Debate Over Bikies In Oz Continues

December 19, 2013

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There is finally some mainstream opposition to the Australian State of Queensland’s Hitlerian anti-bikie law, the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act of 2013. The law was written by a couple of politicians named Campbell Newman and Jarrod Bleijie. Newman is the Premier of Queensland. Bleijie (photo above) is his Attorney General. The VLAD Act became law without public debate.

But two days ago Gary Johns, a former politician who is now a professional opinionator, excoriated the VLAD Act in The Australian, a Sydney newspaper that is one of the Australian newspapers of record.

Johns Says

Johns guesses that “The theory seems to be that jailing bikies for a long time for the crimes they commit will stop the crimes for which bikies cannot be caught” and notes with particular contempt that imprisoned bikers will be compelled to wear “fluoro pink” uniforms.

Johns calls the VLAD Act “the mother of all scare campaigns. Scare campaigns are normally a diversion. Newman does not need a diversion; he has serious work in paying down Labor debt, including preparing government assets for sale and convincing a skeptical public of the benefit. There is plenty of bread; the government does not need to produce circuses.”

Like any rational person, Johns sees the injustice in automatically adding 15 years to the sentences of anyone accused of belonging to a motorcycle club and 25 years to the sentence of any club officer “even if the person is not sentenced to a period of imprisonment for the original offence.”

He argues that “Queensland Police data showed the three most common offences committed by the outlaw motorcycle gangs were breach of bail, unlicensed or disqualified driving, and low-level possession of dangerous drugs.” And, he concludes his brief essay by suggesting Newman, Bleijie and the rest of the Queensland “cabinet should dress in pink until they are rehabilitated.”

You can read Johns’ essay here.

Bleijie Bleats

In another op-ed piece in tomorrow’s Australian Bleijie says Johns’ “lack of intelligence regarding the threat posed by criminal motorcycle gangs borders on the astonishing. Their propensity for violence, intimidation and illegality are well-documented around the world.” Bleijie doesn’t bother to mention that all this criminal dangerousness is documented by morons, scoundrels and hacks with names like Julien Sher, Jay Dobyns and “Charles Falco.”

Most of Bleijie’s rantings reflect circular reasoning and his personal opinions betray an utter lack of actual life experience. He cites hyperbolic accusations made by groups like the Australian Crime Commission and he seems to actually believe that a thousand injustices are necessary to repay the injustice done to “people such as Kathy Devitt. She was shot in the leg, in the middle of the day, while shopping on the Gold Coast. She was allegedly collateral damage, caught in the cross-fire of escalating conflict between rival bikie gangs. Try telling her gangs are not a problem.”

The Kathy Devitt example is reminiscent of the tragedy of Cynthia Garcia in Arizona more than a decade ago. Garcia was murdered by a former Hells Angel and crank fiend named Mike Kramer who soon fled to Los Angeles. Kramer made a deal with the ATF which protected and paid Kramer to help the Bureau “get” other Angels.

Bleijie is a politician and he sounds like it. “The Newman government has taken the strong, necessary action that Queenslanders demanded and deserve,” he brags at one point. “We have brought in, with Labor Party support, a range of reforms that are hitting criminal gangs head on and from within. We deliberately and unapologetically made the legislation and penalties severe to send a message to the bikie gangs that their time in Queensland was over.”

You can read Bleijie’s essay here if you’re in the mood.


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17 Responses to “Debate Over Bikies In Oz Continues”

  1. jj solari Says:

    i think bleijie is blowjob in Aborigine

  2. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S.

    That’s profound. And more than a little disturbing about the government.

    Ride Free

  3. Glenn S. Says:

    When I was a young man in the Life (the criminal one, not the biker one), the old timers told me that rule #1 was never kill a cop, and never, ever go after their families. Because then they’d take the gloves off. They’d go after everybody in the Life and everybody would get the max to send a message. People would be killed while “resisting arrest”. I would certainly be killed and my loved ones would be arrested and imprisoned, guilty or not. There was a “gentleman’s agreement” in place, a Geneva Convention of sorts, and so long as it was honored, prison sentences would not be life-ending, bail would be reasonable, our loved ones would be as off limits as theirs. As a result, fewer cops were hurt in the line of duty than were construction workers and their families were safe as the gold in Fort Knox, a trend that continues today.

    I’m no longer in the Life, but I can’t help but notice that the government has taken the gloves off without the provocation.

  4. Road Whore Says:

    @ Stevo: Amen, you hit the nail on the head.

    Ride Free

  5. Stevo Says:

    I have to admit I had a little laughter to myself at the thought of pussy holes like Ciccone, Dobyns and Carr taking on MS13. They are too chicken shit, that’s why they’d rather fabricate crimes against working fathers and grandfathers, many of them veterans, who ride motorcycles. They a cowards.

  6. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S., Tooj, and Paladin:

    Masterfully and truthfully stated. Definitively proves that MCs are not gangs, nor do they engage in gang-like behavior. A reporter in Mexico wrote mildly disparaging remarks about one of the most powerful cartels there and he was discovered, dead, hung from an overpass over a highway where plenty of people were sure to see him before authorities cut him down. Message received. Do MCs engage in such behavior? No.

    There are several such incidents there:

    Ride Free

  7. Paladin Says:

    Glenn S. & Tooj,

    I apoligize to you both for jumping in and answering a question that you (Tooj) had directed at Glenn. Sometimes my ass gets ahead of my head.

    Respects to you both.


  8. Paladin Says:


    Cook, Ciccone, etc. don’t have 24/7 protection. It’s too costly and I can’t think of any LE agency, Federal or State that would be willing to pay that freight indefinitely.

    Because these guys never have or no longer live the life, they don’t come in contact with members of the biker or MC community. When they do, they make sure their back up is RFT (right fuckin’ there).

    Like a lot of folks, bikers and members of MCs will rarely but occasionally run afoul of the law. This is especially true when given a helping hand by local, State, or Federal LE. Bikers, (patched or not) and citizens alike, if given the choice, would rather stay out of jail and prison.

    Unlike MCs, MS13, EME, etc. are straight up criminal enterprises and they make no bones about it. Going to prison, doing life without, or looking down the barrel of a death sentence is just part of doing business. Their members are soldiers and they do as they’re ordered. When ordered, a banger will do what ever it takes to fulfill that order. It makes no difference the target green lighted; be it a cop, judge, political appointee, whoever. The time it takes or the distance traveled is not an issue.

    I know of a documented case where a jailed member of a gang was ordered to kill a rival, housed in a cell across the hall. It took a while, but the banger given the task, sawed through the bars of his cell with dental floss and was able to get to his target and kill him.

    If Cook, Ciccone, etc. had been working UC in the above mentioned gangs, they’d already be dead.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  9. Ol'Goat Says:

    Never seen a better post, nor better comments. This site is becoming something i look forward to reading. Maybe one day i’ll be able to comment as intelligently as some of you here.

  10. Tooj Says:


    Do you think that guys like Cook and/or Ciccone have 24/7 protection? They play a game that they know there are no penalties for playing. Same with cops and overuse of force; they aren’t paying the civil settlements. You gotta wonder if it hit just a tad bit closer to home?
    I often wonder a lot myself.

    I believe it answers why they won’t be enacting anything like that for MS13. Those folks will shoot a Senator in the face. Stands to reason why they aren’t targets.

  11. Glenn S. Says:

    Paladin said: “…the only option to spending the rest of your life in prison is to go down fighting.”

    Typical law enforcement political bullshit. Keep upping the ante until the risk/benefit analysis favors violence, and then act outraged that people behave violently and call for the ante to be upped again in retribution.

    The problem is that restrictive laws come about too easily but are harder to get rid of than herpes. The politicians are never willing to admit that they’ve gone too far. Instead, they act as if they haven’t gone far enough and try different PR tactics until one resonates with the sheep.

    Hypothetically and just as a mental exercise,, I wonder what would happen if, instead of waiting to whack cops enforcing that type of law, or eliminating witnesses, to avoid draconian punishments, people started whacking politicians that proposed those laws in an effort to keep them from being passed at all. Just hypothetically, I wonder if the overall body count, as well as the total number of man/years of incarceration would be less. Not advocating such a thing, of course, just wondering the what ifs.

    And I wonder if the sheep ever realize that if the targets of this type of law were as violent and sociopathic as the politicians claim, there would be no politicians left to enact them, no cops left to enforce them, and no tame reporters left to make these laws look reasonable.

  12. Rebel Says:

    Dear JJ,

    BaBoom. Thank you ladies and germs. You’re a wunnerful audience.

    Best line was about psychopaths coming to him for advice when they want to up their game. Classic! Why ain’t you on TV no more?


  13. jj solari Says:

    i was checkin’ out some pictures of that jarrod idiot. he looks like a pill popping cross between tom cruise and a box of acne. calling him batshit crazy insults batshit. he’s mad as a fucking hatter on meth mixed with boiling mercury. john the evangelist must have had a vision of jarrods eyes when he wrote about a sea of glass: if that fucker aint chugalugging bennies by the dozen every hour i’m john c holmes and paris hilton just called me for a date at the trump in vegas, all on her. that fucker could out talk charles manson his head is so filled with voices. crazy people probly come to him for advice when they want to up their game. there’s a reason why psychopaths are the only ones who want to run for office: it’s the only good job open to them that utilizes all their skills and abilities.

  14. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    My son just told me the reason they are so fucked up down under is they are upside down and all the blood rushes to their heads.

    You gotta admit that’s funny!

  15. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Coming to Amerika soon! SUPPORT THE PATCH. Contact your local COC.

  16. Sieg Says:

    Bout time for an all-club National Mandatory to the front steps of the main Pig Palace.

    With rifles.

    5 TO 1

  17. Paladin Says:

    If these two idiots (Newman & Bleijie) aren’t carefull, they’re going to be responsilbe for starting a shooting war in Queensland.

    Newman & Bleijie have made the penalities for being a past or present member of an MC in Queensland so severe that the only option to spending the rest of your life in prison is to go down fighting.

    During this Country’s great depression, their were people that were absolutely destitute, living in utter poverty. These living conditions put people’s backs to the wall. Desperate times can make people commit desperate acts.

    Newman and Bleijie are putting bikies in a manufactured, untenable, and desperate situation that can only become more desperate as time goes on. You can coil a spring only so tight, before it snaps. When it does, stand by.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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