Maloney’s Fate In Jury’s Hands

April 9, 2014

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All David “Tin Man” Maloney can do now is wait. A Florida jury began deliberating his fate about 2 p.m. Eastern Time today. If convicted, Maloney faces life in prison.

Maloney is accused of second degree murder and attempted murder in the deaths of two Warlocks Motorcycle Club patch holders named Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. Liddle died during a shootout between members of two unrelated motorcycle clubs that both call themselves the Warlocks. Jakiela, an Orlando architect, was mortally wounded in the same battle and died two days later. A third Warlock, Peter Schlette of Denham Springs, Louisiana also died at the scene. Two other men were wounded during the encounter.

The better known of the Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs is the Orlando, Florida based fraternal organization which has chapters throughout the Southeast. The other Warlocks club is affiliated with the Chester, Pennsylvania based Warlocks. The Chester Warlocks in turn are former members of a Warlocks club that historically rode and partied in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

A Chester Warlock named Paul Wayne Smith actually fired the shots that killed Schlette. A Chester Warlock named Victor Amaro fired the shots that killed Liddle and Jakiela. Maloney participated in the shootings in the parking lot of a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Winter Springs, Florida on September 30, 2012 but appears not to have hit anybody. Maloney was the president of a Chester Warlocks chapter in Florida. Smith and Amaro fired on the dead men after Maloney told them not to let Florida Warlocks attend a poker run that began at the VFW post.

Maloney was a former member of the Florida Warlocks. A year before the VFW gun battle Maloney shot and wounded one of his former club brothers outside a Sanford biker bar named Jonny Rotton’s Bar Out Back. Maloney avoided charges in that shooting after prosecutors decided he had acted in self defense. He also claimed self defense after the VFW shootings.

The Prosecution

In his closing statement to the jury this morning, prosecutor Stewart Stone told the panel to use “common sense.”

“The three men who were killed didn’t have guns with them or on their motorcycles,” Stone said. “This isn’t a stand your ground case. He (Maloney) didn’t stand his ground. What he did is he advanced his ground.” Stone said Maloney should have called the police instead of opening fire. “Call 911, like everyone in the bar was doing,” He said. “I’m going to talk about that, because that’s a concept foreign to Mr. Maloney. You hear gunshots, call 911…and have his gun in his hand, ready for someone to come inside the VFW hall area, and then defend himself if he needed to. That would have been ‘Stand Your Ground.’”

The prosecutor told the jury that Maloney was an accessory to the murders whether his bullets actually killed anyone or not. “To be principal, the defendant doesn’t even have to be present when the crime was committed,” he said. “Were Mr. Maloney’s actions reasonable that morning? No they were not.”

The Defense

Maloney’s defender, Michael LaFay demonized the Florida Warlocks throughout the trial and tried to convince jurors that members of that club were dangerous and that they posed an ongoing, credible threat to Maloney and his new club brothers.

“We heard the testimony of John Glazier,” LaFay said. “He told you what that man was like. They had one purpose, and that was to go over there and violently shut them down. These are euphemisms. ‘Shut ‘em down.’ That means to beat ‘em. Hurt ‘em. Kill ‘em. It’s just a question of when.” He said the men who died in the shootout were “not followers of the Gandhi non-violent mantra.”

LaFay painted the circumstances of the shootout in shades of gray. “Do you have any evidence that he shot anyone? The answer is no…. Did he or did he not act in self-defense? If you have reasonable doubt on that issue, the answer to that is no. No…. If you believe he did, you must find him not guilty.”

As of 6 p.m. Eastern time, it seemed unlikely the jury would reach a verdict before tomorrow.



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17 Responses to “Maloney’s Fate In Jury’s Hands”

  1. BMW Says:


    Pardon me for jumping in, but I believe the judge declared a mistrial on the last charge because the jury could not agree on a decision. A jury in a criminal trial, by tradition, must be unanimous for acquittal or conviction, and they were divided and could not reach a verdict. The judge declares a mistrial in that charge, and the prosecutor may present it again in a new trial. Sometimes the prosecutor will retry a charge, and sometimes they just let it lie, because they think they have a loser — and nobody wants to lose.

  2. Tooj Says:

    Damn skippy. Loose lips and that.

  3. Paladin Says:

    The best way to lose money is to bet on a jury’s verdict and I must admit that if I had bet on this one, I would have lost. I’m curious to know what caused the judge to call a mistrial on Maloney’s last remaining charge. Hopefully; Rebel will have that information as he continues to report on this case.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to)


  4. Rahlow Says:

    Jim666, thanks for affirming I’m not alone in that understanding or belief,

    BigV thanks for that info, I was not aware he went Philly/Florida/Philly.

    Dell, I agree the filming was a bad idea, don’t believe the entire club was good with it from the git go, but, who am and and what do I know,,

    I’m a firm believer that, the less publicity ya get, the better.

    Respect to the deserving.

  5. Stevo Says:

    Whatever the ins and outs, I’m just delighted that this man beat the rap and rides free.



  6. BigV Says:

    I’m not saying anything here that hasn’t been said publically, in print, or on here before:

    He had been a Philly Warlock. He left/retired/quit/whatever that club and moved to Florida.

    While in Florida he became a Warbird Warlock. He had issues with them and with one person apparently in particular, he shot a brother, and that was what has been said to have made him “Out Bad”- his actions within the club prior and his choice to shoot a brother.

    The Philly Warlocks are apparently in expansion mode, or were, as they were flying colors in SC, FL, and I’ve seen them in south Georgia.

    Sometime in there, Maloney became a Philly Warlock again, except as a chapter president in Florida.

  7. Dell Says:

    Just to play devils advocate here, we don’t know what the reason for him being out bad was. Was it because he voted against being filmed for warlocks rising? Letting cameras in the clubhouse and airing dirty laundry like a member borrowing money and setting up an escort massage service to pay it back? I know its a far stretch of an example but just saying. that club has been through the shit ringer lately and one can only imagine what the reason may have been. And this could be in bad taste but I once had respect for them and they lost it with the warlocks rising and the bullshit press releases. They are just a few pegs up from laughing devils in my book. But then again I digress, who the fuck am I anyway. Im a mystery to my own damn self most the time.

  8. Jim666 Says:

    said :
    what ever happened to one club not accepting “out bad” former members of other clubs???????

    Ive been wondering the same as to being out bad in any club means you did something against that clubs rules, regulations, laws, and or bi laws ,
    Which would make me think you might do the same in my club, from me you would get a no vote,
    I would vote no on a hang around that fucked up somewhere else, not to think about a full patch.
    But I guess we all have differences even if they are the same.

  9. Rahlow Says:

    Not surprised at this verdict……
    I often wonder when reading about this case what ever happened to one club not accepting “out bad” former members of other clubs???????

  10. RLG Says:

    “You hear gunshots, call 911”

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

  11. dell Says:

    WOW! Well, while the red and white warlocks may have laid a trap, the florida warlocks had no business being there. I have trouble believing they were going to donate 800 bucks to a cause promoted by a rival…especially since Maloney already shot one of their brothers a year earlier! I just cant see where the Orlando guys where not there to start trouble. But then again the red and white warlocks where starting trouble just by flying down in Florida. Its a shame 3 men had to die over this.
    Was justice truly served today? I only wish that other clubs facing trials have such a jury as Maloney had. They weren’t easily led by the prosecution. Its going to be interesting now to see what happens if he beats the next charge May 14th, and if he continues his crusade against the warbirds or counts his blessings and moves to a quieter place to retire.

  12. 10Guage Says:


  13. Nobody Says:

    These “Chester” Warlocks are not “former” Warlocks of the Pennsylvania & Jersey area. They ARE the Warlocks of Pennsylvania & Jersey area. I’m not sure exactly where you are getting your information but I can assure you, you are mistaken but there is not need for me explain. It all comes out in the wash. You’ll see.

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear FF,

    It is a long story and I will tell it after Maloney’s trial. Some of the guy’s in Florida were former Philly Warlocks. Some patched into the club in Florida. The Philly Warlocks who went to Florida went for the same reason everybody goes to Florida. Warm weather.


  15. FF Says:

    It seems the more information that gets revealed in the this case, the more bizarre, confusing and obfuscated it gets.

    Why would these guys want to leave Chester PA to go down to Fl to get involved in something that didn’t concern them, Maloney was OIB from Orlando Warlocks— why would the Chester club even want him? And Amaro, Smith and Eckert willingly, happily, mindlessly following Maloney’s orders and very well may find themselves riding ol’ Sparky in Starke. Another thing…

    In 2012, a spokesman for the original Philadelphia Warlocks told The Aging Rebel, “…the guys that killed the Florida Warlocks were not Philly Warlocks…. Guys that are wearing the Warlock colors with the Harpy from Virginia, Florida and South Carolina are not affiliated in any way with Pennsylvania or New Jersey Warlocks. Those guys had colors made and are running around Florida trying to bring the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Warlocks into shit that doesn’t concern us.”

    The statement “These guys had colors made” implies they were/are a rogue element. But they were PH’s from Chester, PA. Right? Which is it?

    But who knows? Up is down and down is up.

  16. jj solari Says:

    if jurors had “common sense” they wouldnt’t find themselves on juries.

  17. Jim666 Says:

    Looks like your going to have a long story to cover here Rebel.

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