The Pure Luck Prosecution

Tue, Feb 18, 2014

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The Pure Luck Prosecution

Anyone who has heard of Operation Fast and Furious understands how corrupt and half assed ATF investigations can be.

And anyone who is at all familiar with recent, major ATF investigations of motorcycle clubs including Operation 22 Green, Operation Black Biscuit, Operation Black Rain and last summer’s Operation Pure Luck understands that all of those investigations were half assed and corrupt in exactly the same ways. Obviously the key qualifications to become an undercover agent provocateur for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are stupidity and psychopathy. In return for possessing these treasured qualities successful candidates can expect to make about $180 thousand a year not including what they steal.

ATF investigations are awe inspiringly expensive. Operation Black Rain, for example, cost more than $100 million dispersed among the budgets of multiple federal agencies and departments like the Marshals Service, the Bureau of Prisons, the Federal Judicial Districts, the Department of Homeland Security and multiple subsets of the Department of Justice. The question nobody with a real, national voice has yet thought to ask is how the ATF keeps getting away with it.


Part of the answer is journalistic sloth and gutlessness. Most reporters are terrified of motorcycle outlaws. It is the same reason many reporters seem to think The Devils Ride is “real” or “documentary.” Federal police agencies are adept at manipulating public opinion in books and news and television accounts. Virtually everything written or broadcast about these investigations has been written and verified by federal police. And nobody in television, news or publishing thinks there is anything amiss when the job of defining consensual reality is left to policemen. Unfortunately, the propagandization of journalism is the least disturbing and dangerous aspect of letting the stupid thugs do whatever they want.

More dangerous is that the ATF and other high profile police departments like the FBI are enabled, abetted and encouraged by both federal prosecutors and judges. Prosecutors now routinely use various unethical tactics to coerce defendants into plea deals. Defendants are punished on the basis of accusations made by federal cops. Typically, those defendants are kept locked up and threatened with mandatory, decades long sentences until they confess. Judges endorse the plea bargaining system because otherwise their courts would be swamped. The official lie on which this system rests is the fantasy that policemen tell the truth.

Judges can plausibly pretend to believe that but prosecutors know it is a lie. Assistant United States Attorneys regularly employ strategies and games to protect their symbiotic partners, the police. One thing accomplished by the plea bargaining system is that trial jurors rarely examine the evidence against defendants in context. Commonly defense attorneys don’t see much of that evidence either. Federal prosecutors routinely hide exculpatory evidence and when it must be turned over to defenders it is frequently hidden in great avalanches of paper and DVDs called “evidence dumps.”

Operation Pure Luck

No case epitomizes all of this more than the current federal prosecution that was born with Operation Pure Luck.

Pure Luck began in 2009, floundered for four years while its participants desperately tried to entrap their wily and street smart targets and finally concluded with a self-congratulatory press conference at the end of June 2013. The investigation was aimed at members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club. The ATF has been trying to pin something on the Vagos since the late 90s. Shortly before the press conference, police in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Texas, New York and Hawaii arrested members of the Bandidos, Chosen Few, Wicked Riderz and Green Machine Motorcycle Clubs. Most of them faced state charges. Three Vagos named Jeremy Halgat, Anthony McCall, and Robert Morrow were indicted on federal charges of “Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance” and “Using and Carrying a Firearm.”

The investigation was supervised by an ATF agent named Matt Wear and a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer named David Arboreen. Arboreen was assigned to the ATF as a Tactical Field Officer or TFO. Other active participants assigned to the investigation included Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Agostino Brancato; Montebello, California Police Sergeant Christopher Cervantes and Montebello Detective Ray Camuy.

The Dirty Duo

Brancato and Cervantes had previously worked for the ATF during Operation Black Rain, the long infiltration of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. Cervantes has been accused of impropriety during a shooting at Nicola’s nightclub in Whittier. He participated in the two-years-long debriefing of former Mongols President Ruben “Doc” Cavazos and he was arrested in the middle of Operation Pure Luck, in July 2012 in San Diego, on charges of public drunkenness and resisting arrest.

Brancato and Cervantes were introduced to the Vagos in Las Vegas by an influential and well known Vago named Angel “Diablo” Ramirez. Ramirez was a board member of the Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs. In that position, he lobbied against a Las Vegas bikers rights attorney named Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs. Brancato patched into the Vagos with Ramirez assistance. The Aging Rebel believes but has been unable to confirm that Cervantes also became a full member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club.

Major Drug Deal

A year ago, on February 22, 2013 Brancato lured Halgat, McCall and Morrow to his electronically surveilled residence and told the three men, “I’ve got a $500,000 coke deal going on for my family. If I fuck it up, they’ll kill me.” The three accused men were led to believe that Brancato’s “family” was a Mexican drug cartel and they were enticed to help keep their club brother alive. Brancato told the men that he had to pick up a shipment of cocaine that would be flown in from Mexico and then ensure the drugs trans-shipment to Georgia. Brancato told the men all their lives would be endangered and urged them to bring firearms.

On March 2, the three accused men arrived at Brancato’s residence with four firearms: An AK-47 look alike, a shotgun and two revolvers. All of the guns were legally possessed and transported. Brancato then drove the Vagos to an airstrip in Searchlight, Nevada. As the four men watched, Camuy landed in a single engine Cessna aircraft and exited with a blue duffel bag containing ten kilos of cocaine. While Halgat, Morrow and McCall stood guard, Brancato loaded the cocaine into his car. The government charges that Morrow and McCall helped Brancato wrap the packages of cocaine with fabric softener sheets and load them in the TFOs car. Then Brancato paid each of the three men $1,000, which is the long established rate for providing security at bogus ATF drug deals.


The bogus drug deal was Brancato’s one bright and shining moment during Operation Pure Luck. According to multiple informed sources providing “deep background” on the case, Brancato, Cervantes and Ramirez all committed multiple crimes during the investigation in hopes of inspiring other members of the Vagos to commit similar crimes. In one instance, Brancato, wearing a recording device hidden in a key fob, tried to convince a high ranking Vago to sell him drugs. In an incident that echoes similar entrapments during Operation Black Biscuit, Brancato’s device continued to record while he telephoned Wear.

“You fucked that up,” Wear reproached the TFO. “Now he can prove entrapment.”

“I don’t care,” Brancato brazened. “Maniak sold me the shit.”

“But he didn’t,” Wear replied, displaying unusual honesty for an ATF agent. “Because you fucked up.”

Games Prosecutors Play

Sources with knowledge of the case also describe the Reports of Investigation or ROIs written by Brancato and Cervantes as being riddled with lies. It is customary in ATF undercover investigations to write ROIs well after the incidents they describe and for those reports to fabricate events and conversations. ROIs are almost never compared to the electronic surveillance that could either prove or disprove their veracity. The reports are, however, considered by grand jurors and judges to be unimpeachable proof.

In questionable investigations, prosecutors inevitably refuse to “discover” evidence that could undermine their cases: For example the audio and video recordings that could substantiate or disprove the investigative reports in Pure Luck. The case that resulted from Operation Black Biscuit was very diminished when prosecutors refused to turn over evidence to defense attorneys that might have proven that the agents and informants involved – the most well known of whom was best selling author and national treasure Jay Dobyns – lied, entrapped, broke laws, consumed drugs, enjoyed extramarital sex with one another and generally partied like rock stars.

The Pure Luck case echoes Black Biscuit. In the last six months defense attorneys have tried to exclude “transcripts of recordings due to inaudibility and unreliability;” have sought to examine the personnel files of Brancato, Cervantes and other ATF employees assigned to the case; have filed multiple motions and sent dozens of less formal emails in an attempt to inspect the evidence against their clients; filed an “Emergency Motion To (1) Compel… Discovery and Brady, Giglio And Jencks…Materials The Government Refuses To Disclose, (2) For The Production Of The Undercover And Confidential Informant Cell Phones For Expert Inspection And (3) Request For Exclusionary Sanctions;” and have filed motions to compel the discovery of surveillance logs and other materials that would support the government’s ROIs. The government has also formally moved to forbid defenders from using the entrapment defense.

Prosecutors are stonewalling which is why the trial has already been delayed several times. It is now scheduled to begin on May 13 which gives prosecutors another three months to intimidate the defendants into taking plea deals. It is an interesting game of chicken. If the defendants can be enticed to cop a plea, as they were once enticed break two laws, the government can sweep all of this mess under a rug.



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  1. RtC Says:

    The words “half-assed & corrupt” are abbreviated A T F! F’rs can’t even
    (clickin’ th’ ADS here BOSS! Clickin’ th’ ADS!)
    Keep up the TRUTH, REBEL!

    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  2. Austin Says:

    “best selling author and national treasure Jay” ” the long established rate for providing security at bogus ATF”

    My-Oh-My can you turn a phrase! *laugh riot ensues*

  3. ashleyistwisted Says:

    Thats it im stupid. Stooopid. i’m gettin a brain freeze…

  4. Stevo Says:


    How can the government move to forbid any form of defence? I just don’t get that. Isn’t the right to defend oneself to the best of ones ability constitutional or am I being naive?


  5. jj solari Says:

    i routinely refer to the “news” cabal as The Journalism Borg Collective.

  6. Phonebooth Says:

    I believe that the tactics used now against the %1 clubs are a rehearsal for what the Federal government will use against ANY group which opposes it in the future. Remember the Justice Dept. has already published a report about veterans which makes it sound like we are all Timothy McVeigh.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Why does the government want to ban you owning weapons? Because you won’t get in the box car willingly.

  8. Scraphound Says:

    What do you expect from a government who’s head of the justice dept, Eric Holder, is a criminal himself.

  9. Sieg Says:

    Stevo, there have been numerous bullshit rulings that as long as the fedbacon says you’re a bad guy, basically nothing they do is entrapment.

    The argument is that if you committed an unlawful act at the behest of a pig or a rat, then you were “predisposed” to do so, ergo sum, guilty.


  10. Stevo Says:


    That scares the shits out of me. We’re talking summary justice here.


  11. Mike 184 Says:

    Well WTF??? They fabricate a crime and just because you agreed to stand there and not let someone get killed you get charged? What’s next? Just point and say “Well he probably would commit a crime if we decided to put him in a bad situation, lock him up and throw out the keys”…. Exactly right, scary shit. Like I have heard before, if they want you….

  12. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel said: “And nobody in television, news or publishing thinks there is anything amiss when the job of defining consensual reality is left to policemen.”

    Change this and everything changes, IMHO. Possible solutions: Boycotting advertisers, public awareness campaigns aimed at young adults, enlisting celebrities to be emulated, making it cool for the mainstream youth to despise and distrust the pigs (remember when that term was the common one used to describe law enforcement?) encouraging the younger consumer class to boycott advertisers on “news” media that refuses to fully report.

  13. Mag Says:

    @Phonebooth – “I believe that the tactics used now against the %1 clubs are a rehearsal for what the Federal government will use against ANY group which opposes it in the future.”

    It is not a “rehearsal”.

    Ruby Ridge and Waco were the successful test cases that demonstrated, unequivocally, that military killing by the State against either individual families or whole communities will be tolerated and ignored by the people as a whole.

    Remember that rehearsals are not public performances. If it is a public performance, probability speaks to it being a direct action and not an exploration of possible tactic.

    By the time the FBI sniper is blowing the head off a pregnant woman holding her infant – or ATF tanks are grinding the crushed bodies of chemically executed children into flaming grease – the rehearsal has already been conducted, and what you are seeing is an aggressive chess play that follows a very, very deeply calculated decision that it will not be opposed.

    I am so very sorry at the loss of representative government. But perhaps with the militarized police state we now have, there are even better opportunities for the 1% clubs. Such as the seed of new freedom.

    Yes, that is their purpose in crushing the clubs.

  14. Mag Says:

    @GlennS – “Boycotting advertisers, public awareness campaigns aimed at young adults, enlisting celebrities to be emulated, making it cool for the mainstream youth to despise and distrust the pigs (remember when that term was the common one used to describe law enforcement?) encouraging the younger consumer class to boycott advertisers on “news” media that refuses to fully report.”

    Respectfully, not disruptive enough. Don’t fight the last war.

    Set up a website that offers free beefcake encounters to any wife or girlfriend that can provide official documentation of abuse complaints by her or the public against her LEO spouse or boyfriend. Kind of a free Nevada brothel experience for her; plus the complaint gets published and the male model’s picture next to the “This is being addressed with some Sweet Justice” notice.

    I am being very silly here. But the point is to think outside the box.

    If the “Knockout Game” can become a trend, “Sleep with the Women of the Tyrant” can be one too.

    And again, I’m being silly… but…

    The point is… don’t do the same thing that stopped working a long time ago. Do something different that enrages the enemy, that attacks what they love, that devastates their deepest fear. The point is to force movement.

    When movement from anger rather than calculation takes place, it is exploitable.

  15. Mag Says:

    @Stevo – “We’re talking summary justice here.”

    Not really, just summary.

  16. Sieg Says:

    Stevo, summary justice doesn’t come close.

    Check it out, this is from an article on Vocativ this morning:

    “In most criminal justice systems, it’s taken as given that you’re innocent until proven guilty, and that you deserve your day in court. In …Russia, …More than 99 percent of all criminal defendants are found guilty in court, a statistic that robs suspects of hope and outrages human rights workers.

    Defense lawyers paint a different picture of Russia’s judicial system.

    “It’s very simple—there is no justice in Russia. The decisions taken by courts bear no relation to what is actually written down in the laws of the land,” says Mark Feigin, one of the lawyers who defended anti-Putin protesters Pussy Riot.

    “In my experiences, acquittals occur in not one percent, but 0.1 percent of all criminal trials,” says Moscow-based lawyer Dmitry Arganovsky. “An acquittal isn’t seen by the courts as a normal part of the legal process, but as a defect in the system.”

    The acquittal rate is, however, higher in jury trials, as opposed to bench trials. A lot higher, in fact, with some experts estimating that around 15 to 20 percent of all jury trials in Russia end in an acquittal. …

    How does Russia’s conviction rate compare with Western countries? In Britain, acquittals occur in 17 percent of criminal trials. In the United States, convictions in federal trials are at a staggering 93 percent, with 97 percent of defendants pleading guilty….”

    What is glossed over in the preceeding is that in Amerika, as has been repeatedly stated here, when you are charged with a federal offense, you have the choice of taking a plea-bargain, sometimes literally for probation, or going to trial and receiving DECADES inside. Inside, that’s called “basketball-numbers”, i.e., 60-72, 120-140, like that.

    When you have a choice like that, it’s pretty rough to say, “well, I’m innocent and I’m gonna fight it”. If you have the luxury of time to sit in jail for pre-trial, and the money for lawyers, then may Wotan bless you. If you have a family, or others depending on you, or you don’t have the cash for lawyers, well, that five years looks hella better than twenty.

    That’s the stat the article doesn’t mention. In the fed system, 97% cop a plea, of the remaining 3%, 93% are found guilty, and usually slammed with the absolute maximum sentence allowed by law. So, roughly TWO out of e very thousand people who are accused of a fedbeast “crime” will go to court and be acquitted. Example: I was charged with two counts of delivering weapons, one of delivering ammunition. Go to trial and have the fedbacon push for a twenty year sentence, or cop a plea to one charge and get a year and some paper. Guess which one?

    You know, the best answer to the whole mess might be for defense lawyers to stop accepting pleas, period. Fucking courts would be shut down immediately.


  17. Mag Says:

    @Seig – Dr. Ferris wasn’t just an invention.

  18. Mag Says:

    I soothe myself by watching videos from Kiev these days. Have to love human fierceness when it is aroused.

    Every hardened weapon platform has a soft pink center.

  19. Jim666 Says:

    This is how the U.S. justice system really works, If you are thought to be involved in a crime from murder to driving w/ out a valid lic. and cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you, now most of these public defenders are out to get this game over as quick as possible. as they are not able to charge you the cost because they are afforded to you by the state or govt. so they want this over asap, so they can get on to the next few hundred bucks, I was caught driving my own work van w/ two of my children inside after drinking two beers earyler in the day, this cop took one possible two charges and broke them all down into 3 felony charges and 4 mis. charges then inpounds my only mode of work my van and all my tools and told the toe truck company to hold the van and its contents for 1 month while they find time to properly go through and identify all items inside
    Now just so happened I had enough bond money to bond out that night, My crime was taking my two youngest kids to McDonalds now that turned into 3 felonys and 4 misdomeners.The only crime that would have been commited were had I actually got my kids the chicken Mcnugets.
    so I get a court appointed lawyer after I look into all the so and so vs the state of va, and all these other wins, this mouthpiece tells me I have a 10 % chance of winning, now this is after countless hours looking up offences like what I was charged for, and these people won because they had the money to pay a lawyer I did not, so was more or less choersed into taking a plea that included me being convicted of more felonys over trying to get my kids something to eat, a loss of my lic, for 2 years which by that I had to ask to be voted into retirement by my club till my lic. are reinstated, my tools and van locked up for over a month so I couldn’t make the money to house feed or clothe my kids needless to say get my tools and van out of impoundment so in the long run I spent 6 months locked up away from my family lost my tools and work van had to forfit my lic. lost countless amounts of work and am currently on 2 to 3 years of probation and owe over 4000 dollors in restution and fines and court cost. only because I drank 2 beers at 345 pm after work and decided to take my kids to get something to eat at 7:00 pm, the cop even let another person he had pulled over go, so he could get to me, at the stop he proceeded to try and search the cab of my van where he found a belt buckle resembling brass knuckles and a club tee shirt along w/ my cut, which he then tried to confiscate if I hadn’t had someone else to show up and take possision of those things he surly would .
    have .
    and this searching after me repeating to tell him he needed a warrant that I do not concent to you searching my vehicle.

    Now this was just a simple traffic stop by a small town cop w/ a few county deputys as back up, after this you can imagin the lingths the feds go to try and implicate members into their fabricated crimes, and what the defendants have to go through and loose trying to prove themselves innocent, where the laws completely state you are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. just what happened to that ?
    I have always been locked up before proven guilty and in a couple cases was proven innocent after spending a few months in jail awaiting my day in court, Like that judge said in another article “If the people knew what went on in here they would burn down the court houses” I truly beleve that .



  20. Repo d Says:

    Fuck falco rat bitch and diablo hay pinche puto I thought you were a solid brother you are a pig rat fuck we give what we get remember that

  21. jj solari Says:

    Americans decided to give up their independence when they agreed to live under the rules of the astoundingly tyrannical Constitution – a long list of edicts and regulations and restrictions for the governed but not the governing – created by a roomful of English Loyalists who realized the war of “independence” could be won after all by England simply by moving their seat of government to HERE. To ensure their English sovereignty they created “the district of columbia” to rule the United States. Which it does. APPARENTLY this synopsis is far far too close to the actual root nature of our little problem in this Country for anyone to confront without having a nervous breakdown. far easier to focus on a plan of war or rebellion or demonstration or a letter-writing campaign or deeply-thought-out theories of social justice and injustice and philosophies of government and the Rights of Man and ten million other piles of absolute blathering nonsense and theories and armchair solutions inspired by bottles of fermented grapes or satchels of narcotic plant leaves. if there was a “rehearsal” – as was suggested by another commenter – it was when the Constitution Idea was floated. And no one said shit about it. And the british loyalists said to each other “these yokel yanks are actually buying this crap! we can pull a huge victory out of this war everyone says we lost!!” turns out they did. Our problems are far far more fundamental than How Can We Get Holder To Stop Being Anti-American?
    or How Can We Get Congress To Cease Legislating? Or How Can We Get Cops To Stop Being Sadistic Brutal Sociopaths? but to admit where the real problem lies would result in – like I say – a total collapse of the physical, emotional, and psychological underpinnings of every American alive. problems like the ones being discussed here USUALLY end up in mass combat; if the past 7000 years of human history in not lying to me, which i assume it is not. bikers cannot win a war against the army DC can gather against them. something new needs to be tried. something – i hate to say it – fundamental. FOR INSTANCE: making at least SOME attempt to have whatever it is bikers are doing that DC thinks is WRONG… make those things not be wrong anymore. things like engaging in free enterprise. free enterprise has to become something of VALUE to americans rather than the “greed of the fat cats” that i am sick of hearing from every fucking idiot fuckhead philosopher on the internet both on the Left and the Right. this is not just a biker problem. this is an American problem. unfortunately most Americans dont give a shit about bikers. and you know why?….because bikers are just TOO AMERICAN for most Americans to tolerate!. figure THAT out.

  22. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Suppress and control. Evil Fuckers with evil agendas.
    The LEO’s scramble for that gold ring but are too fucking dumb gung ho stupid to realize they are just pawns in a big game.
    Release the dogs. Go sic ‘em boys. And at the end what? A pat on the head, pension, bad health, divorce and kids that hate ‘em.
    And the Evil Fuckers with evil agendas move on to the next on the list.

    Every Rome burns.

  23. Phonebooth Says:


    “It is not a “rehearsal”.” By golly, you are correct sir!

  24. CN Says:

    After we recovered from the ice storms here one of my daughters brought her kids, some of my 9 plus 2 more on the way Grandkids here to enjoy the heat and electricity that got turned back on here before there. I had not seen this particular Grand Son in about a year and we had a conversation on the back porch, just us two, about what to do if anyone did anything that wasn’t right to him, being touched where his bathing suit is, that sort of thing. I told him to tell his Mom & Dad, a Teacher and he added “A Policeman”. I stopped him there. I had to explain to him that he shouldn’t trust any Policeman with anything ever. I had to undo his school training and just told him that while many people consider Policemen to be the good guys, the truth is, they just aren’t. They lie, cheat and steal and abuse people all the time and that none of them is ever to be trusted. In a way he could understand at age 7 I told him that the Police are bullies and that they are after your Grampa everytime he rides his motorcycle with the other men in his Motorcycle Club and that someday it was very likely that they would do something to hurt Grampa and maybe Gramma and their dog. That they will break down the door of Grampa’s house in the middle of the night, shoot his dog and drag everyone outside in the cold whether or not they are dressed or naked. So, even though the Police come to your school or have an Officer at your school all the time, never to trust him/her with anything because they are very very bad people who hate your Grampa and all of his friends because they need somebody to hate. That they love to hate like normal people love to eat when they are hungry.

    I hope my Grandson heard all of that and took it to heart because it’s the truth or a child friendly version of the truth that I beleive we had better be teaching our children and grand children and each other. Recently we rode in a toy run for a local children’s hospital, the streets were blocked off by the pigs. I’ve made it very clear to my Chapter that I refuse to be involved with anything that has anything to do with these human waste objects. The time has long sense past for any of us to be in any way involved with these disgusting monsters. Maybe if we all just lived with that active level of disdain for these contemptable creatures and taught our young to also know this truth we could make a dent or maybe it’s too late. Either way, at least I told one of my grand kids the truth, somebody had to.

  25. Snow Says:

    Good for you, those bottom feeders deserve no quarter, my 6 year old grandson absolutely hates cops, he won’t go within 30 foot of one.
    That drives my ex daughter in law batshit so it serves 2 useful purposes.
    Rest to most
    Support Your Local

  26. Tooj Says:

    Dear Jim666,

    You’re right, shit ain’t fair. And facts notwithstanding, good folk get fucked. When it comes to enforcement for profit, there is consideration of “right” nor of “fair”.

    I never expected that sort of treatment from these motherfuckers, so I say “Omerta”. Ever been picked up for DUI in your own fucking driveway?

  27. calexpat Says:

    While I frequently disagree with some of your positions and the diatribes you and a couple of mutual friends post (Long Beach and Kentucky) You are my elders and thus i hold my peace;
    I find my self enjoying your posts regarding the constitution and it’s false sense of propriety and faux freedom grants. Your lack of adherence to the jingoistic patriotism being foisted off on the main of american (lower case, intentional) society is refreshing and harkens back to a day when reasoned thought was a prized commodity. Unfortunately there are too many who have no interest in reason and blithely move through their days wrapped in the haze of self righteousness. It amuses me when you are so badly misunderstood and vilified by those who cling to, God, Country and the bill of goods that are being handed out with the bread and circuses.



  28. Showtime HFFH Says:

    What we are seeing is the rapid and continued degradation of even the ruse of a justice system in this country, all of these Federal police agencies are no better than the secret police and shadow forces employed by communist dictators and tyrannical despots the world over, we must join forces, work together, and expose this slime for what it is. The dream of America is just that, a dream, and the countdown clock rapidly approaches zero.

  29. Ronbo Says:

    Lets see…
    Diamond Dan,….
    Angel in Vallejo…
    NOPE No pattern here

    Head on a swivel

  30. CN Says:

    Ronbo: I’m in regular contact with Diamond Dan. He hasn’t got much to do but remains with his head held high. If you’re so inclined, letters or cards are always welcome. Go to for the address and those of others who’d welcome contact & support. Thanks. -cn

  31. Glenn S. Says:

    CN said: “The time has long sense past for any of us to be in any way involved with these disgusting monsters. Maybe if we all just lived with that active level of disdain for these contemptable creatures and taught our young to also know this truth we could make a dent or maybe it’s too late…”

    Well said. I believe that the root cause of the problem is cultural. I also believe spreading awareness to those who might be receptive to a well articulated message, but who have been subjected to cultural brainwashing in the past, is necessary to effect change at the gut level of this country, even if done one person at a time.

    Mag said: “The point is… don’t do the same thing that stopped working a long time ago.”

    But it did work to an extent. Things had gotten better in the war between the common man and the pigs until that great propaganda machine that is government started the Reagan era version of the “war on drugs”. People got complacent, people sold out, the bandwagon form of advertising used by the government worked on the yuppies and children.

    But look at what the gay people have accomplished. Somehow, they have successfully managed to keep all negative references about them out of the popular entertainment and news. And the cigarette nazis have managed to keep positive characters from smoking in TV and movies.

    The “Save the Patch” movement looks like it could be promising, but this website is the only place I’ve heard mention of it. Since I don’t have a patch, it is not my place to say what should be done about it, but I do hope to see it spread.

    Mag also said: “Set up a website that offers free beefcake encounters to any wife or girlfriend that can provide official documentation of abuse complaints by her or the public against her LEO spouse or boyfriend.”

    Maybe high-profile biker protection for battered women of LEO, videotaped.

    Back in the 60s, there was a saying: “Girls say ‘yes’ to boys who say ‘no’ ” (to the draft). How about strippers to jurors who acquit? “Stripers say ‘yes’ to jurors who say ‘fuck you’!

  32. RVN69 Says:

    Cops, prosecutors, judges and juries are an unholy alliance that is used to silence and intimidate the population into giving up more and more freedoms in the name of security and the war on drugs.
    The BATF should be disbanded, drugs should be decriiminalized, pot should be legal, simple crimes should not draw major sentences, who you associate with if you should ever commit a crime should not be a factor.

    FTF, FTP
    Support your Local Motorcycle Club.
    Support Aging Rebel a beacon of light in a sea of darkness.

  33. Mag Says:

    @Glenn S. – I admit that I have a certain cynicism about the recoverability of the cultural and political spiral. OC Vago said “all Romes burn” and that’s quite true.

  34. Snow Says:

    I’ve just returned from a funeral for a rider killed by the famous I made a left turn in front of you cause I didn’t see you disease. He was the Road Captain of a local sport bike club and was leading 11 bikes on a Sat. afternoon ride when this obviously blind person killed him. I didn’t know this man but made time to gather with fellow riders to send him off right, RIP Paul.
    If there’s a point to the above I guess it would be that riders of all kind need to be shoulder to shoulder on these issues. Club guys, free riders, HOG riders and sport bike riders don’t often see eye to eye but we all deal with similar bullshit, if we could stand as one to those who wrong us we would be a force that had to be taken seriously.
    My .02
    Support Your Local

  35. Jim666 Says:

    @ CN.
    I took my kids to a town fun fair not long after being released from Jail, and two cops were sitting their fat asses in two folding chairs waving and saying hi to all the kids that passed as we walked b the cops did the same to my kids my daughters at the time were 11 and 3, the just looked the other way my son who is 4 looked right at the cops and told them strait up do`nt even try and talk to me or even look at me you are the reason I could`nt see my daddy for a long time. the looks on the pig`s faces were priceless,lol
    I`ll never forget those looks BTW they did`nt reply.

    That night I was arrested in front of my kids the were heart broken that did more damage to them than my driving them to get McDonalds. I told that to the judge also, to no avail .

    I really find it hard to beleve they even ave people that would go as low as to apply for an application for being a cop or fed or any leo job for that matter. by a poll they are the most hated form of life known to mankind.
    Who would want that kind of hate ?

    I for one think It past time for all patches to stand together against our one common enemy.
    It seems it will be the only way we can keep our lifestyle .


    @Glenn it doesnt matter if you hold a patch or not, you can still donate buy a tee shirt or just spread the news every little thing helps but doing nothing does nothing.

  36. jrnr Says:


    Couldn’t have said it any better!


  37. Nomad / 22 Says:

    What the hell was wrong with this kid? Everyday is another fight with his brother or sister. “This is mine.” “That is mine.” I would normally just give up on him, but he was 5 years old then. I guess it was just easier to take him to the clubhouse with me.

    I’ve been a patch holder for 8 years now so I did warrant a little slack even when he slipped by a prospect and f*ked something up

    10 years later:
    I’ve changed my son’s name from Al to “my damn son”. He has never been any real trouble, but all “my damn son” thinks about is himself. He’s a hell of a mechanic and does more work on club’s bikes then could ever be repaid. The problem lies in “my damn son’s” attitude that he just can’t stop there. He’ll fix a bike, but then leave the tools out for someone else to pick up and clean. He’ll make a sandwich, but leave the mess for a brother to pick up and clean. Why I ask myself does the club put up with this? Well, the kid is honest and fun to be around and in a few years he’ll be a prospect for the club. That really brings a smile to some of the brothers faces. They know there is time to teach him to be a team player, and they have some rather creative ways to do that. After all, that is the bottom line to earning your patch.

    ‘My damn son” has everything going for him except any concept of true brotherhood

    Another 5 years later:
    Can you be proud and disgusted of someone at the same time? It sure appears that way. It’s been 2 years now since “my damn son” has been a prospect for the club and the only thing that has changed is his name again!!! Now I’ve named him “my damn son of a b*itch”. I know he has earned his patch, but jeez, I’m tired of the brothers busting my balls.

    Even if it is in fun! I don’t know what goes through his head but he just doesn’t get the team concept, the Brotherhood
    Even the time at the bar didn’t clue him in. We had stopped at a new place a few towns away from the clubhouse. Well don’t you know that “my damn son of a b*itch” had a few too many shots of tequila and naturally shot his mouth off? We were out numbered by about 4 to 1 and took our lumps pretty good. As we took stock of our bruises outside, someone noticed that “my son of a b*itch” wasn’t out there.

    Oh shit~ here we go again! Back into the bar and a lot more lumps later, we finally dragged that prospect back to the clubhouse
    I almost felt sorry for him a few times. For example the time he had to wash, dry and wax a brother’s car in the rain…in November. The worst was the time he had to stand guard over a patch holders garbage can all night in the snow so the plows wouldn’t knock them over.

    Boy did he pay for that bar incident
    I guess I wasn’t surprised when “my damn son of a b*tch” came home one night and announced that he had joined the Marines. I knew that basic training and even war wouldn’t scare him. I think he joined just to take a break. We had a hell of a party at the club house and he left his prospect vest there in good standing. He gave a drunken and honorable speech about how he would be back and try harder to earn his colors some day.

    We doubted that but gave him a round of applause anyways for his efforts

    And finally 4 years later:
    Brothers were coming in from all of the 6 states where we had chapters. This would be a party to remember. “My damn son of a B*tch” was voted in as a patch holder. He had finally earned the respect that is so important to be unanimously voted into the club.

    His antics were legendary among the Brothers and now they came to welcome him in as one of them…

    I stood with a tear in my eye as I read the plaque on the wall:
    The White House
    ….Sgt. Alan Robinson, wounded, carried two men out of a fierce firefight, when given a direct order to seek a medic, Sgt Robinson said” they didn’t leave me in the bar that day” and returned into the forest, within 30 minutes and wounded again. Sgt. Robinson returned with 2 more wounded soldiers.

    Again given orders to seek a medic, Sgt Alan Robinson returned a third time into the forest
    Sgt Robinson was credited with 13 enemy killed and saving 5 men while being wounded 3 times…

    Beside the plaque will forever be the glass case that holds a fully patched club vest with the name “Fallen Brother” sewn over the pocket and across the vest is a blue ribbon holding the Medal of Honor

    “My son the Hero” had learned about Brotherhood

    The point of the story boys is we all are on the same side of the line we need to bond together stop these fucken cops I don’t care about your patch color it’s bikers life and the government who want to destroy it vffv

  38. El John Guapo Says:

    Here is an article on Cervenates thought you may find interesting.

  39. Snow Says:

    Nomad / 22
    Awesome story, sending my congrats/condolences to you and yours.
    Sometimes it looks like nothing gets thru then suddenly the door is wide open.
    Much Thanks and Respect sent to Sgt. Alan Robinson.
    Support Your Local

  40. Jim666 Says:

    @ Nomad / 22
    Thank you.
    very well said and one hell of a story
    I couldnt agree more regardless of patch or colors we all need to stank strong and together against one common enemy

  41. Freeborn Greek Says:

    ATF and the rest of the alphabet soup that is US politics continue to throw money at small time problems. Let the black market control itself, spend tax money on education, health issues, and domestic problems. Truthfully there are more harmful events transpiring daily than all of these investigations could have pulled together in years. A new list of priorities needs to be given to Uncle Sam. Leave the clubs and little guys alone. Work on getting kids fed, sheltered, and educated.

  42. nolightson Says:

    I was charged and convicted of aggravated assault on a public servent. Doing 10 years on paper for it. I never even touched the leo. The thought never even crossed my mind.Her word against mine.bla bla bla.
    What I did do was verbally assault her, mentioning she was probably invoved in some form of sex acts with Fido. I did this out of the hatrid I was taught and do have for leo. What I was not taught but wish I had been was how not to act while in a confrontation with leo. My little traffic warrant turned into a felony. Had I just been taught constraint it would have saved me so much. Just a thought. Anything you say can and will be used against you is now being taken to a whole new level.

  43. Vikingtrotter Says:


    I have a new TV Reality show for you to watch next Monday. Its a Legal reality show called “Loredana Esq”. Supposedly, she defends a biker that had his house raided and the cops supposedly planted ammo on the kitchen table.
    Should be interesting.I think this show happens in San Diego.

  44. Vikingtrotter Says:


    I’m watching the show now. The biker’s name is Deron Jaffe. A quick google search shows that he is/was a Laffing Devil…..LOL… You just can’t get away from these guys.

    The fight in which he talked about tuning someone up may be about this.

  45. Tooj Says:

    That’s some truly revolutionary stuff there. Deron Jaffe was/is a Laffing Devil, eh? You sure you meant to say it that way?

  46. Vikingtrotter Says:


    I was covering my bases as I did not know his current status.

    Do you know what it is?

  47. TR Says:

    Mr. Jaffe is most definitely not a Laffing Devil.

  48. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Crap, I swear I am getting old and senile. Was Mr. Jaffe the PeckerWood that did god’s work on the L-Dildos at that bar?

    So sorry for thinking he was a patched member of the laffing dildos…..

    My sincerest apologies Mr. Jaffe.

    Fuck my brain is addled and decrepted.

  49. Tooj Says:

    I normally do not discuss another’s association even confirmed. In this case, the blog Rebel wrote (that you linked in your comment) would have told you what you want to know and talk about. I can only assume you did not read it.

    I would have gathered from it that Jaffe was victimized by the “no really, we’re a traditional MC” ploy. Not much unlike Westboro Baptist Lawyer Church. But that is another blog topic.

  50. Shyster Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Halgat. Reading the Order and Report & Recommendation dated yesterday makes it crystal clear how much of a piece of shit both Brancato and Ramirez are.


  51. rollinnorth Says:

    Where is that from? I didn’t see anything like that on PACER in Fed Ct. Nevada.

  52. Shyster Says:


    It’s hot off the press. Clerk hasn’t updated it yet so as of 2 hours ago it wasn’t on PACER.

    Rebel is on it. Stay tuned.


  53. Rebel Says:

    Dear rollinnorth,

    There are two cases. The dismissal, I presume that’s what you guys are talking about, is in the smaller of the two cases which may be why you can’t find it. It is federal case number 13241. It runs about 34 pages. I think it has implications for every case Tino Brancato has participated in during the last seven years or so. It may have implications for a number of other ATF cases. I want to think it through. I’ll cover the decision tomorrow.


  54. rollinnorth Says:

    Shyster, Rebel:
    Looking forward (as usual) to your coverage, Rebel.


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