Banning Bike Only Checkpoints

March 7, 2014

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Largely due to the lobbying of the American Motorcyclist Association, a bill has been introduced in the United States Senate that would “restrict the Secretary of Transportation from granting funds to any government entity for a program to check helmet use or to create checkpoints for an operator of a motorcycle or a passenger on a motorcycle.”

Representative Jim Sensenbrenner introduced a similar bill in the House of Representatives last May 7. (See “Sensenbrenner’s Bill” here.)

The Senate bill’s sponsors are Republicans Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Democrats Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Both the Senate and House bills are titled the “Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act.”

Motorcycle Checkpoints

The federal bills are part of a reaction to a federal court decision that found that motorcycle only checkpoints were not an unreasonable search and were therefore constitutional.

The federal decision followed a program of dragnets in which the state of New York conducted 17 “motorcycle safety checkpoints” in 2008. All of the checkpoints were conducted on roads leading to or from large motorcycle rallies. A total of 1,064 tickets were issued. Nine hundred and sixty-five of the tickets were either for non-safety offenses or for wearing the wrong kind of helmet. On average, riders were detained for between 30 and 45 minutes. The “safety” aspect of the searches was only rhetorical. The searches were implemented by cops dressed in riot gear.

Those New York checkpoints ignored “speed” and “alcohol;” and were conducted by officers of the New York State Police Special Investigation Unit and gang task force for the purposes of “criminal interdiction.” The checkpoints were paid for by a grant that was intended to fund “overtime for intelligence gathering and subsequent criminal and traffic enforcement resulting from this effort.”

Since the federal ruling that motorcycle only checkpoints are reasonable, California, Missouri, North Carolina, Illinois, New Hampshire and Virginia have passed state laws that limit or ban those roadblocks.


The American Motorcyclist Association has been tracking the use of checkpoints since 2008.

In a press release issued this week, AMA vice president for government relations Wayne Allard stated, “During the past two years, federal, state and local governments spent more than a half million dollars on motorcycle only checkpoints. The AMA believes that money could be better spent supporting programs that conduct rider education, reduce distracted driving and encourage motorist awareness of motorcycles.”

According to the AMA, “The state of Georgia used funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in March 2011 to conduct motorcycle only checkpoints as thousands of motorcyclists rode through the state on their way to Daytona Beach, Fla., for Bike Week. Another motorcycle only checkpoint was conducted in northern Virginia during one of the nation’s most visible motorcycle rallies – Rolling Thunder – over the 2011 Memorial Day weekend.” And “Motorcycle-only checkpoints also were conducted in Utah when thousands of riders attended a world-class road-racing event.”




90 Responses to “Banning Bike Only Checkpoints”

  1. Tooj Says:

    I gotta gives props where due. Solari… You caused me to read Esther Vilar.

    The paycheck of a man who is prepared to support his wife for years is more valuable and necessary than the paychecks of a woman who won’t support a man and who insists on a “bread winner” husband.

    “By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way, they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work. In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given moments.”

    “Women just sit back getting lazier, dumber and more demanding – and, at the same time, richer. A primitive but effective system of insurance policies – policies for marriage, divorce, inheritance…”


  2. Tooj Says:

    Strange ain’t always bad, but it can be problematic. It’s why some prefer Pits or Dobermans over a cuddly Lab. Helps cut back on who comes over to “admire your dog”.

    That was good stuff, cause usually the last checkpoint I go through is at home.

  3. FF Says:

    Motorcycles are just like dogs. You’re out walking your dog, you wind up having conversations with people you’d of never said two words to, otherwise.

    You got a bike you’ll fall in love with the strangest people, in the strangest places.

  4. John Deaux Says:

    Hell I’m the first to admit I’m a damaged mother fucker, been thru more shit than I want to remember much less talk about. At this point in my life, mid 50’s, I really don’t want to have to tolerate anymore stupid shit than I absolutely have too so short term relationships work best for me.
    I toast a shot of Patron’ to all keeping in together cause it’s the right thing to do.

  5. Paul Says:

    Lots of good information, as always, when I come here. Something I learned about healing is it is a triangle of physical/mental/spiritual. Our Western medicine has a tendency to forget the spiritual side and focus only on physical and mental.

    What I see a lot of here (in my opinion) is what to do to heal the spirit. Talk of family, relationships, brotherhood… All of these in one way or another address our spiritual side. I’m no Bible thumper, but for those who have a Higher Power, that can do a lot when all else fails.

    My joke is that I used to be a Corpsman until they promoted me. All kidding aside, the adage I learned is treat the patient, not the symptoms. What works for one may not be good for another. And contrary to what they might think, the doctor is there for you, not the other way around.

    Don’t know if this is helpful or if I butted in where I don’t belong, but I do not like seeing people hurt so tend to speak up even if I put my foot in my mouth.

  6. FF Says:


    All is well. I told my wife I’m going back to Florida in May. She didn’t want to fight.

    I’m going to bed. GOODNIGHT TO THE REAL.


  7. Paladin Says:


    Your post under “dizzydesi” speaks volumes about a twenty-something year old. Like a young tree, you have very few “rings” under your bark, and your post reflects how you truly see yourself in the here and now. As you age, you’ll acquire additional rings. With those rings will come knowledge. Knowledge begets perspective.

    I suggest you take a copy of your post and place it somewhere safe. Take a look at it in 8-10 years. I think what you wrote today may surprise you, when re-read in 8-10 years time. Why? because only the emotionally stunted never grow. Your writing betrays you. I believe that you will fair well.

    And as always, long may you ride.


  8. stroker Says:

    Just checkin’ in here to say: What a blast it is to read this thread. How it can start out with “Banning Biker Checkpoints”, and morph into the biker’s guide to happy relationships (or not), then to the effects of PTSD (no joke here), to ” liquifd yelo. lime green jlo puke”, to dealing with THE Devil, “AND SHE STARTS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM”, and “When she tries to apply a leash, I break it in half”, to: “Ya know she shits outta that thing” and: “Sometimes we just get that shit twisted sideways and backwards.”

    Yessir, we do.

    To quote some famous (or infamous) wag: It’s crazy sick world, and I’m a happy camper.”

    Thanks to all here for distracting me from the mundanity of my mind.
    Sometimes I just need to feel a part of the collective consciousness (or unconsciousness) here.

    Happily lurking, and to quote Austin:

    “I keep moving to avoid capture”


  9. ashleyistwisted Says:

    @FF hey don’t get upset with the comments by me. i was born in 1989 so what would i know? the more i learn the less i realize i don’t know much. But i gotta agree on Tooj on the matter of meds. Whenever Dizzy feels she don’t need her meds or any changes they make with her meds especially every time she ever stopped taking meds cold ALWAYS went bad. I don’t know about PTSD except in an autistic they are almost like they are born with it. well anxiety is 80% of autism. They are supercharged with the flight or fight instinct. But i’m always careful whenever Dizzy goes off her meds. ’cause shit ALWAYS hits the fan… Take care…


  10. Tooj Says:

    ANYBODY can go tear shit up for decades with self medication or whateverthefuckyoucallitnowadays but when you wake up the mirror still shows your fucking reflection. I did that shit. I saw what was reflected.

    Who the fuck ARE you? The man makes the patch.

  11. Tooj Says:


    What are you doing letting motherfuckers take up rent in your head? It’s YOUR fucking head!Is your personal corporation privately held or is it publicly held?

    As for meds, I’m no doctor but that may not be a really great idea to cold turkey as some of them will screw you up worse going off of them that way. Talk to your MD about that shit. Talk to your wife about your life together, rite?

    I always figured the most important thing for anybody going into AA to do is to first ascertain if you are an alcoholic. The rest can be some great living tools, but AA is for alcoholics. Period.

    Doesn’t mean everybody in there sees it that way. Take it with a big grain of salt unless it applies. Then it SHOULD bother the living fuck outta you.

  12. Tooj Says:

    But a really great answer is: “Yeah, I’m looking at that and thinking of what I’m going to do to YOU.”

  13. FF Says:


    Thank you, good job. These past 48 hours have been total shit for me, didn’t want to respond to any of the comments here, don’t need another argument, but you pretty much knocked it out of the park.

    some stupid fuck from AA actually had the fucking balls to come up to me in public like I’m in some fucking cult and giving me shit. I’m like, because I seen you at an AA meeting doesn’t mean you can approach me in public and start talking “shop” with me. I was really taken aback, the guy is a fucking wack job. If I want to have a fucking beer thats my business. I have no intention of ever going back to AA. Bunch of assholes trying to skull fuck you. There’s a few good guys, but for the most part it’s a bunch of idiots and degenerates who never did one good thing right in their life, now they’re sober they think they become a fucking guru or some such shit and are now gonna start running other peoples lives.

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? LMFAO

    I’m not in a good frame of mind stopped taking my meds last week and I’m seriously thinking about tracking this asshole down at a meeting and letting him know you EVER pull a stunt like that again I’ll strangle you.

  14. Tooj Says:

    Since you asked Desi, I can answer your “Why do people stay with just one partner for so long if they are miserable about it?’ The ups and downs that I go have with my wife is a natural part of sharing my life with someone. My values put me there and I don’t treat relationships like Burger King. I sure as hell didn’t marry out of a sense of obligation to society or some bullshit. You forget the audience you’re writing to and the prevalent view of “society” expressed here.

    My parents have been married for 53 years (still kicking it and staining the sheets) and their parents equally long. They don’t bring up their marriage license or issues related to it. They fight with each other, but the state never comes into it. My paternal grandmother is 94 and the life Gramp built is still providing for her care in an assisted living apartment facility YEARS AFTER HIS DEATH. When you state you’ll only stick around as long as you “want to”, it’s a good thing you know that you are unable to commit to something bigger than what you feel at the moment. Be sure you tell people that and reduce their pain when you split.

    Quote: “Really how can ONE person be expected to be the be all and end all to ones person’s love, partnership and companionship for always?” What in the everlovin’ world gave you the idea that this is what marriage is all about? You’re not locked together in a room alone without outside contact for the rest of your life. It isn’t solitary! Sometimes it may FEEL like it, but it doesn’t work like that unless you WANT it to. Besides, who the fuck guaranteed that you will always “feel good” in life?

    Quote: “I don’t want to be a slave to the state but I also WON’T be a slave to the whims or demands of ANY other person.” Why the hell would someone put you through their “whims or demands”? I’d call that having a bad picker, but my wager is that it is how you LABEL someone expecting you to take their feelings into consideration. But it is not abnormal, just misguided.

    I DO belong to my wife and she DOES belong to me. Love is ALWAYS enough of a reason for anything. In fact, love is the only solid reason for anything in this fucked up world. I am not miserable, I am in love.

    Yes, I said it. I love my wife. The sun rises and sets on that girl in my world. She’s all of a lady and then some. And because I love that woman, there is going to be conflict. It happens anytime two people who feel strongly bump up on each other. And I know that woman loves me. We argue and we fight, but we love each other. I am no damn picnic to be with; intense and driven. I’m independent as hell and don’t respond well to authority. Thirty years of dealing with PTSD and the myriad “attempts” by many to “fix me”. My own medicines got thrown into the rollercoaster ride. Then there was the Saran Wrap incident; but I’m feeling MUCH better now.

    And right there is the rub. I’m not fucking broken. Never was, just a guy thrown into an abnormal situation trying to make sense out of shit that doesn’t. They call it PTSD. My wife isn’t “broken” either, but I’ll tell you this: when we try to “fix” each other is when the fireworks start! My wife is who she is and I am who I am. We do better when we spend our time trying to understand that and each other as compared to when we try to change it. Sometimes we just get that shit twisted sideways and backwards.

    @corrupt, I like it. A similar take: “You know she is going to start talking and ruin your fantasy.”

  15. Mike 184 Says:

    HAHAHA… @ Corrupt, yeah that sound slike some shit my wife would say… but she checks out chicks asses too, so I don’t get too much crap.

  16. corrupt Says:

    Jim666 says:

    “but you know you’re only kissing the pretty end of my asshole……….”

    My O/L has a habit of saying “Ya know she shits outta that thing” whenever I happen to be checking out a nice ass. Totally ruins it for me.

  17. Glenn S. Says:

    dizzydesi/Ashley said: “@ Tooj, Glenn S. and FF: Why do people stay with just one partner for so long if they are miserable about it?”

    I’m in my third marriage. I realize that the problem is probably me. But I is who I is and I’m not gonna change. And while that creates tension, there are positives in my present marriage. I’m not totally miserable, just would change a few things if I could. But just like I’m not gonna change, I won’t insist that she do so. Maybe if I was 25, I’d throw in my hand for a new deal. She probably feels the same. But I’ll be 55 in a couple weeks and I’m aware that I’m entering the downhill side of life. I really don’t want to be alone when I get too old to live the way I want to.

    Enjoy your youth, Ashley, it won’t last forever. One day, you’ll hit menopause, and you’ll probably make the man (or woman) in your life miserable for a few years. If you’re lucky, there will be enough good times to cushion that. If he’s lucky, you’ll probably only be a clingy, depressed psycho bitch some of the time and you’ll still have a sex drive. If you’re both lucky, you’ll both decide that whatever you saw in one another is still there, even if everything is a little sideways at the moment.

    And as far as multiple wives are concerned, once I had a houseful of women. They turned tricks, cooked, cleaned, helped me move product, and we had every kind of wild sex imaginable. Then I want to prison and they all hit the wind. I wish them all the best. I knew at the time that there was no real commitment there, that it was all temporary.

    I do love my wife and we do have some good times. When she tries to apply a leash, I break it in half. She gets pissed, I get pissed, and at some point we make up without me having to submit.

  18. Austin Says:

    @Jim666 *Great* story. I HOPE I can remember that line. Might come in handy!
    @Ashley – Well young lady….. (I feel like a total priss right now) OMG! Back in the day I was well known for being Wild & Untamed. Which basically meant everything you just said. I went where I pleased, did who I wanted and answered to no-one. There were many adventures.
    I found I could only socialize with girls/women in small doses. OTOH, if my race captain needs to do an engine swap, I’ll happily wrench on that bitch until the sun rises again. I do not understand internal combustion, but I like to be around it. I married at 31, after 7 years with someone I thought I knew well. Guess What- it took some time to discover I was wrong. “Fix” I use loosely. It is common terminology among co-dependent enablers. I missed some red flags. The trick is to use what you have, and try to avoid repeating the same mistakes. I have some amazing friends who have helped me along the way, and there was at least one deal with a Devil. Not sure if it was THE devil. Getting back to my true *click* self these days.

  19. Jim666 Says:

    Tooj Says:
    March 23rd, 2014 at 3:47 pm
    More often than not, when a man says “Your mouth is extremely beautiful when your lips are closed”

    Lmao. made me think about this one chick years ago, she was hot as Hell so I walked over and started talking w/ her. finally after about half a fifth of beam was downed I asked her if she minded if I gave her a kiss “she had beautiful poutie lips” and I was instantly in love.
    So she looks at me w/ these light blue eyes and says,
    but you know you’re only kissing the pretty end of my asshole……….

    Bitch ! Hell I kissed her anyway.

  20. Latigo Morgan Says:

    As the old mountain man once said, “If it warn’t for that business between their legs, there’d be a bounty on ’em.”

  21. John Deaux Says:

    Look, let’s face the facts. Pussy is the problem, it’s a woman’s gift and a man’s curse.
    Women will grant their gift of pussy to someone in exchange for the ability to control all or atleast part of anothers life. Some will torment you outright with their bullshit, others are sneaky about it, but they all do it.
    Man is cursed because as soon as he feels how good that pussy is he will spend the rest of his life accumulating the crap he needs to get more pussy. Before too long he realizes he’s fucked but doesn’t want to give up the shit he’s worked so hard for so he soldiers on hoping for something, anything that looks like a light at the end of the hell hole he finds himself in.
    In the end it’s really all about fucking pussy.

  22. dizzydesi Says:

    This is Ashley and I’m in Dizzy’s camper now and ain’t about to walk over to my garage apt.


    @ Tooj, Glenn S. and FF: Why do people stay with just one partner for so long if they are miserable about it? I gave up on the idea of having any traditional concept dictate anything i do since way back in middle school. i am not going to get married simply because society OR other people thinks that’s what i gotta do and that also goes for having kids, FF. Since most of my partners are other females that’s kind of a long shot anyway. lol.

    Since I’m bisexual (also more inclined towards other women) and I’m poly-amorous and also very selfish. I like my freedom too much. Kids are not a good idea for someone like me. Sometimes FF, making a decision not to have kids is simply an act of making a responsible decision. I am never gonna get stuck doing something that i don’t believe in…

    I will be with someone because i want to be and only as long as i want to be and NEVER because i have to be. Especially since i haven’t witnessed a successful marriage yet… 22 years FF? Why escape to Afghanistan? If you don’t care about being homeless the solution is simple. just leave your wife, reinvent yourself on your own terms and don’t make the same mistake again and just play the field instead of complaining about where you are at now.

    You guys made one choice but there are other choices and other options available. And even if you’ve made one choice why is it written in stone? why not if later it no longer suits you, can’t you make another choice? Really how can ONE person be expected to be the be all and end all to ones person’s love, partnership and companionship for always?

    As if people don’t change or want different things, as time goes on. The world is full of billions of people and you chose to be with just one??? People are social animals with the ability to connect deeply and meaningfully with more than just one person for different things at different times. That’s too much to expect for one person for it to really work out.

    1 in 2 marriages end in divorce. Numbers don’t lie. Is it like you can’t connect to others??? you are not allowed to because a piece of paper tells you so? hell no. I don’t want to be a slave to the state but I also WON’T be a slave to the whims or demands of ANY other person. You guys can accept that but no way I will. i don’t get it. I’m with Dizzy and she is with me. But i DON’T ‘belong’ to her nor does she ‘belong’ to me. We are loving partners but we are not exclusive to each other. And we are only with each other for as long as we are happy with each other. Also love doesn’t seem enough of even a reason to stay with one another because if the person you love doesn’t make you happy anymore than whats the point? Go out and love other people, or not…

    I don’t ‘cheat’ on Dizzy, i tell her outright when I’m interested in someone else just as when someone else catches her interest I’m the first to know. i don’t answer to her nor do i make her answer to me. If she falls for someone else it also does not mean she has stopped loving me. i see it as a naturally human even if it’s not an acceptable NORMAL one for society today.

    And while i do indulge in men Its only in small doses. Lol i prefer other girls because, hey lets face it, it just multiplies my shoe and wardrobe selection. And i say girls because i have not been even remotely able to know or care what MOST mainstream women think or what makes them tick. I’m in my 20’s sometimes the mindset me and other young bi girls like me are so far removed from other women we might as well come from other planets forget generations. Even older lesbians are too weird for me and they look down on us girls who are bisexual and poly calling us confused and to pick a gender, to which we answer NO. I’m gonna live my life the way i want and i don’t care what anyone else thinks of it.

    The other night we were both watching Vikings and we all agreed that Ragnar loved both his wives Legartha and Aslaug and we both felt Lagertha was being silly for being inflexible as both women had different virtues to bring to the table. Aslaug the ultra feminine primadona princess but still clever and smart and the tough tomboyish shield maiden warrior woman Lagertha had her own gifts. There’s this selfishness and ownership of people that i don’t get AT ALL. but the issue that night was that Dizzy’s mom argued that Ragnar was being a shit simply because he happened to have deep feelings for both women.. Why isn’t Ragnar allowed to love and admire different things in different women and keep both??? I can relate because i love and admire Chelsie’s maturity and strength while Dizzy is a neurotic on steroids, but she still captivates me even though she’s often emotional basket-case….(For her BD coming up i’ve got pink and white roses that i’ve been sending her since High School. Lol.)

    Well, back to Vikings, all of us, me, Dizzy, Chelsea, Summer and Katie all thought wtf was the big deal with Ragnar taking and keeping both wives??? And we all of us girls under age 30 and bisexual and poly thought it a no brainer that Lagertha shoulda kept her position as first wife and learned to live with Aslaug as his second wife and agreed that all Lagertha’s ultimatum did was leave Aslaug as sole wife, and have their son Bjorn torn between both the father and mother that he equally loved and Lagertha unhappily ever after in a loveless second marriage … We argued Lagertha was being a selfish stupid bitch while Dizzy’s mom and aunt looked at us like me and Dizzy both had three heads and was quite furious that we couldn’t see things their way. Like our view was completely TOO out there… Lol. But then again they are both in their 40’s and think a certain way that society has ingrained into them how they should think… But we’ve come to the conclusion that if most men are from Mars and most women (and some males too, lol) are from Venus than there’s also an entire breed of girls hailing down from Jupiter. Lol.

    @ Austin why the need to fix a man? accept him as he is and if you can’t live with how he is, then don’t. But if you still care for him but want more sex? Then don’t live with him or tie yourself up with just him. Tell him you are gonna make him, say your Tuesday man and the rest of the week is your own time to do as you please. so he can do as he pleases. And if your Tuesday man won’t take care of your needs maybe Thursday man can, less pressure on Tuesday man because you’ll have your needs met by well someone…

    Before anyone wants to criticize my lifestyle you have all painted a picture of why i will NEVER subscribe to yours… Lol!!

    But then again I’m in my early 20’s so what the fuck do i know?

    (not ever reading Cosmo for the stupid How to keep your man articles, ’cause i dgaf but for hairstyles, clothes trend and new nail polish colors. the magazine by our table now is Dizzy’s latest subscription to Wired magazine… Lol)

    Ashley on Dizzy’s laptop streaming Vikings again with Dizzy painting my toes…

  23. Tooj Says:

    More often than not, when a man says “Your mouth is extremely beautiful when your lips are closed” to a woman she will reply with:

    “What? Is there something wrong with my teeth? You have some other woman who has better teeth than ME??? FINE, go be with your dental perfection bitch! You can be sure I won’t be opening my mouth to blow YOU since it is so ugly!”

    But upon thinking of it, I AM a magnificent bastard. It’s nice to get such a positive reminder.

    And FF, I rest my case regarding being reviewed. Your spouse isn’t posting here, right?


    “The last thing I’d ever do to you is hurt you.
    But I ain’t taking it off the list.”

  24. ElleElle Says:

    “A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed”

    You may be right-we may be complex, we may be proverbial pains in the royal asses due to complexicities that we ourselves dont fully or completelely understand at times. Imagine that. Frustrates the hell out of you magnificent bastards when we need your help with THAT one. I get that. We may be wired up differently because..who knows why… so that we can make you a sammich and breast feed a baby all at the same time while saving another child from utter and total self destruction? Seem outlandish?
    How could we possible think of competing with other chicks at moments like these?
    “We” dont. I tend to think that if the men in our lives didnt love and adore us -they sure wouldnt have much to say about us at all- in here or anywhere. And as far as heartbreak goes, the make up sex beats the hell out of any check point I have ever heard about.

    Regards to all and Be Safe and never let anyone tell you to not be aware-

  25. Austin Says:

    I am truly sorry that there is all this heartbreak and misunderstanding out in the world. I have been guilty of trying to help or fix someone, and worse – I’ve repeated the mistake! My final ex was one of those guys who would putter out in his shop all night & never come in, or eat dinner and fall asleep in his chair. He didn’t think anything was unusual except that I had an unhealthy interest in sex, being unsatisfied with once every two years.

  26. Glenn S. Says:

    Afriend of mine told his wife: “No, I don’t have another woman. I can barely stand the one I have.”

  27. FF Says:


    “I’m under strict observation, cause ‘Cosmo says there are ten signs your man is cheating, and another mag has another twenty and it’s a brand new set of things she will watch for and will appear quite insane to any functioning male.”

    Holy crap, LOL! Dude, how about this, did you ever come home and your wife is watching Dr Phil or some other psycho program and the guests are a family of degenerate perverted scumbags, and Dr. Phil gives his diagnosis, and then DOCTOR WIFE starts reading the signs and symptoms and projecting them in you?!

    Oh, that’s the best.

    “Women compete with each other. It’s stupid, but they’ve developed a functional theory that it is man’s fault that they are competitive to begin with. So, it’s a crazy making premise and not worth attempting to fix or change. Or discuss with her.”

    Ha ha, yup. Another personal anectdote: My wife and I are at a party, some chic hits on me. I tell her “I’m flattered, but I’m married, and my wife is over there”. Then the broad goes over and tells my wife how lucky she is to have me.

    You’d think that was a good thing, right? WRONG. The car ride home was miserable. “who is she?” “where do you know her from?” over and over, just in case my answer was one iota different.

    I’d like to be under the impression that she would have wanted to get me home so she could do to me what that other woman wanted to do, but noooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo.

    LMAO women are nuts.

    How bad is it? I want to go back to Afghanistan, that’s how bad it is. And I told her that, too, and I wasn’t kidding either.

  28. JMacK Says:

    Lots of great advice and ideas that I certainly can’t improve on, just more of the same. Going through the roller coaster ride as we speak…

    Tooj, yeah whoda thunk we have to be accountable for our own lives eh?

    And yes, sometimes id rather a bike checkpoint myself…


  29. Tooj Says:

    I’m thinking bike checkpoints are looking pretty good right now.

  30. Tooj Says:


    I get reviewed and given shit for what I write here from the old lady. (Worse than the Fed, I tell you.) Weird interpretations of my intent and thinking, but that is typical of a woman. Why? Because that’s how THEY operate and think. Being logical and/or rational are foreign concepts. Just as running your life on your emotions is to a male.

    So my old lady goes off on what women write here and say and do out in public because that’s her bag. Women compete with each other. It’s stupid, but they’ve developed a functional theory that it is man’s fault that they are competitive to begin with. So, it’s a crazy making premise and not worth attempting to fix or change. Or discuss with her.

    BUT because I’m her husband she truly believes that I give two shits about all the intrigue and mystery and guesses she makes about what people are “really” thinking and feeling. Or me. Or that I have even paid that damn much attention. Most of the time, I just want a fucking sammich.

    I’m under strict observation, cause ‘Cosmo says there are ten signs your man is cheating, and another mag has another twenty and it’s a brand new set of things she will watch for and will appear quite insane to any functioning male.

    I am 53 years old, been married more than once, and have not cheated. Ever. Yeah call bullshit, but it’s true. Try flying that flag past any suspicious woman and see what you get? Most of them label you a liar right out the gate because they EXPECT a cheat.

    Marriage as the state defines it, is merely another artifact of control. Get a license, public record that you did it, laws impacting what you “get” to do, etc.

    So for the faggots and other sexual deviants who insist upon having the “institution” of marriage? I say let them all have it. Every last bit of it to include divorce, having half your shit taken from you (that your “partner” may have made zero effort to help you acquire), and the myriad problems associated with living in a state you didn’t get married in. Let them have all of that shit. It turns a lot of women into parasites, so let them have it all.

    I chose who I married, every last bit of it. I chose to GET married. She’s totally my fucking problem. Every day I wake up, I got a choice. Every situation presents me with a choice and I get to deal with what I choose. Fuck me running.

    Yeah, ain’t life a bitch when you’re responsible for what you chose?

  31. FF Says:

    Tooj, you know what the funny/ironic part is? The only reason me and that chic were on each other’s radar is because I’m a married man. My wife doesn’t seem to get that.

    If I was single, that night I’d of been off in my own happy hunting ground, not in some fucking cow pasture.

    Frequent Flyer

  32. Tooj Says:


    As the master of the bad reply, I suppose my answer to the “I bet you can’t wait until I’m dead so you can fuck your Spanish whore”…

    Would be: “Why would I wait? I didn’t before.”

    Bill Cosby talked about “The Gift” for men. It entails not responding to her and when she melts down over your lack of reply, you state, “Well if I had heard you…”

    The beauty of “The Gift”, as Cosby relates, is not that she knows you heard her, it’s that SHE CAN’T PROVE IT.

  33. FF Says:

    @Glenn S
    “She has yuppie friends and a yuppie daughter who can’t believe that she “lets” me live the way I do.”

    I can identify. My wife’s friends and family aint yuppies, but they definitely like to talk about “what’s wrong with your husband” to my wife. Look, I don’t like talking shit about friends and family in public, but sometimes you gotta put shit out there to SOMEONE or you’re just gonna explode. My wfie’s favoritie thing to do is compare me to so and so and this one and that one and “they are doing this and they are doing that, why can’t you” and I just let it go in one ear and out the other, bide my time a wait for the big fall.

    My wife puts people on a pedestal but when the house of cards they are living in collapses, she never gives me a mea culpa. And I’m too above saying I TOLD YOU SO. I always tell my wife, I aint about trying to keep up with the Joneses. I don’t compare my life to anybody elses. St Augustine said “be kind to everyone you meet, because everyone is fighting an inner battle” and that’s how I treat everybody.

    Don’t matter to me how great your life looks on the surface, I know I aint seeing the full picture, but for some reason my wife listens to people and their bullshit and thinks that I should be doing what they are doing. It’s insane.

    “I’m into argument season and I fucking hate all the bickering,” I hear ya, and rest assure, the putting shit off and deferring dreams because I don’t want to get into a pissing contest IS OVER. I’m gonna do what I want, when I want and her approval don’t matter any more.

    “Don’t assume there is no endgame in sight. When she heard “until death do we part” she assumed it would naturally be YOUR death. Like a helpful sort she is, she is merely trying to help the process along.”

    I’m glad you brought that up, LOL. I aint gonna lie, I’ve screwed around. She’s caught me, too. I had me a big buxom Dominican from Washington Heights. Oh that went over like a lead balloon. LMAO. And get this, this is good ha ha—
    One of her friends husband he was banging a DR chic too, and he knocked her up. He was making child support payments for years, eventually paperwork caught up with him and his wife found out. Yeah, that was another couple my wife was always nagging me “why can’t you be more like him”.

    Yes dear.

    During all our fights AND SHE STARTS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM she always drops this gem on me “I bet you can’t wait until I’m dead so you can fuck your Spanish whore” LOL I yell back at her, “I got news for you, if you died, I’d become a priest. Why would I ever want to put myself BACK INTO HELL AGAIN. I’D RATHER CHOP IT OFF!”

    @John Deaux
    “maybe I should say I love the eastern side of Tn. I haven’t been thru the western side in a long time, last time I went thru Memphis it was kinda dark”

    Never been to Memphis but being a music aficionado one day I gotta make the trip, but I hear ya. LOL
    I love Eastern TN too, and Asheville NC. I don’t care for the fake phoney hippies (what a bunch of angry fools) but that area is beautiful.

    4 times? Man, I don’t know what to tell you. LOL

    “I’d be grateful for a woman that had the following mindset regarding the “L” word. “If you protect me, feed me, give me shelter, pack me on your bike, and buy me the occasional drink, I’ll suck the chrome right off your ball hitch”. Unfortunately; the aforementioned woman with this particular mindset is only to be found in the land of fantasy or dreams.”

    Everything with women is about parlaying this for that. Never give anything up for free, even though that’s what THEY want. They want sex and much as you BUT THEY CAN NEVER SAY IT and they have to MAKE YOU FEEL like they are DOING YOU A BIG FAVOR and you are eternally indebted to them for being nice to you, because hey, let’s face it. You’re just a dog.

    “I am in the firm belief that me showing my ass on a semi-regular basis lets her know when I do something nice for her it’s cause I give a shit, not because I feel like have to or because she thinks I need to”

    I hear ya, but that’s the problem. Everything we do for them has got to be played at a certain angle lest we set their inner whacko jacko off. It’s like walking on eggshells and no matter what I do, like arbitrarily bringing flowers home— I’M SUSPECT. What’s my motive? What’s my agenda? Holy crap, then I won’t do anything nice for you ever again because you think I’m up to something. LMAO THEY ARE FUCKING CRAZY

    “We’ve been together for 34 years. It hasn’t always been pretty, we have been through some crazy shit.”

    We’ve been together 22 years. I concur, it definitely hasn’t “always been pretty”. LOL Definitely hasn’t been wine and roses.

    “I have absolutely no idea what happens inside a woman’s head. Completely clueless.”

    Well Rebel, all I can tell you is it’s a very scary neighborhood.

    “we aren’t all psycho bitches.”

    I prefer “wacko jackos” but psycho bitches works for me, too. Alas, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. I think I’m gonna write a book about it.

    @ashley twisted
    “I just don’t see the need to have lifesucking parasites called kids dictating my time and energy or money…”

    Baby that’s where you are wrong. Children are beautiful. Never blame the kids.

    How many of us wound up emotional and psychological trainwrecks because of stupid shit our parents said in front of us or too us? Even if it’s the truth, don’t say it. You don’t ever tell a kid they weren’t wanted. Ever.

    “Sorry this wasn’t any kinda ‘help’ to you, FF. I’d invite you to visit here, but the spare bed’s gone for about a year now and the spare room is kinda clogged up with junk and used as a storage room. Unless it’s summer and you wouldn’t mind a sleeping bag and/or a tent by the pond (the dogs would at least stay around and guard you in the hopes you wake up and decide to do some fishing…they love me catching those damned little 6 inch and smaller catfish and throwin’ them out in the grass so they can kill the damn things, lol). At least you’d still get a hot breakfast and eats as long as you was there”

    Hey man I appreciate that. If I ever have to cash that ticket, I will. Thank you.

    @Dr Sardonicus
    “When you reach down and adjust your balls from time to time, don’t forget to thank whoever you thank when it comes to the bigger stuff that you still have a pair that aren’t taxidermy over some fireplace or attached to some keychain accessory from a Coach or Lancome handbag or purse or whatever they’re called.”

    Lancome, holy crap! When I worked on the loading dock, boxes of that shit would be hammered and pilfered. 5 finger discount motherfuckers looking to sell that shit on ebay or give it to their wives and girlfriends. Or who knows, maybe some of them were freaks who liked to wear that shit themselves. LOL I wouldn’t doubt it.

    Thanks for the invite, you are a kind man, and I don’t doubt you for a minute. Thank you.

    Frequent Flyer

  34. Austin Says:

    @dizzydesi = Right?

    I hope you are drinking enough water. 16 oz for every shot will minimize that hangover.

    @John Deaux “Every time I’ve been institutionalized it’s been a bad thing.” Yes indeed! RE; the men all getting the shaft in De-Institutionalization proceedings – There is at least one man out there who is acting like all your women. Yep it’s a great time to ride.

  35. Mark Says:

    Jeanne Shaheen is now trolling for funds on the left coast!

  36. John Deaux Says:

    The phrase ” the institution of marriage ” should tell all you need to know. Every time I’ve been institutionalized it’s been a bad thing.
    Fuck it I’m going ride, later…

  37. Austin Says:

    @ dizzydesi “something like this i love you i hate you i love you i hate you… ”
    Yep – that’s pretty much all there is to it! LOL My version has phuqueing in it every so often ~

    I 2nd Dr. Sardonicus. The Coast Cures. I was rolling with that big fat moon last night. Hwy 41 across the valley, following a touring bike with CO plates to Cholame – stopped in Gaviota for a while to feel the wind. Followed the sparkling chain of rigs south along the coast. Slept in a friends driveway in Santa Barbara for a while, pulled out early, morning meditation at La Conchita until about 0300, thought about finding breakfast in Ventura, but chose to slip through to the Ronald Reagan Freeway while it was still quiet. Onward. Should be camping in Joshua Tree tonight. I keep moving to avoid capture.

  38. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel said: “I have absolutely no idea what happens inside a woman’s head. Completely clueless.”

    Random thoughts:

    Their biggest lie: “Nothing will change after we’re married.” Their biggest truth: “I thought that once we were married, you’d (fill in the blank)” or “I thought you’d stop doing (fill in the blank)”.

    The food that reduces their sex drive more than any other: Wedding cake. The honeymoon sex is their way of saying goodbye to down and dirty sport fucking. Sex toy turns into mother-type at the drop of wedding rice. They then believe that micromanagement is a far better way to keep their man from straying than keeping him satisfied.

    For some entirely unknown reason, they act as if the man’s commitment to them should deepen after marriage, despite the fact that they change into something entirely different than the woman the man wanted (or was willing) to marry.

    Women and wives are two entirely different species. Men and husbands are not. Somehow, they believe that we are the ones who are being emotionally dishonest.

    The institution of marriage is nothing more than allowing the government to set the terms of the eventual breakup. The breakup, divorce, diverts a significant portion of marital assets to the lawyers.

    The homosexuals want this institution, let ’em have it. We’d be far better off keeping the pre-marriage woman than being in a state-sponsored relationship.

    But we are not without fault here. For some reason, despite experiencing how a good relationship can turn into something else after the wedding, I have married three times. If insanity is repeating the same thing, over and over, expecting different results, I am as crazy as they are.

    And this world seems poised to turn over the reins of power to women, most of whom are married.

    I hope that the reason we haven’t heard from men in successful marriages in this thread is that they are all busy enjoying S&BJ day. Surely, its not because the American outlaw biker is incapable of having a successful marriage with anything other than a motorcycle.

    And I’m off, to hop on the back of the love of my life and take her for a ride while the wife is at work.

  39. Latigo Morgan Says:

    “I have absolutely no idea what happens inside a woman’s head. Completely clueless.”

    Women know what goes on in women’s heads, and they hate each other.

  40. dizzydesi Says:

    did someone mention ballks/ ibet they r so loveliuy. if iwasnt so dizzy.oh shit i got somebriterass puke all over. liquifd yelo. lime green jlo puke. oh god oh god im dieingh. oh someontr shoot mre. it willk onlybe mercy. oh fuck. oh god my camper issooo fucked oh thids is bad

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