On Trolls, Edward Snowden And The Aging Rebel

February 28, 2014

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Four days ago the independent journalist Glenn Greenwald posted an article on his blog, The Intercept, that described in part the tactics that government agencies are using to subvert and discredit websites like this one. Greenwald writes:

“Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG (The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group) are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums.” You can read all of Greenwald’s piece here.

Two days ago on a right of center blog called Personal Liberty Digest (read it here) a staff writer named Sam Rolley responded to Greenwald’s piece by bluntly stating, “…readers no longer have to take the word of ‘paranoid’ bloggers who relate tales of paid government trolls lurking in comment sections and other concentrated top-down efforts to muddy the information provided by alternative media.”

Greenwald’s piece is based on documents stolen by the arguably treasonous whistle blower Edward Snowden.

The Aging Rebel

This page has long been to object of government misinformation and various government dirty tricks. Multiple on the job government policemen have commented on this page over the last five and a half years. Until recently their comments have been easy to spot. However about six months ago a couple of new forms of attack began to appear.

First of all, for the last half year this site has been subject to software attacks. The site was offline through most of September as a result of “software problems” that suddenly appeared. Earlier this week, the email account associated with this site was hacked and numerous correspondents complained of “phishing attacks” originating at the email address [email protected]

In light of the Snowden documents Greenwald released this week, it seems somewhere between plausible and likely that these attacks originated from a federal agency. Commenting on the newly released Snowden documents Rolley writes “…these documents reveal that Western spy agencies with the purported mission of recognizing and preventing terror activity possess the ability and absolute willingness to implement utterly Orwellian controls on free speech. In other words, it takes no stretch of the imagination – even for those who have resisted considering the possibility of malevolent intent on government’s part — to assume that the mission of organizations like the NSA and GCHQ is ultimately more about quelling citizen dissent than stopping citizen bloodshed at the hands of terrorists.”


The second new form of attack that has appeared on this site in the last six months is a proliferation of internet trolls. There are, obviously, a handful of readers who comment here solely to insult and bully other commenters. Anyone who reads this site regularly has noticed this phenomenon. The Aging Rebel is aware of these personal attacks and is taking steps to ban from commenting any commenter who engages in malicious personal attacks in the future.

The effect of these trolls has been to discourage informed readers from commenting here. And some of the trolling has worked. Members of multiple motorcycle clubs have been warned by influential members not to comment here.

Greenwald writes: “Then there is the use of psychology and other social sciences to not only understand, but shape and control, how online activism and discourse unfolds. Today’s newly published document touts the work of GCHQ’s ‘Human Science Operations Cell,’ devoted to ‘online human intelligence’ and ‘strategic influence and disruption.’”

The goal of these troll attacks is to blatantly disrupt and water down public discourse.

That certainly is what has been going on here. Be assured it is about to stop.



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95 Responses to “On Trolls, Edward Snowden And The Aging Rebel”

  1. Catfish Says:

    Rebel, thanks for everything you do man. I wish the mainstream media had a tenth of the cajones you got. Appreciate your writing style, and really thank you for the updates that we might never get other than from your site.
    Ride safe and ride long,
    Jim (Catfish).

  2. Meh Says:

    “If these patriots served the state then they may have perished because they serve the state and not their nation’s ideals, and many more good people will follow, equally patriotic on both sides of this divide.”

    Beautifully phrased, Tio Pirata!

    I’m a vet, a nationalist, and consider Snowden a hero. He went to Russia because he wasn’t safe elsewhere.

    In other news, our Founders didn’t stick go out of their way to be executed by Redcoats or Hessian mercs.

    The US is now firmly controlled by its globalist elites, who use it for their own advancement. Smedley Butler was right.

  3. SilenceDogood-Rider Says:

    Excellent article. And who is really surprised? IT is all about public perception. The town square is replaced by blogs Web sites like yours. My guess is you have a very knowledgeable readership and such thing, like trolls and plants, are probably obvious.

    Funny but we read about “preppers” and doomsdayers and pre-trib and post-trib and all this extreme over reaction. The odds of any catacllsmic doomsday are infinitely small. It will come down to rising crime from economic turbulence and potentially “Mad Max” scenarios of different degrees.

    Meanwhile the best counter revolutionary invention ever is the “Big Mac” – fat and happy = no bread riots. The masses = loaded up on Kim Kardshian and the crap on TV. But behold the youth don’t really watch it anyway, this is the thing to watch.

    Keep fingers crossed economy picks up and middle class starts to increase. Otherwise, here comes third world to USA ( oligarchs and proles, and nothing in between but a few educated aware going what the f–k? . . . and those in the know do know that Orwell and Huxley are prophets).

    Enough blabbing from these fingers.

    Pax vobiscum!

  4. Tio Pirata 1%er Says:

    Not sure I can agree with you as to Snowden being a traitor, and the possible death of patriots as a consequence of his revelations is not, in my view, a reason for condemnation of his actions. If these patriots served the state then they may have perished because they serve the state and not their nation’s ideals, and many more good people will follow, equally patriotic on both sides of this divide.
    Civil war is joined, in all senses of that term it seems, and the collateral damage that accompanies this may already be with us.
    Were the state to perish and agorism to flourish we would all enjoy a much higher level of self determination, but many well meaning patriots will die to defend an unworthy state.
    L & R

  5. Oldskewl Says:

    Problem is, Americans are pussies. The great men that made this country great are long gone and so is the mentality of hard work and loyalty.
    Most are couch potatoes, content living mediocre lifestyles in their suburban houses with their eyes closed believing everything they see in the media and listening to everything the nigger has to say as if it were gospel.

    Good men are far and few between in 2014 which is why I have very few friends.



  6. dizzydesi Says:

    @BMW I think so. I get saddened how things turned south for so many when we fought because it just was so HUGE. But i’m not ashamed of my former activism and protests or group. I am proud to have been part of the idea that was Anonymous. Stupid kids thinking we could really make a difference. But i did more in my life than others have been willing to do. So many just talk about what needs to be done but i stood up and at least tried… Right now i wait for others to wake up. it has to be citizens reaching other citizens. There’s a lot good stuff said here, Mag, Paladin, and others but its also a biker blog, not very mainstream or palatable to the milder. you realistically are very few but the rest of the public don’t much care about you really just like my old group was treated like annoying kids acting up. It’s other citizens that need to wake other citizens up. It’s people like the Navy veteran firefighter in Connecticut, his standoff on the gun control laws will be more affective to wake and affect other citizens whether they are still in a sleepwalking coma. more standoffs like that needs to keep happening… I think everyone is watching and waiting…

  7. BMW Says:

    Too many good comments to list them all. I studied revolutions for a number of years. The Marxists like to say that the lowest classes will revolt against the government first, because they are the most oppressed. However, Che found this was wrong, when he tried to encourage the most oppressed in Bolivia to revolt. They had no weapons and no hope. Contrary to Marxist theory, I believe that revolutions take place when the middle class sees that their children will have less opportunity. If I am right, we are close to the breaking point right now!

  8. Showtime HFFH Says:

    I agree with Jim666, anyone watching things even casually has to see this government is a parasite weakening its host, and only a few of us remain that refuse to be sheeple. I’m not trying to wax romantic or feed you a line of hallmark bullshit, but we are the last line of defense, the last desperate holdouts clinging to freedom, pay close attention to how the Aussie’s and Canucks are being attacked, rest assured the Fedbeast is watching and in most cases instigating the whole damn thing.

  9. Jim666 Says:

    Stroker your thinking is not naïve, from the shows documentary’s books ect. on Bonny and Clyde , pretty boy Floyd and John Dillinger all started robbing banks out of being desperate shit they were all starving, no work you couldn’t buy a job, and things are looking that way again here in the good ol US of A ,
    Someone said all Rome`s fall that’s true this one almost fell in 1864 and it all started w/ the govt. forcing itself on peoples rights , Again History repeats itself, this Rome will fall and it wont be from an outside agent it will fall from with in , Look at Nazi Germany it was a sort of Rome more so than almost Rome and it destroyed itself . our govt. has been way beyond out of hand for years and they are afraid we the people will find out just what they have been up to so they are scared they’ve been scared for years, someone once said back just before the break out of the war between the states that the American bird is only a chicken dressed in eagles feathers, well from the truth with in the govt. that is more than true, the soldiers, marines airmen and sailors are the one that turn that chicken into an eagle it not the lying cheating federal govt. and the politicians, they are all in the same mix, they are beyond disgusting pathetic excuses for life , they feed off the hard work pride caring and death of the citizens they don’t care at what cost they get what they want if they want it they get it, just like if they want you they will get you.


    “Id rather die on my feet than live on my knees”


  10. Straight Shooter Says:

    HERE!http://www.theburningplatform.com/2014/03/03/be-a-dhs-patriot-dial-1776/ This will AMP up the Big Brother mentality.

  11. stroker Says:

    Nice dissertations MAG.
    I don’t normally comment on this kind of stuff (I’m not that smart), but my .02 worth is that our gubmint’s plan is to nibble and nibble away at our freedoms, until they get all the groups in lockstep, in one form or another. And at some future point, some of us may find our very survival on the line, and may be forced to take some sort of direct action, And I think that action may be people turning outlaw.
    As James Talley’s song: “Are they gonna make us Outlaws again” succinctly states, “I think I know why Pretty Boy Floyd done the things he did….” desperation may begin the insurrection process in this country. I sincerely hope it does not, but, I think I can understand how the process may have begun in the past.

  12. Jim666 Says:

    @ Showtime HFFH

    I agree, well stated.

  13. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Mag
    You can be as obstreperous as you want (I had to look it up)
    Excellent post, as are some others.
    When the assholes really start pushing, then the shit will hit the fan.

  14. Showtime HFFH Says:

    I’ve been reading and following this site for years, just recently I have acquired the technology, (i.e. a smarter than me phone, that allows me to type complete sentences and peck out my humble grasp of the English language) that allows me to comment when and where I see fit, and I have done so on a few posts, I am no troll, I have no secret allegiance or agenda in line with this or any other body calling themselves a government. I do think, however, that we all understand when we enter in any kind of written word on the web which may or may not be contrary or critical of the status quo, that we present ourselves as a target and gain a visibility, or take a risk that up until recently we did not have the ability to do, at least not to such a wide reaching audience, before this we could only flip off the local pigs when they tried to hassle us, but I’m not scared of healthy discourse with fellow opinionated folks who desire to state their opinion and share their thoughts on the topic being discussed, and I do not wish to directly offend anyone but I can assure you I will lose no sleep if I do, and to any alphabet Gestapo who may be reading this, nor will I sit quietly and watch you and your ilk destroy what so many, including myself, fought so hard to keep. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Just my $0.02…

  15. Bill Says:

    Henry Kissinger, 1992:
    ““”Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

  16. John Deaux Says:

    I believe the reason for all the cross training with foreign troops is to ensure that somebody will pull the trigger when told to do so.

  17. FF Says:

    Jimm666, I agree with you that the military will not fire on citizens. I think the feds no this too, and that’s why they are arming all these federal agencies like DHS to the teeth.

  18. John Deaux Says:

    According to the link Jim666 posted, I come up about 85-90% positive on that terrorist questionaire. I believe that just makes me a loyal supporter of the true American way.

  19. Jim666 Says:

    @ Mag very well said.

    When State agents commit horror and genocide you’ll have your revolution.

    the above has already happened time and time again.
    yet they continue to get away with it by the propaganda spread by the media .
    the Sheep believe it and will continue to do so till they see otherwise .
    You also touched on Americas enemy’s just sitting back and watching while the U.S. people revolt against the govt.
    I don’t think they will just watch either, Im sure they will then have more opportunity to do more damage and will do so.
    I do not however believe that American soldiers will turn their arms on U.S. citizens, I really cant see that happening unless the very Govt. they are working for threaten them w/ harm to their immediate family’s.
    And I wouldn’t put it past them “GOVT.” to do just that.
    There are a lot of people ignorant to the facts we are surely facing but among them there are hundreds more patriots willing to lay there life on the line for the future of freedom,
    we’ve did it in the past and I do believe we will continue to do so.

  20. FF Says:

    We all know that the federal government is data mining and storing EVERYTHING we post on the internet. But it’s now on a local level. I know for a fact that county welfare agencies have databanks that, all they need is your IP address and they can get everything you post and surf on the internet. And to get your IP address, all they need is an email address— which we freely give out on a daily basis.

    Any time you give anybody or any agency, employer et al an email address, if they have the system that welfare agencies have, they can get your IP address and literally scan your entire internet history.

    It’s getting scary out there. I’m thinking about dumping my laptop in the river, creating all new user accounts from the library and only registering and accessing those accounts from libraries and other public facilities and just not own a PC any more.

  21. John Deaux Says:

    The way I see it, when everything important to you is taken away you have nothing left to lose.
    As distasteful as it to be on the unpopular side of the fence it doesn’t make you less right, the sheep will eventually see the wolves when enough of them get eaten.
    We, those who are here now have a legacy to leave to future generations.
    Is it going to be die on your feet or live on your knees ?

  22. Sieg Says:

    An old military axiom is that one insurgent ties-up ten regular troops. Given that, a hundred real Americans, bent on rebellion, will tie-up a thousand Statist goons. Once that starts to happen, and American Citizens are being killed every day, trust me, there will be an awakening. Might take a minit, but there will be an awakening.

    Read this:


    Sooner or later, this rotten, corrupt, inbred, slave-holding totalitarian mess is going to come crashing down. Make sure you’re on the right side when it’s over.

    (yes it is!)

  23. Glenn S. Says:

    Well said, Mag.

  24. Mag Says:

    @Rebel – I got long winded and I’m off the soapbox. Respect to you for providing a forum. Kill my posts if I’m too obstreperous.

  25. Mag Says:

    @Glenn S. – Another couple of thoughts on TOSIAR…

    Virtually all human beings have the will and wherewithal for lethal aggression against agents of the State if their conditions are sufficiently oppressive, despairing, hopeless and brutal. Create conditions where there is nothing left to lose and any human has the capacity for exiting the world with a bang of vengeance against the deservingly hated. What most fail to grasp is the banality of the process.

    It is not through virtuous indignation and aroused ideology, adherence to political fantasy or even religious duty that people revolt. It comes through desperation. When your child is shot in front of you, your wife bayoneted as she crawls to him, your property burnt and your daughter passed around in front of you… then the human heart forces the hand to action. This is why dictatorships and tyrannies that maintain efficient locomotive schedules and minimal nutritional support for their populations tend to survive. When State agents commit horror and genocide you’ll have your revolution. Shooting family pets and destroying 1/6th of the national economy is not going to trigger it.

    No one wants to be first precisely because being “first” means “being involuntarily motivated by firsthand experience of horror and genocide”. And who the hell wants to put their loved ones through that in order to satisfy an imaginary revolutionary glory?

    If nothing else, those charged with the duty of organic indigenous threat analysis can tell the difference between onanistic fantasy and operational planning. Furthermore, the current tactics of the American state leviathan, Waco and Ruby Ridge aside, aren’t sufficient to warrant it.

    However… start shelling ethnic subdivisions; confiscating wealth (taxation is not confiscation); relocating masses of citizenry into sex-segregated lagers; eliminating the legal existence of alternate political parties; absconding with females from targeted populations; carry out extrajudicial killings publicly; and you’ll have your revolution. The Third Amendment means that the revolutionary in 21st century America has to go a little further than the bedroom down the hall to get to work, but the revolutionary’s commute really does end in his own neighborhood.

    The agents of the State have elderly parents, children, and other vulnerable noncombatants. “That’s disgusting,” you may say. Yes, absolutely, I could not agree more. And that is how civil war is waged. I refer the outraged back to the primary point I proffer: that violent revolution is, in fact, produced in reaction to precisely that murderous action by the State against the vulnerable noncombatants of the People.

    “All’s fair in love and war” is not a cliche without reason.

    Violent overthrow and subsequent seizure of the State is the most risky and catastrophically dangerous human activity undertaken. Of course, the rewards of utter seizure of State power are unlimited, and thus the enticing lure it presents to all – especially to those who find themselves in possession of the State, and equipped with militarized material, and facing a distracted and idiotized population.

    Unless one is prepared to sacrifice his children to being gut-shot on the street for what he believes, TOSIAR is not an option.

    It’s really time for fantasizing and worry amongst the principled to stop, and recognition of reality to set in. If violent overthrow of the State is warranted by the true imperative of human conscience, it will begin all on its own. If not, better to adhere to the political process than to trigger apocalyptic social revision. It causes less property damage and when the winds of fortune shift against you and your cause, you may find less blood spattering through it.

    Was Snowden a patriot or a traitor? The mere existence of the argument is evidence of the direction the nation has taken and the decisive questions that will bear answering in this generation and the next.

  26. Mag Says:

    @Glenn S. – “TOSAIR sounds nice, emotionally satisfying, but the result would be the charge of the light brigade. The numbers, technology, organization, weaponry, and financial resources favor the government, as much as I wish it were otherwise.”

    Direct confrontation is not how asymetrical insurgency works nor how Americans would react. It also presupposes invulnerability on the part of dependents of tyrants, a difficult and tenuous achievement.

    To the blunt assertion by the agents of the State that resistance to their overwhelming force and willingness to use it on individual citizens, I would respond with the equally blunt and unpleasant question of whether the agents of the State are willing to sacrifice their wives and children as well.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Will the municipal police chief move his wife and children into the police station to protect them? How about the college age daughter of the occupying colonel? Will she have a 24 hour protective detail? Congressmen have grandchildren, you know. Senators have staff, and they have lovers and children as well.”

    They would be enthusiastically murdered without pity in the event of actual open insurrection. Cafes where law enforcement congregate would be firebombed. Businessmen who engage in commerce with them would be decapitated in the night and left to be found in the street the next morning.

    It is called “reprisals” among other things, And people forget that the ugly and miserably tragic reality of societal breakdown cuts both ways.

    Make resistance bloodily impossible, and it will rise ferociously to the occasion. Simple truth. Ask any serving front line officer in Afghanistan. Ask anyone who survived the seige of Sarajevo about the essential components of human nature when fighting for survival.

    Resistance is like life; “it will find a way”. That quote from Jurassic Park, of all sources, is quite true.

    This is how it’s always worked, through all of human history. One should not assume that Americans are any less capable than the rudest Pashtun in the crudest hut in the lowest valley of Bagram.

    “Stripping motivated people of their freedom and dignity, and rubbing their noses in it, is a very bad idea.” (John Ross).

    Another truth statists and their aroused and enchanted advocates pretend isn’t a historical, present and future reality.

    Just sayin’.

    I didn’t create the world; I just live in it. I’m not advocating violence against the State, simply observing that there are conditions which precipitate it. For the record, I don’t think we’re there yet.

    But it’s not impossible to get there, and oversteering when you’re in a sociopolitical skid often ends predictably.

  27. Mag Says:

    It’s a very difficult thing to see the police state rise in America and the momentum of tyranny pass the tipping point. One mourns for a way of life; one mourns for freedom that we knew in earlier years; one mourns for the integrity of the people of the nation; and cynicism and despair become amenable ways of thinking. Yet despite all this certain truths are irrevocable.

    Human nature is a constant. The accelerated condensation of State power and the parallel descent into tyranny is a familiar one. We’ve seen it in every totalitarian state; it’s not hard to recognize it here. “This time it’s different,” people say. “Now the government can watch us around the clock, keystroke by keystroke, with metadata analysis and predictive algorithms. We all carry a GPS locator with a listening device, and wealth is now electronic and can be turned off or denied the second a State official decides you are a threat… or even simply need to be taught a lesson, or to serve as an example to others who might have obstreperous thoughts of maintaining human dignity.”

    Yes. And no.

    The reason behind paid trolls and informants and COINTELPRO and all the various guises and approaches and involvements and idiocies that the State engages in, is because of one thing.


    They are aware of the evil they do, and fear the inevitability of karma. Goebbels knew this, and taught a lesson about it. “Sitting on bayonets is uncomfortable.”

    If we are all honest, they fear armed resistance to overt State tyranny by combatants within the United States. Collectivists and State agents on the other side of the ideological divide would undoubtedly characterize it as murder of law enforcement by “paranoid violent extremists”. That’s quite correct. One does not invalidate the other. Stauffenberg violently took extreme measures in 1944 that violated legitimate German law, yet there are few on either side of the ideological divide that would argue moral unconscionability on his part.

    The question that is everpresent but virtually never asked, is what will you do as an individual when the recognition of decision point comes? What will your individual action be? What steps will you take, how far are you willing to go, what are you willing to risk and what consequences will you damn?

    It is unasked for a very good reason: the answer is actionable intelligence to the enemy; it is currency for the treasonous; it is prophylactic against your own success and survival. Tipping of the hand is foolish. But certain generalizations can be made, based on the stability of human nature and on the lessons of history.

    Some of us have certain skills and resources, others have different abilities to apply impact to the question. Resistance will find a way. A Unix server crashed here… an officer hit with a 500 yard headshot there… a straying political spouse bludgeoned to death in a deliberately fatal honey trap. Enlistment of other regional forces in common cause for negotiated benefit, such as portions of the 10,000 Mara Salvatruchas members in the United States. The existence of an exploitable nexus will always be commonplace. Presentation of associated “nonviolent” political leaders, similar to the successful Sinn Fein.

    All of this is easy and obvious. Civil war and insurrection, whether against a domestic or foreign occupying power, is not a quick story to wrap by any means. I’d add that the single biggest elephant in the room missed by the American Police State is this: the marriage is in trouble.

    What marriage? The one between the People and the State, which is solemnized by our Constitution and its prohibitions and guarantees.

    I doubt that any free human being with dignity would argue that resistance to tyranny is not a pure and moral obligation.

    I do not see any thinking adult arguing that the State is benevolent, and should be given the benefit of the doubt.

    Waking up to find your marriage crumbled, and your spouse full of distrust and fear, and contemplating self-defense killing rather than simple divorce is not a positive state of affairs, and speaks to the depth of descent we’ve come culturally.

    There comes a point when insistence that your political dogma is right, and backing that insistence with lethal State force, will produce a violent reaction in response. And when that moment comes, the contest may be unequal and the outcome may be unpredictable and far less than positive. I assuredly don’t expect the external enemies of the United States to sit back and simply watch while our beloved country was consumed with violent civil insurrection and revolt.

    I fear that the depth of attachment that human beings, and Americans in particular have to their freedom, and the violence of action they will assuredly take in defense of it, is lost on those who believe that brilliant manipulation of information and the cynical mass repetition of talking points can obscure the devastatingly cruel and horrific nature of collectivism. Or that technology and terror will crush the human spirit.

    A is A. Freedom is freedom, and ignorance is not strength. And while it may be sadly correct that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, it also unfortunately seems to be fertilized with the ready bones of decomposing idiots who insist on taking police states and collectivism and “doing it right” this time.

    I don’t think we’re in a a rapturous end times battle. I think we’re in a routine one, a battle revisited regularly and with some predictability. The blood and treasure it costs to remind us human beings is appalling, and while I’d just as soon love my wife and raise my children and enjoy the benefits of hard honest work… my freedom matters more. So does the freedom of my family and my descendants.

    My message to the tyrants undoubtedly reading this? Stop hitting us. We are not subjugated dependents. Stop abusing us. We are not cattle. Stop mistaking forbearance for incapacity.

    Above all, stop. Now.

    It isn’t too late to reconcile your dreams of progessive utopia and police rule with the reality of human nature and society. Before you lies the gleaming fantasy of the lion and the lamb; behind you stalks the roaring adversary who is hungrily awaiting the next glut of blood from a million innocents, draining into yet another nameless pit dug by the murdered.

    Isn’t a hundred million deaths in the last hundred years enough?

    You are not going to win. You never have. You may postpone the reckoning for a generation or two, or three… but eventually Rome falls, and the Vandal puts you – or your children – or your grandchildren – to the bloody sword. And your palace becomes a nesting place for owls. You can feast at a stolen table for a time, but Karma eventually comes to sup beside you like the unforgiving bitch she is.

    Personally, I’m sanguine about the prospects of our Republic. The Great American Experiment, if we call it that… brings to mind a truth about every single experiment: experiments conclude.

    Hate to live in interesting times. But that’s where Men rise and lead, and in crisis is opportunity.

  28. Glenn S. Says:

    ashleyistwisted said: “Citizens will go away but trolls won’t.”

    You might have a point. Somebody has obviously gone to great lengths to insure that the mainstream media doesn’t spread much information about or get too critical of law enforcement. Last week, SC cops pulled over an old man because his license tag was expired. He reached for his walking cane and the pig, feeling threatened as always, shot the man. The story, in the local newspaper, consisted of a few lines on the obituary page. High school sports got more coverage in the newspaper, as did events happening halfway around the world, and a review of a play put on by the drama club at a small local college. As a result, the citizens are not very informed. Who knows whether they would continue to act as sheep if the mainstream news outlets reported from a neutral perspective. Because of the way news is presented, half the citizenry believes the government lied about Benghazi, the other half believes the government lied about WMD in Iraq, but when these same citizens are called for jury duty, they believe whatever the prosecution tells them despite the fact that the prosecution is just another tentacle of the same government they sometimes know better than to trust.

    Best solution available is a better informed citizenry, IMHO. (TOSAIR sounds nice, emotionally satisfying, but the result would be the charge of the light brigade. The numbers, technology, organization, weaponry, and financial resources favor the government, as much as I wish it were otherwise.) I believe Rebel’s stories to be factually and morally correct. If these stories and others like them were more widely circulated, maybe the citizens would realize that the government not only lied about being to keep your own insurance under Obamacare, but also lies about the need for million dollar “sting” operations, the fairness of civil asset forfeiture, the morality of American law enforcement, and the threat of certain fraternal organizations that are centered around a love of motorcycles.

  29. Rahlow Says:

    Well said Base.

    Respect to the deserving

  30. Base Says:

    Hell, what could be said that hasn’t already been said. Some real good info on this thread. Thanks for the links above.

    What Greenwalds article points out is really no different than what’s been going for hundred’s if not thousands of years. Of course that could be a stretch. Could be, but is it? Just look into the political machine! Are not those same tactics used?

    30 pieces of silver:

    I have always just sort of shook my head in disgust at what a person is willing to do for those 30 pieces of silver. Sell out family, friends, neighbor’s. Being the lap dog of the elite or the boot of oppressor. It all means the same thing to me when entities such as federal agencies, municipal, LE,JTRIG, DHS any group that goes after regular people or the citizens of a country just because the can or because they are told to do so. Pitiful Lap dogs!

    To those I say enjoy the short drop and sudden stop!

    I am still uncertain Snowdan is a traitor or patriot. I do know that people who once trusted our government do not trust them anymore after he released information.

    The troll attacks & hacks on this site are less of a burden to myself, they cause Rebel more heart ache like the few times over the last couple years the site slowed or went down completely as it did Sept.2013.

    There has been an escalation of the shit stirring or spoons like Vince, Jay-bird, Budweiser and a few others. For myself I often have nothing to say to those sorts because they end up giving them selves enough rope to hang themselves. Although sometimes I am full of angst myself and willing to engage these sort of shit heels. But my skin is thick and have yet had one of these ass hats come even close to getting under it. Have also noticed some commenting what appears to me playing innocent and or dumb. Time will tell and expose them for what they are, if I happen to be wrong no harm no foul because I have not engaged them nor do I intend to.

    I have read here far longer than I have commented & do wish some of the older commenters would return and a few others would back off a bit. But I have always been a live & let live type.

    Regardless of the Hacks, attacks, wack-a-do’s &/or the peek-a-boo’s, I will continue to read & comment from time to time because Rebel keeps it real and is one hell of a conveyor of the truth of the 1% MC and scooter tramp world that you would be hard pressed to find any place else. And many of the regular commenters are willing to share some of that folksy wisdom I enjoy reading as well. Yeah some of you are bad asses! Just don’t let it go to your head…….

    Yeah I may even engage a troll or 2 or 3 depending on time on hand & mood.

    Keep it real
    Keep it rubber side down

  31. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Sieg
    Interesting list, I must say.
    The next time we’re in kenya, Ms. Halo & I will just have to eat a peapod or two.


    (if they’re lookin’ at me, they ain’t got shit else to do…)

  32. Austin Says:

    @Sieg – I have found that THIS * “the best thing to do is to overload the fuckers n keep em busy chasing bullshit.” * is key.

    What I really like to do is reverse creepy-crawl the watchers. LOL

    @ashleyistwisted – the only real safety in posting is to not do it.

  33. Sieg Says:

    OC VAGO, you got that right! Fuckers like to keep an eye on everything, so I guess the best thing to do is to overload the fuckers n keep em busy chasing bullshit.

  34. ashleyistwisted Says:

    Wow. So what would say citizen lurkers do to feel safe to post? thats what i wanna know. ’cause if everyone is paranoid (not without reason) and making an area too hostile for citizens to even wanna to stick around then all ya gonna have is You bikers and the trolls and that’s it and isn’t that what THEY want? Just you fellas and the trolls bouncing off each other? But hey any citizen can be automatically be seen as a troll now anyway so whatevuh right? And citizens comes in all shapes and sizes but i’m sure Glenn can make another category for them in his troll list, if they even ever dare speak up. which at this point lurkers probably aint gonna wanna anyway..

    Citizens will go away but trolls won’t.


  35. Rebel Says:

    Dear RVN69,

    Good line.


  36. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    That list leaves no one out. LOL

  37. Sieg Says:

    AUSTIN, about your statement; “The agencies surveilling me hate it when I am seeing a biker, because they have to pull double shifts to cover the overtime tracking all the sounds I make during sex”…

    You should REALLY get em going and only scream key-words that Carnivore checks. You can find a list here;


    I copied these words into my signature line for all my e-mails. Hey-every little bit helps.

  38. RVN69 Says:

    We are all just like that frog that is put in water and then the temperature is slowly raised to boiling, the frog could bail, but he doesn’t realize the danger until it is too late.

    “I came into this world kicking screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. I am prepared to leave it the same way.”

  39. RVN69 Says:

    Read and reread this thread, just can’t find anything to say but “FUCK THE FEDS, FUCK THE POLICE, ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS, THE ONLY SOLUTION IS ANOTHER REVOLUTION.”

    Support your local M/C

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

  40. Tooj Says:

    @RLG and BMW,

    GOOD STUFF FOLKS. This isn’t new. People don’t want to change their habits. But I find it rather interesting that others here have responded with some shock to the dishonesty in advertising and such online?

    We’ve ALWAYS had snake oil salesmen. What would make any free thinking person believe that when lied to consistently through various media that the introduction of a new form of media would somehow not follow that same pattern of deception?

    Insanity: taking the same actions and expecting different results. There is one helluva siren call that emanates from the Internet. Something that makes folks want to spill their guts to the entire world in one dramatic shot. And naively believe that this is a safe thing to do (or that it should be).

    It’s only that it is more difficult to “shun” someone from an online community. This is what our ancestors did after tarring and feathering the snake oil salesman.

  41. Glenn S. Says:

    Freeman, I believe you are 100% correct. And I tend to believe that the trolls here fall into a few catagories: 1) Frightened citizens of the type that tend to join victim’s advocacy groups so they can help impose misery on others. 2) Envious citizens of the type that wish they could be bikers but don’t have the balls to make it happen 3) Garden variety pigs amusing themselves on their own time, often whilst intoxicated 4) Pigs that have been mentioned, by name, in Rebel’s articles (i.e. Dobbyns, Billy Whatshisname, etc.) 5) Real on-the-job pigs using carefully constructed personas, perhaps consulting with psychologists before posting. 6) Children, with the same mindset of the ones that made prank telephone calls years ago.

    The only remedies I can think of is that everybody realize this is a public forum and not post anything but opinions or that Rebel act as a gatekeeper, vetting everybody. The latter might serve as a false sense of security that would have the opposite effect as intended.

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