The War On Machismo

Mon, Dec 16, 2013

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The War On Machismo

Last Wednesday, a Chicago Alderman named Brendan Reilly, introduced a new ordinance that would make it easier for Windy City cops to issue tickets for “illegal” motorcycle exhausts. What was most noteworthy about Reilly’s new law was the argument he used to justify it.

“A lot of motorcycle owners alter their muffler to make the motorcycle much louder,” Reilly explained to his fellow politicians. “It’s kind of a macho thing. And when you get a group of 25 or 30 motorcycles in one location doing this with illegal pipes, it’s deafening…. Anywhere on Lake Shore Drive, South Side, North Side, central business district, it’s a real issue. In my ward at least, the experience is it sounds like it’s in your living room. The higher up you live, the louder it gets.”

Reilly told Fran Spielman of the Chicago Sun-Times, “The way the code was written, there were certain specific things you had to cite and only the State Police were trained to do that. “They’ve since changed the way these pipes are labeled. Now, a police officer by sight can determine whether the pipe is legal or not. This is just modernizing the code to allow Chicago Police to enforce this on their own.”

The Obvious

Reilly’s position invites questions no one in the Chicago press corps seemed awake enough to ask.

In the case of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for example, owners exchange factory pipes for replacements because it adds an immediate ten horsepower to their bikes. The horsepower of Harleys dropped steadily for years because the only way the motor company could make their bikes meet arbitrary pollution standards was by literally choking their engines. Riders have balked at this because an important part of staying alive on a Harley is avoiding stupid and oblivious automobile drivers. And a key component of that, on a 650 pound motorcycle, is throttle response and torque.

Harleys are powered by what are basically 19th Century engines and noise at the rear of the exhaust is a key indicator of the engine power. Up to a point, the more power the motor generates the louder the exhaust will be. There is even a name for the virtually mandatory pipe change on a new Harley. It’s called the Harley tax.

It is also an axiom among most Harley riders that loud pipes save lives. Guys like Reilly scoff at that but it is still true whether he understands or not. For various psychological reasons, including driver expectations about what they will see and how well drivers estimate the distance of vehicles that are much smaller than cars, motorcycles are virtually invisible on the roads. Cars are also being ever more soundproofed – a feature that has become a selling point. So to be recognized at all motorcyclist must do something. And as obnoxious as Reilly thinks loud pipes are they are much less obnoxious than alternative ways to shake inattentive drivers out of their trances – like get-back whips.

And, then there is Reilly’s comment that people who live in higher, more expensive apartments are most victimized by the rabble in the streets which may or may not make the Alderman’s comments sound more elitist and less egalitarian than he meant them to be. But what bothers many people most about the Nanny state is that some politicians seem to just assume the right to boss less evolved and enlightened people around.

The Nanny State

In 1859, in an essay called On Liberty, the English philosopher John Stuart Mill argued that the only valid reason to interfere with someone’s liberty was to prevent harm to others. Mill allowed limited exceptions to his harm principle: Children and the mentally incompetent should not be allowed to judge the potential harm of their actions; the government should be allowed to draft men to fight in wars; people who are unaware that they are about to drive off a broken bridge should be stopped; and prize fighters should be allowed to punch each other in the face.

Everybody loves John Stuart Mill including proponents of Nanny State paternalism but the meaning of his harm principle has become twisted in the last century and a half. Proponents of government intervention in personal decisions – like helmet laws or limiting the size of soft drinks or, maybe more reasonably, limited access to prescription medications – cite the collective wisdom of our greater society compared to the relative incompetence of individuals. The argument, to use another example, is that cigarette use should be limited because cigarettes harm people, many people in past lawsuits have claimed not to know this and there is some evidence that non-smokers are harmed by second hand smoke.

The arguments always start when the people who make laws limiting individual choice are less informed than the people effected by those laws. That’s certainly the case with most laws that work bikers into a lather. It is probably reasonable to suppose that Alderman Reilly couldn’t find the start button on a motorcycle if his life depended on it and that the noise problem he sees could be managed in a less heavy handed way. But, that is hardly what is most offensive about his remarks last week.

The War On Machismo

What is startling in Reilly’s words is his eagerness to blame his noise problem on excessive masculinity – and his assumption that machismo is something that needs to be regulated. It is an assumption that peeves many thoughtful people with disparate social philosophies.

The prevailing ideal of what a man should be and how he should act has evolved from John Wayne to the New Male. The ideal male politician has evolved from Teddy Roosevelt to a President whose wife has bigger biceps than he does.

And, this is pertinent to bikers because riding an old-fashioned Harley is indicative of a style of masculinity. To belong to virtually any motorcycle club is first and foremost a way of being a man. At its core, the current international war on motorcycle clubs is a war on an old fashioned style of masculinity and its inherent antiauthoritarianism. Bikers, particularly patch holders, do what they want to do as an expression of their manhood.

The fact that a minor politician in Chicago should justify making it easier to punish people because he thinks they are too “macho” is not very important or newsworthy. The fact that so many lawmakers in North America, Western Europe and Australia would agree with him is.



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  1. WARTHOG Says:

    Assholes have been pulling this shit for decades. In the late ’90s they tried to ban motorcycles on LSD. If you’ve never ridden the shoreline on LSD, I highly recommend it.

    It will spark an interesting discussion at the ABATE meeting tomorrow night.

    Fuck em.




  2. Base Says:

    It’s always enlightening when one of these nut-less wonders pushes their misguided agenda.

    Suspect Reilly placed his nuts on a shelf a long time ago. Or they were transferred from his mother purse to his wife’s or significant other upon their union.

    These nut-less guys push their agendas on men because they do not know how to be one.

  3. Mike 184 Says:

    Yeah Myrtle beach put in all these crazy ordinances to mess with bikers. Damned stock softail right off the showroom floor would not pass the noise ordinance. This just killed the Rally down there compared to when I used to go all the time. I think the state stepped in on some of it though. They tried making Helmets mandatory in the town of myrtle, while the state has no helmet law. It flew for a little bit, but now it is posted as “Advised” in town.

  4. Big Bry Says:

    Warthog – Thanks for the recommendation on riding LSD. I usually avoid the lakefront area when I head down from Milwaukee. Once the weather turns, I’ll have to come down and check it out.

  5. Freeman Says:

    Yup pussyfication is rampant in government policies, and the public harm factor is total bullshit, over here a pack of smokes cost around $8,00 depending on the brand, you have a 70% taxe on tobacco product, they officially make statements and pass laws on tobacco products but at the same time, take away that income tax and they got a big hole in the budget.

    They tax anything that as wheels, 2 or 4, proning public transport in city’s specially crowded island cities, the bridges are coming close to their service years being fulfilled and will need reparation if not all together replacement, expect payments to cross those bridges when this time comes.

    Basically they use harm to others factor just as long as it fits their needs (aint that the way its always been in the last century?) and they will double play it, passing soft rules, cause the cash it generate is to good to pass up.

    Guess what im trying to say is they all suffer from bleeding hemorrhoids, that makes them leak laws that are shit while their brains is working on something else, come sit on my loud pipe, cauterize that hemorrhoid, you might think clearer after.

  6. Bill Says:

    I almost wish Randy Savage had run for president at some point. Being American probably felt pretty good when Teddy Roosevelt was in charge.. Government is a circus anyway, might as well be a good one. Truthfully, the country has become too emasculated and predictably timid. Who anymore respects much less fears the USA? Imagine Macho Man with his finger on the button, having a little face-to-face with the Chinese premier? Give those guys something new to think about. Seriously, Arnold was governor of Calif. The job at the very top isn’t really that hard, limitless staff does all the necessary work. What’s needed isn’t an administrator, much less a mom-jeans wearing ‘community organizer.’ What’s needed is someone edgy, dangerous, in a word, Macho. The country is choking to death on the ideological gender- neutral perfume of limp-wristed liberalism, whose transportation of choice is the 40 mph Prius.

  7. Sieg Says:

    The 42nd has some of the most high-priced real estate in Chicago, and probably in the world. Not surprising that this little faggot is trying to further insulate its residents from any incidental contact with us mere grubby minions.

    A loud, publicized, and advertised boycott of all the businesses contained in the 42nd is called for. Here is a list of the business groups representing most of the businesses in the 42nd:

    Chicago Loop Alliance
    27 East Monroe, Suite 900A
    Chicago, IL 60603

    Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
    200 East Randolph Street, Suite 2200
    Chicago, IL 60601

    Greater North Michigan Avenue Association
    625 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 401
    Chicago, IL 60611

    Oak Street Council
    57 East Oak Street
    Chicago, IL 60611

    River North Business Association
    The Merchandise Mart
    222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 9-108
    Chicago, IL 60654

    Streeterville Chamber of Commerce
    645 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 800
    P.O. Box 11053
    Chicago, IL 60611

    Hell, this could be one of the few times that RUBs could do some good. Enough phone calls and letters should get people thinking.

    5 to 1

  8. Budweiser Says:

    I was having a shittiy day then I watch that “Macho Man” video. Thanks, Rebel, so awesome. Pulling coffee creamers out of his shorts. God bless the “Mega Powers,” Randy Savage, and Miss Elizabeth.

  9. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    The War On Machismo is know also as the “pussification” of American males. It started to rear its head in the late 70′s and has been full blown for at least the last 20 years. Witness all the rules they have in grade school these days to try to keep boys from being boys. No more tag, dodgeball, tackle football, and quit running ya little bastards. This bleeds over into society at large when these boys finally achieve adulthood(can’t call it manhood, ’cause they sure ain’t men). If someone will work with them from the time they are 18 for about 10 years, you have a chance of saving them.

    Otherwise they end up carrying a “European Man Bag”.

  10. jrnr Says:

    Hey fuck you reilly, you pussy piece of shit, and all of you politician and pig fucks as well. Keep pushing and pushing and pushing all of your bullshit anti-biker agendas and finally you’ll get to one push too far. I for one am glad to see efforts such as STP and everything that will come from that starting to actually make some headway with not only clubs coming together, but all true bikers as well. The feds and pigs day of reckoning is coming. I damn sure will do my part to make sure it’s bloody! FUCK ‘EM!!



  11. tiger Says:

    Damn Warthog! I haven’t rode on LSD since the 80′s. I have to admit that it was an unforgetable experience everytime. I think it broadened my horizons and..uh.. Oops. Fuck. Oh ah.. Lakeshore Drive? Sorry man I was reminising a little there. Fuck I was planning on finally coming to Chicago this next spring. Well stopping and seeing the city this time. This is a bullshit law that might cancel out the windy as a stop if it passes. I like my drags on my Pan and the newer one will be getting upgraded this coming year. I will call these fuckers bitchin’. Fuck the elitist asshole on what is it 42nd? Fuck them. Eat the Rich. Fuck the cops. Fuck’em all.

    Respects Tiger

  12. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    What would the esteemed Alderman cite as a female’s motivation, I wonder? I can assure him that boosting my “machismo” was not on the list of reasons to install true duals.

  13. CN Says:

    My Wife says our dog will hear the pipes on my bike and go stand by the door waiting for me long before anybody else in the house can hear them and we get plenty of bikes with really cool pipes riding past our house but the dog only does this when she hears mine. I really like that. I’ve heard the arguement that the sound waves from loud pipes travel away from and behind bikes which may or may not be true but it’s not true in a convenience store parking lot where texting cagers blasting hip hop pull out or back up while looking down so that dog don’t hunt. Until the cagers are banned from vibrating the pavement at stop lights I don’t want to hear complaints about a throaty throttle and I truly doubt if Alderman Reilly is out there riding shotgun with the Decible Police on whatever passes for Urban Blight in the Windy City. I can remember when I looked forward to riding through Chicago, that was a really cool City especially in August for some reason (many moons ago of course).

    The Myrtle Beach thing where they enacted their own motorcycle restrictions was struck down by the SC Supreme Court so none of it remains which is only logical. Otherwise you’d be required to wear helmets in one County but not in another and all motor vehicle laws have to be universally written State wide. I was there the weekend they tried it with numerous motorcycle only check points on Ocean Blvd. I’ve still got those tickets framed somewhere around here. Hats off to our ABATE for keeping us on the front burner at the beginning of every legislative session and we’ve got a Governor who’s pro motorcycle and has stated numerous times that she will veto any manditory helmet laws above those already on the books for riders under 21 (truth be told, that one isn’t really enforced either).

    On the new H-D commercials I’ve seen I guess they now come with some sort of blue tooth technology and a display that tells you you’re getting a telephone call. Mine doesn’t have that, sure hope it’s optional because being chased by a ringing telephone makes about as much sense to me as those two way helmets where the passenger can tell you how to ride like she does or tries to (in some cases) in a cage. I suppose GPS would be handy on cold rainy nights when my Columbus like sense of direction hits the bricks but I seem to have made it this long without one of those as well. No disrespect to those who enjoy all that stuff, your money, your bike, just not mine is all. I am however very much in favor of a good Road Captain who makes sure equipment is as advertised and knows the route by heart especially when nobody else should.

    I can’t say I’ve ever read stats on “Loud Pipes Save Lives” but I agree with anything that even might give us an edge. The metrosexual silent H-D and God Forbid electric bikes to come leave me flat. I personally find Police sirens rather annoying so if preference is the determining factor lets start with those.

  14. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Alderman Reilly has an awfully accurate insight & startling common sense demeanor – as well as a complete understanding of the phenomenon of “Machismo”.
    This guy probably films the Monkeys that Fly Outta His Asshole nightly @ 10.
    Film at 11 stay tuned.

  15. Drifter Says:

    @Warthog; A sunrise as well….


  16. Sieg Says:

    Moved outta the Chi in 81 or so, got too dark for my taste. Even before that, tho, the piggers were pretty heavy on scooter people. We used ta party out up on the rocks at the north end o the Drive, right before it turned into Sheridan. Pigs would steady be hassling us.

    Guess some things never change.

    My sis still lives up on LSD, guess when I go to visit I’ll hafta stop in a few joints and let em know I can’t spend my loot there.

    5 TO 1

  17. Paladin Says:


    Out here in SoCal, and I would imagine in NorCal too, we’ve got some high end coastal towns (Newport beach comes to mind),where the cops “just say no” to bikers. Their ‘tude is reminiscent of Boulder City, NV.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  18. Stevo Says:

    Imagine Jesse Ventura in the White House instead of that selfie taking, pause for applause Kenyan.

  19. Dellvostro Says:

    FUCK Jesse Ventura that low life scum piece of shit. Hes suing Navy Seal Chris Kyle and going after this heros wife in Chris’ absense. Jesse is a selfie POS that deserves another beat down from each and every American who is or has served in the US armed forces.

  20. jj solari Says:

    that faggot only need to concern himself with the condition of the roads. not with the condition of what’s on them. “oh stop you people, you’re so loud.” he’s probly a thousand times louder when he’s beating the shit out of his wife and idiot children. and they would have to be idiots if they’re his: dna doesnt automatically upgrade itself when it passes to the next generation. it stays right where it is. so i guarantee you his kids are idiots.

  21. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Mr. Reilly
    Good god man please don’t tell me you have no other issues to chase but this. To burden your local police with the added work load of citing motorcycles for “illegal pipes” is absurd. Are you going after big diesel trucks next? What about those boomers? or the L train? Maybe silencers on the big jets coming out of O’Hare. They are pretty loud too.

    I’m sure your constituents are much more concerned about things like crime and homelessness. But of course those issues will actually require you to work at them.

    You politicians are all the same. Nothing but beauty pageant contestants looking for that next crown.

  22. One Eye Says:

    “Now, a police officer by sight can determine whether the pipe is legal or not.”

    Well Officer Pork Chop must have X-Ray vision to see that my pipes are internally baffled.

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    @OC VAGO 1%er – Thanks for that man. I went to his website and the contact form and pasted that in. I used it word-for-word except I added at the end “or just lame-ass jerks on power trips and greedy as hell.”

    Naturally I used my own name and e-mail address, though I won’t hold my breath waiting for any answer other than some form letter bullshit, like comes from 99% of politicians one writes to (at least the asshats in my district here in TN do that, and even then only two of the three!).

  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    It’s all good.

  25. Tooj Says:

    It’s clear that the guy Reilly is blowing doesn’t care for motorcycles.

  26. Alex9000 Says:

    To: Alderman Brendan Reilly
    From: Alex
    Subject: Ordinance Against “Illegal” Motorcycle Exhausts

    Alderman Reilly,
    It is with mixed emotions and concerns I write to you regarding your new ordinance against so called “illegal” motorcycle exhausts.

    If I may take you back to your childhood-remember when you rode a mini-bike with a Briggs & Stratton engine around your neighborhood..and..shit I’m sorry, you never did that did you? Learned how an engine works? Did Daddy teach you how to sew, knit or play cricket?
    The V-twin engine is a massive air pump-it sucks air in and pushes it out. The motorcycle exhausts come from the factory intentionaly “choked down” if you will, to comply with the assholes that run the EPA. The distinctive sound you are trying to regulate against, is that of a “free breathing” engine.

    That distinctive sound is the defacto “sound of freedom”, much like going to an air show and watching the Blue Angels.

    I must extend my congratulations for what you are doing-politicians like you with the onset of such a debilitating disease of Inverted Cranial Rectosis (Your Head being shoved up your ass) are a breed that has surfaced in recent years.

    This disease is born and carried by boredom, too little kickbacks from your back room deals, hanging around people who do not understand what it is to work for a living and associating with known ass lickers!

    But fear not my distinguished and esteemed Alderman-there is a cure and hope for you.

    Inverted Cranial Rectosis can be cured almost overnight-there is no drug, so you might have to forgo your nightly coke buys from transvestites.
    The cure is to take your head out of your ass, grow some balls and be an “American”…”Loud & Proud”.
    In doing so, you may lose votes-but hell, those twinky eating cops over on the south side aren’t going to live forever-have you seen whats inside the new brand of doughnuts these days? Disgusting!

    Your loss of votes on one side will give you a solid voter base with another group-American Motorcyclists..or if you prefer the term..”Biker”!

    You do like leather don’t you Alderman? Doesn’t it bring back your catholic school upbringing..or was that too traumatic?

    So..Alderman Reilly, take your head out of your ass! Be a man! Be an American! Support Biker’s Rights all over the city!

    Or else people will vote you “Douchebag of Chicago” for all eternity!

  27. WARTHOG Says:


    LMFAO! I agree with you 99%. Where I differ is Raum Emanuel already holds the title of Douchebag of Chicago.




  28. Glenn S. Says:

    Sooo, it is just fine and dandy for soccar moms in minivans to get lost in conversations on cell phones while changing lanes every 50 feet or so, but they want to ban the only thing that gets their attention and makes them aware of the road and those of us they share it with.

    I broke down and got cable TV again when I bought the house. Turn on the damn thing and I see a common theme in modern dramatic entertainment: The women are all strong and wise, and the men are all either stupidly inept sidekick types or evil personified (said evil stopped in its tracks by the brilliant female pig bravely raising the kiddies by herself having moved on from the abusive man in her life).

    Haven’t been here in a few. Been busy, getting my stepson out of the jail in Maryville, Tennessee and trying to help him survive his first experience with the “justice” system. His fiance and baby’s mama took the money out of their joint account and said she was gonna go spend the day and night with her mother. Took the baby’s car seat, effectively stranding stepson at home. Stepson called baby’s mama’s mama who hadn’t seen her daughter. Round about 4PM the next day, the bitch shows up back home, tells my stepson she had reunited with an old boyfriend, and tells him to leave his home and son. Shoves him. He secures his pistol on his person so that the crazy bitch can’t get her hands on it. Bitch calls the cops (“He’s got a GUN!”)You know the rest: Swat team, door kicked down, and a felony aggravated domestic violence charge. He didn’t even hit her, although she has now changed her story to say that he did.

    First court appearance was a few days later and the bitch shows up with one of those man-hating victim’s advocates from legal aid. Bitch complains that stepson has texted her, after all, he was TOLD to just turn his back on his one-year-old son as a condition of making bond. Judge considers revoking bond, but declines to do so when the bitch gets caught in a lie about who cleaned out the joint account. Bitch had fully expected my stepson to be hauled off to the penitentiary right then and there, because she demanded it. Case got continued to next month. So now, my stepson won’t get to spend Christmas with his only son, can’t even talk to the kid on the phone.

    Anybody know about how this sort of thing is usually handled in Blount County, Tennessee? Anybody know anything about a lawyer named Andy Long out of Maryville?

  29. Sieg Says:

    Glenn, hit Rebel up n get my e-mail from him.

  30. One Eye Says:

    What I find ridiculous about this entire argument is the lack of consideration of other high volume vehicles. I don’t know about the rest of you but when I’m riding near a bus or a transport truck, they’re loud. If I pass one of these “that there sure is a loud bike feller” mouth breathers, I’m tempted to ask if they had enough time to plug their ears in the 1.5 seconds it took me to blow by them. My brother lives in the Detroit area and TRY to have a fucking conversation in his back yard during the summer with a plane landing every 45 seconds at the very busy airport located near his house.
    There are loud pipes and very loud pipes. I think the bigger problem are the riders who SEEK attention and NEED to be heard. I can make my pipes bark, but for the most part I like the “under the radar” approach and don’t need to be a heat score. I’ve ridden with guys and ask them to give their wrist a break (maybe they were reliving the teenage years at the spank bank) at intersections; they revved their bike incessantly and of course they drew attention.

  31. Uesque Says:

    According to this article the ordinance would prohibit bikes “lacking a muffler” which sounds to me like as long as you have any semblance of a baffle in there the visual inspection required would show you to be in compliance. I’ve heard some baffled pipes, including my own, that are pretty loud while not “lacking a muffler”.

    The alderman is going to be in for quite a surprise when his ordinance doesn’t make his neighborhood any quieter.

  32. Tooj Says:


    Sorry to hear about it. We don’t always do a good job of teaching our boys what we’ve learned about the so-called “fairer” sex. And they definitely don’t play “fair”.

    It is exceptional that he didn’t have fellows showing up with itchy finger syndrome and that he is still above ground once the gun was mentioned. Glad she didn’t say gun and biker in the same sentence, would have sealed his fate.

    I know a guy who’ll pull her fingernails out for 50 bucks…less if he has to talk to her first and listen to her. Motivation is everything.

  33. fayettenamhoe Says:

    – THAT MAN SAY WHAT ? “A lot of motorcycle owners alter their Muffler to make the motorcycle much louder,” MY pussy won’t wake no neighboors or no cops and this muther motor is quite quiet, sh, sh sh, shut the fuck up, shhh, even the police man can’t hear me dragging my ass back home. no attention, no sound but silence,, fuck me, i made it home again, no pigs involved, fuck me, and have a merry xmas

  34. fayettenamhoe Says:

    louder louder, my panhead can’t hear you ScREAm, but the pigs will hear any thing that moves in the midddle of the nite, FUCK MEE, I’D rather be home in bed with my woman than chasing my nitemares and catching ghosts, my worn out tires can go a bit further, now i’m lost in fayettenam, my apologies to anyone i may offend, now and the future, if i make it that far, Hay st. is not home

  35. Austin Says:

    Fayettenamhoe ; You are all right. I like your style. Re: the condo canyons – The builders should be required to retrofit sound dampening exteriors if decibels exceed whatever Health Dept. Rates as “safe”, and maybe the alderman could go after the architects who created the problem. The local Tribal Casino might support…

  36. Ride-Wrench-Revolt-3 Says:

    It seems anymore in the world of politics there are 2 kinds of bills.
    One is the specific bill written by political action committees and think tanks usually designed to line the pockets of some market sector (this is where helmet laws come from) or to take away freedoms that protect us from the government (patriot acts I and II, NDAA, anti-gang statues, etc)
    The other is pure political posturing designed to either make some politician look good to his people (like the one in Rebel’s article) or divide people into camps so the politicians can quietly pass bills of the first type. So while this Alder-douche is waving this bill with his left hand, be watching his right.

    The other problem shit like this creates is that law makers are not in the habit of unmaking laws. We’ve all heard of stupid shit on the books like you cant fish on a camel from a bridge in Bumphuq North Dakota or the story of some guy who got out of prison and demanded a horse and rifle because the law was still on the books. Rather than take the time to take it off the books, they misplace their trust in law enforcement that they simply wont enforce it. You end up with shit where a guy gets the business from a pig for washing his car in driveway ( Over legislation is getting so bad you cant even fart in your own house without some pig using it as probable cause for whatever agenda the local politician is pushing.

  37. fayettenamhoe Says:

    not used to a compliment but i’ll accept, have a good one with the one’s you care for and to all a good flite

  38. fayettenamhoe Says:

    then again when i get back home i twist the knob on 6 15 inch speakers and blow the nieghborhood out with some Zappa or Elliot smith and a little bit of lou reed mixed in, and some james McMurty like chowtaw Bingo, then some James BroWn to mello the morning before the sirens show up, and DOA by blood rock, then i can move down the street in my silencer, and were did i go? back to hell

  39. fayettenamhoe Says:

    my apologies they are “choctaw apache ebarb” i be a half ass chiricahua and i never trusted whitey or the MAN

  40. Alex9000 Says:

    Hey disrespect..but that aint me in the photo you have next to my posting!

    Just sayin

  41. JDiamond Says:

    “Now, a police officer by sight can determine whether the pipe is legal or not.”

    How convenient; now the decibel volume of the sound doesn’t matter –they can tell “by sight”. And I’m guessing those visual cues to stop anyone on a motorcycle will include such things as riding a v-twin, having tattoos and wearing a vest with a patch.

    This is just another way for cops to abuse riders and useless politicians to turn people into ATM machines.

  42. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I’d Love to hear or read about some dude doing a burnout & holeshot on a Dyna (or FXR) with a Totally Legal Mufflered Exhaust on LSD -LakeShore Drive and hitting fat Nigger Oprah trying to cross the street because she’s too fat and waddly to get across in time.
    Now THATS Entertainment.

  43. Rashomon Says:

    This would sounds way better with decent pipes.

  44. Sieg Says:

    Ya know, the only thing I can say remotely in this tool-sax defense is the RUB’s do get out of pocket time to time. I’ve never heard em drown out eight lanes of traffic on LSD, but sit out in front of the bars on Lincoln an watch ‘em go by, these fuckin sidewalk commandoes couldn’t ride if they had to! Feet dragging on the ground, bike wobbling side to side, but man, they’re playin those pipes fit to beat the band.


  45. 10Guage Says:

    They sold the bar next to my shop…I have been going there for twenty years and was friendly with the past owner who also rode a scooter….he was forced to sell ABC was after him for many years and he would try and appease them by putting up signs but not enforcing the rules…like NO SMOKING, NO SCOOTERS IN THE BAR, & NO SCOOTERS ON THE SIDEWALKS…ect ect…Anyhow he was between a rock and a hard place for many years as he is the last of a family who made a lot of money in the area by serving the needs of the invisible market…the grey area so to speak…so the new owners just saw opportunity for big dollar signs.

    Now this bar is in close proximity to a couple of clubhouses and was even sort of used as one briefly about ten years ago as a favor for a local chapter start up of a national club (they used a back room for meetings but not church, fund raisers, and as hang)….Its not unusual to see a few different patches in there including heavy and bullshit clubs…..and I and many others have swung fists in this joint for a long fact some of you that know me have heard those stories…

    Anyhow these new owners decide they don’t want the attention caused by clubs, and they have been trying to make nice with the neighborhood because they want to expand. But they did not want to alienate another big segment of their business and further piss off there local long time customers ( as this area has changed from blue collar and outlaw friendly to kacky pants and Prius drivers over the last 10 years) who ride independent but are long time associates of these clubs….so rather than be upfront about this, they are just going to try and make us uncomfortable…well for me I don’t give two shits as my people never go to this joint unless they are waiting for me to finish some business and want to shoot some pool. So these owners not only put up signs to enforce no scooter parking out front, they don’t want my scooter in front of my shop… do I know, because they attempted to rat me out for illegally parking my scooter to our mutual land lord and told him they were calling the police on my illegal strait pipes!…..Needless to say I had a “conversation” with them, and after that all the motherfuckers I knew were invited to park in front of my shop especially when closing down the bar FTW FTP FTF FTABC

  46. Catfish Says:

    The country is choking to death on the ideological gender- neutral perfume of limp-wristed liberalism, whose transportation of choice is the 40 mph Prius.

    I’m getting this on a motivational poster. Fucking brilliant!
    Rebel, you’re the best! I read this site at least once a day, certainly more often than Big Bullshit media. Love your books too, keep it coming. At least someone in this country is doing real reporting and writing!
    Merry Christmas to all,

  47. Tooj Says:

    Just by the way they are labeled. Sounds like a DOT sticker to me. shoot, don’t know why you’d look for a pipe label. Cook got away with “From my experience, I KNOW when a bike is too loud.” Man has a decibel meter built into his head. riiiiight.

  48. VINCE 1%er Says:

    *IF* all the particulars are accurate: NONE Of My Bikes would pass Muster/Inspection or a fair glance to avoid a ticket.
    MEMO to Vince: Stay Outta Chi-town /Rockford in the near future except for Necessary Runs,Perfunctory RUNS and or FUND RAISING 81 Events.
    Even a casual glance @ My Bikes will result in a ticket under the Nazi Regime explained and the casual inspections explained.

    Vince 1%ER

  49. Sieg Says:

    Vince, linking the Chi n Crotchford is like saying Nueve Yorico n, I dunno, TRENTON or sumpin.

    Thing about the Chi, usually the piggers got bigger fish to fry. Only time they fuck witcha bout pipes n such is when they’re gettin ready to really fuck ya. Been riding since I was a pup n have never, not once, been hassled for pipes, n in the day I ran TT pipes.


  50. ap Says:

    A roar of pipes is a great sound!!! Why cant this dick stop trash trucks at 4 am, car alarms or sirens from a high speed chase of a kid with a roach in his pocket.

  51. fayettenamhoe Says:

    i put her down again, it was easy, no one herd a sound, when i rolled her over she just laughed, then i rolled her over again, with out a sound and she called me by my name, fuck me, she kept calling, fuck me, anmd thruogh the nite she called me, fuck fuyck fucki me, and i gave it to her , fucki fucki fuk, she called me, i love you too

  52. fayettenamhoe Says:

    i bleed, and no fucking god wil;l wash my sins away,

  53. fayettenamhoe Says:

    you like loaded pipes? so do the police man, and the criminal justice system, fuk me, i be home fukin my own nasty grl, no duck shit or T,V. involved, have some, its better than chrome

  54. fayettenamhoe Says:

    THE WAR ON MACHISMO? hahahaha, its a war that most fools wear upon their fuking forhead, why do you where some shit that you can’t even use as a rag, if you buy a shirt, use it like toilet paper, you ad ride a bbbike its your towel no one can talk and your towel is yre bbbike, be for real and leave the chrome to the lust, go polish yre turd

  55. fayettenamhoe Says:

    she lied to me, i parked the old fart, flat black, it lied to me too, she died in my arms, no patches involed, the blood kept running and her eye balls got cold darker and darker, she lauphed at me when i thought she would run out of time, she clocked out, now i look at her death sentance , she said, don’t be like me, i have no reflections, only how i may manipulate my soul, i told the truth, it,s called a life, duck shit

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