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November 1, 2013

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The Orwellian war against outlaw motorcycle clubs in the Australian state of Queensland continues to illustrate the fragility of democracy in the postmodern world.

Two demagogic politicians in Queensland, state premier Campbell Newman and his running dog Jarrod Bleijie, who is officially described as Queensland’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, enacted a complex of new laws last month by proclamation that are intended to obliterate the public menace some people think motorcycle clubs represent. Among other things, the new laws ban 26 named motorcycle clubs and declare numerous places off limits to people who have been secretly accused of being members or associates of the named clubs.

The new laws forbid bars and hotels from serving any members of the 26 clubs which now must be officially described as “criminal motorcycle gangs.”

The specifics of the hysterical new laws are rotten with inaccuracies. For example, one of the banned “criminal organizations” is the Scorpion Motorcycle Club which does not exist in Australia. Or, to cite another example, an industrial property in Caboolture, north of Brisbane, is officially a “proscribed place” because the property once held a transmission repair shop allegedly owned by a member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club although the property was sold to the present owner, who has nothing to do with motorcycles or motorcycle clubs, in 2006.

Vietnam Vets

Last Friday, 20 members of the Queensland Police Services Taskforce Maxima raided a party thrown by the Vietnam and Veterans Motorcycle Club in Kingston near Brisbane. The club is comprised mostly of Australian Vietnam Vets. The club was raided because it has long-standing social ties with several outlawed clubs including the Rebels, Odins Warriors and Life and Death Motorcycle Clubs.

A spokesman for the VVMC told ABC that the clubhouse was “neutral ground” but that “We see them (members of the banned clubs), we ride with them, we go on some of their rides with them and they go on some of our rides with us. Whatever they do is up to them. We don’t ask them what they get up to when they’re out of here.”

Police raided the party looking for indicia connected to any of the banned clubs. The VVMC clubhouse and its liquor license could have been seized if any of the guests had been wearing anything police interpret as indicative of membership in a banned club.

After the raid, Taskforce Maxima issued a press release that described the raid as “part of a strategy to develop a rapport with legitimate members of the motorcycle riding community in the interest of effective policing.” It also said the raid was intended to ensure “that criminal motorcycle gang members do not attempt to infiltrate legitimate motorcycle clubs such as the Vietnam and Veterans Motorcycle Club.”


Queensland politicians and police have also told members of the Australian Motorcycle Council that motorcycle groups, such as the Harley Owner’s Group, should notify police before taking group rides.

Eva Cripps, a spokeswoman for the AMC there had been a “huge escalation” in the number of motorcycle riders being stopped, searched and harassed by police. “Police say they know who the (banned club) members are,” she told the Brisbane Times, “yet they find it difficult to identify them because they don’t wear their colors any more. The only option is to pull over all riders.”

Cripps told the Times the AMC opposed the idea of notifying police in advance of planned rides but that some clubs might acquiesce to police demands. “The clubs will let the police know what they’re doing to stop the harassment,” she said. “We’re quite concerned about the fact that people riding a legal form of transport have to report into police to stop themselves being harassed.”

David Laarhoven, a spokesman for HOG in the neighboring Australian state of New South Wales told ABC he thought the new laws were “draconian.”

“If we were to ride into Queensland as the Harley Owners Group,” Laarhoven asked rhetorically, “and we’ve got our nice leather vests on with the Harley Eagle on the back, will we be pulled over if we’re on a charity ride? Do we need to alert these authorities too, and how do they differentiate between us and other motorcycle clubs?”


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88 Responses to “In The People’s Republic Of Oz”

  1. FF Says:

    Sounds like somebody is having a bad case of the Mondays.

  2. Hated and Proud Says:

    to the feds it doesn’t matter, as well obviously in Oz if they raid the VNV MC just for riding with them occasionally. and btw, you cant buy a SYL patch or sticker or anything really, its a donation, and even though you make a donation it doesn’t mean anyone has to give you shit in return except a thank you. hanging out with a club is a privilege. remember that.

  3. Samurai Says:

    I have to back Sieg on this. It’d be one thing if he was giving suggestion and directions on how to use those items against anything other than a target range All he did was give a link to buy a perfectly legal item, through legal means in direct response to someone claiming they were having problems obtaining a legal piece of hardware due to over pricing. As far as him signing off with SYL and the letter that follows, i have never taken that as him speaking for that Club. As a matter of fact i have noticed that over the years it’s supporters who post such things, and it’s usually, but not always, PH who do not use such marking in their online interactions. I think that the environment of paranoia that is prevelant in today’s society makes people jump to conclusions that don’t need to be there. Quite frankly if the alaphabet soup groups want to peg you with something, i have serious doubts that posts such as his on here are going to even be a blip on their radar.

  4. Sieg Says:

    Jason, when I sign off with SYL, it means just that-SUPPORT them. That’s diametrically opposed, at least in this neck of the woods, to being a member. You can, at any time, buy a SYL patch from most clubs out there for about ten bucks online. Does that mean that everyone who buys that patch speaks for the club whenever they wear it???? I don’t think so. Given that, I don’t see how you can say I could possibly “speak for them”.

    As to the rest, of course I know that these boards are monitored. Now, take a look at the so-called “offending” post. In one, I stated that I thought it best that Citizens be armed. That’s been the case since 1776. In the other, I gave a non-club member, non-felon, a link to a legitimate website that sells parts for legal weapons. Somehow, none of that seems geared toward drawing heat to any club.

    If you disagree, well, that’s your right. I’ll let my friends in the club in question decide if I put heat on them or not.

    5 to 1

  5. SingSing Says:

    Thank you jason for the Voice of Reason. I dont know what is in the water over in Oz but we have reached a very CRITICAL juncture in the evolving of the collective MC culture. The overt acts of violence which has shown itself to be a perpetually self fulfilling prophecy needs to stop. But before it can STOP collectively it needs to be RECOGNIZED and STOPPED individually and internally by each and every singular one of us. PH or 99%er. Ever wonder why there are more EX 1%ers than there are 1%ers ? maybe cuz the end result of THAT question is best understood by peering outside your prison cell window out into the yard or beyond the walls and wonderin “WTF did i do to get caught up in this nonsense”!? The next 10 years or so will determine whether “our culture” goes the way of ancient Vikings and fades away into the good night-only to be occasionally resurrected by Hollywood and cartoon types and caricatures of what once was- OR whether we can all muster and stand together and force a different U-Turn into how all our tribes and crews interact with one another. I dont think we can have the luxury and just wait to see what happens. We HAVE to stop contributing to this self exposure.

  6. FF Says:


    Heil The All-Father!

    Frith & Anléc

  7. jason Says:

    Ok, BUT I have spent ten years targeting and killing muslim extremists and if you don’t think that violent internet posts don’t start and continue to focus targeting to certain groups your mistaken. On top of that there are limited resources, so when the Somali’s working the port of tacoma aren’t posting violence and WE ARE guess where the investigative resources end up. If we demonstrate a culture of violence over and over again then we are giving the police state a reason to exist, but more importantly THE PUBLIC a reason to support the police state against us. On top of that when my brother club gets raided for the actions of other clubs, I blame the government of Australia AND I blame those that are beating each other in public restaurants and shooting each other at airports….as well as those who post inflammatory violent posts on the internet and then sign their signature… SYLfavorite club and your not a patch in that club? Your essentially speaking for them when you sign your name like that.
    Shit I’m a patch holder and I don’t sign my name like that because I am NOT speaking for my club.

  8. hated and proud Says:

    “And I tell you what-you don’t know a damn thing about me, who I am, where I’m from, or what and why I’m where I am today…any more than I know that about you.”

    and to that ill agree

  9. Sieg Says:

    H&P, read it again. Nothing to do with any club.

    And I tell you what-you don’t know a damn thing about me, who I am, where I’m from, or what and why I’m where I am today…any more than I know that about you.

    5 to 1

  10. Sieg Says:

    Jason, you give up one right, you give them ALL up.

    As of right now this minute, here in Amerika, you still have the right to own and use weapons. Our Founding Fathers made sure you had that right so that you could prevent a government out of control from enslaving you.

    If you really feel that a person, not barred from owning weapons, asking a question, or a person suggesting that American Citizens arm themselves is “feeding the fear machine”, then I suggest you are letting the Oligarchs win without a fight.

    Guess what? You can be as lo-pro as you want, let them walk all over everything you hold dear, but they’ll STILL come and get you when they want you.

    5 to 1

  11. hated and proud Says:


    I agree


    BE SMART, not rely on legality, we already know feds, local, and other conjure up their own beliefs and charges, so lets not feed them. biking and brotherhood is all it is, not stupid talk about involving any kind of violence or hint thereof. I can tell why you WERE a ph.

  12. Sieg Says:

    H&P, shit talk? Don’t know where you are, but those weapons are totally legal here. There is no crime, and no ground for hassle in owning them.

    Further, both PH and myself have repeatedly made it plain that we are not in a club, or involved with one.

    And I’ve been a patchholder. If you seriously think the pigs need something posted on a message board as an excuse to fuck with a Patch, then YOU’RE the one that’s fucking nuts.

    5 to 1

  13. jason Says:

    Hated and Proud…I wasn’t intending to comment on internal club discourse I apologize if it sounds like that. What I was trying to convey is that we need to stop feeding the fear machine and fight smart.


  14. jason Says:

    “are you fucking nuts? don’t ever attach bullshit like your AR15 talk to any club via SYL what ever club or anything similar. I am a patch holder and you deserve a fucking dotted eye you son of a bitch..”

    YES.. we need to stop giving them a reason to go after us, as well as this shit talk about support clubs, and the non 1% who must live with the fallout of public beatings and shootings just like the guys who allow that to happen in their own family. Some of us need to focus on motorcycles and brotherhood… violence and factionalism will be the end to us all.

  15. hated and proud Says:


    are you fucking nuts? don’t ever attach bullshit like your AR15 talk to any club via SYL what ever club or anything similar. I am a patch holder and you deserve a fucking dotted eye you son of a bitch


  16. Jenkx Says:

    Absolutely frightening.

    More like Nazi Germany than East Germany!


  17. Sieg Says:

    FF, when the Day comes, The Norns decide. Better to die serving Wotan than to die a straw death in the Oligarch’s cage.

    5 to 1

  18. FF Says:

    I’m sitting here thinking about how the whole planet has morphed into East Germany. And I’m thinking about how we can stop it. But I guess it would be like trying to stop a wave crashing on the shore. I have no doubt the Romans during the collapse were thinking and talking just like we are, now. Or even more recently, the Sioux at Wounded Knee, knowing that the age of the plains Indians was over. Yet they still did their ghost dance. And died.

    It’s sad but at the same time it’s inevitable. Everything born, dies. Nothing lasts forever. Not even 5 minutes.

    The federal Leviathan, like Ozymandias of old, cries out “Look on my works, ye mighty and despair!”

    What are we here, for? We’re all here to go.

    Well I won’t go quietly into that good night. Odin needs a champion. I’m not sad. Think about it, how many have come and gone, who didn’t get to see how the story ends?

    We get to see how it all ends.

    I consider myself blessed.

  19. jj solari Says:

    @ meh: the only commie/muslim bromide you left out of your badly written remarks was “fatcats.”

  20. BB Says:

    @OC Vago, it also seems to me that all those “OMG experts” are really about enriching themselves on the backs of a whole bunch of real Americans who want nothing other than to be left alone, to be free to live as they want (i.e. to engage in their “pursuit of happiness”). Look at the plethora of books being ghost written for them. If their is a hell, I’ll bet they’ve got a special place waiting for them.

    LEO ought to be prohibited from non-employment related financial gain from their work. What a perverse incentive to allow these pricks to be involved in a multi-year undercover investigations (that often results in few convictions, and that costs taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars), after which the “author” a book that makes them money (not to mention lecture fees, etc.). Just an observation.



  21. Meh Says:

    “Had they come along later its very likely they’d have gone the way of the SDS (Google it) or other nonconformist entities”

    Those entities didn’t bother to build a mass following and were terribly naive. That’s not due to when they came about, but due to being clueless. Revolutionaries play a much longer game, be they the Founders of the USA or the Viet Minh.

    Like ’em or not, one entity which got most of what it wanted in the end is the original Irish Republican Army.

    “cops only hate american christian citizens”

    Comedy gold. US Christianity is authoritarian, right wing, and until Obama came along da Bible Thumpers were completely fine with the police state the Christian GOP built as they will be again when he departs. Cops typically reflect their communities and get hired via the Good Ol’ Boy network. Cops generally roust and bust the people their COMMUNITY masters WANT them to roust and bust. To do otherwise risks becoming unemployed instead of making dat pension.

    BTW modern recording devices are inexpensive and easy to conceal in things such as helmets and fairings. If you expect harassment and can record it perhaps some lawsuits could make a dent in the problem. If nothing else, put it on Youtube.

  22. SingSing Says:


    (Click ESC to stop the shaking)



    Click Here for the original article

    Click Here to open the original article in a pop-up new window

  23. BB Says:

    I’ll echo Jason’s comment above. I’m well aware that many folks, belonging to many organizations, were responsible for getting that law passed here in Washington. I was trying to give props to certain individuals who were central to that process. No disrespect to anyone.

    That said, I obviously get treated differently than patch holders when I interact with the cops. The nature of my interactions are different now though than they were previously. Just a personal observation.

    I agree with those above who say that unity is central to any effort to combat this bullshit, whether through now existing channels or otherwise. A united front is key. Without that, the same old LE tactics will continue to work.



  24. OC VAGO Says:

    The OMG “experts” are clambering for their 15 minutes of fame. Make no mistake about it. These vile polycephalic abominations have already raised their nasty heads here in the USA.

    If you want to stand for something. If you want to protect your freedom and the freedom of your brothers and sisters get involved! A single individual cannot accomplish what 1,000,000 can. We must unite.


  25. Phuquehed Says:

    @Jim666 – That article brought up the acronym for the new laws again and I finally remembered why it seemed relevant to something I read a long time ago…

    Vlad the Impaler. This is the guy that ‘Dracula’ is based on. He was actually considered a hero of the people in the area at the time. I think the fucks who thunk up the acronym are some seriously fucked-in-the-head shit-stains who are most definitely dreaming of creating a government power from a mixture of 1984, Animal Farm and Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao.

    Read up on Vlad the Impaler here

  26. Jason Says:

    Red and Gold,
    I must be a little luckier I guess, BTW I come by Uncle Sams once in a while on my way to our tacoma clubhouse wearing red and black, (I was in the same regiment and group as Tank about a century after him though)
    I didn’t intend to say that any one club did all the work just that certain members of that old club did a really good job focusing the effort with their eloquence and preparation presenting everything in Oly.
    one more anecdote , I was arrested in ellensburg about six months ago for assault, in my colors with my club…the cops didn’t mention anything to me about motorcyle clubs , and the police report didn’t have anything either…the issue was avoided and as far as I know the judge had no idea that I was in a club. During questioning the university security moron started asking me about club stuff. The Ellensburg police took him aside and I didn’t see him again….I’m pretty sure he got told to shut the fuck up before he ruins the case against me. Just my experiences but I think the law helped us tremendously.


  27. Sieg Says:

    PhuqueHead, I hear you, the M14 was, IMHO, the finest weapon of them all. Unfortunately, when I got sentenced I had to give all my weapons-including that beautiful Springfield Armory M1A with the walnut stock-to my kids.

    Anyhow. You can get an AR for FAR less than a grand, even now. Check this out:

    There ya go-a complete, standard A2-style parts set with chrome, for $530. Skip the chrome and you can get it for under $500.

    Here is a forged lower for $130…

    Rock and/or roll, son. Even a chimp can put an AR together, well, at least that’s what Sarge always said. You get the parts and need help, holler-I can’t touch it, but I can sure ’nuff walk you through it on the phone.

    5 to 1

  28. Sieg Says:

    Red & Gold, you, and ALL Patch-Holders, know that when it comes to pigs, there are no laws. They may snort and shuffle, put on a little show now and then, but in the end, that’s all it is.

    It’s too late for all the lobbying and voting. That shit is over and done with. Absolute best you could accomplish by voting is to slow the Oligarchs roll by a tad, and that just ain’t gonna get it.

    No, the time for the easy stuff is gone, and the hard part is just getting going. Get you beans n bullets now, you’re gonna need ’em.

    5 to 1

  29. Red&Gold Says:

    No dis-respect intended to anyone I actually give a shit about, including clubs of either CoC in washington state. (I bet most are going “there’s more then 1 CoC in Washington???” Yes, there is.)…but, Hard for me to believe either Jason or BB are from the same state I ride in to be honest! The only thing that has changed in washington state, in my opinion, is when the cops use to pull me over, they’d just harass me for 45 minutes and then let me go…now they harass me for 45 minutes, and then write me a ticket for some silly little thing so I can’t say they profiled me because “see, I wrote him a ticket! I had probable cause”! I will agree with BB on the CoC and members of that organization,(of which my club and all our support clubs are,) but not any one “club” as Jason put it…All member clubs had a hand in working that bill forward…I will say I know 2 individuals that put a shit load of effort into it, (but not any specific club )and motivating all clubs so they banded together to make something happen…And I thank them and everyone who pitched in to get that bill passed…Hell, I even had a small hand in it myself! I just wish the cops would not have ,yet once again, found a way to skirt the laws. Because of the underhanded tactics of the cops, I’m just not sure I am actually any better off. I also need to say that I’ve got video of the cops in my town literally shutting down and blocking the block off, wearing tactical gear and body armor IN FRONT OF A COC MEETING AS IT WENT ON!!! The CoC attorney wrote a really mean letter after that.And yes, the Gestapo action by the local PD was after the “No Profiling” bill passed and was already law. Again, I am expressing my personal opinion and experiences only…

  30. BB Says:

    @ocmouse22 and fuck2ducks, I am doing what I can here. I’ve been involved in these issues for a long time. I’ve been a lawyer in Alaska and Washington State. I’ve represented folks in clubs in both states. I know that in Wasington, our COC has accomplished an extraordinary amount thanks to dedicated participation in the legislative process by our COC and the club mentioned by @jason. It was a tremendous win for those (biker or otherwise) who love freedom and fear excessive state power. In some ways, we here enjoy a great deal of freedom. I’ll echo what @jason said, I’ve interacted with police on club sponsored runs and they’ve backed off. That has happened because we are blessed with extraordinarily intelligent, articulate patch holders who stand up and speak truth to power.

    I have ultimate respect for those who accomplished this in our state (you know who you are and you read this blog). These are the folks we need to look too in the policy arena. Locally, I’m known as Bill or Lawyer Bill, and I want everyone to know how much respect I have for these people and what they’ve done here. I hope everyone knows that I’m available to help in any way I can in this area. We all need to pull together, patch holder or independant, and stand against this attack on our personal freedoms. I know that the pigs are doing that against us. Read the Reb for that news.

    Freedom isn’t free. We’re all going to have to fight for it. Our COC and especially certain members of the club Jason mentions have carried things this far, but all of us who love this life, this “sub-culture,” must carry this through. Maybe, just maybe, we can preserve it for those yet to come.



  31. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sieg – Yep. I’ve been on the lookout for an AR for the past 6 months. Problem is a lot of the sellers have gotten greedy and want $1000+ for one…and that’s for one of those useless PoS’s with the picatinny rail crap. The stock, standard AR with the integrated carry-handle and stock buttstock (non-collapsing) is even harder to find and more expensive. (The reason I want the AR with the stock carry handle and the standard buttstock is that it will take a hell of a beating and not lose the accuracy you dialed it in to and can keep a small rag wrapped around the standard cleaning rod (to keep the broke-down rod from rattling and making noise) in the buttstock along with one to two more rounds of ammo…for a last resort-type thing. If one gets one of those PoS AR’s with the picatinny rails and puts a fancy scope and other shit on it, just drop it once from ten feet and you won’t be able to hit air if you were aiming up…the scope will be off accuracy if not broken and useless anymore and then you have *no* aiming references. Collapsable stocks can and do snag on a lot of things while walking/running through the woods and can hold nothing inside them.) I couldn’t be paid enough to own an AK civilian model crap or one of those chinese knock-off PoS’s. Besides, I’m good with the AR. Once I’m dialed in, I can drive nails at 300 yards. The .223 is a damn good round, and can reach out even further easily (600 yards) if one has the eyesight. It’s lighter than the AK round too so more can be carried. The rifle itself is light too compared to other rifles.

    Now, if I had my druthers and was with money and not disabled, a civilian model M14 would be what I own, so I could *really* reach out and drive nails at 1200+ yards. Gotta love that .308 for accuracy and distance!

  32. Jim666 Says:

    What everyone should be worried about is this is just the beginning,
    there`s more to come and if it isnt stopped it will come to your/my neighborhood soon, and sooner than we all think.
    It,s time to put differences behind at least for time being and fight the good fight against our one common enemy.
    I have a few friends in OZ it,s getting bad.

    Good luck down under .

    Respects to the real

  33. jj solari Says:

    @ cn: there is a clear communication of ideas here. good stuff!!

  34. Sieg Says:


    No disrespect meant to anyone, but I think I’m gonna puke.

    The “law” today is whatever the pigs say it is at the moment. I won’t even bother going into chapter and verse on that, res ipsa loquitur.

    What will stop these oligarchical pigs and their communist laws?

    I recommend an AR15A2, widely available, reasonably priced, and there are enough spare parts in-country to keep them going for years. Add to that ten thirty-round magazines and proper LBE to handle it, and whatever other 782 gear you feel you need to be comfortable.

    Load-out the ten mags, and another bandoleer on strippers, and you are good to go. Gives you a full basic load, and when you need a resupply, you can take it from the Blue-Helmets or from RT Occupation Forces.

    That’s where we are. Read it and weep. Stand and fight or lay down and be fucked-no other choices.

    5 to 1

  35. Jason Says:

    We have anti profiling laws here in WA, due to the efforts of our coc…and especially the Outsiders MC who led the charge on the effort. Police are VERY polite to me when I am wearing my cut…last time I got pulled over and given a warning for reckless driving the officer said “its dangerous out here you know your a biker,.(..pause…worried look on cops face) uh Im sorry sir I meant, you ride a motorcycle, please be careful have a nice day”

  36. jj solari Says:

    bikers are the only people american cops are allowed to or encouraged to profile. muslims and illegals, they’ll get fired if they profile them. not that they would want to anyway, cops only hate american christian citizens. otherwise they would not be cops: they would be soldiers.

  37. jj solari Says:

    @ unaffiliated observer: you gut some great observations, dude. really. gonna read this three times just for the enjoyment.

  38. jason Says:

    I don’t support this totalitarian BS, BUT when there are clubs letting in guys that are already gang members, that put on their “Nike’s” with thier cut and don’t ride a motorcycle, or even own a motorcycle…that club is no longer an MC its shown what their priorities are ….and this is what follows, we need to police our own ranks and keep standards up as well as fight the law.

  39. CN Says:

    Australian ape shit anti-biker (bikie) action is in full swing now while the international community of nations waits to see if they can get away with it. If they can (and that’s not a guaranteed outcome), then its logical to expect other nations to use governmental controls similar if not identically oriented in an effort to rid themselves of what amounts to a majority military trained subculture that continues to “buck the system”. Since the end of WWII Motorcycle Clubs have become an established subculture which is why they survive today. Had they come along later its very likely they’d have gone the way of the SDS (Google it) or other nonconformist entities. But they are an established subculture having deep roots in the American psychie so they didn’t blow away once the Hippies turned to Yuppies then AARP. The Civil Rights movement failed to inspire the next generation as did the feminist movement. The squares got FOX while the hippies got MSNBC, bought suburban houses and churned out Meet the Folkers. The Bikers defied the mass extinction and kept procreation alive. Survival of the fittest perhaps or just plain stubborn more than likely. So the governments have this one remaining thorn vestage of freedom to pluck out
    Be they leftys or tight ass conconservatives (apologies to WFB) and dealing with this has boiled down to “fuck em’ just fuck ’em hard and wipe ’em out”. Australia has their tactics, we’ve got RICO and the Patriot Act. But we haven’t folded our tents, turned in our flags and begged to be left alone to keep our stuff. I’ve seen grey beards lately who’ve been retired/out good, coming back around in increasing numbers. There’s a strand in the American DNA that maybe isn’t as pronounced in Australian DNA. Lately Australian 1%’ERS have been handing in their cuts to the powers that be and renouncing their membership and/or affiliations but I don’t see that here yet and I doubt I ever will. My belief is that Americans have a lower boiling point that prevents this sort of surrender (no disrespect meant towards our Aussie comrades). But make no mistake, a fight is brewing that the governments can’t win. Hopefully it will never come to that. As a subculture we may fight amongst ourselves but faced with a common active threat like that of our Aussie Brothers, just like in the joint, “different rules” ensure survival. Our biggest problem would then be having gone soft in a world gone mad.

  40. Coolaid Says:

    If you do not think things like this spread like a virus then you are sadly mistaken.

    I don’t know the Australian Constitution, or what civil rights are granted by their Queen.. but they need to challenge these nazi like laws in the highest court they can.

    This is the exact path I saw this going, and it’s just going to get worse and worse as days go on. Clubs like mine which are “friendly” with all clubs in our area but not wearing a support patch are just as “evil” in the eyes of most feds, and LEO.

    Yes, some bad apples are involved in every organization, but it doesn’t make us ALL criminals. I can tell you first hand that we’re all for the most part hard working people who love motorcycles and help out our fellow man when we are able. To treat all bikers as if we are the mafia of prohibition, you are going to learn what a true outlaw is..

  41. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    I do not consider myself a biker, but I did take yesterday off and ride 200 miles in the midwest. It was cold, but not terribly wet. I saw one other rider during that trip. He was headed east on i72 in Illinois, outside Decatur.

    I am also not a patch holder, and have only one genuine connection to anyone who is. (There are a couple of acquaintances I don’t count as contacts.)

    I find the obsession that law enforcement has with MCs fascinating. I recall one afternoon by the side of the freeway in Arizona being questioned about my MC acquaintances. Not long after that, I enjoyed federal hospitality for some time, and I’m pretty sure some of the LEOs still think I was protecting a club. I also emerged from that experience with the distinct impression that one could avoid a prison sentence more or less completely by implicating someone associated with an MC.

    I’ve had plenty of time to think about it, and I think that empires need enemies. MCs are convenient enemies that maintain a public profile, and I have little doubt that MCs are held responsible for much more of our societal dysfunction than is appropriate.

    I think it is far, far, far more comfortable for law enforcement to identify MCs as the problem than it is to recognize the real problems. If MCs are at fault, their members can be incarcerated permanently, but if the problems are deeper than that, then the status quo must change. That faulty status quo also provides support for LEOs and their organizations – it is much safer for them to find convenient scapegoats.

    In Oz, it seems to me that they are doing law enforcement kabuki. They pull bikers over and harass them so all the sheep can feel safe. It’s no more effective than fondling elderly disabled people boarding planes, but it sure does put on a show.

    This is just my $.02, but I think the MCs are involuntarily playing the villain in a grand theatrical production. It’s already here – Oz is just a little more advanced.

  42. Latigo Morgan Says:

    And it all started with gun registration, followed by confiscation.

    How can an unarmed population resist?

    Fortunately, I have it on good authority a lot of garbage cans got buried before the confiscations began.

  43. SingSing Says:

    Ive been reading bout these draconian events for a time now happening across the water. Its not a far reach of intellectual gymnastics to assume that the police and Gov’t forces here in this side of the ocean will partake in that sort of legalistic adventurism pretty soon. I dont know who coined this phrase but it makes a world of sense to me. “We’d better all HANG TOGETHER (in unity) or we will all hang SEPARATELY”. I feel bad for all the tribes and nations over there in OZ. THIS should be siren call, a wake up call to us, in Amerika here that we (all the different tribes and nations) need to LOCALIZE and INTERNALIZE our need for solidarity. We all need to cease our warring instincts with other clubs and finally come together and form a solid cohesive and coherent front against these legislation maneuvers. I hope things take a turn for the better over there but if not we need to make sure that we all stop contributing to the “us against them” mindset that has our community fractured and divided. We need to ask ourselves if really staring at the wall of an 8X10 ft cell looking out a plexiglass window is worth it…I submit to all the readers here if maybe it is worth our time to decide to stop the fighting amongst ourselves and re-direct our anger towards where it needs to be focused on. Only a thought. Ride blessed and free…

  44. Road Whore Says:

    As I’ve said before, it’s coming to: “Are your papers in order, comrade?”

    Fuck that shit!


    Someone with some clout and some know-how needs to get the attention of the presidents of clubs, the AMA, ABATE, HOG, and other groups, get everyone up to speed on this, and get everyone banded together NOW!

    Tomorrow’s going to be too late.

    If I had the contacts, the knowledge, and the clout to get people to listen to me I’d do this in a heartbeat, but I don’t. Who does? Who will step up and get the ball rolling?

    Ride Free, while you still can.

  45. Fuck2Ducks Says:

    Wow Their treatment of bikers are horrible. Hell yeah they should talk of civil war. And “BB” Groups have to call cops and tell them where they are going and what they’re doing? Why dont they just shove lo jacks in their asses to make it simple? Who the fuck raids a Veteran club? Thats very low.

  46. ocmouse22 Says:

    Hey BB if you’re a lawyer then contact your local coc and help fight this before it starts here because it has already started look what they’re doing to the Mongols. They are just going to go down the list and start taking out the clubs one at a time if we don’t beat them at their own game. We have to use the law just like they do.

  47. BB Says:

    I’ve been looking into this a bit. Apparently, Aussie MROs are taking a hard line on this, much to their credit. However, individual “non-proscribed” clubs either have to notify the pigs of their ride, or face completely repressive police tactics. Now, in much of Australia, if you want to ride with three or more friends, associates or brothers, you’re required to contact LE on a phone number that they provide and tell them what you’ll be doing. This is democracy in 2013. I’ve been to several FB pages and/or web pages, and the Ausies posting there are all talking civil war.

    Look, government can only push folks so far. Fuck with the Vietnam Vets MC?! Really? The bottom line is this: if you push free strong men too far, they will push back. That’s reality. It happened here in 1776 and I’m MANY other places throughout history. It can, will and should happen here. Thus Oz thing is a precursor to what will happen to us.

    I don’t hold a patch. I’m a biker and a lawyer who has many patch holding friends. I’ve fought with these people in court and elsewhere. I love the life, and we all must fight for the freedom that it represents. What’s happening in Oz is coming here, make no mistake. Our government runs this kind of shot up the flagpole in other western, preferably commonwealth, democracies and brings them home. TOSIASR. It will come, or I’ll be happy enough to die rather tha live lie a slave.



  48. Phuquehed Says:

    Sounds like the non-1% clubs are caving already. They seem to be as much of the sheeple problem there as the civilians who have never even seen a 1% PH but believes anything it reads.

    Instead of getting pissed off as hell, all I’m reading about the non-1% is mealy-mouthed, sorta-kinda-maybe-a-little-mad-so-long-as-we-aren’t-abused-as-badly-as-those-meany-1%-clubs-are. Now I’m almost thinking this shit should go down so that someone *OTHER THAN* the 1%’s will find out if they have any balls or not.

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