The Michael Hingle Soap Opera

January 22, 2014

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San Jose defense attorney Michael E. Hingle was indicted last week by a federal grand jury on charges of obstructing justice and making false statements to the FBI in a case involving members of the San Jose charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

At the time of the alleged obstruction Hingle was representing San Jose Hells Angel Cesar Villagrana in two criminal matters including a gunfight at John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino in Sparks, Nevada in September 2011. Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew, the former San Jose charter president was killed in that fight. Villagrana reached a plea deal with prosecutors in Nevada last October and was sentenced to up to 12 years in prison. Villagrana is from Gilroy, California, a town that holds an annual garlic festival.

The indictment also names deceased Hells Angel Steve “187” Tausan. Tausan was fatally shot at Pettigrew’s funeral in October, 2011. His alleged murderer was another San Jose Hells Angel named Steve Ruiz. Ruiz has been in custody since February 2012.

Operation Garlic Press

Hingle is accused of warning Tausan and two unnamed Hells Angels about a combined state and federal “law enforcement action” called “Operation Garlic Press.” The action executed about 100 search and arrest warrants in Santa Clara County on October 14, 2011. Officials had been planning the massive operation since the previous August.

According to the indictment: “Maintaining secrecy of the Operation Garlic Press warrants prior to October 14,2011, was essential to the success of the execution of the arrests, to the collection of evidence, and to the safety of the officers, deputies, and agents involved. Hingle obtained advance knowledge of the Operation Garlic Press warrants and mistakenly believed that the under seal warrants targeted, among others, a person known to Hingle and the Grand Jury as CLIENT, as well as to others associated with CLIENT. Steve Tausan, deceased, was a former friend of Hingle, a bail bondsman in San Jose, California, and a friend of CLIENT. Tausan and CLIENT were also fellow members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. On October 13, 2011, Hingle disclosed to Tausan the information he obtained concerning the Operation Garlic Press warrants with the goal of alerting CLIENT and others about the impending law enforcement actions. That day, Tausan disclosed the information he had received from Hingle to others to accomplish Hingle’s and Tausan’s shared objective of providing this information to CLIENT and others.”

The indictment says Hingle told Tausan about the warrants in a cell phone call on October 13, 2011 and that Tausan then, immediately: “…called a person known to the Grand Jury as FRIEND ONE. Tausan next sent a text message to FRIEND ONE, in which Tausan instructed FRIEND ONE to tell CLIENT about the one hundred arrest warrants, and the need to warn CLIENT about the warrants. FRIEND ONE was a mutual associate of both CLIENT and Tausan. FRIEND ONE and Tausan spoke with each other later that day about the planned arrest warrants. After disclosing the warrant information to FRIEND ONE, on October 13, 2011, at approximately 11 :36 a.m., Tausan sent a text message to a person known to the Grand Jury as FRIEND TWO, in which Tausan disclosed to FRIEND TWO the planned one hundred arrest warrants. FRIEND TWO was a mutual associate of both CLIENT and Tausan.”

Tausan died two days later.

Sweating The Lawyer

Hingle is also charged with three counts of making “materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements and representations.” The indictment also alleges:

“When questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation whether he told any person of search and arrest warrants that were to be executed on October 14, 2011, Hingle stated that he did not recall telling anyone.”

“When questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation whether he was provided information in advance by any member of law enforcement about the existence of the October 14,2011 warrants, Hingle stated that he did not recall.”

“When questioned by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from whom he received information in advance about the existence of the October 14,2011 warrants, Hingle stated that he did not recall, and that he possibly received the information from someone that law enforcement would ‘characterize as a known associate.’”

Hingle pled not guilty to all charges last week and is free on $100,000 bond.



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43 Responses to “The Michael Hingle Soap Opera”

  1. Brian Says:

    Operation Garlis Press? Any coincidence that Gilroy Ca is the same town that the rat in the Road Dog Case is from? Rey Sotelo was a well-known associate of a major motorcycle club in the San Francisco bay area until he burned them in early 2000. In 2008 he was arrested along with Bob Holloway “AKA Road Dog” and many others by the Feds. Immediately Sotelo rolled over on everyone involved, having done this before he new the first squeek gets the best deal! With his crew of boot lickers Sotelo could gleam a vast amount of information for the Feds now that they have a hook in him. Just somthing to think about and wonder. Oh by the way, after being convicted of trafficing in stolen motorcycle parts and doing no time for the crime he finds himself running a Honda/Indian Motorcycle Dealership in Hollister Ca. WTF

  2. Sieg Says:

    There are only three possible answers when being examined in court or deposed.

    I don’t recall.

    Wisdom given me by a high priced shonskie many years ago.


  3. Bill Says:

    Austin: Raygun also said something I like: “‘there’s no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” That’s sort of become my management ‘style’. All those “I don’t remember(s)”‘ though tend to cast a bit different light on that philosophy.

  4. Austin Says:

    Not just AG’s…

    Reagan said “I don’t remember” 124 times at Iran Contra hearings.
    The Reagan Administration was one of the most corrupt in history. Senior Reagan officials were illegally selling arms to Iran in violation of a treaty.
    When Congress found out Reagan was summed to testify. The words “I don’t remember” or their equivalents occurred at least 124 times in Reagan’s eight hours of testimony. The lapses in memory ranged from the identity of Rep. Lee Hamilton, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee during several of the key years of Reagan’s presidency, to the central conclusions of the Tower Commission, which Reagan appointed to investigate the Iran-contra affair.

    it was on the internet – it must be true!

  5. BMW Says:

    Hinge as an attorney, in most states, is required to keep sealed charges “secret” as a matter of ethics. He also has to fully represent the interests of his client.

    Bruce Cutler was the bomb, and until the corrupt District Attorney had him removed, frequently handed said District Attorney and his lackeys their collective ass over and over. He’s the reason John Gotti was known as the “Teflon Don” — although, to be fair — the inability to find live witnesses also contributed to the “Teflon”.

    Cops want to be able to surprise their victims in the early morning hours — hell even the CIA are taught to use this technique. Sometimes cell phones are jammed or telephones removed from service to achieve the element of surprise.

    If “I don’t recall” was good enough for the former US Attorney Generals — several of them — to avoid prosecution — it should be good enough for Hinge. Once again, we see LEO placing a thumb on the scales of justice by trying to convict and eliminate an attorney who can represent bikers. He must have been doing a good job, since they don’t usually bother framing screw-up — or even average — lawyers…

    Good Luck to attorney Hinge AND his clients!

  6. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    The only honorable thing left for this guy to do is to off himself.

    I understand he’s already on suicide watch. Talk about a fall from


  7. Paladin Says:

    Dr. Sardonicus,

    My former partner and I were directly involved in the inquiry, regarding the alleged wrongful death shooting of Danroy “DJ” Henry, by a member of the Pleasantville, NY Police Department, in 2010.

    At the time of the shooting, Fanelli was a Lieutenant with the Pleasantville P.D. In Nov., 2013 Fanelli was promoted to Chief. Last year, The Henrys named Fanelli among the department officers who allegedly were involved in a cover-up following their son’s death.

    I’m no longer involved with this case, but I believe the Feds could still be reviewing the evidence, regarding the possibility of federal, criminal civil rights violations.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  8. autisticsouls Says:

    Austin Says:
    January 25th, 2014 at 2:42 am
    @autisticsoul. I see a lot lot of words here for a visual thinker.

    Many of us are a quick study. We aren’t all helpless Rainman types or helpless innocents. you meet one autistic individual u’ve just met one. altho many of us run in the same circles and fight for many similar causes. we are still a diverse community.

    Many autistics are active in the other troublesome groups that the govt is also targeting ANONYMOUS the very huge int’l hackivist group. Not that I agree with all of what ANONYMOUS says and does but they are doing their part to voice and act on their concerns nonetheless… i’m more into domestic issues here but anonymous hackivists are int’l.

    yes they can be some naughty boys and girls but they exercise their voice and civil disobedience. like when the 6 cops who beat and killed a homeless man with schizophrenia and were later acquitted. The Anonymous hackivist group made public the names and addresses of the cops involved. so yeah maybe we need to stand up and fight back…,0,2019983.story#axzz2rRbDVcl9

    We Are Legion: The Story of the Hackivists:

  9. Viking1%er Says:

    Hey Rebel I have seen reports about it on Bikernews but nothing about it here. Why aren’t you doing any reporting on the Hall murder trial in Mass. The scumbag DA put in the court records that Hall allegedly went to the Feds and OFFERED to wear a wire while he was the SAA of the Berkshire chapter. Capeless even tried to make the fucking Feds look like such caring fucks that they “turned him down saying it would be to dangerous!!!” When have those fucks given a flying shit about a scooter tramp EVER??? Just wondering why I haven’t seen anything about it here especially with the REALLY sick shit they are saying was done

    Respect to all that earn it

  10. Austin Says:

    @autisticsoul. I see a lot lot of words here for a visual thinker.
    I just spent my day on 74-79-10-210-5-99-65-190-5-118-210-57-60-215-74. 500 miles. In pyramid lake & Ft. Tejon, and Terra Bella I saw CHP’s hiding behind bushes & barricades. Hell Yeah I flashed my lights. Are you f*ng kidding?! Arrest me now so I can quit worrying about paying taxes to support this crap.

  11. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Re: COPS – Here’s another example of the “higher standards” and “higher calling” that those actively enforcing the law adhere to:

    I’d like to see this guy share a cell with Dave Burgess so real justice could be meted out – but the BOP is not known for being creative.

  12. Base Says:

    Operation garlic press?

    Where do they come up with these names.

    Will the second phase be called….

    Sauté in lite butter?

  13. Tooj Says:

    Well, this calls for a Jameson. Attorneys and autism and bikers, oh my!

  14. Mag Says:

    @autisticsouls – “But I feel hopeless and helpless.”

    That is by design. Understand that, and you are in a better place to resist encroachment of your inherent and inalienable rights.

    Frog, pot, water, jump.

  15. autisticsouls Says:

    JJ Solari I don’t know what to do. That’s why i’m here. who I am? well i’m nobody. labeled autistic. so I’ve been nobody for a long time. That was real hard to get out from under. you guys are the tough ones. the ones ballsy enough to stand up and fight. to voice out. that’s also why i’m here. because a passive role isn’t gonna get us anywhere. and you are still citizens. shit now i’m thinking about that cancelled tv series “Firefly”. A sci-fi about rebel outlaws in space… again my mind drifts and I lose my words and focus. shit I hate when that happens.

  16. autisticsouls Says:

    nah. you don’t need to read anything. this here is all preaching to the choir as they say. its trying to cajole and getting to average masses of people outside of this forum to wake up and see what is happening and that it can and will happen to them as well. we’ve done it in some autism forums but we’ve fought for basic rights that others take for granted that its still almost privilege for us. But here we are many deemed disabled just trying to get those rights while society around us seems intent on giving them up to the state. or letting the government take them. whichever. I guess i’m not sure what’s next except that these are rights all of us need to fight for and abuse of government power oppressing any kind of people should be spoken up against. we the people. don’t matter what walks of life we come from. we the people. and I still believe in that.

  17. autisticsouls Says:

    yes Dr. Sardonicus. this is exactly what I mean. My thought processes are different. we see we watch but are largely non verbal and quite a weaker population. I had a friend in school who protected us with down syndrome and autism and in wheel chairs and warehoused together from other bullies and callous school officials. My friend was one of the first that would say “She isn’t retarded she just can’t talk.” He was the only one strong enough to stand up for himself and others not only against bullies but from abusive school officials as well. He later became a biker and he has served time in prison and jail too but he was our hero. because he lived life his way making no apologies but also stood up to bullies and protected the weak.. But most of all freedom was important for him. Even ours. he was the one that pushed for me to have the competency test and IQ test taken so that I can have rights to represent myself. He said “No one is gonna do it for you. you gotta fucking talk. ya gotta tell people whats going on in that head of yours. they gonna always push you around. your autistic but your not stupid. talk. learn to use your voice..”

  18. autisticsouls Says:

    here’s another. Cops in school trick an autistic teen and special needs kids to buy pot and then arrest them.:

  19. jj solari Says:

    and i’ll tell ya something else: these people who’s “solution” to things is for me to read some fucking book. things will all straighten out if i get up off my ass and head on down to the bookstore to do YOUR fucking reading assignment just handed to me. “….all of these issues are explained in detail in the fascinating eye-opening book ‘ The Penis of Eddie Schwartz Is Destroying America.’ I urge all patriotic americans to read about Eddie’s penis and why it is doing things YOU need to know about!” Fuck eddie’s penis. and quit giving me fucking reading assignments. I don’t want to read some fucking book. you tell me yourself, save me a few bucks. YOU read the book and then you tell me what to do. I dont want to read some fucking book. especially on your recommendation. i dont even fucking know you. how am i supposed to know if you know what book “is the one i need to read.” you know nothing about me, you obviously dont understand the topic cause you cant explain it yourself, no, i need to go buy a fucking book, and you might not even know books! the book could suck! you could be telling me to read some piece of shit! why would i take that gamble? “You need to read ‘The Conspiracy Conspiracy.’ It explains everything! Read it! Go spend 35 bucks and get this book and sit down and read it! Then you’ll know!” What will I know: how to fix things? How to escape from things? what will I know. Well, I’ll know I’m a fucking douche cause I do what you say. I’ll know that. So I guess that’s somethin’. I’ll get up go out and spend 35 bucks to learn i’m a douche. I can learn that from my ol’ lady for free, pal. have a fucking clue.

  20. autisticsouls Says:

    Yes Glenn I also agree but how do wake up the masses the people to wake up and do something? Like Mag says Governments are doing what they have historically done. freedom isn’t free it has to be fought for and to be maintained continued to protect and fight for. I see what is happening to the biker community and we have our issues on our end. But I feel hopeless and helpless.

    11 year old autistic girl is tazered by police

  21. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @ autistic souls

    Not for nothin but I think you express yourself using the language
    quite well. I interpret your use of “television” metaphorically rather than literally. The same thing got John Lennon in big trouble when he said
    “The Beatles are bigger than Christ” – he meant it metaphorically as well, he was simply trying to account for the millions of teenagers who
    had seemingly been awakened from a collective lull – a huge demographic
    that up to that point had been typecast as invisible and irrelevant –

    now they were a force to be heard, to be reckoned with economically and socially, the driving force behind pop culture, and Lennon meant religion hadn’t done this before, but the Beatles had.

    He was nearly crucified himself for crossing that line – which wasn’t so apparent in the U.K. as it was in the U.S.A.

    And in many ways he wasn’t wrong. ll you are saying, I think, is that we must take action and not remain hypnotized by any mass opiate that
    pre-occupies our thoughts distracting us from the loss of our personal freedoms- television, religion, sex, drugs, war, racism, war, territorial imperative, politics, the almighty dollar or any tools of the government, industry, banks, police and so forth.

    That’s my take on it anyway. But what the fuck do I know?

  22. Hated and Proud Says:

    well said glenn s

  23. autisticsouls Says:

    jj Solari. you have a voice. many of you do. we on the autistic spectrum just acquired ours. but we are a population that is still largely non verbal. it will take time for us to get it right. I will still err. and my words still float inside my head and get stuck. my mouth opens and they just don’t fall out.
    they’ve only just discovered that many of us are intelligent. and yet things are still decided for us. too few of us can even vote or live in institutions or group homes. freedom is but a dream..

  24. autisticsouls Says:

    jj Solari watching and lobotomizing in front of the tv is not as much of the problem as much aspeoples not DOING something. tv is used to numb the masses. people are giving up their freedoms as they have historically done and not doing anything about it and its sad to watch. I love Walt Disney and that opening scene was great and a metaphor of what is happening in society today. I was not calling him a pariah. just that being autistic i’m too much of a visual thinker. which I depend on way too much to express upon.. the written and the spoken word is a new format to many of us. One autistic is completely dependent on movie clips for his communications and another one of us is songs. we have issues with creation and initiation. I didn’t know how to express use much else to relate how I see things except in a visual format. which I get wrong way too often because the patterning of the way I think is way too different. my apologies but I have only acquired speech at age nine and was labeled mentally retarded until aged 12. I don’t think in language form. I think in pictures. language even the language I first been immersed for me is still difficult for me and too many of us on the autistic spectrum. what we try to say comes out sideways because our own words are so difficult to access properly…

  25. jj solari Says:

    hey autisticsouls: i spend a lot of time “lobotomizing in front of tv and media.” what the fuck is wrong with that. what is it with you people that are convinced the problem with things is that some group of people is doing something harmless and fun instead of getting down to the serious business of doing something else – to be later explained, i guess. but first they need to stop watching tv. what the fuck is wrong with watching tv. why is watching tv a fucking PROBLEM that needs to be fixed by – i guess – getting, or making, or cajoling, or suggesting, or by breaking their tv….to get them to stop watching tv. and another thing: why is walt disney inappropriate to any discussions that might go on here. why is HE a fucking pariah. walt disney is cool. there is nothing wrong with walt disney. how can you want to fix america and then in the next breath deny walt disney entrance into the discussion. he was the only thing RIGHT with america. i need a fucking drink. i have never been more fucking agitated than i am at this moment. thank god for tv. which reminds me “rich kids of beverly hills was on last night.” it was fucking GREAT!!!

  26. Mag Says:

    Why would anyone even entertain the concept that a free state would be consistent and eternal?

    Man’s nature is not to live and let live. We are a territorial apex predator. None of this State tyranny should be surprising.

    Money, sex and power. Sex, power and money. Power, money and sex. Three components that drive every human ambition.

    Just as when a dog pisses on a fire hydrant, he’s not committing vandalism – he’s just being a dog. When the State becomes tyrannical and freedom is replaced with an authoritarian police state – it’s not personal, it’s just humans doing what they do.

    Of course, the corollary is that eventually the proverbial tree gets watered, and the sociopolitical “rinse, repeat” of human society occurs again. It just happens to suck harder for those of us living in these interesting times.

  27. Glenn S. Says:

    Hated and Proud said: “the house ALWAYS wins. until they lose, and someday they will”.

    Except when, occasionally, they let you win to further the illusion.

    Going after the lawyers is a thinly veiled tactic to deprive “enemies of the state” of competent representation. I’m wondering if there was ever a case where the government similarly charged a mediocre drunken fixer or a skilled prosecutor.

    In a more perfect world, when charged with “obstruction of justice”, defendants would be allowed to present the defense that government witch hunts and “stings” involving rats and agents provocateurs are in and of themselves unjust and outing the government is a much higher form of justice as the word is commonly defined. Even in investigations where rats, et al, are not used, a reasonable person could assume that if the government does it, it is likely enough to be unjust as to render opposing the government the highest form of justice. That would be in a more perfect world.

  28. Jim666 Says:

    Why not have the FBI angents indicted in this and other cases for making false statments,
    shouldnt the ball be played both ways ?

    As far as that goes all the feds,cops D/A`s and the rest of the so called just/us system should be Indicted in more than likely every case that ever made it to a court room .
    with out them all making false statements they would not have any cases ,
    and or wins.
    Turn about`s fair play rite ?



  29. Hated and Proud Says:

    @ CN and everyone

    the house ALWAYS wins. until they lose, and someday they will

  30. Sohn Says:

    He doesn’t answer any questions in the affirmative. He simply states, and it’s time based,” I don’t recall” . Memory is tricky, stress can cause a temporary lapse. The irony is federal agents are allowed and encouraged to lie when questioning you. The charge Martha Stewart was convicted on and served time for was lying to a federal agent. A federal agent in that case was found tampering with evidence to get a conviction, he didn’t have to serve any time. It’s definitely not a level playing field. It’s also common for prosecutors to target successful defense attorneys. They did it to Cutler and some others. Usually, prior to indicting “clients” of the counselor. Nevada doesn’t allow secret grand jury’s. The target has to be notified and is allowed to give evidence on his behalf. It’s a far better and just system. There is no way that they had proceedings against 100 people and didn’t have a leak.

  31. CN Says:

    If you’ve got unlimited financial resources and it don’t much matter to the pigeons (tax payers) if you spend them into oblivion then why not expend every last red cent chasing a bird dog Attorney. Win or lose you’ll still have a job and there’s no real accountability if the printing presses can crank out what the tax payers didn’t come up with. Point being, when you tangle with the Feds y’all are already at a complete financial disadvantage from which you’ll never recover. The House always wins especially when the dice are rigged. When they target 1%’er Motorcycle Clubs it’s ALWAYS RIGGED.

    Recently I heard a news story on the radio about a fella who got pulled over for flashing his lights at on coming traffic to warn them of a speed trap up ahead. He’s appealing his conviction for obstruction or whatever on his First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech. They expect this case to be presented to the SCOTUS if it ever gets that far. In essence, isn’t that what this Attorney was doing only on a larger scale? Folks don’t flash their lights like they used to when I was a kid or at least I seem to remember them doing it more back then. My Pops called it “Bird Dogging” and always waved at the Bird Dogger to thank him even though my Pops usually kept to the speed limit. Pops died in 2002 so I feel safe in relating this memory without risking his incarceration. And yes Pops was a Bird Dogger too.

    My Pops was an average blue collar mild mannered man who lived to take care of my Mom and us kids and that’s about it, yet he always waved at the Bird Doggers & joined them when it was his turn. Probably where I get it from. According to this idea though, he was consorting, conspiring, & contributing to the obstruction of “justice”. Even a lower class factory worker had an us vs them mentality back then. Now though, I guess if y’all don’t wear a post 911 NYPD baseball cap and treat cops like unsung heroes, well y’all are just gangsters or the friends/associates of them, or worse depending on the mood and work load of the AUSA. This country has gone completely to shit,


  32. autisticsouls Says:

    I’m waiting for my copy from amazon. anyone read it? this be the gut of my concerns…

    A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State

    John W. Whitehead (Author)

    Publication Date:June 12, 2013
    Book Description: In A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, John W. Whitehead charts America’s transition from a society governed by “we the people” to a police state governed by the strong arm of the law. In such an environment, the law becomes yet another tool to oppress the people. As a constitutional attorney of national prominence, and as president of The Rutherford Institute, an international civil liberties organization, Whitehead has been at the forefront of the fight for civil liberties in this country.

    The recurring theme at the heart of A Government of Wolves is that the American people are in grave danger of losing their basic freedoms. The simple fact is that the Constitution – and in particular the Bill of Rights – is being undermined on virtually every front. Indeed, everything America was founded upon is in some way being challenged. The openness and freedom that were once the hallmarks of our society are now in peril.

    We were once a society that valued individual liberty and privacy. But in recent years we have turned into a culture that has quietly accepted surveillance cameras, police and drug-sniffing dogs in our children’s schools, national databases that track our finances and activities, sneak-and-peek searches of our homes without our knowledge or consent, and anti-terrorism laws that turn average Americans into suspects. In short, America has become a lockdown nation, and we are all in danger.

    A Government of Wolves not only explains these acute problems but is a call to action offering timely and practical initiatives for Americans to take charge of present course of history and stop the growing police state. But time is running out. We are at critical juncture and every citizen who values his or her personal freedom needs to pay close attention to the message in this book!

  33. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    First of all, if the Feds didn’t want that information getting out then they should have done a better job keeping it under wraps. Perhaps they did it on purpose baiting Hingle. Hingle’s mistake was that he should not have answered any questions from any Federal Agent without retaining an expert in Federal Jurisprudence to represent him. It all would have been funneled through his attorney.

    A Federal Agent is NOT a “cop” as we know it – I’ve tangled with O.I.G. badges from various agencies – seemingly as benign as a HUD OIG Special Agent for example- who raided my notary’s Ojai home with a support crew of 25 armed agents and 10 support staff – 35 Feds to find 1 Notary book with a “forged signature” – all up from L.A. – I can’t fathom what it cost to do that. I found out the hard way you cannot make a statement to a Fed without it going sideways against you. Not only can you not lie – you cannot even be incorrect unintentionally. If a Fed asks you to name the 4 Presidents on Mt. Rushmore and you erroneously say “Franklin Roosevelt” instead of “Teddy Roosevelt” he can take you into custody for making a false statement. There is no such thing as “an honest mistake.” Next thing you know new charges are being added on at the rate of a taxi cab meter. Sound crazy? Ask any U.S. Attorney. Better yet, don’t. Avoid them and any Fed like the plague.

    Hingle may have assumed he could handle an interview because he himself practices Federal law – and he left himself wide open. Never expect a level playing field with the Feds. They nearly always get a conviction.

    JJ solari is right. Ever since Bruce Cutler manhandled them representing Gotti, they will target defense attorneys who aren’t seasoned and at the top of the heap.

  34. Paladin Says:

    I’m not sure I’m correct (Shyster or Sydney would know), but if the CLIENT was Hingle’s client and Hingle told his client about the warrants, I would think the attorney/client privilege would protect Hingle. But, because Hingle allegedly told Tausan, who I believe at the time wasn’t Hingle’s client, the attorney/client privilege didn’t exist. Again: Shyster or Sydney would know better than I.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  35. jj solari Says:

    going after the attorneys is something i think that started with john gotti. his lawyer was i think named cutler and he was making mincemeat of the “justice” system. i forget what ploy they used to keep him out of the picture but it must have been a good one cause it kept him out of the picture and he was hard to beat. but they came up with something.

  36. autisticsouls Says:

    @Rambler. I agrees not paranoia. At least not in that case. behavior modification. I know that well in its harshest terms but recognize it’s more subtle tactics on society as a whole. He’s being made into an example and it’s a warning to other attorneys’ that they can be targeted too. bullys are everywhere. But bullies in power is a very scary thing.

  37. autisticsouls Says:

    my concern is totalitarian tendencies that our current government is leaning towards, homogenizing society, eliminating free thinking, pc obsession. I don’t know how long people will be able to speak their minds if they have any minds left to think because the unthinking masses are too busy lobotomizing in front of tv and media.

    I am an autistic and by society’s definition I am too often a non person. weak and too often voiceless. but we are headed in a very scary direction when we see a system that will seek to destroy a certain group of people simply for who they are and any and all those connected to them. then we must consider that soon other groups of peoples will be next… and then other groups. Such as it is with totalitarian groups set to bully. oh my autistic mind. there was an opening scene of Pirates of The Caribbean the song Hoist the Colours where women and also a small child of a pirate is soon to be hung. I know its a Walt Disney Film and probably not fitting here but I’m a visual thinker and I have a simple but independent thinking child’s mind and I feel its a metaphor of what I see reflected in what is happening in society today…

  38. Sydney Says:


    You are most definitely NOT paranoid…at least not with what you said in your previous statement. I am currently a Judicial Studies Student working towards my law degree. My goal when I started my education was to give you guys a fighting chance against gang enhancements etc. I am now starting to see that they are going after club attorneys to make their point (just like you said). Not that it helps a whole lot because I still have a year of school and a bar exam to pass but I most definitely will not be backing down on who I decide to represent just because the feds are cry babies. I believe that you are 100% correct in your view of what is really going on.

  39. Shyster Says:

    Damn! I know Mike Hingle.


  40. Rambler Says:

    Smoke and mirrors. What are the chances this is a message being sent? Kind of a “Provide legal services to Club members and we’ll destroy you too.”. It has the potential to not only hinder attorneys but further poisons the jury pool. “See! Even their attorneys are crooks!”. Also it’s a clever way to bypass attorney-client privileges. I’ve been accused of being paranoid though so what the hell. Just my rambling thoughts.

  41. TigGirl Says:

    So, this means that every time a cop says “I don’t recall” when caught in a lie, it will be a federal offense? Not holding my breath.
    And then there’s the whole issue of which cop opened his mouth? Why isn’t he being prosecuted? Oh right, he doesn’t recall saying it.

  42. jj solari Says:

    i guess if you snitch to the police about a citizen you’re a good guy according to the law but if you snitch to the citizen about the police then youre a criminal. sounds like bolshevik russia and commie red china: the non cops are the bad guys and the cops are the true patriots.

  43. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Ultra Liberal Left wing Liars & Political Bullshit spewed forth by many-which will amount to Nothing. This case and the indictments & alleged charges will ALL be dropped /or Found without merit.

    Vince 1%ER

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