Jay Dobyns Has Many Enemies

January 20, 2009

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According to Jay “Bird” Dobyns, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are both trying to get him. He seems to think that the HA and the ATF might actually be cooperating to get him. And, anyone who has ever seen or heard Dobyns knows how this might actually be true.

Dobyns is the former ATF agent who pretended to be a member of the Solo Angeles Motorcycle Club to try to get close to the Hells Angels charter in Prescott. He sold several bikers guns, went to some parties, bought some drugs and many drinks and prospected the club. Then he came back from a trip to Mexico and announced that he had killed a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

He had killed the man, he claimed, for the good of the HA, and when he finally got a patch holder to say, “Uh, well, thanks,” on hidden camera he then charged his friends with conspiracy to commit murder. It was all part of an ATF operation called ‘Black Biscuit” and it led to many arrests, great inconvenience, much embarrassment and even a few prison sentences for some guys whose favorite colors are red and white.

Celebrity Street Warrior

Dobyns has been fairly well celebrated in the mass media for his bravery. Among his braver acts, it seems, was to actually ride a motorcycle. He is terrified of motorcycles. But, it must have been a transformative experience for him because after he left the ATF he became a “life coach.” He now helps businessmen “Unleash The Street Warrior Within.”

Dobyns is a former college football player. At first glance he seems to be a man’s man. He is obviously a guy whom cops and outlaws and insecure businessmen all want to like. Unfortunately, he also seems to have a pathological compulsion to enrage his friends.

Three years ago Dobyns went to war with the ATF. He filed an 83-page grievance complaining that the ATF had falsely accused him of being psychologically unfit for police work and a fraud. He also complained that he was a hero who had been unfairly denied a Medal of Valor. The ATF answered the grievance by trying to prove to the Inspector General that Dobyns was actually a mendacious nut.

After that the magic seemed to go out of law enforcement for Agent Dobyns.

Ugly Divorce

His divorce from the ATF turned ugly. He went public with his complaints last January. He hired a Phoenix attorney, James B. Reed, who filed a $3.3 million claim that ATF “incompetence” had endangered Dobyns and his family. The attorney, in the manner of attorneys, added an additional 50 complaints of “mismanagement, retaliation, harassment and defamation.”

Then, last August, somebody set fire to Dobyns’ house. The fire caused about $30,000 damage. It was quickly ruled an arson. Dobyns was “out of town” at the time so the fire could not have been set by him. But his wife and children were home and they had to go outside into the night dressed only for bed.

The blaze seemed to confirm Dobyns’ accusation that he had ruthless enemies who would attack his family to get to him. That was the angle that got played in the Phoenix media. And, meanwhile the ATF seemed unwilling or unable to protect the Dobyns family.

Jay Must Be Paid

Instead, the ATF continued to downplay the danger the Hells Angels, the Solo Angeles or anyone else presented to Dobyns. Last October, Dobyns actually filed suit against the ATF for damages in the amount of $4.5 million.

Then about a week ago he sent an email to the Arizona Republic in which he complained that the ATF was trying to pin the arson on him. And, of course, Dobyns could not have set the fire because he was out of town. And, even though his wife and family were not hurt they could have been.

“Someone tried to kill them and ATF did not react!” Dobyns wrote about the fire that almost injured his family. The ATF, “expressed next to no interest in investigating. I kicked ass for ATF for my entire career, and this is my reward.”

Perceptive Freudians may notice that Dobyns does not argue that he does what he does out of conviction. He does what he does because he expects a “reward.”

So you can decide for yourself whether Dobyns has already gotten what he deserves, or more, or less. He has a book titled, No Angel: My Harrowing Undercover Journey to the Inner Circle of the Hells Angels, coming out next month. And, if you think he has been underpaid you can help him out by buying a copy of that.

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29 Responses to “Jay Dobyns Has Many Enemies”

  1. Gilbert Avila Says:

    Fuck u Jay!

  2. Ed Says:

    Having read “a wayward angel” “no angel” and “befriend and betray”, it’s interesting to note that all three books contain long winded speeches, and pathetic attempts at self justification as to why these scumbags became snitches. These low rats all took advantage of the hand of friendship offered by the clubs, and used it for their own personal gain. How people like this manage to look in the mirror each day and call themselves men is beyond me. There is no form of life on this earth lower than a man who rats out his friends!

  3. Electra Says:

    agree with the ATF that he is a mendacious nut

  4. Electra Says:

    Yep he is a NUT & a mean one.. and I don’t recommend him as a consultant.

  5. Harleybiker777 Says:

    Sonny barger LEGEND . dobyns SNITCH .

  6. swampy Says:

    Men like Dobyns are their own worst enemy. That’s what makes them so dangerous to everyone else. Fuck ’em.

  7. Muck 1%er Says:

    What’s that you were saying about spell check and 3rd grade level skills?
    Wtf does “treet” mean? Lmfao

  8. Molly Says:

    Well,this is old news,,,but lucky me to be media ignorant…it’s 2016,cops have dominated the upper market on abuse of power..Thank you ‘Rebel for intellectual responses..people should install a spell check app if they can’t spell above 3rd grade level…Now my point,,no human with integrity,morals,OR sense of worth would EVER be a snitch…no man with balls would risk their family’s welfare….Dobyn’s thinks he deserves a medal?? Geez,i’ll buy him a cold-coke…nah,i’ll give that to the man who knows what principles are..as for all you cat-piss stains calling H.A pieces of shit…say it to their faces..cause I know..’Treet them good,theyll treet you better.Treet them bad,theyll treet you worse’…..having the beauty of growing up in the good ole late 70’s..in the bay area..San Francisco Hell Angels M.C was family.

  9. Sledge Says:

    He actually won his lawsuits.

  10. Reality Says:

    I hope you find peace Jay. It comes from looking inward rather than finding blame in others for your anger.

  11. Reality Says:


  12. BethD Says:

    Hi, ive just finished reading dobyns book which I read straight after reading Sonny Bargers and I have to say I was suprised to find that I found Sonny to be a much more genuine likeable characterthan Dobyns. I am a 39yr old stereotypical mother and housewife so I expected to be shocked and somewhat horrified by the goings on in Sonnys book but it was Dobyns who made my skin crawl not the “big nasty scary hells angel” that I was expecting mr Barger to be, he seems to be a lot more truthful about his past than mr Dobyns….im not saying this is how it is, just that its my opinion

  13. Suzy Says:

    Dobens, u r a ass. Someday u will get yours!

  14. booboo Says:

    In responce to jeb Whyte,,,your a piece of fuckin shit!! U can go to hell where u belong!!! Ad for jay dobyns ,,,once a snitch always a snitch!!!! As for the us gov. You are all liers,theirs. Jay Dobyns u can decay,in hell!!!;. We r watching u jay,,,,. Mr.Whyte you are a snitch yourself!!! Go to hell me.whyte.

  15. Jim666 Says:

    Jeb Whyte Says:
    April 13th, 2012 at 5:50 pm
    The HA are pieces of SHYTE!

    @ Jeb takes one to know one eh

  16. ripvanwinkle Says:

    this dobins clown what a luagh his handelbars gave him away his rat had more balls than him man for any group to hangaround hells angels for that long and not get patched in doen what they done HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH hells angels forever forever hells angels ripvanwinkle

  17. Jeb Whyte Says:

    The HA are pieces of SHYTE!

  18. Jim Friis Says:

    To do his job, Jay sacrificed everything he had. He literally took a journey to hell! And this is how ATF treats one of their own! Very dissapointing.

  19. Bill Woods Says:

    Good counter. I respect your opinion and factual information. If I didn’t read the book, I’d have no reason to engage in this conversation. The sharing of ideas and opinions is healthy.

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bill Woods,

    News Corp owns Fox News. First, is the rule of deep pockets. If you get libeled by the Boston Globe you sue the New York Times, which owns the Boston Globe.

    Libel is libel. All the rules and exceptions apply no matter where you “publish:” On television, the net, on a piece of paper or a movie screen. I am very, very aware of libel. Sometimes when I know something but know I can not prove it, I am very careful with my wording. Sometimes, I have to retract things.

    Like last February I said the Happy Happy Sober Riders lit up the wrong club. Turns out, they actually lit up the A.R.M. A defense for libel is working on deadline and whether you were acting in good faith and how quickly you corrected your error. It doesn’t wipe out the libel but it is an act of contrition that minimizes your exposure.

    Also, for various complicated exceptions that I will not go into, Jay Dobyns has probably not libeled the Angels. Even if he has, and I think he is bullet proof, the Angels don’t want to get into a mud slinging contest with him. The short version is that Jay is both a former officer of the court and, technically, a journalist and he is entitled to his opinion.

    Jay by the way, I am pretty sure, suspects that I have libeled him. I know for a fact he thinks I am unfair and mean to him. He thinks I am a fucking bastard. But in that particular case, Jay is a public figure who has sought fame for personal gain so he may be satirized. With Jay I can claim the satire exception. And Jay is lucky it is me. H.L. Menckon would have run pieces that would have had Jay being interviewed by a chimpanzee. At the least.

    Shepard Smith is a boob on the boob tube who was just shooting off his mouth. I watched the video a dozen times. The guy obviously has no real background in working press journalism. He is, basically, a male model so he did something that makes sense only in television. For dramatic reasons, to punch the end of his story, his segment, he makes a libelous statement. Gratuitously. Good television. Really stupid journalism.

    No two ways about it. Shepard Smith is a half-assed nitwit. And, that statement is not libelous because I have the transcript to prove it.

    And, what makes this particular thing with Shepard Smith really interesting is the synergy. Okay? It is not just the deep pockets rule. News Corp owns both Fox Studios and Fox News. An employee of Fox News made a libelous statement to enhance the reputation of a guy who has a movie deal with Fox Studios and to enhance the value of a property owned by Fox Studios. Fox News is acting as a public relations tool for Fox Studios. News Corp is a horizontally integrated media conglomerate. There is a direct and provable link between Fox studios and Fox News through News Corp.

    Anybody could prove the link. A child could prove the link.

    your pal,

  21. Bill Woods Says:

    Thank you for your response. I’m not sure if libel laws have caught up with the electronic media at this time. They may be outdated. Meaning, I wonder if “news stories” means opinions on TV/internet or printed old-fashioned newspaper articles. The quote below is taken from your posting.

    “Actions for civil libel result mainly from news stories that allege crime, fraud, dishonesty, immoral or dishonorable conduct, or stories that defame the subject professionally, causing financial loss either personally or to a business.”

    I don’t think anyone can link a statement made on Fox to an article written by Newscorp. The two are different entities as far as I know.

    In conclusion, I offer no opinion on the facts represented in the book as well. You know the old line on them, they’re like [email protected]#$%^&* everyone has them.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bill Woods,

    It was both slander and libel. It was slander when Shepard Smith said it. It became libel when News Corp published his remarks on the web. I will not throw opinions at you but do allow me to quote from The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual which is as good an introduction to the subject as I know:

    “Libel is injury to reputation.

    “Words, pictures or cartoons that expose a person to public hatred, shame, disgrace or ridicule, or induce an ill opinion of a person are libelous.

    “Actions for civil libel result mainly from news stories that allege crime, fraud, dishonesty, immoral or dishonorable conduct, or stories that defame the subject professionally, causing financial loss either personally or to a business.

    “There is only one complete and unconditional defense to a civil action for libel: That the facts stated are PROVABLY TRUE. (Note well that word, PROVABLY.) Quoting someone correctly is not enough. The important thing is to be able to satisfy a jury that the libelous statement is substantially correct.”

    I have absolutely no doubt that the statement, “The Hells Angels… well, they’re a pretty notorious, heinous criminal operation. Bunch of killers a lot of them. Not all,” is libelous. Neither should you. Neither does News Corp.

    After I ran the transcript I contacted Diane Brandi, Chief Corporate Counsel for Fox; Shepard Smith; Roger Ailes, President of Fox News; Shepard Smith’s secretary; Ivey Van Allen, Vice President of Media Relations for Fox; Teri Everett, Senior VP of Communications at Fox; and Jack Horner VP of Communications at Fox.

    These yuppie motherfuckers all have secret emails, of course. So usually, I can startle a reaction or a quote out of them when I show up in their inbox. Fox stonewalled me. Partly they stonewalled me because I am nothing, nobody, so why should they talk to me. Partly they stonewalled me because they know that I know they libeled the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

    Thank you for reading. Thanks for commenting.

    Your pal,

  23. Bill Woods Says:

    Libel and slander are very tough to prove in a civil case. Your argument against Fox is that they committed libel, you should’ve said slander. There’s an easy way to distinguish the two. Libel is literary (in writing) while slander is spoken. There is no case, and I’m not a lawyer. Fox offered an opinion on the HA nothing more. I read the book, Dobyns did say that the HAs did a lot of good things for the community as well. The toughest case to prove criminally is conspriracy, and that was proven in a court of law. Is the HAMC a recognized business, trade, or profession as outlined in my google search below on slander?

    You don’t have to prove actual harm to your reputation to collect damages for slander if someone says something about you that:

    Affects your business, trade or profession
    Implies you committed a crime
    Leads to the conclusion that you have a loathsome disease
    Suggests that you are somehow sexually impure
    Otherwise, you’ll have to prove you’ve actually been damaged in order to collect for slanderous behavior.”

  24. mercerd Says:

    interesting material, where such topics do you find? I will often go

  25. Rebel Says:


    Oh man, I don’t know what to make of Jay Dobyns. Sometimes I want to take this guy out to play motorcycles because I think it will be good for his soul and sometimes I want to take him shark fishing and use him for bait. Jay is Jay. Birds gotta fly, you know what I mean.

    Now the Fox News moron who said, “Hells Angels, they’re a pretty notorious, heinous, criminal operation. Bunch of killers a lot of them….” He committed libel. Just flat out. That guy is really fucking stupid. Fox is very wealthy, too, I hear. Deep pockets. The fact that Fox is furthering Dobyns allegations and that Fox has a real, actual, measurable, provable pecuniary interest in furthering those allegations also points to “libel with malice.”

    Libel with malice means that Fox can’t shove the shit back in the donkey no matter how hard they try.

    Sitting on my desk here I have an oversized, blue paperback called “The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual.” Somewhere in there is a picture of that Fox News guy and the cutline, the caption, underneath that picture says “example of libel.”

    Since you asked, I will give you my opinion. I am not a lawyer. But I have been an ink attained wretch so I have had lawyers and editors jumping up and down on my shoulders and screaming in both of my ears at once. So I know a little about libel

    There are two considerations. First, the club knows about this libel so HA has to have a lawyer call Fox legal or send them a registered letter that says, “You assholes just committed libel.” That is fair notice. If you know about it you have to call them on it. Acquiescence makes it true. It is only a libel if you tell them it is a libel. Then, Fox can either correct their statement or not. My guess is that they will not. They will argue that no “actual” damage has been done to the reputation of the HAMC. So fuck all you guys.

    Consideration number two. Smart move, I think. Give them notice. Wait for Fox to invest more money in the preproduction of the movie and then restrain that production and sue these morons for libel. Sue them for a billion fucking dollars. Before you sue, collect instances where actual harm was done to members and friends of the club, little children, old ladies, nuns, business interests because of this inflammatory and blatantly untrue statement made by this major news source. Also, prepare to demonstrate the extent of Fox’s actual monetary interest in Dobyns.

    The Angels could sue Dobyns but why bother. The Angels could sue Crown Books, Dobyns publisher, but Crown will come back and say that they were acting in good faith. The announcer on Fox News, however, that guy was just spouting off. He was stupid. Real stupid. He may not have even heard his own words as they came out of his mouth. Clearly an instance of libel. Widely spread on the internet.

    The least Fox owes the HAMC is air time to refute Dobyns spurious charges. My opinion. Off the top of my head.

    I may contact Fox next week myself and ask them about this. I will give you a few days to decide what you want to do before I potentially step on your toes.

    You pal,

  26. troyez Says:

    Check this out, under “He’s no angel,” and “Hell’s Fury.”: (sorry for the huge link)

    Dobyns flat out says that the HA burned down his house! Isn’t that libel?!

  27. skunkbait Says:

    Yeah, I’ve always had mixed feelings about undercover guys. While I’m sypathetic to Law Enforcement, I’ve never cared for rats and snitches. The ATF are a bunch of jackbooted thugs. What a bunch of egomaniacs.

    Never forget Waco!


  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear…yeah you look like you do,

    I appreciate your consistently kind comments. Thanks for reading.

    your pal,

  29. Dilligaf Says:

    Good info. Think I’ll pass on the book though.

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