Outlaws Terrorize LaCrosse

January 2, 2014

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There has been a little crime wave in LaCrosse, Wisconsin this holiday season. All three of the alleged perpetrators are members of the American Outlaws Association.

LaCrosse is a college town in Southwestern Wisconsin. LaCrosse also features three breweries.

Additionally, LaCrosse has a fine daily newspaper called the LaCrosse Tribune. The Tribune has been diligently reporting these troubling events.

Desperado Number One

Paul Wenzel was arrested in the middle of the month after being observed wearing an “Outlaws hat.” Wenzel was also accused of being “with a man believed to be associated with the Outlaws.” Wenzel is on supervised probation and the hat is a probation violation.

Wenzel and an alleged club brother pled guilty to charges of criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct last October. He was sentenced to two years probation. The two men also pled guilty to felony armed robbery with use of force but that charge will be dismissed if Wenzel successfully completes his probation and gives Wisconsin 100 hours of community service.

Wenzel was accused of shoving a Hells Angels supporter into a tattoo parlor last February and cutting the man’s support patches off his denim vest.

Desperados Two And Three

Two additional members of the Outlaws, Samuel Keller and Adam Baumgartner, also had an unfortunate encounter with local police last month. The two were drunk at 2:30 a.m. on December 30 in a bar called SawTooth Sam’s Saloon. SawTooth Sam’s features all you can drink for $11 nights.

Apparently, management asked the two men to leave even though they thought they could still drink more. Keller, for example, had a mere 0.17 blood alcohol level while Baumgartner blew 0.18. Police allege that Keller pulled a knife on a bouncer and shouted “Nobody touches my cut” when the bouncer attempted to show the two men to the door. Keller told police that no one asked him to leave and that he never threatened anybody. Baumgartner corroborated Keller’s statements.

A search at the time of the arrest recovered five one gram baggies of cocaine in Keller’s possession. No attempt has yet been made to determine who planted the cocaine on Keller. Police allege he was also carrying two knives. Baumgartner was accused of having a loaded pistol in his vest.

Keller was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. Baumgartner was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a handgun where alcohol is sold. Police confiscated the cocaine, the gun, the knives and both men’s cuts.


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236 Responses to “Outlaws Terrorize LaCrosse”

  1. Glenn S. Says:

    If any shit goes down anywhere, the pigs will “interview” everybody present. Generally, potential witnesses are not given a choice as to whether they’re interviewed. Such interviews can go like this:

    Pig: “Okay, who snatched the shit from the low flying goose?”

    Interviewee: (Select one) 1)”I am exercising my right to remain silent.” 2)”I dunno, I didn’t see anything.” 3)”Fuck you, piggy, and your mama too.” 4) “It was Billy Ray McPudsucker, who lives at 101 Elm St. I captured the moment on my cell phone camera. I want the reward, and I want charges dropped on my stepbrother’s favorite hooker, who is under indictment for incest. 5) Silence.

    They do that shit to get people on record before word gets around as to what the accused is claiming, to make it more difficult for a “witness” to change a story later to help a friend or stranger. For that reason, I personally prefer answering the question “I dunno, I didn’t see anything.”, and refusing to comment further. That way, I’m on record as not having seen anything, so the pigs will probably not bother to invent charges against me in an effort to coerce me to agree with their version of events. Answers 1, 3, and 5, although popular, often cause the pigs to try to leverage the potential witness with threats to charge them or their loved ones.

    The fact that someone is interviewed means nothing.

  2. Dell Says:

    That 16’s FB page states Sonny was interviewed, but it doesnt state he cooperated. Could have been questioned and not answered?…could be the pigs trying to make stir more shit?. Im not picking sides here but to me that is a pretty vague evidence that he cooperated.

  3. WARTHOG Says:

    Stevo’s right. Let’s not forget the “smoke” incident at the Omni Hotel. Sieg and I almost found us a couple pigs on that one. Guess I’m most surprised he’s not blaming Bill, but probably only has your contact info, Phuquehed. Well, maybe now we can get back to discussing the topics instead of him hijacking every thread and making it about his sorry ass.




  4. Stevo Says:

    Guys, for fucks sake, no NOT take the bait. You go and meet that no-mark and we ALL know who’s going to be waiting for you. He ain’t worth a stretch fellas, karma will pick his carcass up along the way.

  5. Rahlow Says:

    Websites like Rebels and many more can be a wealth of information as we all know, but one thing I can never figure out are people like the late departed Budweiser.
    In a so called quest for knowledge they most often disregard any information freely given. And when it concerns clubs and club life I’ve learned there is only one way to really learn. Oh sure I learned some simple steps of protocol and certainly learned enough to keep from gettin sent packing the first day. But alot of what I have learned here is only understandable by being closer to “the life” than sitting behind a computer.
    But Bud and his ilk will never learn the most rewarding thing….what true brotherhood is.

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    The little fucktard known as Budweiser decided his being dumber than a box of hammers and getting booted from Rebel’s site was all my fault and decided to ask me for a time and place. He also lied through his teeth and said “16 says fuck you!”.

    I’d bet my bike they wouldn’t be too happy knowing he’s dropping a club name and trying to use them as intimidation in his personal little lame-ass stunt.

    It’s also a possibility that he’s setting me up one way or another and I let him know that and told him so because he’s an “untrustworthy, lying punk.”

    He’s also too fucking stupid to understand how there could possibly be places on backroads that can hold ice long after most parts of that road and other roads are thawed (or like the curve in my driveway that *never* gets sun and not even the p/u can get out once ice has got to it as it most of the time takes a week +/- to thaw after everything else has). He just can’t grasp the concept of two wheels and ice not working well together and decided he didn’t like my answer of ‘I’ll name the time and place when it’s easier for me to get anywhere on the bike.” and backed out with the old “I knew you wouldn’t do it” routine. I let him know he needs to quit bitching like a little school girl and be patient and he’ll get his time and place but if he’s going to keep up that bitching even though *he* was the one to initiate the bullshit, he can STFU and shoot himself and quit pestering me like a turd fly. He even bitched about my website and tried to tell me to take it down…he seemed real stuck on the ‘faggot’ word there (yeah, I laughed pretty hard when I read that one too! I let him know he needed to just go have a couple more of his SoA fag orgy parties).

    I figured everyone here deserved to know about what the fucktard is up to lately and to enjoy the humor as much as I am, since he’s disrespected every person pretty much on Rebel’s site.

  7. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel said: “Budweiser? He gone.”

    You are a man of almost infinite patience, Rebel. Respect to you for maintaining free speech until you heard “fire” yelled in a crowded theater.

  8. Panhead Says:

    Fuuuuuuck. Draggin me out of retirement. I leave the room and…………..

    @ Bud, you stupid little fuckin prick.

    I know who WARTHOG is and what patch he wears and I know where he lives. He does live and operate “behind enemy lines” in a manner of speaking. A man and his strong convictions is something you will never understand. I know you’d “love to know what clubs these guys ride with” but you never will. Club business you candy ass. I slap motherfuckers like you.

    Kiss my ass,


  9. Snow Says:

    Thanks for the info, I know he can read the posts and although I put him on ignore months ago his post left a really bad taste.
    Much respect, thanks for what you do.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Snow,

    Budweiser? He gone.


  11. Snow Says:

    Just so you know, I as well as many posters here know what club WARTHOG rides with. It is an old established club held in high regard by many in the know.
    If you knew half as much as you think you do you would have understood his post.
    Your post is insulting to him, his club as well as to those here like him, a Patch Holder who earned his way to where he is.
    Although he supports a different major than I do, I would stand beside him come what may.
    Now he certainly doesn’t need me to fight his battles and I hope he doesn’t take offense to my stepping in but I could no longer hold my tongue.
    Support Your Local

  12. Glenn S. Says:

    I’ll have to agree with y’all that when one tries to educate the ignorant politely, the ignorant usually take those efforts as an excuse to start an argument. Kinda like me trying to explain to the OL why I’m going out riding today instead of going shopping with her.

  13. One Eye Says:

    “In fact I know many old school motherfuckers who do not want anyone but members to wear anything related to their club and will most certainly check idiots acting like cheerleaders!”

    I agree wholeheartedly. Even though I was president of a Christian club (in no way am I comparing it to a 1%er club) we drew a lot of heat from LE who were constantly explaining to us that we were a puppet club, that we used our patches to carry out our nefarious deeds and that we were very bad people. When selling support gear to raise funds was broached I was vehemently opposed for the simple reason that you cannot control the actions of those wearing clothing that represents you.

  14. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @jj solari

    More on your “outlaw” hero Ralph Barger courtesy Pagan’s MC Nomads


  15. Snow Says:

    Never feed a troll.
    Support Your Local
    FTF. FTP

  16. Base Says:

    Dr. Sardonicus

    On that particular post I was not intentionally quoting any one.

  17. WARTHOG Says:

    @Ol’Goat & Sieg,

    Fucker caught me at the right time I guess. Being called a queer didn’t sit right with me, first thing this morning. Shoulda realized he was looking to get a reaction outta me. Fuck ’em.




  18. Dr. Sardonicus Says:


    Don’t post here anymore. DO NOT.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    Who the fuck do you think you are to call my mother fucking website, which I pay for, a joke? Go run your own site. Rude ignoramous.


  20. Sieg Says:

    WARTHOG, my man, ya just gave the bacontroll a hardon-an actual biker spoke to him!!! Anyhow, you know damn well it’s contrary to Department Guidelines for them to give out their real names in the course of an investigation.

    Fuck it-these jizz-guzzlers aren’t worth answering. Ol’ Goat has got it absolutely right.


  21. Ol'Goat Says:

    @warthog & others.
    Stop wasting time trying to educate bud & others. Their education will come soon in one form or another. …remember when you were a kid and you knew it all, but later on in life you found out that you didn’t really know it all , usually after learning a lesson the hard way.

  22. WARTHOG Says:

    Budweiser Says:

    “Crossing enemy lines and living in rival club territory wearing their patch. Love to know what “clubs” these guys are in. This is what makes this board such a joke. Queers hiding behind anonymous screen names.”

    I think you need to watch your fuckin’ mouth. Why don’t you post your real name, you fuckin’ disrespectful faggot, so I can look you up.

    What’s really a joke is assholes like you showing up here, a non-rider, running your fuckin’ cocksucker about shit you know nothing about. This is real life for us. We post here so dumbasses like you can get a glimpse of it without getting too close. Try doing a lot more reading and a lot less posting until you have a small understanding of what we’re talking about here. In other words, STFU!

    Fuck off and die!



  23. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @BASE who said: “WE DO NOT CALL THE COPS!” “EVER!”. We handle our own! We check our selves and or our brethren!”
    @BB who said: “DO NOT CALL THE POLICE”


    @jj solari Re Your Sonny Barger rant – Sorry to burst your bubble. And by the way there ain’t no Santa Claus either.

    Found this


    On Pagan’s MC Facebook Page


    Beyond that – I got no comment, and I don’t think I even care anymore.
    To quote an ex-Pagan I’m going back to my weeds. Give me a fuckin break.

  24. Rahlow Says:

    I understand, I guess my view is based on me being a hangaround, and the relationships being what they are here.

  25. Rahlow Says:

    I’m as sure as you are that where you live has alot to do with it. In my experience as limited as it is, I’ve learned no two PH’s are the same in a chapter, no two chapters are the same in any club, just as no two clubs are the same.

    @10 Gauge…I’m southeast in location…and I understand what you are saying, I fall into the hangaround catagory so my perspective of a supporter is more from my view as that…..

    Respects to all.

  26. Budweiser Says:

    Warning!!! We have some “badasses” around here. Crossing enemy lines and living in rival club territory wearing their patch. Love to know what “clubs” these guys are in. This is what makes this board such a joke. Queers hiding behind anonymous screen names. Too bad I can’t post here anymore.

  27. 10Guage Says:


    In VERY GENERAL terms what do you consider your home area?

    Nobody wants civilians getting mixed up in club politics and most certainly NOT ACTING like a club member. Which is exactly why many clubs will not allow non members to where gear with either their name or center patch anywhere on it….Too many people walking around pretending they are something they are not.

    In fact I know many old school motherfuckers who do not want anyone but members to wear anything related to their club and will most certainly check idiots acting like cheerleaders! I do not understand the idea of civilian “supporters” UNLESS they are actual hang-arounds or associates….or non civi and a part of a sanctioned support club.

    By this point they actually understand the rules of the game and are less likely to cause any grief…and they certainly won’t get caught name dropping or doing something very stupid like confronting an actual member of the club who happens to be working the door of a bar, over his club hat!

    California is very different depending on where you are at and who is throwing the party….but show respect and you will be respected! And try to enjoy yourself….riding scooters and partying is supposed to be fun! Otherwise leave it to the professionals!


  28. WARTHOG Says:


    In these parts you’d not get your foot in the house, public night or not, wearing support gear for anyone but the house you’re trying to enter or their associates.You’ll be initially told to leave it concealed at your vehicle. I’ve never see anybody stupid enough to take it to the next level, but I can guarantee pain will be involved.

    Now, I live in “enemy” territory and have never been hassled, even as a patch, about wearing my colors. Could just be a local respect and live and let live thing. Never had any of our supports get sideways, either. Maybe we’re just lucky that way after the war of ’94.




  29. StupidRUB Says:

    As someone who frequents many biker bars in So. Cal, I would suggest anyone wearing support gear be a true supporter and willing to back it up. Can’t tell you how many times a club sweeps through to see who is hanging out. They go straight to the person wearing the support gear and “have a little talk” with them. They don’t do it wearing their cuts, but if you know what to look for, they are wearing “soft colors.” Not a place for wannabes or posers.

  30. Rahlow Says:

    I guess I’m lucky, I support, with patches and other support gear one of two 1% clubs in my home area. Or maybe it’s becasue I met the other 1% club members, or some of them at an event of the club I do show support for. But I have never been hassled or spoken to in any manner but respectful by any 1% PH. I have been seen and spoken to in many places wearing my support gear, and the location was not in the territory of the club I sho support for. I have been to the other clubs clubhouse during open to the public events and not one word was said about anyhting I had on.
    Each of these two clubs shows mutual respect for the other, and I think part of that respect is showing no interest in what a supporter wears, of course I realize it has a lot to do with the outward or portrayed attitude of the wearer also.
    I have also witnessed a PH of the club I support “instruct” non patched individuals on not disrespecting his supporters or hangarounds because they were wearing his clubs colors (not to be mistaken for Cuts/Colors by the un-informed) and where to be treated with the same respect by them that they showed to him.

    Respects to all.

  31. Mike 184 Says:

    @SkinnyBill, Yeah we are probably Neighbors. But I get it, hell I am respectful in that I just don’t go where they are….sucks cause Lexington has some greeat places to eat, but that seems to serve us all well. Funny, one time I am riding to the house and passed like 30-40 in a pack from a different club (Club #3 in the area) going the opposite way on the interstate. I was like “HUH”…. Until then I didn’t realize those guys were so close too. Lots of traffic thru central NC for sure.

  32. Glenn S. Says:

    Warthog said: “You gotta remember, too, what Panhead said about the IO; Ya can’t get that pig smell off ya when you get too close to one. Besides, I’d feel better selling crack to school children than sell IO patches to adults that should know better.”

    Maybe hire a third party to manage the endevour. It might be worth it to have access to info, and to be able to shut them down at will. Maybe donate the profits to defense funds as an act of cleansing. Just a thought, a pleasing thought to put those motherfuckers under the microscope for a change.

  33. Pig Says:

    The only reason these assholes have a voice here is because we give it to them. Refuse to acknowledge them or respond and they will go away. Unfortunately we are on the Internet here so the normal recourse for dealing with these types of situations is unavailable. The Internet is like a yuppie bar. You can’t handle things the way they ought to be handled without making things worse for yourself. Like in said yuppie bar, just because the people you may be dealing with are male, doesn’t necessarily mean they are men.

  34. Glenn S. Says:

    Budweiser said: “You ignored my Hep C post so why not just ignore the rest?”

    My apologies, Budweiser, and thank you for your concern. Sometimes I get busy and have more than a few things occupying my mind. My advice that you get a bike was given with your best interests in mind because I think you would be happier and might come to understand things that elude you right now.

  35. PigPen Says:


    no kidding. this place is getting ridiculous. it drives me nuts because there are plenty of regulars here who have very useful information that i like to read. but going thru 30 posts of fuckweiser and FOAD bullshit is killing it.

  36. SkinnyBill Says:

    @Mike 184:. “Where I am at there are very close borders for 3 Big clubs.”

    Same here. Here in NC my house is about a half mile from the unspoken “line” between two of the largest 1% clubs. I ride north, I’m in one territory, and ride south, in another..
    Makes it a pain in the ass to fly a support patch, since I DO have respect and don’t want to be that asshole that starts some kind of trouble.

  37. WARTHOG Says:


    You gotta remember, too, what Panhead said about the IO; Ya can’t get that pig smell off ya when you get too close to one. Besides, I’d feel better selling crack to school children than sell IO patches to adults that should know better.




  38. Freeman Says:

    Well damn, i see troll migration is in full swing this time of year, its their compostelle pilgrimage and rebel’s page is a mandatory stop, before they go die on an hd forum.

  39. Stevo Says:

    In my humble opinion Rebels sandbox has a few turds that need sifting out.

  40. Bruka Says:

    Paladin, that’s the impression i got as well – seems to have a real problem with Bill. He brings him up in almost every post. Touched a nerve somewhere maybe ?

  41. N P Says:

    Thanks Bill. You’re very impressive, to yourself. “Messin’ up the scenery, messin’ with my mind, signs, signs…”

  42. 10Gauge Says:


    Yup exactly what I thought…you indeed are not that FOAD..and you ain’t shit.

    Go away you are boring and talk like a teenager and are embarrassing yourself.

    Another hairy biker,

  43. Sieg Says:

    WARTHOG…I’m thinking maybe we should buy an IO franchise. We could get the initial start-up set of cuts, re-sell ’em to the local piggers that hate what they do so bad they wanna be like real people, and write it into the by-laws that every Church, they all need to “share their investigative material so we can all work more effectively”. It could work. C-note a month dues, hundred for a bottom rocker, hundred for the top, and three bills for the center patch…man, we could rake the cake!

    Just kidding. Don’t think I could stomach being in the same room with all that bacon.


  44. FF Says:


    Be honest. I won’t laugh.

    You wear a thong, don’t you?


  45. WARTHOG Says:

    @Fuck Off And Die (FOAD)–aka Budweiser,

    “How much you guys wanna bet if the IOMC were taking in new recruits without any regard for Law Enforcement ties, Warthog and Phuqued would suck a goats ball sack to get a battle jacket?”

    Wouldn’t it be easier just to buy one like all the other IOMC losers? Too late for me as I’ve already EARNED my patch. Yeah, that’s right, I’m one of your 15%.



  46. Paladin Says:


    Bill has everything to do with it, because FOAD is Budweiser.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  47. Base Says:


    A blind man could have seen this shit coming. You came in here mouthing off! What, did you expect praise for being an ass hole?

    First sentence you make it known, this is a quote Miss Fucking Cleo:

    “I’ve been a long time member of a very well known MC,and I can tell by just reading this thread that 85% percent of those who say they are members of a club ARE NOT”

    Was that suppose to impress everyone? “Very Well Known MC” Whats that another shake & bake club? If you have an affiliation state it if you don’t, don’t act like you do!

    Even when people come at you proper you drop down to the middle school level of name calling. 3 peoples post had no real angst directed at you. But you still found it necessary to insult them anyway.One I know for certain is a patch holder and all 3 are stand up men and back up what the say with fact & action when need be.

    Real classy. Defiantly a lack of maturity & insecurity on your part.

    Reading your comments It’s fully understandable how or why people would place you in the company of that jerk Izod & the IO or even Budweiser. Although Budweiser does not bother me as much as he does others.

    Matter fact, while on the topic of the Bud.


    It was pretty stand up of you to offer info to Glenn S for hep c treatments. A co worker of mine committed suicide a few months back. He had hep and could not come to terms with it. Real sad, he was good people.None of us knew anything that was going on until weeks after his death. Just got twisted and picked a path.

    Back to you Foad

    You claim your not about ragging on other clubs, but you are about belittling & ragging on individuals? Some that are patches.

    And you call others bigot? You have some bigotry your self Foad.

    I didn’t jump in because Phuqehed needed help dealing with you. He is a little raw and has strong opinions on topics and not afraid to speak his mind. Kind of a no filter sort of man. And more than capable of dealing with you.

    Myself just see you as another troll spouting off with your school boy mind set. No more threatening than any other cyber bully. Your abusive because of the anonymity afforded by the net.

    That would be you Foad! Troll! Cyber Bully!

    You came in here like a troll and nothing you have posted has proven other wise.

  48. Sieg Says:

    Blind Tom, I was just greenin ya a bit…I figured you meant the People’s Republic.

    Farming on Lake Erie, yeah, that’d cure ya of winter right quick!

    Respects, my man, enjoy your weather.


  49. Bill Says:

    Bruka: Thanks, I think. But I think Mr Foad is referring to this from me:
    Bill Says:
    January 6th, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    So FOAD, you in that 85%? You sound a lot like that idiot NP.

    Now as for you, FOAD (btw, what a “friendly” screen name you’ve chosen, if it means what we all know it does.) It’s even, on its own “merit”, as repulsive as “Budweiser” has become, in its well-earned troll status. For some reason you seem to feel the need to continually deny that you are that other idiot, yet you are the only onew here, ever, except for random pop up shit stirrers, that hold thet moron in any sort of esteem. You hilariously claim: “He gets up to bat with facts, and backs up his opinions with old-fashion common sense.” That loser DROOLS over SOA! What does that say about his grasp of “facts” and “common sense”?
    Stick around, “hairbag”, you are equally the fool, but at least somewhat more coherent than the one with whom you have “joined in unholy matrimony”.

  50. Bruka Says:

    FOAD, just a question – what’s Bill got to do with it ? I can’t see that he said anything to you at all.

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