And We’re Back

November 16, 2013

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As many readers are aware, this site was down for approximately 150 hours starting on November 9th. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and dismay this cost many of you and I am taking steps to ensure this does not happen again.

The problem seems to have been completely avoidable and entirely the fault of server provider DreamHost. During the past week numerous DreamHost tech support personnel have declared the disappearance of the site and all its contents to be resolved, or a figment of my imagination or one of the great mysteries of the cosmos.

Thank you to those readers who emailed Ralph Castro, DreamHost’s Vice-President in charge of Technical Support/Customer Experience at DreamHost. His email address, for those who still have opinions about this interruption, is [email protected]

To the best of my knowledge the site was not disabled by any law enforcement agency. I don’t know why the ATF or the FBI would shut down the site. This is, like, their daily newspaper.

I intend to begin uploading new content to the site within six hours and readers should be able to resume commenting, arguing, insulting and threatening one another immediately.

Again, I apologize and thank you for your patience.





74 Responses to “And We’re Back”

  1. SMFtwstdHICK Says:

    Glad to see the site back. Thought it was a goner. Was searching high and low for any information.

    WB Rebel

  2. Jim Davie Says:

    Just glad you’re back rebel. I too thought the worst, from some cruddy internet company to our monolithic police state dropping the hammer.
    The books are great but I log onto this site almost daily for some sanity. Great stuff all around, from the comments to all your original research, thoughts, blogs. Keep it comin sir! And thank you.

  3. Metal Dave Says:

    I also thought the worst, definitely glad you’re back Rebs ! Cheers folks

  4. Matt (UK) Says:

    It did you one favour: I bought one of your books on kindle. Unfortunately I read it in a day and since payday is a week away, I couldn’t buy the others. Glad to see your site is back.

  5. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Conspiracy theorists were having a field day at your site’s disappearance.
    Glad they were wrong.

  6. whitefxrp Says:

    I too, thought the worst,I also had trouble gettin WTN and BNN, so glad your back Rebel,and all commenters here,
    respect to you all

  7. Tooj Says:

    Service providers: like teaching a pig to tap dance…

  8. DesertH-D Says:

    @ Glenn S – “Some good pussy”… Haha! More than one man has certainly done worse than get his website shut down over that, and sometimes it wasn’t even all that good! (‘course I haven’t done that myself… since the last time.)

  9. Drifter Says:

    Much homage and appreciation to all you do to keep this site up, Thanks Reb…

    Guess I am the only that thought this might have some thing to do with code or the host server. I have had 1 & 1 for years, they did have some issues with sporadic 404 errors a few years ago but the last couple years seem to be rolling fine.

    The comments are hilarious on this thread, Paladin said “I also enjoy reading and following Phuquehed, as he blazes his version of the Northwest Passage through the english language.”

    Chit mon, Paladin, I chuckled for a few minutes…

    Respects to all the cool ones, now back to the saloon…

  10. Uncle A Says:

    Glad your back Rebel, the best Biker news on the net.

  11. stroker Says:

    Damn! Welcome back Rebel. I did e-mail ol’ Ralphy-boy……he didn’t
    respond to me! How Rude! I too was going thru the DT’s and paranoia, thinking for sure somebody raided you and took all yer shit! Glad it was only whatever I’d been smoking! I’m also glad to be in the company of all these other “ageing rebel” junkies. Was jonezin’ bad bro….jonezin’!!
    Welcome back.
    Anyone who comments, argues, insults or threatens, please click Rebel’s links TWICE to show your appreciation!

  12. OC VAGO Says:

    BTW Rebel
    Good to see you back!

  13. VMCCTom Says:

    Just glads your back, was having withdrawal symptoms

    Respects To all


  14. USMVMC Hacker Says:

    I am glad you’re back!

  15. Rahlow Says:

    Good to see the site back up n running. Its so damn easy these days to fuck with someone’s internet webpage or forum.

  16. Hermis Says:

    Email To Ralphy Boy @ DreamHost:

    Dear Ralph,

    I am a regular reader of the informative web page known as The Aging Rebel:, which I understand DreamHost provides hosting services to.

    The recent disappearance of The Aging Rebel from the internet left me perplexed and wondering what caused the removal of this site from the Worldwide internet, hopefully this isn’t representative of your companies ordinary
    customer service practices.

    Even more troubling would be an intentional take down of The Aging Rebel site by DreamHost or any of its representatives should a representative/representatives, of DreamHost not agree with the First Amendment Freedom of Speech Rights of EVERY American; like it or not.

    Yet even more disturbing, would be DreamHost or its representative(s) agreeing to illegal 3rd party interference
    onto DreamHost customers’ websites/pages.

    Several law enforcement agencies, by and through their agents, actually believe they are above the United States Constitution and the rights guaranteed all Americans therein.

    As witnessed with the recent revelations that government agencies are illegally harvesting the private information of Americans and trampling on Americans rights to privacy; it is not a reach to think DreamHost might cave in to gestapo type tactics by abusive law enforcement personnel/agencies who believe they are above the law.

    Hopefully, such is not the case here.

    Hermis Yanis, Jr.

  17. Glider Says:

    Good to see your back up and running. I was missing my daily dose of knowledge. Keep up the great work and fightin the good fight. By the way, I think there’s some posters here from around the Chicagoland area, we had some pretty bad storms yesterday, hoping everyone made it through in one piece.

  18. Hermis Says:

    Happy to see you back Rebel.

    Thought the faggot feds took your site down, wouldn’t put it past the homos. Tried using a friend’s puter in another town to see your page-thinking maybe the faggot feds were fucking with my puter, again.

    Now, off to email Ralphy boy!

  19. Kraut Says:

    Glad to see you back online

  20. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO:

    Sounds like an awesome party! Wish I’d been there.

    Ride Free

  21. OC VAGO Says:

    I just got back from our LV run. The party was at the Pioneer Bar in Goodsprings, NV. A little place 7.3 miles from the 15 in Jean, NV at the end of a stretch of asphalt called Hwy 161. One of those, out in the middle of nowhere places. It was a good time for all. A dozen or so other clubs in attendance, Mr. Bow Tie Stubbs too, a good band and as always a pleasure to see my brothers.

    Even the cops had fun. There was a multitude on hand to ensure everyone’s safety. Hell, they outnumbered the population of Goodsprings. I am left feeling certain that Operation (insert name here) was a success to those fine upstanding LEO’s and they were able to finish their day by having a few brewskies, slapping each other on the back and high fiving each other about what a crackerjack job they did making Goodsprings a safer place.

  22. Panhead Says:

    Well fuck! Glad you are back. I took all the duct tape off the lap top and re-wrapped it. Seems to help with other problems. Didn’t work. So then I figured you were on a train to a Gulag somewhere. Good to see the familiar troublemakers back up on the site.


    “I am my brothers keeper.”

  23. SkinnyBill Says:

    Glad you are back Rebel! Like someone else said, it was a long 150 hours. I thought for sure the feds shut you down…

  24. BB Says:

    Coolaid, I thought I was the only one! I too had trouble getting on BNN and WTN. Needless to say, I thought something serious was going on. All is well though (relatively speaking), and I’m glad. I visit Rebel’s page multiple times, daily. Nice to have everyone back!



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