Stephen Stubbs Arrested

November 16, 2013

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Stephen Stubbs, the bikers’ rights attorney who appears to lead a mostly vice-free personal life, was arrested Thursday night in Vegas for being Stephen Stubbs.

Stubbs (above) was attending a Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs meeting in the Leatherneck Club, a Marine Corps themed bar on Spring Mountain Road a couple miles off the Strip, when he was asked to step outside where a member of the Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Club was being detained by police. When the detainee saw Stubbs, he immediately told the cops, “That’s my lawyer.”

Stubb’s told the police that the patch holder had a Constitutional right to remain silent and have an attorney present during questioning and the interrogation then proceeded with Stubb’s advising his client. After three to five minutes a police lieutenant assigned to the Las Vegas Metro Gang Task Force arrived and ordered Stubbs to leave so he could question the detainee in private. When Stubbs protested, “He has a Fifth Amendment right to counsel,” Stubbs was arrested, cuffed and transported to the Clark County Detention Center for booking on a charge of Obstructing a Public Officer.

The Booking Game

According to Stubbs, “After seeing multiple groups of arrestees processed over a two hour period, I inquired into the status of my booking, and was told that they could not start the booking process until the ‘paperwork was completed.’ During the three hours it took Lieutenant Yomita ( the arresting officer) and Vegas Metro Officer Del Rosario to finish their reports, Yomita repeatedly entered and exited the CCDC, intentionally walking in front of me and giving him a gloating smirk. After the Del Rosario finished his report at 10:47 p.m., the officer went to the CCDC exit next to me and I asked him ‘Did you write a long report?’”

The cop replied “Maybe. I’m really bad at writing.”

Stubbs began booking four hours after his arrest and was released from the detention center at three the next morning.


Yesterday Stubbs told Ken Ritter of The Associated Press “This was most definitely malicious. Since when is an attorney arrested for standing up for his client’s Fifth Amendment right to counsel? I think there are larger issues here. They’re trying to bully me off the case.”

“The case” is a biker civil rights lawsuit Stubbs filed against Vegas Metro and other police agencies and officers in June 2012. The suit alleges that members of several motorcycle clubs in Southern Nevada have been the victims of a malicious campaign of official harassment and seeks about $12 million in damages.

A Vegas Metro Police Officer named Jose Hernandez told The AP, “There is no harassment. He was arrested for obstruction.”



42 Responses to “Stephen Stubbs Arrested”

  1. SpiriT aka Toni Lopez Says:

    I, know you keep up on it, but also know its something that could cause you problems. BUT, STUBBS YOUR NOT JUST A BIKER LAWYER FOR THOSE ON STEAL HORSES, WHAT ABOUT THE COWBOY ON REAL HORSES?
    Cmon, Bow Tie, WE NEED JUSTICE

  2. BMW Says:

    These ideas are too basic for MOST people on this site, but judging from some people’s comments, there are others who need to know. Some lessons from the collective wisdom displayed here, from 40 years of riding with a diamond, (and in other forum conversations) on the general subject of LEO misconduct, harassment and surveillance:

    #1. NEVER SAY ANYTHING “INTERESTING” ON A TELEPHONE, WEBSITE OR E-MAIL — These things have been subject to surveillance for more than two decades. EVERYTHING is recorded…and even a “joke” can haunt you for years because it gives LEOs an excuse to open an “investigation”… or witch hunt…as a biker, you are a target…

    #2. DON’T TALK TO COPS — the less information you provide, the less they can use that information to harass, arrest, indict or frame you…it is much better if curious people wonder if we are dumb…don’t prove it…as a biker, there are lots of people who are curious about what you say and do…

    #3. DON’T TALK TO ANYONE IN JAIL — lots of people will repeat a conversation or even lie to get a deal on their problem, and will sell you out…make them work for it…they do tend to be unimaginative…Did I mention we are targets?


    #5. DON’T IMAGINE THAT LEOs WILL RESPECT YOU PRIVACY WHEN MEETING WITH YOUR ATTORNEY IN JAIL– when it is as easy as flipping a switch to listen in, the temptation is just too great…

    #6. DON’T USE A PUBLIC DEFENDER IF YOU HAVE AN OPTION — you can ask any number of brothers how well a public defender worked…after they finish their sentences…chances are you can do better yourself…

    #7. DO YOUR RESEARCH — read “Framing Dave Burgess”, read other books like Thore Hansen’s “Outlaw Biker”, and others, research the CoIntelpro FBI programs on line…keep up with LEO trends, make notes…even paranoids have real enemies…

    #8. DON’T BRAG — remember, as one smart brother once said, three can keep a secret…

    #9. FIND AN ATTORNEY WITH BACKBONE, LIKE STUBBS…If you can find one, Keep him!

    #10. STAY STRONG, ACT LIKE A MAN, AND KEEP YOUR WORD…If you screw up, take your medicine and move on…Don’t talk about what you would do, or what other people do…

  3. jcfromnj Says:

    Well Rebel, you’ve done it again…an eclectic mix of Classic Rock and Biker Mayhem, but right on point with Stubbs. The best friend any Biker can have is a lawyer who has been jammed up by a Cop. It molds their character, they make their bones so to speak out in the real world.I had a local lawyer who was threaten by a Cop in Court one day, and pursued some unpleasantries with the local PD on my behalf. He was like a horde of Locust when it came to a face to face with the local LEO’s involved. It all went away.
    I would have to question the IQ factor of a cop who would want to try to prove a point with someone who is so much part of a system that will turn them out and flip the script on them when the situation goes south. I’m not a fan of the second biggest Gang in the country, the card carrying union members of the ABA, which makes Stubbs even more of a stand up guy.
    For now, I would suggest that your reader’s go to the PINAC website, Photography Is Not A Crime,and see how the issue is being handled, it’s all the same fight when things shake out.

  4. troyez Says:

    I’d try to get these guys involved:
    I’ve seen them defend a lot of good folks.

  5. Tooj Says:


    “You have the right to STFU. Use it diligently.”

    Wise advice in any situation. Rarely employed.

  6. Road Whore Says:

    Anybody have any news as to how this is playing out now? Rebel?

    Ride Free

  7. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    I saw Mr. Stubbs at our run last weekend. I had to tell him I was proud of what he does. I hope he sues the shit out of them.

    LVPD had the place under big time surveillance and fucked with damn near everyone coming in and leaving. I’m sure other alphabets were on duty as well. Shit man we were at the end of a road in the middle of the desert and there were more cops than citizens of this little burg of a town! Didn’t see any of those citizens pulled over though.

    As I posted elsewhere that little 7.3 mile stretch of asphalt had to have been the most protected piece of road in Nevada on Saturday.

  8. Drifter Says:

    Anything to get Stubbs in the system.

    Thank You for having huge balls Bow-Tie…

    Good posting and Solari, great comments…


  9. Va. Bob Says:

    I sincerely hope that all bikers with cop-calling ol’ ladies change the locks and evict the snitches.Carelessness is selfish,if it impacts others.

  10. Ipsick Says:

    What goes on there in Vegas during Bike Fest? Seems they would have field day citing bikers/enthusiasts 24/7.

    Not a lot of incentive to ride there and spend my money is there?

    Asked my nephew what is learning in high school. He said they were studying the Constitution so I asked what the teacher said about the Second Amendment. He said the teacher told the class that the Second Amendment is not pertinent in today’s society.

    God help us all…….

  11. Meh Says:

    Don’t think that da pork aren’t aware of their growing unpopularity. They aren’t 1033ing these elaborate ham-cans by

    “On Veterans Day, Columbia, South Carolina became the latest of about 500 communities nationwide to add a military grade armored vehicle to its police force. The para-military vehicle with a “U.N. blue” custom paint job seats nine people, has an armable turret, and costs $658,000. The vehicle made its way to the department for free through the Department of Defense’s 1033 excess property program. The tank is bullet proof, features a land mine resistant frame, and a mount rack suited for a 50 caliber machine gun.”

  12. jj solari Says:

    the constitution offers no protection against arrest. so the only thing between you and being kidnapped by a cop is the decision made by the cop. not the constitution.

  13. Budweiser Says:

    I learned a long time ago that cops can and will do whatever they want. Sure you may beat it in court and get the charges dropped, but that’s after possibly spending some time in jail and dishing out money for an attorney. I didn’t mind it as much when I was younger, but now it gets to be too much of a hassle. Some one close to me is going through it right now. They’re are some good LE officers out there but they seem to be too far and few between these days.

  14. FBomb Says:

    I remember there was a time when the Bill of Rights were taught in school. Hell, we had to write out the entire Constitution in my HS government class in the 1980’s. We were taught what each right meant, and how important it was to EXERCISE them (including remaining silent, being free from unreasonable searches and seizures, and getting a lawyer).

    I hate to say this but the worst thing that happened to the US was the fall of the Soviet Union. Now we have no place to point and go “that’s what happens when the government has ALL the power…the people have no rights and they have to stand in line for 3 days just for some toilet paper.”

  15. Glenn S. Says:

    Problem is, they can arrest you for attempted conspiracy to litter and then dismiss later with an “oops” and there will be no consequences for the arresting swine who will, no doubt, swear he felt threatened and acted in good faith. And when they dismiss, Stubbs and others similarly situated will be deprived of a day in public court, leaving the porcine patrol free to do this sort of shit over and over again because nothing was actually decided by the judiciary.

    As was said, here in Dixie this would not have happened because the legal system is about relationships. No lawyer that wants favorable plea bargains, and his name on the streets as one capable of securing favorable plea bargains, would take any kind of public stance against law enforcement. So individuals need to make themselves knowledgeable about the law, rights, and law enforcement practices meant to get around those rights. The best solution, IMHO, is to concede that in an encounter with the pigs, we’re probably gonna go to jail, get the ticket, or whatever, but that doesn’t mean it will stick IF we firmly insist on standing on the right to remain silent. Any story we try to tell to avoid going to jail becomes the one we are stuck with, even after we have had time to think of something better or to confer with a lawyer. They can bust us for obstruction if we get caught in a lie, or if they just say we are lying, but they cannot make a determined citizen say one fucking word about himself or anybody else. They will say that we do not have the right to remain silent about things we are not accused of but that is bullshit. My favorite answer to questions about other things is: “Since I have no degree of certainty about what you are asking, anything I could tell you would be a guess and I refuse to guess.” Let em try to disprove that.

    Respect to Stubbs for his stance. Respect to everybody else who recognizes that the Stubbses of the world will probably not be there when needed, and arms themselves with knowledge and a plan.

  16. MIke 184 Says:

    @ Warthog,

    Great read right there on how to do it. I may share that with some brothers. Thanks!!!!

  17. WARTHOG Says:

    Had myself an altercation last weekend. OL caught me fuckin around and wanted to get me back by saying I battered her and restrained her against her will. Since I pay the bills, I shut her phone off so she went next door and got the pigs involved. 5 blue stripped cars sat in front of my house for a couple of hours, so I decided to go for a walk. I got about a block away and one of them drove up along side and parked. He got out and asked if I was so n so. I said maybe, why? Asked if I got in a fight with my wife. Said I wasn’t married. Asked if so n so was my g/f. Said maybe. Asked if I had any ID on me. Said I had a driver’s license. Asked if they could see it. I said no. Asked if I’d like to tell my side of the story. I said I wasn’t saying any more. Three more cars pull up. One says to me, you remember me? I said no, you all look the same to me. He said I pulled you over a while ago. I said by the college. He said no, over by auto zone. I said oh yeah that one. They all laughed since I get pulled over every Tuesday. I said you know you were wrong. (He pulled me over for a supposed handlebar violation.) He said, yeah I know, but I just gave you a written warning. I asked if I was suppose to feel better about being harassed since I was only given a warning on something I am within the law on. He just smiled and then he asked if I’d like to tell my side of the story. I said, pointing at the first pig, I already told him I’m not talking. They all looked at each other and the second pig talking to me said, Well, not much more we can do then. You’re free to leave. And that, folks, is how it’s done. Don’t justify your actions with statements. Don’t get baited into talking by them when they try to get to you with she said this and she said that. You have the right to STFU. Use it diligently.




  18. slycechyx Says:

    An attorney can be arrested for advising his client? What country are we in? What the fuck? I hope heads will roll for this.

  19. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @Road Whore: Thank you for your statement – I’m honored. I’ll do what I can, and that means run with the message. I’ll find my boots and do it – you have my word, and it’s good. LH&R. Ride Free to you as well. Thanks man.

  20. Road Whore Says:

    @ Reverend: thanks so much for posting this video!

    @ WheresMyBoots: You said it scares you in part because you don’t believe you have what it takes to be an outlaw. You already are: your sympathies lie with those on the “wrong” side of the line. Now you just gotta have the guts to live up to it. Social protest is one way. Making injustices known, such as the video posted above, is another. And as far as fight come to fight…trust me, you’d be okay if they were to come for you and yours. In the past people were enslaved because they allowed their guns to be confiscated, their rights to be trampled on, and they did not resist. I truly believe in my heart that we would have enough people willing to resist if an armed conflict became unavoidable.

    Ride Free

  21. WheresMyBoots Says:

    In “A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends,” by Donald Charles Davis, Froggy says this: “All I mean is, there might come a day when all there’s going to be is cops and outlaws. Just a thin line in-between.” If the world had any clue about this stuff going on with bikers and the law, they would know this – and they would be scared. It is scary. Scares me; in part because I don’t believe I have what it takes to be an outlaw. If it were a different group of people this was happening to, the whole world would know, and would scream bloody murder. They don’t know – believe me.

  22. BB Says:

    Thank you Reverend for posting that video. That is absolute gold. Everyone remember to use your phones to document these interactions. In my neck of the woods we always try to photograph/video tape the cops and their car numbers at every interaction. Such evidence is invaluable. Shyster, I’ll join your offer to represent pro bono.



  23. Reverend Says:

    Here is video of the arrest and constitution violations as they occurred on that night.

  24. Shyster Says:


    I will rep you pro bono if you pay the pro hac vice fee. You have my number.


  25. Tim D Says:

    @ road whore I agree with you on “or get ready for one hell of a bloody revolution,
    @ BB: I agree with all you said.
    @ CN I have been going thru the same trip here, but this time on the 30 of October they came into my house while me and my ole lady went to the store 20 miles away, I had a camera going in the house and Have many cameras outside of my house, I was pissed off they came into my house without a warrant, Yes I had to call the cops, didn’t want to but had to, the cops treated me like I was the criminal and wanted my ID, that’s all I wanted was this documented by them, they asked me many Questions on my security system, I wouldn’t let them see that security system at all just the one camera in the house but there were more cameras in the house, I knew they wanted to know just what I did have, they even went out side to test how many steps it would take to turn on my motion detection lights out side and seen the cameras out side also, I didn’t tell them just how many cameras I really did have because I knew they were part of it, I just wanted documentation for future use if they arrested me and charge me with a crime, for all I know they planted something in my house been going thru everything to see if they did, I also have video of them outside the house that they thought they commode with the use of their technology to walk in front of cameras without being seen, I didn’t show the cops that or even tell them I had it, I made copies and gave them to my lawyer and delivered them to friends Just incase they come to arrest me for anything, I do know the government wont hand over true evidence to my attorney so I have my own evidence safe and sound, once more the cops didn’t call me back and give me a case number about the so called report the supposed of lee wrote for my future reference to use on my behalf, that told me they are in on what’s happening here, and believe me this isn’t fun, and when its time I will sue the fuck out of them real hard, all this started happening to me when I started commenting on the aging Rebel, and they even kick me off of here at times, I have been riding for over 40 years and am for the 1% biker community, and do not like their rights constantly violated, I hate to say this but I despise the yuppie bikers, they have no heart, or no love for the true way of the biker lifestyle, which is true and compassionate towards one another, and they “the 1% brotherhood” have a brotherhood better then any brotherhood I have ever seen, I have never been in a club, but most of my friends are in MC clubs, and I respect all of them always, plus they are watching me because of my commenting on FB because I am a constitutionalist patriot, and I dislike this current government and their communism, and their one world agenda, they have even took over my computer while I was on it scrolling my pages while my hand was off the mouse, or while I was commenting on something, this bullshit of violating a bikers rights to an attorney present while being questioned is ludicrous and violates the Christian bikers rights, and “NOW!!” arresting THEIR ATTORNEYS? TO ME THAT FLAT OUT VIOLATEING THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF STUBBS AND HIS CLIENT,AND ITS A BLATANT VIOLATION OF BOTH THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS. like ROAD WHORE SAID,”OR GET READY FOR ONE HELL OF A BLOODY REVOLUTION” SORRY FOR THE RANTING.. AND I HOPE STUBBS RAIL ROADS THEM ALL!!

  26. Erkman69 Says:

    Sounds like Vegas cops are as corrupt as Arizona cops.I live in Mohave county ,Arizona . Here if you ride, you are considered a criminal by le. The sheriffs department searched my home last year without a warrant. And without cause, I have no record at all, when I protested, I was threatened with arrest, I hope mister Stubbs sues the hell out of those pig bastards. ACAB, and fuck the Feds.

  27. lurker Says:

    I think Stubbs may represent the biggest & best threat to these jackbooted cockbiters. Been noticing on the news lately how the Clark county commissioners were struggling to answer questions about funding law enforcements proposed budget. What if it could be shown that the poooleece’s investigations & assaults on the citizens civil rights were an endeavor that wasn’t actually making the public safer? I say take em to the wall & sue the shit out of the cities & counties. Hit their funding source, expose the fugen piggers tactics & make the commissioners answer for how they’re spending the people’s money…

  28. Road Whore Says:

    @ Stephen Stubbs and/or whoever can contact him:

    I hope you explode this incident into public knowledge! Call the Enquirer; Oprah; any and every talk show that will have you on; speak to those attending law classes; do every damn thing you can to draw attention to this outrage, and let us know how we can get behind you.

    Ride Free

  29. DesertH-D Says:

    Guys, I think the LVMPD might just be doing Stubbs (and by extension all of us) a huge favor. The more blatant they make their self-aggrandizing disregard for all of our rights, the easier it will be to finally get Ma and Pa Public to see what’s going on. They are so used to getting away with this shit with “normal” people, who don’t have the resources and/or knowledge to fight back, that they might have finally backfired on themselves. Arresting a lawyer, for doing what a lawyer is supposed to do… Yep, even the dimmest bulb in the chandelier is going to lift an eyebrow at that.

    I hope that Stubbs keeps leading out rope to them. Eventually, they are going to hang themselves.

  30. CN Says:

    Good morning Rebel, et al. Must be nice to live in a State where real live lawyers burst out of some sort of COC meeting and jump into the fray . Down here in Dixie I’ve personally never seen a lawyer do anything like that. Come to think of it, Lawyers don’t seem to hang out anywhere after dark much less answer a phone call until Monday morning during regular business hours and even there you get the receptionist (The Lincoln Lawyer was a good movie not a documentary). So best of everything to Mr. Stubbs and all those like him who actually give a shit. Used to be if they cuffed me and held me in the back of the squad car or sat me down on the curb but eventually let me go that was “Durrest” but if I got taken in it was “arrest”. No doubt BB will correct me him being a lawyer and me being a bottom feeder. Lately I’ve had late night surveillance from very real helicopters with spot lights on my property looking I guess at whether or not I’m keeping my lawn mowed cause there ain’t a damned thing they couldn’t see during the daylight hours from the 55 mph 2 lane highway that runs in front of my house. Aerial harassment like this always seems to happen around “harvest” time. Problem is I ain’t growing shit and they fucking know it. My guess is it must be close to the end of the fiscal year and they need to justify their militarized police budget request. I sure can get way off topic eh?

  31. Mike 184 Says:

    Sad part about all of this is they said to hell with the bill of rights, laws, ect. and arrested the damned lawyer and all. Shows some true ignorance, or blatant disregard for the rights of the public. Sounds like LVMPD needs to have about half of the force let go, and possibly facing criminal charges. THat conduct should be getting flak from somewhere inside their department, not just out here in the public.

  32. Mike 184 Says:

    Yep, all about getting into your pocket…. It’s sad how much the general public (Myself included) has no idea about what they can and can’t say, and what the cops can and can’t do. No I know I have seen them do whatever they freakin what to, but damn there should be standard classes on Rights and laws as kids grow up. As I learn these things I try to tell my oldest kid some of the things that are not right when we see them. She is 10 times the kid I was, and stays out of any trouble, but if she gets hassled one day, I want her to know a few things about what they can and can’t do. Most importantly, and I have been told this by a brother’s nephew who is a criminal lawyer, never say anything to a cop without a lawyer present.

  33. Nags Says:

    I had a similar threat levied at me when a female friend was cuffed on a felony assault charge. After they read her rights when they asked for her side of the story so they may be able to help the victim she started talking. I stepped in and asked the small town city cop what she could tell them that would possibly help a man that had to be air lifted to a hospital and politely pointed out to the cop that she’s not a fucking doctor. Told her to shut up and call her lawyer there was nothing she could say to help they were just trying to lock her into a story. I was then cuffed and threatened with a misdemeanor obstruction charge. Glad they didn’t actually haul me in since the cost of good legal representation is way higher than the fines associated with such a charge and all they really want in a case like this would be my money.

  34. Road Whore Says:

    God-fuckin’-damn! Let me polish my boots, practice my goose step, and make sure my papers are in order. Motherfuck me!

    I saw an interview with William Binney, who was with the NSA for over 30 years, in which he confirmed what Edward Snowden revealed: the NSA has and is grabbing every American’s text messages, e-mails, phone calls, etc., and storing them in a massive database. He went into great detail about this; fucking frightening, yes, but most chilling was the way he ended the interview: he likened present-day America to East Germany back in the 70s!

    If an attorney can’t help us when we are confronted with the law machine we might as well just go ahead and move to Putin’s Russia and get it over with.

    Or…get ready for one hell of a bloody revolution, as some have suggested.

    Ride Free, while you still can.

  35. Base Says:

    The Booking Game

    Yomita repeatedly entered and exited the CCDC, intentionally walking in front of me and giving him a gloating smirk. After the Del Rosario finished his report at 10:47 p.m., the officer went to the CCDC exit next to me and I asked him ‘Did you write a long report?’”

    The cop replied “Maybe. I’m really bad at writing.”


    Some real grade school shit right there.

    Make sure not to use any lube Stubbs.


  36. BB Says:

    Vince 1%er, no doubt that’s why they arrested him, but nothing’s going to change. Truth is, most of these cases never see the light of day. Either they are dismissed prior to trial or they go to jury and end in acquittal. The local jurisdiction never appeals. What would be helpful is some good appellate decisions. Judges were once lawyers, who believed in the right to counsel. Thus, they tend to be sympathetic to lawyers in this situation.

    What we really need though, is systemic change. We need to rebalance the relationship between us and the state, hopefully through peaceful means. If not, all bets are off.



  37. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Stubbs will be vindicated & exonnerted of the charge.IT’S JUST the LVMPD Piggy way to try & ENTICE a confrontation-only they Now have an Attorney processed into the system that will definitely cause a few changes(hopefully) and Justice to Prevail.

    Vince 1%ER

  38. BB Says:

    Over the years, as a criminal defense attorney, I’ve been involved in a few confrontations with LE under similar circumstances and, although I’ve never been arrested, I’ve been threatened with arrest. I once told a cop that she could not run my clients gun to see if it was stolen without a warrant. Supervisors came, the pigs conferred, and they went away. My client was a patch holder from a major club. Frankly, I think they knew that they’d be sued if they did. That used to happen here in the USA.

    Now I make sure there is bail money available whenever I think I might have police contact. A couple of years ago, a colleague of mine got arrested under similar circumstances for advising protesters who were being arrested. Got the case dismissed after a real fight with the local prosecutor. Needless to say, the arrest, bail, court appearances and media coverage (almost always hostile) took a toll. This is the new tactic. Violate peoples rights, then hide behind the qualified immunity shield. You’ll win the criminal case, as I suspect Mr. Stubbs will, but you get nothing for your trouble, and nothing to deter LE from violating rights.

    At the end of the day, as jjsolari says, they are post arrest rights. Bottom line, the pigs have the guns and can use them with impunity. Fight the cops and catch a felony at best, at worst, get killed. The cop doesn’t care, he’ll never be held to account.

    Enough. Wake up! We have a militarized police force that doesn’t give two shits about the constitution. They operate with impunity and have only contempt for non-LEO. Anybody remember “the thin blue line.”



  39. Tim D. Says:

    That’s NOT right!!! I am glad he got released, they Simi tortured Stubbs, when they were playing around on booking him, because they knew he would be released or bailed out once the booking finished, I would get booking recordings, fast like!!!, and show the media how the CCDC and the cops play games when they don’t like you, When the cops arrested Stubbs they violated 2 peoples rights, the Christian bikers rights by arresting Stubbs on a fake trumped up Charged, and by the cops doing that they took the Christian Bikers rights to representation away Illegally, I hope there are cameras where Stubbs was arrested, its really showing the good ole USA Just how the Government can do as they please to an innocent person when ever they want, Stubbs, I hope you sue the crap out of them!!! and I hope the Christian Biker sues them too!!!! That’s not right!!! Bastards!

  40. Big red 1 Says:

    I’m a new commenter. I’ve been reading Rebel’s site for about 2 1/2 yrs now. I’m a hard, motherfucking working family man who has shed blood for this country and raised my right hand to die for it if need be! My military days are behind me. But someday my son will may have to answer the call. I also live in Vegas and have experienced this same type of bullshit from lvmpd in the past, just because I’m on 2 wheels! No club affiliation. Rebel, do you know of a web address that anybody somebody can blast with a protest of this BULLSHIT? I know it sounds lame as fuck, but maybe a protest?

  41. jj solari Says:

    the constitution does not protect you from arrest. it also doesnt not protect you from a cop “violating your constitutional rights” when he does manage to violate one of your 5 “post arrest rights.” of which you have 5. 5 of the bill of rights rights are rights you have after being arrested. which i find very very funny. if enough cops, judges, legislators and other bureaucrats decide to turn en masse against stubbs – which is likely if he is devoted to protecting bikers – only a “public outcry” will save his ass. fortunately my crystal ball says this site right here is going to do more to save bikerdom than anything else currently making an effort to do so. so the public outcry could eventually happen. this is not a slur to other sites. its a paen to this one.

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