Steve Ruiz Gets 44 Months

March 19, 2014

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Steve Ruiz, the former Hells Angel who shot and killed a club brother at a club funeral in October 2011, pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter yesterday and will be sentenced to 44 months in a California prison.

Current California law requires prisoners to serve two thirds of their sentence before being eligible for parole. However, due to prison overcrowding, current California policy makes prisoners eligible for parole after serving half of their sentences. Ruiz has been in custody since February 25, 2012 so he could be out of prison as early as January 2015.

Ruiz shot Santa Cruz Hells Angel Steve Tausan at the funeral for San Jose Angels president Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew on October 15, 2011. Tausan was a former member of the San Jose charter and he and Pettigrew were close friends. Pettigrew died in a brawl with members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada on September 23, 2011. Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick, the Vago who baited Pettigrew and instigated the fight was sentenced to seven years in prison last August. Ernesto Gonzalez, the Vago convicted of shooting Pettigrew, was sentenced last October to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 20 years.

The Shooting

Before their final, fatal confrontation Tausan and Ruiz had two arguments about Pettigrew’s death and whether it could have been prevented. Shortly after the shooting in Sparks, Tausan chastised Ruiz for not attending the 2011 Street Vibrations run at which Pettigrew died. Tausan thought Ruiz might have been able to protect Pettigrew and Ruiz argued that he hadn’t attended because he was on club probation and he had to work. The two men wrangled again at a club party in San Jose. According to prosecutors, Tausan threatened to kill Ruiz at that party.

The two men met again at Pettigrew’s funeral and argued. The argument turned into a one sided fist fight in a driveway outside the funeral home. Tausan, a former middleweight boxer, was significantly bigger than Ruiz. The fight was recorded by cemetery surveillance cameras. After Tausan knocked down Ruiz, the smaller man pulled a small caliber pistol from inside his vest and fired two shots.

Ruiz was quickly subdued by mourners, stripped of his club colors and disappeared in the confusion that followed the shooting. In general, Hells Angels who use a weapon on another Hells Angel are expelled from the club. Tausan was carried out of the cemetery by his club brothers where, according to witnesses, police obstructed his access to an ambulance. He died within the hour and was buried in the same cemetery on October 29. According to police, mourners picked up the shell casings and dumped the contents of a cooler on the crime scene. Police also allege that some mourners tried to seize the surveillance video from cemetery employees.


After Pettigrew’s funeral, police assumed Ruiz had been murdered and his body concealed in Pettgrew’s coffin so Pettigrew was exhumed. Ruiz was publically named as a suspect the next day.

Ruiz was the subject of an often ludicrous, four-month-long manhunt that included a particularly destructive Swat raid on a private home in Stockton on October 22. He was eventually captured at a Days Inn in Fremont, California.




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15 Responses to “Steve Ruiz Gets 44 Months”

  1. buzzards bay ray Says:

    fuck you steve

  2. Kip Says:

    Well, Ol Steve got away with killing some dude, so I guess its all even now..

  3. MFFM Says:

    Ruiz come see us brother join a real club

  4. tom Says:

    When I was in high school Steve stood up for me and made sure I was safe !! I will never forget it !! He never let anyone fuck with me !!

  5. dave5150 Says:

    Most people don’t know that right after the funeral Mr.187 was going to take over the san jose chapter.Ruiz knew this,Bob V and a couple others also knew what was going to happen.They also knew that most of them were
    going to have their cuts pulled that day.
    Pretty smart plan to keep that from happening,knowing that self defence would work.Ruiz got a short sentence,or did he???? It’s tuff always wondering and looking over your shoulder.
    I lost two of my closest friends in that short span,two real old school outlaws and I know there was only one guy there when Jethro died that really tried to help him and he’s doing time for helping his brother,
    and as far as Mr.187 goes there was not a person past or present that was more Hells Angel then Steve.
    Steve was the badest person that I ever met and was always willing to listen to both sides of any situation before acting on it.

  6. Grace Says:

    44 months, hhhmmmmm! just my opinion, but most of these comments implying PC or that Ruiz rolled are a bit sideways! The initial reports published after the arrest tell a very different story and paint a picture of self defense, and those initial reports were based exlusively on the video tape footage. the tapes showed Ruiz being beat down my at least 5 people for several minutes before Tousen even gets to the scene. Basically, whether the beaating was deserved or not is a mute point (i am gonna assume it was). I believe the real issue is HOW MUCH of a beating is one supposed to take before the point is made and before action is taken to save your own life? Furthermore, if Ruiz was a roller, dont you think that any of the other “assailents” from the video tapes would have been identified and the swooped up? Cops mouths water and their little panties get wet when they have even the slightest reason to detain, arrest, observe or bust the balls of ANY 1%er, any associate or any supporter!! 44 months is law enforcements way to “hang their hat” on a “formal charge” so that they can justify the time and resources spent in their pursuit of Ruiz …and, of course, in true “law enforcement form” they executed a sentence that could raise a few eyebrows and create fragmentation and doubt! The fact of the matter is that law enforcement should pay more attention to crimes in which there are actually innocent victims – neither one of these dudes are “innocent victims”; they knew the game and they signed on – both are accountable for thier actions. And, with all due respect, it seems that they both lost their lives on that day! It is unfortunate that it all went down like that and it sucks that this cloud hangs over the the best MC in the world, but it is what it is. To live and die by the sword is NOT crime, it is a lifestyle choice – and we get to make choices like that here in America. So , my opinion is that comments such as the ones I have read play directly into law enforcements hands and give them a reason to “be vigilent” (after all, it is job security that they seek , along with the desire to win all pissing contests!)

  7. BMW Says:

    Ride In Peace, Steve Tausin. Condolences to the Brothers, family and friends of Steve Tausin!

    A surprisingly light sentence for killing another. Although voluntary manslaughter is probably the correct charge, it seems a very light sentence. As far as I know, almost every club will expel a member for using a weapon on another member. It is usually mentioned in the constitution.

    This killing has to stop — between clubs or within clubs! We are losing good, stand-up club members to useless violence. The feds stoke the flames of dissatisfaction, and good members die.

    L,H&R BMW

  8. N P Says:

    I will not hesitate to make that trade this very second, and do it in the wide open too.

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    I got twice as much time for shooting a guy in the leg, and that was the best plea bargain an expensive fixer could get me in a case where the “victim” was an intruder in my home. Obviously, society has set its rage to punish bar low or high regarding the who rather than the what. (In my case, the “who” was the acting police chief’s fuck-up nephew in W. Columbia, SC.) Sounds like they’re saying: “Hey, y’all kill each other and we’ll cut you some slack. But fall for some entrapment scam when you’re broke and your family is hungry or hurt one of us and we’ll make it life ending.” (In my case, falling for the entrapment scam got me 10 years, back before Nancy Reagan needed a social project and her ol’ man declared war on drugs. Now, it would be a lot longer)

    If I thought I could get 44 months for a body, I can think of one or two breathing now that I’d make the trade for. Thing is, they wouldn’t be adjudicated 44 month bodies. Can’t think of a single 44 month body that needs killing.

    Condolences to the loved ones of the deceased. I imagine the 44 months will at least be spent in PC.

  10. Jim666 Says:

    @ Rebel love the video at very top. some great pic.s of Steve .
    The way he should remembered.

  11. FF Says:

    All this senseless, mindless killing. It’s just sad, man. RIP Steve Tausin, from what I’ve seen on youtube and what not, you were a man’s man.

    This Ruiz guy? Well…. at one time somebody obviously saw some good qualities in him or he never would have gotten the patch. As for the light sentence….

    I’ve seen PHers kill other PHers (in cold blood as far as I’m concerned) and get lighter sentences.

    I think the trick is to stop killing each other, but what do I know.

    One final comment because it’s burning in my heart to say it and really believe it might save the next man’s life—

    If Steve Tausan had been murdered by any other patch instead of one his own, that entire club would have been held accountable. And how many hapless PHers of that club who had nothing to do with it, would be held accountable for it? How many more lives would be destroyed because of it? And then revenge begets more revenge in a never ending downward spiral. Men who don’t even know the first thing about each other bushwacking each other, for no other reason than a convenient opportunity presented itself.

    I get the whole “sending warriors to Valhalla” thing, but I also get the fact that the federal government an their police goons would like to see us all exterminated— so why do we do what they want us to do?

    I know I’m out of my lane right now, and I’m probably going to be told to shut up and sit down, and that’s cool. I’ll gladly piss of the whole world and get crucified if I could save one biker’s life.

    This moth is getting closer to the flame.

    Frequent Flyer

  12. L-Frame S&W Says:

    Ruiz, what a pussy, you get in a fistfight with a brother and lose, so you shoot him? Doing it at a brother’s funeral, in front of your other brothers?
    Unless he finds a deep dark hole to hide in when he gets out of the graybar motel, his life ain’t worth much.

  13. 10GAUGE Says:


  14. Jim666 Says:


  15. Vikingtrotter Says:

    44 months and ticking. Frankly, I am amazed at what he got.
    Should be interesting to see what happens on month 45.

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