A Detail Named Wilson

February 14, 2014

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Sometimes the best way to tell an enormous story is with a few spare details. The big story is Queensland’s Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act of 2013 or as everyone calls it the VLAD law. Like Vlad the Impaler. The spare detail is a guy named Ben Wilson.

Wilson (in the photo above) is a concrete mason in Brisbane and a friend of a member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club named Darryl Cook. Cook had leased a commercial building that his club used as a clubhouse. The Queensland government ordered the clubhouse closed and decreed that it was a “proscribed place,” a place no Rebel was allowed to enter. Cook, who was stuck with the lease, decided to turn it into a retail store called 12-Gauge Clothing. His wife would manage the place. And since Cook couldn’t legally enter the building he asked his friend Wilson to paint over the Rebels insignia outside and refurbish the interior for him.


The store was scheduled to open last December 8. Three policemen visited the store the previous morning, questioned Wilson and two other people who were working there, then left them alone for the rest of the day.

Wilson was there the next day for the grand opening. So were 30 cops. Wilson and some other volunteers set up a bounce house. The police searched it. They also searched a charitable booth the men had set up inside. Police demanded to see Wilson’s drivers license. When they discovered it had expired three days before they cited Wilson even though he was standing on a sidewalk at the time. Then Wilson went back to selling tee-shirts inside the store.

Police arrested Wilson as soon as a television news crew arrived. He was charged with being an associate of the Rebels, a forbidden organization, and walking into a prescribed place.


Police then searched Wilson’s home for proof of the accusation that he was a Rebels’ associate. They found a Confederate flag that Wilson, a Dukes of Hazard fan, had purchased on eBay. The flag is now the principal evidence against Wilson.

He made his initial appearance in a Brisbane Court 11 days later, wearing the clothes he had on when he was arrested, and he was denied bail. Wilson has been in jail since then. Unable to work to pay his bills, he has lost his car, motorcycle, his home and most of his furnishings. His girlfriend and his two children have moved in with her parents.

Under the VLAD law, Wilson faces a mandatory sentence of six months in solitary confinement.

Wilson hasn’t yet raised the money he needs to hire a lawyer. His girlfriend, Ashley Metcalf, has started a Facebook page to solicit donations for his defense. You can find the page here.


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18 Responses to “A Detail Named Wilson”

  1. Duck Says:

    Wilson was finally released on bail last night (daytime there). Not really sure what happens from here, but from the looks of things the QLD government is still not ready to chuck these “laws” they put in place so I can’t imagine it’s going to be much better for anyone else in the near future…

  2. FF Says:

    @Straight Shooter

    Look, any actuary straight outta college can tell you that the US national debt cannot mathematically be paid back. GDP cannot generate revenue fast enough.

    The federal reserve has been “printing” 85 billion dollars EVERY MONTH FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS just to keep the dogshit economy afloat.

    It’s only a matter of time before the whole house of cards collapses.

    Tick tock, tick tock

  3. Straight Shooter Says:

    The media machine (Hollywood, TV,news ect) Wall St, Las Vegas, Pornography, major drug dealing, The Federal Reserve, ect are controlled by a ‘tribe’ that consists of less than 2% of the US population. They run DC, they pass the laws. The DHS. FEMA. It is not a black thing. That is a diversion. Much like the entertainment (SOA ring a bell?) that hypnotizes the sheep/consumers. We have been played, and there is no going back. 200+ years ago the original Americans found out 1st hand what this tribe was about. They invented Communism. Nazism. Socialism. Fascism. Imperialism (see ENGLAND) Colonialism (AU,NZ,Canada,ect) Ponzi sceme since Christ walked the earth.

  4. FF Says:

    @Glenn S

    Black workers are more likely to be employed in the public sector than are either their white or Hispanic counterparts. In 2011, nearly 20 percent of employed Blacks worked for state, local, or federal government compared to 14.2 percent of Whites and 10.4 percent of Hispanics.


    In the federal prison system, blacks comprise 21.3% of the staff

    In California “We found that blacks are much more likely to be employed by the public sector than are whites,” said Steven Pitts, an economist with the university’s Center for Labor Education and Research, where he focuses on employment issues involving the black community.

    One in five African-American workers are employed in public sector jobs, Pitts said, versus one in six white workers and one in ten Latino workers. He said blacks are 30 percent more likely to hold such jobs than whites.


    New data suggests that inmates have just as much to fear from their guards as they do from each other: Nearly half of all sexual assaults in U.S. jails and prisons is committed by corrections officers and staff.
    That statistic actually represents an uptick in reported cases of sexual assault. Accusations of rape against prison guards and staff rose 18 percent between 2006 and 2011–the most recent year for which data is available–according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/01/24/the-horrible-truth-half-of-all-prison-rape-is-committed-by-guards/#ixzz2tVZp2rLk

    The nationwide average of minority correctional staff members is approximately 29%.

    In Mississippi, the percentage of Correctional officers who are black is an astounding 84%.


    Despite being only 12% of the US population, these numbers clearly show that blacks are part of the problem, not the solution.

    What blacks want is more government, bigger government, which defacto requires a totalitarian federal government police state and command economy (communism).


  5. Jim666 Says:

    the government is looking at us like dinosaurs
    and trying to bring on the ice age.

    I say Fuck em

    OC VAGO 1%er Says:
    February 15th, 2014 at 10:51 am
    SAVE THE PATCH folks. Get on board or get run over.

    AMEN !!!


  6. Glenn S. Says:

    It gives me hope that people like Lik are paying attention. In prison, I always wondered if the admin would not back off if all prisoners stuck together.

  7. FF Says:


    The black man has used the federal government to bludgeon whitey on the head for fifty fucking years. You ARE the federal government. You cry about a police state, well what the fuck you think is required to confiscate wealth from one American to transfer it to another?

    Yall made your bed, now lie in it. You didn’t give a fuck about me before WROL, I damn sure intend to show you worse after.


  8. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Benjamin Franklin said; We Hang Together….or We Will Surely Hang Seperately.

  9. Lik Says:

    Think it can’t happen here well it already has.. In the early 90 in LA. gang members where not aloud to hang out on known street corners more than three at a time?? The cops would come into our nieborhood and try to arrest us for just hanging out with each other. Not to say on some corners criminal activity was not rampid it was.. But not on the one we use to hang out on..just a bunch of bored kids with no guidence!! Point is it can and will and has happens here in the US Of A.. Some might say it was gang banger in a gang well we felt like family and the only thing we had was that.. Each other.. Like they say they came for the crazy niebor and I didn’t say nothing then they came for the sane niebor I didn’t say any thing well when it’s you it will be to late to say any thing so stand up for your rights and have you family and friends stand along with you..

  10. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    SAVE THE PATCH folks. Get on board or get run over.

  11. madman Says:

    “Tyranny anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere.”

  12. Tomo Says:

    How clever of him: in one press release he’s opened up an escape route for when/if the protests gain some serious ground. Or if a few senior law men, who aren’t in his pocket, and because they don’t particularly like the mouthy short-arse, start to delve ito the legal technicalities of what he’s done.
    He can now back down whenever he likes by saying that the laws have achieved “X,Y & Z’ and that’s enough, for now”.
    Also, putting an apparent time limit of 3 years on it, I guess psychologically it makes the layman think ‘well if I can just hold out that long, it’ll all be ok’, and dilutes the anger and resentment a bit, just enough to make people think twice about protesting too vehemently.
    And eventually, the bikies will be left to carry on as normal as possible, for now.
    And this little test run of New Age Totalitarianism will be analysed repeatedly by experts in other developed country governments, to apparaise the practilities of applying it to their society as a whole.
    Or maybe I’m just overthinking this due to sleep deprivation and a hangover.

  13. Freeman Says:

    With everyday that passes, its getting clearer by the minute this world is a fucked up place.

    Days go by one after the other, establishment takes away liberties one by one, methodically, slowly, surely, they have been doing it for decades, one by one, methodically, slowly, like Lafontaine’s fable the rabbit and the turtle, and we are getting closer and closer to the finish line.

    The turtle as become a shepperd dog, its no longer content to finish first it doesnt want you to even cross the finish line, slow and steady just kicked in fifth gear and is now fast and furious… and RIGHTEOUS.


  14. Straight Shooter Says:

    What you will see someday soon, is a person charged for ‘association’ for ever purchasing or wearing any support gear. After that just visiting a web site of an MC or posting on a blog (like here for instance) any favorable remark towards a MC or member or even former member. Even a RIP. It is over as any kind of free society. The data banks record every key stroke.

  15. Helipilotguy Says:

    Unfortunatly! If the 81 in BC Canada don’t start reeling in their retards and putting out bad the heat seekers. It’s gonna happen every where. I could ask most HA up here whats in there bike and they wouldn’t even know it takes gas! They don’t have my back and if someone else moved in they’d( THE HA) be fucked. And I’d quite frankly like to see them go for the simple fact They don’t deserve the respect that their predecessors have worked for!

  16. Bill Says:

    In a world where an attention-whore narcissist whose only qualifications for office are his campaign speeches,(I can see him as “president” of Kenya though), it is really not surprising that “anything goes” in this day of the accelerating aggregation and protection of power by those in control. Global money is the blood force of that elite, and it begets more and more of itself. The problem is rapidly becoming insurmountable. Pop up, and get smashed. Target practice for the Beast. There’s a line from an old song: “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.” Well, maybe not anymore. Being right is going to become increasingly expensive, but it’s better than giving in. Another old song addresses this: “Won’t you please come to Chicago, or else join The Other Side…”

  17. Duck Says:

    Another bright shining example of what happens when .gov types put their heads together and think they’re takingon some kind of crusade. I hear that Newman is visiting CA, TX, and NY next month, and I’m frightened by the idea that some of our own government suits will be having friendly chats with him over tax-funded drinks when he should be refused entry and made to swim home.

  18. jj solari Says:

    i think the world will come to learn eventually that the only NON dangerous group or entity or organization or club or religion on earth is Islam. They’re learning that right now in Australia, in fact.

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