The Danny Ray Lee Case

February 4, 2014

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Numerous informed sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, have told The Aging Rebel that they believe disgraced former Warlock Motorcycle Club patch holder Danny Ray “Boodan” Lee is guilty of child molestation and that he will plead guilty to the charge at his arraignment on February 27. The same sources say the Orlando Sentinel is already covering the case. The Sentinel has not yet published its take on Lee’s legal woes.

Although he was not a club officer, the photogenic and charming Lee had become a public figure in the Sunshine State. Some sources called Lee a liaison between one percent clubs in Florida. Prominent members of some of those clubs were said to have been troubled that the Warlocks had not announced Lee’s expulsion from the club before yesterday. Lee also has had influence with some politicians in Tallahassee, Florida’s capital.


Lee was arrested on January 27 for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. The girl is the daughter of Lee’s girlfriend. Lee admitted the assault to that woman and she reported the crime to police.

According to Lee’s arrest report, the accused gave the girl a Xanax, then lay on a bed with her and began to fondle her. According to the arrest report, Lee exposed and fondled the girls breasts, massaged her vagina and overpowered her when she tried to move away from him. Lee is charged with “Lewd and Lascivious Molestation on a victim between the age of 12- 15 by an offender over age 18.”

Multiple sources have said that Lee admitted his guilt to his former club brothers. Lee had been a member of the Warlocks for 27 years.

Lee is the administrator of a charity called “The Big Ride: Colors Across America,” Sources say the charity’s bank account contains approximately $26,000 and that Lee has already proposed using that money to establish a college fund for his victim.

Warlocks Statement

The Warlocks MC issued a statement yesterday that said Lee had been expelled from the club in bad standings and that Warlocks members and supporters were expected to shun him. The statement called Lee a “sick individual.”

The club also said “The Warlocks are, and have always been, dedicated supporters of children’s charities and of children’s rights and protection…. With his predatory manner and callous disregard for his victim, Mr. Lee has shown total disrespect for our Club and the rest of society. He will suffer his shame, and the legal consequences of his actions, alone.”

Lee is currently free on bond.



35 Responses to “The Danny Ray Lee Case”

  1. R21965 Says:

    The girl was his own daughter. He is now dead and die from complications with Cancer.

  2. Someone Says:

    He was also into beastiality–dogs in particular. He had some bad things happen to him as a child, including molestation. He tried to get help. A psychiatrist labeled him as a sexual deviant. That girl isn’t the only one he molested. Unfortunately Danny was a narcissist. There is no helping a person like that. He got drunk on power. Beneath it all, he was mean and evil. He beat women, he partook in everything considered immoral. He believed that people deserved to be hurt–that they brought it on themselves. He could always justify a bad action by turning around and pointing the finger at the person judging him. He was a cruel, sick, disgusting, volatile “man” and I wish he survived long enough to receive his punishment in jail.

  3. gone123 Says:

    Danny passed away from cancer.

  4. Jman Says:

    Well he just died of cancer.His son is my cousin and the news was posted by his mother on her FB page that he lost his battle to cancer.

  5. Jman Says:

    Well he just died of cancer.His son is my cousin and the news was posted by his mother on her FB page that he lost his battle to cancer.

  6. retrogod Says:

    Knew Danny years ago through friends and family. I am truly sorry to hear about this horrible incident. I unfortunately have not been an active member of free society in Florida for a few years. Upon my return to the state I learned of this today while I was trying to locate old contacts. May God have mercy on your soul brother, for I now do not. I am very impressed however with the swift actions of his FORMER Brothers. From everything going on lately here in Orlando that I have read up on, I feel the MC and their families could really do with some quiet time. Get your name out of the fucking media/press. I also hope that the God Damn Feds do not try to get involved in this issue as they will stop at nothing to make the color red look worse. Odin bless all you true brothers out there, I am looking forward to seeing a lot of you (no names here) here is not the place and I am sure those that know me will see me soon enough.

  7. scoobydoo Says:

    he is NOT dead.
    Saw him in Cocoa last week.

  8. Cindy Says:

    I am told that Danny passed away so that might put some folks at ease…it did me!

  9. amanda Says:

    I cant believe this… im so ashamed of his cowerdly actions on a child god bless her and her family.thank god i Diddent have any little girls around him at the time i dated him i know who the little girl is & im so sorry this happend to you i pray for you god bless.

  10. matt Says:

    Im not a biker, but I knew this guy for a few years while we were neighbors. I was absolutely blown away by how brazenly this guy conducted his business. I have been following the warlocks ever since just to see if he would ever get busted for anything. well, I guess he finally has. Very sorry to the victim and family here. Its very sad. Once I asked Danny what 1%er meant, since he had those stickers on everything. He never replied but I certainly know what 1%er means to me know.

  11. Samurai Says:

    ah, well fuck. I only read the last post before mine and didn’t catch that it was his own daughter, i was still under the impression that it was his own kin. I don’t apologize for much of what i said before, this young girl still needs to know that the motorcycle community does not condone this kind of behavior and I hope she does not hold it against us that we’d like to have him and a large caliber pistol have a close meeting. I hope she does not forgive him but if she does that is her own choice, i hope that she understand where we are coming from on subject

  12. Dude Says:

    @ Samurai, his daughter was the victim.

  13. Samurai Says:

    @fed up & tired. with all due respect I don’t give a shit if her feelings are hurt by people wanting to do serious harm to this scum. My first and only concern in this is the poor girl whose life was forever changed by a grown man who drugged and molested a little girl. For fucks sake what is more important, letting the VICTIM know that we of the biker community are not like and do not condone such vile actions, so that every time she sees a biker walk in where she is at, she does not freak out wondering if that person has ruined someone else’s life or would do shit to her, or worrying about hurting danny lee’s daughters feelings by finding out that her dad deserves a bullet to the base of the skull. You should also take into consideration the better than average chance that he may have done this to her and others too. Fuck if the daughter is upset that her dad is bottom feeding scum( and i apologize to scum for the comparison, i can’t think of anything lower besides politicians) and that people don’t like him. Concern yourself about the poor girl whose life was forever changed and needs out help and support

  14. fed up & tired Says:

    1st off tee two wrongs do
    Not make A right while I
    Am sorry for what you’ve
    Been through shame on you
    For wishing harm on a stranger. How about taking into consideration HIS daughter (the victim here) may have or will in
    The future read all these posts. How will all the negative talk and wishing her dad dead take its toll on her . Do you want her to learn to be hateful or learn to forgive for her hearts sake so she can grow up and hopefully fall in love and live normally. Take her into consideration and think bwfore you type……lifes to short to be wasting it on articles of peoples fuck ups you don’t know. Karma always prevails take comfort in that. As I know him and the daughter she’s a great kid and it breaks my heart about what’s happened but it breaks more that shell possibly read all these hate & death posts. Pleaae people take the family into consideration and go about Your lifes so they can start to as well.

  15. family member of victim Says:

    Just FYI. The victim was his own daughter not the daughter of girlfriend.

  16. Seethruu Says:

    I guess the self proclaimed “Alpha Male” Will find out just how delusional he really is.

  17. tee Says:

    just 2 update u all he was released on 70,000 bail and is now hiding by being bakeracted to circles of care in melbourne.he can’t b there long .GET HIM FOR ME CAUSE I AM A 51 YEAR OLD VICTIM MYSELF OF MOLESTATION ANED RAPE. IT NEVER GOES AWAY CAUSE LIKE PAT BENATAR SAYS .HELL IS FOR CHILDREN

  18. puggy Says:

    Well, well, well, how the mighty have fallen. Little did anyone know that the great Boo Dan was such a piece of shit. Child molesters don’t just start at 50 something, they start in their early teens, by the time they are caught, they have victimized over 50 children. So who else is out there?

  19. JL15 Says:

    Knew Danny when I Florida in the 80’s and 90’s. Really liked Danny. I quite seeing him when I became interested in joining a club. I joined a club and only seem him when our clubs run into the other, or on the highway goin opposite ways.

    I moved to Knoxville, and starting in the early 2000’s I seen him again. It was different, between us, between our clubs and brothers too. Felt good to see him.

    He saw himself as sorter a mouthpiece for his club- Seen him in tat book where he toll some girl at Sturgis he was a recruiter.

    He felt like he could speak for his brothers, an he did. A good job, seemed like.
    He was able to speak to a lot of clubs an he put history behind him when he was dealing with guys that other wooda had issue with.

    News was slow from FL so it was hard to know what was going on, what the haps was. So it puzzled us when you’d get ask if he was in or out or still a contact or still speaking for his bros. Or if he needed outside support or what.

    My sympathize to true 23 nation, you were never my enemies, and I never think of my bros in FL as your old enemies.

    I think he had to had a leave of his mind and been pretty high or had something go haywire up stairs for this to happen.

  20. me Says:

    That $ should be returned to the people that donated it !!!

  21. DRAGON Says:


  22. Jim666 Says:

    @ GuardianBrevard

    Well stated,
    Hopfully it will be understood and complied with

  23. GuardianBrevard Says:

    A friendly reminder to “nunyabuisnesd” and others:The child in this case has a right to personal privacy. Some folks who know these people personally might be tempted to reveal too much information about the child’s relationship to the alleged perpetrator, or other things that might reveal her identity. Unfortunately, we live in a world where victims are still stigmatized. We all want to give her the opportunity to recover as completely as possible. Protecting her identity will help.

  24. 00Spy Says:

    One of my favorite movie quotes from Extreme Prejudice…”The only thing worse than a politician is a child molester.

  25. nunyabuisnesd Says:

    Looked up inmate search for Brevard county.he is still in jail.what a scum bag.hope he gets the worse punishment possible! And from what I’ve herd it is his own Daughter.

  26. Soiritedflyer1 Says:

    BMW. He is not still in jail
    He is out on bond as it says at the bottom of the article

  27. VINCE 1%er Says:

    His PunkBitch fanclub will still send him $$$ for Commisary/Canteen etc…..
    He deserves to be Shot In The Face.

  28. DUFFER Says:


  29. BMW Says:

    I would have to assume that, since Danny Lee was a long-time member of the Warlocks, his club-brothers fully examined the circumstances, decided that the charges were true and then expelled Danny Lee for being a child molester. And that’s what they should have done.

    He was arrested at the end of January, he is still in jail, and he was expelled in just a few days, so his club must have done a lot of work very quickly. This was all about to a member with 20-odd years experience with the club, so I am sure they looked hard. His former club then put out a press release, describing his expulsion and the reasons.

    I haven’t noticed 1% clubs issuing a lot of press releases, so the Warlocks must be absolutely certain he is guilty of the charges. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, and I certainly believe in waiting for the facts to come out before making a decision, but in this case, I trust his FORMER club’s judgement.

    I was a choir boy — so I have met a few people who later turned out to be child molesters. In every case, people “couldn’t believe it”. That was actually my first response when I first heard the charges against Danny Ray.

    It is a damned shame for the poor girl, her family, and all the people who believed in Danny Ray and the Ride Across America. I don’t have any sympathy for a child-molester! I think he’ll find justice in prison…for years to come.

    I am to glad to see the Warlocks take immediate action instead of covering up — like the Catholic Church did for centuries!

  30. Tooj Says:

    I spent nearly six years working in a secured facility for teen male sex offenders. I figure I have a voice.

    Do not be shocked that someone who committed this sort of act would also be involved in charitable acts with the same group. Often, you never really know that the involvement is related towards reducing feelings of guilt or to create access to a pool of victims until they are caught.

    This ‘person’ mentioned using the remaining charitable funds to send his victim to college. And believe me, in his head he is patting himself on the back for being magnanimous.

    There’s no way to truly understand this shit, but the term disassociation is important. This guy most likely BELIEVED that if he gave this girl some Xanax and began rubbing on her, that she would get TURNED ON. Not that this was happening in reality, but that this sick fuck was so wound up in his own fantasies that he completely disassociated from the fact that this was another feeling sentient being. ONLY the fantasy is important. Afterwards, it’s all “I’m so sorry.” (Translation: “I’m so sorry I GOT CAUGHT.”)

    I’ve had to listen to individuals describe showing porn to a 2 year old in order to “turn them on”. That’s how fucking out of touch with reality this fucker is, and there is nothing regarding this crime that I would ever consider trusting if it came from his mouth.

    By the way, the rate of recidivism for adult pedophiles is hovering around 99%.

  31. Paladin Says:

    jj solari said:

    “you go to bed with politicians you wake up with child molestation charges. bikers ( and everyone else) and politicians are mortal enemies. as he is learning the hard way.”

    So, not to be unduly confused by the facts in the above written story, you decide to embarrass yourself by hanging your comment on the story’s following sentence, “Lee also has had influence with some politicians in Tallahassee, Florida’s capital.”


    I know it’s a big task, but please do try and keep up. You might consider replacing the original elastic strap on those mouse ears of yours. The original strap may be too tight, impeding the blood flow to your brain, which has been proven in clinical studies to diminish reading comprehension skills.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  32. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Fuck ‘im

  33. suncity Says:

    This is the same guy that said “I feel like I got the measles from all the guns pointed at me” Its about to get alot worse!!!!!

  34. jj solari Says:

    you go to bed with politicians you wake up with child molestation charges. bikers ( and everyone else) and politicians are mortal enemies. as he is learning the hard way.

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