Saving The Patch With Beer

March 30, 2014

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At least a thousand members of saloon society attended the “Save the Patch” rally at a Mongols friendly bar called The House Lounge Saturday.

The rally was both a publicity event and a fundraiser. The proceeds will help the Mongols Motorcycle Club pay the cost of defending a landmark legal case. The points of that case, titled USA v. Mongol Nation, an Unincorporated Association, is to outlaw a lawful group with the aid of propaganda and to criminalize the previously legal act of belonging to a motorcycle club. Mongols Nation, which attorney Joe Yanny thinks is likely to be ultimately decided by the Supreme Court, has been almost completely ignored by the world’s press.

Two reporters made the trek to the House Lounge. One guy wore an Aging Rebel tee-shirt. The other, whose name is Brian Day, wore a press pass from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, which is the only news outlet in Los Angeles that has even tried to report on the Mongols with any semblance of professionalism since Operation Black Rain was announced in October 2008. You can read Day’s take on the rally here.

Hanging Separately

The Hells Angels and the universe of clubs that support them were conspicuous by their absence. Los Angeles was unique in the world of motorcycle clubs for years. There are several one percenter clubs in the City of Angels. Three of them are big, tough clubs that would have been solely preeminent almost anywhere else in the world up until about a decade ago – the Mongols, the Vagos and the Hells Angels.

And it is hardly betraying a confidence to state in writing that the Vagos and Mongols have arranged a détente in the motorcycle world and that the Hells Angels remain proudly aloof from that. Nor is there a cop anywhere within ten thousand miles of Steve Cook, the biker authority in Kansas, who does not know that there was a bloody incident on the 15 Freeway south and west of El Lay on March 22, a week before the rally, that involved two well known Los Angeles area clubs. So neither the Angels nor any of the clubs that must get along with the Hells Angels made an appearance at the rally. Interestingly, the 1Down MC, which is mostly African-American, was there.

Anyone who knows anything about outlaw clubs or how those clubs actually work or who understands the single, expressionless face that all clubs must show to outsiders can imagine that as many as four or five Angels out of ten sympathize and identify with the Mongols’ legal dilemma. But that is simply not how the Hells Angels as a whole relate to the outside world. So in the coming battles over what fraternal organizations Americans will be allowed to join the Angels will probably stand alone.

The Event

The House Lounge was packed with patches. There was just enough room for guys to hug. It was a daytime, friendly event attended by many women. At any time hundreds of Vagos, Mongols, Carnales, Silent Natives, Aztec Riders, Vietnam Vets and Pacific Savagez spilled out into the street.

The steak sandwiches were good, the music was loud, the beer was cold. Dave Santillan who is not afraid to be known as the President of the Mongols gave a pleasant speech about the importance of the cause.

Increasingly, there is only one biker party. What differentiates these events from one other is their subtext. The subtext of this party was a well known train of logic which goes like this: If faceless and mostly anonymous government employees can do this the Mongols they can do it to any motorcycle club including the Hells Angels. If this can happen to motorcycle clubs it can happen to the Ku Klux Klan, PETA and the Tea Party. And after that the government will find a way to impose its will on the Catholics, the Jews, the Methodists and the Boy Scouts.

The subtext was why the party at the House Lounge mattered. To belong to a motorcycle club is first and foremost a way of being a man. Men don’t have to stand tall but every once in a while they do have to stand up. And, every once in a while a man does have to draw or cross a line in the sand. The Mongols and the Vagos just drew a line.



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32 Responses to “Saving The Patch With Beer”

  1. WSLONGO13 Says:

    I remember we green lighted the Mongols MC an us surenos put it down on the streets an prison

  2. Jim666 Says:

    I just spent the bigger part of the day w/ some of my brothers from up north and others that are local along w/ a couple other local and central club members from different clubs and we discussed the “SAVE THE PATCH” program as it looks rite now we are all mostly for backing the program here and will be working more towards it in the very near future just have to get everyone on board . From what I see it wont be long and we will be behind it .
    I for one have been. As Ive stated time and again we all need to have some diplomacy if not things will go the way of OZ. We dont have to hold hands and sing around a camp fire but we do need some changes.

  3. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I can only hope that Save the Patch II will absolutely need that larger venue.

    Thanks to all who made it.

  4. N P Says:

    Sorry, I omitted UCI, UC Irvine.

  5. N P Says:

    It was a wild spring break this year, 2014, with well publicized rioting in Santa Barbara. Perhaps, Austin, this is the work of frat houses from UCLA, UCSB, UCR, and UC Dago.

  6. N P Says:

    Thanks a lot sherides. @ Austin: maybe not, but there seems to be a lot to read about. You’re probably right. It’s most likely some sort of fraternity prank, possibly out of UC Riverside.

  7. Austin Says:

    Broad daylight – lots of people around – no arrests – no cell phone video – must not be anything to talk about.

  8. N P Says:

    Well Rebel, that brawl on I 15 was quite a story. Apparently it involved gardening tools. It is the most flamboyant incident since the kid punched Rockem. It got no press for some time, and it sounds like the cops were not called until it was over. That alone makes it very significant. The public wants no part of it! Thanks for the subtle mention.

  9. Rerun Says:

    Nice turnout to this event ! I was under the impression this was a CoC rally but soon discovered that it was solely ran by the Mongols MC for their own fund. Either way I think that the money taken in will go to fight the good fight against the feds. What really was cool was all the clubs that showed and supported this event got along great and really showed some class in their behavior. I truly believe we must work together as one to stop the abuse we all endure on a daily basis from the the Feds down to our local police. We can not continue to keep our heads in the sand on these issues and hope it wont happen to us. Ride Free !

  10. Jim666 Says:

    @ ocmouse22. $ Dell.

    I agree , well said.

    Jim 666

  11. Dell Says:

    @ocmouse22 Yeah what he said. Pearls of wisdom right there. But the times they are a changing and I might add changing much to fast. Theres a difference between MC clubs and gangbangers…or at least there should be. These days its getting hard to tell the difference.
    I think the COC and NCOM have come along way in helping clubs get along better but there still is a ways to go. Hopefully Save the patch can be that bridge that unites all clubs with the common denominator of love for brotherhood, motorcycles and the lifestyle we love. Get back to basics and the trouble makers will start to disappear.
    Wishful thinking? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. Like many have said before, you dont have to like each other or hang out together, but as much as I hate to use this word we can all learn to tolerate each other.
    Thanks to those that paved the way and are paving the way as I type. Thanks to Rebel for this informative site. Ill go on record stating I believe this site will be a cornerstone or mouthpiece for all clubs to get the truth out.

  12. ocmouse22 Says:

    This is just my opinion! We let to many people in our clubs.that’s why they testify against us. Respect is just a word in a book to them. Respect is earned by men not by putting on a patch if you didn’t have respect before you put on the patch it won’t get it for you. They bring their personal beers with them and expect us to fight them for them. We let people club hope and bring their crap with them. There is no need to settle our issues publicly it should be done in private like back in the day like men! Save the patch will do nothing for us if we do not stop being so very public!


    It was a great event and we were proud to be their it was so packed ppl could hardly walk around the band was good the beer was cold the food was good but most importantly the unity of all patches that showed up was remarkable lil Dave great luck to u for all of us and rebel thanks bro keep doing what you do F.A.A.F

  14. The Orange Says:

    Rebel I know I sent this to you in a email, but I still wanted to share it with you on this forum.

    “Thank you very much and much respect. I know what you do ain’t easy, but somebody has to do it.

    Take care and thank you for being a voice and a vessel for the MC community.”

    I did attend the Save The Patch event and it was a proud historic day that I am honored to have taken part in.

    The Orange

  15. CN Says:


    I’ve sent you an email. Please let me know here if you don’t get it. Thanks for your assistance. I look forward to any help I might be able to facilitate. L&R CN

  16. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    This is a good piece and many thanks for all your words to help this cause.

    A wise man wrote, “no man is an island”. I hope those on the outside consider this.

  17. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ beef
    Budweiser has angered me as he has many others. However, if Budweiser was there he made his donation at the door just like everyone else. Were you there?

  18. ocmouse22 Says:

    I have a two part answer to CN’s question at NCOM we will have info on save the patch so you clubs in the rest of the country can start helping the cause. Second I have put my email address on here a few times so you clubs can get info. So here it is again. [email protected]. I can put you in contact with people for the shirts and where to send money and tell you where it goes.

  19. Brooklyn Rob Says:

    It would be great to see something like this out here in NY. At a very minimum, it’ll certainly help spread awareness of just how vulnerable our constitutional rights can be when appropriate checks and balances inconspicuously begin diminishing. Please, let’s stop the spread of the Queensland virus.

    Much Respect

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear The Orange,

    All due respect.


  21. That guy sfs Says:


  22. beef Says:

    did you see the poster formally known as “Budweiser” there? haven’t talked to him yet but I’m fairly certain he was there.

  23. CN Says:

    If I’m reading this correctly, NCOM is the vehicle by which this will be promoted to the rest of the Country. I have as of yet however to read anything by or from NCOM that indicates this which hopefully is just a matter of my not looking in the right places. Should any of you here have their stated objective for advancing this cause I’d appreciate you directing me to it. Again, I’m sure it’s just me.

    Thank you.

  24. BMW Says:

    Congratulations to the people who organized and those who attended this “Save the Patch” event! I am very happy to hear that many people attended and donated to the cause. It is disappointing that not everyone showed up — including me (3K miles away) — for different reasons.

    I am not surprised that some of the groups in our world still harbor distrust or hatred for each other. Having created this dissension, in order to preserve their control, the ATF, FBI, DHS, and others are still trying to maintain the old status-quo, where clubs still don’t get along. It is extremely hard to overcome the righteous anger over the murder of friends and brothers. I expect that the provocateurs are working overtime to fan the flames and preserve the anger, distrust and hatred that they have created.

    Once again, I return to the lessons learned from the 70s and 80s, where the FBI, CIA and other governmental groups managed to divide groups which were working to advance their communities. We do not have to agree with the purposes of those groups in order to learn the lessons.

    Groups organizing in the black community at that time were divided by personal and organizational rivalries. The FBI fanned the flames, using provocateurs and “poison pen” letters to keep the disagreements burning. In California, based on false information, black nationalists fought the black panthers, and this resulted in several deaths. We now know this because some of the FBI’s internal documents were stolen and distributed to the news media.

    Among the various anti-war groups of the same time, the feds aggravated organizational and personal rivalries to the point that the two largest anti-war groups would hold their anti-war demonstrations on succeeding weekends. The two different demonstrations on different weekends of the same month effectively cut the numbers of people attending the anti-war demonstrations in half.

    Law enforcement organizations and Big Business have traditionally exploited the same sort of problems between various small local groups to keep those groups fighting each other instead of fighting together.

    Does this scenario sound familiar? Perhaps the readers of Out Bad, a great book, btw, will recognize it. I am sure that readers of the Aging Rebel web site will recognize this, as he has covered the scenario several times sometimes with the same (ATF) characters playing the same roles!

    I am far away from California, and have no direct knowledge of the events there, or the participants, and certainly mean no disrespect to anyone. I see a possible parallel between events today and events 30 years ago. I bring it up for your consideration.

    Love, Honor and Respect to all MC clubs!

  25. The Orange Says:

    It was a historic day.

    NAME CORRECTION: of 1DOWN MC in 5th paragraph last sentence.

    Not spelled “One Down MC”.

    Correct spelling is 1DOWN MC.

    God bless and thank you Rebel for the time & effort you put into your write ups & articles.

  26. Road Whore Says:

    A man needs to hold, in his heart of hearts, an allegiance to a higher principle which will guide his every action.

    This principle does not have to be a god, or a religion, or even a codified philosophy.

    And this principle should embrace Good.

    What is “good?” I think it’s easy to define; the “Golden Rule,” sums it up fairly nicely. And you don’t have to be good to someone because it’s a commandment of your religion or your god or your belief system; you can be good to someone just because life feels better for both parties involved when you are.

    In subordination to that rule, let’s add another: self-preservation. If someone is behaving in a deadly manner toward you, which violates the “Golden Rule,” do you have the right to defend yourself using whatever measures are necessary? Yes, absolutely. Regardless of whatever your personal belief is about an Afterlife it’s not the right of another to arbitrarily send you there.

    If every one of us embraced the concept of the “Golden Rule”–Do unto others as you would have others do unto you–the world would become an amazing place: no cheating; no lying; no stealing; no murdering; no falsifying evidence. Most diseases would probably disappear. Greed would be a thing of the past. Violence would cease to exist. Global tribal warfare would stop.

    Until everyone embraces that concept we will still have to utilize the rule of self-preservation. After all, the self-sacrificial god of Christianity, Jesus Christ himself, did not allow anyone to kill him permanently, and is said Biblically to plan a return to kick some serious ass.

    Be nice whenever you can; and kick some serious ass when you can’t.

    Save The Patch,

    Ride Free!

  27. ocmouse22 Says:

    Hell yes!!!!!!!!!! This was a good event. It took a lot of hard work from a few people. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! We are starting to plan the next one already, we are going to make it a very public event and maybe more mainstream news outlets will attend and report on it. I would like to say to the clubs that did not attend the event. You are not exempt from this happening to you and it will happen!!! The next step in NCOM to tell the rest of the country about save the patch and get events like this to take place all over the country. I would like to say to the Bell Gardens officer who laught when we said the biker world is uniting. TOLD YOU SO !!!!!! Thanks Rebel and thank you to all who attended.

  28. jj solari Says:

    oh and another thing: the fact that this little item isnt on 20-20, sixty minutes, diane sawyer, and the nightly network news every goddamn day is a great tribute consisting of lady gaga’s stage puke dumped on their heads as to the absolute worthlessness of the brain-dead, lifeless, clueless, lazyass, worthless, pieces of shit calling themselves newsmen and journalists. a 6 year old dead child in a booth selling lemonade and being held up by wires as he rots is more alive and industrious and interested in life than journalists and newsmen are interested in journalism and news. if you want to boast to the world that you have no function on this earth just have some cards saying “newsman” made up and pass them around. we’ll get the idea.

  29. Paladin Says:

    After the rally, I stopped by to see an ancient and dear friend. He asked me, “What’s new?” I told him about the Government’s attempted over reach and what the Mongol’s and other MCs were doing about it. When I was finished bringing my friend up to speed, he chuckled and said, “Only the Government could do what God could not”, that being the uniting of fiercely independent MCs against a long time foe.

    The United States Government’s vilification of the American Indian is strikingly similar to the current vilification of the MCs and the biker subculture. The Plains Indian’s massacre of General Custer and his 7th Calvary was a graphic display of what can happen when autonomous groups band together against a common enemy.

    The fight that’s brewing in Judge Wright’s court room has the potential to reshape how the 1st Amendment is viewed. If the Government prevails and is allowed to control the vertical and the horizontal, no defined group, big or small will be safe from government persecution.

    Win or lose, the MCs that have chosen to help the Mongol’s in this fight will be remembered for standing up, shelving past differences, and helping the Mongol’s with the heavy lifting that’s required, when facing off against the Beast.

    The MCs that choose not to help and rather watch from the sidelines may very well benefit from the Mongol’s vs. Government showdown, and they too shall be remembered.

    As Lewis Carroll once wrote; “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things…

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  30. jj solari Says:

    what’s even more annoying than the hells angels not showing up for this is the fact that no non-biker-related groups showed up, including but not limited to the catholics, the protestants, the buddhists, the mormons, the grocery stores, the tv stations, the auto industry, mcdonald douglas, general electric, carls jr’s, in and out, proctor and gamble, random house, field and stream, winchester, maytag and any other fucking american entity that has an identity it wants to keep before it is declared illegal by the useless fucking piles of steaming shit in one segment or another of the ten billion governments vying for the title of Most Worthless Piece Of Shit Of This Law Enforcement Moment.

  31. Shyster Says:

    The turnout was overwhelming. I’m proud to see, Joseph Yanny, a true hard charging trial lawyer representing the Mongols MC against the Government.

    There should be a Save the Patch II soon but at a bigger venue.


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