Two New, Little Harleys

November 5, 2013

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If that is you in the photo above, congratulations. Harley-Davidson wants you.

Yesterday in Milan – not Milwaukee but Milan – Harley-Davidson revealed it’s “all-new platform to inspire the next generation of global riders.” The “platform” comprises two new products called “the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and Street 500 motorcycles – the first all-new platform from Harley-Davidson in 13 years.” And they “are built for urban environments with all-new liquid-cooled Revolution X powertrains, nimble agility and the sound and look that lets everyone know they are genuine Harley-Davidson.”

In other words, the two new baby hogs are designed to sizzle like a Harley. They even feature those cool, little Sons of Anarchy fairings. But what they really represent are Harley’s answer to the Honda CTX700N. The press release enthuses that the motor company “is continuing its monumental ride, which began with the introduction of Project Rushmore in August, by revealing two new Dark Custom motorcycles designed for young urban riders around the world.” While developing the new, little Harleys the company interviewed potential customers in ten countries and conducted about 1,000 focus groups in Chicago, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.

More Opportunities To Customize

“These are the newest motorcycles to join our Dark Custom lineup, which helped make us the number-one selling brand to young adults in the U.S. for the past five years,” Matt Levatich, Harley’s President and Chief Operating Officer, said. “Both the Street 750 and Street 500 were designed with thousands of hours of input from young adults in cities around the world. This input guided both the attitude and capabilities of these motorcycles. They are proof that being customer led continues to be a core driver of our product development process.”

The two new bikes are powered by “all-new 60-degree, liquid-cooled V-Twin Revolution X engines.” Both bikes feature six-speed transmissions. The 750 cc model weighs 480 pounds wet. The 500 cc bike will sell for $6,700. The bigger bike will cost $7,500. What Harley is really after is an influx of new customers for its tee-shirt, accessories and after sale product lines. The two bikes will feature “a new, narrow and lean chassis built for agility, with a super-low seat height, new suspension and broad handlebar sweep that provides confidence and maneuverability when managing tight turns and fast moves. Both signature Dark Custom motorcycles feature a premium, minimalist style that serves as a blank canvas for riders to customize.”

“These new bikes are leaner, yet still have a mean streak,” Mark-Hans Richer, Harley’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, bragged. “They’re the real deal, made of real steel. They’re designed to handle the abuses of urban environments and provide authentic opportunities to customize.”

Harley will begin building the new bikes at its Kansas City and Bawal, India assembly plants this spring. The Bawal Harleys will be sold in Spain, Italy and Portugal and Asia.


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60 Responses to “Two New, Little Harleys”

  1. Sieg Says:

    Way too many moons ago, I needed to swap a Kali license for an Illinois license. Had a Brother that needed to do the same, so we made arrangements to borrow a Yapasookie 275 or some such shit to take the test on. This was in Lombard, Illinois, if memory serves. And seeing as to how it was in the 70’s, memory may just not serve.

    Anyhow. We park our sleds maybe a block from the DMV office, and pile into the pickup the owner of the Yapasookie 275 has thoughtfully driven down with the alleged motorsickle chained down in the back. Pull up to the DMV, and the tow of us lift this ricer out and set it on the pavement.

    Now, it IS the seventies, so we’re both wearing cut-offs, no shirts, originals, and engineer boots. We go into the jernt, do the written portion of the test, and get assigned an examiner.

    When we got outside and wheeled the lil rice-krispie over to the examiner, he looks at it, looks at us, looks at it, looks at us. This goes on for maybe five minutes, and he finally sez “fuck it, here’s yer papers…where did you park yer bikes?!”

    That was the extent of our test. Guess they just needed to see that yes, we could lift a Yapasookie out of a pickup and put it back.

    Never have taken a test, come to think if it.

    5 to 1

  2. Austin Says:

    @YYZ Skinhead – yes Ma’am; easier in that the physical riding portion of the DMV exam is waived. Click me for some school info. The DMV course is in the parking lot of your local DMV. They are known to be difficult to accomplish on larger bikes, and depending on location – may have extra challenges. The one nearest me has a Chainlink fence angling in at the entrance/exit that gives you about 4″ clearance to stay on the course. %$#!

  3. Paladin Says:

    YYZ Skinhead,

    If you take and pass a riding course from a DMV recognized provider, the DMV will waive the practical portion of the licensing test. You’ll only need to pass the written test.

    Doing the above will also get you a reduction on the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  4. YYZ Skinhead Says:


    Props for the info. Lots of people bike in Long Bitch, especially downtown by the ocean. The government hasn’t (yet) found a way to tax human-generated energy. Good to know that they provide a bike in the rider courses. IIRC it is easier to get a cycle license in CA if you have taken a riding course (if I am wrong, correct me).

    YYZ Skinhead

  5. Austin Says:

    YYZ Skinhead – Bicycling helps a lot with your balance, and getting you used to being invisible in traffic. Not a bad place to start. The rider courses I’ve been to all provide bikes, and usually have a couple of scooters for the shifting impaired crowd. I got one at my last class, and was pleasantly surprised. Another option to consider.

  6. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Road Whore,

    Using a mobile device in a cage is stupid. Using one on a bike is suicide.


    I need one of them crash bikes (and hopefully a very patient biker insructor) so I can figure out balance and know what to do when the bike goes down, which of course it will eventually. I haven’t ridden even a non-motorized bike in like 18 years. I can probably find some pseudo-V-Twin riceburner cheap in the Recycler.

    YYZ Skinhead

  7. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    My ol’ man ride an Ultra (I call it the Geezer Glide),and he is in much better shape than I at the end of a long ride. Hard to make fun of him on the dresser when he is ready to party when we get off and I’m shot out and sore all over.

    We’ve both owned the gamut of bikes. Its unlikely either of us will ever buy another HD. Of course, it’s unlikely either of us will ever have to buy a other bike.

    A friend’s son now owns our “crash bike”… the bike all of our kids learned to ride on. I had the wonderful pleasure of watching the young man finish working on that poor, tired ’81 GS450 and start it up for the first time. That smile was a wonder to behold.

  8. sherides Says:

    Road Whore,

    I remember land yachts…even more I remember the ribbing the guys that rode them received. Most of these guys were “senior” members at the time and proceeded to debate the comforts of their dressers versus hardtail choppers.

    I only carry a cell phone when I am out riding without anyone else.

    It’s going to be in the 50’s around here today.

    I am going to bail from work early so that I can go out and have some fun on the bike one more time this season….


  9. Base Says:

    Harley mini-bikes.

    Now that was unexpected!

  10. CN Says:

    I ride an 08 Electra Glide which will probably be my last bike unless I buy one from a private individual. The Harley Dealerships only deal with the Harley Bank (Eagle Bank or some such nonsense) and their interest rates and added fees are amongst the worst in financing history. Why they won’t do indirect lenders like every auto dealership will is beyond me but if you’ve financed your bike through Eagle check out your monthly statements real close cause little things add up over time. And, forget about getting your own financing at the local credit union unless you can get them to cut you the check for the exact amount because the F&I guy at your H-D Dealership ain’t interested in talking to the loan manager at your credit union. I own an Electra Glide because I do a lot of cross country riding and I’m at an age where comfort matters a lot. My “garbage wagon” and I are still okay but if it were 76′ again and these smaller bikes were being offered I’d probably be looking pretty hard at one but back then there were none on the showroom floor, you put in you order & deposit and waited. At least you can buy one same day now but there again, I’d use cash.

  11. Chief Says:

    @Road Whore, my thoughts exactly, it doesn’t matter what you ride but the simple fact that you ride. Some folks need to get a little further down the road than to their local bike night, though. I do remember full dressers being called “land yachts” as well as “garbage wagons”…the good ol’ days.

    The wind is a calling, not a fad.

    Ride hard, live free

  12. Sieg Says:

    Land Yacht…same thing but different- round here we called em Garbage Scows, way back inna day. Only people ya ever saw running fairings or windshields were “dresser pilots” that were encouraged to NOT hang around. Course, ya had to really dig to find fairings back then too. My pi ece is a 70, an when I got it, it had every factory option available…windshield, windshield bag, saddlebags…yup, that was it!

    5 TO 1

  13. Diocletian Says:

    Supposedly it weighs 100 lbs less than a sporty, that 750 should be pretty quick.

  14. Road Whore Says:

    @ FF and Sieg

    Yep…ride what floats yer boat. The thing is the ride, the experience, the adventure, not “fitting in.” Used to bikers were about the ride, and they rode whatever they could afford that they believed to be reliable, enjoyable, something they could wrench on in an emergency if they had to. Then the hype began…the hype is only a marketing tool so that manufacturer A can hope to have a higher profit margin this fiscal year by telling the gullible buying public how much more of a real biker they are by purchasing their product than if they purchase manufacturer B’s product.

    If you want reliability: there are bikes of all makes and models that are fucking great and some not so great. I proudly ride a Honda VTX 1300C v-twin…it’s been the absolute best bike I’ve ever owned and we’ve had incredible adventures together. I have a friend who is permanently facially disfigured from his Honda (a manufacturing defect from many years ago) politely flipping him headfirst over the handlebars (yes, he won a nice settlement).

    I have friends whose Harleys leak oil and that won’t cross a state line without needing some repair or other. I have other friends who have Harleys that have never leaked one drop of oil and have never had anything other than routine maintenance needed in over 100,000 miles.

    I know the “I buy American!” argument. No, you don’t. You buy a bike, regardless of its manufacturer, that is made up of all kinds of foreign parts.

    Besides, I always get somewhat befuddled by the folks who proudly park the “American made” Harley in their driveway while flying the Chinese-made American flag, looking at their Seiko to see if it’s time to go inside and watch their favorite show on their Panasonic TV, while making sure they’ve packed their Nikon camera so they can take photos at the good old American motorcycle rally. It’s strange how we selectively boycott, isn’t it?

    While I’m on a roll, I think I’ll stay there: it did my heart good when Budweiser asked Rebel something to the effect of, “What, no SOA fairing on your bike?” (I’d have to look through the threads to get the exact question.) And Rebel replied no, no fairing, no windshield, no GPS, no radio, etc.

    We used to call the full dressers “land yachts;” anybody here remembers that terminology? (Someone please say yes, so I don’t feel so goddamn OLD!)

    Point is, it’s the RIDE. If you truly love and desire and want and need a land yacht with all of the latest electronic goodies to enjoy your ride…god bless you! If you can get by without them…god bless you! If you need want crave love desire a Harley above all else…god bless you! If you need want crave love a Kawasaki above all else…god bless you!

    I just want to see you on the fucking ROAD, man, boots in the wind, flying free, a grin on your face. Ride that fucker til the wheels go square and then buy another one and do the same! Ain’t nothin’ like it! It’s almost better’n sex if you do it right!

    Get the bike that works for you and ride the hell out of her! And don’t worry if you get snickered at by the RUB on his politically correct version of a Harley while he’s trying to be a tough guy. Chances are he talks more about the latest geegaw he’s purchased to dress up his bike than any road trips he’s ever taken or any fantastic tales from the road, ’cause he’s never experienced ’em.

    Buy fucking something that works for you and ride it enough to have lived and to have a pocketful of stories to tell.

    And leave the damn geegaws alone if you don’t truly need them/want them!

    I saw a guy during one of the major bike events riding down the road with his head cocked over and his shoulder hunched up so he could hold his cell phone to his ear that way while he rode! JESUS GOD FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We used to ride to GET AWAY FROM ALL THAT SHIT!

    When I ride I don’t wear a watch. My cell phone is turned off, and seldom gets turned on until I return home from my ride. I have GPS: paper maps that are a delight to unfold in the corner of a gas station’s lot. I have rain gear; if it pours, I keep on truckin’. I don’t use a fairing or windshield because I like to see through the bars and right down where the front rubber meets the road, and I like that wind blasting my ears and tearing at my body, trying to wrestle me off of the handlebars and off of my bike. For music I listen to the hum of my engine at speed and the roar of the wind and the sounds of traffic. I’ve ridden hundreds of thousands of miles that way and I’ve never gotten bored.

    That scratches the surface of the true Biker Experience, and if you ain’t gettin’ that, it don’t matter what machine you ride or how much or how little you paid for it, and the lifestyle and experience don’t come from no ad in a magazine or on TV or at the stealership.

    And if you buy a new one, or build one, and you start to well up and cry at the first scratch or ding it gets…you haven’t understood it. Go ride a few ten thousand miles more in all kinds of weather and conditions. Those dings and scratches will become more beautiful than you can ever imagine, and each one will hold a story, and a memory.

    Rant done,

    Ride Free

    Love and Respect to all deserving.

  15. BMW Says:

    I don’t think it would be pretty if I put my 300+ pounds on one of these “made in India–assembled in the US” bikes…LOL! What a picture that would be!

    Like an earlier comment, I think the folks at Harley are really looking for more customers for their “Made in China” clothes and boots with these new bikes. But I would ride a Kawasaki before I would ride a Harley 500!

  16. Sieg Says:

    “HD that emphasized performance or practicality over image.”

    I dunno…I ride a 70 FLH, motors been tinkered with a bit, and it always seemed plenty practical to me, and has enough power to do anything from hillclimbs (yes, I have) to street-racing to cruising. I got it in 76, and I’ve managed to put a few hundred thousand miles on it.

    Guess I just don’t know enough to realize it ain’t up to snuff.

    5 to 1

  17. FF Says:

    I guess the point I was trying to make (and I know a lot of my posts read like stream of consciousness gibberish ha ha) is I’m not gonna get a Road King just to fit in.

    That would make me a phoney and I just can’t do that.

    Peace and Respect.

  18. FF Says:

    To each his own.

    To thine own self be true.

    If that’s what you want, it’s your money. Don’t let peer pressure or snobbish behavior affect you.

    Like I’ve said before, I’d rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I’m not.

    I was reading an old article about El Forastero and Rebel talked about a member who said something to the effect of “the patch don’t make you a man, if you were a punk before the patch, you’re still a punk”.

    Well… I think the same thing applies to the motorcycle. Being able to sign a check for a $30 K no go showboat custom made chopper (an oxymoron if ever there was one) from West Coast chopper don’t make you a biker, or an outlaw or whatever.

    I dunno man, I’m just putting it out there, but I see a lot of conformity in a community where there shouldn’t be any.

    I know there are standards to be “in” or “out”.

    I get that. But I’m just like, I don’t give a fuck what any one else thinks, and I don’t need nobody’s approval. I don’t know how many times a RUB on a 103 looked down his nose at me or made some comment about a “girls bike” because I was on a sportster.

    It don’t bother me, though. I feel sorry for people like that because they think a material object is the measure of a man’s integrity.

    I love Sportsters. I love Triumphs. I aint gonna lie. I just do.

    Would I buy one of these HD Street 750’s? No. I think that the market for smaller bikes is already capably being filled by Triumph, Honda, Yamaha et al. I’ve never had a desire for a bike that small. But I’m not gonna put down anybody who does. It just doesn’t matter to me. My attraction to motorcycles was never about projecting an image, or controlling an image. I never cared about any of that.

    I’ve love motorcycles since I can remember. I couldn’t tell you why, it just is. Steve McQueen in the Great Escape. Evil Kneivel. Gimme Shelter. Seeing the Pagans MC at Larry’s Texaco in Cranford NJ in 1973. It was a chip implanted in my brain, hardwired for all eternity. And it never goes away. Never.

  19. Uesque Says:

    I like them although I’d take the flyscreen off. But I don’t think they’re going to sell any better than the V-Rod, XR1200, FXR or any other HD that emphasized performance or practicality over image.

    I’m hearing mid-50s on HP and Torque, that’s not going to help the cause. At least the V-Rod had some power.

  20. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Even my youngest daughter (15) would look like a gorilla humping a coconut on one of these tiny things.

    Regardless, I agree that HD has probably hit it outta the park with these, counting on the inevitable “upgrades’ as well as clothing and miscellaneous sales. And I bet they are nimble as hell.

  21. bones Says:

    uhhh,yeah,i mean yup,back to the drawing board,you can only sell to many bikes that cost as much as a……….oh yeah,thats already been said in this post,i mean people are dyi…i mean gettin old……so anyway,i’m with this,back to the roots,let the poor pholks ride,
    Cause dammit what young,(cliches entered and omitted here)can afford your club bikes until theynare old
    Different strokes for blah blaha
    Harley is trying to survie with these bikes,right,think
    Sell em know, when they grow up and get money they upgrade and smoke marlboro(camels)dynas,fatboys,ect,
    I’m down,cause the next have to keep the last going,
    Buy these bikes, give em to your young kids,why not

  22. Paladin Says:


    I believe HD will “assemble” the bikes in KC. I’m pretty sure the parts for these bikes will be made in India and elsewhere. If these bikes were truly made in the U.S., I believe their retail price would be higher.

    Long may You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  23. Sieg Says:

    Just for the youngsters, the first Harleys made under AMF didn’t come off the line till mid to late 1970. As for foreign parts, it was all downhill after that. I’d have to go back and check, but if memory serves, the foreign parts were big after like 73.

    While HD says they will make them in KC, they will also make them in India. Wonder how long till they phase out KC?!

    Another ancient note…”profiling” is a verb, and bears no relation to a “profile”.

    5 TO 1

  24. Erin Go Braugh Says:

    I don’t get what the bitch is about with Harley making these bikes. I remember in the AMF days, we bitched ’cause most parts were made with Jap Crap, etc. I heard (back in the AMF Days) (late 60’s mid 70’s, early 80’s ), we outt’a make more stuff (parts etc.) in the good ‘ole USA, be competitive with everyone else (rice burners suck, etc.). Now Harley is making bikes, that are made in the good ‘ole U.S. of A., for the world (called Capitalism) & ’cause they don’t meet the standards, that we ride or like? Give me a break. Good luck H.D., Let the rice eaters buy “OUR” stuff for a change, & I hope H.D. makes a huge profit from those foreign Bastards.

  25. Budweiser Says:

    Thanks, Rebel. Check your email .

  26. Matt D. Says:

    I thought real bikers didn’t worry about what others said about them? Why does a real biker need to worry about his profile against another biker? I thought it was the posers that did stuff like that?

    Anyway, I wonder how the clubs that require a HD will deal with this. I know most have min CCs too, so I guess that covers it.

    The 750cc bike sounds good too. I happen to like a bike I can back up without needing a reverse gear on.

  27. Rebel Says:

    Dear Budweiser,

    No fairing. No windshield. No radio. No GPS. Black Dyna with forward controls and baby apes. Carbureted. Thunderheaders.


  28. Alex Says:

    I get what they are trying to accomplish and no, Harley Davidson does not give a sh*t and a shake about the hardcore riders who actually log the miles on these machines. After all, those who fall into the “hardcore biker” category are typically blue-collar fellas who simply cannot afford to spend their hard earned money on a brand new machine…adorned with all the HD branding and bells and whistles. Guys, such as myself, typically purchase a used FXR, Dyna, etc and fabricate the hardware that will give the bike it’s desired ride and function. These same guys aren’t buying into the HD brand, which is exactly what the company DOES NOT want from it’s riders. Instead, they would rather market a blacked out, factory “outlaw style” bike to the same masses who spend their dull evenings in the safety of their homes, watching crappy SOA re-runs. The same type of guy who buys into the HD “lifestyle” and plays dress up on the weekends and barhops with a few of his lame buddies in a flagrant attempt to appear tough and cool. In summation, Harley is in the business to make money and this right here makes perfect business sense.

  29. Budweiser Says:

    No “fairings” on your ride, Rebel?

  30. OC VAGO Says:


  31. Breeze Says:

    Once again the MoCo is ten years late to the freakin’ party. These will compete with the v-star bikes that yamaha sells for youngsters wanting to feel patriotic on thier post Obama/Bush salaries.

    @ Vince 1%er
    I call bullshit on the fat girl stuff. It’s a fact you slept with your fair share of fat chicks AND told your buddies how grateful she was the next morning….LOL

  32. Sieg Says:

    JJ, I hate to say this , and it really blows goat, but it sure ain’t the seventies anymore. Can you imagine profiling up to Big Als Bottomless on one of those?!?!?!?!?

    5 TO 1

  33. WR Says:

    Well I want one!

    Price of petrol here in the UK a 500cc is more than welcome and if that $ price is converted to £ fairly it’ll be around £4600….. that’s cheaper than jap, it’s so cheap it’s in the territory of Chinese.

    For younger riders in the UK running big cruisers is too costly. Most of em are run by sunny Sunday riders who go back to their office on Monday. This could change that and bring something affordable to people that want it.

    Also it will provide something affordable to our hordes of under 24’s that are often stuck on silly limited licences (thanks to bullshite European regulation).

    Crappy marketing videos and that ugly headlight fairing aside, well done Harley!

  34. Glenn S. Says:

    Soooo, now that H-D has something smaller in the $6K range, the 883s will sell for about 9K, the 1200s for about 14K, and the FXDs for about 17K. The rest of the Dynas will go for about 19, Road Kings, Fat Boys, and Heritages for about 25, and touring will go up to about 50. I’m curious as to the markup, cost vs. price. Shit, I need some Harley stock.

    I’m saddened that I missed the days when bikers rode Harleys because that’s all they could afford. But I can’t fault anybody for earning, and there will always be nice low-mileage bikes for much less after the yuppie’s wife says: “If you’re not going to ride that thing, get rid of it!”

  35. Latigo Morgan Says:

    Harley must be going after those Honda Rebel riders who want to “trade up”.

    It wouldn’t be so bad, except everyone who gets one is going to think they are another SOA member and wonder why I don’t wave back at them as they give me their super-cool, well-rehearsed down low wave cause they’re on a bike too.

  36. Steve Says:

    I’d like to ride one for kicks, and kind of curious about that motor. 60 degrees is where it’s easy for a v-twin to start making power, not that it will. Anyway I don’t disparage HD for doing this. They want to stay in business and need younger customers. The foreigners will love these things. Thanks Rebel, us old guys need to keep up to date on this stuff.

  37. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Well, I agree with the rest of you guys. I often wondered where the Vrod idea was going…
    I foresee a new group of bad muthahfukkahs appearing on the horizon as the old timers fade into oblivion…
    Ahhh, the memories…


  38. Jim666 Says:

    would make a badass bar hopper on a hardtail frame

  39. Phuquehed Says:

    If I were to be found on a bike that small, I’d be embarrassed to say it was a fucking Harley.

    The stupid things weigh only 460 pounds. Someone over 5′ 8″ will look like the Jolly Green Giant on a moped because the seats are so low.

    If I’m going to be embarrassed, I might as well be on something that’s not trying to play SoA poser shit with a Harley name on it, and just find me an old Yamazukikawada pos…one of those pos’s those ricers made that were allowed to be on-road or off (can’t remember what they were called). At least that wouldn’t be *acting* like I owned a *real* fucking bike.

  40. Alex900 Says:

    At first glance-hmm..maybe..yeaa..I would..then Id end up choppin the shit outta one..because thats what people will do. Personally…(and I could be wrong)I think the MoCo may have hit a home run with these models. I think they were looking for another FXR?…who knows.

    Sure..the first year or two might be slow…but..once people get a hold of a HD..they will want to trade up to something- the MoCo is counting on this. And yes…they are selling image over the bike’s overall performance.
    Be prepared for the new show from Sutter’s daughter-Daughter’s of Anarchy-DOA-they will all be riding these models too.

    And whatever you do…don’t buy them in Queensland-those nazi’s will have your head if riding an all blacked out bike.

    And finally…who the fuck names a kid “Astronautalis”??

    Ok…time for the Bombay!

    Respect to all PH’s!

  41. Sick Rick Says:

    The picture kinda has that “SOA” look. On purpose, I’m sure.

  42. VINCE 1%er Says:

    I have to agree with Paladin: a bike based upon and modeled after the XR series Sportster would be really *WAY * cool (even w/out the dual carbs)…..but that would be a strictly sportbiker design if & when the designers that made that video got thru with it.
    H-D isn’t interested in resurrecting the past and Glorious Reputation,Performance record or Fanbase of the XR750.
    They want that Euro small bike market,the traveller/Commuter fanbase/and the H-D Faithful-Worshippers- Warriors of the future.

    Either way like I posted earlier: I’d Love a week-end with ALL the latest offerings at the Dragstrip,and then in a real world scenario/riding environment and Stress Session.
    And I DO agree that the ergonomics are a bit lame and japbike inspired,and even though they might be nimble & quick to toss & Turn around….I dont really dig the way they look.

    Then again….The H-D motor Co. isnt interested in My,Our or the Real Riders crowd,Faithful and knowledgable input.
    They just wanna sell Motorcycles-and damn the past,present & Ever Faithful despite the Illustrious and Favorable Past & Models Revered by real Riders(like the FXR).
    Eric Buell must be on Valium reading of Harleys direction and mindset nowadays….

    Vince 1%ER

  43. Paladin Says:

    I don’t know which is more embarrassing, these bikes or the posted videos of these bikes.

    These bikes look like the bikes the Japanese built when the japanese first entered the American V-Twin market.

    If Harley Davidson was to going to build a couple of small bikes, I would have thought they would have styled them after their XR750s. Doing so, would have allowed Harley Davidson to capitalize on the XR750s racing heritage, which is extensive.

    Capitalizing on the XR750 racing lineage, Harley Davidson could have touted the new bikes nimble, responsive handling, quick acceleration, and excellent braking. All of which are required when competing in an agressive, urban traffic environment.

    But NOOOoooooo! Harley Davidson went and hired a couple of hamburgers that designed a couple of bikes that only rate a second glance if you happen to like mediocrity.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  44. Ipsick Says:


    On the other hand…I have a lot of Harley stock I bought when they left AMF

  45. jj solari Says:

    ok, i watched most of the second video. they’re gonna sell millions of these things. this was genius marketing move by someone workin there. these saiels will piss off obama though because he considers popular products to be “distractions.” to him happiness is a distraction: iphones; ipads; xboxes; motorcycles; movies….things that make you forget about him for a minute in other words…..these are distractions. so obama MIGHT force harley into China with an edict tomorrow. that’s how many of these bikes i think are going to get sold.

  46. jj solari Says:

    so far i have watched the first, the uppermost one, of the three videos. sort of. i had to keep jumping ahead every five seconds because i was being worn down – physically worn down, being compressed and accordioned and hacked-away-at, by the crap that was going on with the fucker in the denim shirt on stage talking like a vegematic salesman at the fair, and the battering-ram camera tricks and cuts and madison avenue crap from a gillette commercial or a fucking ad for beer or fucking Morongo….i couldnt take it. i still know nothing about the bikes. there was just too much bullshit about stuff that wasnt the bikes, and then the “I’m your special VERY hip, no-bullshit pal” meaning the guy with the buzzcut who was video-game savvy and parcour-ready and snowboard-certified and graffiti-artist happy dude that had a name…what was it?…..”Atomico Man”?…… that i got exhausted.

  47. YYZ Skinhead Says:

    Okay, when I said H-D ought to make Italian-style scooters, I (thought I) was joking. Milan? Really?

    YYZ Skinhead

  48. Bill Says:

    Vince: Go for it. Pitch yourself to HD and tell them exactly what you’d like to do. SOMEbody there might just get it, the endorsement value of someone so authentic and genuine, and deeply experienced in all things HD as yourself. You might even make some money.

  49. VINCE 1%er Says:

    Theres a seat for every ass……and H-D seems to be [email protected] the overseas market initially (but also factoring in the AMERICAN Poseur-SOA Crowd as well),but theres going to be a really Bigger Market right HERE for these particular bikes to the people who cannot afford 10 to 15 K and still want a NEW Harley Davidson. I’m of the mindset that: the bare bones street fighter type model really looks OK…..but it’s like fucking a Kinda Fat Chick:
    It feels ok in the dark as long as You’re alone-and No Oner sees you , But you would’nt want Your Friends,Aquaintances,or Cohorts to Actually SEE YOU Doing It and if so-just throw a flag over her & Fuck her for your country.
    Or as is the case here : Just Buy a Real Motorcycle.

    I’d be lying *IF* I were to say I’d NOT Love to test ride & examine all of em…..each & EVERY One of em….! I’d not be embarrased or feel in a demeaning realm or particular
    setting. Im super curious as to what these water cooled bikes and lower styling/urban warrior-tough concept bikes Actually Do in terms of POWER,TORQUE,Handling and all around *BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA IT* (in other words:Ride It like You Stole It).
    It’d be a neat experience to actually see them and ride them-especially since I’ve ridden most anything H-D has ever made in stock or modified form over the years.

    I’ll say My Opinion here: theres gonna be a real BIG Market & Response to these bikes from many walks of life and economic realms.Both HERE & Overseas.
    Build Quality & Mechanical reputation & Longevity aside…..(which I’m not qualified to comment on as of Now)…..the Masses WILL Buy This Bike (Bikes) and by time Spring 2014 after there are a few on the rod-we’ll All see them and hear about their Strength,Weaknesses,and rider/Owner feedback.
    I Still wanna do a few 1/4 Mile Runs with ALL OF EM and wring em out,Ride em hard,beat em to death and give a Review…. But I am Not a H-D Employee or test rocket jockey.
    We will see come soon enough.

    Vince 1%ER

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