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February 11, 2014

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About a week ago Jason Hervey, who is a co-founder of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television and who also produces The Devils Ride, messaged me on Twitter to politely inquire, “So, how did you like the show,” or something like that. Hervey seems like a decent guy. I imagine he was a kid who had to trade his childhood for a handful of lemons and now he is well on his way to owning Minute Maid.

No. Sorry, Jason. My review was held up. For one thing, nobody at Bischoff Hervey could be bothered to send me a DVD, or what The Industry calls a “screener.” Sometimes, an episode of something will be on a website that requires an access code. Nobody sent me a URL or a code either. And, I didn’t watch the thing when it aired. So I finally got around to watching it on Time Warner Cable’s view on demand last night.

The Punch

I do have to admit that it was almost worth sitting through an hour of this steaming heap of entertainment product just to watch Ralph “Rockem” Randolph get popped in the eye by some member or associate of the Dago charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Rockem, the dour fellow in the photo above, got a mouse and a cut that might have been a problem if he was in a prize fight. I suspect he will wear his wound through the next couple of episodes as a red badge of authenticity. I think what Hervey wanted me to tell the world last week was that I recognized five, I think I counted, indicia-less representatives of the Red and White in Dago who got paid behind this particular business venture. Good for those guys! I am all for guys getting paid for standing around a movie set.

Ralph Randolph is a former member of the Angels’ Mesa charter. He obviously left the club in good standing. He probably hooked up his former brothers with this gig. Then after he did that he got punched. No wonder people think we’re all animals.

More About The Punch

The real, live, actual violence was not without precedent. On camera in season one, Laffing Devils wives, a prospect and some of the production crew beat up a photographer named Ashi Fachler. That same season, when the Laffing Devils were still actually a motorcycle club, two members had a well publicized and unfortunate encounter with a member of the Peckerwoods MC. And a month or two after that, several members of a brand name club walked into the Laffing Devils clubhouse during church, helped themselves to some beers and pointedly explained the hierarchy of the food chain to the TV tough guys.

Season Three, Episode One’s punch might very well have been spontaneous and genuine. That’s how it looked and Bischoff Hervey certainly edited the brief exchange melodramatically. Supposedly “the punch” was somehow the result of a one percent diamond on the air cleaner insert on Rockem’s bike. It is plausible.

What is less so is the fact that Ralph and his new “club,” the made for television Sinister Mob Syndicate, are constantly prattling about going to “war” with their arch enemies, the Laffing Devils. Despite all that war talk, like “you guys better be ready to take a bullet for this thing,” neither Rockem nor any of his club brothers put up their hands after “the punch.” So that particular insight into the club life may need a little work. Maybe the Sinister Mobsters should call themselves sisters from now on.

Other than “the punch” episode one was mostly hot air.

No I didn’t watch episode two last night. I traded a couple of semi-lascivious emails with my ex-muse then turned off the television and read a book. Maybe I’ll review episode two next week. How about it Jason? Would you like that?




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  1. lee Says:

    hi guys we just getting this shows series 3 on discovery over here in blighty and it bloody funny to watch as it terrible but it does make people think that they can go round being bad ass at weekends, I have been in a couple of mcc clubs and have been friends with people in MC clubs I know this shit aint real but general public don’t but at the end of the day they only ride a few months of the yr as it gets to cold/wet/cloudy/interrupts their golf games and when they get the take the ‘take it off or we will’ they will run away an sell the bike for cheap to one of us, so I know it don’t do our reputation too good but there are a lot of things that don’t for others out there it be like the chopper fad it will disappear an will b left alone. ride safe guys :)

  2. Orion Says:

    Gipsy “Drama Princess” dying on the show would have been the only reason to watch it. No such luck though. Pass on this.

    Ask yourself this….. Would any club really patch these guys in? No! This is a club full of guys who still live in their parents basements.

    But Kudos to Boomhauer from King of the Hill for writing this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harley sales went down 30% since this show aired.

    Yes, I agree watching Gilligan’s Island was much better than this.
    MaryAnne Rocks!

  3. fayettenamhoe Says:

    hahahaha how can you understand riding into the sun when you don’t see the moon

  4. ImyourHuckleberry Says:

    So let me get this straight the new season opens with Gypsy getting Sandman out of jail to go smoke HA cigar cock to get their patches back? Oh and Sin Mob is out bad cause their to hard for the bigboy club -sound about right?

  5. old boy Says:

    Thanks rollinnorth.

    It’s kind of weird to me that there was only three episodes. Maybe I couldn’t make it to the end of third one, but I’m not exactly willing to go over it again to find out…

    Jim666, I agree that the movie is well worth sending around to friends. My first copy didn’t make it back from my last trip overseas. Somehow it disappeared, and I got one of those notices that my bag had been inspected. To be fair I may have left it in my room, in a hotel that I have spent like two of the last 14 years in, off an on. Then again my bags get inspected so much I wonder what’s up when they don’t.

    A lot of times I will carry ammo overseas, and I declare it coming and going, but still get called into security when I leave: and they inspect it again before I pick it up wherever I’m headed. Go figure. Maybe the first book WILL get made into a movie. It has a lot to say about this thing that we do,

    A friend at work, a lone wolf, asked my with his celebrity why doesn’t he pitch to Hollywood? I could be wrong, but my guess was that he could have done that based on the other book that was made into a great flick, but he didn’t, and that says a lot as well.


  6. rollinnorth Says:

    old boy:
    I was responding to Steve, who was talking about an old interview that referenced Barger’s efforts to get a movie made. He got screwed over on a film based on his autobiography, but eventually got a great flick done based on another of his books.
    Interesting perspective that “Devil’s Ride”, “is a PSYOP with an agenda.” It certainly is more TV fiction about the M/C world. Whether it causes more harm than all those “true detective” shows, like “Gangland,” I’m not sure. If it does smarten up some pop-up club somewhere, then I suppose that is helpful.


  7. Jim666 Says:

    @ sixsixsixer
    I seen it at a preview. but I liked it so much I just ordered a copy . and Might order more to send to some friends. I loved it and everyone in the movie that playes bikers are in fact Patch holders from various clubs. Sonny did a fantastic job IMHO

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    @mick44 – Yes, the pigs *ARE* the bad guys. When they bitch and complain to gain sympathy about the toughness of their job, then they don’t have the integrity necessary to be a ‘good’ cop. It means they’re in it for the money, the baseless heroism (usually their own kind patting each other on the back and expecting the bullshit shows of ‘how we caught a bad guy with 2 whole guns and a baggy of weed!’, and the fucking power trip they’re allowed to abuse. If they were so unhappy and worried, most people of even questionable intelligence usually finds another job they would be ‘happier’ with. Pigs have no intelligence other than what’s fed to them by their superiors and told to view as if god popped up in front of them and told them himself.

    Also, when one pig comes to a forum and tries to tell everyone that he’s one of the ‘real’ good cops, but never turns in or does anything about all the ‘bad’ ones…he’s no better because he’s simply covering their asses because they’re pigs too. You ever wonder why pigs have to put padlocks on their lockers in a police station?

    The only good pig, is one that’s not breathing.


  9. mick44 Says:

    The show in discussion is rather funny. It’s good for a few laughs, until it gets too stupid. The most insulting part is all those clowns claiming to be Marines. Their dishonorable behavior is an embarrassment to all real Marines that value brotherhood, honor, courage, and commitment. Yes, I am well educated and am in the safety of the public field. I also ride everyday unless snow is on the ground before I leave. If anyone has not rode in snow and ice, it isn’t very fun.lol. By the way, law enforcement, firefighters, and other public safety professionals are not the bad guys and put their own lives at risk to help strangers on a daily basis.

  10. N P Says:

    Sorry Steve. I see the coincidence.

  11. old_boy Says:

    The movie referenced by rollinnorh, does not support my theory. At least on the surface. I don’t want to hang any spoilers on it. Suffice it to say there is a central character who evidently founded a pop-up club.

    There are critical distinctions. I digress, the film is reviewed elsewhere on this website:


    The critical differences, anyhow, are many. The character is a legacy of no small consequence and he plays a crucial role in solving and resolving things. This is not a tale where everyone lives happily ever after – but his actions bode well for his start-up club. While going about this, with a former local P, he also gets introduced to everyone he should have met already. In my mind, there is a right way, a wrong way, and the hard way of starting something up. In the happenstance of the movie the hard way worked out, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

    I think there are a lot of messages the movie is sending, which is probably true of both productions. I could be a lunatic and my theory may only adhere to some unintended consequence of Devil’s Ride. Either way, the message is there. In fact that’s probably the case – it’s there in my overthink-everything head; no matter – it’s there just the same.

    The messages in the movie are far less subjective. They are objective to the point that there is pretty much nothing subliminal about it. I highly recommend the movie. It addresses everything that is right about the life, however tragic, under the current feudal circumstances. It says a lot about how the circumstances might resolve to something better for “the cause.”

    That’s why I am in it, for the cause. That may wind up getting me splattered all over some stretch of the I-15 sooner than later and in my estimation it’s worth it. Worth about anything short of the survival of my family and their wellbeing; everyone has a line. The movie addresses that as well. Even when it’s tragic: because it’s tragic that’s what happens when we get involved in causes, especially when there’s no end of other driven guys are equally disposed and “ironically paramilitary.”

    The problem being that in the historic context of the human condition this always gives rise to conflict. I am not a fan of the word “peace,” I have never seen any evidence that supports the existence of it as it is usually meant. It’s like “happiness,” something to pursue, to hold on to when you find it, for as long as possible. Likewise, we have a right to pursue peace and to hold it out as an ideal.

    Operating together citizens might actually get what we are about and leave it alone – because really the average person wants no part of it. They want it all for free.

    So what? So beyond the subliminal messages that I look for in everything Devil’s Ride portrays how conflicts arise and harden, however ridiculous. It may be precisely how most citizens would imagine it to be – if they stopped to imagine it at all.

    In some ways it’s like the film “The Deer Hunter.” Abstract in the way it captures in two hours the horror of something that lasted much longer and was far worse than one wasted life and the ensuing consequences.

    All of that said I quit watching it after the first two episodes, two years running. What would be the point? It all happened already. I am a peacemaker. The sort who made their life about war. I chase it, I don’t expect it. Clearly, neither peace nor happiness are popular in civilization, and the life is no different.

    I am reminded of a line from “The Great Santini. A son asks his Marine dad about the higher probability of winding up dead if he joins the Marine Corps: “It beats dying from piles.”

  12. Steve Says:

    I know that’s not the same Fuzzy. I just happened to be using it in a search. If you read the fourth paragraph of the article it quotes Barger.
    (He is working on a movie and TV-series deal. “It’ll be like ‘The Sopranos,’ but with motorcycles,” he said last week.)

    This article is from 7 yrs ago. 2007

  13. old_boy Says:

    I agree with Dago 1%er’s observation as I understand it in spirit. I’m a patch-holder and a former military spook/analyst and to me this show is a PSYOP with an agenda. I take the theme to regard the phenomena, prevalent in SOCAL, of pop-up clubs and a warning in that regard. I’m sure the producers are not entirely complaisant in this, but are aware of it.

    Consider what the citizen-public perceives, as opposed to reality. The consensus being that the show regards the life truly in the sense that a Can-Am Spyder is a motorcycle. So, if the public perception is managed the messages is intentionally misleading. It supports neither the destructive stereotypes nor the nobility and valor of the actual traditions of the life.

    Of course there are people who will take this as reality, and that is problematic at best. In the first two episodes of this season conspiracy and felony occurred in-pace with the average episode of 24.

    Rebel observed that “the punch” may have been real and spontaneous. I agree, but I think there was money in it. I think the whole thing is about the money. I think it is not intended to send a message to citizen-viewers, but to all the wanna-be pop up clubs, about which, there seems to be no end in sight.

    The theme this year has to do with following tradition. There are dominant clubs and the time to get with them is before, and not after; sooner than later. As I understand it, neither of these pseudo-clubs is in the Confederation?

    As Dago 1%er stated, these guys are nowhere to be seen. They have no “role.” No reason for being. “No role – no roll.” Again, it’s about what not to do. How not to be. If these clubs were real we would be seeing them everywhere all the time at proper MC events; particularly on one side of the life given their color schemes and the club that is ostensibly squaring them away (and their patch-pulling friends).

    In my opinion this is show that disseminates a not-too-thinly veiled message about how not operate through negatively reinforced themes that really says nothing to the general public. It generates enough interest to be sustainable; and is about the money in that sense.

    The joke is not on the life and its players. When the LDs stood up they had a tag line: “We are not laughing with you – we are laughing at you.” That is ironic now because it’s a comedy to the real MC world that sends a strong message to the pretenders. Sooner than later all these clubs operating “because we feel like it,” will get sorted out.

    The life has bigger problems for the time being wrestling with the propaganda propagated by our common foe.

  14. Phuquehed Says:


  15. Road Whore Says:

    Good on ’em!

    Ride Free

  16. sixsixsixer Says:

    Hey rebel, you may want to erase all the bs shittalkers on this forum as they have nothing to do with the subjects and make your readers seem like kids who talk big only on the internet, or maybe theyre all cops trying to make your readers seem like predictable morons. Back on subject if you all want to see a real biker movie written by Sonny Barger and staring real bikers you may want to give dead in 5 heartbeats a look.



  17. rollinnorth Says:

    “Hell’s Angel won’t remove ‘death’s head’ vest for jury duty
    By Mark Arner

    6:53 p.m. April 28, 2008

    SAN DIEGO – Timothy ‘Fuzzy’ Timms, a 45-year-old member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle club, stood up Monday for his First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

    Timms, a resident of the San Diego community of South Park, refused to take off a black leather vest with the motorcycle club’s ‘death’s head’ insignia when he reported for jury duty. He’s a big burly man, 5 feet 8 inches, 250 pounds, with a full beard and auburn-colored, shoulder-length hair.

    At 7:45 a.m., Timms’ stance got him booted from the San Diego Superior Court’s Hall of Justice by sheriff’s deputies, along with another Hells Angel who also refused to remove his insignia vest.

    Nine hours later, representatives of both the Superior Court and the sheriff’s department apologized to Timms and club member Mick Rush for ‘misunderstanding’ an order issued April 24 by Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Fraser. Rush also had been reporting for jury duty.

    ‘A lot of people try to get out of jury duty, but I feel that people ought to be proud to serve,’ said Timms, who works as a real estate loan officer. ;Without a jury, all you have is a judge making a decision. Through the jury process, you can choose a jury of your peers to hear your case and decide what is fair.'”


  18. Solo Says:

    Steve – Regarding that article…that’s not Fuzzy from Dago…two different people.

  19. N P Says:

    Steve, that is a different Fuzzy.

  20. Steve Says:

    When I saw Fuzzy on Devil’s Ride I suspected this. This article was written 7 years ago…
    Haha leave it to Sonny to be making more money. Guess his “Sopranos” on bikes came to fruition.

  21. Spence Says:

    I’ve only recently discovered this gem of a show, bloody hell.
    Absolutely the best and only good thing about it is Sandmans Mrs. :-)
    It’s crap but I’ll keep watching, just like I’ll keep drinking cheap lager.

    Love the blog btw.


  22. Dago1%er Says:

    The red and white are only in it for the money. Does anyone think that they would care what it does to the rest of the community? As far as the Limping Dildos and Sniveling Moms, I’ve been trying to get these fake ass color wearing fools to show up at a local event, for nothing else but to show them what type of respect these fools deserve.

  23. TommyKnockerz Says:

    I gotta say, I WAS going to post a long and pissed off comment here but “WOOD” said it ALL!!! He covered it and he’s absolutely right. If these assholes keep this shit up, we’re gonna have even more of these wannabe’s trying to live a life they know nothing about and they are also making us all look like a bunch of pussies. I honestly don’t know what the red and white have to do with this pile of shit ‘reality’ show but if they are endorsing this I wish they’d shut it down for the betterment of all real MC’s. On a more personal note, I would LOVE to see a real club roll up to these punks all strapped and see just how much these fake ass colors mean to these idiots. These laffing douches and sister mob need to be SHUT DOWN HARD!!!!!!!

  24. RVN69 Says:

    Welcome back girl!! I tried watching Laffing Douches after smoking some quality weed, and all it did was ruin my high!

    “I came into this world kicking,screaming and covered in someone else’s blood. I am prepared to leave the same way.”

  25. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ Mark

    I sent them a little note with part of yours.
    I’m sure they will continue with the show I doubt I will get a reply.
    (but who knows…)

  26. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Phuquehed, Sherides and all: Glad to be back. I miss my fellow Rebel’s saloon patrons. It may be less pricey to simply buy another HAL, since they go for less than an iPad (I think).

    Tooj: AFAIK nobody else has it trademarked, so I could do it no prob. It would need to be on a white shirt. I still want to do some Save the Patch shirts too.

    YYZ Skinhead

  27. Austin Says:

    @Bill: http://www.beachbarcycle.com/gallery.html Ouch! this is the only bike I can picture that dude riding.

    @Mark ; great idea. I’ll do it as soon as I can get my eyes to stop burning after looking at that photo..

  28. Tooj Says:


    Any copyright issues on a shirt that says: “FTW. Yes, that includes yours.”

    Inquiring minds and such and I thought it actually fit the topic too.

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