitentiary). Racial tensions were high and there was some shit. I told a friend that I didn’t know who to hate most, the cops or the niggers. My friend told me that he hated the niggers most, because the cops could be reasonable some of the time. I did not agree, but I couldn’t disagree either since we white convicts were outnumbered by those that hated us at deep levels. The pigs seemed the lesser threat at the time.

    During the time I was in prison, things went from bad to much worse in every conceivable way for prisoners. By the time I got out, the state had done away with most educational programs, forced us to cut our hair and shave, taken the weight lifting equipment, decreased our freedom of movement within the prisons, banned the possession of cash money, increased the practice of summery, indefinite lock-up, increased the CO-on-prisoner abuse in lock-up units, reduced the number of items for sale in the canteens, banned guitars, switched pay telephones for a computerized system of expensive collect calls, removed “violent” offenders from work release programs, and reduced visitation. Since I’ve been out, they have imposed further restrictions, including ending the nominal pay for prisoner/workers, banning cigarettes, and imposing “truth in sentencing” that has reduced the amount of good time a prisoner can earn.

    We could have stopped that shit dead in its tracks had we found enough common ground to stick together. We didn’t have to love each other, we just had to prioritize our hatreds. All we would have had to do is all refuse to get out of bed on a particular morning, but it would have taken at least 90% participation and no outward disagreements to frighten the policymakers enough for them to back down. Nobody trusted their fellow prisoners enough to do that. The staff made damn sure the racial fires were fanned, but we bought into it. So, in the end, they didn’t take our shit, we gave it to them.

  23. FF Says:

    @Done and Rahlow

    good stuff, as always.


    “As long as groups (any group) confuse sociopathy with brotherhood Bad Shit will happen. Consider the decline of respect for law when alphabet agencies and government reward unprofessional conduct and protect their evildoers instead of purge them.”

    I’ll follow you into battle, any day of the week. I know you’ll have my six.

    @OC Mouse

    I admire and appreciate what you do. I will get more involved once I get my own house in order. I’m usually a very charitable person, right now the debts are piling up. Peace.


    Aint peer pressure a bitch? But one thing I learned about it, even the people going along to get along, deep down inside wish they had the balls that you got. Peace.

    “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

    ― C.S. Lewis

    Courage is doing it when everybody is watching.

  24. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    @ocmouse22 Some are trying hard here, I do see local chapters making the effort to build solid relationships.
    @Meh,, well said.

    @Jim666,,, the power? I think about a SHTF situation. …..who has the organization in place
    to survive in groups? The clubs.

  25. BigV Says:

    We are starting to see, more and more that the lifestyle we love is being equated to gang bangers. We aren’t street gangs.

    But fools like this Business Insider ? Shit. According to them, a couple righteous clubs are right there with MS-13 and La Eme.

    Hmmm… The Vagos and the Mongols have taken the initiative on Save the Patch and they end up on a list like that.

    And we have the bullshit commenters who wax and wane here and come around to change the subject, start shit, and run their mouths. But surely, that’s not the government ? Surely, that’s not Law Enforcement.

    When the cocksucker in chief has his own little staff that watches and responds to twitter:

    You better fuckin’ believe we are at least 20 deep with federal assholes on here to manage public perception.

  26. Meh Says:

    MS-13 (mentioned in link above) are a foreign enemy force and do IMO merit destruction. There should be separate rules for Americans and for shit who invade our borders. The US doesn’t belong to foreigners and it’s a shame to expend all the ordnance we waste overseas when it could lock down our borders and protect the exclusivity that is our birthright. There should be a cash bounty for turning in illegals including half of any property they own. Want to dry up an enemy guerilla force? Deny it sanctuary.

  27. Meh Says:

    Except where the alphabet agencies directly or via provocateurs pull the triggers, they cannot be considered the “cause” of childish recreational violence. Men who pull triggers make an adult decision.
    They aren’t marionettes.

    How the adults involved apportion responsibility for conflicts turning violent is their business, but there was a time when bikers didn’t act like hood rats and plink each other over real or imagined insult.

    When anyone wearing a uniform acts it reflects on the rest of the group, be it military, civilian, biker, porker, whatever. That’s not optional, it’s reality.

    The IRA and the British government actually had something to fight over, that being first sovereignty over Ireland then Northern Ireland.

    Turf squabbles over areas of the US which belong to all the public and fights over use of uniform items are hardly some noble nationalist crusade nor does passion change that.

    There was a time bikers didn’t shoot each other over such things, so it’s a fair question (not to be answered here, but for bikers to ask themselves) why it became acceptable and why the major objection to it is that it brings down legal hassles.

    As long as groups (any group) confuse sociopathy with brotherhood Bad Shit will happen. Consider the decline of respect for law when alphabet agencies and government reward unprofessional conduct and protect their evildoers instead of purge them.

    The police state are delighted at biker and other outcast violence. It’s the stuff careers are made of, a golden gift where outcast fights outcast and nothing of value (to the police state) is lost. The police state knows how to benefit from fratricide, and when an opponent culture enshrines fratricide as a rite of manhood it may never end. If it never ends, it becomes a “problem” easily used to justify money, power and political empire building.

  28. Jim666 Says:

    I got a feeling it`s going to be the only way the life can survive.
    Just imagine the power that could be.
    I know some that wont / dont talk to anyone other than inside their own membership , I also know others that are in different clubs that I talk to that also talk to others , I have friends in many different clubs. And I do talk to them on the phone online and in life on the streets and runs ect.
    Some I’ve been friends w/ for many years they went one way I the other . we don’t talk business but we do still have a friendly relationship. I also know others that have tried to condemn me over some friends I talk to,
    but in some ways it has helped out at times being diplomatic,
    I think the way things are going down under it`s our only chance.
    the DHS just rounded up a bunch of punk street gang members and I cant help but to think we may be next on the list. “We” being all M/C`s
    granted the street gang members are street gang members and most are illegals , but I still see them coming after all of us giving time.
    and shit like the above article will be their grounds .
    Check out the comments on this article it wont be a hard sell for them unless somthing diplomatic is done. “link below”–politics.html

  29. ocmouse22 Says:

    Rah low and done its already shaping up clubs in Cali are starting to see that we need to unite to survive. We are talking to each other more and getting along, no its not perfect and shit happens but its a start. You brothers on the east coast need to get on board with SAVE THE PATCH. Looking forward to NCOM hope to talk to you all about this.

  30. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    @ Done…… I and many others wish and hope that the day all clubs can be seen as a united entity comes soon. I just hope clear heads prevail, sooner than later. Some will surely see the first club to “bury the hatchet” as weak, but maybe just maybe future generations will see them as,,,, wise.

  31. Snugglebiker Says:

    One down and three to GO!

  32. Done Says:

    Once in Prison Mr. Eckert will find that White Bikers forsake their prior divisions and Club conflicts and out of necessity band together or perish. It’s called simply “Different Rules”. Chances are also that he will band together with others of his own ethnic background who have nothing much to do with motorcycles but have found common ground based on the color of their skin. Were it that Members of Motorcycle Clubs could adopt this same sense of self preservation on the outside they would perhaps become a more united front against State & Federal Agencies who I still contend are the cause of the shoot out that lead to this sad and tragic end for all parties concerned except of course the State & Federal Agencies who are delighted at the prospect of killing or capturing ALL Motorcycle Club Members, Dead or Alive. It’s sad to think that (should it happen) the end of the MC culture will come about in part at their own hands at least with respect to the continued conflicts between Clubs which are one part of Club Life that if they really wanted to, the Clubs could if not completely end, at least put a considerable downward trend in. When you’ve been in the shit storms and seen your Brothers get shot, blown up, run off the road or throats slit it’s a hard pill to swallow to not seek revenge as it’s always been done and it may not ever come to pass but imagine for just a moment if it were given a fair chance to work. Were that to have happened before this senseless battle where there were no winners and nothing was gained I dare say the men who lost their lives and the Brothers and families who now mourn them would be having a much better evening. If the IRA and the British Government could lay down their arms and find peace then I firmly believe it can be duplicated anywhere where men of honor and conviction contine to fight to no tangible end. Peace.

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