What Do Women Want

December 30, 2013

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Harley-Davidson released the results of a survey last Friday that indicates that women who ride motorcycles are much happier than those who don’t. By happy coincidence, Harley is trying to replace its aging, male customer base with women.

The survey was conducted by Kelton Global, which describes itself as “a leading global insights and strategy firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York, serving as a partner to more than 100 of the Fortune 500 and thousands of smaller companies and organizations. Utilizing a wide range of customized, innovative research techniques and staff expertise in marketing, branding, PR, media, business strategy, and design, Kelton helps drive our clients’ businesses forward.”

Kelton interviewed 1,013 adult female riders and 1,016 adult female non-riders and also wrote the press release about the survey which explains that “the findings make it clear that riding a motorcycle greatly improves a woman’s feelings of overall self-worth.”

Survey Says

The survey discovered that 37 percent of female motorcycle riders “always feel happy” while only 16 percent of female non-riders do. According to the survey only seven percent of women who do not ride a motorcycle “always feel sexy.” Twenty-seven percent of women riders always do, apparently even when they have bugs in their teeth. According to Kelton and Harley, 35 percent of women riders “always feel confidant.” Only 18 percent of non-riders live their lives without doubt.

The survey also alleges that 53 percent of women riders find their motorcycles to be a key source of happiness and three quarters of women motorcyclists “believe their lives have improved since they started riding.”

Sixty percent of women riders are content with their “communication with their significant other.” Among non-riders, 60 percent have their doubts. Fifty-one percent of women motorcycle riders are content with their sex lives while only 35 percent of non-riders are.

Thirty-four percent of women riders now feel less stress in their lives after learning to ride. Fifty percent of women riders are satisfied with their current significant relationship.

Harley Not Surprised

Kelton reckons that’s its findings have a maximum margin of error of 3.1 percent.

Harley-Davidson was not surprised. Claudia Garber, Director of Women’s Outreach for Harley-Davidson, commented that “Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate form of freedom and self-expression, so it makes sense that women riders are happier in life and, in general, feel more fulfilled. That’s why learning to ride a motorcycle is the perfect gift you can give yourself and the best resolution to make for a truly life-changing new year.”


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  1. Amy White Says:

    i drink moonshine and wear clothes made by whatever designer i happen to like today. i would buy you a drink right back. have a nice day. :)

  2. Amy White Says:


  3. Paladin Says:

    Amy Irene White,

    Do you always drink Nitromethane and wear clothes made from Det Cord? If our paths should ever cross, I’ll offer to buy you a drink.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  4. jj solari Says:

    hi y’all my name is phuqued / i’m so fulla shit it can’t be trucked / the load’s so big it cant be hauled / and that is why it’s ‘phuqued’ i’m called. burma shave.

  5. jj solari Says:

    hi y’all my name is phuqued / my spelling books i sorta chucked / cause who needs those, not me, you bet / ’cause i live on the internet. burma shave.

  6. jj solari Says:

    hi y’all my name is phuqued / most of school so far i’ve ducked / but i’m content, my life is pearls / cause i really like to pick on girls. burma shave.

  7. jj solari Says:

    hi y’all my name is phuqued / my life so far has really sucked / but when i need to rejuvenate / i autoerotic-asphyxiate. burma shave.

  8. jj solari Says:

    hi y’all, my name is phuqued / i pick on girls ’cause my cock is tucked / i’m fierce as hell and filled with loathing / and sometimes i wear womens’ clothing. burma shave.

  9. Amy White Says:

    i only see one Pompous Prick around here and he seems to like to use P’s a lot. you aren’t hard to find? GOOD! Send ME your address. I would say get on your bike and i’ll get on mine and we’ll meet halfway, but you seem to have monetary issues so I will just come to you. I don’t mind. I been in damned near every state of the union this year. And i damned sure wouldn’t mind driving over and punching you in the fucking throat for insulting Jj. Do not underestimate what i would do to someone over Jj. Ever. i would nail someone’s balls to a tree with a ten penny nail standing in pissant beds and pour honey on them then set the tree on fire and give them a little plastic spork to save themselves with over Jj. You wouldn’t make a pimple on his ass. and oh, you have a backache? I ride with NINE autoimmune disorders. yesterday i got chemo and then went to a Bandido party and THEN another party in 6 inch chrome stilettos and stood for 6 hours. I rode from Arkansas to Sturgis on chemo… then did at least two books signings a day for eleven days and then rode back, including rebuilding my fucking carb on the side of the road at Mt. Rushmore when i blew out an o-ring around a jet. i would pull over on the side of the road, puke my fucking guts out beside my bike, put it in first gear and keep going… for four thousand miles. I ride this way every time i ride for the last ten years. I MIGHT make it five miles before the steady throb of the equivalent of a kidney punch sets in. Riding in the sun with lupus is actually killing me. I do it anyway. If i go to hell, i’m gonna go there on my harley. My body NEVER stops hurting in excruciatingly godawful waves of torture. Suck it up, cupcake phuckcake.

  10. jj solari Says:

    hey fucked, when you get an identity you can address to me. otherwise you are forbidden to. you could be a fucking muslim or worse a cop. and i dont talk to either of those. but you SOUND like a girl. fucktard is something girls say. if you need lessons in name calling – which you apparently do – keep it up. you’ll get them.

  11. One Eye Says:

    @Glenn S: that’s a very interesting story. I have never encountered the “you should leave him because of his bike”; they know that would be met with a smile and an offer to help them pack. I have 3 ex-wives and I find the odd thing was the very things that attracted them prior to marriage seemed to threaten after. No matter what my bike and my ink have outlasted all my relationships.

    “What do women want?” The same as men; someone to accept them for who they are and not fell threatened by it. Oh yeah, plus, “We wanna be free! We wanna be free to do what we wanna do. We wanna be free to ride. We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man! … And we wanna get loaded. And we wanna have a good time. And that’s what we are gonna do. We are gonna have a good time… We are gonna have a party.

  12. Paladin Says:




  13. Phuquehed Says:

    @jj – Who told you I didn’t spell it that way on purpose, you pompous fucktard?

    BTW, I’m not hard to find, if one has at least a slight synapse going on anywhere…even you.

    @Glenn – Let her try a rids on your bike by herself. My back is fucked up, and I thought for sure after it happened I’d never ride again, but a bud showed up one summer day on his and I’d been doing something where I was hurting and needed to sit down a minute or two but it was nice out and he said to sit on his bike. I tried sitting on it without straddling it but it was too uncomfortable on my back so I asked if I could just sit it like I was gonna ride it and he said sure. Got the weight off my legs and back and almost instantly felt a relief on my back I’d not felt in the previous 8 years of being disabled from it. I asked if I could take it for a spin and he said to try it out and I went up and down the road in first gear (’cause I was so scared of any pain it might cause) and when I got back I told him I was getting a bike and a year later I had one. Best thing that’s happened for my back and my life actually since the day I got injured. It still ‘hurts’ when I ride, but nothing at all like the pain of sitting in a truck not to mention I can’t even get in or out of a car anymore without unintentionally screaming from the pain. The ‘better life’ part is, the bike gets me 47 mpg whereas the p/u got 20 mpg – the bike now allows me to actually afford to get out of the house more than once every few months.

    Let her give it a try if you trust her riding it, as it may just be the thing that makes her back feel a little more at ease than a vehicle. (unfortunately if it does, you gotta get another bike again, heh…sorry about that ahead of time, just in case)

  14. Tooj Says:

    No woman will ever be satisfied because no man will ever have a chocolate penis that shoots out money.

  15. Paladin Says:

    This has been posted before, here and elsewhere. It seems appropriate to re-post, considering the direction this thread is heading.


    Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess, “Will you marry me?” The Princess said, “No!!!” And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and dated skinny long-legged full-breasted women and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to naked bars and dated ladies half his age and drank whiskey, beer and Captain Morgan and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony and dated cheerleaders and kept his house and guns and ate spam and potato chips and beans and blew enormous farts and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his friends and family thought he was friggin’ cool as hell and he had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up.
    The end

    On a less chauvinistic note:

    I look at my life as a cake that I’ve baked. The icing on that cake would be a relationship with an interesting woman. But even without the icing, the cake’s still all good.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  16. Tooj Says:

    @Amy Irene and Co.,

    I rest my case. Like teaching a pig to tap dance.

    Happy 2014.

  17. Jim666 Says:

    Cycle Therapy is good for everybody

    Happy New Year everybody

  18. KK Says:


    Before I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray for a man who’s not a creep,
    One who’s handsome,smart and strong,
    One who loves to listen long,
    One who thinks before he speaks,
    One who’ll call, not wait for weeks,
    I pray he’s rich & self employed,
    And when I spend,wont be annoyed,
    Pull out my chair and hold my hand,
    Massage my feet and help me stand,
    A man who loves to cook and clean,
    I pray this man will love no other,
    And relish visits from my Mother.


    I pray for a deaf mute gymnast nymphomaniac with big tits who owns a bar on a snobby golf course, and loves to send me fishing,hunting and watches me leave on my Harley.
    This doesn’t rhyme and I don’t give a shit.

    Happy New Year to all who show respect.


  19. RVN69 Says:

    First met my wife in 1976, I had a Superglide and she was riding a 400 Honda, not many women riding those days. Now she rides on the back with me, says she enjoys not worrying about traffic and directions and can concentrate on enjoying the scenery. She has been cross country with me 3 times, ridden thru all kinds of weather including a very close call with a tornado in Montana. She enjoys the ride just like I do, has that same “It’s not the destination it’s the journey” mentality as me.

    Happy New Year to those who deserve it. May 2014 be free of breakdowns, laydowns, busts and cops, and full of good rides, good brothers and good times.

    “I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood, I am prepared to leave it the same way.”

  20. Snow Says:

    I have a riding buddy who put a vibe-rider in his passenger seat a couple years ago. It’s always funny to see the look on the faces of his passengers when he turns it on.
    Support Your Local
    FTF. FTP

  21. Glenn S. Says:

    Phuquehed said: “As for them being happier…great. If they aren’t…great. Both versions still far too often turn out to be bitches who eventually want more than they contribute or end up giving ultimatums (sp?). Once they’re at that point, who gives a fuck how happy they are when *you* are miserable?”

    Wisdom in those words, Phuquehed.

    My OL told me, awhile back, that he didn’t want to ride on the back and wanted her own. Not being wealthy, it took me until the next Christmas to get her a bike. She thanked me with all her heart, said it proved that I did love her after all, and said that she looked forward to learning to ride and riding with me. I saw a lot of hope for the marriage, because my loving to ride had caused problems, according to her (her constant complaining about it caused problems for me). She got her motorcycle permit, rode the bike around the block, laid it down, and came up laughing. All was good in my world.

    And then her daughter got wind of it, told her she’d never speak to her again if she rode. The bike sat in the driveway for 6 months and then she sold it. Got her an i-pad and some other meaningless shit. Gave me the rest of the money. Rode on the back of mine from time to time and patted herself on the back for “meeting me halfway” on the “motorcycle thing” (as opposed to having a good time with me). Now her back hurts all the time, and her friends and family tell her she would be crazy to ride on a bike with a bad back and should leave me if I won’t park or sell mine, find a nice family type man. She shared those thoughts with me and I told her that if she can’t accept me as I am, she should not be with me. She’s still here, and has turned the volume down on the complaints, a little.

    So now she wants a trike, preferably one of those Can-Am thingies with two wheels on the front. I told her fine, save your money and buy one.

    I don’t think a bike makes a woman happy, but I do think that happy women are more likely to ride.

  22. Snow Says:

    Ahh what do women want? I think the answer to that question differs with different women, some want to make your life hell others offer you a hand out.
    My best advice is to choose carefully.
    Wishing all here a great 2014. Ride hard, live free, fuck the rest.
    Support Your Local
    FTF. FTP

  23. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected] Far out,hadn’t heard of that.But on this media platform,you probably just generated an appreciable amount of sales for this company.

  24. jj solari Says:

    she also uses her real name. she aint in hiding.

  25. jj solari Says:

    her reading comprehension cant be worse than your spelling: its “fuckhead” phuquester.

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    @Amy – STFU, you assinine bint. Your reading comprehension sucks. The ‘…because you ain’t got one’ argument of simpletons.

  27. Amy Irene White Says:

    What do women want.. I am not a typical female.. But. I don’t want a new scoot.. I want my old softail that I know ever bolt on and is designed to fit just me. i dont wanna ride in the rain. I dont want a windshield, backrest, chaps, or farings.. i want to actually FEEL the ride. i want a road with no bumps or stupid drivers or cops. I want good tires and a new battery. I want every pair of pretty shoes on earth. I want to look like I did when I was 20, even though back then I had no idea I was pretty at all. I want a man who fucking respects me as much as I respect him, and who understands my relationship with my motorcycle.. he needs to handle business without getting in mine and i treat him the same way… Thankfully I have a man like that. I want to ride every highway, read every book, look at ev’ry painting, sing every song, and strangle the life out of Obama. I want women in the biker world to stop thinking Gemma on sons of shitarchy is the norm, and trying to run club business. MC means men’s club. If you are pussy whipped, don’t go prospecting for patche’s because the bitch you married will inevitably cause club trouble. Being a biker chick doesn’t mean you have to look like a diesel dyke with spiked hair and railroad boots and a bone in your nose. I hate women who piss and moan about being called biker chick or wearing a property patch because they obviously don’t get what am honor that is. I want to be healthy again. I want to be warm and fed and not worried about my husband out acting stupid or not paying the bills. If you have a woman who ain’t happy with most of what I just said, you probly married the wrong woman anyway… You can’t make an onion into a housewife.

  28. Amy Irene White Says:

    @ the camel toe comment… Do you go around sticking your dick in the exhaust pipe to get your rocks off? What a stupid ass statement. I ride my harley for the same reasons a man does, and it does not involve fucking my machine.

    @ phucked.. You sound like someone who hates women because you ain’t got one.

    @ Rebel.. I like this story. A woman has been nagging me to participate in a ‘women riders survey’ thing she is doing and I been dragging my feet because it asks stupid questions. I don’t quite fit any women rider mold so I avoid that shit like the plague… This particular survey doesn’t make my ass want a dip of snuff like most of them do. It’s probably accurate. I would like to add that a woman who wrenches her own scoot is even happier than the ones who pay harley to bolt things on too.

  29. jj solari Says:

    a woman’s opinion about laundry detergent is probly worth listening to. their opinion about anything else is probably not.

  30. Austin Says:

    I agree with Bill. Both posts.

    Bring on 2014!

  31. Bill Says:

    “…your life then becomes a quagmire of grief and shit.” Thanks for a good year here, Phuquehed. NObody tells it quite like you do.

  32. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I’m Outta here in like 0015 on a new Years Eve last [email protected] laptop.Great replys from ALL….and I’ll just reiterate again: Lady’s who Ride are all good with Me,have My Respect & I’m all for it. And YES -WOMEN DO Know what they want-just that some(not ALL) have a hard time explaining it….(lotsa dude are the same way)
    Lady’s who like to Ride Behind me on my Bikes -All great,I Respect Them as well and I Enjoy their company,interest and warm soft form against me.
    I Think All people in *OUR* world know what they want,like and enjoy the ride,destiny and “take me there moment”.
    Were all gonna get some “YEAH” Moments in 2014 that make our hearts soar,get us all Cohesive and Feeling in touch with OUR World & Beliefs – and Thank God(or whomever y’all believe in) that we have another season on the road with Brothers and Being REAL.
    I WISH all here a Happy Prosperous and GREAT 2014.
    Vince 1%ER

  33. Phuquehed Says:

    *They* don’t know what the fuck they want, so what the! All you can do is make suggestions and if they don’t like it, go elsewhere…there’s plenty other women who are willing to make a different decision at the moment.

    As for them being happier…great. If they aren’t…great. Both versions still far too often turn out to be bitches who eventually want more than they contribute or end up giving ultimatums (sp?). Once they’re at that point, who gives a fuck how happy they are when *you* are miserable?

    I’m no miscogynist, but I learned a long time ago not to let myself get caught up in any one of them for too long (no pun intended, heh heh), because you *WILL* fuck up their supposed ‘happiness’ one way or another and your life then becomes a quagmire of grief and shit. It’s also one of the few reasons I’ve *never* believed in marriage – your stuck once it’s done and in my experience of 52 years I’ve not seen too many of them that work out well and even seen some of the ones that *have* lasted but they’re just going about the motions and hate each other but don’t want to go through the hassle of divorce.

    I’m happy for those that work out and the women that do stay happy(ier), because it gives me hope that there *is* a happy medium somewhere that one day we’ll *ALL* find and not be stuck in a perpetual rut by searching for what just keeps the women happy.

  34. stroker Says:

    I have several lady friends that ride their own scoots. They are definitely happier than gals that don’t.

    I still don’t know what they want!


  35. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    On the other hand. I get pretty cranky when I don’t ride on a regular basis as well.


  36. swampy Says:

    Rebel, I don’t believe the large pharmaceutical corporations that push Prozac, Effixer, Cymbalta and whatever else they’re slinging will like that survey. Much less your story.
    HHHhhhhmmm….What do women want? Let’s see: My ex-wife wanted me dead. My last old lady, along with her boyfriend and the viper in her head, thought they would inherit my shit if I met with some unfortunate accident. Staring into the .45 caliber death hole of my 1911 convinced all three otherwise. LOL!

    Wishing most everyone a great 2014.

  37. Bill Says:

    Tooj: The answer to that question is not possible. The very existence of humanity depends upon nobody, even women, ever knowing what women want. It’s the reason women constantly “change their minds”, and men in response are continually hurled in unchartered directions. It’s man’s fate to forever attempt to please women, and since understanding how to do this is impossible, man tries and strives for everything his puny imagination will allow. Hence all of history’s great works, art, wars, etc. The pyramids were probably built for some Egyptian babe, who “wanted” a cat instead.

  38. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    I can attest that things run much smoother under my roof when my VOL rides on a regular basis.

  39. Paladin Says:

    I think too many people rely on others for their own happiness and validation. To me, living this way is akin to a glass full of foam and no beer. If one looks at their life as their own personal micro-brew that they’ll eventually have to drink, it’s it one’s best interest to use the very best ingredients obtainable.

    I believe the happiest people are those that feel they’ve accomplished something and for a moment, they were in control and were able to do something that made themselves or someone else feel good.

    I don’t believe we are truly masters of our own destiny. I think they’re too many outside forces at work, but the art of riding gives me the illusion of control for the moment and simultaneously allows me to get closer to the forces of nature that never rest, even when I have to.

    Happy New Year (to those that deserve one),


  40. Tooj Says:

    What do women want? Now there’s a classic!

    Must have been a guy who figured that a survey of 2500 women would answer that. Lord knows after over half a century, I tend to avoid the question.

  41. sherides Says:

    Slycechx & Glenn,

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s only about 12-14 more weeks and I can ride again! Winter sucks!

    Excellent Post.

    Happy New Year Everyone!


  42. Coolaid Says:

    CN, great post. My ol’ lady tried riding a few years back and just didn’t take to it.. doesn’t make her any less of a good wife than one who does. Sure, I’d love to have her on her own bike, but I’m also happy to have her pushing her tits against my back. She isn’t any less confident, happy or sexy either way.

    I think what makes these, and other women happy is they found their passion.. Do the same survey with women who do MMA, women who rescue animals, women who are a part of something that truly hits their passion. These corporate types got what they wanted though. Here we are discussing Harley..

  43. CN Says:

    I’ve met many a fine rider who happened to be a woman over the years. One in particular comes to mind. Not only was she a truly great rider but as loyal and true as any man, a real “stand up gal” if you will. She didn’t have to be marketed to or surveyed and I doubt she’d have stood for it had somebody tried. Her Old Man was long time Memeber of a 1%’er International Club and she wore that well too. Mine tried to ride years ago, didn’t care for it and likes the back seat. She’s been an ER Nurse for over 40 years and has always felt that helemts do more harm than good and are leathal in the hands of an over eager Paramedic. When a Biker walks into her Department she makes sure they mysteriously somehow move to the top of the list bike related or not. Just as mysteriously, Cops tend to get an extended wait. She doesn’t bitch or moan when Church goes long or days turn into weeks and she’s got a bail bondsman on her speed dial. I guess that my point is, while it’s all well and good that everybody who can ride and wants to is encouraged to share the passion that comes from doing so, because a woman doesn’t, doesn’t mean she’s any less happy or “self actualized”. The loyalty, love and respect of a good woman who “gets it” is vital to me and the men I’ve ridden with whether she rides or not. It’s New Year’s Eve so allow me to extend a Happy and Safe 2014 to all those who share this great blog and aren’t here as cops or worse. We lost some righteous Brothers and friends to prisons and the grave this year yet somehow some of us remain to carry on. My hope for those who walk the walk is that we aren’t the next victims of this ever increasing injustice and that the karma those who hate us have built up, comes back to bite them in the ass.

  44. MIke 184 Says:

    @ Base, hell if they don’t pay you for the damned survey, maybe you just came up with a new commercial. I pictured that whole thing in my head. Not trying to sound like an ass. but that might be a great commercial for them to run in India….

    Have a good new years everybody!

  45. Base Says:

    I always get a chuckle from these corporate people. They are so out of touch with the world around them they have to pay a company a couple hundred thousand to a couple million bucks to tell them what the common man or women already knows.

    Can I get A DUH? You know for the corporate suits!

    I was out riding one summer day and picked up a Grasshopper at a stop. It jumped onto my handle bars at a stop sign. Being the easy going lover of life I am I let him sit there. He road with me for about 60 miles. Then at a cross roads out in the middle of no where he walked up onto my front master cylinder, kinda gave it self a cleaning, then hopped off into some horse grass on the side of the road. As I pulled away I could of swore I saw a smile on it’s face and it gave me a thumbs up, or claw up if you will.

    Everybody is happier when they ride, even Grasshoppers.

    No brainier.

    Hmmmm, wonder if HD will pay me a couple ga-gillion clams to do a survey?

    Respect folks, and happy 2014.

  46. Glenn S. Says:

    I’ve also noticed that women who ride are less likely to try to fill the hole in their lives with drama, chaos, and constant complaining.

  47. slycechyx Says:

    Fuck yeah! Totally agree with this survey. Nothing better then having my own bike, riding when I want, going where I want.

  48. VINCE 1%er Says:

    This past Spring,Summer & Fall of 2013 I’ve had more women customers for repairs,modifications,parts & service than in years past. And also to my (not so surprising) discovery: more Dyna’s,Baggers, Softails & FLH’s than Sportys.
    Its cool to see more women riding – and I’ve always loved the idea that My Girl has her own 91 FXR as opposed to her packing behind me.

    H-D has targeted the womens market aggressively compared to years past & I only see it growing more as far as the coming years.
    It’s all good with me to see more Gals Riding their own Sleds & I find more than a handful of em to be really up to date & savvy/knowledgable when asking about upgrades & performance parts that will work for them, and what is needed for them to get the best bang for the buck as well as a wet seat.

    Vince 1%ER

  49. Va.Bob Says:

    brings to mind the happiness of equestriennes:that pommel part of the saddle rubbin’ up on the cameltoe.Utilize it,H_D.

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