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March 4, 2014

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There should be a reality show about Lauge Jensen – a Danish bike builder whose name is pronounced something like Lowl-guh Yen-sin. About five years ago he started producing S&S powered Harley clones. The bikes are all bespoken and meticulous. They meet European pollution standards and they all growl and bark rather than purr.

The last motorcycle built in Denmark was the four cylinder, 750 cc Nimbus built by Fisker and Nielsen in Copenhagen. After 1960 that company concentrated on building vacuum cleaners. As a result, when Jensen started, motorcycle manufacturing was completely unregulated in Denmark. He managed to survive in a little town called Gedved which is about halfway up the Danish peninsula.

Show Not Go

His bikes are all powered by 109 inch engines and the European pollution laws have taken their toll. Jensen’s only make about 70 horses and he estimates their top speed to be a buck ten. But they are pretty machines, which is, after all, a custom bike’s job – to sit there and look pretty, not to prowl around the gravel parking lot of a honky tonk.

The enthusiasm for motorcycles as art seemed to cool after the economic recovery began in 2007. But there are obviously still collectors who view bikes that way and who buy them with the intention of parking them in their marble foyers or just inside their bullet proof living room windows.

Jensen’s least expensive bikes start at about $44,000 if you are Danish. If you aren’t he doubles the price. Jensen targets very high end buyers – the motorcycle as art crowd. His success indicates that the economy is booming at the very top and that someday soon all that disposable cash may even trickle or even rain down on the rest of us. Jensen also brands and sells everything from helmets to tee-shirts. All he sells are status symbols. Jensen has even designed a special pod with an integrated crane that allows oil sheiks and Russian oligarchs to easily transport their custom motorcycles on their yachts.

The Gold Bike

Jensen’s latest creation is a gold plated Harley clone. The bike has 859 gold plated parts and it is decorated with 250 small diamonds that total about seven carats. The seat is covered with “unique cognac colored crocodile skin.” Jensen built the machine on spec and exhibited it at bike shows in Monaco and Dubai. He won’t say who bought it but he does brag that the price was $850,000. Technically, the gold bike is manufactured so it is the most expensive new, manufactured motorcycle ever.

He expects to break that record soon. He has told a dozen media outlets in Europe that his next motorcycle will sell for more than a $1 million. He describes it as a piece of jewelry on two wheels. “It’s going to have a lot of stones and diamonds,” he told Robert Frank of CNBC. “We’re talking pretty wild stuff.”

There are at least two automobiles with seven figure window stickers. The Bugatti Veyron sells for a million and change. The Lamborghini Veneno sells for about $4 million. But this is new territory for motorcycles.

Obviously, if you have to ask why you don’t get it. So don’t bother to ask.



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  1. Road Whore Says:

    With Jensen it ain’t about the ride, it’s about the money. Now it’d be awesome to find out that he takes his riches and rides the dogshit out of some old rat scooter! :)

    Ride Free

  2. RtC Says:

    And I thought it had all gone to shit when Harley came out with the V-Rod!
    OOHHH! My head hurts!

    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  3. Too Short Says:

    Liberace come back from the dead? Maybe Elton John bought the bike. The only 2 reasons I could scratch my head and say, “Yeah, that makes total sense”. Otherwise, I have no clue who would have bought something like this. JMHO

  4. Austin Says:

    @Doc B – re: “Remove the warning lables and let nature take its course”

    LMFAO! Exactly Right.

  5. Sieg Says:

    I restored/built bikes for the German market for a number of years, only to se it taken over by the Swedish kit-bikes. Beach bars, car tires, all that shit. All the “custom” shops bought the kits, put em together, slapped a few hundo of paint on em, and sold em for 40,000 Teuros. Fucking crazy. Somewhere in there, people discovered old sleds. All I’d hear was “find an original”, “is it original?”…try to tell them that finding an “original” Shovel, let alone a Pan, after all these years is kinda unlikely.

    But they knew better. Find some piece o shit that Hans got as a basket-case n sprinkled the JP catalog over, and pay him 25K US for it…fkn Eurotards.

  6. RVN69 Says:

    Denmark’s own OC Choppers, wonder he will get a TV show. Butt ugly bikes their only value is being able to brag about how much you spent. I just picked up a 77FLH that I am sure will see more use than all the bikes he has built combined.

    “USMC killing more people than the plague since 1775.”

  7. Oldskewl Says:

    ^^ you right, I see choppers for sale all the time for about 20% of the original price.
    Fads come and go.

  8. Latigo Morgan Says:

    Funny stuff. My little brother bought one of those Bourget bikes and put a 124″ S&S engine in it. About the time he finally got it running right, he found and bought a Sportster – and loves riding the Harley way more than the 8 ft. monstrosity that sits in his garage collecting dust.

    His problem now, is there isn’t much of a market anymore for those high-dollar artsy-fartsy choppers.

  9. slycechyx Says:

    Here’s what pisses me off, I’ve been to way too many bike shows where someone has entered their $60,000 custom bike, built by someone else & the sheeple ooh & aah & vote for that bike. Bikes built in someone’s garage, rat bikes & restored basket cases are over looked every goddam time.

  10. Oldskewl Says:

    A nice old school shovel with suicide will get just as many looks and guess what, you can fucking ride it!

    The chopper / car tire bikes are out of style…. have been for 6 or 7 years now.

  11. N P Says:

    Like Indian Larry said, “These guys are a bunch of fuckin’ cake decoratuhs. ” In triplicate now, fuck that motherfucker to death.

  12. Cap'n Bill Says:

    I don’t get it either…
    I, too, have learned to hate chrome with this 07 fxstc (it’s for sale)
    They look like Bourget’s ‘art’ pieces(of shit).

  13. Mag Says:

    Well, if extreme bikes are your taste and you want to drop a whole lot of money, check this out:

    Might make an interesting ride out on Route 50 in Nevada… the “Loneliest Road in America”.

    410 inch V-Twin and now they are putting a sidecar on it. Gimme that, plus a pair of Doggles for my German Shepherd and I’m set.

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    Used to be this joke that made the rounds early and often around here: Why do they make Hondas? To keep niggers off Harleys.

    Sounds like they might make these Jensens so as not to waste a functioning bike on some rich sand nigger’s foyer. Then again, if I had so much money I didn’t know what to do with it, a jewel encrusted gold plated motorcycle seems a better way to decorate the house than some old picture of a bowl of fruit. (Maybe a lawn jockey sitting on a Honda.)

  15. John Deaux Says:

    Damn, what a waste of what could have been a decent bike. Kinda reminds me of the pics of that guy Goldammer’s bikes, over done crap bikes.
    Speaking of over done pieces of crap bikes, does anybody know if that asshole with big bear choppers ever got popped for stealing those deposits on his crap ?
    I like the way you think…

  16. Magoo Says:

    Bling bikes have been around for a while. I’m surprised someone didn’t gold plate them before this. While the “bike builder TV craze” was entertaining, I would estimate that all of those bike were ultimately show pieces. But you can spend a million on a bike and it still doesn’t make you a biker. It _might_ make you an art collector. Maybe. I would actually say it lessens your chance of being a biker. How many miles are you gonna put on a gold plated, gem encrusted scoot?

    You know, I try to make my Wide pretty (and it breaks my heart whenever she’s in the rain) .. but in her heart, she’s a working girl. Pretty or not, she’s got work to do. Every day.. rain or shine. Couldn’t do that with a high end bling bike.

    So.. Loogie’s not really making rides. He’s making art. The two only cross in very narrow ways. Does take RUB to a whole new level though. (I do wish they’d spread some of the $$$ love to me though. I’d buy two more bikes and the parts for a build. And I’d ride the shit out of all of them!)

    And the people buying them?? Meh.. you can’t buy something that really makes you what you aren’t inside.

  17. Badger62 Says:

    “Obviously, if you have to ask why you don’t get it.”

    Apparently i dont get because…..WHY?????

  18. KK Says:

    The only S & S thing I would do to this “motorcycle” is steal & strip it.

  19. DocB Says:

    Everybody’s got some kind of hustle going for them. We’re all just tryna get paid. Sounds like old Lauge found a better way to get paid than say running a diesel shop, or a biker blog, or selling gold on the open market.

    Remove the warning lables and let nature take its course


  20. Rashomon Says:

    Not that I could afford one but I prefer Roland Sands myself – at some stage you have to go around corners. If Lauge can make a buck with his stuff (bearing in mind how short their riding season is), why not … 239000 Krone though – they must have it good over there.

  21. Mike 184 Says:

    WOW, most of that looks like cheap stuff from ebay…. Put together kit crap. I won’t slam the guy on there out of Florida, but some of thoise look damn close to his $2000 roller kits.

  22. Freeman Says:

    Bling Bling bikes, now i’ve seen it all, gives an all new meaning to rub now doesn’t it.

  23. CN Says:

    Over last weekend I removed the tour pack from my 1985 FLHT, the bike I ride everyday. Now it’s only got the hard saddle bags and looks like an over weight Street Glide but it’s amazing how much differently it handles without the top heavy trunk on the rear fender. My other bike, a 2008 FLHT (Geezerglide Garbage Wagon) still has the tour pack which comes in handy for long distance cross country treks with my OL. I’ve always tried to have two running bikes at all times just in case one shits the bed to the point where a better wrench than I needs to be brought in to fix it. I got told early on the MC didn’t stand for MOSTLY CARS, so I’d better have a running scoot if I wanted to represent righteously. Prior to my present advanced age and shot vertebrae I was a strictly Dyna Ape Hanger type guy, I guess if I didn’t ride all the time I could still get away with one of those beautifully cool models but I can’t & honestly say I’m anywhere near comfortable and the older I get, the more important comfortable gets. Both bikes probably have a combined net worth of 16K but they run great & often. Back in the 90’s I bought a Titan like a fool (worst bike I’ve ever owned but she was real pretty and taught me how to hate chrome).

    I’m not a Harley snob. Way I see it, ride whatever you like, it’s your bike & your money. Never have considered a motorcycle as art but I have had my fair share in the livingroom when I didn’t have a garage. Different strokes I guess.

  24. L-Frame S&W Says:

    This type of business results when people have more money that brains. People who buy motorcycles as a fashion statement should be shot.
    My Buell is Butt-Ugly, but I will never part with it, because riding it moves my soul, and THAT is what motorcycles are about, not chrome & bling & diamonds, but performance and comfort and travel


  25. Numberz Says:

    You are right I don’t get it…. These bikes have no soul. I traded my 2007 Sportster for a 2012 street glide. I wanted a bigger bike hard bags and a 6 speed transmission. After a few days I started to feel like a total bag of dicks. I had put a shit ton of miles on that sportster rain, snow we had been through it all. I felt like I had betrayed my bike. I am freak I know I am who I am.

    These “bikes” are a sad commentary on the people that buy them, It is not about the love of riding. The feeling of being free and in the world it is about status. I would rather have that sportster back than the gold plated status symbols.

  26. Former Regular Says:

    Leave it outside the wrong bar, asshole.

    Scrape off the gold, sell the diamonds, give back the skin off his ass to the poor Croc in Australia.

    You’ve got a top notch Evo clone, decent transmission and about $7 in scrap for the frame.

    Then the yuppie who paid $1,000,000 to own it will find out what it is to feel losing the skin off his ass. And in this case, I feel far more for the poor crocodile than the owner.

  27. slow-n-low Says:

    These bikes are circle jerk material for the next Iron Order national convention.

    I would rather ride a shitty old bobbed Honda than ever set my fat ass on one of these.


  28. Showtime HFFH Says:

    I hate to copycat, but I can’t think of anything better than what OC VAGO said, FUCK THAT GUY!

  29. Paladin Says:

    It looks like OL’ Uncle Neddie Nordic has mastered the art of tasteless, outrageously over priced mediocrity. I’m sure every member in the House of Saud will have one of these bikes on their “must have” list. Why? Because, you can get better styling, but you can’t pay more.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  30. Tooj Says:

    Christ on a bike, this definitely proves that Elvis has not died. Every product needs a buyer.

  31. coolhandLuke Says:

    Wherever you find disposable income, you will find someone selling what they can. So I guess if he can sell them, then more power to him. The same with hd televisions, caddillacs, Leer jets, and painted window shutters.

  32. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Fuck Lauge Jensen!

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