The Server Problems

Thu, Dec 19, 2013

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The Server Problems

This site has been slow and crash prone for more than three months. Numerous readers have experienced difficulty loading pages, entering comments and even reaching the homepage. At one point the site was down for a full week.

The root cause of these problems is the sheer bulk of The Aging Rebel. As of today, this site has published 922 posts, approved 36,413 comments and rejected, as of the moment this is being written, 1,811,641 Spam Comments. Please bear in mind that this is an increasingly expensive endeavor. And, I think it is worth it for a lot of reasons.

I am now pleased to be able to tell you that the previous overload problems with the site have been resolved. I made the final, necessary changes about 32 hours ago and the site hasn’t crashed once since. Please browse to your hearts’ content. Tell your friends.

Oh yeah. One more thing. You should also be able to see three advertisements arranged around five music videos on the right side of your computer or device screen. They are context sensitive and are supposed to be unique to each visitor. For example, I see ads for Stihl chainsaws, Best Buy and the 2014 Chrysler. You’ll see something entirely different. Those ads pay for the site. Google gives me a few pennies every time somebody clicks on an ad. So feel free to click and shop to your hearts’ content. Okay?

Enjoy the new and improved site. Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Empty the prisons. Let there be peace. Ride your motorcycles like you stole them. Let every man be free. Fight the power.



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  1. Grumpy Says:

    Stop in an read a little everyday,thanks Rebel & Merry Christmas to ya.

  2. Cap'n Bill Says:

    I’ve been a fan for a while and appreciate all your efforts!
    Happy HarleyDays!


  3. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Still clicking away. But I think I need to change my surfing habits, I really hate the AARP ads.:(

  4. Fuck2Ducks Says:

    As long as Mike P the Big Homie music video I dont give a fuck keeps popping up ill click like crazy. Awesome site keep up the good work.

  5. Whitepride Says:

    Rebel, Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

  6. DesertH-D Says:

    I’ve not been sufficiently diligent in ad clicking. I normally hate ad clicking… But in this case I will make an exception. Please keep up the great work Rebel.

  7. DesertH-D Says:

    Rebel – Does it make any difference whether or not we follow the links once we’ve clicked on an ad? Sometimes they come up with a “welcome page”, which you have to click through to get any real info. Many of us most likely don’t really give a fuck about the actual ad site, we’re just clicking it for you. E.g., one of mine is an MMI ad… Don’t know why, but in any case I’m way too old to go to another school! So I really don’t care to go down their rabbit hole, ya know what I mean?

    But I will, for a while any way, IF it matters… So does it matter?

  8. WARTHOG Says:

    @Dirty Dingus McGee,

    I’ll gladly trade you the AARP ads for my Christian Mingle ads.I’ll at least be AARP eligible next year. Gonna be a good long while before I’m converted to Christianity.




  9. Phonebooth Says:

    While I am not a 1% guy, I am a motorcyclist and your writing interests me. I visit several times per week as I use the site as a barometer for just how badly the government is trampling liberties.

    Keep up the good work, Rebel.

  10. Freeman Says:

    Also if your like me and surf with publicity secured browser like privdog, you wont see the ad, that’s why i use firefox just for this site.

    Merry Christmas to you too Reb, keep telling it like it is.

  11. JMacK Says:


    Thanks again for all you do. I daresay there isn’t another site that is more important to our way of life. The people and information as well as your ability to write make a huge difference. Thank you again.

    Merry Christmas and Much Respect


    PS – its fucking cold here. -40. that’s F or C. And sometimes just reading about people riding somewhere is enough to keep a guy warm…

  12. Glenn S. Says:

    Oh fuck, my ad says “Defy your age with Cenegenics”. There’s also a “free hopper upgrade” offer from dish network and I don’t know what a hopper is in that context (I really don’t care what a hopper is either, but I’ll click on it). And, last but not least, a big tittied brunette with far too many clothes on offers motorcycle technician training.

    Merry Christmas, Rebel, and thanks for doing what you do and doing it so well.

    JMack, its been a little wierd in SC, more rain than usual and colder, but nothing like you have. I’ve been able to ride more often than not. Trick to riding in the winter is to ride all winter, at least here. Broke down and got a full face helmet for the cold and the rain.

  13. swampy Says:

    @ DesertH-D
    I’ve often wondered the same; if we have to follow through on the ads. If not, then I will become a “serial clicker.” LOL! Right now, I see ads for MMI, TWS(I think it’s a welding school) and GROWACE.COM (I don’t know how that got on there – lol!)

  14. My 2 cents............ Says:

    Thank you for the update(s). Thanks for a great and interesting site. I hope that you and yours have a Merry Christmas and fine holiday season. Happy New Year for 2014. Long may you prosper.
    Blessings all round.
    My 2 cents

  15. Slick Rick Says:

    This is great news Rebel. Hopefully this move will enable your audience to grow more.
    Keep the fire burning and get the word out to the mainstream about the ugly things they choose to ignore.

    Being an avid follower for almost 5 years now it’s been good to see some older names pop up this past week. Folks like “sled tramp” and “fayettenamhoe”. I enjoy the wisdom coupled with the rants.

    I hope you and all those that visit and contribute to your site have a Merry Christmas. Let’s all be proactive and make this next year one that will benefit not only MC’s , but also see some light shed on this tyrannical government so that necessary changes can be made.

    Live & Let Live,
    Slick Rick

  16. Tooj Says:

    Thanks Rebel. The acid test: The Dialogical Saloon is pretty peppy now. Keep clicking ads, but something is wrong…nail fungus cures? RLY?

  17. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    When you click on some of the odder ads, you can find some cool shit:

    YYZ Skinhead (who has seen the original Tron at least thirty times)

  18. Metal Dave Says:

    Hell yeah, good news, and thanks for all the work, Reb.

  19. Seventeen Says:

    I’m looking at the ads google thinks are appropriate for me and I have a question. Does any one on this site know what the hell a BMW is? It has two wheels but doesn’t look like anything in my garage.

  20. jj solari Says:

    thank you for this site. it’s everything Easyriders Magazine started out to be before it became self conscious and concerned about appearances. Before it started to fall apart, in other words. as far as i am concerned this is the final word and the only source of what’s what in the segment of the population that i considered my “target audience” when i started doing what you do now 40 years ago or so, only more for prattfall entertainment purposes rather than as a fantastic news-venue. but you know what?….both are vital to mental and emotional health. Only the original “Wordmonger” came as close to having his shit together as much as you do. i will click on every fucking ad that gets run here if it will keep the site operating even a day longer.

  21. sherides Says:


    Thanks for all that you do with this site and your books.

    Ads are blocked when I vew this site from my work PC, but I will click away when I access the site from my smartphone. Even though I am not at all interested in buying a crotch rocket.


  22. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    You do a great job Rebel. Thanks for all your hard work.

  23. stroker Says:

    I click every time I access this site, and whenever I comment I usually end with: “CTL”………..Click the Links!




  24. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Fergot to add: Rebel, 1.8 million spam posts? I am wondering if starting a blog is worth trying (a WordPress blog comes free with Yahoo Advanced sites and I was thinking of doing a PTSD blog).

    YYZ Skinhead

  25. jj solari Says:

    speaking of ads on this site, the german uniforms and shirts and ss shit from ww2 being advertised by whoever the outfit is….
    that shit is pretty fuckin bitchin’ from the look of it. and a huge sale is on, shoppers!!!!!!

  26. Va.Bob Says:

    jjsolari@I agree with you on the comparison of AR to old-time ER.Also,you might be a bigger influence on an unsung population of irreverent people than you realize.Still like that line in the first part of your old story,”No-Class Chick”:”Fuckin’whore dies,man.” I think Hemingway would be proud of that economy of phrasing.

  27. Screwdriver Says:

    Rebel, Thank You and have a Merry Christmas, and Great New Year.

  28. dellvostro Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Rebel. Doing my part clicking on ads and looking for cool stuff to make a purchase when I see it.
    Not being a fan of rap music, I must admit that Mike P The Big Homie video above freakin ROCKS! Thanks for sharing that and your words of wisdom on this site.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all the brothers fighting the good fight.

  29. DesertH-D Says:

    Swampy – Exactly! I want to do my bit for the guy cuz I really appreciate this site, but I need someone a little more tech-savvy than me to say if I’m doing it ok or not.

    Rebel – Just a bump for the above question…

  30. jj solari Says:

    @Va.Bob – thank you, Sir.. i’m showing the ol’ lady what you said. she says i suck. this is gonna be fuckin’ GREAT!!

  31. JMacK Says:

    Glenn S, I would donate a body part to have my bike and I somewhere in a temp above 40 degrees. -40 again this morning. But the added bonus is a 7mph wind that makes a wind chill of -51 degrees. I’m sure many would understand the lure of being a “snowbird”. I may not even wait for retirement.
    Not to mention the 3 feet of snow. Fack.

    Global warming my ass.


  32. calexpat Says:

    ya know that old axe, “ride it like you stole it…” always makes me laugh. i mean really, anybody that has boosted a vehicle knows that the thing to do is obey all laws, stop and check the lights and reg so as to not get wrapped up for dumb shyte. so i say ride it like you OWN it and have FULL COVERAGE. just sayin… and i click even if it means i have to loook at crap i have no interest in…

    have a good co-opted pagan holiday and festival one and all!



  33. Sick Rick Says:

    I see the all five music videos but none of the ads. I’m using Chrome, nothing fancy.

  34. pm Says:

    Merry Christmas

  35. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Thanks very much Rebel – this is a fine Christmas gift. Happy Holidays to you, and all the best. Ride Free.

  36. Drifter Says:

    Thanks once again Reb and Merry Christmas…


    Merry Christmas to all the Cool Ones…

  37. RLG Says:

    Fuck the ads, buy books!

  38. Jim666 Says:

    RLG when taxes come in as Im sure Ill get some kind of a refund since Ive only worked on the books a few months this year and have 3 dependents , anyway Im getting all of rebels books Been wanting them for a long time anyway and love Rebels style of writing, as far as all the other cop/snitch and wannabe books out there I refuse to support their lifestyle by buying there lies ,
    Where Rebel has no motive to create falsehoods in his books .
    Also The best book Ive read in a long time about the life and or anyone in it is Framing Dave Burgess I could not put it down till It was finished, then a week later I reread it again .

    Rebel thank you for this site and all you do to give us all a place to hang out when we aint on the road .
    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.


  39. Sieg Says:

    I klick on all the ads I can, but what I wanna know is why I keep seeing “700 Thai Women online NOW!”

    And how come they don’t tell ya that 699 of em got The Package?!


  40. jj solari Says:

    haha there’s a guy on here named “phonebooth.” that’s fucking hilarious.

  41. jj solari Says:


  42. Phonebooth Says:

    Glad you find it funny, JJ. It was meant to be when my buddies gave me the tag overseas years ago.

  43. slycechyx Says:

    I do click the ads, but it pisses me off when they don’t open another tab, they take me off your page. Is there a way to always make them open in a new tab?

  44. Ol'Goat Says:

    Hey Drifter, Merry Christmas to you too man.

  45. DD Says:

    @slycechyx Right click then click ‘open in new tab’ from the drop down menu.

  46. Tooj Says:

    Ah, new ads on the evils of sugar. Guess I gotta change what I call the ol lady.

  47. BadMagic Says:


    In Firefox, you can right-click and choose “Open in new tab”.

    Also, some 3 button mice (like mine) will open a link in new tab if you use the middle button to ‘click’ on it.

    There might also be another key/mouse combination that will open in new tab by default, like shift-left_mouse_button.

    There may also be default action preferences like “Open all links in new tab”.


  48. Caretaker Says:

    To Rebel and all the regulars-
    Merry xmas and happy newyear to you and yours. Me,i’m busy trying to find a new home and prepare for my soon to be 18 step daughter to come down from canada to live with me and my new wife. Gonna be a good year for me,i think. Tonight i’m gonna raise a glass to all here,and all those locked down.

    (soon to be former patch holder)

  49. jcfromnj Says:

    Well Rebel, despite some minor differences of opinion, the horizon would be much darker without your site…keep it up, there’s not much longevity in online biker infotainment site’s.

  50. stroker Says:


    Just click the “back” arrow


  51. skycechyx Says:

    Thanks DD & Bad Magic. Ya’ll taught me something new on this interwebs machine.

    Stroker, I was hitting the back arrow, but that irritated me.

  52. Sleddog Says:


    All the best to you and yours in the new year. Keep it going!

  53. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Glad you got your site problems straight. I have been having an issue accessing it and thought it was on your end. Turns out, it’s on my end. I have tried 2 different computers to no avail. For some reason my ISP doesn’t like your domain. For now I check via smartphone( which is a pain in the ass due to fat fingers). Gonna try from another location/provider to see if the problem persists. If it does, I reckon the Feds have invaded my box and my tinfoil hat was useless.

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