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January 14, 2014

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The biker Unification Rally in Sacramento came off without a hitch this weekend. Whether it made any difference or not remains to be seen.

Somewhere between two and three thousand motorcycle enthusiasts peacefully assembled at the California State House. It was a photogenic rally. Members of at least a half dozen three-piece-patch clubs including the Hells Angels, Boozefighters, Henchmen, Grand Fathers, Hessians and the Marines participated. Despite all those great photo opportunities, news coverage was still slight.

The Sacramento rally was one bucket in a big international wave of biker protests this month. There will be more rallies in Australia and Western Europe on January 26. All the demonstrations will protest the profound transformation in the relationship between the governments of the western democracies and their citizens. The boundaries of the motorcycle outlaw frontier are shrinking fast. The real question is whether protesters still matter.

There is a precedent in California for motorcycle clubs to lobby and protest against overbearing state regulation of personal conduct. The Hells Angels helped lead the fight against the helmet law in the Golden State from the early 70s until the law finally went into effect in 1991. In ’91, state legislators used the Angels’ lurid public image to convince their fellow politicians to enact the law. The reasoning was that if the Angels opposed the law good people should be for it.

Last Saturday’s demonstrators were concerned with a handful of unexceptional issues that have been on the bikers rights agenda for years: Helmets, motorcycle emissions, exhaust noise, frame and other modifications, license plate placement and helmets. But the big issue, the one that has drawn one percenters into this political game, is the continued right to wear a patch.


Long ago, in the early 50s, club insignia were worn on jackets. Those words and symbols were a two-edged sword. They gave potential opponents and troublemakers fair warning about who they were about to cross but they also made it easy for cops to spot potential arrestees. The solution to the police problem was to buy a cheap second jacket – usually made of denim – cut the sleeves off, wear it over your good leather jacket and wear your patch on the back of your cutoff jacket or “cut.” Eventually, cuts evolved into something with a symbolic importance rivaling the American flag.

For about the last seven years policemen in several countries have tried a variety of strategies to force club members to take off or cover over their patches. This year in Australia, politicians have actually outlawed 25 motorcycle clubs and the ban has been buttressed by much Orwellian newspeak and a sophisticated propaganda campaign.

The United States Department of Justice has also tried this blunt force approach with the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The idea in Los Angeles is to get a famously dim-witted federal judge to declare the Mongols to be a criminal racket and then seize their club insignia. The proposed forfeiture is blatantly unconstitutional but reasonableness is not the point. The point is to hound the Mongols as unreasonably as possible until the club runs out of money to defend itself.

Motorcycle Rider Conspicuity

Unfortunately, the Department of Justice isn’t the only government agency at war with motorcycle clubs. Both the Department of Homeland Security and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are going after the patches. The NHTSA may actually be the greatest threat all clubs, including HOG, face to preserving their group identities.

Here comes the issue of motorcycle rider conspicuity. There is growing sentiment among government bureaucrats that motorcycle riders would be safer if they were more visible. It is true that most motorists who run over bikers claim they never saw them. So, the NHTSA thinks we would all be safer if we were forced to wear high visibility shirts when we ride. From there it is just a matter of drafting the rider conspicuity laws so club members cannot legally wear their cuts over the new, mandatory, orange and neon green shirts.

Rider conspicuity laws are something that traditional biker rights lobbying can affect. They are also the reason why motorcycle clubs have a renewed interest in political lobbying. Forewarned is forearmed.

The photo at the top of this story is courtesy Kevin at Save The Patch



42 Responses to “Bikers United”

  1. Slick Says:

    Of course there wasn’t much news coverage. Let one biker do something legal but seemingly wrong and the news media will have a feeding frenzy. The cops and the politicians will posture and say new laws are needed. The real irony of it is more crime and more people are killed by guys in three piece suits than wear three piece patches. More honor among the patch holders too.

    Respect to all patch holders. Last stand of freedom is what you represent.

  2. fayettenamhoe Says:

    irrelevant how i fell, peace umungst the brothers who ride, its allways a blood stain, –hatches always fly, barely any trust amongst yre friends, there ain’t no shortage of ammo, the kneez to the groin, stains on the sheets, a curse is only a curse until they let it go,, babe, babe, baby, let our children pass the the blood, till it never ends, if you folks need a common enemy, then were all equal in the eye’s of the harley, money is a joke, no chrome or death sentence involed, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm money? hahahahaha , grow up, one day the man you hate is the one you look at in the mirror, and your not the only one, your woman and child may look at you too, and ask? why ddoes daddy hate sso mutch? and fuck me, you are the one, don’t let the man ruin your soul, your best freinds maybe fucking your woman, and your child stealing yre coke, cheating you at the game of cards? why care? you worked all your life to fill some one elses coffers, what you got now? the man looking over your back? someone else trying to fuck you again? you ride a bike get used to it, LOVE? hahahaha find it, its not what you may expect, he, she, love is hard, it makes us give up that weakness called trust, then you got to get screwed again by that thing called Harley, it may be by another one that saw your reffections, ai’nt no chrome going to save your soul,, fuck them, life aint the aggrevation they throw in the face. laugh those fools off, no one is worth the bullshit life offers, its a pathetic joke, walk away, the cops are allways waiting to crucify someone, and the lawyers lick their chop$$$$$$$, just say no to bullshit, people are not worth the aggrevation, they allways suck,get used to it, meow, bow ow: long live lou reed, and elliot smith

  3. indethinker Says:

    so called law enforcemet is a joke especially in the Eastern Sierra my cunt ex brother in law knocked my classic bike over with his truck causing over $800 of damage, a couple of weeks later the pissant put 2 screws in my back tire which blew out on a straight I just managed to slow down and stop before a sharp corner.
    When I filed reports the lazy ass Sheriffs Dept. they barely bothered to investigate, the DA couldn’t give a damn either. I found out later the cunt is a narc for the local Drug Enforcement team. I’m about ready to beat his ass into a pulp but so far I’m exercising extreme self control, any brothers have any ideas how to deal with this vermin ?
    Sorry for the rant, oh and cops suck big time in my opinion !

  4. Bobby T Says:

    Link to 1/26/14 Facebook protest event at the Australian Consulate in San Francisco against their country’s VLAD law and unfair persecution and detention of innocent citizens simply enjoying each other’s company. Australia has set a very dangerous precedent globally and we can not sit idle and allow this Orwellian form of oppression to spread.

    As far as I know, NorCal is the only American contingent organizing with the Australian, UK and Irish Embassy protests that day. The “other” Australian Consulate in California is located in Los Angeles.

  5. Glenn S. Says:

    I shake my head in wonder that CN does not realize that he writes exceedingly well, as does everybody here that writes from the heart, excepting the obvious nutcases. I shake my head in disbelief that anyone that has a clue would believe that the motorcycle club mentioned needs to “clean up its act”, and can only assume that this idiot has formed opinions based on TV shows, government fear-mongering, and rumors spread from positions of ignorance. Here in my hometown, I know of a lot more cops that ended up convicted felons than members of motorcycle clubs. But when a crooked cop gets caught, it might be reported on page 3-B of the local newspaper, between the ad for a furniture store and coverage for a church bake sale. When a member of an MC gets busted for minor charges, its above-the-fold on page 1, and leads the local and often national TV news. If a cop beats down a common man, woman, or child, and it is taped, you have to do a web search to find it (if the cops haven’t confiscated the video camera or cell phone “as evidence” and then made it disappear). The rare occasions of violence involving motorcycle clubs get played and re-played for the TV audience for decades, ad nauseam, sometimes in the background when the media reports something innocuous.

    People that express opinions should at least make it their business to learn something about what they speak of first. The biggest problems this country faces today are cowardice, intellectual laziness, and willful ignorance amongst the citizenry. In the words of Bill Maher, we don’t have too many wolves, we have too many sheep.

  6. CN Says:

    @Ben: You state the HA must clean up their act. With no due respect, it wasn’t, isn’t & won’t be, “an act”. You are an angry man or woman. I know the type. A bitter man or woman who perhaps lost a girl friend or boy friend (perhaps one or more of each) to a PH of one of the more established & likely 1%’er Clubs. You have resentment over something which you secretly envy. The use of the term “clean up your act” leads me to believe there is a better than average chance that you are or were or always wanted to be, a Cop. You likely pray the Lord’s prayer “Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us”, and that part of the prayer always gets stuck in your throat. You refer to the Hells Angel as an HA, that’s more of a gang reference than anything else, if not then perhaps you’re a member though likely a former Prospect of some mainstream RC who washed out. You will be beside yourself with glee if Bikers are forced to cover their cuts with reflective neon safety vests (already law on US Military Bases). You’re probably a Military Veteran who would be offended if told to cover your American Flags (perhaps the one’s you have on your Gold Wing or the one on your house) with reflective material. Benjamin! Those Cuts, Patches, Rockers, are all Flags every bit as important to the Club Member as the American Flag is to a Soldier or Veteran and you wouldn’t imagine defacing that would you? Benny, nobody is going to “CLEAN UP THEIR ACT” for you or the sheeple society you hold so dear. I highly urge you to ride with The Blue Nights, Iron Order, Wild Pigs or better yet take up golf again, perhaps model rail roading. In short, if you can’t help us, at least don’t hurt us. Become a reading mentor at a local school if you can still tolerate kids. Do something positive Ben Ol’ Boy, as dieing while harboring hate and resentment is not any way to die. I bought an 85′ FLHTC today so I can have a second bike when my newer one craps out so I’ll be making the obligitory ride to the H-D Dealership parts counter because I hate waiting for parts catalogs 6-10 business day shipping and there you’ll be (if I got the Gold Wing part wrong), giving me that look your type does from the discount T Shirt bin. You see Ben, in all sincerity, it’s really not an act anymore than being Native American is an act although we are being subjected to the same disgusting attitude and treatment their culture got from the government. PS. Tramp, sure was good to see you here. Our Best to Izzy and your Crew. L&R Be Safe. CN

  7. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Great COC rally yesterday at the Screamin’ Chicken. 1,000 or so attendees. See, everyone can play nice. A good time for all. If you didn’t show you got left out. Really looking forward to the next party.

    This is what its about folks. NO one is going to survive if we don’t pull together on this. SAVE THE PATCH.

  8. realoaklander Says:

    I only speak for me. I was one of the people who helped with the event. Many people in those videos, and also the people making the videos, are people I know.

    I am not in any club, I am just someone who tries to help.

    Again, speaking only for me – what I am seeing is that people are becoming more optimistic up here. There is also some organizing going on, to start watching the police.

    There is talk of litigation among certain people (I am a lawyer.)

    We are seeing this event as having a catalyst effect. We also see it causing police to start watching us more. Without going into details, we have some data points on that.

    In a sense, it’s pushing the issue – and the sense I get, personally – is that we are pushing back.

    MLH&R – KLT

  9. fayettenamhoe Says:

    they stipped me MR> clean, now my fake puzzy gown down, just laough, thats the end of the the flat black, the end, she wants me to, love her to death, she calls me fukyfukfyfuk

  10. fayettenamhoe Says:


  11. fayettenamhoe Says:


  12. fayettenamhoe Says:


  13. Sieg Says:


  14. ocmouse22 Says:

    RT you are correct we as a culture have to get out and vote for those who support our lifestyle. It is time we stop sitting on our bikes and say not me not my problem. We can no longer sit and watch others change our world, we have to change our world and theirs for our lifestyle to survive.

  15. BB Says:

    @OC VAGO 1%er, nice Dr. Seuss quote. So true and so pertinent to this issue. Dr. Seuss carried an important message — have fun with life, wether you’re talking about family, job, or political activity.

    Where I live, we get plenty of independant support when it comes to issues that pertain to the entire community. Lots of slick backs show up for our legislative day at the state Capitol. I don’t wear a patch, but I know where our culture comes from– the patch– and I will support that all day every day. Without the patch we might as well be a bunch of guys on mopeds.

    This is a uniquely American phenomena, albeit exported across the world (a good indication of how powerful the phenomena is), and that alone makes it worth preserving. In the “biker culture” it’s the patch holders, particularly the 1%er clubs and the traditional clubs who don’t wear the diamond, that established the culture and lifestyle that we enjoy. That culture and lifestyle are one of the great American contributions and, as such, are well worth conserving.

    We owe it to our culture to save this peice of our shared heritage. In short, SAVE THE PATCH!




  16. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Hey Ben. You LEO? WOW. New way? No respect Forever Forever No respect.

  17. RT Says:

    Protests ralleys are all fine and dandy, I’ve done the majority of them from the 70s on. But the only real way to change things is at the ballot box. And by electing your own people to political positions you can start to make some positive changes. Just look at the Gay community nobody Fucks with them to much anymore!

  18. Tricky Tramp Says:

    If you ain’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.
    @ Ben
    ”This is a dying cause – cuts will away and be replaced with orange jacket, but unfortunately split lane and large rallies too….”

    Fuck you Ben. Wake up futhermucker.

  19. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    What? Dead in 5 Heartbeats is a fictional story. But more importantly were you there to support this cause? Your defeatist attitude of its a “dying cause” is exactly the problem. Yeah sit around and bitch about it all but do nothing to improve the situation.

    “If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good”
    Dr. Seuss


  20. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Hey People.
    The motivation of Humans is to Enslave or Build. Don’t matter which to most humans. When a Human stops enslaving or building they die. Think about that and look at most of your neighbors. Cops or bikers are after one thing or the other. Depends on your motivation. Every Human must decide what their life means and what they are gonna do with it.
    Had a couple beers and got philosophical.

  21. ocmouse22 Says:

    That should say 15 Fwy & 215 Fwy

  22. ocmouse22 Says:

    Hey Ben just so you know there was alot of other clubs there at that rally it wasn’t a rally put on by one club that’s why it was called a unification rally. Get ready to see more rallies and more runs to get the 1% community and other patch holders together. There is one in SoCal this weekend at the screamin chicken. 15 & 215 days at 11 am to 3 am come out and support the COC and Save The Patch.

  23. Ben Says:

    In his book “Dead in 5 Heartbeats” Sonny Barger wrote next: “One thing was true – 1%ers didn’t give a sh.. about the reputations of the other 99 percent who rode!” If this is not true, this event would be much bigger than it was. Unfortunately, it looks that patches were mainly present on this protest, while they are the main reason for legislative decisions to take place and impact everyone else. HA must work on their image first, before they can take a right to fight for the rider’s freedom and represent whole biker community. No wonder why we didn’t see state TV and serious polititians on the stage. This is a dying cause – cuts will away and be replaced with orange jacket, but unfortunately split lane and large rallies too….

  24. Paladin Says:


    It’s interesting that in her video, Josie mentions the Waldorff schools in a positive light.

    My wife (at the time) and I sent our daughter to the Waldorff school in our area. For me, the Waldorff schools are a bit too liberal for my taste. That aside, I thought my daughter got what I consider to be an outstanding education from the Waldorff school she attended.

    Like me, my daughter does not and will not go quietly into the night. In reality, my daughter got that ‘tude more from me than the school.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  25. Ipsick Says:


    “state legislators used the Angels’ lurid public image to convince their fellow politicians to enact the law.”

    I never heard this and I worked the phones for ABATE during this fight, got very involved. Back then it was Richard (DICK) Floyd who was given tons of money by the Insurance Industry. His position was that motorcycle accidents, caused by cars no less, cost the good ol taxpayers big money. Of course when old DICK ran again we banded together and got him voted out, worked the phones then to.

    Any old news rags report the HA angle?

    By the way, not challenging, just never heard that.

  26. Base Says:

    This could be why so many just follow.


  27. Buster Says:

    I feel the day when a protest in front of a government building to get your point across has past. They see it as a win for them, even If the MSM show up to bring attention to the protest the will inacuritly report on it that night and make the powers that be look like they are just trying to protect the low information average citizen. Rebel you might want to look into the III%er movement in the MC comunity being that political activism is the core of who they are.


  28. Jim Cramer Says:

    It was a good day for Nor-Cal bikers. However it would have been nice to see a contingent of independent, as well as sport bike riders there as well. The issues effect us all, solidarity is our only hope to squash these issues.

  29. Glenn S. Says:

    I hope this movement spreads to the whole country. We, (all bikers) have to be proactive because once a restrictive law is passed, we’re stuck with it. Freedoms come and go, restrictions accumulate, laws are rarely repealed. Sometimes these restrictions seem to come out of nowhere, passed by legislatures without meaningful debate or public awareness, hidden in unnoticed amendments to omnibus crime acts or highway safety laws, all in the name of Keeping Us Safe. Even when a restrictive idea is rejected by the public and the politicians, its supporters keep presenting it again and again, re-packaging it in every way from “to protect the children” to “giving law enforcement the tools they need” to “to fight the global war on terror” to “keeping the insurance costs down”.

    IMHO, public relations is the best possible solution. If it could be made cool and edgy for the non-riding public to oppose restrictions, it would go a long way. I don’t think Americans come from the genetic material of sheep, but were somehow made that way. (Probably why there is so much mental health treatment going on in the USA today, nature vs. nurture is clashing.) In some quarters, it became popular to support law enforcement. If that could be turned around, if freedom could be made popular again, the elements supporting restrictions might find themselves ignored.

    Then again, Seig is probably right: TOSIAR!

  30. Wrong Way Says:

    I am glad so many people made it a point to come together for this rally.

    We are stronger together.
    Wrong Way, BFCMM, East Bay

  31. 10Guage Says:


    Not only was it slight…The fucking local news out of Sac was making references to the 1979 Warriors movie about street gangs…perfect right?

    Thank you again for all that you do here, I have been reading and commenting here for some time now, and it seems like every year the stakes go up….if we are making enough noise here to garner the attention mentioned in your “Burden” article, you keep being asked to be a counter point to Steve Cook in the latest rendition of Gangland or America’s secret or America’s real boogeyman, and we can some how elevate your books to the cult “must have” status they deserve; the establishment will have to take notice and some day realize WE ARE what real red blooded Americans were always meant to be.

    Bikers whether patch holders, members of a riding group, or independents…work hard, play hard, and refuse to stand idle while our unalienable or natural rights are routinely trampled or ignored. While we may be a rowdy bunch, we are also deeply patriotic and many of us are veterans or come from families of veterans. While there has been so much discussion here about the real or perceived merits of our constitution, the first ten Amendments, or the Bill Of Rights Will absolutely play a role in ongoing American biker menace saga. It is remarkable really when one looks at the issues facing our forefathers and realize they are the same issues which face us today.

    The Constitution was remarkable, but also flawed. For one thing, it did not address Individual rights. It clearly specified what the government could do but did not say what it could not do. Not to mention it was only applicable to white men with property but I digress.

    As we all know, but it should still be mentioned: having just recently won independence from the despotic English monarchy, the American people wanted strong guarantees that their new government would not trample upon their newly won freedoms of speech, press and religion, nor upon their right to be free from warrantless searches and seizures. So, the Constitution’s framers heeded Thomas Jefferson who argued: “A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.”

    The American Bill of Rights, inspired by Jefferson and drafted by James Madison, was adopted, and in 1791 the Constitution’s first ten amendments became the law of the land.

    Early American mistrust of government power came from the colonial experience itself. Most historians believe that the pivotal event was the Stamp Act, passed by the English Parliament in 1765. Taxes were imposed on every legal and business document. Newspapers, books and pamphlets were also taxed. Even more than the taxes themselves, the Americans resented the fact that they were imposed by a distant government in which they were not represented. And they were further enraged by the ways in which the Stamp Act was enforced.

    Armed with “writs of assistance” issued by Parliament, British customs officers/inspectors entered people’s homes even if they had no evidence of a Stamp Act violation, and ransacked the people’s belongings in search of contraband (sound familiar). The colonialists came to hate these “warrantless” searches and they became a rallying point for opposition to British rule.

    The nation’s founders believed that containing the government’s power and protecting liberty was their most important task, and declared a new purpose for government: the protection of individual rights. Liberty itself is defined by the rights of each individual citizen, and requires that even in a democracy, individuals have rights that no majority should ever be able to take away.

    These rights that the Constitution’s framers wanted to protect from government abuse were referred to in the Declaration of Independence as “unalienable rights.” They were also called “natural” rights, and to James Madison, they were “the great rights of mankind.” The entire Bill of Rights was created to protect rights the original citizens believed were naturally theirs, including: freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly. As well as privacy, due process of law, and equality before the law. The last, and most wordy natural right “the impenetrable bulwark of liberty” may very we’ll be the most important in a nation of laws and particularly to the specific right of ours to exist in modern times. It very simply means that the Supreme Court has the power to nullify acts of Congress that violate the Constitution.

    Obviously, The judicial branch of the new government is much different from the legislative and executive branches in one very important respect: the courts do not have the power to initiate action by themselves. Congress can pass laws and the President can issue executive orders, but courts can not review these actions on their own initiative. Courts have to wait until a dispute – a “case or controversy” – brakes out between real people who have something to gain or lose.

    If Madison or Jefferson were alive to witness the abuse of power as well as federal, state, and locally fabricated crimes created by police states, there would be rioting in the streets, they would be leading packs with FTATF shirts on under their cuts….Shit they would be arrested as domestic terrorists!

    As a man I respect once said….When they finally outlaw clubs, then only outlaws will be outlaws.


  32. ocmouse22 Says:

    So Cal COC party this Saturday at the screamin chicken, 15 Fwy & 215 Fwy 11:00am to 3:00pm. Come out and support the patch.

  33. Paladin Says:


    I clicked you. You do realize you’re preaching to the chior, right? At least they can’t do motorcycle “safety” checkpoints anymore.

    I think it would be interesting to see what kind of bull shit LE attention a large pack of bikers, wearing “safety vests”, riding “equipment tight” bikes would get. The cops, being who they are, would probably screw up and make it a news worthy event, especially if it occured in las Vegas, NV. Bowtie, are you listening?

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  34. CN Says:

    If this sort of crap is at all tolerated, you give an inch, they take a mile. There can be no compromise where an organization, culture, or other such collective is made illegal by any government simply because the government finds them not to their liking. If it truly were a question of criminal involvment then indeed Police Departments and Government Law Enforcment Agencies would be held to the same standard and suffer accordingly. In this senario the Police would also be seen as a collective of enough criminal involvment to warrant the loss of their uniforms. One seldom if ever sees the Police dressed in neon colors so as to be more visable in traffic. They favor black or blue with big yellow lettering. So the safety issue is mute unless universal, the criminal element also mute unless made universal and the difference is that while what the Police wear is public property, what Motorcycle Clubs wear is private property owned by the MC. Confiscation of private property is nothing new but will lead down a slippery slope if enacted against MC’s be they 1%’ers or H.O.G., etc. while tolerance is shown to other private organizations all of which would be open to similar treatment/confiscation. The case of the Mongols MC is thus the test to see whether such armed robbery via the Government will be tolerated in the USA. Once that door is allowed to remain open all MC’s become fair game and MC’s aren’t about to become known for passive resistance many of their ranks being US Military Veterans. The first real show downs or battles of this possibility have not yet to become a national reality because the government is not yet in frontal assault mode. If anything they will try to pick off the Clubs on an individual basis as with the Mongols. This is not yet Australia. A mega so called conservative movement within our government has not yet taken hold as it has in Queensland (also a test, just on a more international scale). Those who have traveled to the other so called developed western nations will know that there are very real differences between them. But in many cases it’s SOSDD (Same Old Shit Different Day). The Mongols case is not getting the exposure any better on MSNBC as it is on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Network because both have bought into the Sons of Anarchy, Gangland, Nat Geo, Bio propaganda machine. Unfortunately, attention will only be paid when the shit hits the fan and then it’s too late. A man who has earned his patch is not about to let somebody else take it by force or legislation. I submit that a sleeping giant is about to be awakened unless the Governemnt reverses it’s path towards confrontation.

  35. WARTHOG Says:


    You got an honorable mention in this article.

    Thanks for all you do.




  36. DD Says:

    The Devils Ride has been renewed. Will begin third season on Discovery Channel February 3 at 10:00 p.m. Wooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!

  37. slycechyx Says:

    I would have loved to be there. The lawmakers might not have been there, but I’ll bet they were paying attention.

    My daughter drives a school bus, can’t tell you how many times she has been rear ended, cut off & sideswiped. If those fucktards can’t see a huge yellow thing with flashing lights, how can they expect that a “safety vest” will make them see us?

  38. OC VAGO 1%er Says:


  39. Bill Says:

    Stroker: Great, great speech! Huge respects.

  40. Austin Says:

    @ Paladin – They want to harass everyone. “Field Sobriety Checkpoints” are really about expired registration, warrants, unlicensed drivers, and other big revenue violations where they can impound the vehicles and arrest people who are still trying to recover from some previous legal encounter *click me*

    Counterpoint – if everyone actually DID it – that would pretty much end the profiling. Next protest/rally – Anonymous Day – where every back on the road has that face on it.

  41. stroker Says:

    ok….posted this ystdy on the other blog about the rally, but will re-post here.

    January 13th, 2014 at 5:22 pm
    Went to rally. Cold ride up from San Jose, over 200 in our pack. NorCal Confed outta Vallejo had over 1200 on I-80 into capitol.
    Weather iffy all the way, slight mist of rain. Still, huge turnout. Been going since the 70′s, and this was probably the biggest turnout I’ve seen. I give it over 5,000. parking was well handled by MMA and ABATE and the Confeds. Many guest speakers. everyone played nice, even the cops. This should set the stage for increased public awareness, I hope.
    @ Mike 184: I agree, we probably lost another 1k due to weather, but I’m still proud of all those who did come.
    I also agree that maybe the dynamics were different because the law-makers weren’t in attendance, cuz it was a weekend. But I still think it was effective, being that it made the news, and judging from all the tired old clichés in the response after the newspaper article, there’s still a lot of anti-biker bigotry out there. So what. I think anything we do to keep our cause in front of the sheeple, is good.

  42. Paladin Says:

    I would think that the cops would be totally against any law that would require a so called “safety garment” be worn over a rider’s cut. I mean, if the cops can’t see the patch, how will they know who or who not to harass?

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to)


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