Coones And Sincox Rousted In Laughlin

April 26, 2014

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Nevada police continue to consider motorcycle club members fair game.

Last night at the annual Laughlin River Run approximately 40 police including a Swat team shut down adjoining vendor booths operated by a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Vagos Motorcycle Club.

According to a usually informed and reliable source the Lucky 7 Motorsports booth owned by Vago Michael Raymond Sincox and the So Cal Clothing Line Booth run by well known Hells Angel Rusty Coones were closed and the operators were compelled to pack up and leave. Both booths were on property owned by the Pioneer Hotel. Police called the booths “potential threats,” presumably because the two operators belong to different motorcycle clubs and members of those clubs have confronted one another in the past.

No Problems

The source said, “There was no sign of any conflict or tension of any kind. In fact, they were extremely friendly with each other, exchanged clothing between the booths, helped each other with vendor supplies, and Sincox and Coones embraced each other multiple times in the last few days. The two booths helped each other pack up.”

Coones may be best known as a member of the band Attika 7 and for television appearances on the television series Sons of Anarchy and The Devils Ride.

Lucky 7 Motorsports is a family owned business operated by Sincox and his extended family. His parents, grandparents, sister and brother-in-law were working in the booth when it was shut down. The shut down left that business with about $20,000 of unsold merchandise and three unsold motorcycles valued at $50,000.

Lieutenant John Healy

The massive police action was initiated by Lieutenant John Healy of the Laughlin Station of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the source, Pioneer Hotel security told Sincox and Coones “Lieutenant Healy is making this call,” “it is out of our control,” “law enforcement is pushing this” and that if hotel security did not cooperate the Pioneer would “suffer the consequences.”

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54 Responses to “Coones And Sincox Rousted In Laughlin”

  1. jcfromnj Says:

    jj solari: interesting observation about the difficulty of convincing your fellow human beings that if enough of them ignore the problem (law enforcement as it exists) long enough you will come to realization that you didn’t need them in the first place. A very anarchist viewpoint. It’s hard to shatter the illusion of The State in all it’s variety…
    Would a defense of interfering with the Intestate Commerce Clause for Coones and Sincox be a starting point? It’s the start of a trend.

  2. Hermis Says:

    Working on producing a new TV show, mostly political commentary and chasing the faggot politicians around their offices with rolling camera asking questions they run from. I aired shows like that in the past on local TV networks, it was well received by the people.

    Not so much by the politician faggots. Especially our most recent Lt. Governor Tim (Tiny Tim The Terrible) Murray. Chased that homo for 5 years(got in that homo’s face many times), started when he was mayor of Worcester. That’s in the liberal tree huggers paradise of Massachusetts.

    That chump finally resigned from the Lt Governor’s gig and I was one of the pit bulls nipping at his ass all along, helping to dethrone the piece-of-shit!

    Thinking of adding a segment where cocksuckers like John Healy & punk ass prosecutors go home after another day of violating the rights of Americans and forcing them into embarrassing, disrespectful, and totally unacceptable positions of submission, to a welcoming party of people they have bullied and publicly humiliated.

    Thinking: should the actors in this welcome home scene have axe-handles, baseball bats, chain saws, chains, whips and razors? Or pillows & marshmellows, dildos, tar & feathers, or ice cream treats for all to enjoy? HELP!

    Then, making for good television, the Healy’s of the law enforcement system return to work after their welcome home party, only to behave like the respectful “servants” and “protectors of the Constitution” they were hired to be. Living happily ever-after!

    Unless they insist on reverting to their old ways. Can’t quite figure out an ending for that scene, should it be needed after the initial welcome home celebration.

  3. Mike 184 Says:

    Holy shit what do I wake up to??? Look at all the fine, intellegent well spoken responses. Good luck Ghost, get after it!

  4. latasha bolin Says:

    This is such horse shit.. I worked several runs out there and no problems… they were doing nothing but trying to have a good time and in the end got screwed… so sorry guys go after them for it judging your character is not ok..

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