Devils Ride Yo!

March 10, 2014

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Fellow non-conforming motorcycle enthusiasts, our long national nightmare is about to end. Tonight is the conclusion of season three of The Devils Ride.

The last five episodes have been about convincing impressionable teenagers, Rolling Stone reporters and the sorts of people who are too stupid to get out of jury duty that The Devils Ride is a real look inside real motorcycle clubs. Of course, it is not. It is a poorly written, atrociously acted pastiche of cliches and tropes. But, in a series of twitter exchanges with Kurt Sutter, The Aging Rebel, professional iconoclast J.J. Solari, internet radio host Amy Irene White and others, cast members of this reality thing tried futilely to intimidate the program’s detractors.

Sutter And Solari

Sutter wondered “Is Devil’s Ride still on?” He responded to the woofing about how ferocious the Laffing Devils and the Sinister Mob Syndicate are by tweeting, “My thespians are harder than these Bitches. Don’t take my word, ask any OMC in the fucking world.”

Solari, who really should have his own television show, parroted the twitter exchanges Devils Ride actors have been posting all season. “We’re the real thing, bro! Yo! You have no idea! You are talking shit! We know about you! We could tell people some things about you! You better stop talking that shit! We can come down on you hard! You know who you’re talking to?”

Solari continued, “This is the level of the conversation if you have the golden opportunity to critique anyone connected with the show in an interview or confrontation. If you can call having bad dialogue from a high school shoving-match in Watts in 1980 tossed into the air like dirt from a hole a badger is digging a ‘confrontation.’ Ric Flair having a shouting match with a microphone under his nose resulting in the microphone dripping sheets of saliva down onto the floor is more menacing and less comical than listening to a Devils Ride employee insist that the lummoxes in the show are doing and saying things not written down on foolscap by retards from the Home For Twekos And Dorks.”

“Oh yeah? Well FUCK that, bro! You don’t EVEN wanna FUCK with me, bro! That’s BULL-shit!”

“Yeah, ok, ok, calm down, Mr. Ferocity. The last thing I want to do is get YOU riled up, Iron Man 4. Watching The Devils Ride is not only embarrassing, its borderline shameful. UNLESS YOU ARE AN IDIOT.”

In Tonight’s Episode

All season long, the most entertaining thing about this sterling example of postmodern mass media has been the Twitter feeds. Now that is about to end and all we will be left are the reruns.

It tonight’s banal and ludicrous conclusion: “The Laffing Devils just raided Sin Mob’s clubhouse only to find that no was there. As they look for a possible rat within their ranks, tempers boil and new President Mad Max can’t stop his members from fighting amongst themselves. With Sin Mob, Rockem decides to invite the Devils to a showdown in the desert. Despite both clubs having numerous members with serious injuries, they prepare for a battle and bid farewell to their families. Meanwhile, a cohort of bikers allied with one of the most legendary one percenter clubs catches wind of the planned meeting. When the Devils and Sin Mob roll up to the showdown, they find themselves facing an epic decision that could change their lives forever.

Stay classy Devils Ride. Small world. See you all around. Try not to get stabbed.



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  1. ap Says:

    I bet it like wwf. After all the homeboy this and bro that they all go put thier cuts away and go for pizza or something. Who the hell talks like that anyway? I dont know I gave up after the alley fight with the cops telling them to break it up. Kinda reminded me of west side story.

  2. old boy Says:

    – Dago1%er

    Probably what will happen is it will play in syndication like Modern Family; like to the point where it’s the only thing on cable tv for a thousand years.

    Wait… maybe I’m dead already!

    Meanwhile, Onion News Network is hilarious. I’m looking for an app, a shortcut. I had a shortcut on my last phone for A G Russell, where did that go? Must not be supported by the GIII, I knew I should have gotten the IV.

    If I ever watch this dip shit show again, I’ll need a Dr. Kevorkian frigging IV.

  3. WideBoi Says:

    I ride, wear Support 81 gear from time to time, and respect the life. My Jr. High Drama club could have bounced these poseurs’ heads off the pavement. Would have out-acted them, too. I heard a Girl Scout troop from the South Bay grabbed one of the bitches’ cuts, but I’m sure that ended up on the edit room floor, yo.

  4. Gunny4Sawx Says:

    All that comes to mind is…..

  5. Lou Says:

    I had nothing to do last night before going to bed, so I switched on LD and saw that they all dropped their cuts…I thought that was pretty good…

  6. Amy White Says:

    i dunno who panhead bill is, but he sure as shit ain’t ever seen me in person. AHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAA only thing little about me is my fuse.



  8. Amy White Says:


  9. Lane Says:

    Vomitus Maximumus.

  10. Amy White Says:

    I really just wanted to see if you’d come if I said your name…

  11. Toots Says:

    Yo, bro… Grins….

  12. jj solari Says:


  13. Amy White Says:

    Phhhht Minnie. I spent a week with a Mousketeer.

  14. Jeff Diamond Says:

    @ Diocletian
    My guess is that they (and their new club) will be acknowledged but not exactly embraced by the motorcycling community for a few years. Outside of that I doubt much will change. They still have lots of fans who will no doubt continue to buy dvds and t-shirts, and hang around with them taking pictures and getting autographs whenever they’re out stylin’ and profilin’ in downtown San Diego’s upscale Gaslamp quarter.

  15. Austin Says:

    Hey Dr. Sardonicus – thanks for that info. I don’t watch much TV because I LIVE my life. I might get a copy of the DVD for a gift- in fact knowing it is $ to GC – highly likely- but I will never forget the electricity & camaraderie in the room when I attended the premiere in Ventura.

  16. Diocletian Says:

    I dont mean how will they be financially, i know many of these guys have decent jobs/careers etc, theyve done fine outside of the clubs they used to be in with their personal lives…but they made themselves look like complete jackasses and in the minds of many people, disrespected quite a few people. They painted this huge target on themselves and i dont see how it wont bite them in the ass eventually.

  17. SoCalBiker Says:

    This guy seems to have the inside scoop on the Devils Ride… among other things.

  18. Oldskewl Says:

    Phuquehed Says:

    “They’ll probably not read mine past the first sentence since they seem to be a bunch of pussies who fear cuss words, but there’s many of you who write better and can make a difference”

    We must have went to the same school.. Most of my letters start with “Hey Fuck Face”..


  19. Phuquehed Says:

    Make sure to click the red circle at the top of Tilfords article and report that piece of shit journalist and his shit journalism.

    They’ll probably not read mine past the first sentence since they seem to be a bunch of pussies who fear cuss words, but there’s many of you who write better and can make a difference.

  20. Paladin Says:

    OC Vago 1%er,

    My response to Mr. Tilford;

    Mr. Tilford,

    I would hazard to guess that the reason you never received a response from any of the members of the House of Representatives that you queried is due to the fact that free association is guaranteed by the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Dear boy; this isn’t rocket science and you really should know this, unless you’re an illegal alien. If the foregoing isn’t true, then you really are so stupid that the birds peck you, and you’re quite an embarrassment to your employer.

    Long May You Ride,


  21. Sieg Says:

    They aren’t “gangs”, they’re the nucleus of the New American Resistance Force.


  22. anon Says:

    I have no problem admitting that I watch the show, and I have admitted it before. “Reality”? Nope. Scripted to be over-the-top? Yup. But I also used to watch dumb shit like Hardcore Pawn and their reenactments.

    For anyone who cares to read, the finale basically had the Laffing Dildos give up their cuts, aside from the one bad ass in jail. Ralph/Rockem and his Sin Mob crew were very much implied to be a new 1%er support club for 81, even though no 81 patches or insignia were shown.

    Just saw Vikingtrotter’s post and link. So, the Laffing Dildos have become a one-piece patch MC (which is probably trademarked by Bischoff-Hervey)?

  23. Mark Says:


  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    This is the shit we need to fight! Holy Jumpin Jesus! These stupid motherfuckers acting in this show are causing this kind of crap! Write to this “journalist”, Robert Tillford – [email protected]

    This is the reason we have to SAVE THE PATCH people!

  25. Vikingtrotter Says:


    Maybe you can do a indica search and see who owns this?

    Snubz‏@Snubzrides·Mar 11
    Last night wasn’t the end but a new beginning….. The devils live!!!

    Its a new patch for the Devils ( oops, I mean the Bieber Bunch)

  26. Slick Says:


    The comments have been awesome. The Bieber comment is funny as hell. As for the show, one can see a potential setup if Sandman gets out of jail. He would try to re-establish the non-real mc. Of course the other non-real mc can’t have that and round we go. Always is a rematch in rasslin and no different here I suspect.

    keep’em upright men, respects to the real bikers.

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    @Dr. S – I remember Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom too! I thought that was a highlight of my childhood years. I learned a lot and it wasn’t a pussy PC show.

    On the ‘music’ thing again…last night I just happened to remember this…

    ♫No stems, no seeds that you don’t need, Acapulco Gold is…-thwwwwwwwwwwwp!-…badass weeeeeed.”

    If anyone remembers, I hope it brings back good memories. Me, it does, bigger than shit and I’ll be downloading all the albums tonight.

  28. sherides Says:

    Episode 2 of Codes and Conspiracies is airing on Direct TV Sunday at 10 pm, Channel 287.

    Dr. S.
    Wild Kingdom and Walt Disney were a Sunday Night tradition in our family. Popcorn and a very small glass of 7-UP for snacks.


  29. sherides Says:

    So what exactly happened when the LD and SM met up in the desert?

    Exciting as this show is, I fell asleep shortly after both of the guys planted by the “dominant club” came clean to the viewers.

    Did the LD just give up without a fight?
    Did the “dominant” club give approval to one club and no one fought?

    I have searched the net for a synopsis of this episode and can’t seem to find one.


  30. Caretaker Says:


    How do you do that xfinity thing? I’m no food with all this tech stuff… Hell,my phone is probably smarter than me.


  31. dizzydesi Says:

    Well i’m sure its better than this wannabe show here. My mom asked me what to get me for my birthday coming up. i can’t think of a damn thing. So i’ll ask her to get me a dvd. plus it’ll be good for the alternative learning collaborative here too. one stone. two birds…


  32. Hated and Proud Says:


  33. Sieg Says:

    Doc, last time I saw Iron Butterfly was at the Aragon Brawlroom, .maybe 1974/1975. Forget who they were opening for, but they got chased offstage by flying chairs n such.

    Good tune, tho’


  34. Mike 184 Says:

    They sure as hell do say “Bro” a lot….

  35. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    If you killed your television set like Frank Zappa advised
    us to do way back when – I would suspect that the Codes and Conspiracies thing will find its way to youtube quickly.

    As for Last American Outlaw, Director Nick Mead controls where it will be shown, and as far as I know nothing is planned before the Glastonbury Festival screening. Afterwards is another story but has yet to be announced. In the meanntime, and I do not have Rebel’s permission to plug this – we will know if it’s not cool right away methinks – eBay is the only place in the world where you can get a DVD screener – there is a deluxe special edition being offered right now where you get the stamped and numbered DVD, a signed poster and a glossy 5 x 7 color photo
    of the notoriously misunderstood, affable ex Filthy Few ex HAMC Ventura Chapter President himself, suitable for framing. And George knows a thing or two about getting framed.

    You get the whole package for the ridiculously low price of $39.95 ($10.00 of that is for Priority Mail shipping & insurance). That price includes shipping, insurance and handling –

    The DVD sales are GC’s only income right now – 1/2 goes right to his commissary every week. We have sold a modest 63 so far –

    Anyway -just go to ebay and enter “Last American Outlaw” in the search engine and it will take you there – thank you Rebel for letting me plug this – and folks, the screenplay is of a higher caliber than you will be used to, courtesy you-know-who. I pondered the other day, that this is a “biker” documentary – yet there is not ONE instance of profanity – not one cuss word – interesting.

    Kind of baffling if you are a cop – isn’t it.

    All respects due:

  36. slycechyx Says:

    Do they all say “Yo” alot on this show?

    Next season, with they declare a turf war on Walt’s Misfits?

  37. Lostdog Says:

    This is not over. For now the LD’s are going by the name Forsaken Devils Exiled mc. Like a bad case of the clap it just will not go away.

  38. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    First things first – Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom then Disney –
    NBC Channel 4 in most towns. “Thanks, Jim….”

    As for what the new show has to do with George – is that he is going to
    be on it – in what capacity I do not know, nobody has seen it nobody has
    talked to these guys since they interviewed George before he went in.

    That’s why I mentioned the Warlock thing because as we have seen, the
    guys behind the camera can spin and twist shit anyway they see fit.

    We don’t know how George will be presented by these guys. I’m certainly
    not going to expect a fair and impartial portrayal. Again, we are in the dark about this, but I thought I’d pass it along for anyone who may be interested.

    All respects due:

  39. dizzydesi Says:


    We are going to try to watch it online through xfinitytv online comcast. No account is needed to stream. I put it on the watchlist.


  40. CN Says:

    @ Dr. Sardonicus. AHC Ch 195 Dish Network 10:00 – 11:00 PM ET Codes and Conspiracies Episode 2: Outlaw Bikers, Series/Special. Some motorcycle clubs are viewed not as social clubs for nonconformists but as organized crime syndicates. First Airing 3/16/2014.

    Not seeing where this is anything to do with George Christie but the above is all the tube guide provides. The above description seems to indicate this is probably another LEO slanted propaganda bit. Still, I’ll take your word for it and I’ve set the DVR because lately I haven’t been getting in early enough to see shit when it airs.

    Any y’all remember when Sunday nights meant Wonderful World of Disney, one tube TVs (color if you had one), shit sure has changed. Ol’ Walt had something in a black frame behind him as he introduced the show content. It wasnt in focus so America never saw what it was, just so y’all know, it was his Dishonorable Discharge. He paraded that fucker like he was proud of it. Sound familiar?

  41. Bill Says:

    Drifter: last, and maybe only, time I heard that version was in ’01, coming down the coast out of San Francisco, at sunset. Crappy am kept cutting in and out as the road wound along, old farm truck that rats had lived in over the winter, had to keep windows open, didn’t dare use the heater, very cold March evening. But that song just went on forever, along with the sunset. Hadn’t thought about that in years till I saw your post.

  42. Austin Says:

    Hey Dr. Sardonicus- any tips for non-televisionarians? I went to Bell Arts for the movie.
    Would go to a showing anywhere from SLO to Berdoo

  43. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    As for the real thing – This Sunday George Christie will be on TV
    All new nobody’s seen the final edit (hope it turns out better than it did for the Warlocks et al). Here is the info in case anybody wants to tune in, it is a pretty obscure channel:

    “Codes & Conspiracies – Outlaw Bikers” will air on March 16th. Please note the Military Channel will be changing it’s name to the “American Heroes Channel” or AHC

    Also “Last American Outlaw” will be screened at this year’s Glastonbury Festival 2014 U.K. in June.

    All respects due to our comrades.

  44. Drifter Says:

    Jim said, “OK should this thread turn into a music thread also ?
    Lmao .I really think the music, and who’d do who from 60s and 70s tv shows are better to talk about.
    Just my .02.

    I’ll give it a shot; Iron Butterfly, been about 20 years or so since I listened to the entire jam;

    Now for the TV show, never saw it much but Bertinelli was ten in my mind;

  45. brandon sharp Says:

    This was one hell of a season fuzzy and his crew taking care of business it went bye way to fast but can’t wait to see what season 4 has in store

  46. Paladin Says:

    Stroker & Sieg,

    This is about as close a pin as I could find:

    Long may you both ride,


  47. Ronbo Says:

    Brandon, I apologize, Sin Mob IS REAL!!!!

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