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January 23, 2014

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Speaking of Hollywood, did you know that The Aging Rebel is on twitter? Did you know that a leading infotainment enterprise named Bischoff Hervey Entertainment has a brilliant, true and cutting edge television show called The Devils Ride that is about to debut its third, six episode season? Did you know that that company and its show and its emerging star Rockem Ralph Randolph and lots of other people from the show are on twitter?

You didn’t? Do you think twitter is bullshit? Here’s what you’ve been missing.

Aging Rebel January 18

‏ The Devils Ride Returns Retweeted by Inside the Ride

Ralph Randolph January 22

@AgingRebel u continue to get some things wrong in this story, you don’t fact check prior to running a story?? @TheDevilsRide @RRKnockout

Ralph Randolph January 22

@TDRInsider @AgingRebel @TheDevilsRide don’t know who you are yet but I do know where he lives. Time is on my side. He’s a dumbass.

Aging Rebel January 22

@RRKnockout @TDRInsider @TheDevilsRide Really? Like what? Most of it is a Discovery press release. Who’s a dumbass?

The Devils Ride Insider January 22

@AgingRebel @TDRInsider @TheDevilsRide do you alway belive what u read. That would make u a dumbass. Guess your not in the know.

Aging Rebel January 22

@RRKnockout @TDRInsider @TheDevilsRide Ralph, do you need some publicity? You can tell me, dude. Need a story about you?

Ralph Randolph January 22

@AgingRebel @TDRInsider @TheDevilsRide lol. I am doing just fine.

Ralph Randolph January 23

@AgingRebel @RRKnockout @TheDevilsRide so not only r u on the RIDE….Your on their NUTS making money off the topic so ur no better than us

The Devils Ride Insider January 23

@AgingRebel @RRKnockout @TheDevilsRide Devils is only topic that spikes ur traffic increasing value of ur website= more eyeballs more $$ 4 U

Ralph Randoph January 23

@TDRInsider @AgingRebel @TheDevilsRide some people live life others write about it. Not that it’s bad it’s just the way it is.

Aging Rebel January 23

@RRKnockout @TDRInsider @TheDevilsRide That’s right. I grow fabulously wealthy off my coverage of your shit show

Ralph Randolph January 23

@TDRInsider @AgingRebel @TheDevilsRide he sleep remember he is aging so you will get no response. I like where your going kristie?

Aging Rebel January 23

@RRKnockout @TDRInsider @TheDevilsRide OMG! It’s the Algonquin Round Table. Which one is Dorothy Parker, Ralph? You?

Remember, when you are not on twitter you are missing world class exchanges of differing points of view. Like that.


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45 Responses to “Show Business Kid’s Stuff”

  1. Dago1%er Says:

    Rebel, I have not seen anything you’ve wrote about this stupid ass show that wasn’t true. May I suggest that you ask this Rockem asswhipe to grab all his “brothers” and show up at some event wearing his Discovery owned patchs and see how well he is greeted. Please tho Rebel, if he agrees to to anything like that, let us know so we can show him the proper respect him and his fake ass co-actors deserves.

  2. ashleyistwisted Says:



  3. RtC Says:

    For a long time, I thought “twitter” was the term for what ya did to your
    ol lady’s clit! Had a chick inform me”NO, that’s ‘TWIDDLE.” Learn sumpthin
    new everyday. BTW I still don’t twitter but I do twiddle! ;)
    RESPECTS to the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  4. MudDuck Says:

    and the whole time i was thinking about my experiance with so called christians. i said so called. not the called. and i was really amazed how i get that experiance from them and i look at those respected or as i am thinking the ones i respect with my hand well ok i see a hole coming, some get the boot and the hand i know i did too, anyway i was in a day dream of how i get treated like you do but from a different form of people but i guess they still relate in a way but different subject for a different time. i see you all natural men are being treated like me and i get it from regular people as in regular non christion or religious people. if you stand for what is respectably first in life you will have nothing that can take you down and they will resort to the smear campaine. ok im done before i see another hole. Thank you Rebel….Thank you Men N Women. and…nvm..did you get it? Lol

  5. MudDuck Says:

    thanks again rebel for your time. thanks to the life that the respected here live , that rebel repeats . rebel nice to see how you live. im just saying that its true the work being done here is showing signs of having then filth of the earth in blue or black or what ever color that they try to wear to be intimadating has nothing else to fight for nothing else they can do. the fahqing pigs are bacon there game is cooked. i know from experiance that when they can not win with moral or with truth or with whats honorable or with whats true love (love is what a true father does)(had to say that so many def. are givin that make me sick but that word is truly what life is about) the last resort is to smear you, smear as in move what you say to make it appear as it is not or to repeat your action to appear as it is not or to show your action to …ok you got it. same as i said before . what they do is a twisting of what is right and just. if there was nothing right or just there would be nothing to twist. what they do is not of its own they took the idea from what is right and just and made there own version with a little twist. im fing saying that you all are winning and their last resort is to smear you because they also know that there are more stupid people alive at all times than people that are stupid that dont remain that way. more prefer to stay stupid and there will always be more people remaining stupid than there are not. definiton of stupid to me is haveing no knowledge or understanding of life. nothing wrong with being wrong, just wrong to stay that way. congrats to those that know that they know . nuff said. to the rest suffer sucker . is in not interesting that its always the few that see the path. and i stop there. you can run with that point. i always will. (run to the fight) takin ground , never giving it. respect to those that know they deserve it . dont care who likes me, dont stop them from respecting me.i can respect you with my boot or with my hand. your choice. point made. ty for keeping us free. doin all i can to live and make free that way. Thank You. not you i said it to You only. f you.

  6. BMW Says:

    More crapola from the new Kings of Crapola on the (mis)Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Animal Planet, and the Learning Channel, all run fake crapola “reality shows”. Mother Jones magazine just did an expose on one of the Animal Planet shows, and reported the killing and injuring of animals in making the show. And they are supposed to be animal lovers!

    I think this is more grist for the mill that grinds out all those mind-polluting ideas about motorcyclists for the jury pool. I have run into many people that believe in this (and SOA) kind of misinformation.

    Heaven help the biker that appears in front of a jury that eats up reality TV. They will probably believe he’s a child-sacrificing Satanist, and, of course, they saw it all on The Discovery Channel, so it was educational and true, right…

  7. Raulie Huevos Says:

    Ha! Dorthy Parker, Rebel you slay me.

  8. jcfromnj Says:

    Devils Ride…like a someone you haven’t seen in years, “I thought you were dead ” ?

  9. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Now that’s funny

  10. Austin Says:

    OC Vago1 %. LOL I’ve been called stupid bitch & I have even actually been one from time to time…… But dude- Chuck Norris tweets!

  11. Tooj Says:

    @Vikingtrotter, you bring up a very excellent point. I believe that my pair of ad ‘clicks’ helped out with a few pennies, right? So, in the world of ‘gettin paid’, I’m going to have to see if the value I get from reading here matching the income produced by the clicks and figure out my cut….

    Forget it, there’s no way I get less value from reading this stuff and commenting than the effort to click ads. Impressions of ads really doesn’t pay jack. Rebel attested in a manner befitting the stupidity of the comment.

    @Vince, can’t be me. ASSHOLE: Check. POSEUR: Nope. Freely admit I am an asshole. I don’t pretend to be one on TV. It made me laugh a bit is all, Vince. I do wonder if what you’re saying is that you have a better idea of who belongs here than the site owner?

    I’ve always noticed the tendency folks have to disclaim what they are about to do. Usually right before they do it.

    Not to stop writing, but…

  12. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    My Facebook account got hacked a couple of months ago by some shit stirring cocksucker. So, that’s nixed, nada, no more.

    By the way, I thought only stupid bitches like Kim Kardashian and that Hilton twat tweet?

  13. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Thanks to Rocky and Dildo’s Ride, Rebel is now a Dollarnaire!

  14. Jim666 Says:

    Thank you I figured it was some kinda gossip
    at any rate im not intresting enough to have people want to know what/where im doing/at every min. of the day .
    so guess i wont /dont need to be using

    back to my corner

  15. Austin Says:

    @RLG Right?! – …and then

    “Guess your not in the know.”

    As IF! Who could be MORE in the know?! Mmmmm… 7th graders?

    @Jim666 – Twitter is the place where folks can tweet. Tweets are brief little posts – you can add a photo or a link. Sounds Stupid – I thought it was… 140 character limit – so you have to keep it short & sweet. Most useful for following news & celebrities as mentioned above. I am using it more now that my *$$h0l3 exDH has decided to get on fb, but I am not really an up-to-the-minute type. I really like visuals better than words. And maps. Maps are my favorite.

  16. VINCE 1%er Says:

    No Disrespect to REBEL :
    This Site/Blog has TOO Many ASSHOLES & POSEURS Responding to such drivel as this topic.

  17. RLG Says:

    Loved this tweet Rebel, “Who’s a dumbass?”

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    @Jim666 – IMHO, you ain’t missing anything.

  19. Jim666 Says:

    I guess i am behind in the times Ive heard of it but I still dont know what a twitter is ….

  20. fayettenamhoe Says:

    any child can do the Bang Bang Banging, buy thems a drum or guitar strings, but if any thing please don’t lie to the children, otherwise they will believe in any damn thing, let them children have their own life, without all the putdownz,, poe childrenz, mommy and ddaddy gone awayz, gone to fuk themnz up againm

  21. fayettenamhoe Says:

    -this is why—children hate you—too—-fuck me —–i can’nt –lie– to the babies———————-my apologies, we don’t do write,no got no fake book, we get plenty of put downs, just go lie to yre self, tell them how mutch you hate the competition, you poe ass hole , are you so scared of life if or your butts get in the way, if thats ok for you real people?,—- i’d like to cook me up another put down, and, its called, bbbaby, beebbbbe,, i used to have some spiked tires, now i call them bald,now i saw a baby,like me the one i used to saw, i seen one baby that when daddy held it it her arms , i wanted to take that child away, please don’t be like thems please tell thjem that your not the only one that hates your kinmd, just another,money got in thr way, don’t need another fake amerikan flag, fuck USA are that fuckin blind

  22. fayettenamhoe Says:

    facebook sucks too, thats when i write that down in the jounal from hell, no one could read it but my thoughts, and then the sound of silencers creep in, like when i awoke in the middle of last nite, my woman in the middle of the nite, i said duck bitch, she pat me on the back, then to get slappin down again, puntched me in the head, wake up, wake up, she had to bite me, and the fridge was so cold, i barely moved, and i krept back,

  23. JMacK Says:


    You always pick a good moment to intervene! Well said.

    You should sell tickets to the visions inside your head. I know I’dd pay to see it.


  24. fayettenamhoe Says:

    bite me, cartoons are for bugs bunney and friends, the children should be learning from me fools, and be sure to invest in the anvil that may fall upon yre head

  25. One Eye Says:

    I can’t take anyone seriously who posts missives that read like an illiterate fucking teenager’s text messages. They truly make “biker intelligence” an oxymoron. Fucking wankers. So Rebel, with those wads of $$ the Devil’s Ride is making 4 u, r u going to Disneyland?

  26. ghost Says:

    twitter sucks

  27. WARTHOG Says:


    Thanks, man. It looks like option 4 took place. Someone hacked my account and had me following 280 people and sending crazy tweets on the 14th of January. Changed my password and manually went down my following list and un-followed them all.




  28. Base Says:

    Rebel surprised ralph didn’t threaten to have his MC jump on their bikes and come straighten you out. All 6 members!

    Perfect example of ego over riding common sense. Here you go Ralph here’s just one video out there about so called reality TV.

    I have a question for anyone on this show.

    Do you even watch it after it hits the air waves?

    If so.

    How do you not see y’all look like a bunch of immature middle school buffoons?

  29. jj solari Says:

    re: jihadists on twitter; i just say allah fucks the goats of the jews and they leave.

  30. CN Says:

    Warthog: You won’t receive tweets unless 1. You hit Follow, 2. Somebody you do Follow retweets a 3rd party & 3. It’s an advertised tweet via Twitter administrators. At bottom of 1st page of Jihadist you wish to 86 you’ll see Follow, if its blue tap once which will take you to unfollow tap once should go clear/white, you no longer get tweets. Or, opposite from Follow tap on icon & either hit block or block/report spam, again you’ll 86 the tweets. Hope that helps. cn

  31. WARTHOG Says:

    I recently joined twitter just for aging rebel tweets. Now I got 20 million jehadists posts going on my “wall(?)”. Not sure how that happened, but does anybody know how I can get back to only receiving rebel’s tweets?

    Thanks in advance,



  32. rollinnorth Says:

    “One of these days, Alice, one of these days…To the Moon, Alice…”
    Doubtful “Rockem” ever heard of “The Great One.” Well done, Rebel.


  33. Mike 184 Says:

    @ shovelny, I cant see the whole thing, but that bike in your pic is killer. Apes and upsweep fishtails!

  34. shovelny Says:

    OMG! It’s the Algonquin Round Table. Which one is Dorothy Parker, Ralph? You?

    that’s way too fucking funny Rebel,you think he actually gets it?

  35. CN Says:

    JMacK:Grew up in Rochester, NY was a Rochester Americans/Buffalo Sabres (13-29-7) fan most of my life. Moved to SC in ’99 became a Carolina Hurricanes (22-19-9) fan. The Caine’s beat the Sabres last night 5-3 which of course was blacked out here because the NHL isn’t exactly the hottest ticket in town (Charlotte, NC rarely sells out of anything except NASCAR & HANK WILLIAMS JR). Aplogize for not discussing the Devils Ride. I admit that if nothing else is on I’ve been known to watch it for shits & giggles, so what, who cares? Media about our culture is part of our culture for better or worse. Usually if its got motorcycles in it, TV, book, magazine, I’m going to look at it. Sonny Barger is on Twitter @Sonny_Barger which is good enough for me. So is Rebel @AgingRebel as am I @HWY301Troll. It is what it is which is no big deal either way & if I enjoy it or find it useful I’m not going to not have it because somebody else thinks it isn’t cool enough for them. If that makes somebody feel superior to me so be it.

  36. Austin Says:

    On twitter I follow Rainn Wilson ( Dwight from the Office) Aging Rebel and Chuck Norris. Oh… And the Wine Harlot & Ural motorcycles.
    That covers all my interests. LoL.

  37. JMacK Says:

    I have a 3 hour meeting tomorrow that has about 5 mins of importance for me so I will follow those jerk-offs long enough for a laugh.


    I follow twitter for the same reason as you. I didn’t quite grab if you were a Pens or and Isles though…either way, they both do a lot more winning than my poor Oilers…


  38. Sick Rick Says:

    Maybe if they yell loud enough we’ll forget all about that Gypsy train wreck that came out of season 1.

  39. Tooj Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    I knew I was missing something on Twitter. Don’t they call them ‘twits’; the ones who ‘tweet’? Or is it a gender assignment thing where you have ‘twits’ and ‘twats’?

    It’s very brave of you to go slumming for us. If it’s worth a damn, I’ve learned over time to comment on these sorts of things for a couple reasons or three.

    I comment upon these sorts of articles because I cannot damage the reputation of any real clubs out there still dealing with the Fed by sharing opinions regarding their real life.

    Nor will I display the obvious ignorance and end up insulting those I am interested in hearing about/from by doing so. I may not be inside the circle but I sure as hell can respect it.

    I like to READ journalism. I like to COMMENT on fluff. Can Ralphie tell that puffing up his ego over fluff won’t tote a lot of water? And a fat paycheck still doesn’t buy you respect.

  40. FF Says:

    Even Brandon Sharp recently said that the show is shit, and I always defer to the experts.

  41. CN Says:

    There’s a legitimate use for Twitter which I’m usually monitoring. I’ve got CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, New York Times, AP, UPI, Local News, ESPN, etc & even Aging Rebel as accounts I “Follow” and other shit that interests me. Here’s how it usually goes; all those accounts continually Tweeting abbreviated versions of what they’re covering while the TV has the NHL: Penguins at Islanders game on, volume off, listening to Gangstagrass: Rappalachia (I know I’m not cool). So, if some big Boston Bombing shit goes down Twitter will tweet it before the networks confirm/broadcast it or if Rebel posts a new article I get that too meanwhile I can watch the Hockey game ( I heard you the first time) & listen to a band I like. Alright, ready set RATPACK! It’s what I do when nothing much is going on and since I’ve got this “no unnessary activity” edict active awaiting one more Spinal Tap / CT Scan then Consult leading to Surgery so I can return to riding & life in general, it beats whatever else I could be doing within the limits of presurgical criteria. Let’s see…..PIT 2 NYI 2 17:16 remains in 2nd Otr on NBCSN with 1 min remaining in the power play. Works for me.

  42. Mike 184 Says:

    I just saw the commercial for this piece of shit show… A couple dudes doing a fake ass workover on some guy on the ground. I mean I playfight with my kids harder than that BS. FAKE ASS CRAP.

  43. Phuquehed Says:

    Fucking deja fucking vu…reads almost exactly like the shit Buttwiper keeps sending me! LMAO!

    Maybe these freaks on the ‘show’ are the “friends” Buttwiper spoke of once or twice? No…wait…his “friends” are either pigs or SoA fags, but then I guess the The Dildo’s could also be butt-buddies with a bunch of SoA queers, and Buttwiper seems to throw some pretty big parties with lots of guys attending that are SoA fanboys who could also be fanboys of both shows.

  44. jj solari Says:

    “Hey you Rebel, YO! That’s BULL-shit, YO! You want summa this? Huh? Zat what you want?….summa this? Oh yeah?….you say you DO?? I GUT summa this!! Whats- a-matter? You a big man?? Huh? FUCK that shit. YO YO YO!!!”_______ sincerely, The Devils Ride Writing Staff

  45. jj solari Says:

    hahahaha this is pretty funny. apparently the same reetard writes their twitter dialogue as writes the show dialogue. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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