SOA Season Finale Tonight

Tue, Dec 10, 2013

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SOA Season Finale Tonight

The season finale of Sons of Anarchy, the chick show about motorcycle outlaws that has become a standard line of voir dire questioning in biker cases, will air tonight. The fictitious club for which the show is named runs the illicit gun trade in an imaginary state named California. The Aging Rebel was too busy to find out whether the club is still importing guns from Ireland.

It is the thirteenth episode of season six if you are keeping score. There will be another thirteen episodes next year which will conclude with everybody in the show dying gruesomely. The year after that, series creator Kurt Sutter, will produce a prequel to SOA about the Vietnam combat veterans who founded the club. As if Vietnam veterans haven’t been slandered enough already.

The show didn’t air last week. The week before that Ron Perlman’s character Clay Morrow, one of the Vietnam Vet founders, took a trip to the happy hunting ground. Also, a character named Tara stole lead heartthrob Jax Teller’s children while declining to make a fresh start in life in the Witness Relocation Program. “We’ll be safe,” she announced, which was a broad hint that she probably will not be safe for long. “Everything I do is for you and Thomas. That’s my job.”

With typical Sutterian subtlety and understatement, tonight’s episode is titled “A Mother’s Work.”

Jax, played by Charlie Hunnam, has been taking a run at Dexter Morgan for the title of America’s most beloved serial killer this season but he may be too emotionally involved with Tara to kill her himself. However his mother Gemma, played by Katey Sagal, is probably willing to put the work in for her little boy. That would be the obvious plot twist, anyway.

In any event, many people who care have speculated that tonight’s shocking and unforgettable conclusion will feature Tara’s murder. You can find out for yourself tonight at 10 p.m. on FX.



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  1. Whitepride Says:

    And thanks to this show we have hundreds of Iron Order posers wanting to play biker without earning their patch! Well at least Sutter, H-D, and embroidery shops are making big bucks off the bullshit!

  2. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Dear Mr. Sutter,
    The most important issue of our time has come about. SAVE THE PATCH. We are faced with the abolition of our 1st Amendment rights by the hands of the very officials we elect to office. Have you been following the insanity taking place in Australia and other countries? The motorcycle lifestyle is in serious jeopardy.

    Considering the good fortune SOA has been blessed with capitalizing on our lifestyle I pose the question: would you be willing to assist to defend the lifestyle you portray?

    SAVE THE PATCH. The So Cal Confederation of Clubs is leading the charge. Assistance from all sources is being sought. Please reach out. You could make a huge difference.

    Corporate Bob
    Vagos M/C

  3. Vikingtrotter Says:

    As I posted in another thread. I visit a family-friendly brewpub in Agoura on Kanan and I came upon a blond and young (JAX-like) IOMC POSER. He’s there nearly evedry day trying to look like a bad ass.

  4. Budweiser Says:

    CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!!!! In a house with 30-40 people. And, yes, there actually is a few MC members here. God Forbid!!!

  5. Paladin Says:


    When I have the time, I’ll swing by.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  6. Tooj Says:

    There are a lot of times I have been less than kind in my commentary toward this whatever it is.

    I will say that this has been a clear commentary on the police state of Amerika. Not on motorcycle clubs, but mos def on LE.

    I will thank Sutter for that.

  7. Road Whore Says:

    I will admit that in the dearth of episodal shows featuring motorcycle protagonists–since Then Came Bronson left the airways all too many years ago–that I was initially somewhat excited to see the arrival of Sons.

    I watched initial episodes with mixed feelings that leaned toward the positive side; although the MC was overblown and highly dramatized and way too light on real MC action (runs; parties; toy runs; just sittin’ around the club house shootin’ the shit and drinkin’ beer) it was an action show with some fairly decent writing and dialogue and I liked Ron Perlman in his role…not that his role was necessarily realistic, but I like him in the role he portrayed. He kept the relentless little psychopath, Jax, mostly in line, and IMHO scenes with Perlman played better than scenes in which he was missing.

    As time went by several things became evident. One was that, “If we blew up three things last episode, let’s blow up 10 things this episode!”

    Another was that violence became disproportionate and unbelievable.

    And for me the capper was when Sutter, in a seeming act of some sort of self-retaliation for his own either real or imagined sins, began to sacrifice his character, Otto, to every violent perversion imaginable as a sort of vicarious retribution.

    The whole show became a repressed teenager’s violent wet dream.

    That it was supposedly about an MC became irrelevant. The series degenerated to the point that the “gang” could have been a gang of milk delivery drivers; rogue postal workers; or evil high school teachers banding together. Motorcycles became incidental and irrelevant, as did the MC lifestyle.

    I have watched; this season I have watched as one watches the aftermath of a horrific train wreck. Take out the MC reference, garage the motorcycles, try to pry poor Otto’s maniacal torturings out of your head, and the scene with Perlman in the hangar could have been one of the best scenes ever. Understated, which highlighted its drama.

    But the show has taken so many hard lefts into the mountains of Crash and Burn that it long ago had lost any believability (“Time to go hood, sister.”) or relevance to anything except a young man’s (Jax’s) egomaniacal desire to fuck and kill seemingly everyone and everything on the planet.

    The show long ago left behind any pretense of relevance to an MC, much less any type of true motorcycling lifestyle, and degenerated into a mirthless pit of savage torture, homosexual rape, burnings, beatings, shootings and bad dialogue that I’d be willing to bet that even the hardened inner city gangs rarely see.

    It will be a relief for all when Sons goes into the land of R.I.P. But as Tooj so accurately says, the show has definitely gotten one thing right: it has indeed been a clear and accurate commentary on Amerika’s police state.

    “The more you look, the more you see.”

    Ride FREE!

  8. Sick Rick Says:

    If there’s anything to be gained by the show, Tooj nailed it. The MC as depicted couldn’t exist unless the cops are also as depicted. At least Sutter has been consistent–every significant cop character he’s introduced has been mostly interested in serving and protecting him/herself.

  9. Panhead Says:

    @ Bud,

    “CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!!!” Kinda sez it all about you. What is even more telling is that you are in a house with 30-40 people, to watch a fucking TV show!? Are the fat girls gonna pull a train? Will your mom allow that?
    I’m a PH Bud and have never, not one time watched that fuckin moronic show. I’d rather be out in my shop doing firearm restoration (a hobby) or working on ol Black Betty (63 FLH). Do you have a motorcycle? Do you have any interests outside of TV?
    I have no desire to be in a room surrounded by peeps wearing SOA gear and jacking (read excited) off to a TV show. (CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!!!) So, do the 30-40 turn to the MC’s that you have invited to this little whine and cheese and ask questions? Bask in their association with bad asses? Damn it boy, this is some real Walter Mitty syndrome shit! I can honestly say Bud, that in my circle, I don’t think that I have ever heard the show mentioned. I might be wrong. Don’t think so though.
    Oh, a hint………..the guy that sez he makes a lot of money? He don’t. I know this for a fact.

    Get a life.

    ’93′ for life.

  10. Paladin Says:

    The reality of this show is the effect it has on jury pools, as had been pointed out by the judge presiding in the George Christie trial. The judge was real keen on the Defense and Prosecution striking a deal, because finding jurors that hadn’t been exposed to SOA were next to impossible to find. This show has and will continue to have a detrimental impact on the ability of any MC member to get a fair trial, based on an untainted jury.

    I get the fact that the members of the real MCs that participate in this show are in it for the money and the short haul, but in the long run, I don’t see them doing themselves or other members of the MC community any favors.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  11. Road Whore Says:

    @ Panhead: “…whine and cheese…” Classic! I owe you yet another round!

    Ride Free

  12. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Shop Harley for Badness sake. (I am not making this up.)

    YYZ Skinhead

  13. FBomb Says:

    Sons of Anarchy is every bit as ridiculous, poorly scripted, and badly acted as anything you’ll see on a professional wrestling show, but not half as entertaining.

  14. WARTHOG Says:

    Hey Budweiser,

    You have PH’s coming to your house? What’s their names? Who do they ride with? Any with criminal records? What did they get convicted of? What crimes are they planning on committing? Have they ever pulled a patch? How?

    Don’t answer any of those questions…it might be over your head, but I’m trying to make a point here. Idiot.



  15. USMVMC Hacker Says:

    Panhead: Our bikes have the same name. (’13 Street Glide).

  16. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ Panhead: “…whine and cheese…” probably milk and cookies.

  17. jrnr Says:


    Couldn’t have said it better!

    Is it just me or is anybody else fucking sick and tired of budqueer hijacking every damn thread he posts on with his junior high bullshit. Damn dude, just FUCK OFF!


  18. WARTHOG Says:


    That’s my bike’s name, too. Bamb-ba-lam.




  19. sherides Says:


    don’t forget…. AND DIE !


  20. Jim666 Says:

    I think OC VAGO 1%er Is right on this

  21. WARTHOG Says:


    Atta girl!




  22. ocmouse22 Says:

    GOD I can’t wait for this show to be off the air and out of the courts mind. Tired of pop up clubs that think a harley makes you a biker or even worse an outlaw ! Oh and assholes in white tennis shoes on harleys tryimg to be SOA. This show has hurt the lifestyle i love, have fought for and sacrificed for. I dont care what patch you wear fight for your right to wear that patchget involved in some way to save this lifestyle. Save the patch. Check it out on facebook.

  23. Road Whore Says:

    @ WARTHOG: I now owe you several beers! :)

    Ride Free

  24. Road Whore Says:

    And I owe several rounds to OC VAGO 1%er! Reckon Buttwiper…I mean, Budweiser, will sit down face to face with you?

    Ride Free

  25. Panhead Says:

    Just got into the Hotel, pull up the site and I see we still talkin about Bud’s sorry ass. Where is Bill?

    @ Jrnr….if you ever meet him, you are gonna hurt him.
    @ OC VAGO 1%….yeah, that’s more like it. Milk and cookies.
    All right USMVMC and WARTHOG! Can’t be a buncha fuckin Black Betty’s out there on the highway! Guess I’m gonna hafta go back to Black Bitch!


    Fuck Bud

  26. Metal Dave Says:

    “CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!” ah hahaha this ‘nozzle’s a-trollin’ fellas, pay no mind

    MMMM Beer ( NOT corporate rice-swill piss)

  27. 10Gauge Says:


    The king of queers won’t get it….but I laughed out loud ….funny as hell man!


  28. Ronbo Says:

    Is Budweiser really BRANDON??
    Just askin


  29. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ronbo,

    No. Budweiser isn’t Brandon.


  30. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Some good lines from Rebel – “An imaginary state called California” and “for those of you keeping score” very dry, understated, very witty.

    Also Palladin makes a some pointed observations worth noting and remembering.

    As for Budweiser, I have concluded he must be a shill, a ringer. Because nobody can be that far off the mark and be for real, oblivious to any comments and corrections from others who possess a little bit of time and experience under their belt.

  31. Vikingtrotter Says:

    Went into a Spencer’s store in my local mall and I just about laughed my butt off because of all the SOA tagged crap they were selling. Such as, SOA fuzzy slippers, shirts, pants, shorts, hats, belt buckles,cups, koosies, 3 patch bath robes and my personal favorite, an official adult onsie (complete with built-in footies).
    So, embarrassing,

  32. Bill Says:

    I miss Brandon.

  33. Panhead Says:

    @ Rebel,

    Wondering if they can work Bud into the plot. They could kill him off too. Just sayin…..



  34. chromedome Says:

    @ocvago1%er -well said …….it would be interesting to see if dude is within reach like that.

    @buttwiper ………………………….i can picture you standing in front of tv, harley davidson towel tied round your neck like a cape soa bandana to match the soa pajamas screwdriver in one hand unmixed egg nog in the other standing on a chair watchin last nights episode. Laugh my fuckin ass off.

    @panhead… i got a 1956 h&r square barrel “sidekick” revolver that someone tried to nickleplate but didnt take the cylinder apart so excess shit has clogged it and the rod is stuck any suggestions to keep me from having to replace the cylinder?


  35. Metal Dave Says:

    @ Dr. Sardonica….indeed, sir, indeed.

  36. WARTHOG Says:


    Unfortunately, I felt the need to tell “it” not to answer the questions out of fear that “it” actually would. SMFH




  37. chromedome Says:

    @panhead ……..ive worked the rod in the center to where it can mov but still sticks i was told from a guy in nashville that it was a lost cause cuzz there is a lil bit of damage to the pin. Not tryin to give up on it being that it was a gift from my uncle before he passed.

  38. Panhead Says:

    @ Chromedome

    Cylinder throat and barrel throat differences are not uncommon even in new high dollar revolvers. Even before the nickel plate abortion. The solution is to get a hand reamer of the proper size (sized according to barrel throat ID), a pilot bushing to insure proper alignment and a T handle to rotate this rig. With the cyl. in a padded vise, you carefully, SLOWLY ream to open the cyl. throats. Use a good tapping fluid to keep chatter down. I like Marvel Mystery Oil. You can do this job yourself. Google Brownells gunsmith supply house and get the phone # of their tech guys. They know their stuff and will help you. Before you call, mic. the ID of the barrel throat ‘groove diameter.’ they will recommend a reamer and pilot bushing that will be slightly (thou’s of an inch)larger. The barrel forcing cone takes care of that slight misalignment. We are talking hair width dimensions here. I get modern high dollar revolvers in my shop that “scatter” pattern and many times, this cyl. throat/barrel throat size differential is one of the culprits. I’m assuming this is a .22? How is end shake (cyl. wobble when loaded and locked in) on this gun? This is also a revolver accuracy/function problem. If it’s real loose, get some (pkg.of various thicknesses)cyl. shims. Don’t cost much and are easy to install. When the cyl. is in the vise, tap the rod out.

    Hope this get’s you pointed in the right direction. Let me know how you come out on this project.


    “Lock and Load”

  39. Panhead Says:

    @ Chromedome

    By rod, I think you mean the spent case ejector? Have to tap it out.
    Pin damage? Shit, you can take the pin out and have a machinist make you another or go to (google) Gun Parts Corp. website, pull your gun up and see if they don’t have one. Gun parts junkyard. They have a little of everything. I’ve even ordered pins slightly larger and made em fit. Smithing is not rocket science. You can do this!


  40. Panhead Says:

    @ Chromedome

    Let me know if this is helping. Reb can give you my email and I can call you, or you me after we make contact and we can get this gun repaired.


  41. chromedome Says:

    @panhead ….cool man thanks i appreciate the info. And ya the spent case ejector is what i meant lol i make my own words all to often. When the guy old me it was hopeless then offered me $ for it i knew he was full of shit lol. Ive had it put up since i got it so this gives me some motivation to get her back right. I will DEF keep you updated. Once again thanks man and btw its a .32


  42. Panhead Says:

    @ Chromedome

    Glad to help.

    “No Brass no Ammo Drill Sgt!”

  43. Freeman Says:

    Cant this bullshit be stopped!?

  44. Budweiser Says:

    Panhead- Relax man, go sip some bourbon . For you to get that worked up over a post about SOA is disturbing. And I guarantee you at least someone in your club watches it.

    WARTHOG- Who said I was at my house? Anyone who has been following along knows the area I’m from.

  45. CN Says:

    Somehow some way I got my wires crossed and thought that this was the final season of SOA so since I stopped watching during season one I made up my mind to watch “the last season” to see how it all shook out. Had I not thought it was the final season then I’d have never invested the time necessary to watch it. I dislike the show not so much because it’s a very poor representation of the counter culture or that it’s just a shitty show, I object to it on the grounds of what it does to potential jury pools. A dislcaimer at the beginning read out loud which states that this show is totally fictional and not at all based on reality would have shown at least a small amount of class and respect for the counter culture. Unfortunately none was ever tried and I beleive the reason was that if they had, then impressionable or gullable viewers would have tuned it out because like it or not, the average citizen has been so poisoned by the media for decades that they actually believe this crap is closer to fact than fiction. Such a sad sate of affairs has resulted in this massive “Big Lie” that is the highest rated show on the FX Channel. Those responsible don’t care, H-D and the other sponsors don’t care, and the actors don’t care, it’s greed above all else and anyone cashing in on this is guilty, sorry if that hurts but it’s the truth. Problem is, I’m guilty too. I watched the season to see what the general public would be left with as a lasting impression of a counter culture I live and love. I truly wanted to know what juries and the average citizens were walking away with when they see me and those I ride with. If asked I wanted to know what people were talking about not just dismiss folks with “I don’t watch crap like that”, which is what I’d like to say but would leave a bad taste with if I did. I started hearing “season finale” about two episodes ago, not final season finale and one of my 30 something kids told me on the phone that indeed there was another season yet to come. So, now I’m not only guilty, I’m guilty of stupidity as well. I could have been better informed if I had looked into it but I didn’t so it’s on me. A walk down the DVD isle at the local Walmart features every season and they don’t sell what they can’t sell. The T shirts and baseball caps are there too. Living near the main drag leading to Myrtle Beach I’ve seen motorcycle riders wearing this gear, hey, it’s a free country but I wonder if they know how in doing so, they have helped foster the myth, the big lie, the poisoned jury, the gradual culture war against one of the few remaining ways of life that is real freedom. I’ve heard it said that it’s just a soap opera and to just get over it, but I’ve been in a courtroom where an AUSA has mentioned it and in doing so set the tone for the rest of the trial. I’m glad it will be over next year and no I won’t make this mistake again. Kurt Sutter, if Karma is real, you’re in a world of shit.

    As for Budweiser, I’m reminded of the problem child who craves attention and will break thinks to get it. Good attention or bad attention, it doesnt matter as long as it’s the center of attention. I imagine he’s some college kid who’s impressing himself by bad mouthing Bikers and getting off on seeing his name mentioned. At some point he will fuck up and talk about this at a bar or party, somebody who knows somebody will tell somebody and the poor kid is headed for a real bad day. Again, if there’s anything to Karma, you’re in a world of shit.

    Apologize for going on so long and the spelling.

  46. Budweiser Says:

    CN- Not a kid, and if I get my ass kicked over what I post on a message board..then so be it. I seriously doubt that will happen. Karma for what? You guys need some help. Get off the web and live a little…lol. SOA has one more season. At least 13 episodes that may be extended like this year, or possibly a 15, 16 episode season.

  47. Budweiser Says:

    CN- Please excuse me. I was busy with something when I posted earlier. I just re-read your post. Please point out when I’ve ever “bad mouthed bikers” ?

  48. Bill Says:

    Overyourheadweiser: You’re just too dumb to be here. Keep drinking, it’ll make you smarter.

  49. Alex900 Says:

    “…be another thirteen episodes next year which will conclude with everybody in the show dying gruesomely. The year after that, series creator Kurt Sutter, will produce a prequel to SOA about the Vietnam combat veterans who founded the club”

    Really?..another 13 episodes of this shite?…AND a prequel? VN Combat Vets will be smeared!
    What’s after the prequel?…skinny Abercrombie & Fitch guys dressed up in peg leg pants with HD 750′s and 500′s.

    Asswipe Sutter should make a series that shows what “The Life” is really about!

    Anyways..watched it a few times…was given the DVD set of seasons 1-4…and then started using them for target practice after seeing guys with SOA cuts with Virginia and North Carolina on them.
    Someone..someplace is going to be sitting around…years from now..and talking..”yep..back in the day…I think you had to “Earn” your patch…internet and TV made it so that we can all wear a patch now..

    Can’t wait for all this Hollyweird shit to end!

    Love & Respect to all PH’s That Earned Them!

  50. Freman Says:

    Watched the last episode at my ol ladies friend place, i didnt want a watch it, and my excuse was i never watch one single show before, i dont fuckin watch tv period, of course the ol ladies friend got on the net and showed me all the of this season recaps to put me up to speed.

    sat through the damn thing and it actually sucked as much as i expected to, though il admit the actors are decent, the plot the unraveling of it the whole shear amount of bs it propagates, made me noxious.

    Whats next? hollywood doesn’t let go of money making franchise, expect a god damn movie to be made with a stupid title like sons of anarchy: next generation, with a bigger propane budget, my two cents anyways.

  51. RLG Says:

  52. Phuquehed Says:

    @Freman – The only thing that ‘sucks’ around here is Budweiser. He’ll be on soon enough to tell you how wrong you are about his favorite show to jerk-off to or have a fag orgy to (he even told us 30 or 40 guys all there to watch SoA). Just be careful about saying bad shit about SoA because Budweiser will come on here and deride you and tell you how intelligent he is and how dumb you are and go about proving himself completely wrong on both counts by opening his trap and not knowing when to shut the fuck up.

  53. Freeman Says:

    @ Phuquehed

    The king of queers can go fuck himself and have his soa buddies watch.

    @ RLG hhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy.

  54. Budweiser Says:

    Phuquehed- This Bud’s for you, bro! I’m am being serious when I say this. Send Rebel your info. I will send you a check for Christmas. You and Bill, need some holiday cheer!!

  55. Budweiser Says:

    Freeman- Why not just say you watched the episode? Nice explanation of how you were showed all the “recaps” and got “up to speed.” Lmfao goofball!!

  56. Phuquehed Says:

    @Dumbshit, I mean, Budweiser – Why the fuck do I want your money, you moronic faggot. Any “cheer” I’d get from you would be if I read your obituary or found out you never open that claptrap of yours here ever again, or that you gave AIDS to all the faggot pigs you let fuck you in the ass at your SoA party.

  57. FF Says:


    You’re such a manly man.

  58. Panhead Says:

    @ Paladin – Sieg – Ronbo,

    I’m tryin.

    @ Phuquehed – you crack me up! That was well said.




  59. Budweiser Says:

    Phuquehed- I apologize. Not being able to afford a t-shirt and only having $5 concerned me. You anger towards me did also. Merry Christmas you fuckin’ loser….make you feel better?

    Panhead- Still think 90% of posters here are patches? Lmfao

  60. Austin Says:

    Hey Budweiser – Spread that Holiday Cheer of yours around where it will do some good. Buy 100 copies of Rebel’s books and donate them to libraries and coffeehouses in your area. Purchase the first 50 STP shirts for all your pen pals on here. Make a donation to the BHC. Drop a Kruggerand into the Salvation Army kettle in your town…. Are you feelin’ it yet?

  61. Freeman Says:

    @ phuquehed

    Well damn man you where absolutely right! i owe ya a beer, no not that watered down camel piss fag drink, ya know a real beer.

    @ the king of queers

    Kid go play ”gansta” some where else son, and quit living vicariously through tv shows and the net, go auto stopping across north Korea with a kim jong un sucks t-shirt, ya know, help save the world.

  62. Phuquehed Says:

    @Budweiser – Sooo, you *did* give AIDS to all those pigs at your SoA party. Great! Now, tell us when it’s supposed to finally kill you off.

  63. Austin Says:

    @ Sick Rick – Re: “At least Sutter has been consistent–every significant cop character he’s introduced has been mostly interested in serving and protecting him/herself.”

    just like in Real Life! (thanks Drifter – I don’t follow the news)

    Click me for yet another zany episode from the archives…

  64. Budweiser Says:

    Freeman- How am I playing “gansta”? And what the hell does China have to do with anything???

  65. Bill Says:

    Pudgansta: it’s N Korea, not “China”. Look up, above your head, that’s where you’ll see what’s really being said here. Still posting in your SOA cut?

  66. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Budweiser is a shill. It has to be a plant placed here here to strike the ire of those with sense and common sense. A distraction to take us off topic. No one could be this stupid.

  67. Freeman Says:

    Anyone care to educate that badly assembled bag of genetic left over go right ahead, i done with it, it has the iq of a house plant.

    @ OC VAGO

    Hard to believe but i do think it is that stupid, my suggestion to everyone don’t pay attention to it, dont acknowledge its existence and it will go away.

  68. Philo Bedo Says:

    caught the last part of this season on veetle. am I mistaken, or was that Sutter getting his shit shoved in before killing that us marshal guy? that’s uh…that’s a he’ll of a scene to write for yourself. just sayin…


  69. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er:

    Mr. Sutter has a Twitter account and a blog (I’m sorry, I dont have links but I know they’ll be easy to find). I think what you wrote is right on the money and might be less easy to ignore posted as a comment on his blog.

    I do not know the caliber of Mr. Sutter’s character, but you make too much sense to just leave it at that. This would be a great chance for him to return something to the community he has taken so much from. Perhaps he will.

  70. VINCE 1%er Says:

    *IF* Mr. Sutter were to donate or contribute to such an Important worthy & decent movement as “Save The Patch” with even a humble nod towards the REAL Riders & 1%ERs and MC’s that his dumb series portrays in such a BAD and Bullshit type display, or even a small $$$ monetary donation -
    (God knows he’s gotten RICH off his TV version of make believe Biker lifestyle Pulp Fiction and cardboard tough guy scenarios )……..

    I would *TRY* to watch an episode.
    But I have never watched it – nor will I watch it ever.

    As it is Now I have to restrain myself from shooting the TV like Elvis when I even see a commercial on FX for that series of garbage.

  71. Myway Says:

    Hail to all.
    I have watched this site for sometime now and never chimed in(my opinion is like anything else).
    I will say I’m not a patcholder to start.
    but I have always been part of the antiestablishment.
    this show reminds me of the early 90s when it became cool to be into punk rock and metal and f**k of to the powers that be because it was media friendly.
    just like 1%ers we scared the shit out of joe public and then all of a sudden it was cute(wtf).
    same with this show(as good a soap opera as it is)it makes weekend doucebags think they can associate with us.Like they know what its like to actually try to lead a free life.
    and yes I do say us.I am not a patcholder but I am the other part of the 1%.anyway I want to rant forever and I probably already sound like an idiot so point at hand. a show like this just shines a light to the vast public that MCs are mafias and nothing more,and the fact that its on TV its cool to be a “biker”(if only they had a clue).Can’t wait till its of the air.

  72. Ol'Goat Says:

    Been refraining from commenting on Budweiser but can contain myself no moreThe beer and the poster both suck. At least one ISNT pretentious.

  73. Base Says:

    Vince 1%

    I really don’t believe Sutter is all that giving or supportive of something like save the patch. Although it would be great if he did or if some of the patches/former & current that work on the show would put some pressure on him to do so. Even better if he decided to do it on his own.

    I have always wondered why people are so focused on the MC being so evil when most of the cops/feds on the show are just as bad or far worst. But then many of the multitude of cop shows out there shine a bad light on cop/fed characters. I never have seen a real life trial of a crooked/corrupt cop where the prosecution or judge used SOA or say a movie like training day to sway a jury or for jury selection like has been done to MC’s.


  74. ap Says:

    Im guessing the ph at the soa watch party have mbbm on there vests lol

  75. whitefxrp Says:

    Good grief,whatever next….

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