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November 1, 2013

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The Orwellian war against outlaw motorcycle clubs in the Australian state of Queensland continues to illustrate the fragility of democracy in the postmodern world.

Two demagogic politicians in Queensland, state premier Campbell Newman and his running dog Jarrod Bleijie, who is officially described as Queensland’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, enacted a complex of new laws last month by proclamation that are intended to obliterate the public menace some people think motorcycle clubs represent. Among other things, the new laws ban 26 named motorcycle clubs and declare numerous places off limits to people who have been secretly accused of being members or associates of the named clubs.

The new laws forbid bars and hotels from serving any members of the 26 clubs which now must be officially described as “criminal motorcycle gangs.”

The specifics of the hysterical new laws are rotten with inaccuracies. For example, one of the banned “criminal organizations” is the Scorpion Motorcycle Club which does not exist in Australia. Or, to cite another example, an industrial property in Caboolture, north of Brisbane, is officially a “proscribed place” because the property once held a transmission repair shop allegedly owned by a member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club although the property was sold to the present owner, who has nothing to do with motorcycles or motorcycle clubs, in 2006.

Vietnam Vets

Last Friday, 20 members of the Queensland Police Services Taskforce Maxima raided a party thrown by the Vietnam and Veterans Motorcycle Club in Kingston near Brisbane. The club is comprised mostly of Australian Vietnam Vets. The club was raided because it has long-standing social ties with several outlawed clubs including the Rebels, Odins Warriors and Life and Death Motorcycle Clubs.

A spokesman for the VVMC told ABC that the clubhouse was “neutral ground” but that “We see them (members of the banned clubs), we ride with them, we go on some of their rides with them and they go on some of our rides with us. Whatever they do is up to them. We don’t ask them what they get up to when they’re out of here.”

Police raided the party looking for indicia connected to any of the banned clubs. The VVMC clubhouse and its liquor license could have been seized if any of the guests had been wearing anything police interpret as indicative of membership in a banned club.

After the raid, Taskforce Maxima issued a press release that described the raid as “part of a strategy to develop a rapport with legitimate members of the motorcycle riding community in the interest of effective policing.” It also said the raid was intended to ensure “that criminal motorcycle gang members do not attempt to infiltrate legitimate motorcycle clubs such as the Vietnam and Veterans Motorcycle Club.”


Queensland politicians and police have also told members of the Australian Motorcycle Council that motorcycle groups, such as the Harley Owner’s Group, should notify police before taking group rides.

Eva Cripps, a spokeswoman for the AMC there had been a “huge escalation” in the number of motorcycle riders being stopped, searched and harassed by police. “Police say they know who the (banned club) members are,” she told the Brisbane Times, “yet they find it difficult to identify them because they don’t wear their colors any more. The only option is to pull over all riders.”

Cripps told the Times the AMC opposed the idea of notifying police in advance of planned rides but that some clubs might acquiesce to police demands. “The clubs will let the police know what they’re doing to stop the harassment,” she said. “We’re quite concerned about the fact that people riding a legal form of transport have to report into police to stop themselves being harassed.”

David Laarhoven, a spokesman for HOG in the neighboring Australian state of New South Wales told ABC he thought the new laws were “draconian.”

“If we were to ride into Queensland as the Harley Owners Group,” Laarhoven asked rhetorically, “and we’ve got our nice leather vests on with the Harley Eagle on the back, will we be pulled over if we’re on a charity ride? Do we need to alert these authorities too, and how do they differentiate between us and other motorcycle clubs?”


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  1. Sieg Says:

    I read today that there have been arrests for “association” made in Queensland, if I recall, three Bandidos were the targets.

    And so it begins.

    How long till this stain spreads here?

    Yer proly in Church tonight, TT, but you pretty much summed it up in two sentences.

    Let the fucking begin. Just be careful which end of it you’re on!!!

    5 to 1

  2. CN Says:

    Glen, congrats on the new digs. Don’t know where in SC y’all are but the upstate, midlands, & low country are different worlds unto themselves. Wherever you landed hope all is well.

  3. RLG Says:

    This is not promoting public safety:

    Queensland Police vs. Bandidos

  4. Jenkx Says:

    Rebels bikie speaks out against Newman laws

  5. Jim666 Says:

    Thank you Glenn

  6. Road Whore Says:

    @ Sieg:

    Also very well said! Kudos!

    Ride Free

  7. Glenn S. Says:

    Jim666 said: ” I would like to use the above post about Officer friendly w/ your permission of course on a page I am running,
    I will not repost it w/ out your permission ,
    so Ill wait for an answer.”

    Absolutely. Use anything I post as you see fit. I’m honored that you asked. That goes for any of the regulars here that aren’t law enforcement/government agents or law enforcement/government agents’ supporters, sympathizers, apologists, or friends, past present or future.

    Thank you for the kind words, Road Whore.

    Tricky Tramp, respect to you. Have a drink for me.

    Respect to all that deserve it. Support for the persecuted in Australia and everywhere else.


  8. S-curve Says:


    Its all good man.. My diatribe was aimed at idiots, not Aussies. The good ol’ USA is so full of them (idiots) that it would take a herd of collegate scholars just to get the math right on measuring their true numbers. The very well read and well written Glenn S. was able to articulate most of our thoughts on the matter IMHO. I dont know if it could be put any more accurately than he has presented it here.

    However, as I read your post, an idea came to me on the subject. I would liken what the Aussie government is doing to a degree to that of a pickpocket. Like an old T.V. show I saw once where the pickpockets would walk up to the mark and conduct a distraction technique like a book or paper in the face accidentally of course all the while the thief would reach in and steal the marks wallet.

    The Bikies are the distraction technique at this point. The Asian gangs that are mostly responsible for alot of the crime as you identified, are allowed to coast under radar.. all the while the casinos are going up, the money is flowing in, Australia is doing well job-wise and other wise as a country right now and as Im sitting here writing this I can gurantee you the Aussie govt, the slugs and the Tong/Triads are all in bed together behind the scenes in a way that all three will capitalize on the profit boon looming on the horizon.

    All the while fleecing the pockets of the average working Aussie controlling the entire paradigm if you will.. The Govt. The Police. Big business and the underworld syndicate… all maintaing their portions of the same pie working synonomously and in synchronicity with each other.. and the average Aussie paying them all. Each and everyone in one form or another… and not realizing they’re being buggered.

    Like Glenn said and Sieg has also identified in some of his posts.. so very well… we are ALL being played. It seems as though we are all caught up in some sort of fucked up food chain.. with no hope of ever breaking out.

    The culprits? Apathy, fear, greed and stupidity of course.

    You know? The usual suspects.

    Respects to those who have earned it..


  9. Jim666 Says:

    All good Tramp and well said,
    give me best to Izzy.
    L&R Jim

  10. Tricky Tramp Says:

    I Gotta Stop Drinking And Reading Rebs Stuff At The Same Time.
    Cos Then I Get Opiniated. I’m Not Sure That That Is Good For Humanity.
    Respects to all that deserve it.

  11. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Yo Sieg
    I hear you. Life is The Adventure. Anyone who wants to Fuck with my Adventure needs to Get Fucked.
    Respects to everyone on my planet.

  12. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Yo Sieg.
    I hear you.
    Life is the adventure. Everyone should check it out. Some people in this world of ours want to own this adventure, they should go get Fucked
    Respects to all

  13. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Yo Sieg I hear you.
    Life is an adventure. Check it out.

  14. hated and proud Says:


  15. Sieg Says:

    Left/Right, Communist/Capitalist, Black/White, This religion/That religion, all man-made social constructs with absolutely no grounding in the laws of nature.

    Why would any group or person invent all of these different categories? Mayhap to ensure that we all fight each other over meaningless labels instead of fighting the Oligarchs who are raping the planet and destroying our races in the process.

    5 to 1

  16. Jim666 Says:

    Glenn S very well said.
    Ive been trying to say the same thing for years but just couldnt find the right words as you clearly have, I would like to use the above post about Officer friendly w/ your permission of course on a page I am running,
    I will not repost it w/ out your permission ,
    so Ill wait for an answer.

    Respects Jim

  17. Road Whore Says:

    @ Glenn S.

    WELL said!

    Much respects!

    Ride Free

  18. Glenn S. Says:

    Meh says: “US Christianity is authoritarian, right wing, and until Obama came along da Bible Thumpers were completely fine with the police state the Christian GOP built as they will be again when he departs. Cops typically reflect their communities and get hired via the Good Ol’ Boy network. Cops generally roust and bust the people their COMMUNITY masters WANT them to roust and bust. To do otherwise risks becoming unemployed instead of making dat pension.”

    Agreed, but I think left vs. right is a scam, a diversion from a much more preferable authoritarian vs. libertarian political debate.

  19. Glenn S. Says:

    Been busy with the new house but I’ll jump in with two cents on this topic.

    Adolf Hitler could be called the father of modern American politics. He learned and taught that an entire fucking country would turn their heads away from the worst abuses a police state can come up with so long as fear and hatred against a chosen enemy preceded the police actions (from incarceration to genocide) and the differences between “them” and “us” were told and retold to the point of caricature. In Nazi Germany, it became fashionable to hate Jews, Gypsies, et al. Here in the USA today, it is fashionable to hate damn near everybody except for compliant, aesthetically correct wage slaves that work their asses off to raise copies of themselves. The political debates are unimportant in comparison to the loss of freedom, but Americans today expend energies on relatively trivial issues such as whether or not the skin flute players should be allowed to call their relationships “marriages”. Meanwhile, the pigs are tooling around in armored personnel carriers, killing 13-year-olds because they get startled when some asshole starts yelling at them. This kind of shit quickly becomes yesterday’s news, along with the hundreds of killings by pigs and the thousands of blatant violations of constitutional rights. But let a few members of MCs get in a shootout and its played and replayed on the television for decades, leaving the willfully ignorant Mom and Pop to believe that shootouts between MCs happen every day and unjustified, sadly tragic (but never morally bankrupt) killings by pigs only happen every decade or so.

    In my lifetime, the idea of freedom has been redefined to the point that it means freedom to not only be safe, but to FEEL safe as well. And there’s no way in hell that mom and pop are gonna feel safe when every time they turn on their omnipresent televisions, they get bombarded with images of “barbarians”, which frighten them because they have been taught so well to be frightened. And they’re taught to feel “empowered” to turn the matter of their protection over to Officer Friendly who, after all, is one of THEM, one of the BEST of them. And when Officer Friendly firmly but politely asks for the “tools” to “fight the war on crime”, he gets what he asks for every time. After all, didn’t they just see a bunch of bikers shooting at one another on TV, just last night?

    And hey, if the citizens weren’t afraid, they might be pissed. They might ask questions. They might remember that that nice boy down the street wound up in prison for 1000 years for selling marijuana, and they might wonder if he deserves it. They might remember that Officer Friendly shot the neighbor’s sister when he took a platoon of his buddies to arrest the kid. They might even wonder whether a few bikers only shooting at one another is a bigger threat to them than a militarized police force that has a habit of crashing into THEIR homes and killing THEM. Oh but wait, the police did a thorough investigation of themselves when Officer Friendly shot the drug dealing neighbor’s sister and found that Officer Friendly “acted appropriately” and will return from paid vacation, uh, “administrative leave” in the morning to continue protecting you and me! Hey look at the hoards of barbarians on TV, riding those loud menacing two-wheeled machines! Must be on their way to another shootout. We need Officer Friendly in Congress, to pass laws so we’ll feel safe! Meanwhile, change the channel to the ball game, because which-group-of-minorities-best-handles-a-round-object is a whole lot more important and less worrisome than the loss of freedom.

    Might come a time before I’m too old where enough people will pick up AR15s, or sharpened sticks for that matter, and try to restore freedom. We’ll probably get ourselves killed by Officer Friendly and his fellow well armed and well funded psychopaths and the media will either not report it or will characterize everybody as nutcases exemplifying the need for the police to have more “tools” to keep mom and pop safe.

    The biggest root causes of the problems in this country, IMHO, and probably Australia, is that too many people have become intellectually lazy, fear driven, and willfully ignorant.

  20. Rashomon Says:


    As a sixth generation Australian who has lived in the US for just over 20 years, I’d like to think we’re not all that ignorant (granted though, a lot are).

    There is a book came out recently by a guy called Adam Shand called “Outlaws: The Truth About Australian Bikers” which sums it up pretty nicely. The government feeds the press who are too lazy to think for themselves and they in turn go out and create a moral panic in the public which the government readily steps up to solve. It’s mostly bullshit and generally used to cover up bigger and apparently unrelated issues that the government can’t do a damned thing about.

    My personal opinion with Queensland is that this has to do with the new casino licenses that are being issued to build at least three mega-casino’s (whatever that means). Those things will be like a license to print money and will attract a lot of the South East Asian money away from Macau but to get the investors in the first place they have to show that they’re tough on crime the most obvious example of which is the club skirmishes in public places. Truth is the tongs and triad’s commit way more crime than bikes ever will but they never seem to make the papers.

    I’d expect most of the laws to be struck down by the high court eventually but who wants to be the first one(s)to be arrested so it can go through the process.

    Tactically, the clubs need to lay low for a bit, strategically, it’s going to be a long hard fight. Just my 2 cents worth.

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    @Jason – You said “what I was referring to was all the people shooting and stabbing each other in public every few months over patches.”

    Like someone else mentioned in a way, the things that the clubs get into at times are actually few and far between. Think about it, the only thing that’s making it *seem* like it’s happening all the time, almost weekly, is that it’s on the internet and kept there for longer periods of time than is on regular teevee news or newspapers. Plus, the internet reports about things from all over, whereas if one was to concentrate on, for instance, club trouble-making in one city, by watching *only* the local news/newspapers, you’d rarely see any trouble at all…lucky to see something yearly.

    This site just happens to bring it all to one place, purposefully, because much of it needs to be shown how the justice system [spit!] is more a wrongdoer than those being prosecuted. I mean hell, look at the dates of most (or even all) of the articles and ‘trouble’ by patch-holders…some happened 4+ years ago.

    We all get what you’re saying, but IMO it’s a chicken little thing. The pigs are gonna say and do what they want no matter what *we* say and do. They’re so desperate to nail bikers (mainly clubs and anything/one associated with them) they had to start using RICO simply *BECAUSE* there’s not really enough crime done by them. Like many of us have said over the years here…why isn’t RICO used against the pigs who commit far more crimes than *any* clubs put together?

  22. jason Says:

    “After reading and pondering the multitude of posts, I have deceided not to use my forces for occupation”
    I would particularly steer you away from parts of the bronx, detriot, DC, cleveland, tacoma, pheonix, LA, west virginia, the state of texas … this is gonna be a long list

  23. S-curve Says:

    I had an occasion to talk to a middle-aged woman today who happened to be from Australia and whom had been here in the states for the past 11 years working a business and who it turned out was returning to the land of Oz to re start her business there.

    I steered the conversation to this subject just to see what the average “Janes” thoughts on it might be. I said “so what do you think of all the new anti-biker laws back home?” She said “What do you mean?” I explained the situation a little further (calling the slugs if you wanna ride more than 3 people in a group… the idiot slugs harrassing a dude who wore an SOA shirt not knowing the difference between a T.V. show and reality etc.. or maybe actually knowing and just doing it anyway and then feigning ignorance) and as her eyes widened a bit, I could tell she knew as to what I was talking about.

    I added: “Well they (Newboob and bilge-pump my names for them) Newman and Belije seem to be wanting to crack down on the Bikies for no good reason or so it seems. Seems to me, like they are now after bike riders of all stripes and kinds there, not just the ones they have decided they dont like.”

    She replied (ignoring my opening statement about the SOA t-shirt guy and acting as if she had never heard of the show, to which I could clearly tell she was lying) and I added “You know the crime drama on Fox that has motorcycles in it?” “You know on the ONE channel in Australia?” “Ahh yes” she replied and I then said “and the fact that ALL bike clubs and just motorcyclists in general were now being required to act under this standard…) “Well they arent harrasing the bikers.. you know ..” she said giving me a good look at her crooked teeth, “the people who just ride motorcycles and what not, they dont want them, they’re just after the bikies.. you know like those thugs like the Hells Angels and those other dreadful people for being criminals…”

    (Licking my chops.) I said “Really?.. what makes you think that its just going to (end) with just the Bikies?… dont all bikers have a problem and a stake in this now?” I added… ” and why do you say that the Angels or any other club or its members are criminals? Just because Newboob and Bilge-pump say they are?… Because an occasional member may do something dumb and get busted?” “Do you know any of them or have you ever met any?” “Isnt everyone on a motorcycle who rides in a club no matter its ilk… or just as friends 3 or more, now going to suffer because of these draconian measures? … Isnt everyones personal and individual liberties and freedoms not just bikies AND bikers, going to be infringed upon with laws and lawmakers like this?”

    Her eyes then glassed over as if on cue.. and she said like a skipping record once again, “Well they’re just after the criminals thats all.. (auto defend time) besides..” she quipped.. “The states are doing the same thing too..” To which I replied.. “Uhm.. no we arent..” She said “Oh yes you all are… or will be shortly…” grining her crooked fence picket teeth in a cheshire-ish fashion at me. I wanted to do my best impression from the movie “half-baked” and say Fuck you to her about 6 or 7 times, but decided that this skag wasnt worth another moment of my time.

    I shook my head and chuckled at her… “Glad you’re headed home..” and walked away.

    People.. are some of the dumbest, most ignorant, easily lead beings on the planet.. idiots like these.. trading liberty for (so called) security one idiot at time.. not knowing (or maybe even realizing and not giving a shit) that by doing so they deserve neither.

    Much respect to all who have earned it.


  24. RT Says:

    R.I.P Tommy

  25. RT Says:

    After reading and pondering the multitude of posts, I have deceided not to use my forces for occupation

  26. FF Says:


    I can’t believe this shit is even happening. Australia?! It just doesn’t make sense. It’s insane.

  27. Sieg Says:

    “you cant buy a SYL patch or sticker or anything really, its a donation, and even though you make a donation it doesn’t mean anyone has to give you shit in return except a thank you. hanging out with a club is a privilege. remember that.”

    H&P, gotta agree with all of that. I mis-typed, and should have said “for a ten-dollar donation…”

    That said, I got mine from a club officer. I never thought, or said, or implied, that it gave me any association with the club other than supporting them when called-for.

    So-watdafuk. I got no beef with anyone in those colors, so I don’t see a pissing match.

    Jason, if the time comes that American Citizens need to defend the Constitution, then it will no longer be unlawful to do so. As for “violence” in general, I have to agree, the time to fight each other, or to engage in heedless acts of violence, is long, long past. As I’ve said before, the one thing that would scare hell out of the Feds would be a pack of mixed Patches riding together.


    5 to 1

  28. DUFFER Says:

    Remember the saying about the Nazis first they came for the Jews n no one said anything then they came for the Christians n no one said anything n then they came for Me ( There Was No One Left To Say Anything ) !!!! We All Need To Band Together Or Else There Won’t Be Any Of Us Left !!!!

  29. stroker Says:

    The link Jim666 provided on 11/3 at 8:34 is an important one to peruse. It defines the VLAD act, as corrupt a piece of legislation as I have ever seen. Yet this is what’s at the root of the troubles in Oz for bikies. If the Law Enforcement establishment SAYS (or lists) your club as a “Vicious Lawless Association”, and you commit ANY offense, it is enhanced by being a member of something the cops SAY is a VLA, or, as they want us to be here in the states, a GANG. So….once you’re named by the pork as a gang, and you commit any offense, you’ve automatically got 15 to 25 years EXTRA tacked on to your sentence. Think about that. If we allow the LEO here to get legislation passed that allows them to tag us as gangs, the same scenario may ensue. God help the Aussie’. Not just the bikies, but all the Aussies. They’ve not only let the fox guard the henhouse, they’re letting the fox decide who’s a chicken!

  30. FF Says:

    “violent tendencies”????


    Holy shit where do these people come from.

  31. Jason Says:

    Desert H-D
    “public display of violent tendencies”….wasn’t meant for Seigs post, (which to me insinuated shooting police and government officials “What will stop these oligarchical pigs and their communist laws I recommend an AR15A2,)…sorry I misunderstood that.

    what I was referring to was all the people shooting and stabbing each other in public every few months over patches.

    SO I’m sorry I mistook Seig for a patch with his signiture, or made any comment about him speaking for a club… I am wrong …NOW how about we stop shooting , stabbing and beating each other in public over egos

  32. DesertH-D Says:

    Hhmmm… Confused at some of this thread. I personally own 3 different AR15s, and over the years have had several others. I’ve never observed any of them to perform an act of violence. I guess that leads me to not understand how a conversation regarding the legal and most cost effective acquisition of said rifle is a “public display of violent tendencies”.

    I agree with Phuquehed on this. Regardless of any club affiliation, if the day comes were I am afraid to openly discuss my legally owned rifle on a public forum (thereby defining the very spirit of the 1st and 2nd Amendments), then on that day “they” have won a battle.

    BTW: They won’t have won the war until the last round is spent and the rifle is pried from my cold dead hands…

  33. Jason Says:

    Your right, here in WA it wasn’t just the COC but also the “U.S. Defenders” program , ABATE and to a certain extent the greater motorcycle community in general that came together on it. I think it was COC clubs that lead the charge but it needed support of the rest of community here to work.

  34. CN Says:

    Looks like a pissing contest has begun here yet again. Usually when this sort of contest happens at least one of the contestants has poked the Bear and this one is no exception to the rule. If a person wants to write SYL whatever I personally can’t see the harm in it especially in this case where that was rendered after an innocuous comment about completely legal affairs. “You need a dot on your head” is provocation so the point goes to the SYL.

    What interests me more is all this COC nonsense. The COC was always a good communication tool for local or State information as well as a decent way to self police beefs and mistakes. The COC as a legislative tool? Perhaps in Washington State but in my experience not in many areas besides there. ABATE as both lobiest and provacature has had limited success at best. NYCOM perhaps better.

    Finally, this notion of “standing together” is always reactionary after the fact. That can and will happen but only after what’s best for the individual is necessitated into the collective. Make no mistake, the afore mentioned pissing contest trumps my hand.

  35. Jason Says:

    I am more concerned with overall public display of violence that is going on than anything else, is one internet post a big deal NO of course not, is our public display of violent tendencies in our culture over and over again a big deal YES..that is what our downfall is going to be…and thats my real point.

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    @jason & HandP – Do you guys really think that suddenly because two independent bikers do some shop-talk about rifles, that the pigs and feeble-feds are just *now* going to ‘watch’ us and anyone else? Give me a fucking break! The asshole alphabet soup fucks have been watching ‘picked’ peoples and groups far longer than just now. It also doesn’t matter one fucking bit what we or patch-holders talk about on here or anywhere because they’re targetted *anyway* and for less shit! Like simply being a patch-holder!

    You two have taken scared-of-ones-own-shadow too far. Did it not occur to either of you that *you two* are the ones playing into the pigs’ hands and schemes by being paranoid beyond reason and scared to the point they laugh their asses off and now know who they can make that nigger move of acting like they’re going to throw a punch and you jerking like you got kicked in the teeth.

    Nothing said on this site is new to the feds and pigs. Nothing. Nothing any one or five of us could say or do would be new either. The only thing they don’t *want* is for any of us to actually stand up to them and know our rights and *FIGHT* for them if need be.

    Hell, you apparently missed my post somewhere in some thread where the DHS faggots visited my website. I laughed my ass off because I don’t give a fuck. I absofuckinglutely refuse to fear *ANYONE* from my government, because when one fears their government, it’s time to change the government and it’s the *RIGHT* of the people to do so…so long as enough have the balls to do it!

    You two are wrong. Period.

  37. Tooj Says:

    The infighting bullshit here is getting old. Nobody owes anybody shit for anything unless they live that way. Tittle an i or not. This is getting to be some silly shit considering what is really going on.

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