Kingman Biker Suit Continues

January 20, 2014

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The civil rights lawsuit filed by Melissa Summerson against the city of Kingman, Arizona continues to crawl its way through the U.S. Court for the District of Arizona.

The straightforward case has entered its discovery phase and 14 witnesses have been notified that they will be deposed. Twelve of the deposition notices were filed last Friday. The deadline for discovery is February 28. No biker “experts” will be deposed and the case is unlikely to reach trial. The matter may be settled as early as May Day.

Summerson was fired from her job as a personnel administrator on December 28, 2012 because her husband was a member of the Desert Road Riders Motorcycle Club.


Summerson’s firing was part of a widespread witch hunt that began after a fist fight between alleged members of the Vagos and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Clubs at Lazy Harry’s Lounge in Bullhead City, Arizona on December 23, 2011.

An Arizona police force called the Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission decided to pursue enforcement opportunities against Harley riders in Northwestern Arizona and particularly in Kingman. The police force with the absurd name refers to itself as GIITEM, which is supposed to pronounced like the word that urges dogs to fight. It is widely called the State Gang Task Force.

After the fight at Lazy Harry’s GIITEM urged Kingman to initiate a virtual ban on club patches. The following summer local and state police began harassing anyone wearing any patch. Victims of the harassment included Patriot Guard Riders and members of HOG.

The Suit

Melissa Summerson began working for Kingman in 1996. Her husband William joined the Desert Road Riders in 2004. His membership in the club was well known and did not become an issue until after the GIITEM enforcement initiative began. The Desert Road Riders is widely considered to be a family club. Members wear a one piece patch and convicted felons are prohibited from joining.

Two weeks before Melissa Summerson was fired her boss drafted a letter that read in part: “You are an associate of a documented Criminal Street Gang, Desert Road Riders a documented support club of the Hell’s Angels, under A.R.S. 13-105. As such, your association with Criminal Street Gangs causes us great concern. Because Criminal Street Gangs are known to have strict rules which controls (sic) the behavior and functions of its members, your access to confidential information is in direct conflict with the role of Human Resources.”

The Summersons maintain that there is nothing criminal about the Desert Road Riders and that Americans have the right to join any law abiding group they want.



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34 Responses to “Kingman Biker Suit Continues”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    Yeah, she fucked up and settled for way too little and also didn’t make every single shit-stain involved have troubles with the justice system and cause changes to be made so this kind of shit doesn’t happen ever again. What a shame.

  2. Sydney Says:

    I am sure Rebel is working on his story right now…I just wanted to share what was published in our local paper this morning. As we all thought she won/settled for $50,000.00. Personally, I think that she should have gotten a lot more than that.
    Here is the link for anyone interested:

  3. BMW Says:

    The only way the lawsuit will stop this extra-judicial harassment (what court decided that the club was a support club rather than a family club?) would be for a jury to issue a spectacular damage award — although the judge would probably reduce it to $1, since he’s PART of the local power structure…

  4. ghost Says:

    anyone employed by giitem should seriously consider suicide!!!!

  5. autisticsouls Says:

    jj solari Says:
    January 21st, 2014 at 3:52 pm
    the easier it is to get charged with a felony the easier it is to disarm the citizenry. since bikers are the only citizens actually willing to fight they need to be disarmed first.

    that’s exactly what I see happening and very true. I guess why i’m here. because bikers are the only ones standing up and fighting back.

  6. autisticsouls Says:

    i have read comments here. i as an autistic have learned to fear police and those in authority who made us suffer in protecting us from ourselves. treat us like mindless children when again and again we are proven aware. . you are more eloquent people and a tough people. on your bikes. so bold and defiant. we so love watching you ride by. we love cars and freeways. you that are strong can stand up to them bullys. don’t stop as the masses of sheep sleep along. we that have autism are weak and too often without voice. but you are still strong and defiant.

    here is a story of an 11 year old girl who was tasered by police.

  7. autisticsouls Says:

    JJ Solari says: “Which would certainly explain things, why everything is the exact opposite of the way it should be. a police officer sees everyone who is not a police officer as prey. he attacks and destroys strangers who are doing things of no threat to him personally. such as owning things. such as arguing. such as calling a cop the asshole he is. that REALLY steams them. you dare to call me your divine authority a name?..”

    uh huh. and please visit this site.

  8. Sydney Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you about them. There are so many REAL clubs I would rather have in my town. Instead we are stuck the the Iron Rockets and their Rocket Girls and of course there is another “club” here in town as the Tri-City Rough Riders…they definitely aren’t LE associated but they definitely aren’t a REAL club either. I just figured since I have more information on the Iron Rockets than I ever wanted to know that I would share what I know with the rest of you guys. Maybe my useless knowledge will come in handy one day lol


  9. Sydney Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you about them. There are so many REAL clubs I would rather have in my town. Instead we are stuck the the Iron Rockets and their Rocket Girls and of course there is another “club” here in town as well call the Tri-City Rough Riders…

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sydney – The Iron Shit-stainhood, Ironing Odor, Ironing Sockpuppets nor the Ironing Poke-ettes are real clubs. They do not deserve to be called ‘club’ in any sense of the word other than they ‘club’ together like pigs will do when one or any of them can’t take care of any shit they start on their own to make sure their badges are showing and assholes and elbows are the last things you see of them.

  11. Jim666 Says:

    So far I havnt heard of any east coast COC involved in save the patch . but am looking into it around here .

  12. Sydney Says:


    The Iron Brotherhood started the bar fight in a no colors bar on Prescott’s Whiskey Row (about 150 miles from Kingman). Iron Brotherhood is a Law Enforcement club for sure. The Iron Order claims that they are guys from all walks of life including construction workers, law enforcement, doctors lawyers etc. The Iron Rockets are a faction of Iron Order. They weren’t allowed to join the Iron Order because they ride “crotch rockets” (not an actual motorcycle in my opinion). However, Iron Order didn’t feel it was fair to deny “good Brothers” just because of what they chose to ride. Thus, Iron Rockets was born. The Iron Rockets also have a support group for their girlfriends/wives called the “Rocket Girls”. Of course I do not name sources for obvious reasons but, the information I have came from a high ranking IRMC member.

  13. ocmouse22 Says:

    Hey screwdriver just email it to me @ [email protected] anyone that needs info on SAFE THE PATCH or needs COC help or info can send me a email. We really need the help of the 1% clubs to make all this work. Because its us they are coming after FIRST! To the smaller clubs if you think you can hide you’re wrong after they’re done with us they will come after you so get involved and help. And if you are a club who thinks they can’t be touched or have a lot of money to do it by yourself your wrong! We all have to stand together, every club from the east coast to the west coast.

  14. CN Says:

    Call me stupid (I know, redundant), but is this the same Arizona Town where that Iron Order Law Enforcment “motorcycle club” Chapter went bat shit and started beating up citizens, but only one of them actually got busted or some such nonsense? I mean, if so then is there any chance that the Local Town Fathers are taking out their frustration, embarassment and humilation on the Family Clubs to send a message that if their boys in blue can’t play Billy Bad Ass Biker then nobody can? “Y’all like hanging around them Crimnals’ & talking sheeeeit bout our hard workin’ Publick Sirvents when they shove y’all around, well feel the heat”! I mean, if you can’t hang with the big boys, bully the the small fries cause it’s a big ol play ground right? I live in a really small Town, probably a lot smaller than this one. Shit happens for a reason most times. Seems like a lot more might happen in Act Two or would that be Act Three?

  15. Screwdriver Says:

    ocmouse22, hit me up. bill kennedy and i have a radio show to get the word out.. Bernie County Boys has my number..

  16. Screwdriver Says:

    ocmouse22, hit us up. bill kennedy and i have a radio show to get the word out.. Bernie County Boys has my number.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    @ocmouse22 – I’ll holler and see what can be done from that point on.

  18. Sydney Says:

    OC Vago,

    Welcome to the craptastic town I live in…The Iron Rockets appeared here after their current President moved back to town in July of 2013. He was part of the Iron Rockets Chapter in the Eagle Alaska area while he was serving in the Army. He came back to town and by November they had a Chapter and a clubhouse in my town. There are so many other clubs I can think of that I would rather have in my town…lol. My question is how in the hell can the President of the Kingman Chapter be the President if he’s still riding around town flying his Alaska Rocker??? Just a thought. I also find it funny that they say that the Iron Rockets are law abiding…I know for a fact that their Kingman President has been in more trouble in his 27/28 years than I have in my 30 years and I used to hang out in some pretty sketchy places. Their President is the type of guy you would expect to join the Army because the Judge says Army or prison time. This is a smaller town and everyone knows everyone or at the very least everyone has heard of everyone else. I was hoping that the Iron Rockets would just go away unfortunately, it seems they aren’t having a problem finding new members around here.

  19. jj solari Says:

    the easier it is to get charged with a felony the easier it is to disarm the citizenry. since bikers are the only citizens actually willing to fight they need to be disarmed first. overriding the 2nd amendment – which is basically impotent anyway – in a “legal” way keeps the idiotic and ineffective NRA at bay. it’s legal to violate the second amendment with felons because they are not “under the constitution” because they are not part of “we the people.” they are part of some outside entity, as far as the supreme court is concerned.

  20. Mike 184 Says:

    I am glad that someone has gone after the FUZZ here and dragged their asses into court, although I think that it will little to no good outcome fot the Clubs in the area, 1% or not.

    Yeah, that is almost comical about the Convicted Felon thing, and then trying to set them up as a 1% club. Shit, I have been told that you can get charged with a Felony if you choke someone out (Rear naked – or sleeper hold for you wrestler types) to stop a dude from stabbing someone up….. JJ I agree with you, no sense of right or wrong.

  21. Bill Says:

    CN: I think your post really gets to the meat of the matter here. The attempted “solution” is sloppy and contradictory. She is basically relying on the same system that she is fighting to do the fighting for her. I’m wondering though what she should have done to prevent this. I’m thinking she should have found another employer to begin with, but since she started the job 8 yrs before her husband joined the club, that wouldn’t have seemed an issue at that time. Or, once fired for her “guilt by association”, she should simply have gone down proudly and loudly in flames. Or perhaps this club is attempting to have it “both ways”, and maybe that’s the problem. Any ideas? There are some blurred lines here and I appreciate your well-stated insights. Respects. Thanks

  22. ocmouse22 Says:

    Hey phuquehed myself and the chairman in the SoCal COC have a passion for the COC and returning it to its original purpose to give clubs a place to settle issues and fight together for our rights. We will be making our way around to see if we can help other COC’s get back on track and to get all COC’s to talk to each oother. Contact us on our web site its a big job and we need people to help.

  23. jj solari Says:

    they would of course accuse the citizenry of doing all this. the mafia has been doing this sort of thing since day one. it’s called “a protection scheme.” the difference is with the mafia you actually get some measure of actual protection off and on. because, unlike the police, the mafia actually has SOME sense of decency.

  24. jj solari Says:

    every law enforcement job in america should be discontinued. but you know what would happen if something that normal occurred; cops and marshals and agents would the next day create so much destruction across the usa it would make 9-11 look like a livingroom Legos mishap.

  25. Docb Says:

    “To a hammer everything is a nail”. Even a riding club. Hope they get their asses handed to them in court but not holding my breath

  26. PigPen Says:

    now that HOG chapters are getting harassed too, now there is a strong chance some publicity might come of it. Think about your average HOG member. might be a doctor or a lawyer, might even be someone that works in a political office somewhere. I know they don’t listen to us greasy bikers, but I know that some rich doctor, wearing a HOG patch on his $35K CVO Bagger and plays golf with the mayor isn’t going to be ignored by the press.
    And I sure as hell hope they the pork is treating all “clubs” the same way and all. I would hate to think the super extra hard core thugs in the ironing panties are not being given special treatment. That would just be biased, and prove our point of being profiled.
    Although the thought of some jerk off IO asshat or the doctor with a HOG patch face down with a boot on the back of their neck does make me chuckle.

  27. Phuquehed Says:

    With luck the pigs, ironing odor, Kingman’s politicians, etc will all come out with highly widened assholes from this and will have learned that they are *NOT* above the law and shouldn’t be making such stupid decisions/laws anymore.

    On another note, the COC here for some reason just doesn’t seem to be active hardly at all…at least by visiting the main website two times per week. Not sure if anyone on it is watching what’s happening in CA or not or if planning to do similar things like rally’s and such are in the works. Unfortunately I can’t afford the dues to join up. Not sure if I could help much anyway since I’m a soldier and not a leader/officer in any sense of the term.

  28. jj solari Says:

    “….being proactive in reducing crime….” hahahahaha to a cop that means arresting you before you do something HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking psycho asshole mental patients.

  29. jj solari Says:

    you have predicted that her life will be one endless harassment by the cops. and of course you are correct. cops are predators. on a normal human planet the cops would be the ones in prison. the citizens would be rounding them up by the wagonloads and taking them out to the Gobi to unload them with the other reptiles and crows. On this planet the citizens pay the predators to attack them, as though this planet was under some sort of perverted curse. Which would certainly explain things, why everything is the exact opposite of the way it should be. a police officer sees everyone who is not a police officer as prey. he attacks and destroys strangers who are doing things of no threat to him personally. such as owning things. such as arguing. such as calling a cop the asshole he is. that REALLY steams them. you dare to call me your divine authority a name? this is how they think. not a-one of them can spell cat or add a column of figures or relate to a non cop. Non cops are prey. Non cops are some sub species of idiot. i cant really blame them for having that attitude I suppose, the so called Good Citizenry seems to think these asshole fuckheads are absolutely necessary to the smooth running of society, that if you dont have predators collecting people at 4 in the morning and arranging to have them incarcerated for 25 years for owning a chemical compound – if you dont have this you have chaos. in my universe that IS the chaos: the cops.

  30. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    What the Fuck?

    Welcome to our newest Iron Rockets Chapter Kingman Arizona

    “It is the mission of the Kingman Police Department to maintain a high quality of life for our residents and visitors, through an active partnership with the community, by being proactive in reducing crime, apprehending criminal offenders, and aggressively addressing all public safety concerns.”


  31. Sydney Says:


    Once again, thank you so much for reporting this. You have once again managed to report more than our local newspaper on this. You would think that this would be considered a major news story in a community as small as this however, the paper here only tells half the story and they always manage to spin the story to make the City look good and Melissa look bad. With the way that she is being treated around here you would think that she leaked addresses for our local law enforcement officers…around here every resident knows where the cops live because they park their squad cars in their driveways for everyone to see. But, that’s definitely besides the point right now. My point is that you have once again come through for us with a great story that actually involves the facts.

    The citizens here in Kingman are ultimately going to end up paying for Melissa’s settlement, and attorney’s fees for both her and for our city. Personally I believe that she is going to win and I believe that she ultimately deserves too. Our City Officials have ultimately become more trouble than they are worth. They have been on a Witch hunt for any and all patch holders and their friends and family as Rebel said. Their witch hunt has been going on fairly quietly since the 2002 River Run incident in Laughlin, Nevada. In 2008/2009 they started investigating more and more and now they have started firing anyone they think might pose a threat or cause a problem all without cause (in my opinion) but, since Arizona is a “right to work state” the city can essentially do whatever they want without the fear of repercussions. For once, this is going to be one tax increase that I will be happy to pay. Unfortunately in a town this small Melissa will now have a target on her back for the rest of her life all because she is standing up for herself. The local police and the local sheriff’s department will do what they normally do around here and harass Melissa, her husband and any members of the DRRMC all because the city screwed up. I really do hope that she wins…she deserves it.


  32. jj solari Says:

    Ya know, there isn’t a law an American cop would not enforce because American cops – and all law enforcement officers of any stripe in this Country – American cops are devoid of any sense of right and wrong. They enforce the law and if the law says you are required to kill all orphans in an orphanage and you do not obey that law, American cops will arrest you. This is because American cops have the internal substance and backbone of child molesters, the empathy of Muslim enforcers of Sharia, and the ambition of toothless inbreds living in the hills of Maine and holding kidnap victims in the cellar chained to the pipes. If there is anything lower than an American law enforcement officer it is living in a tent in Pakistan and eating the hearts of Hindus and fucking the children of Buddhists. An American cop and all their associated and inter-agency associates, whether county or municipal or state or federal or cops working for the thousands of law-writing agencies and departments and God Knows What regulatory agencies, if the fucker is drawing a paycheck from American citizens – the same people he is arresting – then he is pretty much announcing over a bullhorn that he has no virtue, no merit, no conscience, no education, no knowledge, no integrity, no pride, no honor and probably no erections unless a cross dresser passes by. If there is anything lower or more uselessly foul than an American cop it is not walking on dry land, it is swimming with prehistoric flippers through swamp bacteria and making wriggling forays through the mud and onto the land just long enough to shit and piss and grab a bite to eat from the stomach of a maggot-filled piece of carrion and then scoot back into the algae engulfed pond it calls home.

  33. CN Says:

    How long have we been telling H.O.G & all the other “mainstream” or “family” Clubs that they are next and no they don’t listen. Known Associates is a broad brush to paint with. But the real problem here is the use of the Courts to find justice. Like calling the Cops, it seldom ends well. The Courts are rigged and the Cops are dirty. Nobody listens. “Well, we are law abiding citizens so we’ve got nothing to hide”. Don’t worry, once something is planted on you, you will. Nobody listens. About the only good thing to come of this will be a larger number of slightly used bikes suddenly for sale and at “just get rid of that damned thing” prices. TOSIAR or we just keep watching this gradual erosion of our individualism/freedom TOSIAR! But, if I were a Desert Road Rider I’d figure out which side I’m on. If they want to distance themselves from 1%’er MC’s fine, next event or fund raiser plainly state “NO 1%’ers” or “Not affiliated with any Criminal Motorcycle Gangs”. If they show up anyway have your trusted Cops and the Courts GET EM’! Y’all can’t have it both ways. Figure out what you are, be yourself CONSISTANTLY within the “motorcycle community” and then bring your fliers/disclaimers to your trusted Courts. Sleep well. Serve & Protect. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! You buy the crap, watch the crap, wear the crap and represent to others that you are the crap but when the heat calls you on your crap you haul ass to the Courts? Do you wear your crap to Court or is it “better advised” to impress the Judge that you “respect the court” (you know, blazer, long sleeve shirt, tie, kakkis, penny loafers). “See Your Honor, my stupid Husband cleans up real good. He’s just like you! Basically you’re telling the Courts you do not have any association with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and you can prove it? You should be so honored and probably would have been thrilled to ride beside one before you got noticed. Do you or your Husband consider themselves Bikers? If so or not, what is your definition of Biker? You don’t allow convicted felons in your “club”? Really? How do you check? Access to an NCIC data base indicates law enforcment, or maybe you use one of those scam sites that charge for criminal records checks, either way why? If a guy did his time, his alleged debt is paid right? Do you allow men with prior DUI convictions or are they permenently scared too? Instead of denying your friendship or association with 1%’er MC’s you should be shouting not only “Yeah, but HELL YEAH, What’s it to ya”? Cigarettes have killed more people than any 1%’er Club ever could, anybody smoke in your “club”? Y’all got this ass backwards. If by chance you actually may have bought an 81 Support shirt or had a good conversation with one of their membership or maybe shared a beer or a meal at the same table count yourself fortunate, that’s a privilage denied to many. Did one see you stranded by the side of the road and stop to assist you? Did you shout, “Oh Hell No. Get lost loser! I’ve got AAA, AARP & we’ve called the Police who told us to stay put as they are very busy but will get to us when their shift change ends. We bought the H-D roadside Protection Program from Eagle Bank at 7.6% interest. What do you mean he hit the kill switch instead of the directional. Oh Wow, it works!” Hopefully you’ll reap what you sow. Hopefully you’ll win in your Court & get your job back. But for now, call the Cycle Trader and remember it’s the price OBO. Please have the oil changed (DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF).

  34. Paladin Says:

    It goes without saying that in the theater of the absurd, most anything can happen. That said; I’m delusional enough to think that the city of Kingman, its police department, and Summerson’s boss are all going to get spanked on this one.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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