The Devils Ride Returns

January 18, 2014

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The absurd, existential, mind experiment called The Devils Ride will return for a six episode season on Monday, February 3 at 10 p.m.

This is the third season the show has aired on Discovery. It was originally promoted as “a real life Sons of Anarchy.” It featured a family friendly, three piece patch club in San Diego called the Laffing Devils.

The show is produced by Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, LLC. One of the company’s founders, Eric Bischoff, is the author of a book titled Controversy Creates Cash and that succinct philosophy seems to explain most of what will appear in the third season.

The marketing strategy for this production has always been to stubbornly claim that The Devils Ride is a look inside the secret world of outlaws. The Laffing Devils are dramatically opposed by something called the Sinister Mob Syndicate Motorcycle Club. Both clubs and all their indicia are the intellectual property of Bischoff Hervey. Neither is actually a motorcycle club as the term is understood by anyone who has ever had a conversation with a real, live Hells Angel, Mongol, Vago, Bandido, Son, Pagan, Warlock or Outlaw.

Episode One

The February 3 episode is titled “The Ultimatum.” According to Discovery, “A rivalry between two San Diego motorcycle clubs – Sin Mob and the Laffing Devils – led to chaos on the streets and attracted the attention of some dangerous players in the MC world. When armed thugs strip the two club presidents of their cuts, the clubs look for answers and brace for conflict.” Presumably, the show will dramatize the patch pulling. As a matter of fact, before it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Bischoff Hervey, the Laffing Devils MC was a member of the San Diego Confederation of Clubs. The club was expelled after it was featured on this television show.

The official synopsis continues: “The Laffing Devils club prez Danny Boy re-enlists Sandman, who’s out on bail, awaiting trial for an attempted murder charge. Despite his delicate legal status, Sandman seizes the office of Sgt-At-Arms.” The “Sandman” character is portrayed by amateur actor Robert Johnston. In December 2012 Johnston was arrested after breaking into his estranged wife Melissa’s home and stabbing a man sitting on her couch multiple times in the back. Johnston (photo above) pled not guilty last April to charges of attempted murder, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and making a criminal threat.

Viewers of the February 3 episode will also watch, “Danny Boy risk mixing blood and business when he takes in his nephew as the newest prospect. Meanwhile Sin Mob regroups under club prez Rockem, but VP Bubba has doubts about the violent direction the club is taking. Both clubs head to a car show and there they get a message from one of the most legendary one-percent clubs in the world. It’s a brutal ultimatum: there can be only one red and gray club in San Diego, and if the Devils and Sin Mob don’t settle it they’ll both be wiped out.”

There’s More

In subsequent episodes, the two ersatz clubs will react “to an ultimatum from one of the most legendary motorcycle clubs.” The Laffing Devils will be shown throwing a party to raise funds for Johnston’s defense. The Laffing Devils and the Sinister Mob Syndicate will have a showdown in the desert. Then they will “face a possible rat within their ranks, and may be walking into a trap as they move forward with a plan to take out their rival club once and for all.”

This nonsense will continue until about 11 p.m. Pacific on March 10. If the real world has been too much with you recently and this is your drug of choice, enjoy.



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71 Responses to “The Devils Ride Returns”

  1. Gage Osborne Says:

    I was locked up with Robert Sandman, not only is he a stand up guy but he’s a very respectful person. Sure publicity is a major factor but all in all isn’t drama based on reality events. If it wasn’t effective unfortunately then this story wouldn’t be popular.

  2. Shyster Says:

    Just saw it. Fucken shame. Everyone sells out for “reality” TV.


  3. patch adams Says:

    before long you will be able to buy those patches at their gift shop!! the creator of this show is laffing at use for paying attention.ATTENTION HE WANTED ATTENTION HE GOT!! guess they will put OCC back on!

  4. bargunner Says:

    Saw last night’s episode and the laffs continue if for nothing else, the obvious stupidity of allowing a camera to record all of this alleged illicit activity perpetrated by the show’s characters. Sandman is out on bail. He wears a GPS tracking ankle bracelet as part of his provisional release on bail. He waxes poetic about how his greatest fear is losing his family and kids. And yet one of the first things he does is show up at his MC’s clubhouse where (on camera, no less) he seizes the position of Sergeant at Arms, even though both the act of showing up at the clubhouse and taking an active role in it’s hierarchy would be violations of his conditional release and send him back to the lockup.

    In the separate scenes where the two club presidents, Danny Boy and Rockem, are assaulted at gunpoint by one percenters, and Danny Boy is even kidnapped. All of this is being captured on camera, and yet the gunmen take no notice of the cameraman. Is he hidden? Not likely, but actors never look at the camera anyway, right? BTW, why is it that no one on this show can actually land a punch?

  5. KELLY Says:

    Saw the new episode! damn so pathetic, these guys have more hats and t shirts than they do members? Then they prove they know little about Harleys by saying the front cylinder runs cooler! Uhhh nope maybe things have changed but for many years the front cylinder ran slightly hotter than the rear even though it caught the air, because of the timing! Now it’s about time the red and white stepped in and spanked these fools because this show is an embarrassment to all bikers in San Diego, but to do so on camera? So now these losers will have to play kumbaya and make up, please that’s crap. One more thing there are not that many veterans in either of these clubs, maybe if there were they would have more balls!

    In closing they gave up their patches like little girls, even a non one percent club member should put up a hell of a fight to keep his patch and these guys just rolled over! Pathetic! too bad the R&W didn’t pull all their patches! Oh yeah in case anyone forgot to tell Rockem, when you leave a one percent club you are no longer a one percenter fool!

  6. Oldskewl Says:

    ^^ There isn’t a judge or lawyer in the world that would let me sit on a jury which doesn’t bother me in the least.


  7. Mag Says:

    Would like to share a very strong opinion here.

    Jury service is just as important as voting or having an opinion. Whether it’s to slam down justice or to nullify the State, it’s critical.

    Soap, ballot, jury, cartridge. Don’t leave out steps and escalate to the next. The nation depends on it.

    Or rather, what’s left of the nation depends on it.

    Respect to all. I appreciate serving on a jury is costly and expensive pain in the ass that interrupts work, family and leisure pursuits. And listening to prosecutors and defense attorneys and judges argue stupidities feels like a waste of time. But as Base notes, the real world results of your participation can be cataclysmically significant.

    Just as speaking your mind can shift the people.

    Just as voting can change the leaders.

    Just as nullification can stymie the enforcers.

    Just as gunfire can result in freedom.

  8. Slick Says:

    To Base; great post. My experience as well when I did jury duty. The prosecutors wanted a conviction when it was obvious prison for the person involved was just dumb.

    As for the Devil’s Ride, nothing about it is reality.

    Rebel, love this website and thanks for doing it. Much respect.


  9. Base Says:

    It’s called television programming for a reason.

    Jury nullification is a good way to push back.

    Being selected twice my self, the first time I thought what a pain in the ass this was going to be. But glad I served because the case was over a nonviolent crime from a young women who was obviously a junky and in a bad way and needed treatment not prison. If it had not been for myself & one other on the jury they other jurors would have swallowed what they were spoon fed by the prosecution and sent her up the river with out a paddle for 20 years.

    I saw this women again 9 months later. Speaking with her she revealed that her lawyer & family got her into treatment and she was fighting the good fight.

    Several years passed and while attended a fund raiser for couple out reach type organization’s who should I see working one of the tables? Yep. This same women. She was a counselor at the halfway house for recovering addicts & very passionate about her job.

    My point? Where the local prosecution & others wanted to send this women to prison, myself & others decided they were wrong and gave her the chance she needed. And she turned it around.

    The 2nd time I was called for jury duty I willing accepted. It involved another nonviolent crime.But the trial never happened because of misconduct on the part of the prosecution & the investigating officers. I found out a couple weeks later there had been evidence tampering.



    I just recently read an article pertaining to the dangers of drinking.
    SCARED the sh!t out of me!

  11. Bill Says:

    Erudite Hillbilly: Thank you very much. Also belated thanks to JJ Solari and Stroker. This is fine writers’ company here. It’s an honor just to read this site, much less contribute a bit.


    RESPECTS to REBEL & all the real folk here.
    I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve shaken my head in puzzlement,…… and have
    wondered how it took so long to find the SAGE of REBEL.
    I’ve read for a while & just had to say that I truly enjoy your journalese!
    Keep up the good fight & exposing the truths.
    Tis a sad world we live in these days, and you give a glimmer of hope
    that the world isn’t completely bonkers.(At least some of us aren’t)

  13. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    I did some digging on that Reality Check documentary Rebel shared above and it turns out that it couldn’t get funding. Probably about as popular as a Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus debunking documentary. Like those two, we already know reality TV is fake and don’t need a documentary to show us that. Well, most of us anyway as it appears Brandon is ready to sit on Ralph’s lap again and tell him he’s been a good boy…

    Brandon Sharp ‏@BrandonSharp16 Jan 27
    One week left until this sh!t is about to get real #TheDevilsRide I am so ready can’t f%$king wait @SinMobMC @crapgrizzsays @RRKnockout

    Unfortunately I’ll miss all the excitement this season though as I shut off my satellite service. I’m sure I’ll be able to handle the disappointment though. I’ve been reading a lot more since I shut it off and rekindled my love affair with books.

  14. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Bill, I enjoyed your jury duty narrative as much as I enjoy reading Rebel’s posts. Good job and thanks for sharing that.

  15. Justin Says:

    @ghost gipsy has been cleared from that whole child molester deal

  16. BMW Says:

    Two wildly different points:
    #1–The Discovery Channel, History Channels 1 AND 2, Animal Planet, and The (mis)Learning Channel are totally rotten, serving up poison for the benefit of the companies that own them and Law Enforcement.

    Absolute Crapola — 24/7 — without exception. Look at the fakes they have presented:
    Gangland — total Law enforcement PR — mostly a rolling advertisement for Cook’s fake “law enforcement seminar” company
    Devils Ride — obviously made-up stories that make anyone who rides on two wheels sick
    On Animal Planet — supposedly a home for people who LIKE animals — the “Turtle Man” was recently exposed in Mother Jones Magazine for killing and terrorizing animals
    The equally insane “Appalachian Outlaws” claims to show the truth of the wild ginseng trade — but instead focuses on more obviously criminal behavior — if it were real, the actors would be wanted by the police — just like “The Dildos Ride” actors

    Remember the program that promised to “tell the truth” about a large motorcycle club — they lied, of course? I think it had more writers than actors, and the actors really sucked. The script-writers sucked even more. It was produced by an actual “Wrestling” production company. I heard the MC actually SUED to stop them from showing the resulting “reality”, and only lost because one of their former officers actually signed (why?) a two-page contract with the wrestling producers.

    And on and on — there are dozens of examples now showing on each of these channels…Fake shows producing fake “reality” for people who are too stupid to know how to Google information on the programs or the invented “facts”.

    #2 As @Sieg said,
    January 20th, 2014 at 6:12 am

    “We should all TRY to get picked for jury duty whenever possible. Jury abnegation is one of the last freedoms we have. If everyone served when called to jury duty, and refused to convict defendants who reflected their values, it would further weaken an already failing “just-us” system.”

    One major east-coast construction union will pay its members to take jury duty — but only if they have attended a voluntary course on “critical thinking”. The union figures that its members will never get a fair deal if the people on the juries don’t include construction workers who have learned to think critically. That sounds like a great idea to me…I would argue that until working, blue collar workers serve on juries, we will get all the absurd results we see in the news everyday. Most blue-collar workers can’t afford to take off for two weeks (my county pays them a generous $6 a day, last time I checked) but white collar workers usually DO get paid while on jury duty — their bosses know the importance of having those views represented in the jury pool.

    I haven’t studied the details of the arguments for jury nullification, but the right of a jury to refuse to return a verdict against a defendant that should not have been charged is a vital cornerstone of Anglo-American jurisprudence.

  17. jcfromnj Says:

    RVN69: your last sentence would make great ink. The producers of this show go back to the late 60’s early 70’s Biker exploitation flicks. I’ll recheck my collection of Biker Trash Movies to give some reference’s…

  18. VINCE 1%er Says:

    No Disrespect to REBEL :
    This Site/Blog has TOO Many ASSHOLES & POSEURS Responding to such drivel as this topic.

  19. ghost Says:

    what ever happened with gipsy’s child molester allegations???

  20. ghost Says:

    I cant believe that this show is still on the teee veee!!!!

  21. slycechyx Says:

    Out on a ride with my HOG chapter, a young couple asked if they could take our picture because we looked like SOA. Dafuq? Really? I said, yeah but the difference is we can kick their asses. HOG might be know as wimpy, but us old wimpy fucks could take on the sons.
    & this show, the Laffing Mob, or what ever, will influance how many more wrong options of people on motorcycles?

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