Eckert Found Guilty

April 26, 2014

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Last night a jury in Sanford, Florida found Robert “Willy” Eckert guilty of two counts of manslaughter with possession of a firearm, one count of attempted second-degree murder with possession and discharge of a firearm and one count of attempted voluntary manslaughter.

Under Florida law, Eckert faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison for the murder conviction and 111 months in prison for the manslaughter convictions. He will be sentenced Monday by Judge Jessica Recksiedler at 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.


Eckert was the third defendant to be tried in a bizarre case that began with a gun battle between members of two separate and distinct Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs. Eckert’s club was rooted in Philadelphia and he and his club brothers wore a back patch on their cuts that depicted a harpy. In classical mythology, harpies were monsters with the faces of women and the bodies of birds. The victims in the case were all members of a club with a mother chapter in Orlando. Those bikers wore a back patch that depicts a phoenix – another mythological creature that dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes of its former life. The Phoenix Warlocks began in 1967. Harpy Warlocks maintain their club began two years earlier.

The case iwas made even more bizarre because the harpy Warlocks are broken into two factions with both groups claiming the right to manufacture and distribute that club’s insignia. Eckert’s patch and the patches of his fellow defendants were produced and distributed by members of the Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of the Harpy Warlocks. Other Philadelphia area Warlocks have disowned and attempted to separate themselves from the Chester chapter.

When What Where

Eckert was convicted of murders that occurred when five members of the Phoenix Warlocks rode into the parking lot of a Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Winter Springs, Florida on September 30, 2012. The dead men were Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell were wounded after a Harpy Warlock named Paul Wayne Smith shot Schlette in the arm and the face. Another Harpy Warlock named Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro fired the shots that killed Liddle and Jakiela.  None of those three men were carrying guns. The two men who were wounded were both carrying pistols. They found cover and returned fire.

Eckert and a fourth defendant named David “Tin Man” Maloney engaged Mitchell and Dyess. Maloney was the president of the local Harpy Warlocks chapter. He was a former Phoenix Warlocks chapter president and he had been expelled from his old club. In 2011 Maloney shot and wounded a member of his old club outside Jonny Rotton’s Bar Out Back in Sanford, Florida. He told police he acted in self defense and he was not charged in that shooting.

All four of the Harpy Warlocks defendants claimed they acted in self defense.

In the September 30, 2012 shootout Maloney fired two shots that both apparently missed. Eckert fired three shots that all missed. Two weeks ago Maloney was acquitted of the three murder charges and one of the attempted murder counts. A jury could not decide whether Maloney tried to murder Mitchell and Judge Marlene Alva declared a mistrial on that count.

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8 Responses to “Eckert Found Guilty”

  1. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    I’ve been following all your writings on this Rebel. Crap gets out of control so quickly. It’s a shame that lives have been both lost and ruined. My sympathies go out to all that have been damaged by these tragedies.

  2. you know better Says:

    @ME: You obviously are in the know there hero! What else do you know? Rebel this isnt directed towards you and your site, but perhaps if everyone would stop worrying about what the other dick head is doing and started worrying about what themselves are doing alot of this drama of our lives b.s. would cease to appear. Why does it matter who talks to who? If you dont like Club A because your club does something different, stop contact and move on. Seriously, if your lives are so boring that you gotta catch in on someone elses drama perhaps you should watch more S.o.A. ( plenty of drama there) or perhaps any one of the Soaps on T.V.

  3. me Says:

    These are both 1%er clubs, and they are testifying against each other in court????? And cooperating with law enforcement???

  4. SingSing Says:

    We really dont have to worry bout the Feds coming down HARD on ALL MC clubs because the few distinct tribes and nations will be doing the brunt of the oppressive P.R campaign for them. All respect going to every club out there doing it on twos but THIS sporadic yet consistent ‘in-fighting’ among ourselves is going to be the death of us and OUR lifestyle. Certain personalities should be able to see the repercussions and ripple effects that their shortsightedness and lack of impulse control will have on the big picture. I submit for anyones consideration that might it take a whole generation of gnarly old “cant change an old dawg’ types to wind up eventually either in the grave or in jail in order for the younger up-n-comers to realize the sheer futility of these actions. cant we all just knuckle up and take our lumps and settle it that way? Im tired of reading and re-reading cases like this where “Bikers” start shooting and decimating one another in a public setting and yet they complain when they cant get a fair evaluation in the public eye. All the bosses need to yank their chains once in a while and keep em corralled and in order so we can all roll in n out of town peacefully without dealing with asshole cops. Rant over.

  5. poop Says:


  6. springerman Says:

    The guy fired three shots and missed yet he is the one found guilty. WTF?

  7. skinny denny Says:

    Dino lube or synthetic?

  8. FF Says:

    Well, you won’t be doing much riding in prison.

    Motorcycles, any way.

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