New York Sport Biker Drama Continues

March 5, 2014

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It is a slow news day. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin have not yet officially arranged a duel to the death with Bowie knives. So the half-assed, corporate carnival show that is American journalism twisted our attention back to the many beautiful angles of the “biker attack” on Alexian Lien last September 29th.

Lien was on his way to a celebratory dinner with his wife and two-year-old daughter when he crossed paths with a sloppy pack of jackasses on sport bikes. The sport bike jackasses intended to disrupt traffic and they were on their way to Times Square. Lien, who apparently is some sort of an important person, decided to try to bully the sports bike jackasses out of his way. Lien ran into one of the bikes and knocked the rider down. Various members of the pack tried to damage Lien’s SUV. Eventually, Lien ran over three motorcyclists and severely injured a guy named Edwin Mieses, who is pictured above.

Roughed Up

The pack then chased Lien down, slashed his tires, broke his car windows and gave him the sort of beating real bikers usually describe as “roughed him up.”

Mieses, on the other hand, was hurt bad. He suffered two broken legs, a broken back and spent a couple of days in a coma. And there then followed about three weeks of fools in newsrooms around the country yelling “fire!” Eventually, eleven people were arrested for the attack on Lien. One of them was a New York City cop named Wojciech Braszczok whose principal duties are to spy on social dissidents and try to entrap them in any crimes Braszczok, or his handlers, can imagine. Neither Lien or Mieses were among the accused.

Initial coverage of this little tragedy focused on the word “biker.” The first day George Christie, Jerry Langton, Kerrie Droban and Gloria Allred were all asked to react to this latest example of the biker menace. That angle still dominates coverage of the incident. Braszczok, the despicable agent provocateur, is routinely described in news stories as a “biker.”

Tha Newz

There has been little to report on this story. As most readers of this page already know, the law is a drunk that staggers slowly and frequently falls down and the result of that is that there hasn’t been much news. But news directors, editors and reporters the world over love this story because it writes itself. It is pseudo news. It panders to emotion. It can be written adequately with a minimum of facts.

So six days ago the New York Daily News reported “Alexian Lien’s injuries are not healing as well as previously hoped, leading prosecutors to maintain gang assault charges against the defendants.”

Then this morning, 157 days after the fact, it was NBC’s turn to flog the human interest angle. Mieses, who will probably never walk again, appeared on the Today show. “I don’t blame him,” Mieses told a television journalist named Savannah Guthrie. “Because at the end of the day, I’m not him to know what was going through his mind.”

The injured victim explained, “As soon as I turned around and started walking back towards my bike, that’s when I got ran over. As soon as he hit me, I shut my eyes. I didn’t want to open my eyes because I knew that he had hurt me.”

“I was fully conscious for the whole entire thing.” Mieses told Guthrie that a young girl appeared as he lay suffering in the street, and that she was his guardian angel. “She was like an angel,” he said. “She kept throwing water on my face to keep me awake.”

That’s what happened today. There’s your news. We’ll try to do better tomorrow.




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  1. Base Says:

    Thanks for the Link Drifter,good to see you commenting & posting, hope you & yours a well. respects.

    Yeah, these undercover cops are some up standing hero’s, aren’t they? Couple things that jump out at me in this article and as the saying goes, give them enough rope they will hang themselves. Braszczok’s states:

    “He followed Lien because he wanted to “stop the car from running more people over.”

    This is more of that “I’m a hero, don’t hang me bro!

    ” When he got off his bike, he intended to tell Lien to stop driving, but he heard a bang and saw the SUV window break, and then started to fear for his safety, so he left.

    Man some of you cops are some scared chicken shit’s! Y’all walk around trembling in your shoes. The reality is he most likely could have defused the situation being he was part of the group. Did he even try? Nope, because he was a chicken shit & worried about his own ass. The reality is he notice he was being filmed and more than likely was going to end up on “World star hip hop”

    He went on to state:

    “I should have called 911, but I didn’t,”. He also said he regretted the decision, adding he believed the police were on their way.

    Yeah he regrets it because now it’s his ass on the chopping block and he did not want to come clean because he knew it!

    “Braszczok and co-defendant Robert Sims opted to have a judge, not a jury, determine the outcome.”

    They opted to have a judge make the call because they knew if it’s citizens making the call they’ll get to spend several years in the lock up along with some of the peoples lives they have destroyed!

    With the right judge it will be a dog & pony show and they might get house arrest or some shit.

    It is real simple. A low life is a low life. Matters little what mask or “badge” they choose to hide behind.

    Y’all stay frosty out there.

  2. Drifter Says:

    As the rice grinder turns, closet pig getting the heat…

    clip from above…

    NEW YORK (AP) — As an undercover detective in New York, Wojciech Braszczok’s job was to investigate members of Occupy Wall Street. Going by the name “Al,” he hung around the group, blended in and was even arrested as a protester. He didn’t carry a gun or a badge or identification bearing his real name. On the surface, he wasn’t a cop.

    “Basically I had no contact with the police department, except for my handler,” he testified this week.

    But that all ended when he joined a motorcycle ride on Manhattan’s West Side Highway in September 2013 that devolved into pandemonium with an SUV driver beaten bloody in front of his family. Now, the 34-year-old is being tried on charges of gang assault and other crimes for his role in the melee that burned his cover and is shedding an unwanted light on how the nation’s largest police department cultivates, supervises and protects the identities of officers assigned to undercover duty in criminal probes or surveillance operations.

  3. ae em Says:

    Alexian Lien first commits 2 felonies. New York Citizens arrest has language specific to manslaughter first degree. There is a non-violent arrest attempt at exit 14 ramp, but SUV driver resists and evades arrest. Yet another 2 accounts of felony, raising total number of felonies to 4 before final arrest and ensued beating. Usually 4 felonies is minimum of 48 months in prison. Lower Manhattans District Attorneys office give the affluent man a nice break.

  4. Brooklyn Rob Says:

    Four weeks after this incident, riding solo towards a swap meet in eastern Long Island (NY) on an open two-lane highway cruising at 85, I glance to my right and see a pack of metric riders a mile back approaching very fast. I make a deliberate and very obvious motion that I’m moving to the right hand lane and slow to 70mph. Within a minute, 4 riders are on my wheel (2 directly behind me and 2 in the left lane further back). One of the riders directly behind me is waving frantically and motioning for me to move towards the shoulder when I’m already on the right side of the right-hand lane!

    I’m getting pissed as there’s no one in the immediate vicinity and they can very easily pass me, calm down no problem. I throttle up to 75 and calmly lower my left arm while wiggling my hand slowly as a motion for them to pass. The guy waving frantically finally rides past and gives me the finger…. WTF I’m saying to myself as the second rider does the same! I immediately notice that they’re not flying colors, as expected.

    As the last two approach, the 2nd to last pulls up beside me, points his right index finger straight at me and flicked his thumb up and down. I loose it and start “F’K YOU, YOU MOTHER F’K….” when I realize the last rider is now directly on my rear wheel and the guy next to me jumps to my front and slows down. I’m now escalating from road-rage to some dark place as common sense began to wane. I lean the Softail on to the shoulder, slam on the brakes locking the rear wheel and drop the k-stand before coming to a stop. The guy behind me swerved to his left and ended up in front of me with his fork pointing slightly towards a grassy incline. In a fast walk with tunnel vision towards these insignificant pieces-of-shit, I pull out a cast iron wrench that I keep buried in my back-right-thigh pocket and attached to a belt loop with panic clips.

    While still mounted, they’re both yelling; “Who do you ride with! Who do you ride with!” as they point to the rocker on the lower left front of my vest that spells; I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. If either one of you imbecilic punk bitches are reading this, it means NO CLUB! Suddenly an unmarked trooper pulls up behind me, I slide the wrench back in my thigh pocket (the ass wholes are still mounted) and the trooper gets out of the car. He walks towards us with his right palm resting on his holster and the two morons suddenly take off! The trooper analyzes me for a moment, walks back to his car (no apparent urgency), seemed to say something on the radio and takes off with sirens on – can anyone say Twilight Zone.

    Not fully understanding what the fuck just happened and honestly a bit shaken as the anger began subsiding, I took a second and a slug of Jack from my flask before firing up. I was expecting to see these guys further up the road having a session with LEO, but that never materialized.

    Points being that these jokers don’t have a problem acting like they do in the presence of a family in a SUV, some lone rider or who ever… but one thing is certain, they were NOT a club and are an exception to the riding community in our area. Now can you imagine the outcome if these jokers presented themselves in that way when approaching a couple of members of a hardcore MC? I’d like to have front row seats for that one.

    As a disclaimer, I know several members of two different MCs in the NY Metro area that ride strictly metric rice-burners and are class acts. They would never tolerate their members riding in such a manner on public roads.

    Much Respect.

  5. RtC Says:

    @ SingSing, guess you misunderstood me.Just something in something you
    posted caused the Blues Brothers line to pop in my head. Overuse of
    capitalization & punctuation on my part.Just my way of showing astonishment
    at today’s idiocy.
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  6. SingSing Says:

    RtC….chill dude…..what r u gonna do? Bust a CAPS LOCK on me? It aint THAT serious man. take a breadth and inhale..LIFE is short ride in peace and live YOUR life let others do the same..

  7. RtC Says:

    @ SING SING, What did you expect?! A “rubber biscuit”? FTW!
    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  8. BMW Says:

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, that the mainstream media is, for the most part, ignoring the agent provocateur angle of the story. NYPD, through it’s “Bureau of Special Services” or “BOSSI”, has a long history of infiltrating and trying to provoke trouble in just about every group of people who get together in the city. In 2004, BOSSI even infiltrated a labor group trying to organize nannies! Like many other LEOs, they seem to specialize in creating crimes, or what the defendants call “entrapment”.

    The media has routinely ignored the provocations of these infiltrators and instead, focused on the stupid acts of the people who fall prey to the provocateurs. In this case, a policeman working undercover did much of the actual damage, trying to break out the car window.

    Most police departments and federal agencies (think ATF and the FBI) have lots of lazy “investigators” and con-men who dislike the effort of investigating real criminal activities. These lazy investigators generate good press and impressive paperwork by actually creating crime. These professional scum bags induce crime, or what they can call criminal acts by entrapping otherwise innocent people.

    Motorcycle clubs have seen a lot of this sort of thing, such as,
    offers of money to “guard” a fake drug exchange,
    paying an individual a “tip” for delivering a vial of pills,
    requesting machine gun conversions from other members “because these guys will kill me if I don’t deliver”
    giving drugs to members “on consignment” when those members refuse to buy drugs,
    asking a member to “cut down this shotgun”,
    provoking mindless violence,
    convincing members to commit headline-grabbing crimes like blowing up clubhouses,
    and on and on…until we see LEOs themselves actually committing the headline-grabbing criminal acts, or even resorting to framing targeted people who are smart enough to avoid entrapment.

    Since many other LEOs have similar programs to BOSSI, we can find this policy of creating crimes and entrapment anywhere in the USA (or Canada). Any time a group of people are raising hell about something, there will be an loud asshole in the crowd, trying to increase the level of anarchy and incite violence. Chances are, that screaming asshole is being paid out of your hard-earned tax dollars! I’m sure the over-taxed and under-protected citizens of New York City appreciate the added public expense…

  9. Hardway Says:

    Yup. Because of those jerkoffs senator espaillat of da Bronx brought two bills to Albany January 8th. One “levels up” charges on ” vehicular gang assault”-thisclose to qualifying clubs as gangs and the other seeks to require permits on any group of 50 or more motorcycles going for a ride with community boards being able to weigh in on granting said permit…with a fee, of course. I got a petition going around and yesterday sent it to all 63 ny senators. It’s going to be an interesting summer.

    Strength in our hands, truth in our hearts, consistency in our tongues.


  10. SingSing Says: Something else for all of us i just wanted to squeeze in. Cool. later.

  11. SingSing Says: Repercussions on the Sport Bike clusterfuck situation. Now we ALL gotta watch our backs cuz some asshole decided to pay back the trooper’s “free pass” by blowin his shit up on film and postin it on youtube. Assholes screwed the puppy for ALL of us!

  12. SingSing Says:

    This happened a miles throw from my area. Apparently by all credible accounts this young man Mieses was positioned exactly in front of the SUV and can be seen on video slowin down in front of the car and looking rearward behind at the driver as if to antagonize the driver. Slowing down purposefully in front of a two ton truck in the middle of freeway traffic isnt too smart. truthfully and painfully self evident that the germ of idiocy and an arrogant sense of roadway entitlement is a self generating trait which feeds on itself. Anyway to get back to point..the asshole yuppie driver got spooked and hit the brakes thereby bumpin Mieses rear tire. Seeing the covered wagon surrounded by an army of angry indians the yuppie banker or whatever he was floored the gas and PLOWED right over the hapless Mieses. Its a Loss/Loss for all concerned. That he would be caught on the off ramp and trapped off and thereby have to cash THAT particular paycheck is a given by all rightful and linear logical thinkin. The end result is that now it is OPEN SEASON on two wheelers throughout the southern portion of NYS. Thanks to ghetto rats on wheels. Not long after this a couple on a sport bike was pulled over by a state trooper who was apparently unawares of being filemd on the sport by one of those Go-Pro helmet cams. The trooper can be seen on film givin the rider a “pass” on a ticket with a warning and then the asshole rider goes and puts the whole exchange on youtube thereby nailin the final nail on the coffin for all us NY yankees. Assholes on bikes. Gotta love it. Heres the link..

  13. Ronbo Says:

    There is a reason some animals eat their young!

    Head on a swivel!


  14. RVN69 Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er If they were smart they would listen, put their not.

    @FNG They don’t really ride in a pack or formation like we do, they are more of a swarm, like locust.

    “I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. I am prepared to leave it the same way.”

  15. FNG Says:

    I’m usually pretty symphathetic when it comes to riders versus cagers, but a quick review of the video leaves me feeling like the guys on ricers were incredible jackasses.
    I hate being on the highway when a group of these guys is out… Riding three lanes wide at irregular speeds, weaving in and out of traffic, and not maintaining anything like a formation. If I had a dollar for every close call I’ve had with them on my King or in my cage I could pay my electric bill with it.

    Be careful out there.

  16. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    In recent times there has been considerable effort put forth to counsel some of these sport bike crews that have this propensity to stage their carnival acts on our local byways. They have been advised, the attention they will get is not the attention they desire.

    As Animal Mother said, “better you than me”

  17. Showtime HFFH Says:

    @Latigo Morgan. Exactly. I have no sympathy for this idiot on his impersonation of a speed bump

  18. Latigo Morgan Says:

    Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

  19. CN Says:

    @Jim 666


  20. Showtime HFFH Says:

    This “news” story is really a pitiful excuse for a distraction when actual important things are occurring the world over, I shutter to think what the coverage would have been had this involved actual bikers, it would be wall to wall, 24 hr non-stop experts and emphatic tirades against the biker menace, think Reefer Madness with a two wheeled slant. However, this wasn’t bikers or even wannabe bikers, this was a bunch of yahoos on crotch rockets, and despite the best efforts of the talking heads to convince the sheeple otherwise, the initiated all know this would not have been allowed to happen with a tight, skilled pack, and had the SUV wielding yuppie scum even actually accidentally hit one of them, he certainly wouldn’t be giving interviews and at the very least would probably not have enough teeth left in his mouth to partake in solid food.

  21. Jim666 Says:

    @ CN
    Rest assured ,
    the feds have and have had their rooms for surveillance and their equipment already set up w/ choppers already for the air in force.
    Along w/ a stock pile of wasted tax bought tactical equipment,
    just in case one club enters a bar where another is already at.
    Also I can guarantee if nothing happens on it,s own they “feds” will make up something…………

  22. Tooj Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Where DO you get your pics? While I do not rejoice in this fellow’s misery and loss of natural mobility, I gotta wonder who papers their walls in flatbill? That’s almost karmic.

  23. FF Says:

    You want to dance with the devil, you got to pay the fiddler.

    Oh fucking well, Meises.

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s a shame the “girl” didn’t just keep pouring a bucketfull of water on him so he drowned, but I guess I’ll take the “…probably never walk again” as good news as that means he won’t get his sorry ass on a bike ever again also. It’s a shame though that the fucking air-wasting pig wasn’t one of those that was run over too.

  25. CN Says:

    Living,as we do, near I-95 in South Carolina I’ve noticed an up tick in pick up trucks with bikes in their beds as well as towing trailers with bikes inside heading South which I take to mean that Daytona Bike Week must be coming up again. So, never fear. I’m sure some earth shattering thing has the potential of happening associated with motocycles and those who ride them. Plus, there’s always the very real possibility that the Feds have set up one or more Biker related incidents just in case nobody has any real agendas which would result in an actual one. Then again, maybe the whole thing will go off flawlessly and we will revert to reading about gold plated show bikes. Sometimes no news is good news, make that all times.

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