Getting Away With Murder

March 17, 2014

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives successfully avoided justice and accountability last Wednesday. Four ATF agents named Gregory Giaoni, Paul D’Angelo, Darrin Kozlowski and John Ciccone avoided justice and accountability.

Two men named Richard Clayborne and Jose Gonzalez were found guilty of the murder of a Mongol named Manuel Vincent “Hitman” Martin in the wee small hours of October 8th, 2008. Clayborne and Gonzalez may have even pulled the trigger. But determining who pulled the trigger is only a fraction of the story.

Martin was killed after attending a party at a bar called The Mix at 2612 Honolulu Avenue in Montrose, California – part of the great sprawl of Los Angeles near the Glendale city line. At the time of Martin’s murder Giaoni, D’Angelo, Kozlowski and Ciccone were all participants in a three-year-long undercover, and still mostly secret, provocation that was intended to turn the Mongols Motorcycle Club into a blatantly criminal enterprise. The three undercover agents had all joined the Mongols Cypress Park chapter and quickly became full time Mongols. They were always everywhere. They never left a party early. They provoked fights and solicited crimes. Some of the crimes they solicited were blatant entrapments. The provocation, or investigation, was eventually christened Operation Black Rain. Ciccone was the case agent for Black Rain. Koslowski was the lead undercover.

Undercover Brothers

Giaoni, D’Angelo and Kozlowski all rode to the party at The Mix with Martin. Ciccone drove the chase car. All three men had been identified as possible ATF agents by club members. Kozlowski’s photograph had appeared in a book titled Under And Alone about an earlier ATF investigation of the Mongols. However, according to multiple sources, then Mongols president Ruben “Doc” Cavazos refused to believe the men were cops after they passed a lie detector test.

The three undercovers shared a safe house less than a mile from The Mix and less than three miles from the Los Angeles headquarters of the ATF in Glendale. The safe house was always well stocked with drugs. Numerous sources have said that both Giaoni and D’Angelo appeared to develop substance abuse problems during the course of the investigation. Both men carried nasal spray bottles putatively filled with methamphetamine and sniffed from them frequently. According to multiple sources, Giaoni took his motorcycle apart while intoxicated on methamphetamine and couldn’t put the bike back together.

All three undercovers feared and distrusted Hitman Martin. In one particularly lurid Report of Investigation, Kozlowski described Martin terrorizing a Hells Angel supporter for wearing the wrong tee shirt. All three undercovers were aware that several months before his death, Martin had stabbed a Hells Angel. And, numerous informed sources believe that Martin was suspicious of the three “Cypress Park brothers.”

Looking For Fights

After arriving at The Mix on the evening of October 7, the three undercovers immediately went looking for fights. “They were trying to say we were there to fight some Russian dudes, which was totally not the truth,” a Mongol who was there said. “They tried starting shit with the bouncers there, and a few other people until Hitman chilled them out.”

Claybourne and Gonzalez, both members of Glendale’s Toonerville Rifa 13 clique, were among the ATF agents victims.

The night of the Mongols party, there was also an ongoing federal investigation including extensive electronic surveillance of Toonerville Rifa 13. Activities of both the Mongols and Toonerville investigations were monitored by a single Los Angeles area fusion center – which at the time was widely described as “The War Room.” A principal function of The War Room was “deconfliction,” or warning undercover agents and their backups about possible dangers posed by chance encounters between undercover agents in unrelated cases.

“The War Room,” according to police documents, “provide(d) real time operational and tactical intelligence support by tracking, around-the-clock, all Federal, State and local law enforcement ‘high risk’ operations within the four county region.” The party at The Mix was being monitored by the Drug Enforcement Administration, ATF, FBI, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the Glendale PD and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Martin Suspicious

According to one very informed source, “Hitman came to me and (another Mongol) and said he had to see us the next day because we ‘had to talk about the new dude that was hanging with the Cypress Park (ATF) brothers.’ Mind you, in this entire investigation those Cypress Park guys never left a party early once. They rode in with Hitman. Yet, that night they left an hour or an hour and a half before everyone else. Why would they leave early? Right after Hitman came to me and another brother? Why did they leave then?”

It is likely that the three undercover agents and the chase car left early because they had been warned that there would be retaliation for the trouble the agents had provoked. It is a common and ongoing practice in ATF undercover investigations to intentionally try to provoke violence in general and “wars” between competing groups. The Aging Rebel has long tried to substantiate exactly what happened that night. On multiple occasions and in violation of federal law the ATF has ignored multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for specific documents pertinent to both the Toonerville and Mongols investigations on October 7, 8 and 9, 2008.

The Murder

About three minutes after leaving The Mix at about two a.m. on October 8, Hitman Martin and a Mongols hang around named Ronald “Porno Ron” Hamburg were fired upon by assailants in a dark sedan as they entered the Glendale Freeway. Clayborne and Gonzalez have now been convicted of being the men in the dark sedan. The Aging Rebel believes eleven shots were fired in all. One of those shots struck the heel of Hamburg’s boot and was carried away from the crime scene. Martin was armed at the time of the attack but never got off a shot. He was shot once in the chest as he turned back to look at his attackers. He pulled over to the shoulder of the road, fell off his motorcycle and died. Attempts to resuscitate him by both Mongols and paramedics were unsuccessful. He was 30-years-old and the father of two small children.

The shooting received extensive publicity in Los Angeles because of the impact the crime scene had on local traffic. Most reporters tried to blame the Hells Angels for Martin’s death. The president of the Frisco charter of the Angels, Mark “Papa” Guardado had died after being shot and stabbed by a Mongol named Christopher Bryan “Stoney” Ablett about a month before. Abblett had turned himself into police in Oklahoma the previous day. The Los Angeles Times quoted a retired FBI agent and “biker gang” expert named Tim McKinley who said, “It is just game-on between the two groups (the Angels and the Mongols) and it has been for quite a while now. They’re in a gang war.”


But police were well aware of the circumstances of the shooting. Local and federal police searched The Mix shortly after Martin was pronounced dead. A Glendale Police spokesman disingenuously told the eager press, “We don’t know if he was specifically targeted, it’s a random situation or if this was some sort of road rage incident.” A subsequent press release added the interesting detail that “thirteen shots” had been fired at Martin. Not eleven shots, one of which was carried away in Hamburg’s boot but thirteen. It was the closest to the truth any official statement about the murder ever got. The idea was to associate the murder with the so-called Mexican Mafia. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet is M, or as it is pronounced in Spanish, eme. Toonerville, like virtually all Mexican cliques in Los Angeles is loosely affiliated with La Eme. In early October 2008 the Mongols, at least half of whom are Chicano, had only recently ended a five-years-long feud with the Eme.

It seems undeniable, nor has any attempt at denial ever been made, that Martin was murdered in retaliation for deliberate provocations made by on duty ATF agents; that those agents and numerous other police authorities in Los Angeles knew in advance that a shooting was about to occur; that none of the police who knew the shooting was about to occur bothered to warn or otherwise safeguard any of the Mongols the undercover agents had fatally endangered; and that the forewarned undercover agents fled the danger zone to prepare their alibis and plot how to best exploit the situation.

It is highly probable that Christopher Brunwin, the Assistant United States Attorney in charge of Operation Black Rain knew the details and circumstances of Martin’s murder. On October 9, as Martin’s body was being autopsied and without any logical conclusion to the undercover investigation having been reached, Brunwin asked a grand jury to return a racketeering indictment against 79 Mongols.

That same day Kozlowski, unaware than the investigation was ending without have reached a dramatically satisfying conclusion, was attempting to incite a war between the Mongols and the Toonerville clique. Kozlowski “tried as hard as he could to get me to cosign on the Toonerville dude as being the shooter,” a Mongol who had been at The Mix said. The Mongol refused because he had been standing outside the cocktail lounge when Porno Ron telephoned for help. And, as he stood there he thought he saw Claybourne just getting into his car. “When that didn’t happen he went to the National Sergeant at Arms and said that we were at the bar to start shit and he kept up his Toonerville hype. He even tried to get me and another Bro that was there that night in trouble over the shooting and thrown out bad.”

Case Closed

Local police announced that Martin’s murder had been solved at a meticulously orchestrated press event on July 9, 2009. Los Angeles Chief of Police William Bratton told his audience that 20 members of the Toonerville Rifa clique were in custody. Four people, the Chief explained, had been arrested for murder, four for attempted murder and twelve more had been arrested on suspicion of violating drug or gun laws. The implication was that the four murder suspects were involved in the Martin shooting. A Glendale police spokesman said, “Obviously since that shooting, it’s been nine months of a grueling investigation.”

In fact Claybourne, who is now the convicted shooter, was not arrested for the murder until 2:10 p.m. on August 12, 2009. Claybourn is neither Mexican nor a resident of Glendale. His eyes are blue and he lived in Chatsworth. He was arraigned at 8:30 a.m. on September 11.

The July 9 press conference was the last time any police official made any statement about Martin’s murder until Clayborne and Gonzalez were convicted last week. The two men will be sentenced April 16.



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59 Responses to “Getting Away With Murder”

  1. rollinnorth Says:

    Durham Heavy,
    Thanks. I was beginning to wonder about “ol’goat”


  2. mac Says:

    When i read this , I am forced to remember the loss i feel for my brother. i was there that night at the bar, we left before you and went back home. those coward fucktards, caused this loss, and a lot of other sorrow in the lives of good men. I miss you prayes to your family, and i hope karma comes soon.

  3. Meh Says:

    I’m wondering at what point all the real bikers will have retired and the shells of clubs are only manned by government provocateurs looking to build nothing but their own careers.

    “Tried to go to the link from your screenname from an Army computer. It came back blocked for inappropriate content. What am I missing, bad words, or pictures of titties?”

    DoD has rather broad content filtering, mostly to block malware and anything that might create a “sexist atmosphere in the workcenter”.

  4. BigV Says:

    Mr. America:
    I agree with everything you are saying.

    His name was James Hicks, not James Cook.

    Also, everyone forgets Charlie Nichols, murdered without his CPAP or BP medication.

    And you can add another to your list of leaving an event and getting killed by cops in unmarked: Kenny Dale Brown, AOA.

    RIP PAGAN Junior
    RIP Harold Seavey


  5. Mr. America Says:

    Does anyone else on this thread see the relativity here? Hitman gets killed with known and admitted federal agents at that exact location with some of them driving a dark car. When Charro was killed he was running from somebody who was chasing him after he left a party that known federal agents were there with some of them driving a dark colored car. When Surdo and Durango were killed, there were federal agents known and admitted at that exact location in a dark colored car and claimed they witnessed the whole thing. Lil’PK, when he was killed he left a party with known and admitted federal agents there, whom also left in a dark colored car right after Lil’PK did, and it was known that he was chased while being shot at by someone in a dark color car. I can only guess that if asked, most everyone of the members of the Hells Angels and Mongols will tell you there is NO War. It’s bullshit, the feds and the media who work in coordination with each other try to convince the general public that a war is going on. There are several other coincidences of members of the Mongols in particular that have been killed while in the admitted presense of federal law enforcement, that appears more than coincidental, and extremely remarkable in all this. Certainly, there have been idependent skirmish’s between individuals, but a war does not exist.

    Here’s a little something else in this dirty little puzzle, since I’ve been following this thread since it nearly began. In 2002 during the Laughlin Run a Hells Angel named Christo was found murdered out in the desert on a pull-off. It appeared he had been pulled over by law enforcement and had been asked to show his drivers licence. If I understand correctly his drivers licence was left on the seat of his motorcycle. I can tell you that everyone from both clubs knew Christo and liked and admired him. It would appear to me he never had a chance to put his license back into his wallet. He was grabbed taken out and executed in the middle of nowhere. The Mongols were all in Laughlin to stay and have a good time. It was known that a particular corrupt rogue out of control federal agency who also is known and has admitted to attemting to and has on occassions been successful in starting fights and wars between motorcycle clubs was swarmed throughout the city of Laughlin and were watching every club member of both the Hells Angels and the Mongols. The only ones who would have had an interest in Christo leaving town at that very moment and were known to be watching every road in and out of town were the feds. There are many members from both clubs that know each other and communicate regularly on a friendly basis. Another interesting fact, when Cervantes (Cicconne’s wanna-be sidekick) got busted for being druck and disorderly right after the Vago’s were being falsely accused of crimes by an over -zealous prosecutor and police chief that are obviously corrupt and guilty of Federal Rights violations, and it was ultimately proven the Vagos didn’t commit any of the crimes they were accused of, Cervantes is found to be in possession of five .38 caliber bullets in his pocket. Every dirty cop has a throw away. I would guess Cervantes had his throw away stashed close by. He unloaded it in case someone else may have found it an perhaps could or would have used it to defend themselves against Cervantes’ attempt to start a provocation within the bar he was in, acting like the idiot dirty rat he is. He didn’t just happen to be in there he was sent in there by someone in command. During the raids or busts several years ago in Indianapolis John Ciccone was there with some of his rogue agents. Brow beating innocent victims of his into admitting to crimes they didn’t commit right on public television, with out their miranda rights read to them or legal council available to them. John Ciccone was also in and or around the northeast and probably in communication and had some type of command level. However, he does answer to a higher level person who also commands him. Upto and including probably the Director of the atfe (Or, whatever synonym they call themselves these days). However this does not say that the Director knows about the illegal activities that actually go on with John Ciccone and his rogue agents, who act more like mercenaries than federal agents sworn to protect the innocent. (To predetermine someone his guilty and arrest them or kill them in an attempt to create the false propaganda, or attempt to start a non-existant war is a highly illegal practice and should be addressed and investigated by a higher level of law enforcement such as the fbi). This brings up another case of interest, Tulsa Oklahoma. Where there were several atf and local undercover agents who were found to be dirty and the u.s. federal prosecutor who began an investigation with the fbi and found that more than 160 cases of proven innocent people had been arrested under false charges and ultimately incarcerated in prison. Some for more than five years before this u.s. prosecutor had them all released and as I understand, she is still working and investigating cases and releasing innocent victims of this rogue element of the atf, that I am absolutely convinced is relative to the entire structure of influence and command of John Ciccone with in the entire United States. This all began to come to the u.s. prosecutors attention when several dirty atf agents and local undercover tulsa police officers were in a shootout with each other in a bar (In which the bar owner was also illegally involved)in tulsa and two undercover officers or agents shot each other over a disagreement of splitting up money and drugs that were stolen by them from several different drug dealers in tulsa and the surrounding area. Including, some mexicans who openly complained and reported to the cops they were being shaken-down and ripped-off by these dirty cops. Then, in an attempt to cover-up their dirty business they openly lied and accused the Mongols were the ones who came in the bar and shot them in an attempt to rip them off, upto and including calling the all the local media, who reported it on all the news television channels that the Mongols were involved. As I understand it one of the senior members of the Mongols called the leading investigator on the case and told him directly that none of the members of the Mongols were involved and could prove it. The lead investigator told this Mongol that he absolutely knew the Mongols were not involved and that he would take care of the media mis-broadcasts immediately. As I have said before, my interest in not in the law, my interest is in the psychosis evaluation of this entire case which I believe is all relative nation wide within the United States, and with the Fast and Furious fiasco, I would have to say this could all be relative world wide. And, soon after the Tulsa fiasco. The atf that was left, with the local tulsa swat team, and what was left of their undercover squad raided a local club house of a motorcycle club and found a limited amount of contriband (Like, a roach in an ashtray, a legally owned gun behind the bar, and a couple of smoking pipes of some sort). The kicker is, one of the members who was sleeping in a back bedroom and who was absolutely legally deaf was killed when they entered his room he was obviously startled and noticed some one with a gun charging at him in his bed. Not knowing what was going on he instictively reached for his hearing aids he had on his bedside table, as he’s reaching he was shot it the back several times and killed. His name was Russel, he was known to be non-violent and didn’t own a gun. However, after he was killed it was reported that he was reaching for a nickel plated derringer that miraculously appeared near his body on the floor. In which all the other members who have known him closely for more than twenty years said he never owned or carried a gun. The case of James Cook in Virginia a few years back in another example of atf illegal influence over local law enforcement when they raided his home in the middle of the night for the sole purchase to see if he had any parapharnelia of the Pagans Motorcycle Club, not looking for drugs or and other perhaps illegal substances just club insignia’s. They knowing his wife was a local school bus driver and knowing she went out every morning and warmed her bus up they could have approached then. And casually handled the situation. James Cook was a U.S. Army Veteran who had always showed compliance with law enforcement whenever they appoached him. Was also known to be non-violent and compliant towards cops, as most all club members are as I have done emmense study and research on this issue. However, instead of waiting for a casual introductory, they attacked his home while they were in their bed sleeping. Naturally, James Cook jumps out of bed as a man to defend his wife and home and rushes to get his gun and confront the attackers. As, he and his wife standing right beside him indentify that it’s the cops he slowly begins to put his gun down and turns a bit to naturally not drop his rifle and lean it against something like the wall or sofa. Instantly, an overzealous young cop begins shooting him in the back and the neck. His wife goes into hysterics and drops to his side to comfort him while he is dying. She is instantly snatched from his side and forced outside to wait. Jim Cook is still alive and mentally alert as he listen’s to his attackers begin their detailed search of his home while he is literally dying on the floor at their feet. They offer no comfort to this dying man. They did however call for more back up. However, his wife had to run down to a gas station and dial 911 to dispatch an ambulance because the cops failed to do that. Though, it was too late James Cook died alone on the floor of his living room while people all around him litterally let him and watched him die, without a single one on them to perhaps take a moment and hold his hand and give him some comfort and perhaps say a prayer with him. Whatever happened to the prosecutor or the police department who used to simply send you a letter in the mail requesting you to come in and talk with them about an issue of concern. Through my over thirty years of study and research of social behavior and political science I can absolutely say without a doubt that nearly everyone who received a letter like that would make arrangements to come in and talk. Perhaps with their attorney, or using their 5th Amendment Rights. But, I am absolutely convinced most Americans would show up, including some with questionable reputations. We used this technigue throughout all of modern day law enforcement and court communication for over 200 years. Suddenly after Vietnam (With no disrespect to our Veterans)it appears our police departments have become more of a militant group than community servants. I understand proven radical hostile individuals that need to be taken by militant-style force. But, certainly not just someone who may wear clothing different from most of the social norm of a population. Every man has the Right to dress and express himself freely by the protection of The Constitition of the United States. In which, I also am formally and officially sworn to protect The Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies be them foriegn or domestic. These above issues need to be addressed. How, I don’t know. But, there’s more, the little 7 year old girl killed up in Detroit shot in her bed during a raid, influenced by the atf. Sgt Hale out in Delaware, I think? He was tortured with stun guns over three times, was unarmed, had just returned from the war in Iraq. Was completely incompacitated and was shot three times and killed in front of his girlfriends small children, while he was able to barely speak, “begging the cops not to kill him in front of the kids”. (This is on official record). All because he wouldn’t, then couldn’t take his hands out of the pockets of his hoodie jacket, after being shot and incompacitated with a stun gun. Then shot two more times with two other stun guns. Then ultimately a police sergeant pulls his gun and shoots him three times including in his head and kills him while he’s laying on the front porch of his girlfriends house. This is while neighbors and bystanders are standing across the street witnessing the entire incident, in absolute disgust and horor. (This is also all on public record). To cover this incident up the sergeant that shot and killed him was ceremoniously promoted to captain. (That captian’s badge ain’t gonna do you any good in hell). The atf need to be under the Direction of the FBI. And, need to be more formally trained in social communication, rather that violent aggression driven by the influence of hate of one or more very influencial middle rank command leaders such as John Ciccone, and a few others that were trained or have the same irrational belief system and behavior. I hope this may help in this struggle that seems so many Americans are suffering through. Best wishes to All.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear factsoflife,

    Well, first of all, my computer crashed yesterday. Secondly, I thought I would run an advance for that rally today. Stories that go on top, features, usually run at least 1,500 words and I am not sure that I have 1,500 words to say in that advance. I’ll probably also report on the rally (which I plan to attend) next week and that story might go at the top of the page.



  7. factsoflife Says:

    Rebel why have u not did a Main Story up top for Save The Patch saturday?

  8. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    I’m overseas, so they control the internet here. I’ll check it out when I get home. In the meantime, throw a tittie pic or two up…

    I’m honestly surprised that I can still read Rebel’s stuff. They are very strict, and consider most sites related to bikes to be racist/extremist of one sort or another.


  9. Phuquehed Says:

    @Goldsboro Williams – Just some cuss words scattered about, and a berating or two towards ragheads and such, and oh yeah…a picture or two of Budweiser at one of his SoA parties and a group at an IO party. Man, I fucking despise the moral majority censorship thing and their thinking that words and pictures of nekkid people are going to create axe murderers out of any kids that read/see them. Funny how I’m no axe murderer and like probably most of us here found my dads stash of Playboy’s early in life and eventually even talked him into letting me have the centerfolds to tape/staple up in my room. And may lightning strike us if those of us in/who were in the military for having to possibly one day shoot and kill lots of people but read a cuss word or see a tit and we’re lost.

    I didn’t have computers back when I was in the military (both times), so not sure how you can get around the censorship thing, unless you get your own laptop or tablet or something. Sorry man, I wish I could help (and no, I ain’t gonna take the cuss words off the site, heh heh).

  10. Goldsboro Williams Says:


    Tried to go to the link from your screenname from an Army computer. It came back blocked for inappropriate content. What am I missing, bad words, or pictures of titties?


  11. COS_independent Says:

    not entirely on topic, but if you need any more proof of how cops act:

    ““Your nine years are going to seem like four times more. I know y’all said you need a gun and a body, got to have a body with it,” said NAME. “I don’t need no gun case. You know I’ll get you somebody.”

    Robinson said they made it very clear what they’d do if he didn’t give up a name.

    “If you don’t give me anything in the next 24-hours then I’ll write this case up as you ran from me but you got away. But I know who you are and you had this gun.”

    Officers were unaware that Robinson was filming the ride on his cell phone.”

  12. Bill Says:

    Durham Heavy: Your post is quite a good one. The spelling and word arrangements (syntax) are pretty “wild”, but the thoughts come right through, and they really say something. You understand what you’re talking about, and you make your points clearly. This explains a lot about the story of Mr. Bifield and the earlier articles about him on this site, and many of the comments on those articles and the issues that arose from some of those comments. Thanks.

  13. Jim666 Says:

    @ rvn 69.
    and Durham Heavy. apoligies and respects Jim. also thanks for the clairifaction.
    M/ RFespects to you both. and as far as
    O`l goat.
    fuck off bitch!

    respedtc to thr real

    L&R Jim

  14. RVN69 Says:

    @Jim666 L/R

    @ol goat slow down and read the posts in context, don’t give an inch but acknowledge all the perverted, corrupt power is on one side and it ain’t patch holders.

  15. Durham Heavy Says:

    Rebel: Id hadda wake up my ol lady to start ATOR for me, so I’m using some other proxy. I guess some pigmy in Rhodesia is typin this for me relay or some shit.

    Jim666: Dont run off. Thats old loud mouth Junior popping up outta his gophar hole.

    Same guy who didnt no Dan Bifield to say respect on the street, but he paid money to set up a account to call Dan in jail. First thing you know Dan is convinced that his lawyers are going to be outta get him, gonna work against him. Dans new friend is telling him to just not to say nothin, not to cooperate with nobody, just tell em theys got no law to do this and that the constitution an the declaration of independence and a handfulla pixy dust an Dan and everybody would walk.

    So basically ur talkin a guy who dont know somebody in real life, he starts puttin money into callin him and puttin shit in his mind to sabotage any chance he got of his defence. When they was all the setbacks with the discov shit, buddy JR just come back and made it worse. Finally da boys got a team that had enuff since to read the hand an the cunt judge an the cunt prosecuter an they come back with a pretty good idea- da boys wadnt criminals, they intrapped, not did shit as criminals but as things ur peoples do for when in jams.

    Cept Dan was poisoned against attorneys from 30 year ago, an buddy Junior didnt help.

    Im just tellin you Junior mouthd off to Dan, poisoned him on workin with his defence an da boys defence. Then he puts up this goddam petition for Dan only like nobody else matters like Dan was out for hisself an it just made it worse cause Dan wadnt wanting to work with that defence. BHC handles shit like that with the fuckin lawyers- if it can help, an most times its just meddlin in club business that dont concern nonPHs. T.T. and BHC checked an that wadnt what Dan are nobody else wanted. Junior mouthed off to TT an ignored an motherfucked him from behind a goddam computer an after the shit had staind everything he took it down.

    After helpin poison Dannys mind an fill him full of shit, an help cause bad feelins on guys whos heads aint in the best place anyway. Well the calls an letters an money an pixy dust disappeared. An I know that from SC an Chip two an the man dog bit 3.

    So ol Junior comes on with a new handle an the same bullshit as when he started on hear just as nasty an mouthy and cuntish as fuck.

    But to here tell Junior his letters aint going thru so he quit. Well if use on paper they can run it flag you an kick out ur shit. Junior aint on no paper nobody could see. So didda dumb fuck Junior tryta mail Danny a shiv are a file or a diagram a wear to shiv a guard for best results ?

    Are did whoever Marince Corps MC(out now ?) Junior is get done what he got done with “Junior” an come back to do more shit as Ol Goat cause we dont fuckin learn ?

    I no im a cop according to Jr so clearly im just Dick Tracying away here.

    I aint wakin my ol lady up to proof this shit. Its got all them goddam red lines so I no i fucked up a bunch but i aint takin no more time to fix it to waste on Junior. I fuck up shit an i cant see good my hands got arthritis bad so i aint dislexic i just cant see on my own to fix it. My girld fix it but shes asleep, an a good nights sleep is worth more than Peter Pan an his Pixy Dust any day.

  16. Jim666 Says:

    ol’goat Says:
    March 20th, 2014 at 5:02 pm
    RVN69 said no, we don’t have a chance.

    “Well RVN, maybe YOU don’t have a chance.”

    “The chance we have IS directly proportional to the risk we take. Now, knock the dust off of your bad attitude that you shelved, grab a handful of balls and take a fucking risk.”

    Ya know ol goat. My opinion on your statement above to RVN 69,
    Is just by what you posted you surely do not know who you’re talking .

    No disrespect intended but I do know him ” RVN 69 “a little,
    enough to know he don’t need to grow shit.
    And has proven that in Vietnam the republic of.
    As I do know personally some of his brothers and friends . He has nothing to prove to you period.
    Nor does he to anyone on this board , He did his proving back in the 60`s/70`s and that’s more than enough for me. also as far as Im concerned he is 100% right ! We really don’t have a chance unless we all no matter what patch we wear,
    Pull together as one giant enigma and put a stop to whats happening to us all over the world because it will very soon be in my and you’re back yards.
    Open your eyes, “Wide open”
    open your mind now before it`s too late .
    FUCK THIS SHIT ! Do we all have to die at each others hands so we can prove the feds right ? Really do we ?

    Now I want to make an apology to RVN 69 .
    As I know he doesn’t need me to take up for him but Ol`goat you kinda struck a nerve w/ me in your last post.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. nah fuck that . If I did get over it. for all know it,s the truth





    I am only speaking for myself and my beliefs in no way are reflection on my club and or my club brothers .
    I in no way have any authority to speak in part or whole for the beliefs of my club. only myself. so this is only my .02

    thank you all for your time
    Respects to the real

    who knows after this post I might not be back for awhile but sometimes I feel the need to say what I feel
    L&R to most ride safe and above all stay free

  17. ol'goat Says:

    RVN69 said no, we dont have a chance.

    Well RVN, maybe YOU dont have a chance.

    The chance we have IS directly proportional to the risk we take. Now, knock the dust off of your bad attitude that you shelved, grab a handful of balls and take a fucking risk.

  18. true story Says:

    That clean Atf website is insane Dobyins is on it. Total number of employees        FBI 35,000+      
    Total number of pending EEOC complaints reported end of yr 2012     312    Less than 1%
    Total number of employees       DEA  10,000+
    Total number of pending EEOC complaints reported end of yr 2012      53      Less than 1%
    Total number of employees       ATF    4770
    Total number of pending EEOC complaints reported end of yr 2012      1362  More than 25%
    Where there is smoke there is fire America.

  19. BMW Says:

    One reason that many attorneys refuse to present an “outrageous government misconduct” defense is that attorneys are aware of the number of cases for which that possible defense COULD be used. Many, many cases involve outrageous government misconduct, but attorneys do not raise the issue each and every time they confront it. They should do so, IMHO, but in a jury trial it comes close to the nullification argument, which most courts forbid an attorney from raising. In a trial by a judge, an attorney can raise the argument of outrageous government conduct — but it has to be far beyond the usual, every day, run of the mill outrageous government misconduct.

  20. Jim666 Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er

    WOW !
    Just, WOW !

  21. Jim666 Says:

    FF Says:
    March 19th, 2014 at 4:46 pm
    @OC VAGO 1%

    How does a person lacking such moral fiber .
    Shit I can answer that FF they have no morals at all and the only fiber the feds have leave shit staines in their underwear.
    Fuck the low life scum sucking dogs each and every one.


  22. FF Says:

    @OC VAGO 1%

    ” I wonder what motivates them. How does a person wake up every morning with this mindset? How does a person lacking such moral fiber and ethics think to themselves they are in the right?”

    OC VAGO, from my experience as one who has been psychoanalyzed since I was 12 years old, I’d like to think I’ve done my own research on the subject of psychiatry/psychology enough to offer an opinion…

    There are cops who join the PD because they need a job and they are qualified and that’s what they chose to do.

    There are cops who joined because they couldn’t pass the fireman’s exam.

    there are cops who chose to become cops, for the same reason some men choose tho be priests—- THEY ARE PREDATORS.

    Then you got the uber alpha male who never succeeds at anything. He’s one of those sociopaths who’s bought into the whole competition mindset and he like winning, he likes looking good on paper, and he can’t stand men that he is jealous of.

    This is the clown who beats up his wife, fucks transsexuals in the backseat of his squad car, hates his wife, his kids, his peers, drinks himself sick, shoots up steroids and brutalizes people because he can, because he has a badge and a gun, and none of his peers will ever fucking turn him in because ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS.

    That’s the piece of shit that murdered Hitman. That’s his profile. I guarantee it. I’ll be dollars to donuts on it, that the motherfucker was a steroid dickhead, alchololic, violent drunk, alpha male who couldn’t stand it that a guy like Hitman could make it on his own, be his own man, a man among men.

    Because the bastard that murdered Hitman was a groveling little bitch who overcompensated, rationalized, hid, projected, pretended his entire life and it just filled him with rage to see the real deal. Everything he was not, but FORCED OTHER PEOPLE TO SEE HIM THAT WAY OR ELSE and he just couldn’t take it.

    These people are shells of men. They are dead inside, empty. And they fill themselves up with vicarious bullshit and they put on a front. They hate themselves and so they hate everybody else.

    But the guy who spends his whole life, his entire existence putting on some big macho persona, when he’s confronted with the real thing—

    He can’t take it. And if he has a badge and gun, he has a license to kill.

    And the monster will kill.

    Frequent Flyer

  23. Kman Says:

    @Vago at
    Those cases may set good precedent for a future 1% case, but notice the color of the folks receiving a reasonable dismissal. Can a white man hope for the same?

  24. Big Bry Says:

    @ OC VAGO – Thanks for the link. I read the decision that was linked in the story and wonder why more club member’s don’t try the “outrageous government conduct” defense. It seems like most of the stings involving MC’s would fit into this defense.

    Big Bry

  25. Paladin Says:

    OC Vago 1%er,

    Well, there’s a little sunshine.

    Long May You Ride,


  26. Paladin Says:


    The chance you stand is directly proportional to the chance you take. The Beast is a parasite, continually in search of a host. If the beast can’t feed where you’re at, it will feed elsewhere.

    I can’t remember a case that Rebel’s reported on where all the signs of Beastiality weren’t present. Defeating the Beast is a two part exorcism. 1) You have to be able to read the signs. 2) You have to do something about it. There have been plenty of people that have had their suspicions about the duplicity of others within their ranks. Operation Black Rain is a perfect example of this. But after voicing their suspicions, the subject was dropped without further follow through. As we all know, this was a huge mistake.

    Back in the day, one of the highest complements you could pay an Operator was to refer to him as being “good in the woods”. This meant he could read sign and know how to work it to his and his crew’s advantage.

    Long May You Ride,


  27. RVN69 Says:

    @Rahlow, NO!

  28. Rahlow Says:

    Do “we’, those of us outside law enforcement and politics,,,,,really stand a chance????

  29. Paladin Says:


    The art of politics is based on personal gain, at someone else’s expense. Although a good many criminal cases have been prosecuted and won, based on circumstantial evidence as shown in Rebel’s article, there’s no political incentive for a local D.A. to go after employees of the ATF. Pulling on that thread might unravel the entire suit. And then where would the emperors be, without their new clothes? History shows us that only the vanquished are labeled criminals and terrorists. Politics dictate that there’s nothing to be gained by the attempted prosecution of the victorious.

    Because cops fall within the special class, having a legal duty to take every step reasonably possible to prevent a crime, Mr. Martin’s family could possibly have standing in a civil court, regarding a case of “deliberate indifference”, where by the circumstantial evidence would show that the cops were aware of a crime that was about to be committed, but willfully chose to be indifferent to the impending commission of that crime.

    The threshold for conviction in a civil suit is preponderance of the evidence (51%), which translates into “yeah, they could have”. This threshold for a favorable judgment is far less than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that’s required for conviction in a criminal trial. However; you’d still need to find an attorney, the likes of “Bowtie” Stubbs that would be willing to take on a case like this.

    Long May You Ride,


  30. Jim666 Says:

    @ Paladin
    anyway you could get the DA out there to serve that on those feds that are responsible for this mans death ?
    Just a thought.
    Dont recon they’d fair very well locked up beside some they put inside.

  31. Paladin Says:


    Actually; In CA, based on your posted scenario, you would fair well, if in fact a District Attorney were to be so stupid as to try and obtain an Adding & Abetting conviction against you. Knowledge that an offense is about to be (or is being) committed and failing to prevent it isn’t enough in and of itself to sustain a conviction for aiding and abetting. However, if you have a legal duty, as do the cops and you don’t take every step reasonably possible to prevent the crime, you could be convicted as an aider and abettor.

    In re Michael T. (1978) 84 Cal.App.3d 907, 911. (“Mere presence at the scene of a crime which does not itself assist its commission or mere knowledge that a crime is being committed and the failure to prevent it does not amount to aiding and abetting.”)

    Long May You Ride,


  32. Jim666 Says:

    Metal Dave Says:
    March 18th, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    The law have become the outlaws and the outlaws (mostly) remain the righteous ones.

    The outlaw m/c`s have no matter what patch they fly have always been the righteous ones.always.
    we might have some scrapes between one another from time to time but the cocksucking feds and pigs are the true criminal murderers . and instigate shit that compromise lives every time they get close to any outlaw or 1% Mc. yet they get away with it,

    But as OC Vago said
    “Everyone has to answer one day.”

  33. Metal Dave Says:

    From Captain Obvious in the No Shit, Sherlock division: The law have become the outlaws and the outlaws (mostly) remain the righteous ones. Holy shit, I shouldn’t even be disgusted anymore since this shit’s so common but I guess I have some morality left..

  34. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Somebody did their homework. One powerful piece of investigative journalism that needs to be read.

  35. Tooj Says:

    So, let’s say I have material information about a murder about to go down and I say nothing and it is later discovered that I knew this was going to happen. Let’s say it is a cop? He is successfully placed into his proper place by said known murderer.

    Would a lowly independent rider without an ‘agency’ to bless his lack of action stand a chance in court?

  36. ashleyistwisted Says:


    Ashley “Our generation is facing a future we didn’t create and don’t desire…”

  37. jrnr Says:

    Thanks again Rebel for reporting the real story!

    FUCK YOU!, you atf and fed cocksuckers. Hopefully someday soon you can be repaid for all of the illegal carnage you’ve brought to all of the families that we read about in these stories. How you fed and police criminal motherfuckers don’t cut your own throats for being such fucking shit scum I’ll never understand.


  38. Phuquehed Says:

    @OC VAGO 1%er – You ask how the useless air-wasters can think they’re in the right. It’s because they’re stupid. They lack any form of think-outside-the-box intelligence that isn’t beaten into their heads during pig/fed-pig bootcamp. It’s teh reason they’re hired…because those doing the hiring have absolutely zero scruples and want only idiot automatons to do their bidding. The problem with stupid people is that they also have the tendencies to have no clue how to use the powers they’re given properly, and, being so stupid they actually believe it’s ‘okay’ whatever they do. Even the fucktard DA’s that do nothing but fuck people over day-in and day-out aren’t really intelligent, they were just good at memorizing shit in some school that their mommy and daddy blue-blood fucks paid for. Once out of the school, they’re given free rein to do as they please because those in charge of them are also the same ones in charge of the hiring of the idiot pig/fed-pigs. It’s a vicious circle of power-hungry assholes who found out after school that lying, cheating, snitching get one nothing but disrespect and an ass whooping. They’re the kind that have no understanding of honor, nor do they care – they now have power and money, which is all they truly believe is needed in this world.

    Anyway, a good pig/fed-pig/unscrupulous DA/dishonest judge, is one that’s not breathing.

  39. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    I hear these things and read these things and am continually amazed at how god damned evil some people can be. I wonder what motivates them. How does a person wake up every morning with this mindset? How does a person lacking such moral fiber and ethics think to themselves they are in the right? From the dickhead cop that intimidates children to the murdering cop bastards that get away with such heinous crimes. Think about it for a minute. The guy running through a crowd chopping people with a machete is more forthright than these demons.

    They are psychotic cowards. They are terrified of everyone and anything better than them. And everyone and everything is better than them. Therefore everything they encounter must be suppressed into submission, even if it means violating the natural laws of morals and ethics. They hide in the shadows, they lie, they cheat, they steal, they murder. They sit around and yuk it up back at the shop and haggle convincing each other what good things they do but then turn on each other in a blink to be the next top dog. Very sad indeed.

    Everyone has to answer one day.

  40. RVN69 Says:

    RIP “Hitman” Martin, condolences to your brothers, family and friends.

    Law Enforcement has become the most glaring example of organized crime to ever exist. From the uniformed patrol officer thru the court system and into the prison system, corruption and illegality abounds. Murder, Extortion, Evidence supression, falsified crimes are routine to keep the Law Enforcement/Incarceration complex chugginng along.

    Fuck the Feds
    Fuck the Police
    All Cops are Bastards

    “I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. I am prepared to leave it the same way.”

  41. Dell Says:

    R.I.P. Hitman 1%er. Man I hate hearing and reading shit like this. Only saving grace is that it all comes back to get ya in spades sooner or later. Looks like top dog feds are building quite a karma load thats gonna have one hell of a bite.

  42. Paladin Says:


    Yeah, no shit.

    Long May You Ride,


  43. JMacK Says:

    Sometimes I wish this shit was make believe too.
    L&R to the Brothers and Family of Hitman Martin.

    To the ATF and the rest of you pigs,

    Respects to those earning it,

  44. FF Says:

    Out Bad is a GREAT BOOK, Rebel.

    It’s heartbreaking what these scumbags in the federal pig alphabits shit soup gang get away with and continue to get away with.

    Don’t want to say anthing else cos there’s no point. All I can say is FUCK YOU to the fed that is reading this and

    ———————–static motherfucker——————

  45. Jim666 Says:

    Hopefully Mr. Martins children will see the day,
    Giaoni, D’Angelo, Kozlowski and Ciccone, all get whats coming to them .
    And are given No Quarter .

    dirty lowlife scum feds.
    If there is a Hell I’m sure it will be lined wall to wall with feds.

    Manuel Vincent “Hitman” Martin

  46. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Well so much for the touchy-feely post about side hacking dogs…
    No back to our previously televised program.

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