Adam Lee Hall Convicted

February 7, 2014

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This morning a jury found Adam Lee Hall, a former Sergeant at Arms for the Berkshire County Charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and battery, witness intimidation and three counts of murder.

Hall was convicted of murdering David R. Glasser in August 2011. Glasser had been scheduled to testify against Hall in a separate case after Hall beat Glasser with a baseball bat in 2009. At that time, Hall faced charges of kidnapping, extortion, assault with a dangerous weapon, witness intimidation, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of cocaine with intent to sell.

Today, Hall was also convicted of murdering Glasser’s roommate, Edward Frampton, and their friend Robert Chadwell.

Piece Of Work

Hall has also been accused of forcing three women into prostitution and acting as their pimp. At the time he was charged with Glasser’s murder, Hall was in jail on a charge of possession of child pornography

In 2009, according to prosecutors, Hall unsuccessfully tried to frame Glasser for a robbery in upstate New York. In 2010, Hall met twice with FBI agents and offered to “take down” multiple East Coast charters of the Hells Angels including Berkshire County. Hall volunteered to wear a wire and demanded that the pending charges against him be reduced. The FBI turned him down. After Hall was indicted for trying to frame Glasser in 2011, the Berkshire County Charter mortgaged its clubhouse to make his $250,000 bail.

According to prosecutors, Hall and two other men, David Chalue and Caius Veiovis, kidnapped and murdered Glasser, Frampton and Chadwell on August 27 or 28. Police discovered the three bodies buried in a trench on September 10. Hall, Chalue and Veiovis were arrested two days later. A fourth man named David Casey was arrested a week after that and charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation. Prosecutors allege Casey, a heavy equipment operator, dug the trench.

Hall was the first of the defendants to be tried. Chalue is next. He is scheduled for trial in April.

The Dance Of Law

Last October, Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder moved Hall’s trial from Pittsfield to Springfield, Massachusetts because the case had been heavily publicized in Berkshire County.

All four defendants have been defended by a succession of defense attorneys. Attorney Alan J. Black was appointed to represent Hall in September 2012 after Hall told the court he thought there had been a “breach of trust” with his previous lawyer.

This morning the jury told Judge Kinder they had been deadlocked since Tuesday. Kinder told them to try again. The jurors returned the guilty verdict about an hour later.



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23 Responses to “Adam Lee Hall Convicted”

  1. Jim666 Says:

    Rebel steve and Christina are right that is not Adam Hall.
    Adam Lee Hall Pic. Below.

  2. Viking 1% Says:

    Rebel I hate disagree with you but that picture is NOT Leo’s mug shot that is Chalue his co-defendant. I have the misfortune of knowing this as fact for reasons I will not state here. But you can verify what I am saying, simply do a google search of the assholes name and you can see the three mugshots side by side in the images section of the results halls will appear furthest left chalues furthest right with trash in the center.

  3. Christina Says:

    The photo is most definitely David Chalue’s mug shot.

  4. Rebel Says:

    Dear Steve,

    It is Adam Lee Hall’s mugshot from the day he was arrested. The co-defendant you think it is wasn’t arrested until a week later.


  5. steve Says:

    thats not adam in the picture its his co defendant

  6. steve Says:

    hey adam quit smiling your gonna stretch your underwear

  7. 11c_infantry Says:

    As the old saying goes, the patch don’t make the man.

    L&R to those who earned it,

  8. Kranky Klaus Says:

    …. aaannnndddddd he just got triple life sentences. What a disgrace this guy is.

  9. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    Actually that was Chuck Zito who did his time on HBO.

  10. JMacK Says:

    Anyone who calls themselves “The Man” can only have the arrogance befitting either a total douche or a total pig.

    I have my guesses on who would come here to stir shit…

    Respects, but not to the pig patrol. They can suck it.

  11. Sieg Says:

    Do tell, “The Man”. I’d love to hear which part I’m full of shit about. Oh, and just which side of the bars did you say you were on?

    Shit, it’s enough good people here been in the Graybar of whatever kind, I’ll let them judge what I wrote.


  12. Phuquehed Says:

    “The Man”, an afterbirth from one of Budweiser’s liaison’s with a male stripper that wore SoA clothing, spews, once again, meaningless and semi-literate mumblings with nothing to back up anything during the spew. Like most pigs and fucktards who take jobs as prison guards, he’s pissed that he hasn’t got a grip on things that he should have and whines like a little bitch when someone else shows him how fucking stupid he is.

    Please, ‘The Man’, entertain us some more with your idiocy…there’s an awful lot of winter left so we need the entertainment.

  13. The Man Says:

    Sieg you are so full of shit

  14. Sieg Says:

    One of the best places to see who’s who inside is in the chow hall. You will see the various cars at their tables, White, Black, Brown, whatever. The various orgs, the independent Whites, the non-aligned Blacks, the Native groups, scooter-tramps, lowriders and high-siders.

    You’ll also see the tables, usually near the hacks spot, where the twitchy cases gather. No one else will have them, and if they knock on the wrong table, they’ll be told pretty firmly to go away. Chomos, rats, lowlifes, lops, bugs, all the outcasts.

    And I believe that’s what Viking 1%’er was getting at-wherever this moke goes, he’s gonna be at the lop table with the rest of the Chomos.

    And life will not be good.

    No violence is needed, no physical acts, but he’ll be looking over his shoulder, riding the bull’s coattails, and generally not enjoying himself the whole time he’s there.

    Some try to blend-in, but in this day and age, it’s pretty rough. Most of the organized cars have lawyers who spend their money trolling PACER, reading pleas and such. Sooner or later, no matter how good your paper looks when you’re flashing it around the yard, that pesky little chomo sheet will surface, then you do the long walk back to the last table in front of everyone.

    And everyone notices.


  15. Viking 1%er Says:

    @CN your absolutely right about it being an attempt at humor as to that rat having to answer to “someone” for his actions against those who trusted him. My apologies to the BHC and any associates of said org. that may have taken offense.

    L&R to those deserving it

  16. CN Says:

    With all due respect, I disagree that any part of The Big House Crew has in any way as it’s mission or practice, retribution, revenge or such actions as were referred to in the previous comment. It is rather, a good tool to support and encourage an MC’s Brothers whilst they are incarcerated via direct mail, monitary contributions, the sale of high quality support gear, etc. To indicate otherwise is totally mistaken and potentially damaging to what has become an institution and example for how to best show real love & respect for those behind the walls. Surely the commenter was attempting a humorous statement and would likely not endanger anyone associated with this purely humanitarian effort which many have sacraficed massive amounts of time & effort towards the end which is making life a little better for men who have little else to rely on. I’ve personally seen examples of selfless devotion & dedication among this dynamic group’s administrators & volunteers. And, never once have I seen nor heard of any other motive other than to show two words we often use, namely “Love & Respect”.

  17. Viking 1%er Says:

    @Rebel hey Rebel the picture you have at the beginning of the story is not Hall it’s one of the other defendents Chalue.
    @Dr Sardonicus your dead on with your thoughts of this guy the Feds didn’t make up the shit about his offer of turning fucking rat the reason for his relationship with his first lawyer was he repeatedly met with the pigs without is counsel present and gave approx. 400 pages of statements the lawyer reported when requesting the judge release him as the counsel of record.

    This idiot went off the reservation recruited an idiot and a fucking sadistic nut job that thinks he is a fucking vampire to help him whack a mentally challenged dude who scraped a couple of carbs Hall had in a garage. That’s what this all started over and it should be noted the mentally challenged guy was given permission by Halls brother to scrap the carbs and Hall bought them back from the scrap yard for a 20 bill. This fuck was gonna turn rat on his brothers to try and make charges go away that we’re not even club related but were caused by his own stupidity. Now he can answer to the Big House Crew who I am sure will have some questions for him.

  18. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    I very much agree the feds are capable of making that up – but in this particular case, Hall’s attempt to flip was independently verified by multiple reliable sources early on. In addition to that, Hall’s accomplices who are next to be tried along with the landowner who dug that trench with that earth-moving equipment, corroborated perfectly with each other sealing Hall’s fate. The prosecution had the scales tipped in its favor at the outset to such a degree that it wasn’t necessary for the Feds to fabricate or put a spin on Hall’s deplorable conduct.

    But what the fuck do I know? Just my two cents.

    All respects due

  19. Matt Says:

    @ Dr. S

    You don’t think the feds are capable of making that story up? I’m sure it’s a tactic they employ quite often. They say someone tried to make a deal to get the club to turn on them. I’m not saying that’s what happened here, but I wouldn’t put it past them. Who knows, maybe they threw the kiddie porn charge on to boot. It seems like feds are trying to associate kiddie porn with mc every chance they can.

  20. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    This guy Hall is a piece of dogshit not because he whacked the 2 friends of his target, which sucks because they were civilians caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, but because he let his charter mortgage their clubhouse so he could make bail, all the while knowing that he tried and failed to make a deal with the Feds that would have buried the very same men that stepped up to help their brother.

    Makes me sick.

  21. Mag Says:

    @jj solari – Every Rome falls, this is just how it looks when it does.

  22. jj solari Says:

    i like that part about the trial being moved because it was heavily publicized. this is a great system we have here: the more people know about a case the more the State has a problem with it. Having a lot of information about a trial is a real problem for the State and the Prosecution in some cases and a problem for the Defense in others. Ignorance of the matter by the people not in government is paramount. Hiding facts from the juries is important. The jurors not TALKING about a case is vital. everything that will contribute to stupidity is important to the legal system. then there’s the little matter of jurors being selected based on the maximum level of idiocy possible to a human. oh, and that they know NOTHING about the legal system or about the government, and CERTAINLY as little as possible about the facts in the case. that way everything will be FAIR. everything will be fine as long as the maximum amount of nonsense is firmly in place. it’s preposterous. the average American blob of suet however thinks “what a great system we have here. no other country can boast of this.” no other country would dare, they’d be laughing stocks. at least other countries are more honest. they just throw you in jail. they dont make a pretense of “letting justice take its course.” they just fuck you up and move on to the next guy. there’s none of this “innocent until proven guilty” crap while the innocent guy is in jail waiting for his fact-free trial festooned with paid witnesses, professional “expert witnesses” and facts the judge deems unfit for inclusion. in el fucking salvador they just laugh at that and lock you up. and they dont pretend you are innocent when they do it. they declare you guilty. cause stupid and backward as they might be at least they’re not delusional.

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