Rolling Stone Loves Devils Ride

February 1, 2014

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The bright line between journalism and public relations continues to dim and blur. For example, Rolling Stone, a highly regarded magazine that became famous long ago for its “new journalists” including Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Wolfe, gave The Devils Ride an early Valentine’s gift yesterday.

The Devils Ride is a sort of unintentionally funny, serial television mocumentary about two ersatz motorcycle clubs in San Diego called the Laffing Devils and the Sinister Mob Syndicate. The Laffing Devils used to be a real motorcycle club before they were kicked out of the San Diego Confederation of Clubs. The Laffing Devils name and insignia are now wholly owned by Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment which produces the television show. The Sinister Mob Syndicate was created by Bischoff-Hervey simply to provide the Laffing Devils with a dramatic antagonist.


One of the two producers, Eric Bischoff, has a background in professional wrestling and is the author of a book titled Controversy Creates Cash. The other, Jason Hervey, came of age as a child star in the nurturing and heartwarming environment of network television.

The third season of The Devils Ride premiers Monday night. For this show it is the weekend of what reporters and editors call “the advance.” The big problem for reporters has always been “copy hunger” which means finding something, anything to say. So virtually any scheduled event is likely to be reported at least three times. First comes the “advance” that tells readers what is going to happen. Next comes coverage of whatever happens. Next comes “the follo” which repeats the coverage of what happened and usually includes a few specious words about what the happening meant. For The Devils Ride this is the weekend of the advance which is more important for television shows than football games. So far Bischoff-Hervey has enticed The Aging Rebel to write three advances for the new season.

Yesterday it was Rolling Stone’s turn. The media whore who actually jumped out of the cake in a string bikini was Blaine McEvoy who is an Associate Editor at the magazine. He used to be an Assistant Editor at Men’s Journal. Yesterday he helped all the Laffing Devils and all the Sinister Mobsters earn their green wings and these are some of the copulatory noises he made.

Rolling Stone

“These guys have a burning passion for their bikes, their turf and their brothers, which all stem from their careers in the military,” McEvoy quotes Hervey as saying. “That’s where the rigidity comes from – many of these guys were Marines who served multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.”

One of the stars of the television show is a former Hells Angel, pilot and bike builder named Ralph “Rockem” Randolph. Randolph is smart enough to grasp how the interplay between news and publicity actually works and he confesses to McEvoy that he is a “Sin Mobber for life.”

McEvoy’s research led him to discover the amazing fact that “local and national authorities including the FBI broadly classify both groups as violent gangs.”

And, he quotes Rockem’s insight that “Harley-Davidson used to mean something. It used to stand for biker attitude – outlaws and their sweaty mamas rollin’ around and looking for a good time. That’s what we’re about. That’s what we stand for.”

You can read the entire article here.  You might want to slip on a jimmy hat first.




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47 Responses to “Rolling Stone Loves Devils Ride”

  1. SGT Monkey Wrench, TX. Says:

    At least Kurt Sutter is honest about Sons of Anarchy being a fictitious MC. Having four full patch HA’ s on the show also helps keep it from being lame. At least the actors who play the Sons have come seen us in Trash-Pakistan and Iraq. They even rode with us here at Ft. HOOD. I also know Kurt got 1Down MC to portray The Grim Bastards MC for the show. It’s great chewing gum for the brain, I admit. I grew up around real 1%ers in AS and I KNOW both of these shows are a far cry from reality…but it sure beats watching other “reality tv” when we have downtime between convoys and ops. With Bischoff running the show, just remember it’s all tables and ladders. Respect to 3 piece clubs and Big House Crew.
    – A proud 1st Cavalry Division Soldier.

  2. Dago1%er Says:

    I wish I can add more to this discussion that hasn’t been said already. All I can think of is Fuck The Devils Ride and all the posers on that show. It’s so fucked up and distorted that I couldn’t even finish watching last nights episode. We can only hope this is the last season of this trash.

  3. RtC Says:

    Todays “SHEEPLE” are under the influence of the “koolaid” known as TAP-WATER.
    If you will check into all of the chemicals that are introduced into your city/town’s water system, to “make it SAFE for consumption”(an old word for CANCER) you’ll want the highest grade of filtration that you can find! It’s not just bleach anymore that they introduce into the water. Look it up!
    Some of the stuff they add to the water-tanks is so toxic, it’s a wonder
    we all aren’t on death’s bed! AND they keep telling the people”drink plenty of water.” PROPAGANDA to take their chemicals of death & control.
    I can no longer come to any other conclusion for the,
    lack of consideration, cognizance or just plain STUPIDITY of today’s
    populace. THAT and all the BS that is allowed to be put in our foods &
    the toxic drugs your doctor prescribes, to make you “healthy”.
    “THEY” are trying to deplete our numbers to a manageable amount.
    Oh, well. Guess I’ll quit doing the natural health things & conform.
    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  4. Paladin Says:

    Unlike William Frederick Cody (who was actually a frontiersman before he became a showman), the likes of Bischoff-Hervey and Kurt Sutter are nothing more than video producing versions of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

    Neither Bischoff-Hervey nor Kurt Sutter ever lived the life of the biker. Contrary to what they might believe, or have their audiences believe, sleeves, a motorcycle, and mastering the art of foul language, does not a biker make. Bischoff-Hervey, Kurt Sutter and their ilk, does nothing more than produce video versions of the biker dime novel. If alive today, Ned Buntline would be envious.

    I’m disheartened with the individuals within the MC community that have risen to public prominence. Instead of doing what they can to stem the flow of the stereotypical misinformation disseminated by law enforcement and promoted by the media, these individuals willingly help nail down the lid of the MC Coffin. They do this by throwing in with the Bischoff-Hervey’s and Kurt Sutter’s of the film industry.

    People have their reasons for doing what they do. That’s their business, and none of mine. However; it would be ironic if these people someday found themselves at the mercy of a jury pool they helped poison.

    Let’s not forget what happened to George Christie. He entered a plea deal, because he was a victim of a jury pool poisoned by Kurt Sutter’s SOA.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  5. Brooklyn Rob Says:

    First post here and I’ve been following the site for a bit over 2 years. A shout-out to Rebel for great writing as well as helping to keep things grounded. Enjoy visiting and keeping up on all things throttle but I especially appreciate the candid dialogue the site naturally elicits.

    Regarding the episode where Rockem receives a friendly wake-up tap by a member of a larger club. It was an obvious and expected response to the diamond that Rockem placed on his own scoot – so here’s my curiosity.
    Knowing well the kind of reaction it would instigate by an alpha club, why would he (of all people) fly an unsanctioned diamond unless it was a risky strategic initiative aimed at drawing attention for some hidden agenda?

    Earlier in the episode, Rockem mentioned the diamond symbol was given to him as a present. It’s one thing to fly a diamond that was given to you by a patched member of a genuine 1%er club and quite another if it was a gift from a casual friend to be used as a bookmarker. Based on the agitated reaction of the larger club, of which I believe he’s an ex-member, I’m assuming the diamond patch was not given to him by a 1%’er. I’m confused as to why he would do that?

    Just to qualify, I’m an independent from New York that puts in as many miles as possible through out the year. STOP SNOWING ALREADY; which is why I’m watching anything having to do with scoots. I frequent many of the local MC support parties open to the public and go on runs with most of them (1%’er and non-1%’er). The ONLY 6 things to which I have first hand knowledge of a 1%’er club are these in the exact same order and all occurring within a 90 seconds time laps:

    1- Punched out cold via an upper-cut to the lower right jaw.
    2- Awakened with a bucket of water (I think it was water).
    3- Picked up by a laughing, brawny mofo wearing a Sgt-at-Arms patch.
    4- Given a cold beer by the same brawny mofo while still trying to catch my bearings.
    5- Slapped on the back and being told; “You’re alright, hammer”.
    6- …and to this day, they still welcome me to their parties.

    True stand up guys, no pun intended. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen at your average backyard pool party.

    Much Respect

  6. Dan AZ Says:

    they have real HAMC members on the devils ride this season i think HAMC keeps that show running

  7. Amy Says:

    They are desperately trying to convince me on twitter they changed their show to represent real bikers cuz I bitched at em for mouthing off at rebel. I told them I would listen to them and even let em on my radio show. I didn’t say I wouldn’t make fun of them…. They don’t know I went on SAMCRO radio and bashed the hell out of SOA.. Are they Muslims or what? They type like it.

  8. Amy Says:

    They are desperately trying to convince me they are changing their show this season to represent real bikers on twitter. I said ‘I’ll listen to what you say.’ (I didn’t say I wouldn’t make fun of it. )

  9. Too short Says:

    I haven’t seen Jackson or Sharpton around here yet. Just seems to coincidental that Fox News puts this out first, knowing it’s February. Generalization and stereotypical bullshit again. All cause some dumb shit can’t read. So let’s cut more education in Michigan Governor Snyder. It’s really working.



  10. PigPen Says:

    im surprised jesse jackson wasn’t out there protesting the bar.

  11. 10GUAGE Says:

    “Talkin about prejudice don’t no colors peoples up in here…don’t bring your ass over here…they talkin bout prejudice don’t extinct today!”

    – just goes to show any idiot with a camera (literally) can post shit to you tube….oh and it’s STILL ok to AND encouraged by our government to be prejudice towards bikers!

  12. WARTHOG Says:

    I found it “funny” Rock’em gets his cut pulled with a gun to his belly and told to walk out of it. So he does, and “they” leave without putting a scratch on him. Then later he says something about members not willing to take a bullet needing to get out of the club. Hhmmm…guess you’re first, Rock em. Hell, you’re already minus your cut.

    What a fuckin joke. A really, really bad joke.




  13. Too Short Says:

    Check this out. This is what I meant by my 1st post on this topic.



  14. Too Short Says:

    Thank you FF. You’re close on the birth year. LOL. And you’re right about everything else too. It’s a damn shame that freedoms we enjoy are slowly going by the wayside.



  15. FF Says:

    @Too Short

    Nice post, man. I was born in ’65, I’m gonna guess you were born 1975. Just a hunch.

    I read your post, I feel ya, but I got nothing I can tell ya, really. Everything born has to die. A blade of grass, a tree, a dog, a human being… a planet. Civilizations come and then they go. Babylon, Rome… now it’s our turn. It sucks. You drive yourself crazy because you think WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE OR WHAT CAN I DO TO CHANGE IT.

    Don’t beat yourself up. You can’t change it any more than you stop the rain from falling.

    I will tell you that you are in a good place. You ride. You have a family who you love and I’m sure they love you.


    Frequent Flyer

  16. Too Short Says:

    I have only posted this site a couple times. Been reading it for around 4 years. I have Rebel’s books in hard copy as well as e books. I was raised “old school” I guess is the term used now. Growing up I thought that’s just how it was. Same as I believe now. I raised/am raising my kids the same way. I enjoy listening to my parents talk about how everything used to be at the different stages of their lives as I pass the same points in my life. My recurring question, to myself albeit, is what the fuck happened in all aspects of American life? Graphs, pie charts, just about everything shows a downward trend. I admit, I do watch this and SOA. Why? Because it’s TV with motorcycles. With 3 feet of snow outside, I’ll take anything with bikes on it at this point. It amazes me that people from my generation believe the papers, there I go dating myself again. Sorry. The internet. I have friends that don’t ride. I get asked if that’s how shit really is. I reply that if they wanna know, buy a bike and hang out at a party or 2. See where it goes from there. I’m not a PH. Only because I can’t commit to the time required due to family. But my values and core beliefs are from a time long since gone by. I have a friend or 3 in a few clubs here around town. I make sure to hit the parties. Buy some support gear. It would be hard for me to chose even if I could. I’d hate to lose lifelong friends in the ones I didn’t chose. I guess what I’m trying to get to is I don’t understand how people can classify a group based on a tv show. As soon as the name Bishcoff was mentioned in relation to this show, then Hervey (Wonder Years dude), how could anyone think it’s real? I watched the wonder years. And WCW. Mostly cause of the Sturgis event they used to put on. There is no reality anymore. Everything to me appears scripted. Except the life I lead and the company I keep. After seeing the season 3 premiere Monday, I couldn’t get over how shiny and weather treated the “cuts” were. As opposed to the real thing. And they’re all like that. Anyone who generalizes based on this and SOA appears to be a person that can not or will not do the leg work. Or think for themselves. Sheeple. Sorry for the long winded ness. Shit is just pissing me off. I guess all baseball players use steroids too.

    Thank you for reading. Respect given to those that have earned it. And thank you to the veterans. Of this site and this country. Without you all this site wouldn’t exist nor would our ability to read or comment on the content here.

  17. 10GUAGE Says:

    I watched as much of it as I could….I don’t live anywhere near Dago, but have people who do…This shit has gotten even worse…The story line now revolves completely around 1% ers pulling colors with pistols, false imprisonment, kidnapping, breaking and entering, vandalism, robbery….supposedly to keep them in line. I can’t believe they insist on calling this fucking REALITY tv…..Fuck you Bischoff!

    Full Contact Biker,

  18. Metal Dave Says:

    I dunno fellas, I keep thinking this show might not be real..

  19. Jim666 Says:

    B Says:
    February 3rd, 2014 at 10:31 pm
    What ever happened to Club Business is Club Business and no one else’s nevermind?

    Laffing di;ldos are not a real club

  20. HOUSE Says:

    I am guilty of catching the first few minutes of it too… but as soon as I that Rockem guy said “I think there’s a Squatch in these woods” I knew it was all bullshit and had had enough.

    Respect to those that deserve it,

  21. RT Says:

    I tried to watch this show to see what all the excitement was about. I watched it for 15 minutes and couldn’t take any more. What a bunch of pole smokers!

  22. B Says:

    What ever happened to Club Business is Club Business and no one else’s nevermind?

  23. Jim666 Says:

    I was flippin through the channels awhile ago while eatin some dinner and this shit was on so I hesitated in changing the channel for a few sec.s and Damn !
    these guys are scary even callin the cops “pig`s” on natl. tv. wow.
    baddest mofos in tha vally.

    Damn now I got a headache.

  24. rollinnorth Says:

    At least Spinal Tap was funny.


  25. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Now wait just a darn rootin tootin minute there……*Spinal Tap* Is a Fantastic parody & Great Movie!!!!

    Vince 1%ER

  26. Sick Rick Says:

    The Devil’s Ride is to MC’s what “This Is Spinal Tap” is to Led Zeppelin.

  27. BMW Says:

    Rather than adding any credibility to the Laughing Dildos, this Rolling Stone review undermines the credibility of the magazine, itself. If this is an example, we can no longer trust Rolling Stone to get ANYTHING right! If the wrestling promoters can hoodwink a Rolling Stone reporter and the editors this easily, the magazine is not worth reading.

  28. Bill Says:

    Rashomon: Nice point. Though they’re “sloppy/lazy”, they’re possibly smart enough to know their skills and integrity are sufficient for their typical readership. Maybe with that in mind they no longer bother to edit. I guess if you’re reviewing a show about a fake club that has an ex PH on board now claiming to be “a Sin Mobber for life”, and your readers are apparently buying it, who cares what you say or how you say it? The world overall is discouragingly stupid.

  29. Snow Says:

    I fucking loved the Sapranos, that whole dysfunctional, prozac driven mayhem, classic television.
    Support Your Local

  30. Rashomon Says:

    Just read the article in RS out of boredom mostly and I noticed this – “But it hasn’t always been a Hatfields and McCoys-style conflict. Both clicks were initially part of the same collective.”

    When somebody who makes a living as a journalist substitutes the word “click” for “clique”, it is, to Rebels point, just plain sloppy/lazy journalism and it’s not much of a stretch to conclude that any research for the article is equally sub par.

    One of the things I enjoy about reading Rebel’s works is at least he takes pride in his craft.

    Keep up the good work.

  31. slow-n-low Says:

    Will this fucking show please go away and die…

    Years back, The Sopranos made every dentist, accountant and CEO with an Italian last name act as if they were “connected” in some way to the Mafia.

    This show is orgasmic to these same type of fucks, who can now dust off that Orange County What-the-fuck with the 3 foot rear tire and ride up to the Harley dealer on Saturday and act as if they are badasses.

    I predict a surge in Iron Fuckhead membership over the next few months.


  32. rollinnorth Says:

    Rolling Stone has not been worth reading since they forgot about rock’n’roll all those years ago.

  33. Austin Says:

    The FBI are dancing with the junkies
    All the straights, are swinging with the funkies
    Across the floor and up the wall
    We’re freakin at the freakers ball

    Just this Loca Vida, man…..

  34. VINCE 1%er Says:

    From Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show’s Lyrics:

    We Got alotta Teenage Blue Eyed Groupies that’ll do anything We Say….
    We Gotta genuine authentic Indian Guru-Showin US a Better Way….
    We got all the friends that Money can Buy-so we Never have to be alone…..
    And we Keep Gettin Richer -but We Cant Get our picture On The Cover of The Rolling Stone.
    Rolling Stone: Gonna get My Picture On The Cover
    Gonna Buy 5 Copies for My Mother
    Gonna see My Smiling Face…On The COVER OF THE ROLLING STONE 1

  35. Slick Says:

    Rolling Stone has lost all relevance. Used to be an anti-authority mag and these days is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the politicians that would love to set up an authoritarian state. I would also agree with what was mentioned previously which is Hervey-Bischoff paid Rolling Stone for the positive spin. The Devil’s Ride is laughable as a tv show. Reality? Not even close.



  36. JMacK Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er

    Oh I’m sure that their costumes are under lock and key. And I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t be out and about without the pork patrol watchin their back. I’d love to hear a story where a group of gentleman stopped by the set of “The Pussies Ride” and educated a few of these retards about runnin their mouths and pretending that they’re something that they’re not.

    Just my outside voice while daydreaming on a frigid Canadian afternoon…


  37. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Naw, they know their a bunch of goofs or they would of been seen runnin’ around Dago by now. I’m sure those spiffy cuts get securely locked away after every day of reality show filming.

  38. Austin Says:

    Freaker’s Ball might be another appropriate Dr. Hook song to post here.

  39. JMacK Says:

    Someone needs to have a chat with these idiots the old fashioned way.


  40. Tooj Says:

    Old wrestling trick in the video; open your hand and make contact. It stings like a slap but looks more like a real punch. Having Bischoff involved at least gave them someone with some stunt work experience.

    (Reference: pro wrestlers go back in my family to the 20s and the likes of Stanislaus Zbyszko. The old boys would break your leg if you didn’t follow the script!)

    I enjoy this stuff as it always gives me a good belly laugh. Today’s version:

    “Ralph wants/has a sweaty mama!”

  41. Show-HFFH Says:

    The producers, writers, and staff of this “reality” tv show, and more importantly, the assclowns who pretend to be patchholders, need to find some other lifestyle and classic American archetype to lampoon and disgrace. Perhaps they should drop the biker angle and join the WWE or maybe market this drivel as a sad gay soap opera, then it would in fact be showcasing a true glimpse into these dipshits actual real lives, this and Sons of Malarkey have as much to do with real life bikers as Buzz Lightyear has to do with the actual fuckin’ space program.

  42. One Eye Says:

    A useless rag endorsing a useless show; sounds just about right.

  43. rollinnorth Says:

    No surprise from the rag that put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover.


  44. jj solari Says:

    that trailer for “the new season” could not possibly be gayer or more effeminate. it’s like the contestants on rupaul’s drag race having been ordered to “Ok, now lithen, girlth, here ith your athignment: be badath bikerth and be ath manly ath FUCK OH MY GAWD ALREADY I AM AROUTHED!! Now lithen, you rathcalth, no buttfucking! We want to pretend we are real heterothexthualth. yeth you heard me. thorry. thothe are the rulth. NOW GO BE DEVILTH RIDERTH!!!”

  45. jj solari Says:

    if rolling stone likes anything its usually gay, marxist, anti american, anti christian or all four at once.

  46. Intel Says:

    I’m guessing some money exchanged hands between Mr. Hervey and Mr. McEvoy.

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