This Week In The Sadistic State

November 20, 2013

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What is now happening to motorcycle outlaws in Australia and to a lesser extent in the United States illustrates the power of recently democratic governments to create a scapegoat class and punish members of that class as a public spectacle. The arrest in Vegas the other night of a lawyer named Stephen Stubbs illustrates the same underlying assumption – that the police can do whatever they want to you.

But, it is no longer just motorcycle outlaws and their lawyers who have every reason to fear and hate the police. Whether you are a left winger, a right winger, a tea partier, an occupy activist or a mealy-mouthed moderate, it should be obvious that the fundamental relationship between citizens of reputed democracies and the police has changed dramatically since nine-one-one.

The case two weeks ago of a New Mexico man named David Eckert should have proven that to the moderates who just want to live their lives in peace. Eckert was accused by police of clenching his buttocks after allegedly making a rolling stop in a Wal-Mart parking. Using that articulable, if fantastic, suspicion as a pretense a local judge issued a search warrant. Eckert was then detained for 14 hours and subjected to an abdominal E-Ray, two anal cavity searches, three forced enemas, anesthesia and a colonoscopy.

What happened to Eckert illustrates the reality of the new Sadistic State – a dysfunctional state that can barely govern but which jealously retains its unique power to control and punish. Because the Sadistic State is incapable of accomplishing basic governmental tasks like negotiating a budget or publishing a simple website it becomes ever more concerned with asserting its power over its citizens as an end in itself. That’s what is happening in the United States and there have been three banal examples of that in the last week.

Orianna Ferrel

The most broadly publicized of these was the attempted murder by police in New Mexico of a 39-year-old mother of five named Orianna Ferrel. Ferrel is not the most sympathetic of police victims. She was stopped for speeding near Santa Fe, got into an argument with the cop who stopped and her and drove off.

She was pursued, pulled over a second time and ordered out of her car. A brief and stupid drama ensued which included a brief scuffle between Ferrel’s 14-year-old son and the arresting officer. Ferrel, her son and her other children tried to lock themselves in their car and the policeman responded by smashing out her side windows. The window smashing prompted Ferrel to drive off again. As she did so a second policeman fired three bullets into her car.

The second pursuit lasted ten minutes. Ferrel’s lawyer says she ran because she was afraid for her children’s safety. Ferrel and her son were both arrested and Ferrel was charged with child endangerment, resisting arrest and reckless driving.

It should be clear to most reasonable people that Ferrel was guilty of multiple traffic violations. It should also be clear that she was shot at in order to punish her for disobeying the police.


Jim Howe

Jim Howe, a 40-year-old father who lives in Crossville, Tennessee was arrested last week after trying to pick up his children from South Cumberland Elementary School.

Students at South Cumberland are done for the day at 2 p.m. But a recently implemented and remarkably stupid school policy requires students to stay at the school for an additional 35 minutes unless parents pick up their kids by car. The idea of the new rule is to prevent students from walking home by themselves before 2:35 p.m. But the new rule has created very long lines of traffic and Howe thought he could avoid the traffic by picking up his children and walking them home himself.

When attempting to retrieve his kids Howe was confronted by “School Resource Officer” Avery Aytes. The authoritarian Aytes resented Howe’s insistence that his kids were Howe’s responsibility and arrested Howe for disorderly conduct.


Kim Cope

A woman named Kim Cope in Fort Worth has become a symbol of the national effort to collect DNA samples from all Americans. Although the Constitution asserts that Americans have an absolute right to be free of unreasonable searches the Sadistic State has begun to collect bodily fluids from citizens and database the information those fluids contain.

Cope was pulled over in North Fort Worth at a police enforced road block sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The idea of the road block was to determine how many drivers are driving drunk at any time. Cope’s blood alcohol level was measured by “passive sensors” at the time of her detention.

“It just doesn’t seem right that you can be forced off the road when you’re not doing anything wrong,” Cope, who was on her lunch break when she was stopped, told NBC affiliate KXAS. “I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn’t let me and forced me into a parking spot.”

Cope was offered $10 for a cheek-swab DNA sample and $50 for a blood sample. She declined both offers but agreed to blow into a breathalyzer for free. Technically, Texas is one of twelve states that forbids sobriety check points.

“I finally did the Breathalyzer test just because I thought that would be the easiest way to leave,” Cope told KXAS. “It just doesn’t seem right that they should be able to do any of it. If it’s voluntary, it’s voluntary, and none of it felt voluntary.”





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  1. Tooj Says:

    @Flyer, ” I no longer tolerate the bully or the bastard who enjoys humiliating other people just because he or she thinks they can get a way with it”… brings back memories and those who attempted to change that way of thinking. Enjoy your newfound freedom and responsibility.

  2. FF Says:


    Thanks for turning me onto Temple of Wotan. All that self guilt and punishment shit went right out the window. I no longer tolerate the bully or the bastard who enjoys humiliating other people just because he or she thinks they can get a way with it. Not on my watch, motherfuckers.

    This gentleman has a lot of great ideas and suggestions for preparing/prepping for WROL:

    Without rule of law is coming. Our money will be rendered worthless and the supermarket shelves will wind up empty. The trucks will stop making deliveries.

  3. Tooj Says:

    “BEWARE. Make sure your shit is secure!” can go right up there with Warthog’s “You have the right to STFU. Use it diligently.”

    I’ve said it before here. Folks get really good at using stuff but they don’t understand where it comes from or how it works. That is a dangerous practice on the web.

    This was developed by the US DOD, yet folks continue to blindly trust any and everything built upon it. Hmmmmmm…..

  4. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Good comments FF, Slick Rick, et al…
    Read Balko’s ‘Rise of the Warrior Cop’…Scary shit, and it’s happening now

  5. Sick Rick Says:

    Now local cops are getting surplus MRAPS (mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles) from the Army.

  6. Sieg Says:

    FF, you are a good man. The Gods willing, you will make it through to Victory Day.

    You’re right, it’s coming. No doubt in my mind at all.

    Funny, I’ve known various “anti-government” types, and “right-wing extremists”, and even “left-wing extremists”, for many, many moons. I’ve been hearing that there is going to be a revolution in this country since the late sixties.

    Thing is, the Oligarchs have been using the frog-in-a-saucepan approach, just turning up the heat a little at a time.

    In the mid-eighties, I was telling people we would see civil unrest within ten years. By the early 2000’s, I realized that unless something really radical happened, as long as there was beer in the supermarket and the tv worked, there wouldn’t be any revolution.

    That said, I do believe we’ve finally reached the point where the sheeple are starting to wake up. Whether or not enough of them wake up in time to take our Republic back is anyone’s guess, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen without blood in the streets.

    I’ve got kids, and I’m not in any hurry to see them lit-up, and I’m not in a hurry to live in the woods, but seeing a tank in my front yard, and my kids being frog-marched out of my house with an M4 in the back of their heads, well, that pretty much decided things for me.

    Be ready, know who has your six, and keep it dry till the Day comes.

    5 to 1

  7. FF Says:

    This is where the pigs will put you

    The pig could care less


  8. FF Says:


    I agree with what you said. Listen, the British had about 180,000 soldiers in Northern Ireland at one time, and the IRA had MAYBE 5oo members with a few hundred more auxiliary support troops, yet they were able to keep the British army with all their tanks and technology at bay.

    I can’t stand it when some liberal/progressive/communist/democrat whatever it is they are calling themselves/ numbskull makes a snarky comment with a faggot lisp “you don’t need a machine gun to hunt a deer haw haw pass the bon bons lovey” BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHAT THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS FOR ASSHOLE.

    Then the friggin’ liberal will say “come now, don’t be foolish. Do you really think you can fight the American military if you had too?”


    Listen, I know the troops in Viet Nam and Afghanistan had too/are fighting with one hand tied behind their back because of our politicians WHO ARE OUR DOMESTIC ENEMY. But let’s give credit where credit is due— the Viet Cong, the Taliban et al are some hard people, they are tough motherfuckers. So were the Boer’s the British tried to subdue in 1901 in South Africa. With all the might and technology at our disposal, a bunch of zipper heads with Michelin tires for shoes and a bowl of rice a day keep us at bay. \

    They will persevere. They are resilient and persistent.

    AND SO ARE WE. More important than that, we ARE BETTER ARMED. Think about it…. the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. Washington State, have OVER 600,000 thousand registered hunters and gun owners. Now how many do you think are in the south? 6 million?

    Listen, this bastard Obamao is purging the military because in my opinion that asshole doesn’t plan on vacating the premises at 1600 Pennsylvania ave in 2016.

    There WILL BE a Reichstag fire.

    But even if he doesn’t leave lawfully (lmao at whatever amount of integrity that has left in it) his replacement will be Hitlery who will be just as bad as him, if not worse.

    It comes down to this— will the military fire on US citizens? Precedence has been set: They fired on draft rioters in NYC in 1860, they fired on disgruntled world war 1 vets outside a Hooverville, and they fired on students at Kent state protesting Viet Nam.

    What will they do? Hopefully when that critical point occurs, there will emerge an officer class who will be able to pull off a coup. If not, it’s going to be a revolution. We will have no choice but to fight and for most of us, die.


    We can lay down like dogs and live on our knees with a boot on our necks.

    Rikers aint no joke:


  9. OC Vago1%er Says:

    My Facebook account has been hacked, replicated and used by another party. The chickenshit motherfucker that perpetrated this dirty deed has posted derogatory statements about another club in my name. Damage control has been implemented. The cowardice of some is mind boggling. I have shut down the FB account.

    BEWARE. Make sure your shit is secure!

  10. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Witnessing the birth of two new catch-phrases

    “target-rich environment,” “legal taxidermy system”

    With deference the Meh, I’d like to use those in the future.

    Speaking of quotes, to quote an ex-Pagan I’m going back to my weeds.

  11. Meh Says:

    “Right now they pick and choose who and when but they leave the rest alone so one goes down while the others have a poker run.”

    People in (any) ritual scapegoat class can’t rely on a system which is after them for protection. (Even Kapos still went to the gas chamber.) Hoping the other scapegoats will get taken out instead won’t work when LEO empire building delights in a target-rich environment, because while low hanging fruit is easy, hard-to-reach fruit is a trophy with substantial career and financial rewards.

    Publicity (“the Evil Bikies are a Problem!”) is followed by offered solutions (“give us poor cash strapped coppers money for boutique Gear Queer equipment, more overtime, more personnel, and carte blanche authority”) then claims of Success once the legal taxidermy system mounts some heads. Even if “Success” doesn’t happen, delicious money was doled out. For every failed prosecution the same people got paid.

  12. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er: thanks for the link…awesome page!

    Ride Free

  13. Road Whore Says:

    @ JohnnyD:

    Watched the video…unbelievable pig assholes!

  14. Tidesfalls Says:

    I think it’s worth noting that most folks will follow their leaders. If you are asking yourselves how we got here, we simply followed along. We live in a nation with established laws that are intended to equalize its members. Our nation begins to fail when those in power are no longer subjected to the laws.
    I would strongly urge that you go to YouTube and search “How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful: Noam Chomsky & Glenn Greenwald”. It’s an hour long but worth the time.
    It is a great subject for Rebel to comment on…

  15. JohnnyD Says:

    What is happening in Australia reflects the lack of protections recognized by their constitution. When Stephen Stubbs got released his lawyer told him to keep doing it so they could ring the cash register. Police in Nevada are angry at him for tying them up in knots. If what happened down under was possible here it would have been done forty years ago. The use of RICO to go after the Red and White was an attempt to eliminate their club. Our advantage is that we have a constitution that guarantees our inalienable rights. In Arizona we have a patchwork of police problems. Phoenix mostly leaves us alone, Mesa is out of hand, Chandler is almost facist, Tempe is in the middle. Most other cities vary in terms of harassment. At the beginning of prohibition LEOs had to purchase their own guns. The .38 police special was invented to fit their low pay budgets. Thet was the beginning of the complaint that police were outgunned. That complaint has been repeated constantly for more than 90 years. Last month two Gang Task Force officers came to a traffic stop carrying full auto rifles with extended mags. 14 LEOs in total came on the scene where one biker was pulled over for a wide left turn. A helicopter came overhead to complete the waste of taxpayer money. We have video but I don’t have it ready to post. In 1977 I was dragged out of a car and thrown to the ground, a boot was stomped on my back and a shotgun was jammed against the back of my head. The officer screamed that he would blow my f’ing brains into the ground if I moved. We were surrounded by cops with weapons pointed at us. It turns out it was a mistaken identity. I don’t see much different today except more body armor, better weapons, helicopters, and databases. I see this as LE lobbying for more stuff and in the long run it translates to more money for them. Those assigned to Gang Task Force get higher pay, more overtime and increase their pension base. It’s a matter of money to them. They need a bogeyman to fight in the name of public safety, and along we come with loud pipes, guns on our hips, and huge targets on our backs. They claim we are all criminals hunting for victims to prey on. All of us are drug runners. All of us are taking their daughters to sell for sex. In the mean time the real criminals run free. Crime solution rates are abysmal because real police work doesn’t give adrenaline rushes. Real crime solutions demand investigations that are beyond the capability of most LEOs. In Arizona less than 25% of reported rape cases are ever closed. That doesn’t mean solved, nor does it mean having a conviction. It only means they found a reason to close the file. If you want to commit a single homicide in our state you only have a 44% chance of getting caught. But if you ride a motorcycle and wear a patch, you can rest assured that any move you make will be noted by LE and more than likely you will be pulled over and investigated.

  16. Drifter Says:

    @bones; The militarization of the municipal state as far as I can tell, began momentum around the mid 1960’s, with ex Forced Recon LAPD officer John Nelson, as his ideas were fueled by the 1965 Watts riots. His suggestions and ideas were presented to his LAPD superiors thus laying the ground work for the LAPD swat teams.

    I understand that the shootout may have created an expedience in the militarization of municipal police forces, but regardless of the arms available to civilians, I find it hard to argue that the militarization of municipal state forces was not an inevitability, and well on its way at that point regardless.


  17. CN Says:

    If my knowledge of the War for American Independance is wrong, so be it. The combat experience I’ve had and which still haunts my sleep in the form of nightmares or I drift off to for no apparent reason now and again was all bad. My Dad was in WWII and he rarely if ever spoke about it even though he went down with three ships in the South Pacific. I’ve never had a heart to heart about it with anybody and won’t do so here, horror is horror. What the militarized pigs are into these days and inflicting on the Club I ride with as well as all the other Clubs of the same sort isn’t getting any better. I recall a time when they were a lot more focused on actual criminal activities instead of fishing expeditions and raiding Club Houses and private residences of Members and Associates of long established Motorcycle Clubs. That’s all changed now and nobody goes to bed without wondering if they are next on the government hit list . The helocoptors fling over Club Houses, Rallies, even my own house on three occasions this year alone are nothing but a way to show the need for inflated LEO budgets when the reality is that very little in the way of actual crime is being thwarted while downtown the open air drug trade flurishes. There are neighborhoods where pizza never gets delivered, taxies don’t go and cops only go through in large numbers because all three are used for target practice. I choose not to live in urban areas and don’t go through them unless it’s absolutely necessary. I guess, in a way, that is one way of dealing with the abuse of law enforcment, just shoot anything that moves in the hood. Problem is, I won’t live there, ever! So what we in the country deal with is militarized sheriffs departments augmented with the feds from time to time and its only getting worse because we make convenient targets and arent completely ape shit. We also ride around with big patches on our backs so that on the off chance that the piggers aren’t planning a suprise visit, they can do uturns on two lane country roads and radio ahead for a road block because its either us or the downtown shooting gallery. And if that was the extent of it I think that we could overcome it given enough time and brain power. I return of course to my origional topic which is unity amongst the Clubs which I still doubt we are close to unless the piggers get a lot more agressive with greater frequency. Right now they pick and choose who and when but they leave the rest alone so one goes down while the others have a poker run. The poker run isn’t for some kind of mutual legal pool because we havent got our shit together enough to unite under a common banner and until we do or until everone goes 100% legit, the hits just keep on coming. If we can’t ever get to a point of mutual respect and aid then our only hope is to give them absolutely nothing to look at. Theres plenty of us who are legit and file long forms every April 15th and have nothing to hide and theres plenty of the other sort and unless the other sort can somehow go 100% legit and learn to live on what that sort of thing brings in, we remain very visable targets in a shooting gallery at the Fed’s Carnival. So, if we really look at it for what it really is we got three choices. 1. Video Game violence turned real. 2. Every single member goes 100% legit. or 3. We learn to get along and form a united front. The third choice chases the piggers back into the urban shooting gallery as with the advent of unity, that would actually be safer.

  18. jj solari Says:

    the sins of the fathers are passed down to the generations. the founding fathers wanted a State. They created a State. And we’re living under it. all states are the same and they all end in total slavery and then collapse. or get defeated by another state. only the names and alleged varieties of the States change. The chaos and unhappiness and frustration remains the same. Welcome to Stateism. welcome to human history.

  19. Sieg Says:

    All respects, Base.

    CN, something on the order of 3% of the colonists actually took-up arms against the largest, best military organization of it’s day. The frogs didn’t help much until things were cooking along, and there were no “regulars”, the militia was all she wrote. Washington had a helluva time keeping his formations intact because men were leaving to take care of their farms.

    You are correct in your observations about unity, I can’t argue that at all, and agree that we need to put EVERYTHING aside and get it together.

    The fact that so many have seen combat is in our favor. No, I’m not real anxious to rush out into the bush, and I’ve never played paintball or any of that silly shit for exactly that reason. Never much cared for doing the saddle-up thing back in the day, either, but that’s what needed doing, so…

    Bottom line, it’s coming. It’s up to us how it plays out.

    5 to 1

  20. Meh Says:

    What the Viet Minh could do, other men can do. Their odds against the French Paras and Foreign Legion were pretty bad, but they beat both like a rented mule in the end.
    What Syrians can do, other men can do. They probably won’t boot out ALL the Alawites, but the odds of them carving out a good chunk of the country are decent.
    What the Irish Republican Army can do, other men can do. Aside from a token chunk, Ireland is free.

  21. CN Says:

    Sieg, et al: For the most part a smaller force can defeat a larger force if in fact the smaller force are so much on the same page that thinking as one is second nature. Not running from a fight is a winning strategy if you can bring the fight to you, frontal assaults seldom win especially in the light of a much larger enemy. I dont disagree with anything you have said but the 1770’s weren’t just the militia, there were the regulars and of course the French. To make it sound otherwise is overly simplistic. Most of us have an ample supply of small arms and ammunition and many of us have already seen very real combat both over there and then back here. The other combat Vets I know are none too eager to enter into it again but would if it means living free and protecting what’s ours. The problem is unity. The different government agancies are getting better at shared missions while we, unfortunately, are not. Fact is, we are still in some cases still busy shooting each other which only makes us less united. And, I’m not sure there’s a cure for that. If one MC gets the midnight SWAT team treatment it isnt like the others become so outraged that they even show up for the court dates. So, while I agree that fighting fire with fire is a good plan, until such time as we find a way to put aside our internal conflicts, we present nothing but a house divided. Some of us have spent long nights watching monitors in Clib Houses, others of us watch the monitors that scan our personal property. We’ve got guard dogs and lots of the kind of things that they either shoot or confiscate. We dont lack for bravery or courage, we lack unity and until such time as we gain that, all the other stuff just keeps us falsely secure. Anyone who has a plan to unite has my attention, the rest is really cool until the shit hits the fan, then it’s meaningless although I have no doubt it is well intended. Somebody mentioned Ruby Ridge, right on! Can anybody tell me what Randy Weaver did with the settlement he won besides pay off his lawyers? Did he fund a movement? Better yet, is there a movement of any kind? I dont doubt the sincerity, I do doubt any evidence of any realistic plan except going out in a blaze of glory, the object should be that and something else, winning.

  22. Road Rage Says:

    “Helter Skellter – it’s coming down fast”. Madness in the name of citizen safety – worldwide!

    Maybe 30 years ago a wise man said to me “you can choose to stand together or you can choose to fall apart^. Took me a decade or two to really understand what he meant.I spent some time squabbling over nothing much. I am wiser now in so many ways.

    Fuck them! Ride hard, get organised, stand together. stay free.

    With love and respect to those who deserve it – fuck the rest.

    Road Rage

  23. Base Says:

    Random thoughts after reading this thread.

    At this point it will take everyone to turn it back. 1%’er’s, 99%’er’s, Rubs, Jo citizens, young & old.

    “Everyone” from sea to shining sea. Armed & dangerous!

    I don’t see that happening until they are kicking in doors, dragging old man Jenkins off to the Gulag because he won’t pay extortion,,, oh excuse me, taxes on his vegetable garden.

    The first shots have already been fired at places like Wounded Knee,Ruby Ridge, Waco and other places. They have tested the waters manipulating the press & see what peoples reactions have been. And they like what they have seen from the sheep and believe that the lions are few and controllable.

    The country we once were, exists no more.

    Some hold grudges, full of hate for hates sake, blood feuds or for some shit that happened to someone else years ago, revenge,money, territory, ego’s WTF-ever.

    Some realize that the enemy of my enemy is the enemy of us all & believe we should never stop trying or stop fighting for our beliefs, freedoms & the future of our children, grandchildren & their children and a way of life.

    The “Wake me when it’s over crowd” will hide in the shadows and when the smoke clears they will be the first to high 5 one another and ride on the shirt tails of the winner no matter who it is. While the blood of the real warriors will fill the gutters and streets.

    If we the people win?

    The process will start all over again. And in another 50/100/200 or 300 years there will be another revolution.

    If They win?

    It will go on & on because there will always be those who will fight. There will always be those willing to lay it all on the line to stand up to the beast.

    That beast is hungry and grows bolder every day. And face it there is only one thing you can do with a rabid beast that wants what you have.

    Borrowing words of an honorable commenter on this site. No, this is not an exact quote:

    I came into this world covered in someone else’s blood & I am ready & willing to go out the same way.

    If you listen you can hear the voices of the fallen calling from across the years

    Be not afraid, stand your ground, you will be welcomed with open arms when the time comes. Until then Fight, fight with everything you have and show the beast he faces men. Men of conscience, honor & integrity. Men who do not fear death. Men that will stand for what is right.

    And the beast shall tremble with fear for himself.

    Yep, it’s going to be one nasty fight.

    Head on a swivel folks.

  24. Mike 184 Says:

    I have to commend that father for acting as cool as he did with that fat slob of a cop. I have gotten so much better about keeping my anger in check since I was a kid/teen, but dammit it things just dont just happen sometimes when I am dealing with a situation that involves my kids. Now I don’t want any of them seeing Dad go psycho, but I do believe that I would have been all up in that pigs face. I’ll be damned if I could have kept my cool… Probably just what they would want, but I know at the minute he said, “We will let you get your kids when school is out, we just don’t say when we will let you have them” I would have lost my shit.

    Yeah the story about the guy clenching his ass and all – that was the PG version. I head about it on the radio the other day and it was pretty horrific. Ok, so you think I am going to let you search me or my ass cause you think I’m up to something? Hell you are in for a fight even if I was up to something. Hope this guys get a million out of ’em and that sadistic fuck gets fired and maybe goes to jail and gets raped….

  25. Sieg Says:

    Sure does smell like a lotta lay-down in here.

    Bones, ya do know that yer so-called “assault rifles” have been legal and readily available in the States for the last 60 years, minimum, right? I don’t think you can blame the piggers playing sojer on gun-owners.

    As far as there “not being a whole lot any of us can do about it”, it’s too bad those pesky damn colonists didn’t think that way back in the late 70’s. 1770’s, that is. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about ANY of this, we could be nice quiet little sheeple, do what the Crown says to do, and that’s that.

    When the time comes, stand and fight or go hide with the women.

    Respect to those that have earned it.

    5 to 1

  26. Bill Says:

    jj solari: I think you just uncovered the rot beneath the shiny gold paint: “nothing is defined in the constitution. so other people started defining things. which apparently the constitution has no problem with.” Hence the Supreme Court’s actual function, and owing to its inevitable political make-up, the utter invalidity of the the supposedly Holy Constitution as any guarantor of what we try to imagine “Freedom” to be. We’ve been on our own since the beginning of time, there has never been any power on earth that can guarantee us “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. You’ll have to look for all that at the next level.

  27. CN Says:

    Many moons ago I packed up everything and everybody in a rental truck and left the urban northeast for a very rural part of the southeast. Culture shock aside, that was back in ’99 and we’ve become more or less rooted in our adopted diggs here in rural Dixie. The Club I call home and it’s members are all more or less country boys who’ve taught me a thing or two about how to keep the whole thing off the radar for the most part. I mean, lets face it, if they really want ya’, they can find ya’, the trick seems to be to keep them from wanting ya’. That, and an ample supply of ammo.

    The Gods only know whats coming next. My humble take on things is that what’s happening “down under” is headed our way but that’s just me. I’m getting to the age where most of who I’ve known over the deccades are either dead or in the joint or have just plain given up on the life and are proud members of Sam’s Club. I’ve found a home with an MC which I plan to be a member of until my days are over but again, thats just me. What I hear more often these days is “I’m getting too old for this shit”, but usually not from anyone who’s really hanging it up.

    Seems to me we are going the way of the Native Americans and truth be told, there really ain’t a whole lot any of us can do about it. Sure we can go out in a “blaze of glory” and I suspect many of us will end up doing just that but truth be told, why would any of us be looking forward to it? Ya’ll be safe and strong out there.

  28. Cap'n Bill Says:

    My new OL used to wonder why I stay to myself, mostly, here in hermit-land.
    It’s amazing how all this has happened and is happening in our lifetime.
    I pity those new parents these days.

  29. CN Says:

    and then I hit the wrong button on this new lap top and WAMMO the comment published before I could figure out how to delete much less edit the GD thing. Sorry. As soon as Rebel deletes that and this I’ll rewrite whatever I was trying to write in the first place. Thanks in advance for your indulgence.

  30. Rashomon Says:

    “Eckert was then detained for 14 hours and subjected to an abdominal E-Ray, two anal cavity searches, three forced enemas, anesthesia and a colonoscopy.”

    Who said Obamacare wasn’t working ..

  31. bones Says:

    If i can own an assault rifle that can shoot whatevere bullets in 10seconds,thencops will arm up above and beyond us,armored vehicles, body armor,night vision,blah blah,
    Own a gun,cool,fight for no limits to what you can own.
    No limits gets us a militarized police stae,but hey,you got your. ?……what came first theory,not against guns…..just sayin……just sayin… limits on your guns means no limits onmthe cops becoming your localized paramilitary………..your welcome amerika.

  32. Erkman69 Says:

    Wow, and I thought Arizona was the worst nazi pig state. this is not the country I was raised in, this is not the country I want my kids and grand kids to be raised in, I want to take this country back, I agree with seig… Respects to all , and a special fuck you to jay dobins and the other worthless nazi pigs that terrorize Americans .

  33. jj solari Says:

    the constitution says all searches and seizures have to be “reasonable.” reasonable is not defined in the constitution. nothing is defined in the constitution. so other people started defining things. which apparently the constitution has no problem with.

  34. jj solari Says:

    parents apparently dont have a problem with forced “education” in a location away from their home and parents. why do they have a problem with forced detention? or any other rule the state orders for their kids?

  35. bones Says:

    police state…yep,second ammendment….yep.
    I believe that we live in a proven state of a free gun society leads to mil-er-ta-ized police state.look around, we own big legal however many bullets you wnt to shoot in ten second guns,
    You dont think the reason cops have us outgunned with bigger guns,armored vehichels,body armor,is because they can?
    North hollywood bank robbery proved to them they needed to arm up or loose
    So hey get your big gun,accept a police state as a result.

    Just sayin

  36. Sieg Says:

    If you haven’t figured it out by now, just go on back to your tv set.

    The easy days are about over. There is still some little window of time open to stock up on things you may need, but pretty soon now, you’re going to have to decide whether you want to drink the koolaid or fight back.

    To all those who advocate change from within, or accomodation, google up the name “Chamberlain”, or “Petain” and see what you find.

    5 TO 1

  37. BB Says:

    Never make a statement, consent to a search, or perform tests. The possible exception being a breath test at the station – penalties may vary, but refusing usually augments the penalty. That said, always request an attorney at the first opportunity, that often shuts them down or makes the “evidence” suppressable.

    Bottom line, we live in a police state. The pigs are well armed, well trained (tactically, not otherwise) and well equipped. What’s more they are trained and told every day that they must dominate every situation, every encounter; and they do so with virtual legal impunity. It’s easy to see that this combination is a volital mix.

    That’s the rub, since, as Reb says, 9/11, we’ve poured money into this bottomless well called “security” and most everyone acquiesced. Even prior to 9/11 though, there was a gradual drift toward militarized policing. When Vietnam vets came home, a certain number became LE, they rose in the ranks, saw tactical solutions based on their military experience and lobbied accordingly. This is to say nothing of the efforts of those folks who wanted to sell them, things like: weapons, body armor, CS, stun grenades (flash bangs), night vision scopes, and now, armored cars (read the news). It was a relatively gradual process, there was always a reason: the war on crime, the “war on drugs,” crack cocaine, street gangs, and, the coup de grace, terrorism.

    They’re surely gearing up for something, shouldn’t we be too?



  38. Tidesfalls Says:

    I do not know if this is a real concerted effort by any particular group to force some agenda, but I am sure that we have become a nation of extremists. When I was in high school, we used to have a beer or two while out in public occasionally. At that time, if the cops happened by, the punishment would typically be the cop taking your beer and sending you on your way. If you happened to be driving, they would take your keys and call your parents. These days, that would get you several fines and you would loose your license until you turned 21, at best. This is the new USA, the “for profit, and zero tolerance USA”. I feel sorry for my kids.

  39. Bengterik Says:

    Wath the fuck is happening?????

  40. Meh Says:

    A filter on a breathalyzer could easily catch DNA from exhaled saliva etc.

    Be careful of what you blow…

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