Eckert Sentencing Continued

April 29, 2014

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The sentencing of Robert “Willy” Eckert was continued yesterday until Thursday morning. Last week a jury found Eckert guilty of two counts of manslaughter with possession of a firearm, one count of attempted second-degree murder with possession and discharge of a firearm and one count of attempted voluntary manslaughter.

Eckert’s lawyer, Adam Pollack, asked for the continuance to research case law relevant to Florida’s “The 10-20-Life” law. The law, enacted in 1999. makes a 20-year prison sentence mandatory for anyone who fires a gun during the commission of a violent felony. The 10-20-Life law mandates an enhancement to a sentence for another crime and by law the 10-20-Life penalty must be served after the sentence for the original crime is completed.

Eckert fired three shots that all missed in a gun battle in which three men were killed and two men were wounded. Briefly stated, prosecutor Stewart Stone wants Judge Jessica Recksiedler to sentence Eckert to consecutive 20-year sentences. Pollack thinks he can find a precedent that would allow or compel Recksiedler to sentence Eckert to a pair of 20-year sentences that would be served concurrently or simultaneously.

May 5

Meanwhile the trial of Paul Wayne “Dog” Smith has been continued and a new trial date has not yet been set. Smith had originally been scheduled for trial on May 5. However, according to Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentinel, Smith hired a new lawyer last week and that new counsel will need time to research Smith’s case and decide whether to advise his client to negotiate a plea agreement or fight his case in court. There is a significant amount of evidence that Smith fired the first shots that began the September 30,  2012 gun fight between members of two different clubs that call themselves Warlocks.

Numerous witnesses in previous trials have said that Smith fired the shots that killed Peter “Hormone” Schlette.

The open slot in Recksiedler’s calendar will now be filled by the second trial of Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro. Prosecutors allege that Amaro fired the shots that killed Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. Amaro was tried the first time during the week of April 14 but a mistrial was declared four days into that proceeding after a sloppy prosecutorial error.

Former Florida Warlocks

Both Smith and fellow defendant David “Tin Man” Maloney are former club brothers of the victims in the September 2012 gunfight. The victims were all members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club headquartered in Orlando. Both Smith and Maloney were expelled from that club and became members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club headquartered in Philadelphia.

Smith was expelled from his old club after numerous arrests involving methamphetamine abuse. He appears never to have done time for any of his crank arrests and he also somehow avoided jail after brandishing a knife in an altercation between Philly Warlocks and members of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club in the Out of Bounds bar in Florence, South Carolina.

Around the same time, Maloney was not charged after shooting a member of his former club outside Jonny Rotton’s Bar Out Back in Sanford, Florida

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30 Responses to “Eckert Sentencing Continued”

  1. Paul Says:

    I agree with the others here. I have appreciated your words of wisdom ever since I started following this site. Congrats.

  2. Big Jim, Whittier Says:

    Hey there Done I don’t want to get in to a pissing contest but I will be at the Blessing of the Bikes this Sunday at Cooks. I’m easy to find I’m White 6-10 320Lbs shaved head with colored flames my bike is a 2001 black road king and we can meet. Big Jim, Whittier and I’m no fucking cop

  3. Base Says:


    Bizarre for certain.

    Glenn S,

    Any organization adding you to their roster will benefit and gain a solid individual.
    Good luck


  4. sherides Says:

    This is just one of the most bizarre court cases… ever.


  5. Paladin Says:,0,5226616.story

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Hey Stevo Geuss he should have read the Lords 11th commandment “Thou shall not be involved in shooting unarmed men ,because the shooters feared knuckling up!”

  7. Stevo Says:

    He got 27 years for not killing anyone?

  8. Done Says:

    Eckert caught 27 years per the Orlando Sentinel today.

  9. Grumbler Says:

    @Glenn S. – I know of a guy who became a full patch 3 piece member of a well respected MC at age 70. He’s 75 now and still going strong. Have to admit that I was a little surprised as being a prospect well after retirement age is an almost insurmountable challenge.

    Kudos on finding that particular local club that you feel comfortable with. You’d definitly be a stellar asset given the wealth of knowledge you’ve contributed to this page over the years.

    When it comes to club supporters they have to ask them themselves whether they’re where they want to be but not where they belong.

  10. Rahlow (Rusty) Says:

    Some people have been given the priviledge to wear patches that are in the club colors they hangaround with, woe be unto the person or persons who chooses to show less respect to that person than to a full patch member of said club. I’ve seen RC and one piece MC members “spoken to” over their lack of showing proper respect to a hangaround of a international club.
    I heard these words, “you best show that man the same respect you show me, simply because he is wearing my club colors on the front of his vest”.

    I myself have been called brother by many full patch wearing 1%’ers,,,it was explained to me that yea its brother,,,,, but with a little b…lmao…

  11. FF Says:

    @Glenn S

    Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    Peace and Respect
    Frequent Flyer


  12. Glenn S. Says:

    Here’s my take on the above topics, and is only MY take on it. Others might differ. Wearing support gear (as I do) means a) I like and respect the members of the club that I’ve met or know and b) I believe in what they stand for. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I hope to join a particular local MC that only has one chapter, has been around here for a long time, is well respected around here, and has friendly ties with the Big Club hereabouts. If I was 20 years younger and in perfect health and had been riding since I was a kid, I might seek membership in a 1% club. I believe in what the 1% in general and the Big Club hereabouts specifically stand for. But, practicing self honesty, I have to admit that ship has probably already sailed for me. My reasons for seeking membership in this particular club include that I like the way they carry and conduct themselves, I like the members I’ve gotten to know personally, and believe I can make a contribution.

    I go to a lot of events put on by the clubs hereabouts. I see the work that goes into making those events happen, I see the way it works like a well maintained machine and I want to be a part of it.

    FF said: “Seriously, no disrespect to any one but I don’t think this club thing is for me. I’m not getting jammed up by some fucking narc asshole with a license to kill handed out to him by the FBI. Fuck that.”

    I’ve already been there, done that. Alone. Being independent certainly is not a protection against that, it just means fewer letters and visits in prison and facing an unfriendly world more alone upon release. (Thank the gods for my late first wife, who, amongst other things, removed the chip from my shoulder that served me well in prison but not so much in the free world. A man fresh out of prison needs help with perspective.)

    FF also said: “I’m just sick of this shit. Men shooting each other…”

    Been there too. Alone. Being independent is surely no protection against that either, just makes you the only target in the room and less likely to come out on top.

    Big Jim Whittier said: “Stomped by the club you have a support patch for.”

    I haven’t seen that either. Seen not-unfriendly suggestions being given to well-meaning or just plain stupid supporters. Seen assholes being told, bluntly, that they are no longer welcome.

    Away from clubs and bikers, I’ve seen people stomped by the clique of mean and bitter neighborhood drunks for walking into a strange bar for a beer. Seen people get stomped because the neighborhood slut wanted to start some shit. I got stomped, once, because somebody I know pistol whipped somebody over a misunderstanding and the guy’s daddy, brothers, and family friends saw me before they saw the guy that did it.

  13. FF Says:


    I want to say thank you for taking the time to write that post. It was and is beautiful.

    Peace and Respect

  14. Done Says:

    @Big Jim Whittier: That’s why the 81 went from using their Club name on their support gear to, 81, Big Red Machine, Red & White, etc. There is an exception to that rule but no need to go into details about it. The whole topic of flying Support gear clothing, decals, what have you, has never really been given the attention it deserves. The do’s & don’t’s are rarely explained to the supporter but should be obvious to anyone with a few years of being a friend of a Club. Folks flying support gear run risks from law enforcment as well as other Clubs. They can also do harm to the Club they are supporting if they turn out to be dirt bags or just plain stupid. And, given the availability of purchasing these items, anyone can do so with a few clicks of a computer so any Cop or Fed can be wearing a support shirt, patches and the like at an event and the average citizen attending the event will take them for a supporter when if fact they are anything but. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t know the guy, you don’t trust the guy. A Texas size red flag is if some unknown “Biker” stikes up a conversation that leads to where he can get drugs, guns aand the like. Seems pretty obvious but to the untrained eye and especially after a dozen or more beers the new found friend sporting your favorite flavor of support gear can get the supporter and the Club he/she supports into a real jackpot. So again, if you don’t know the Dude you keep your cards close to your vest. Tattoos for that matter are no guarantee either and there’s more dickheads out there sporting tatts they got no business having than one might think. If an MC chased after every jerk who had a fake tatt, in some cases that’s all they’d ever do (there’s that many out there). I’m no authority on anything and I speak for nobody but myself but I’ve been doing this since ’76 when I got out of the crotch and got my 1st scoot & rode it from Camp Pendleton to Rochester, NY where I was born andd raised and I can’t recall in all those years seeeing a PH “stomp” a supporter for screwing up while flying support gear. Usually they are taken aside and spoken to so as to correct whatever transgression may have occured. Doesn’t mean it’s never happened just that I’ve never seen it happen. I have however seen Bikers and their kin harassed and worse by law enforcement and other Clubs for wearing support gear of one Club or the other, mostly law enforcement. I don’t know or want to know if you belong to an MC but if you do and your policy is to “stomp” supporters for screwing up, sure seems like you won’t have too many folks buying your support gear for very long once the word gets out on that deal. Haven’t seen your particular handle around here lately so for all I know your comment could be a false flag not that I’m calling you a Cop cause God knows Cops never ever try to start shit here on this blog, no Siree! Bottom line is if you’re gonna’ “represent” you ought to know the basics which most folks do who are regulars at support events. Clubs make minimul money on T-Shirts at around $20.00 a shirt but every penny counts when you’re trying to keep the lights on at a Club House or support their Brothers behind bars. Legal Defense Fund Raisers are vital to paying for attorneys who sledom do pro bono work anymore. God bless anybody whose throwing a few bucks in the kitty to keep a Club, any Club alive. I’m sure you don’t mean to scare people off from buying support gear right? I mean, who would benefit most from scaring folks away from buying support gear with all due respect of course. (The key word is “due”). Peace.

  15. Big Jim Whittier Says:

    “Done” you forgot number four. Stomped by the club you have a support patch for. If you cause me to baby sit your ass or act like your in my club and/or you are showing off the support patch like you are the real deal. You get stomped and made to give back OUR patch. Big Jim

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Good fuckin’ post, Done! I’m stealing a portion of it for my ‘signatures’ list that I randomly place at the end of e-mails or posts in some sites I might comment at.

  17. Casual Observer Says:

    Right the Fuck On DONE you have spelled it out about as Clear as I ever heard anyone put it

  18. Done Says:

    @FF: Good question. Why, given all the possible negative consequences of membership in a 1%’er MC does anyone join? The old saying was, “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand”, however that falls far short of answering the question. The same might be asked of a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine especiallly during wartime and the two have more in common than what they don’t.
    Brotherhood would probably be the first reason although like all things, it’s changed a lot over time. Still, real Brotherhood, knowing your Brother has your back come Hell or high water and puts your welfare right up there with his has a strong attraction. Some of the earliest Clubs were men returning from War who were’nt ready to begin or resume the 9-5 Married with 2.5 kids and a house/car life style. They still had some wild oats to sow. What we now call PTSD was just as wide spread among returning WWII Vets as it is with the current crop. Back then it was called shell shock or battle fatigue in severe cases but delinquency in the less debilitating cases. Veterans returning from War are never the same as when they left and some came back not ready to “settle down”. And, for a while that’s pretty much all it was until drugs entered the picture. Bernie Guindon put it best when he said that he’d seen a lot of good Brothers & a lot of good Clubs go down because of drugs. There is a far more evil element though than even drugs and that’s the evolution of the Super Fed Agencies like the ATF. All the damage done to Brothers and Clubs for all other reasons cannot compare to the damage done by Federal Agencies. Much of the so called wars between Clubs were and are the direct result of these Agencies playing one side against the other. So, when a man flys those Club Colors whether Prospect or Full Patch (sometimes even as little as a Support patch, T Shirt or decal on his scoot), he has the three possible potential adversaries of Law Enforcement, a rival Club or just some angry citizen trying to take him out, and yet he stays loyal to the Club because here he has found a group of men who make it their business to be honor bound to one another. Their Wives may pack up and split but their Brothers are still there for him. His job may fire him after deccades of loyal service but his Brothers are still there for him. His kids & grand kids one day leave the nest but his Brothers are still there for him. Even his Country or God might let him down but his Brothers are always there for him. If you are a member of one of the larger National or International MC’s that has Club Houses Nation or World Wide you’ll always have a place to lay your head. If you are starving and your Brother has a loaf of bread, you’ll have half of that loaf if he knows of your need. If you die and you leave a Wife & kids your Brothers won’t let poverty over take them. Does this always work 100% of the time, no. Nothing with mortal men in it will be perfect all of the time but more often than not it will. If it didn’t the Clubs would have disbanded long ago. Riding in a fast pack of countless Bikers all your Brothers further than your rear view mirror can show is an experience unlike any other. There will be hard times, sometimes very hard times and the temptation to quit will rear it’s ugly head but years and in some cases decades of experience in a Brotherhood will teach you to know that in as much as men are capable, the hard times won’t out last or out shine the real value in being a part of something greater than yourself. Prospecting for an MC is a time when you are checked out by the Club but also a time when you check out the Club and at anytime during that journey if you discover that that life isn’t for you, you can go to the Club like a man and state the reason why you need to leave, if it’s an honest reason nobody will think the less of you for altering your level of participation. To the best of my knowledge nobody was ever drafted into a Motorcycle Club.

    As the Federal Super Agencies get more and more funding they are going to make it harder & harder on the Clubs. The Feds need a target otherwise the tax payers might start to wonder why all their money is being wasted chasing phantoms, so they create most of what you see in the violence you spoke of. They use the media both news & entertainment to keep the “Big Lie” alive and well and the general public eats it up. Sons of Anarchy, Gangland, you name it, it’s all designed to convince John Q that his Wife & daughters are in mortal danger, that his streets aren’t safe and that nothing will be right until the last real Bikers are either in prison or dead. Meanwhile the real criminals who wear custom made suits and sit on Corporate Boards or the highest seats of Government remain unmolested to carry on the real crime that is taking down society one regulation, fee, or tax at a time. Agencies like the ATF don’t investigate them, they answer to them. If a number of Bankers get caught defrauding their depositors they aren’t subject to R.I.C.O., at worst they are sent to minimum security “facilities” and quietly allowed to return to their gated communities where the stash made was well placed in overseas accounts with no name and is available to keep them in the style and comfort they were accustomed to. The Banks and bankers aren’t raided at work or at home in the dead of night by swarms of SWAT Team gun thugs and the poodle doesn’t get shot. Given the damage these so called “white collar” criminals do to society as a whole, the crimes committed by Bikers are a drop in the bucket. Yet, the Bikers get all the attention and heat because they dare to be who and what they are in the light of day proudly flying their Club Colors for all the world to see. They are called “non-conformists, malcontents, delinquents, criminals, animals, etc”. Doesn’t seem to matter because they have fouund a way of living as men of honor who refuse to kneel down before the so called “upper class or worse yet, authority”! Everyday they risk life and freedom and all most men hold dear to be true to themselves and their Brothers. Hope this very short version or why men join real Motorcycle Clubs clears a few things up for you. If you want to remain a free rider and do your own thing, so long as you’re honest and true you’ll be welcomed at events, runs, rallies and parties put on by this rare breed of men who just may be the last true example of ultimate freedom and who are treated by (in many cases) the government they served in the armed forces as a means to an end (that being to bolster their coffers & instigate problems where none truly exist). Peace.

  19. FF Says:

    be cool ie don’t lie to me, don’t steal from me, don’t cheat me, don’t disrespect my family, don’t dime me out to the pigs, DON’T BETRAY ME—

    and I got no problem with you. And if you can carry on an intelligent conversation, make me laugh, even better.

    Because I won’t lie to you, steal from you, cheat you, disrespect your family, dime you out or betray you.

    It all comes down to trust.

    Frequent Flyer

  20. Grumpy Says:

    Paul “the Dog” Smith reminds of that fuckin fuck Pops who rode with Jay whoever.I met him one time,Smith,on a trip.Knew me by name an acted like we were ol buddies,didn’t like him then an ……..

  21. Snuggebiker Says:

    Yes, Paul ‘the Dog’ Smith has a new lawyer. He was appointed a new public defender after filling out a letter of indigency for the judge. The next public defender in line was a female. His last lawyer requested to be relieved of duty for a reason unknown to me. The acoustics in the court room are not the best and it is a strain to hear sometimes. Rebel, you’re doing the best job I’ve seen anywhere. Having sat in court through these trials I can attest to the accuracy of your reporting.

  22. FF Says:

    You know, I’m all out of comments. How many more have to die or go to prison? The first thing that came to mind when I read that Paul Wayne “Dog” Smith never did any time after multiple crank busts is Mesa Mike: the sequel.

    Over and over, the same shit. Nobody learns a thing.

    Seriously, no disrespect to any one but I don’t think this club thing is for me. I’m not getting jammed up by some fucking narc asshole with a license to kill handed out to him by the FBI. Fuck that.

    Meanwhile I’m suppose to hate “this club” or “that club”.

    Fuck it. The 1%er code as i see it, is give respect, get respect. If somebody is cool with me, I’ll be cool with them, and vice versa. I aint writing anyone off just because conformity OR ELSE dictates it.

    I can’t do that, it’s not in my heart. I’m not hard wired that way. I don’t give a shit what color you are, what religion you practice, if you like to play dingle dangle dingle with other guys, what patch is on your back—-

    Whatever. If you’re cool to me, I’m cool back, period. Why should I go out of my way to be a jerkoff to somebody who isn’t being a jerkoff to me?

    I’m not painting myself into a corner where every FBI stooge and pig cocksucker has me figured out, knows EXACTLY what angles to play me to get me jammed up.

    I’m just sick of this shit. Men shooting each other in a fucking VFW parking lot on a beautiful afternoon, are you kidding me?

    Yeah, gee where do I sign up. Stupid motherfuckers all of them.

  23. Glenn S. Says:

    BMW said: “In any group crime, it is established law in the United States, that all participants in the crime are liable for the criminal actions of each and every co-defendant while participating in the crime. This law was created so that people involved in mob action could not escape prosecution for their crimes.”

    Here in SC, the law is known as “the hand of one is the hand of all”. Supposedly, if more than one person decides to commit a crime, the parties face full consequences of whatever happens as a result, whether foreseen or unforeseen. Three guys rob a bank and one shoots a bank guard, all three face charges of shooting the guard and of robbing the bank. But if more than one person decide to engage in some legal behavior and one of them shoots somebody, only the shooter is legally responsible. Supposedly. Three guys go out for a beer and one gets pissed at another patron at the bar and shoots him, only the shooter is supposed to face charges. Or, if three people go out for a beer and two of them plan to shoot someone at the bar, but the third person is unaware until after the fact, that third person is supposed to be deemed innocent. And the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is supposed to be on the government. A lot of people don’t understand this. I met more than one person in prison who pled guilty because they thought the law applied to mere presence. The government has been known to abuse that law, charging innocent bystanders under the law based on mere acquaintance, attempts to read minds to determine intent, and/or charging everyone present in an effort to procure cooperative witnesses (rats), or notches in their belts via guilty pleas. Sometimes, juries buy into the bullshit and convict innocent bystanders. No, I don’t think this is the case here, but its always best to keep this law in mind with the realization that when something happens, best to just remain silent instead of trying to explain non-involvement to the pigs. They will not believe you or won’t care.

    I agree with those who have suggested that there’s an unseen hand at work here. And I’d bet that the pigs are working on some sort of far reaching investigation into one or both clubs, complete with agents provocateurs, ignoring the Bill of Rights, millions of taxpayer dollars, and blackmail, even as we speak. Because they act as if not only is the hand of one the hand of all, but any hand in their field of vision is the hand of all.

    Condolences to the brothers and other loved ones of the deceased.

  24. Done Says:

    Dig deeper and the gold bar reveals itself to be gold plated. The Defense has called law enforcement to bolster it’s case (fact), two of the defendants have major criminal convictions of which they have somehow escaped incarceration (fact), and with all the latest surveilance techniques available to law enforcement they somehow we’re nowhere near the scene of the incident when it went down (in fact actually rode away just prior), also a fact. Defendant #1 more or less got off on self defense not once but twice in incidents with this Club (fact), #2 was revealed as a prior felon by the State’s Attorney playing a recording of an interview conducted by law enforcement which in FL causes a mistrial further muddying the waters (fact) as we await a still unknown trial date for. #4 who although having been busted for things you and I would still be incarcerated for to this day had it been us, never seems to do any time for EVER. #4 either is the luckiest man to ever get busted or there’s more to his history than law enforcement has been willing to reveal.

    An investigation of law enforcement’s actions both prior to and during this incident in relation to it’s dealings with those on trial is the more interesting case which in all likelyhood will never see the light of day. A logical question would be how so many men who we’re out bad from an International MC felt it was safe to open a Chapter of an MC that uses the same name as their former MC in the same area as the Mother Chapter of that MC and acts as though some larger entity had their backs. There doesn’t appear to have been any association between the break away MC and any other National or International MC which is the kind of back up one would desire for a concept like this to remain unmolested and garner no hostilities towards them. I submit that the break away MC has been under the impression that law enforcement had their backs should the established International MC seek to confront them on their obvious break in MC protocol and further that they were used by law enforrcement to draw out the International MC such that yet another case of entrapment could be had against said MC. The break away MC have been used as pawns easily discarded should the plan go south. It appears that on the day of the incident the break away MC had armed themselves for a much larger number of the International MC to arrive. The trial of #1 revealed that a female associate of the International MC had gone on ahead of the International MC and had called somebody to report on what she saw at the event but that by thhe time she called the first 5 had already left to attend the event so there is reasonable doubt that the first 5 had complete knowledge of what awaited them. The defense attorneys claimed that the female associate was calling back to report on the number of upstart MC being there with no thought given to how many civilians and law enforcement might also be there as well. The State claims that the fliers for the event gave no indication that it was being run by the upstart MC. The flier was shown to the jury but was never visable enough for the cameras to pick up on the live feed WESH aired during the closing arguments of #1. One can therefore conclude that the International MC didn’t know for a fact that the upstart MC or any MC in particualar was involved or if they did, given how they arrived (mostly not carrying fire arms) were not there for a mortal confrontation and may in fact have been there to donate the $800.00 in cash one of their 5 man group carried on his person. The story so far is that the 5 were sitting around the Club House on a sunny Florida weekend and were bored with that so they decided to head out for the event to participate, that they were carrying minimul weaponry, and did not pose an immeadiate threat to anyone when they arrived, were told by those at the gate that they were not wanted, proceeded into the event anyway and were shot at/ gunned down because the upstart MC had reason to believe from prior experience that these 5 represented a threat of bodily harm to them. During or prior to the trial one witness for the upstart MC was shot while riding his motorcycle by a PH full member of the International MC and is incarcerated for that incident (what has not been established yet is whether or not he acted alone or on the orders or wishes of his MC). This was a bone head move nomatter who’s side you’re on (with all due respect). It has not been reported what if anything this witness said in court. If it has I missed that part. There is also the fact that for some unknown reason #4 has not yet been given a trial date and has changed attorneys since the conviction of #3. I submit that #4 was under the impression that #3’s trial would go the way of #’s 1 & 2 and that the State would drop the case against him as futile given the 3 prior lack of decisive outcomes. #3 was susposed to either be found not guilty or the State was supposed to botch his case as well. When #3 got found guilty #4 at once found another attorney who could better deal his now uncertain fate. It will not surprise me in the least if #4 turns State’s evidence against #’s 1-3 and as he always has, walk on all charges. The hidden hand of law enforcement, the under current if you will of the system is not on trial here but they damned well should be.

  25. Jim666 Says:

    I think the last two paragraphs says a lot.

  26. Mike 184 Says:

    “Eckert fired three shots that all missed in a gun battle in which three men were killed and two men were wounded.” Ummm so wtf am I missing here?? They are trying to give him 60 years for shooting and not even injuring anyone?!?!?! I think he would have been facing less time if he made headshots…..

  27. chromedome Says:

    Great way to end that article rebel! Makes perfect sense as to how this whole pile was planned and put together. I hate speculation but this shit FUCKING REEKS of some behind the curtin dealings with or without smith’s knowledge.


  28. Whitepride Says:

    BMW that was well put. It’s sad that we live in a society that he who rats gets a deal while someone who had limited culpability takes it in the ass and spends the better part of their life behind the wall. There’s not much justice left in this country and appears to be about nonexistent in Florida. STP

  29. rollinnorth Says:

    Thanks for the update, Rebel.
    Your last two paragraphs conjure that well-known line by the Bard of Avon, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”


  30. BMW Says:

    I am amazed that anyone has been convicted of these murders, given the deliberate mishandling of both previous defendants’ cases by both the police and the prosecution. In what has become “typical Florida justice”, the individual with the least culpability has become the first person convicted, and may face the harshest punishments.

    To me, it is as if the getaway driver gets convicted while the actual bank robbers get released because they testified against the driver. It may be legal, but is it justice when the individuals who made the crime possible, and the individuals who planned the crime walk away while the person with a smaller role is convicted?

    In any group crime, it is established law in the United States, that all participants in the crime are liable for the criminal actions of each and every co-defendant while participating in the crime. This law was created so that people involved in mob action could not escape prosecution for their crimes. However the actual results don’t always meet a smell test. And so far, this criminal prosecution stinks to high heaven! I have no doubt that Eckert will be freed on appeal, a few years down the road.

    Three “Not guilty” verdicts, two mistrials and a single individual convicted on a few counts don’t inspire much faith in the prosecution. I was cynical before this incident…perhaps more cynical since, if that is possible. I remain convinced that this was one more fabricated crime, created by the police who told Maloney that his former club “had a contract on him”. The LEO set up this crime from start to finish. However the police remain un-indicted conspirators in these murders.

    L,H&R to those who deserve respect,

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