Updating The Indianapolis Outlaws Case

January 21, 2014

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The Racketeering case brought against 51 defendants associated with the American Outlaws Association in Indiana in July 2012 is almost completed.

Cases against 14 defendants remain officially open although one of those defendants, Jamie A. Bolinger was sentenced a week ago to serve 102 months in prison. After Bolinger was sentenced, United States Attorney Joseph H. Hogsett issued a press release that stated: “This office is committed to ending organized crime in Indianapolis, and Judge Walton-Pratt made clear today the serious consequences of participating in gang activity in this city. We hope these sentences send a loud message across the state: if you are peddling guns, drugs, and violence on our streets, federal law enforcement is coming for you.”

Joshua N. Bowser, Vance Canner, Bryan E. Glaze, Charles N. Ernstes, Joseph Maio, Jorge Diaz, James Stonebraker and Thomas Swan have all reached plea agreements with prosecutors that would mitigate the score of years in prison that can accompany a RICO conviction.

Christian J. Miller was found guilty at trial in September. Frank Jordan lost a trial in November. Neither man has yet been sentenced. The cases against Jorge Daniel Ledezma-Cruz and Jorge Sedeno-Callejas remain unresolved. The status of the case against Scharme L. Bollinger is unclear in the official record.

Clubhouses Remain Open

When the case began, federal officials declared their intentions to seize the AOA clubhouses in Fort Wayne and in Indianapolis. Both clubhouses remain open.

As is usual in Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations cases, virtually all of the defendants have had personal property including motorcycles seized by federal authorities.

The Department of Justice continues to try to seize the Indianapolis clubhouse. That attempt may continue for years more. The most recent hearing on that matter was last Thursday.

The Case

As usually happens, defendants were all charged twice, in initial and superseding indictments. The indictments described the “Outlaws Motorcycle Club” as an “international criminal organization.”

The government said the accused “engaged in criminal activity including the use and distribution of controlled substances, the use and threatened use of violence, extortion, firearms violations, obstruction of justice, illegal gambling and insurance fraud.” As is common in biker RICO cases the indictment charges defendants with “being persons employed by and associated with the OMC (Outlaws Motorcycle Club), an enterprise engaged in and the activities of which affected interstate commerce” and that they “did knowingly and unlawfully conduct and participate, directly and indirectly, in the conduct of the affairs of the OMC enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity within the meaning of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1961 (1) and (5).

Specific allegations included using the US Mail in a scheme to make false or contrived insurance claims; laundering the money obtained from the false insurance claims by buying a motorcycle and a Van; extorting the repayment of a loan; extorting a bar owner, distributing cocaine, morphine, methadone and Vicodin; discussing club business on the phone ( the charge is Unlawful Use of a Communications Facility); threatening an unnamed person who may have been a confidential informant; and running an illegal lottery.



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14 Responses to “Updating The Indianapolis Outlaws Case”

  1. michael tucher Says:

    I was robbed &strangled at Washington street & rural in indy,if would have strangled me for another 5 seconds,i’d be dead.i found out what this crack heads name was,were he bought his crack.the cops didn’t do anything.i seen him & chased after him thru the city twice,the damn cops was going to arrest me,cause I had a pry bar in my hand( I was working at garage on the corner were I was working. I bet if it was a cops son they would’ve got him,but I couldn’t any satisfaction.

  2. chromedome Says:

    just cant digest the whole unlawful use of communications bullshit. That has to be the weakest shit i ever heard. I just dont see how that could be a valid charge.


  3. Meh Says:

    Phuquehead is dead on regarding jury nullification.
    That should be taught in civics class, if those even still exist.

    A jury system is only as good as its jurors.

  4. BMW Says:

    I’m so glad to know that the Law Enforcement Officers in Indiana have things under control to the point they have the time to CREATE crimes. Sounds like the dildos in Illinois politics — where almost all the recent governors have gotten jail time themselves, also have time to act the fool and create new offenses.

    There is a cautionary tale here as well. There have been several cases in which a friendly poker game or an electronic game was used to fabricate a gambling charge against members of a MC. Most charitable fundraising activities are exempt from criminal prosecution — but not all. Since many organizations are using motorcycle raffles — my labor union does from time to time — why is it only illegal for a MC to do so? Indiana jurors tend to be pretty common-sense — did a jury agree with the charges?

  5. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Another Bullshit case which will end up with NOTHING for the Fucking Pigs and Faggot Feds.

    Vince 1%ER

  6. Snow Says:

    These aren’t indictments it’s a witch hunt. Keep turning things over and hopefully a boogeyman will eventually fall out.
    I am so disgusted by this I truly don’t know what more to say except jury nullification
    Best of luck to all prisoners of the system.
    Support Your Local
    FTF. FTP

  7. Jim666 Says:


  8. WARTHOG Says:

    Illinois has a bill out against poker runs, raffles, and 50/50 drawings. The gaming commission wants $400 for a license, $150 for each stop on a poker run, and 1/3 of the money collected. Now, which side of this is the criminal enterprise, again? Fuckin’ state pigs won’t even get behind this because it affects their fallen officer program.

    Fuck ’em.

    All the best to those fighting the good fight in Ft.Wayne and Indianapolis.




  9. Psych Says:

    Being a resident of Indiana it does my heart good knowing law Enforcement’s priority is to get “illegal” raffle tickets off the streets as opposed to taking care of the individual groups who are responsible for shootings along the canal and elsewhere throughout the city.

  10. IO Says:

    The Feds throw as much as they can at the wall and hopefully some of it sticks.

  11. Stevo Says:

    The image of that shrew-bitch Droban put me off my fucken bacon and eggs.

  12. Sieg Says:

    The FedBacon isn’t in the business of investigating, solving, or preventing crimes anymore, if they ever were. Tbeir only agenda now, unless something is tossed on their doorstep, is manufacturing crimes. Is a Brother down on his luck, can’t pay the mortgage? Shit, they’re right there with a sack o loot. Guy gets popped with a few grams of go-fast? Well hell…he can do football numbers or roll, and if he is offered a chance to plea, it’s with the proviso that his Patch is identified as a “criminal organization” or a “street gang”

    I can only hope the Boys have good lawyers and a good position.

    And what else, you say?



  13. Mike 184 Says:

    discussing club business on the phone ( the charge is Unlawful Use of a Communications Facility); threatening an unnamed person who may have been a confidential informant

    These two are such a damned stretch… You can make anything sound like club business on the phone…. “hey man, you pick up the meat and bread for the party??” “Aww hell yeah bro, and I got some cake too..”

    And the other one is such bullshit…. Rat gets caught trying to do shit to bring brothers down… gets threatened to beat it or get beat (Only cause he is a cop/rat/scum) and well you cop a charge cause you didn’t let their little game play out how the thought it should. Bullshit.

    And I am not speaking on/about/for this club in any way whatsoever, but BS is BS…..

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Too bad it’s cost prohibitive to put ads on teevee and billboards trying to teach people about Jury Nullification. That fucked up RICO act law thing needs to be fucking annihilated and shoved up prosecutors’ and judges’ asses…sideways.

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